10 Tips to Achieving Outstanding Leadership Qualities by hkksew3563rd


									If you are going to build a large and successful organisation or team in the home
based business industry you will need to acquire many outstanding leadership
qualities on the long journey ahead? The first thing that you would have to do is
decide on your personal outcome. In other words what is your end game going to be.
So you will need to have a clear sense of purpose. This will be the first area for you to
work on as far as leadership is concerned.
  Too many people think that it is easy to become a leader. But you will have to
understand leadership takes time, hard work and a thorough understanding of those
qualities that you hope to attain. I firmly believe that you must have fun on this
fantastic journey and you must love what you do, otherwise the results will become
diluted and your level of success in attaining leadership will be minimal.
  So what outstanding leadership qualities will you have to learn, work on and
duplicate throughout your team of leaders:-
  The first tip is to be totally committed to a particular level of achievement and
success. This will be determined by your already decided outcome. Portray this to
your group at various times and develop the attitude of expecting nothing less than
success and also accepting nothing less than success.
  The second tip is very simple and that is to show your ever growing team that you
can do whatever is required. Some people call this, 鈥楲 eading By Example 鈥?You
cannot expect other team members to do those things that you are not willing to do for
yourself and doing on a regular basis. So the standard you set is vital and you have to
be the glowing beacon to your team.
  The third tip is to learn the art of communication and there are many ways of
achieving this particular ongoing group of skills. Utilise all existing forms of
communication and become comfortable with them, such as, the telephone, webinars,
one to one meetings and conferencing etc. Communication is where it is at
  and without this skill you will be dead in the water. Contained in this subject of
communication is the most important aspect which is creating mastermind groups.
This is a subject that requires research and discussion on it 鈥檚 own.
  The fourth tip is conveying to your team members the level of support, time and
attention they can expect from you on an ongoing basis. You have to take care of
people, but you are not going to babysit them in anyway. Early on you may need to
assist and guide them in the right direction.
  The fifth tip is to show your group that if you make a commitment then you should
stick to it. There is nothing worse than letting people down. You know, saying you are
going to do one thing or make some commitment and then either doing something
completely different or not fulfilling that commitment.
  The sixth tip is showing persistence and being consistent when dealing with any goal,
challenge or solution. The main area here is planning massive all out action and
teaching your team to do the same. Become totally action oriented with tremendous
  The seventh tip relates to working on having a very pleasing personality. All the top
leaders make reference to this side of leadership. So be real nice and smile. Have time
for everyone and work at helping people feel comfortable. Relax around people and
help other people feel relaxed around you.
  The eight tip is to develop the art of self control because no-one is going to want to
be around a person who is unpredictable, as in losing their temper. Learn to be totally
chilled out and develop what I call a surfer 鈥檚 mentality. Surfers are pretty cool
people who you just love to be around.
  The ninth tip is to develop some backbone and courage. In this day and age you find
supposed leaders in all fields who do not stand up for what is right they don 鈥檛
assume full responsibility and are not totally accountable for what they do. If you are
wrong then say so immediately and improve the situation as quickly as possible.
  The tenth and final tip is becoming the master of detail in everything you do. This is
referred to as becoming a thorough professional in everything you do, because it looks
the part and enhances your reputation as an exceptional leader.
  Now these are my views on what outstanding leadership qualities you need to be
successful in MLM or network marketing.Don 鈥 檛 forget to be honest and
remember integrity is everything. Without it you are not a leader.
  Paul Bursey is a very successful network marketer, internet marketer and publisher.
He is committed to assisting people succeed in online businesses.
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