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									SHALL I HIRE                                         DOs AND DON’Ts
THIS WORKER?                                         I DO ask for a receipt any time your worker shops        How To Hire
                                                       for you.
Trust your feelings! Making the right choice is                                                               and Supervise
not always easy.                                     I DO call your adult protective services agency or
                                                       police department if you feel you are in danger.       Your In-Home
I Remember to ask all the questions you
  want. If in doubt about anything, continue to      I DO NOT talk about how much money you have              Supportive
  ask more questions of the worker, the social         with the worker. DO NOT talk about your valuable
  service worker or the person who told you            property items and cash.                               Services (IHSS)
  about the worker.                                  I DO NOT let your worker sign YOUR name on their         Provider
I Remember to write down things. If anything           timesheet.
  the worker said sounded odd to you, you            I DO NOT sign your worker’s time sheet if you know
  can check it out with your social service            they have not worked those hours. Call your social
  worker. Remember to write it down so you             service worker.
  do not forget.
                                                     I DO NOT add your worker’s name to your savings,
I Remember, you can interview as many people           checking, charge accounts, or any other
  as you wish. You do not have to hire the first       documents.
  person you interview.
                                                     I DO NOT add your worker’s name to your SSI,
I Remember, you can always change your                 pension, Social Security or any other check.
  mind—now or later.
I Remember, YOU should pick the worker who                Important Telephone Numbers
  takes care of YOU.
I Remember to call your social service worker        Provider / Worker ______________________________
  immediately, once you hire a worker. If you fire
  a worker, do the same.                             Social Service Worker __________________________

                                                     Emergency ___________________________________
POINTS TO REMEMBER                                   Police _______________________________________
YOUR WORKER                                          Adult Protective Services ________________________

I It is not okay to be treated badly! Do not let     Doctor ______________________________________
  your worker mistreat you.
I If your worker is not doing his or her job, call
  your social service worker.
                                                     Friend or Relative _____________________________
                                                                                                                     AG           uide
I If your worker is frequently late, leaves early,
  or does not report to work, call your social
  service worker immediately.
                                                                          STATE OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                           HEALTH AND HUMAN
                                                                                                                     Clients    FOR

I If your worker is hitting you, hurting you,                               SERVICES AGENCY
  screaming and yelling at you, or treating you                              DEPARTMENT OF
  badly in any way, call your social service                                 SOCIAL SERVICES                State Social Services Advisory Board
  worker immediately.
                                                                                 PUB 190 (8/06)
                                                                                                            Committee on Welfare and Social Services
This brochure is intended to provide
some guidelines for hiring and                 WHO ARE YOU HIRING?                                  CAN THE WORKER
supervising your In-Home Supportive            It is important that you talk to the worker in       DO THE JOB?
                                               person before deciding to hire him or her.
Services worker or provider.                   You might want to consider the following:            It is not easy to show a worker how to do
                                                                                                    things all the time, especially when you do
                                               I Have a friend or relative sit in on the            not have the energy to explain what it is that

           Answers                               interview.

                                               I You may ask to see an identification card
                                                 with a picture of the worker on it. A driver’ s
                                                                                                    has to be done.

                                                                                                    The following questions or observations
                                                                                                    m a y b e noted before you hire — get t h e
                     To Your
           Questions                             license, a Department of Motor Vehicles ID
                                                 Card, an Alien Registration card, or a
                                                 C o u n t y E m p l o y m e n t I D Card are all
                                                                                                    following information from the worker during
                                                                                                    your talk:

                                                 examples of such cards.                            I Previous work—Has the worker done this
  The following are some of the services                                                              kind of job before?
  that may be available to you through         I Write down the worker’s name, birth date,
  the In-Home Supportive Services                and Social Security account number.                I Knowledge of job duties—Does the
  Program:                                       Keep this information in a place where               worker know what the job is about? Has
                                                 you can easily find it. Write down their             the worker attended any job training? Ask
  I Household and heavy cleaning,                                                                     direct questions about doing the job. Talk
    meal    preparation,      l a u n d r y,     address and their telephone number.
                                                 Your social service worker will need this            to the worker about what jobs you need
    reasonable shopping and errands.                                                                  done, such as cooking, laundry, cleaning,
                                                 information if you hire this person.
                                                                                                      bathing, and shopping. If you need
  I Personal care services, such as
    feeding, bathing, bowel and bladder        I Find out where they live and where and               transportation, be sure to see that the
                                                 when they last worked. Ask for references            worker has a valid driver’s license and
    care, dressing, and other services.
                                                 from people they have worked for. You                insurance policy.
  I Assistance with transportation for           may call and ask what kind of work they
                                                 performed and if there were any problems           I Good health—Make sure the worker does
    medical appointments and health
                                                 with the worker.                                     not have physical problems that would
    related services.
                                                                                                      keep the worker from taking good care of
  Please check your NOTICE OF                  I Ask if the worker lives in the area and              you.
  ACTION for a complete list of services         how long they have lived there. This will
  authorized for you.                            give you an idea of whether the worker is          I Working hours—What hours is the worker
                                                 familiar with the local facilities or if the         able to care for you? Does the worker
  The In-Home Supportive Services                worker needs a lot of help from you to               have any other part-time jobs?
  (IHSS) Program provides assistance to          learn the area. Ask a new worker why he
  eligible aged, blind, and disabled             or she moved to this locality.
  persons who are unable to remain
  safely in their own homes without            I Ask if the worker uses alcohol, tobacco,
  assistance. While your social service          or drugs.
  worker has the responsibility to assist
  you in looking for a worker to help, you     I Look at the worker’s appearance. Is the
  should make the final choice on who to         worker neat and clean? If this worker will
  hire and when to terminate services.           be cooking meals for you, take a good
  The following suggestions can assist           look at the worker’s hands and fingernails
  you in carefully choosing your worker.         and make sure they are clean.

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