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Fans can be fitted in front of, or behind the radiator, ie, a blower type in front of, or a puller type
fitted behind.

All Fan kits come with a wiring harness and radiator mountings. Fan sizes range from 8” dia. To
14” dia. All are reversible except the 12” which for best performance is supplied as non-reversible
but in both styles. Please do not use excessive force when turning blades around, as irreparable
damage will result.

All fans can be wired either through an existing radiator fan switch, through a manual switch on
the dashboard or through one of our own switches, which can be either a capillary type or an elec-
tronic type, both have to be fitted into the top radiator hose of the vehicle.
                                                   20A FUSE                                 BATTERY
                                                                                  +ve                 -ve

                                   87        30
                                                                 IGN.                       3A FUSE
                                                  RELAY         SWITCH
                                    85       86

      CHAS-                    CHASSIS                                       A          B       CHASSIS
       SIS                     EARTH                                                            EARTH

The on/off control switch is either a thermostatic switch or a dashboard mounted on/off switch.
All are connected in the same way, with a wire in and a wire out. Thermostatic switches can be
either Capillary type or electronic type. There are 3 terminals on the capillary switches, the ones
to use are the C terminal & the No 2 terminal.

Electronic switches are mounted into the top hose by cutting a section of hose out and replacing
with the correct diameter of aluminium fitting, our range is from 25mm to 50mm diameter in 5mm
steps, this represents the OD of our fitting and the ID of the hose, a tolerance of up to 2mm either
way can usually be accommodated by the rubber hose and the clips. Please wire the switch as sug-
gested above.

All switches can be connected to the battery either through the ignition switch as indicated by the
‘A’ wire (please locate an ignition “on” wire) or using the ‘B’ wire, which is direct to the battery
but via an inline fuse. This system however will mean that the fan could turn on when the vehicle
is unattended if the thermostat is in the control zone.

Capillary thermostats are fitted, using the foam pad supplied in the kit, by inserting the probe
through the top radiator hose joint and into the water flow, re-tighten the hose clip making sure

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that there aren’t any leaks. Wire up the switch as shown above using the pack of assorted bits that
come with the switch. Start the engine and using the vehicles water temperature gauge adjust the
controller to turn the fan on at the correct high temperature (approx. 95C). The fan will automati-
cally stop when the temperature has been reduced to 85C. In hot weather and in conditions where
the engine is working hard the fan will run for longer periods before turning off. The thermostat
body should be attached to the bracket and mounted adjacent to the top hose, possibly on the inner
wing, using the fittings provided. Do not strain the thin capillary tube under any circumstances as
this will lead to failure of the unit. After the correct setting of the switch it is advisable to mark
the body with a felt pen or blob of paint as a reference point.

Fan Assemblies are supplied with a Quickmount kit, which means that the fan assembly can be
fitted quickly onto the radiator. Determine the best location for the fan assembly, bearing in mind
that as close as possible to the top hose inlet is the most efficient, fit the 4 clips provided into the
slots on the fan shroud making sure that the mounting face is flush with the edge of the fan unit,
insert the round tiewraps through the clips and through the radiator fins in the previously deter-
mined position, push on the tiewrap finisher including the foam spacer and tighten. There should
not be any movement in the fan assembly, but obviously ensure that the radiator fins do not get
crushed. The wiring outlet should also be located at the lowest point possible to stop the ingress of
water into the connection. After a few miles please re-check the tightness of the mounts to remove
any slack. If your fan blades are reversible, to either push or pull, then this needs to be done before
installation onto the radiator. Simply remove the circlip, turn over the blade and replace the circlip.
Blades are marked for direction of rotation and whether push or pull. The fan motor wires can also
be used either way round to maximise the air flow.

                                                            Multi Blade Fan Kit with fittings and op-
                                                            tional Capillary Thermostat.
                                                            Available in 8”, 9”, 12” and 14” sizes.

                                                                     Top Hose Thermostat Kit.
                                                                 From 25mm to 50mm in 5mm steps.

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