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									FASHION, FAME
EBC recognises the need to engage creativity
through a variety of programmes, with the aim of
linking these programmes to specific career
areas. One such programme is                           Fashion, Fame and Fortune can be delivered
Fashion, Fame and Fortune, which aims to               through a mixed range of activities and in a
develop these links through a focus on the             variety of settings, over a period of several weeks.
fashion industry whilst encouraging creativity, free   Workshops see recruited business supporters
thought and enterprise whilst utilising and            working with young people in a classroom setting
developing the key employability skills.               to support their 'product development' stages with
                                                       the programme culminating in a grand fashion
Fashion Fame and Fortune is an adventurous             show and awards ceremony in a large scale
programme that sees young people working with          venue, when all schools involved will come
fashion design companies from the North East,          together to 'show their wares'.
designing their own style of fashion, creating their
own fashion and marketing and promoting their          The overall aim is to create a fashion business in
own fashion. It aims to encourage young people         an imaginative sense through designing and
who have an interest in fashion to tap into the        making clothing or accessories and then
business insight existing in the North East, whilst    marketing and promoting the range of clothing or
keeping an eye on the national and global market.      accessories designed via a fashion show. This will
                                                       be done by a range of activities from:
A Key Stage 3 or 4 programme, Fashion, Fame            • Providing a comprehensive programme brief.
and Fortune can be delivered to:                       • Holding seminars from businesses involved
• Specific year groups of a single school.             within the fashion industry.
• Selected young people from schools who have          • Designing a clothing or accessory range.
an interest in business.                               • Designing marketing tools to promote their
• Selected young people from schools interested        product.
in design (specifically fashion).                      • Virtually plan a fashion show (going through the
• Mixed schools including Special Schools.             whole event management process).
                                                       • Actually launching their creations through a
Business supporters are recruited to support           fashion show.
activities that challenge and stimulate young          • Evaluating their progress as a business and as
people whilst reinforcing employability skills and     an individual.
developing enterpreneurship. Both further and          • A prize giving ceremony for the most creative
higher education providers offering post-16            designs.
education options in the fashion and business
industry are also involved in the programme.           Education Business Connection provides:
                                                       • Recruitment of businesses to act as business
Supported by EBC staff, businesses involved            mentors to support pupils taking part in the
within the fashion industry provide their services     programme.
in a 'mentoring' role. Young people involved with      • Linking up school requirements with the skills
the programme will be given the 3 main areas to        and business/career experiences of business
work under:                                            supporters.
• Fashion - designing and making their own style       • Integration of key employability skills and
of clothing/accessories.                               enterprise education across all activities.
• Fame - marketing and promoting their 'brand'         • Hands on opportunities to develop both key
through a fashion show.                                skills and the 12 employability skills.
• Fortune - looking at the profitable side of the      • Full event organisation, including arrangements
fashion industry.                                      for venues, transport, and all related
                                                       housekeeping aspects.
                                                       • Full post-event evaluation.

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