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Magaziine off tthe Riiverr Canoe Cllub off N..S..W.. IIncorrporratted & Riiverrs Associiatted Paddllerrs ((RAP))
Magaz ne o he R ve Canoe C ub o N S W nco po a ed & R ve s Assoc a ed Padd e s RAP
www.nswcanoe.org.au/rivercanoeclub                                                                           July 2003

                            In this month’s Splash…..

                           Surfing at Birdie Beach
                      The Murrumbidgee trip that wasn’t
                              Fun at Hat Head
    Committee Members                                       From the Editor
       New Member Contact                   Hi there everyone!
       Lynn Parker 9428 3131
                                            So how are things? Been on the water much?
   David Pearce            040 9922 436     We have a new website, some of you may have noticed.
Vice President                              It is absolutely fabulous. So if any of you have any
   Keith Davison           9948 6645        suggestions to improve the site, please let Tom know. As
Treasurer                                   you can see on this website, the front cover of Splash
   Mark Manly              4757 2556
Assist. Treasurer                           features heavily on the first page. This, I guess,
   Kate Benson             95729008         represents the face of the Club. So if you want to be
Secretary                                   immortalised on our website, please send me a great
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131        close-up shot of yourself, like the one I put on this
Assist. Secretary                           month’s edition!
   Richard McEvoy          4237 7312
   Sabina Belli            9420 9495        I would like to thank Mercy Kibbey. Isn’t she a champ?!
   Sabina.Belli@uts.edu.au                  Mercy has been doing a great job on Saturdays running
Assist. Editor                              the training session. However, the Club always needs
   Mercy Kibbey            9567 7778        some help. We only have 12 training/sessions per year, if
Web Master
                                            we could get 12 volunteers within the Club, then you
   Tom Millett             9949 6871
Circulation Manager                         would only have to train once a year, for a couple of
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131        hours. Please give us a call if you can help.
Social Secretary
   Basil Slaughter         4396 5842        So did you get who the PHART is? Further clues,
House Officer                               somewhere in Splash. If you know who it is, the contact
                                            me and you will win a Reebok Tshirt.
Conservation and mapping
   Sue Stevens             9558 9866
Trips Convenor                              Hasta luego
   Anders Norgaard         9907 3741
   Stuart Scott            9971 8049        Sabina
Public Officer
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131
Training Assistants
   Ross Winters            9828 8479
   Mercy Kibbey            6672 6154
                                            Front Cover: Sabina Belli, Barrington River
   Basil Slaughter         4396 5842
Local Coordinators
   Matt Lavin              9559 5834
   Kim Reeves              9559 5834
Club Meetings- Normally the first Friday
of the month commencing at 8:00 pm                     Next Splash Deadline:
promptly, at the club house: Richardson
Crescent, Tempe- opposite Tempe Railway                   20th July 2003
Station. Check calendar as the date and
venue can change.
New Members are welcome to come along
to our club meetings or beginner paddles;   This Magazine is  copyright to River Canoe Club. No part may be
contact Lynn Parker.                        reproduced without permission. Non profit canoeing clubs may
Mailing Address:                            reproduce any article without permission, as long as the source and
SPLASH, Newsletter of the RCC of N.S.W.     copyright is acknowledged. Splash is published monthly without any
and RAP, c/o 13 Centennial Avenue, Lane     spelling or grammar mistakes [they are randomly introduced
Cove, N.S.W., 2066                          inconsistencies].

