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The Resource Guide by mikeholy


									    The Resource Guide

A Guide for Students, Professionals and Families Listing
 Support Services in the New York Metropolitan Area

   Complied by students of Special Issues in School Counseling Course
                            Queens College
                               Fall 2009
                    Professor Regine Dejean, Editor
                             Table of Contents
Eating Disorders                     Suicide
       Hotlines & Websites   3       Hotlines & Websites           18
       Manhattan             3-4            Manhattan              18
       Queens                4              Queens                 19
       Long Island           4              Bronx                  19
                                            Long Island            19
Sexual Identity
       Hotlines & Websites   5       Substance Abuse
       Manhattan             5-6           Hotlines & Websites     20
       Queens                6             Manhattan               20-21
       Long Island           6             Brooklyn                21
                                           Queens                  21
Bereavement                                Long Island             21
      Manhattan              7-8
      Brooklyn               8       Cyber-Bullying
      Queens                 8             Hotlines & Websites 22
      Long Island            8-9           National Service    22
                                           Long Island         22
Child Abuse & Neglect
       All Boros            10       Self Injury
       Manhattan            10               Hotlines & Websites   23
       Queens               10-11            Manhattan             23
       Bklyn & Staten Island 10-11           Queens                23
       Long Island          11               Long Island           24
       Westchester          11
                                     Abusive Relationships
Crisis Counseling                          Hotlines & Websites     25
       Hotlines              12            Brooklyn                25
       Manhattan             12            Queens                  25
       Brooklyn              13            Manhattan               26
       Queens                13            Bronx                   26
       Long Island           14            All Boros               26

Sexual Issues                              Websites                27
       Hotlines & Websites   15            Manhattan               27
       Manhattan             15-16         Queens                  27-28
       Brooklyn              16            Long Island             28
       Queens                16-17
       Bronx                 17
       Long Island           17
                                    Eating Disorders
Hotlines & Websites                                      Website:

Eating Disorders Center
  (888) 236-1188                                         The Institute for Contemporary
                                                         Psychotherapy/Center for the Study of
National Eating Disorder Referral and                    Anorexia and Bulimia
Information Center                                          (212) 333-3444
   (858) 481-1515                                        Fax (212) 333-5444             Address: 1841 Broadway, 4th Floor
                                                         New York, NY 10023
National Eating Disorders Association                    Population: Children, adolescents, adults
  (800) 931-2237                                         Services: CSAB promotes better awareness of
                                                         eating disorders. This organization provides open
Overeaters anonymous                                     houses monthly for teen parents in helping stop
Find a meeting near                                      eating problems. They also provide public and
you                   professional seminars, individual & group
meeting.php                                              treatment, outreach and prevention.
                                                         $: Seminars are free. Sliding scale.
HelpGuide.Org                                            Website: &
ment.htm                                                 National Eating Disorders Association
                                                             (212) 575-6200
Pale Reflections                                         Address: 165 W. 46th St. #1108
Website:                       New York, NY 10036
                                                         Population: Individuals, groups, families
Something Fishy                                          Services: Psychotherapy or psychological                           counseling, coupled with careful attention to
866.690.7239                                             medical and nutritional needs. Treatment tailored
                                                         to the individual and will vary according to both
                                                         the severity of the disorder and the patient’s
Manhattan                                                problems, needs, and strengths.
Eating Disorders Resource Center (EDRC)
   (212) 989-3987
Address: 24 East 12th Street                             William Alanson White Institute
New York, N.Y. 10003                                        (212) 873-7070
Population: Males, females, children,                    Fax: (212) 362-6967
adolescents, and adults                                  Address: 20 West 74th Street
Services: Offers psychotherapy referral services.        New York, NY 10023
Professional treatment (individual, group, family        Population: Children, adolescents and adults.
and couples) available for problematic eating            Services: The Eating Disorders Compulsions
behaviors, food obsessions, and body image               and Addictions Service of the William Alanson
concerns.                                                White Institute offers: assessment, individual
$: Offers free support groups, consultations. Fees       psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, workshops,
and some insurance accepted.                             group therapy, family/couples therapy, referrals,
Website:                         and child adolescent therapy.
                                                         $: Sliding scale/assistance based on need.
Grace Square Hospital                                    Website:
   (212) 988-4400                              
Address: 420 E 6th St. New York, NY 10021                ders.htm
Population: Low income
Services: Low cost treatment
$: Free/suggested donation $5-$7.

