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                               How to be an Active WILS Alumnus!
                               1. Join the Asso-                                                            5.
                                                                                                            1. Run for an of-
                                  ciaton!                                                                     fice!
President’s Corner     2       The very first step to                                                       WILSAA holds elections
                               staying involved with                                                        every winter reunion for
Fundraising update     2       WILS is becoming a                                                           the positions of Presi-
                               member of the alumni                                                         dent, Vice President,
Reunion signup         3
                               association. It’s simple:                                                    Secretary, Treasurer,
Shout outs             3       there is a fee of $10                                                        Member-at-large, and
                               which you should mail                                                        First Year Liaison. You
Leadership reflection 3        to WILS AA, P.O. Box                                                         can also apply to be PR
                               237, Milwaukee, WI                                                           Director at this time.
Contact info           4                                      Alumni Lindsey Meyers, Ashley Merten, and
                               53201-0237. Once we              Meghan Obligato enjoy a recent reunion      These jobs are a lot of
                               get your information*,            summer, and sometimes                      work, but SO worth it!
                               we’ll invite you to join the      in spring, and give you a
                               WILS AA Yahoo Group.                                                       1. Raise sponsor-
                                                                 chance to catch up with
                               This will allow you to re-        your country-mates as                       ships!
                               ceive all the emails.             well as meet people from                 If you have
                               Make sure you add WIL-            other seminar years and                  “connections,” or know of
                                    countries.                               some generous local
                               to your address book so                                                    businesses and organiza-
  Upcoming Events:             it doesn’t go into your           4.
                                                                 1. Stop by board                         tions, ask them to spon-
                               junk email!                          meetings!                             sor a WILSer for seminar
     June 15: Father’s Day                                                                                2009! One of the things
                               2. Watch for e-                   The Alumni Association
                                                                                                          that makes WILS special
                                                                 board meets generally
     June 21: Summer offi-         mails!                        once a month, usually                    is that it’s free to all am-
     cially begins!
                               We will always send out           either in the Milwaukee                  bassadors, and sponsor-
     July 4: Independence      e-mails to let you know           or Madison area. Any-                    ships help us keep it that
     Day                       what the next WILSAA              one is welcome to at-                    way.
                               event is. If you ever think       tend! They are great be-                 1. Plan an event!
     July 25-27: Summer        you should be getting e-          hind-the-scenes looks at
     Reunion at Mar-           mails but aren’t, contact         WILS, they are fun, and                  We love new ideas!
     quette University!        one of the people on the          they can be really helpful               From group service pro-
                               back of the newsletter.           if you are interested in                 jects to carwashes and
      Have a great                                               running for a board posi-                other fundraisers to pic-
                               1. Attend reunions!
                                                                 tion in the future and                   nics to planning a whole
         summer!               Reunions are the main             want to know what                        reunion, the opportuni-
                               activity of the Alumni As-        you’re getting yourself                  ties to take charge are
                               sociation, and they are           into. These are also an-                 endless. ◙
                               also insanely fun! They           nounced via e-mail.                      *sign-up sheets are avail-
                               are held every winter and
                                                                                                          able at
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          ER                    President’s Corner                   a word from WILSAA President Ashley Merten
     SUMM N
     REUN UP!                   As I sit outside and enjoy      sons that I have learned