                                                  July 2003 Splash                                           Page 2
                                Presidential Platitudes
Thank you to all members who have returned their 2003/4 fees so promptly, especially to Fred Pollock
who won the prize for first return. Possibly our oldest member, born in 1914. Fred has also donated 2
lovely kayaks to the Club, they will be a great asset for the Cooks River paddles that are now growing in
popularity. For the others who have not paid yet, please don’t forget. If you are having trouble working
out what you owe for Club fees, just get in touch with any members of the Committee.
A very warm welcome to new members Bob Montgomery and Monica Porteous. We look forward to our
first trip with them on the Macquarie River. And to Margret Simpson, who has returned to the club after
many years away. Basil often talked of this fabulous bowhand and wondered what had happened to her!
Will you trust Basil for another trip?? Sorry to all those other recent new members, please accept our
welcome...the Secretary was so caught up with paperwork and the changeover to Incorporation that she
neglected to place the welcome into Splash. Brandon, Richard and Kate, Kim & Matt are so welcome that
they are already on the committee. Thanks Guys!
With all this talk over the past months regarding the changeover to an incorporation, we can happily say
that we have just received our certificate of incorporation from the Department of Fair Trading. We are
now officially an Inc.!!! This is an appropriate time to again thank Rick and Lynn for all the work that
they have put in over the past months during the changeover. And special thanks go to Rick for his
connections, that helped with the legal signatures that were needed on the zillion documents required.
Thanks also to all the members that turned up to our last meeting for our wake/celebration of the
changeover. Unfortunately, I was only able to be present for a few minutes. From all reports, it sounded
like a great evening with Holga showing his Super 8 movie of the Macquarie River in flood. Remember
those times? I don’t! It was also fabulous to take a walk down memory lane and revisit all the old photos
of the Club, members and trips. (PS Sabina does not always dress as a goth. It was fancy dress right
honey?!). Let’s hope that Holga’s movie will stimulate the gods to open up the heavens and fill the rivers
for our Xmas in July trip on the Macquarie River.
Thanks to Petri for entering the Club name in a Westfield/Reebok competition, we now have Reebok T-
shirts as freebies to give away. So come to the Club meetings and you might win a lucky door prize. Or
perhaps enter a competition in Splash. Speaking of prizes, we are running a “design a new Club T-shirt
competition” to commemorate the changeover to an Inc. So please bring your creative ideas to the Club
house in August for the judging.
See you in the whitewater
David Pearce

                   Design a New Club T-shirt
  Now that we have made the changeover to an Inc., we need a new look to
  mark the occasion. So get your creative ideas together and design a new
   Tshirt for the Club. Then bring your ideas to the August Club meeting
  where the designs will be judged by an expert panel of design engineers!

                                                  July 2003 Splash                                    Page 3
                                      News and Gossip
   FOR SALE: Perception Pirouette S and a Dagger Vertigo for sale. The Pirouette is a great, long
    kayak (~3 m) good for white water and for flat water trips. Comes with two interchangeable seats.
    Good for beginners. The Vertigo is a smaller, play boat. Ideal if you want to make the transition
    from a longer boat to a smaller play boat. For more details, contact, David Pearce (040 992 2436).

    The Club has a number of boats and gear for hire. In case you have forgotten the hire fees, here they

    $20/day or $35/weekend for kayak, deck, paddle, PFD and helmet

    You must leave a $50 deposit with a committee member and a note on the whiteboard at the Club
    house to say that you have taken a boat and gear. All equipment is hired on the condition that it is
    returned intact, or in the case of loss or damage, replaced with items of the same standard. So if you
    like the idea of driving around town with a kayak strapped to your car, or you would like to keep your
    favourite kayak hidden away in your garage, please remember that time is money. All funds will go
    to upgrading the odd boat or two.

     Seeking experienced paddlers in the Club to give up a couple of hours on one Saturday in the year to
     help with a Saturday training session at the Club House. If you have children, bring them along, and
     make a family day of it while you help to recruit some locals to the Club. We only need 12
     individuals! So if you can help, please contact Mercy Kibbey (9567 7778).

                                   October 2003
    If you can roll in Grade 3 rivers, then come on a river adventure to Nepal.
                                     Book now!!
     Three to four weeks of paddling rivers near Pokara, the Seti Khola, Kali
                                    A great way to see Nepal.
     For more information, please contact Mike Smith (lanimike@yahoo.com)

                                                  July 2003 Splash                                     Page 4
                                                  Calendar of Events
                                         All on water activities are under the auspices of RAP
It is expected that all participants in River Canoe Club activities are financial members of RCC/RAP. Prospective members are given one
trip’s grace before they are expected to become members. Any person wishing to paddle on a club white water trip must prove their basic
skills ability on flat water first to the satisfaction of the trip leader. Please inform the trip contact 5 days prior to the trip to let him/her know
that you are interested. The advertised trip shall be subject to river conditions and the venue may be changed at the discretion of the club or
trip contact. No one will be allowed to paddle with the club if they don’t have the appropriate safety gear in good repair. If in doubt - ASK.
If you have any medical conditions or take medicine on the river, let the trip contact know.

