How to do a cited reference search in Social by smithhaleey


									                                                     Fall 2006

                           How to do a cited reference search in
                             Social Sciences Citation Index
1.   from the library home page
     click on the Databases tab, type “Social Sciences
     Citation Index”, and click Go

2. click on the title to connect to the database (Note: you will
   need your MAC ID)

3. on the ISI Web of Knowledge screen, click on
   “Web of Science”

4. under “Select database(s) and timespan” un-tick the
   other databases so that only Social Sciences
   Citation Index (SSCI) is selected

6. following the instructions on the next
   screen, give the details of the article you
   want to find references to:

      a. author’s name: last name, then first
         initial followed by an asterisk
             e.g. duncan b* ...for Brian Duncan

      b. abbreviation of journal name: if
         necessary, check the cited work index
         or the Thomson ISI list of journal
         abbreviations for the correct

                             e.g. j public econ     ...for Journal of Public Economics

      c.     date of publication

                             e.g. 1999

7.         On the results screen, tick the box(es) beside any references that match your article (there may be zero,
           one or more); check the volume and page to be sure you have the right article. Also note that sometimes
           articles are cited incorrectly (wrong volume, page, year, etc.)!

8.         at the top of the screen, click                     to display all the articles that cite your article in their lists
           of references

9.         you may be able to click the titles of these articles to see more complete details

10.        to print, save, export, or e-mail these article citations:

                  a. use the checkboxes to select the one(s) you want

                  b. click                        at the right side or bottom of the screen to add them to the Marked List

                  c. then click               at the top of the screen to see your marked items and select your desired

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