                                                         Queens/Long Island
Renfrew Center
   (800) RENFREW                                         Schneider Children’s Hospital, LIJ Medical
Fax (212) 686-1865                                       Center
Address: 11 East 36 Street                                   (718) or (516) 470-3000
New York, NY 10016                                       Address: 269-01 76 Ave
Population: Children 14+, adults                         New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Services: Programs are tailored to the needs of          Population: Children and adolescents.
each client and they offer full care for                 Services: Consultation, evaluation, inpatient and
individuals and their families. This is a                outpatient services.
residential treatment center. The center                 $: Insurance
specializes in the treatment of eating disorders
(anorexia, bulimia, binge eating). Medication can        Long Island Consultation Center
be prescribed. Nutritional counseling available.            (718) 896-3400
There is inpatient and outpatient treatment, group       Address: 97-29 64th Road 1st floor
therapy, family therapy, and support groups.             Rego Park, NY 11374
$: Renfrew has contracts with most insurance             Population: All ages
companies and accept some Medicare/Medicaid              Services: Eating Disorder Counseling.
programs. Payments are based on a sliding scale.         $: Accepts Medicaid, sliding scale fee/ assistance
Website:                           based on need

                                                         Eating Disorders Associates
New York State Psychiatric Institute Eating                 (631) 724-7152 Hauppauge office.
Disorders Clinic                                            (516) 794-7328 Westbury office.
   (212) 543-5739                                        Address: 111 Smithtown Bypass, Hauppauge,
Address: 1051 Riverside Drive                            NY & 900 Merchants Concourse, Westbury NY.
New York, NY 10032                                       Population: Children, adolescents and adults
Population: Teens through adults.                        Services: Individual, family, couples counseling,
Services: The clinic provides inpatient and              group therapy, support groups and workshops.
outpatient services. Treatment sessions typically        $: Cash/check, sliding scale, insurance.
involve cognitive-behavioral therapy with                Website:
medication management if appropriate.
$: Varied depending on insurance.
Website:                                                 Diane Morgenroth, RD,CDN                        (516) 569-3842
                                                         Address: 7 Franklin Ave
New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell - Payne              Lynbrook, NY 11563
Whitney Psychiatric Clinic                               Population: Children, adolescents and adults.
    (888) 694-5700                                       Services: Individualized treatment based on
Address: 525 East 68th Street, 11th floor                needs.
New York, NY 10021                                       $: Cash, check, sliding scale, Medicare.
Population: All Ages
Services: Out patient care for individuals
suffering from eating disorders.
$: Insurance/Sliding Scale