Trip Etiquette.         If you would like to come on a trip, then please call the trip contact whose name appears in Splash, preferably a week
before the trip. This allows the coordinator to organise car sharing, notify you of any changes of rivers, or if no one is interested, cancel the
trip. If you want to hire a club boat, then two weeks notice is normally necessary.
Impromptu Trip. Broges Creek – Kangaroo Valley. So when it’s raining on Friday or any day for that matter, it is likely that this
special little creek will be running. If interested in a quick day trip, give John Marks a call on 02 48834399
Cancelled Trips. If whitewater trips are cancelled due to lack of water, the alternative is to head out to Penrith Whitewater Stadium on
the Sunday of that weekend. Lynn and other members are there most Sundays. Call the trip contact for that weekend or Lynn.
                New Zealand Adventure. If remotely interested in going some where different this year,
                have a chat with Tony Burke (02 42377312).
                Nepal. If you want to go further than New Zealand, give Lynn a call (9428 3131).

4th             No club meeting. The club meeting was replaced by the Xmas in July trip, by the Macquarie
5th             Training at the clubhouse. 1-3 pm. Non-members welcome to try out the club boats and
                receive some paddling tuition. For non-members, the first try is free, then $5 for subsequent
                boat use. Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy
                Kibbey (9567 7778). A RAP event.
13th            Paddling at Penrith. Hone your whitewater skills together with other club members
                including Rob Parker. Contact: Lynn (9428 3131).
19th            Surf kayaking. Long Reef. Southern end of beach. ~10:00 am. Please telephone if you are
                interested to avoid disappointment if trip is cancelled. Trip contact: David Pearce (0409 922
                436). A RAP event.
1st             Friday club night at the clubhouse. 8 pm. T-shirt judging competition. Bring in your
                creative designs for a new look Club T-shirt. Lucky door prize!
2nd             Training at the clubhouse. High tide. Non-members welcome to try out the club boats and
                receive some paddling tuition. For non-members, the first try is free, then $5 for subsequent
                boat use. Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy
                Kibbey (9567 7778). A RAP event.
9th-10th        Tuross River . Moving Trip. A beautiful and exceptionally scenic overnight trip with up to
                Grade III whitewater. Trip contact: Ben Ellis (02-6494 1390 or syncapato@yahoo.com.au). A
                RAP event.
16th-17th       Deua River. Fixed camp. Enjoy relaxed, easy grade (I-II) day paddles through pristine
                South Coast wilderness. We will set-up camp at the National Park campsite, a convenient
                spot at the start/finish of the two sections to be paddled. Trip contact: Ben Ellis (02-6494
                1390 or syncapato@yahoo.com.au). A RAP event.

                                                                       July 2003 Splash                                                         Page 5
August (cont…)
23rd        Kangaroo River. From Hampton Bridge to the Bendeela picnic/camp ground. A short trip so
            we can focus on a bit of paddling instruction. Close to coffee shops at the end. We can make
            a weekend of it by more paddling or cycling or walking or eating on Sunday for those
            interested on an extended stay. Beginners should get as much practise as they can on flat
            water on the Club training days on the Cooks River and then come and try some moving
            water. Trip contact: Michael Smith (9858 4263). A RAP event.
30th-31st   Shoalhaven River. Charleyong to Oallen, Moving Trip Paddle an easy (grade I-II) section
            of this mighty river. (there is one grade IV that can be portaged easily). If there is not enough
            water, we will do Tallowa Dam to Fossicker’s Flat as a back-up overnight trip. Trip contact:
            Ben Ellis (02-6494 1390 or syncapato@yahoo.com.au). A RAP event.

5th         Friday club night at the clubhouse. 8 pm. T-shirt printing night. Here is the night to
            immortalise the new Club design to fabric. BYO T-shirt.
6th         Training at the clubhouse. High tide. Non-members welcome to try out the club boats and
            receive some paddling tuition. For non-members, the first try is free, then $5 for subsequent
            boat use. Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy
            Kibbey (9567 7778). A RAP event.
6th- 7th    Slalom weekend. Easy slalom at Glenbawn Dam (Grade 1 to 2 water). Ideal courses for
            paddlers who want to give slalom a go. Contact: Michael Smith (9858 4263). A RAP event..
20th-21st   Macquarie River- Moving Trip. Details to follow. Contact: Michael Smith (9858 4263). A
            RAP event.
27th -6 Oct Victorian Safari. If you have any new suggestions of what rivers to do this on this
            spectacular trip, then please contact Keith “Sleazy Rider” Davison (9948 6645).

