How To Burn a CD with XP by smithhaleey


									How To Burn a CD with XP
Windows XP has simple data CD burning software built in.

Send File to the Burning Queue and Burn
Put a CD in the drive.

Browse to the files you
wish to copy.

Highlight the files and/or
folders to copy (using
‘Ctrl’ or ‘Shift’ and Left-

Then right click on a
highlighted area and
choose ‘Send To’, then
the Drive (either CD or
DVD depending upon
the particular system).

You should now see a balloon in the system tray.

Double-click the icon at the bottom.

Check that the correct files / folders are listed as Ready to Be Written.

When ready, click ‘Write these files to CD.
If you receive an error message or the drive does not show up under the Send To

Open My Computer

Right-Click on the burner drive and
select Properties.

Click on the ‘Recording’ tab.

Ensure that the ‘Enable CD recording
on this drive box is checked.

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