                                   Sexual Identity
Hotlines & Websites                                    Population: Lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual
                                                       and HIV-positive victims of violence.
Gay and Lesbian National Hotline                       Services: Short and long-term individual
  (888) THE-GLNH or (212) 989-0999                     counseling as well advocacy and referrals.
                                                       $: Call for fee
Long Island Crisis Center                              Website:
  (516) 679-1111
                                                       Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Empty Closets (Forum)                                     1-800-230-PLAN (1-800-230-7526)                                       (212) 541-7800
                                                       Fax: (212 )245-1845
New York Public Library                                Address: 434 West 33rd Street
Website:                         New York, NY 10001
                                                       Population: Youth and adults.
                                                       Services: LGBT services include drop-in
Manhattan                                              centers, education, hormonal treatments for
                                                       transgender clients, resources, service referrals,
The Door                                               support groups. High-quality, sensitive, and
   (212) 941-9090                                      appropriate reproductive health, general health,
Address: 121 Avenue of the Americas                    and sexual health services to all LGBT patients.
New York, NY 10013                                     $: Varies.
Population: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender
and questioning youth.
Services: Individual and group counseling for
LGBTQ. They also provide crisis counseling,            Lambda Legal - Help Desk/National
coming out therapy and creative arts therapy.          Headquarters
$: Free.                                                  (212) 809 - 8585 Ask for Help Desk
Website:                               (212) 809 - 0055
                                                       Address: 120 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender               Population: Young adults, adolescents & adults.
Community Center                                       Services: Offers the LGBT community and
   (212) 620-7310                                      HIV/AIDS+ individuals legal advocacy and
Fax: (212) 924-2657                                    assistance, including a legal help desk providing
Address: 208 West 13th Street                          legal information and assistance with
New York, NY 10011                                     discrimination related to sexual orientation,
Population: All ages.                                  gender identity and expression, and HIV status.
Services: Provides groundbreaking social               $: Free.
service, public policy, educational and cultural       Website:
recreational programs. Birthplace of AIDS
activist group ACT UP and the Gay and Lesbian          Hispanic AIDS Forum (HAF)
Alliance against Defamation (GLADD).                      (212) 563 – 4500
$: Sliding scale.                                         (212) 868 - 6237
Website:                             Address: 213 West 35th Street, 12th Floor
                                                       New York, NY 10001
The New York City Anti-Violence Project                Population: Adolescents and adults 18+.
(Gay & Lesbian)                                        Services: Provides NYC Latinos infected with or
   (212) 714-1184 or (212) 714-1141                    affected by HIV/AIDS with testing, counseling,
(24 hours and bilingual)                               case management, prevention education, a rental
   TTY: (212) 714-1134                                 assistance program for non-HASA-eligible HIV+
Address: 240 W. 35th Street, Suite 200                 individuals, referrals for health care, youth and
New York, NY 10001                                     LGBT services, and specialized support services
                                                       for transgender Latinas.
                                                       $: Free

Hetrick Martin Institute                                 Long Island
Address: 2 Astor Place
                                                         Gay and Lesbian Switchboard of Long Island
New York, NY 10003
                                                            (631) 665-3700
Population: Teens.
                                                         Address: GLSB of Long Island
Services: Educational and supportive services
                                                         P.O. Box 1321
for at-risk and LGBTQ youth.
                                                         Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
$: Free
                                                         Population: Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
                                                         transgender communities on LI.
                                                         Services: Provides peer counseling and
                                                         information services for gay, lesbian, bisexual
Queens                                                   and transgender communities of LI and its
                                                         surrounding areas.
Queens Community House Generation Q                      $: Free.
   (718) 204-5955                                        Website:
Address: 30-74 Steinway Street, 2nd Floor
Astoria, NY 11103
Population: Teens & young adults up to age 22            Pride for Youth (part of LI Crisis Center)
Services: Support groups, activities & programs             (516) 679-1111 (Hotline)
for LGBT teens.                                             (516) 826-0244
$: Free                                                  Address: 2740 Martin Avenue
Website:                    Bellmore, NY 11710
                                                         Population: Youth under the age of 21.
Queens Pride House- The Diversity Center of              Services: Pride for Youth offers short term
Queens                                                   counseling to lesbian, gay, bisexual and
    (718) 429-5309                                       transgender youth and those questioning their
Address: 76-11 37th Ave, Suite 206                       sexual identity. Weekly support groups for
Jackson Heights, NY 11372                                young people as well as other social events.
Population: Youth, adults, families.                     $: Free.
Services: Provides health referral hotline, drop-        Website:
in center, free computer and internet services and       counselingandservices.htm
support groups.
$: Free

