Fond farewell by dfsiopmhy6


									Date: February 2010

                                            Fond farewell
             Well respected member of staff,                       busy family, conveyancing, private
             Richard King is set to retire on                      client and litigation teams.
             February 5th 2010 after working with
             the Wilson Browne LLP Leicester                       “Richard has been a real asset to the
             team for over a decade.                               firm and he will be sorely missed”
                                                                   commented Partner and Head of the
             After studying at the Bible College in                firms’     Leicester office,    Danka
             Glasgow for three years, Richard went                 Neuborn. “We wish him all the best
             on to work at a printers, before serving              for a long and happy retirement but not
             nine years in the Royal Navy as a                     before he has brought us all cakes on
             Medical Assistant and then moving on                  his last day!”
             to work as a Psychiatric/General
             Nurse.                                                Married to Rosemary for 40 years and
                                                                   with three children, Richard won’t go
             Deciding on a career change, he joined                short of company during his
             Holyoak and Co in 1998 to provide                     retirement.    He looks forward to
             back up and support to a busy legal                   indulging in his many favourite
             practice.    The firm merged with                     hobbies that include reading, walking
             Wilson Browne in 2000. Richard has                    his dog, helping others, enjoying his
             been heavily relied on at the Leicester               garden and swimming – after he has
             Office, carrying out many duties above                tackled the list of jobs his wife has
             and beyond his day to day role to                     already planned for him!
             provide much needed assistance to the

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