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					Even the largest search engines cannot amount to 20 percent of the entire data
encapsulated in cyberspace, so we could just imagine how difficult it is to itemize all
the relevant searches we can find in the Web. What's the difference between a search
engine and a searchable Web directory? For search engines like AltaVista, a collection
of data sites is assembled without outside control by seeping through all the links they
come across in the Web and marking out noteworthy pages. With Yahoo as an
example, Web directories are assembled by people yet a few search engines do both
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  There are lots of factors that complicate the process of searching the Web. Each
search engine has its own strengths, weaknesses and quirks. And each one returns
results based on different sets of priorities. Some principles are part of the
consideration list of all search engines and one of them is the determination of the
absence or presence of topic words in the title of the Web pages. The nearer the found
keywords are to the top of the Web page, the higher they go in the resultant list.
  The frequency of the keywords on a particular Web page is another factor in
determining the prioritization in the search engine result list and sometimes Web
creators make use of this rule to confuse the search engine by using the same word
over and over on purpose. A lot of other criteria need to be met in ranking the sites on
the list. Invisible information from HTML lines called Meta tags also helps determine
the order of importance of pages as a list is compiled.
  It is possible to emphasize certain words or phrases in your page more than the rest
with the use of keywords tag, a popular Meta tag. Though some search engines
respond to this indicator like hotbot and info seek, still there are some that will ignore
this like Lycos. If you have link subscription, it frees the companies from the hassle of
having to spam pages to search engines, and by this I mean the style of recapitulating
keywords on the Web page multiple times. You can get the best search engine
optimisation sydney information by visiting this website.
  A beneficial top position in the list is within reach by paying. The name of a
prominent online bookseller is expected to appear when you try keying in the word
books even without any other word to describe it. We can read from the short
summary beside the Web address listed in the result that an online bookseller shells
out the total of a quarter, a dime and three nickels each time somebody clicks through
their site.
  Web pages indexed by a search engine represent its immensity, and AltaVista has
hundreds of millions. Inconsistencies in the links are considered a disadvantage in
using this site, even if the site's main page is beginner friendly. Even its supposedly
more sophisticated search features display scarcity. It gives users three choices,
reinforce Boolean search parameters, piling up keywords in order and confine search
using date.
  Next to be described is the Google search engine which uses a technique wherein the
only results displayed are those that match the text keyed in the search field, which
most search engines do not utilize It also looks at what the pages linking to that page
have to say about it. Not all search engines save their link history like Google, and
this is called Web page caching.
  One last distinct feature of Google, which happens to confirm further its
dependability, is the 'I'm feeling lucky' button on its main page. For elementary
searches such as names of companies, Google attests that it is exemplary when it
comes to hitting the correct result first such that people will have the option of going
past the list of results and going straight to the first site that Google suggests to be

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