                                                       The Compassionate Friends
Cognitive Therapy Associates                              (212) 217-9647 or
   (212) 258-2577                                         National office (877) 969-0010
Locations throughout Manhattan.                        Fax: (630) 990-0246
Population: Parents, family and friends.               Address: 3 West 29th St. New York, NY 10010
Services: Experienced therapists specializing in       Population: Parents, grandparents and siblings
highly effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy          of children who have died.
(CBT).                                                 Services: Assist families in resolving their grief
$: Call for fee.                                       due to a death of a child and to provide
Website: http://www.cognitive-therapy-                 information to help others be supportive. A self-                                help support organization that offers help, hope
                                                       and understanding to bereaved families.
                                                       $: Free/donations.
A Caring Hand                                          Website:
    (212) 561-0622
Address: 305 7th Ave                                   Friends in Deed, Inc.
New York, NY 10001                                        (212) 925-2009
Population: Children and their families.               Fax: (212) 925-2688
Services: This program focuses on                      Address: 594 Broadway, Suite 706
remembering, coping, and community building-           New York, NY 10012
the essential components of grief work. The goal       Population: Adolescents.
is to meet the family’s needs in a caring              Services: Friends in Deed offers bereavement
environment.                                           support groups in big groups. In addition to Big
$: Free                                                Groups, we offer a range of one-on-one services
Website:                           including crisis counseling, workshops &
A Little HOPE                                          $: All services are free of charge.
    (516) 639-6727                                     Website:
Address: 360 East 72nd Street, Suite C2300
New York, NY 10021                                     Greenwich Village Center for Separation and
Population: Children and their families.               Loss (Dr. Robert Gangi)
Services: Our mission is to help provide grief            (212) 380-8059
counseling and bereavement support services to         Address: 25 East 10th St., Suite 2F NY, NY
those who have experienced the loss of a parent        Services: Individual sessions are typically once-
or loved one.                                          weekly. Groups meet for an hour and typically
$: Free                                                consist of 5 to 7 members.
Website:                           Website:

Center for Loss & Renewal                              Jewish Board of Family and Children’s
   (212) 874-4711                                      Services, Inc.
Address: 168 West 86th Street                             (212) 582-9100
New York, NY 10021                                        (888) 523-2769 (888-JBFCS-NY)
Population: Children and adults.                       Fax (212) 399-2475
Services: Professionally led groups and                Address: 120 W. 57th St. New York, NY 10019
individual counseling, working with both adults        Population: Children, adolescents and families.
and children who are dealing with the loss of a        Services: Bereavement support group program
loved one.                                             by licensed mental health professionals and
$: Call for fees.                                      social workers.
Website:                        $: Sliding scale, free.

Loss and Bereavement Program for Children
and Adolescents                                         Hospice Care Network
   (212) 632-4665                                           Queens (718) 939-CARE
Fax: (212) 307-7896                                     Population: Individuals of all ages and
Address: 120 W. 57th St. New York, NY 10019             circumstances in need of bereavement services.
Population: Children and adolescents.                   Services: Support groups for adults and children.
Services: Provides bereavement groups designed          The children’s bereavement program is called
to help children and adolescents cope with the          The Healing Circle, which provides counseling,
death of a parent or caregiver. These groups are        peer interaction group support and education as
held at JBFCS sites throughout the city.                children and their parents/caregivers are
Individual and group counseling are also                grieving. Support groups are located in Fresh
available for surviving caretakers.                     Meadows.
                                                        $:$60 fee for support groups but is negotiable.
Brooklyn:                                               Website:

Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens                    Long Island:
Bereavement Center for Support and Healing
   (718) 722-6214
Address: 66 Boerum Place                                Advisory Council for the Youth of Mineola,
Brooklyn, NY 11201                                      Inc.
                                                            (516) 742-1715
Population: All ages, teens included.
Services: Individual and group talks offered            Fax: (516) 747-5690
every 2nd and 3rd Saturday @ 10 am.                     Address: 450 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 201
$: Free.                                                Mineola, NY 11501
Website:                                   Population: Children, adolescents and adults.
                                                        Services: Provides individual, family and group
Metropolitan Jewish Hospital                            counseling (such as Rap, parent support,
   (718) 921-7900 or (718) 759-4492                     bereavement). Bi-lingual social worker is
Fax: (718) 759-4181                                     available.
Address: 6323 7th Ave                                   $: Sliding scale fee.
Brooklyn, NY 11220                                      Website:
Population: Teens along with their loved ones.
Services: Counseling and support on an                  Bereavement and Trauma Services
individual as well as group basis. Every 1st               (516) 626-1971
Monday @ 6:30.                                          Fax: (516) 626-8043
$: Free.                                                Address: 480 Old Westbury Road
Website:                                   Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
                                                        Population: Those who have experienced loss
                                                        and death.
Queens:                                                 Services: Working to integrate loss and
                                                        traumatic events into the fabric of one’s lives.
Peninsula Hospital Center-Main Office                   Assessment and intervention through individual,
   (718) 734-2000                                       family or group modalities by using mind and
Address: 51-15 Beach Channel Drive                      body to work through bereavement, suicide and
Far Rockaway, NY 11691                                  other traumatic grief.
Population: Family members or friends who               $: Free, insurance, sliding scale.
have lost a loved one.                                  Website:
Services: Provides comprehensive inpatient and
outpatient health care for the community offering
a wide range of clinical services.
$: Call for fee.

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical                    North Shore Child and Family Guidance
Center-Little Stars Children’s Bereavement              Center
Support Group                                              (516) 299-5373 Ext. 236
   (631) 687-2960                                       Contact Kathi Morse, Coordinator.
Fax: (631) 687-2970                                     Address: 480 Old Westbury Road,
Address: Carrol and Henrietta Swezey Medical            Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
Pavillion, 105 West Main St.                            Population: Families of children ranging from
Patchogue, NY 11772-3003                                0-24 years of age.
Population: Children.                                   Services: Offers individual counseling,
Services: Provides a bereavement support group          psychiatric evaluation, support groups, and crisis
for children ages 4-12 years old. Meets for eight       intervention for children, adolescents, and family
sessions, Tuesday evenings. Registration is             members to help with the process of mourning.
required. Call for information/schedule.                Groups geared to special traumatic situations are
$: Call for fee.                                        available. The center also addresses abuse
Website:          prevention and treatment providing clinical
vices/supportgroups.html                                outreach services to victims and families
                                                        suffering from or involved in patterns of abuse or
Cognitive Therapy Associates                            $: Call for fee.
   (212) 258-2577(Call for referral)
Locations in Nassau County (Garden City,
Rockville Centre) and Suffolk County (Miller
Place/Port Jefferson)
Population: Parents, family and friends.
Services: Experienced therapists specializing in
highly effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
$: Call for fee.
Website: http://www.cognitive-therapy-

Hospice Care Network
    Nassau (516) 832-7100
    Suffolk (631) 666-6863
Various locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk
Population: Individuals of all ages and
circumstances in need of bereavement services.
Services: Support groups for adults and children.
The children’s bereavement program is called
The Healing Circle, which provides counseling,
peer interaction group support and education as
children and their parents/caregivers are
grieving. Support groups are located in Fresh
$:$60 fee for support groups but is negotiable.