3rd         Friday club night at the clubhouse. 8 pm. Nepalese Food and Video night.
4th         Training at the clubhouse. High tide. Non-members welcome to try out the club boats and
            receive some paddling tuition. For non-members, the first try is free, then $5 for subsequent
            boat use. Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy
            Kibbey (9567 7778). A RAP event.
4th-6th     Goobarragandra River. Fixed camp A perfect end to the Victorian Safari, or a great
            getaway for the October long weekend. There are easier grade I-II sections for the beginners,
            whilst the “Greasy Macs Gorge” (grade III) will satisfy the more experienced paddlers.
25th        Goolang Creek weekend. Trip Contact: Thayer Murphy (6649 4155). A RAP event.

                                                   July 2003 Splash                                      Page 6
                                     Birdie Beach
                                          th th
                                       May 10 -11 2003
                                        by Sabina Belli

                      Ian, Debbie, George, Sabina, David

Birdie Beach is a great little beach located within the Munmorah State Recreation Area, which is located
on the central coast, not too far from the Entrance. We camped at the Freeman’s campsite, beautifully
situated within walking distance to the beach. In addition to Dave and I, a number of Club members
turned up including Ian, Debbie, George, Mark, Therese, Brian and Bob. The weather was gorgeous and
the surf excitingly variable. On the first day Dave, Mark and I went surfing at Birdie Beach in the
morning. It was Mark’s first go in the surf, and he was carving it up like a demon! The others arrived
later and on the second day, we surfed at another beach that was close by called xxxx. Although the surf
looked a bit rough and unpredictable, we thought that we’d give it ago. In fact, there was no way you
could have stopped Therese from getting in the surf, given that she had probably travelled twice the

                      Therese carving it up!

distance thanks “U-turn ute Brian”. And what about Ian, who hasn’t been in his boat for ages according
to him. I think his last time in the water, he said, was when he got trashed at Penrith. Well, guess we
won’t be seeing him for a while after his “fun” in the surf. And shame, shame, shame to Dave. Practising
a wet exit were you? And the champ of the day was Debbie. After umming, and ahhing, procrastinating,

                                                 July 2003 Splash                                   Page 7
                                                   donning layer number 7 of clothing, she got in the
                                                   water, and she just wouldn’t get out. I think the
                                                   only time she stopped was to have her photo taken.
                                                   Surfing is so addictive right?! And after a great
                                                   day’s paddling, we ended up at a lovely little place
                                                   called the Contented Chook, at Budgewoi. A
                                                   favourite little haunt, which of course, the U-turn
                                                   ute brigade missed again! And a final word.
                                                   What is it with River Canoe Club and their choice
                                                   of campsites? Wouldn’t you know that once
                                                   again, we scored another night with the local
                                                   rebellious youth, falling asleep to the loud thud,
                                                   thud beat of their super stereo music blaring out of
                                                   their mother’s cars. Well, at some unimpressive
                                                   hour, I couldn’t take it anymore, and screamed out
                                                   to Dave, “I can’t take it anymore. Let’s call the
                      George cruising around       police!” To which Dave replied, “Where’s the
                                                   nearest police station from here?” And to that I
retorted, “How do I know? I’m camped behind a sand dune!!”

                                        They told me this was a short boat?- Mark

                                                July 2003 Splash                                   Page 8
                                  Kangaroo Valley
                                             May 2003
                                          By Ross Winters

                                                                      At every club meeting for the past
                                                                      couple of years, the talk has been
                                                                      on the drought and how dry it is (it
                                                                      is so dry that ducks have lost their
                                                                      webfeet), so it was great to see the
                                                                      rain; the gods had finally got their
                                                                      act into gear in May and sent, 60
                                                                      mm of rain a day for a week!!. The
                                                                      only problem was the rain was
                                                                      coastal and RCC favourite rivers
                                                                      like the Nepean and Glenbrook
                                                                      Creek were barely flowing, while
                                                                      the Upper Hacking was in flood.

                                                        David      Now that I am a married man, I
                                                                   have become responsible!!! So
                                                                   when I got a phone call from Lynn
on Saturday morning, I was outside working in the garden cleaning up after the rain and getting ready to
mow the lawn. Lynn said she was organising a group to paddle the Kangaroo or Broges Creek on
Sunday. As there was a chance to paddle Broges Creek (a river I haven’t paddled) I was interested but
needed to talk to my wife, Fi about it.

Fi saw the guilty look on my face when I hung up the
phone and said “What are you up to ??”.

