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					Pray-how to pray for each other

Praying for each other is one way in which you ca create a joint relationship with your partners. It’s
through joint prayers where people get to pray each for the others requests. The reason why most of
the Christian websites like have started an online prayer requests column is
because there is a reason and a power behind people praying for each other.

Imagine a situation where a person comes and tells you ‘hello, how are you doing, hopes you are doing
fine, I’ve been praying for you since you got the accident…’ how do you feel? It makes you feel stronger
no matter your accidental condition. You feel loving that someone and it makes you become more
proud that someone else cares for you. is one of the Christian websites where praying for each other is encouraged
through online prayer request. All what you need is to submit your prayer need and then the other
person will read your request and then pray fro you-that’s all.

How do you pray for each other? Is the very common question since most people don’t have even the
time to play for themselves? First, you need to become a prayer yourself-that’s a must for you to pray
for others. Imagine the following situation; someone who is looking for a prayer group but doesn’t come
across a serious one? A person in a hospital bed and is seeking for someone whom they can pray
together? Someone who is a prayerful person but is fearful of whom to tell his inner feelings? Are you
one of the above?-if yes, one, you must have undergone through some frustrations and thus why you
may be here looking for how you can get to pray fro each other with a group which is serious and with
people whom you can share anything-right?

Here is what to do;

First set the tone: when you have a group which you converge to pray, one of the very difficult things is
to share online prayer requests. It is very advisable that you let the one being prayed for first share the
information of what he wants. This helps to keep focus on the prayers without having to present other
issues which are not important while praying for each other. Let the people feel secure and safe to share
all what they have to the other person for prayer, though some may feel they have confidential

You are shooting for the middle: setting the tone by emphasizing on the invitation of God being the sole
purpose is what most online prayer request sites like emphasize on. Sharing of
prayer requests doesn’t mean end, but rather means inviting His intervention to the purpose of praying.
In natural cases, some situations will of course require more time than others which you have to
appreciate, you don’t want to limit prayers time with serious issues-or do you? Letting the group have
that time when they can share all what they have will help you enable group praying. However, never let
the sharing of issues become a debating club-what ought to be prayed or what not to. As long a san
individual has the urge to be prayed for that need, no matter how simple it may appear, have that time
to pray for it. Lastly, always encourage each other to have personal sharing. It’s only through this when
you can be able to feel comfortable when praying either on behalf of online prayer request or when you
have locally joined together for prayers-keep praying for each other, and you will defiantly see change,
and a change for the better.

Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for
you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports. For more
information please visit:

Description: Submit your prayer requests online and agree with other christian believers as they pray for you and your need. Pray for someone and also share your praise reports.