                               Child Abuse and Neglect
All Boros, Westchester & Rockland                      Greenwich House Children's Safety Project
Counties                                                  (212) 242-4140 x237
                                                       Fax: (212) 366-4226
                                                       Address: 27 Barrow Street, 2nd floor
New York Foundling                                     New York, NY 10014-3823
Main Address: 590 Avenue of the Americas               Population: Children and adolescents under the
New York, NY 10011                                     age of 21, parents, older adults.
    (212) 633-9300 Main #: (212) 886-4000              Services: Counseling for children, adolescents,
Parent Helpline: (212) 472-8555,                       and young adults up to 21 who have been
(800) HELP-553                                         physically or sexually abused, or victim or
Population: Children and families.                     witness to a crime. It offers individual, family
Services: Consultation, on-site evaluation,            and group counseling, parent support groups and
telephone referrals, short-term counseling,            classes, and child safety classes for children.
training & workshops on child abuse, awareness         $: Treat all patients regardless of ability to pay;
& prevention.                                          Sliding scale
$: Free                                                Website:
                                                       Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)
Safe Horizon Child Advocacy Centers                       (212) 344-1902
   (646) 695-6100                                      Fax: (212) 344-1923
Address: 1753 Park Ave                                 Address: 5 Hanover Square, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10035                                     New York, NY 10004
Population: Children and their families.               Population: Children & adults
Services: Medical examinations and mental              Services: Training & workshops to teach
health services and support.                           children to recognize, resist and report physical
$: Free.                                               & sexual abuse.
Website:                           $: Free
New York State Office of Family Services
   (212) 383-1788                                      Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island
Fax (212) 383-1811
Address: 80 Maiden Lane, 24th Floor                    Safe Horizon Child Advocacy Centers
New York, NY 10038                                     Queens Address: 112-25 Queens Blvd.
Population: Adults and children.                       Forest Hills, NY 11375
Services: Report child abuse, get resources and           (718) 275-3948
information, adoption assistance, foster care,         Brooklyn Address: 320 Schermehorn St.
prevention services.                                   Brooklyn, NY 11217
$: Most services are free.                                (718) 330-5400
Website: :             Staten Island Address: 130 Stuyvesant Place
                                                       Staten Island, NY 10301
The New York Center for Children                          (718) 556-4095
   (212) 517-3012                                      Population: Children and their families.
Fax: (212) 517-6738                                    Services: Medical examinations and mental
Address: 333 East 70 St. NY, NY 10021                  health services and support.
Population: Children & families.                       $: Free.
Services: Evaluations, medical examinations,           Website:
therapy, individual crisis intervention
counseling, educational programs.
$: Free

Child Center of New York                               CAPS – Child Abuse Prevention Services
   (718) 651-7770 ext 202                                  (516) 621-0552
Various locations                                      Fax: (516) 621-3767
Main Office: 60-02 Queens Blvd                         Address: P.O. Box 176 Roslyn, NY 11576
Woodside, NY 11377                                     Population: Children and adolescents.
Population: Child victims (under 18yrs old)            Services: CAPS has programs addressing the
and their families.                                    varied forms of child abuse, bullying, sexual
Services: Family intervention, child and youth         harassment, date rape and online exploitation.
programs, counseling & home visits.                    $: Free
$: Free                                                Website:

Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomencio
Judy Elizabeth Lukose, Attorneys at Law                Family and Children’s Association
   (718) 268-8111                                         (516) 746-0350
Fax: (718) 268-7382                                    Fax: (516) 294-0198
Address: 107-19 71st Ave                               Address: 100 East Old Country Rd.
Forest Hills, NY 11375                                 Mineola, NY 11501
Population: All ages                                   Population: Children, families, and
Services: Family law, domestic violence, child         communities.
abuse/neglect etc..                                    Services: Various services for children, youth,
$: Free in-depth consultation. Low fees on             adults & seniors including counseling, case
services rendered.                                     management, referrals, community resources,
                                                       residential services and short-term crisis
Long Island:                                           $: Free
Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect
   (516) 747-2966                                      Westchester:
Fax: (516) 747-5065
Address: 229 Seventh Street, Suite 00,                 Child Abuse Prevention Center of NY, Inc.
Garden City, NY 11530                                     (914) 997-2642
Population: Child victims (under 18 years old)            Parent Help Line: (914) 682-CARE (24/7)
and their families; community and professional         Fax: (914) 997-1241
agencies.                                              Address: 7 Holland Ave
Services: Child advocacy, peer support groups,         White Plains, NY 10603
therapy, training and education on child abuse.        Population: Parents.
$: Free & families must be TANF eligible for           Services: Help line, parent aids and workshops.
some services.                                         $: Free
Website:                                Website:

Peninsula Counseling Center (Programs for
Children and the Adam Cohen and Jonah
Richman Adolescent Center)
Fax: (516) 374-2261
Address: 50 West Hawthorne Ave
Valley Stream, NY 11580
Population: Children & adolescents.
Services: Individual, family & group therapy,
child abuse prevention & treatment programs.
$: Insurance, uninsured people w/ limited
finances pay a modest fee.