                                the first week of my sum-       outside of the classroom
                                mer vacation, I reflect on      have developed me into
                                what I have done to arrive      the student that I am to-
It’s that time again!           here: the summer before         day. For example,
Summer reunion will be          my junior year of col-          through high school part-
held July 25-27th at            lege. That long journey         time jobs, I developed a
Marquette University            includes eight carefree         strong work ethic. Also,
(potential activities include   years of elementary             in my first year of college,
a bonfire, beach time, Com-     school, four enjoyable          I learned a lot more than
edy Sportz, and a Brewers       years of high school, and       textbook information. I
game-please plan to pay         two unforgettable college       learned that it was my
$60-$70 total)                  years. The fourteen years       responsibility to get out of
Mark your calendar!             of school that I have thus-     bed to attend my classes       ues through your summer
Registration is due by          far endured have shaped         and that my professors         vacation. Stay active in
                                me academically. How-           weren't going to chase         order to harvest the infor-
July 4th.
                                ever, as I reflect on those     me down the halls for my       mation that you receive
                                years, I realize that there     homework. I also learned       during this time; appreci-
Please fill out the fol-        is a lot more to them than      that it was my personal        ate the lessons that you
lowing REGISTRATION             the academic aspect. For        responsibility to stay in-     learn outside of the class-
INFO:                           example, in this time pe-       volved. Organizations          room. However, this
Name:                           riod, I have learned the        like WILS made it easy for     doesn't mean that you
                                importance of time man-         me to do so. My aca-           shouldn't take this time
_________________               agement through high            demic career outside of        to relax and prepare your-
Phone Number:                   school extracurriculars,        the classroom has taught       self for the upcoming
(h)______________               and the responsibilities        me the importance of           school year. With this
(c)______________               that accompany moving           volunteering, and has          being said, I hope that
E-mail:                         out of my parents’              assisted me in the devel-      you have an enjoyable
_________________               home. This doesn't mean         opment of my interper-         summer vacation, and I
Do you need a ride to           that I didn't learn as I suf-   sonal skills. Therefore, I     hope to assist in your de-
                                fered through my high           challenge you to take          velopment outside of the
and/or from the reun-           school biology lessons, or      advantage of this addi-        classroom through
ion?                            my university lec-              tional education. This is      Alumni Association activi-
___ yes                         tures. However, the les-        an education that contin-      ties! ◙
          ___ to
          ___ from
___ no
Are you at least 18 and
willing to drive people         Sunshine, Suds, and Smiles
to various events at the        On Saturday, May 31,            tant component of the          enough for ten sponsor-
reunion?                        about ten WILSers spent         Alumni Association’s ef-       ships! At $175 each,
___ yes                         the day washing cars at a       forts to raise money for       they are becoming in-
___ no                          Sentry in Franklin, Wis-        sponsorships. Sponsor-         creasingly difficult to
                                consin to raise money for       ships are the donations,       raise in this slumping
Please mail this form           the Alumni Association.         usually from local busi-       economy, where many
ALONG WITH YOUR                 Over $200 (more than            nesses and organiza-           businesses have to cut
$35 DEPOSIT TO:                 enough for a sponsor-           tions, that make it free       back on spending.
Meghan Obligato                 ship!) was raised by            for ambassadors to             Therefore, our help as
                                these helpful hands.            come to seminar.               Alumni is as important as
3148 N 103rd St
                                   Carwashes and other             This year, the Alumni       ever! ◙
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
                                fundraisers are an impor-       were able to donate
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Leadership Reflection                        by Danielle Mabrey

As a soon-to-be graduate from Franklin       first challenge I faced was one that I    with my teammates that compares to
High School, I have been doing a lot of      had no control over: age. Often my ad-    only one other connection, one that
reflecting lately, especially via scholar-   vice and requests were blown off simply   you all can relate to: that which I share
ship essays. Leadership is a popular         because the squad believed that age       with WILSers.
topic, with many organizations wanting       dictates authority. I had to earn their   Each year brought a new set of trials,
to know “What is leadership?” and “How       respect by being first and foremost a     and each year as I grew and matured
                                             dedicated, hard-working teammate.         as a person and a leader, I began to
                                             One of the most frustrating leadership    realize that each situation required a
   Leadership is a journey                   experiences of my life occurred during    different approach. Of course, I’ve
    that lasts a lifetime.                   my junior year. The squad contained a     held other leadership roles besides
                                             number of girls whose personalities did   cheerleading captain. But the lessons
                                             not always mesh well. My efforts at       I have learned from my time as a cap-
 are you a good leader?” After many          unification remained largely unre-        tain are applicable in every other lead-
unsuccessful attempts at answering           warded. But the lesson I learned was      ership position I find myself in. That is
these questions, I’ve discovered why it’s    invaluable: perseverance. When tryouts    the great thing about leadership: its
so difficult: the answers are always         rolled around for my final year, I was    principles are universal. There is one
changing.                                    interested to see what new challenges     last lesson that my time as captain has
A large majority of my high school           my captain position would present me      taught me: leadership is a journey that
memories have been centered on one           with. What I found was that my leader-    lasts a lifetime. Mine has just begun.
particular activity: cheerleading. My        ship role had morphed drastically. With   Knowing that I have so much more to
dedication to this sport surpasses pas-      a squad comprised mostly of inexperi-     learn opens my mind to criticism and
sion and falls directly into the category    enced freshmen I had been put into the    advice that can improve my leadership
of obsession. Having been named cap-         position of not only captain, but role    abilities. Hopefully along with a new
tain of the cheerleading squad for three     model. I was both terrified and hon-      school to attend, a new dorm to live in,
of four years, much of my time was           ored. This past year I learned the        and new students to befriend, new
spent in a leadership position. Because      value of helping my teammates before      opportunities to achieve success as a
I was a captain as a sophomore, the          myself. The result was a bond shared      leader await me this fall. ◙
                            If you ever have questions about the Alumni Associa-
                            tion, don’t hesitate to contact one of the Alumni Board

                            President Ashley Merten
                            Vice President Samantha Toigo
* Also, for those on        Secretary Casey Totten
Facebook, be sure to
check out the unofficial
                            Treasurer Meghan Obligato
(but oh-so-convenient)      First-Year Liaison Bryce Dalzin
WILS group!
                            Member at Large Steve Stangel
                            Public Relations Becky Rupel
                            Co-Advisor Dan Kender
                            Co-Advisor Alissa Quade

                                     in   gs

                           “It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.”
                                                                      Adlai Stevenson

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