“Nothing” I said, but knew she didn’t accept my answer
so I said, “Would you like a break from your studies, I
will make you a cup of tea to help you relax.”

“Are you going pPaddling” Fi said with the perception
only a wife has.

“Er… well…, maybe” I stammered, now that my plot
had been discovered.

“Good” Fi said, “It will let me do some study without
you interrupting me to ask for first aid when you fall out
of your wheel chair and graze your knees for the
umpteenth time. Go and enjoy yourself, but be careful”.

With those words I was back on the phone to organise a
lift with David Lucas and then to find my white water
canoe gear that was in boxes in the garage from the
move into our new home a few months ago. Housework           Tony- is he dancing a jig or finding
could wait.                                                               the line?

                                                   July 2003 Splash                                   Page 9
At 6am when David picked me up he commented, “Nice lawns, they look as well kept as Danny Davis’s
place” and with that comment we were off.

The meeting place was the Kangaroo Bakery at 9 am and I am please to say that everyone was there on
time including Lynn, Tony Burke, President David, David Lucas and Mark. The rain had stopped the
night before, so Broges Crk would be iffy, but we decided to go and have a look. The River Gauge on the
bridge where you pullout was below minimum level, but someone decided to drive to the put in point to
check it out and I can report that “Newton’s laws of conservation of matter” was proven when we found it
too was below paddleable level. So off to the upper Kangaroo.

At 11:30 we finally slid into the water. Only 2½ hours after we met and one more paddler Roger.

After the safety talk about the nearest exit etc, the issue of who was going to lead came up, and it was
with sincere thanks that I accepted the offer. The first 2 km of the trip contains the best rapids and at
level of 1.2m at Hapden Bridge, they were easy grade 3’s great fun with no mishaps or swims. The 2m
waterfall had water running over it’s entire length, but not enough to allow a safe run off the middle of the
falls, so it was back to the tight drop on the right.

Everyone was out of their boats when I did the first run to show the line to paddle it. Unfortunately I was
off line and my nose hit a rock that stopped me and put me side ways into the hole at the bottom and I
knew there was only one way out, a swim. After this everyone else managed to ensure they missed the
rock . The river then is a nice paddle with a few more rapids to the pullout pt- the Suspension bridge.
They have built a new bridge at the pullout point and destroyed the crossing ford we use to use and now it
is easier to get out 100 m upstream.

The sun was shining so lunch was enjoyed before the cars were picked up, loaded and we where heading
for the pub to enjoy a quiet ale after a great days paddling.

                                                                      Mark saw the line

                                                   July 2003 Splash                                    Page 10
                   Fun at the Beach
          Hat Head, Central Coast, Easter 2003

It’s Basil!                                                             Stuart

                                                                    Sexy Sharon

              Sand kayaking- David

                                                 Look out George!

                                     July 2003 Splash                             Page 11
Vacation anyone?

Two priests decided to go to Hawaii on vacation. They were determined to make this a real
vacation by not wearing anything that would identify them as clergy. As soon as the plane
landed, they headed for a store and bought shorts, shirts, sandals, sunglasses, etc. The next
morning, they went to the beach, dressed in their "tourist" garb. They were sitting on beach
chairs, enjoying a drink, the sunshine and the scenery when a "drop dead gorgeous" topless
blonde in a thong bikini came walking straight towards them. They couldn't help but stare. As
the blonde passed them, she smiled and said "good morning, Father, good morning, Father",
nodding and addressing each of them individually then passed on by. They were both
stunned. How in the world did she know they were priests? So the next day, they went back
to the store & bought even more outrageous outfits. These were so loud you could hear them
before you even saw them. Once again the two priests in mufti settled on the beach in their
chairs to enjoy the sunshine. After a while, the same gorgeous topless blonde, wearing a
string, taking her sweet time, came walking toward them. Again she nodded at each of them,
said "good morning, Father" and started to walk away. One of the priests couldn't stand it any
longer and said. "Just a minute young lady." Yes?" she replied. "We are priests, and proud of
it, but I have to know, how in the world did you know we are priests dressed as we are?" The
blonde turned around and replied, "Father, it's me, Sister Angela."

Sent in by Tom Millet

                        The Phantom Astute River Trecker
                                   Who is he?
If you are a 2003-2004 paid member, and you know who the PHART is, then you win a
            great Reebok T-shirt. The first to contact me (Sabina) wins!

                                           July 2003 Splash                              Page 12

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