                                   Crisis Counseling
Hotlines:                                               Crisis Counseling Center (Pace University)
                                                           (212) 346-1523
                                                        Address: 156 William Street, 12th floor
Long Island Crisis Center                               New York, NY 10038
  (516) 679-1111                                        Population: All ages.
                                                        Services: Crisis intervention offers immediate,
National Runaway Switchboard Hotline                    intensive, and brief professional assistance to
  (777) 880-9860 1-800-RUNAWAY                          people who have a traumatic experience.
                                                        $: Free.
National Youth Crisis                                   Website:
  (800) 448-4663
                                                        Metropolitan New York Coordinating
New York Suicide and Crisis Hotline                     Council on Jewish Poverty
  (800) 784-2433 or (800) 273-8255                         (212) 453-9500
                                                        Fax: (212) 453-9600
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network                   Address: 80 Maiden Lane, 21st floor.
  (202) 544-1034                                        New York, NY 10038
                                                        Population: Addresses the needs of Jewish
Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline                   people who are in crisis situations and needs
  (212) 673-3000                                        arising from domestic violence.
                                                        Services: They assist with: emergency shelter,
                                                        rental assistance, emergency food, clothing, and
Manhattan                                               short term counseling.
                                                        $: Call for fee.
AIDS Service Center of NYC
   (212) 645-0875                                       Safe Space
Fax: (212) 645-0705                                         (212) 226-3536
Address: 41 East 11th Street, 5th floor.                Address: 295 Lafayette Street, Suite 920
New York, NY 10003                                      New York, NY 10012
Population: All ages.                                   Population: At-risk youth and families.
Services: AIDS service NYC provides                     Services: Safe Space works with the city’s most
individualized case management services. They           at-risk youth and families to prevent foster care
have support groups. They provide basic needs           placement, build strong families and promotes
such as food and clothing.                              self-sufficiency. Our mission remains urgent: to
$: Free.                                                protect kids, kept them safe and help them grow.
Website:                          $: Free.

Community Service Society of New York                   Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline
   (212) 614-5484                                          (212) 673-3000
Address: 105 East 22nd Street                           Address: P.O. Box 1259
New York, NY 10010                                      Madison Square Station, New York, NY 10159
Population: Adults, children, and families.             Population: Individuals of all ages and
Services: Provides individual and families in           circumstances in need of crisis intervention.
need with emergency assistance in such areas as         Services: The suicide prevention hotline
eviction prevention, advocacy for public benefit        provides a crisis response/training team that
recipients, job and housing searches. The Social        supplies feedback and support to those touched
Services Department meets the needs of low              by suicide, and awareness and prevention
income New Yorkers and those in temporary               workshops. Free monthly “peer” support
crisis.                                                 meetings for those who have lost a loved one to
$: Free.                                                suicide.
Website:                $: Free.

Catholic Charities of Brooklyn                           Rape Crisis Intervention/Victims of Violence
   (718) 722-6001                                        Program (RCIP/VOVP)
Address: 191 Joralemon Street                               (718) 780-1459
Brooklyn, NY 11201                                       Address: Long Island College Hospital,
Population: Families, adults and children.               339 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Services: Emergency financial assistance, food,          Population: Services are provided to female and
shelter, entitlement assistance and advocacy.            male survivors, 12 and older.
Social workers and other trained staff make              Services: Individual and group counseling to
referrals and advocate with programs to meet             survivors of violent crime, particularly survivors
specific needs in substance abuse, child and             of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
spousal abuse, employment, housing and other             Short term counseling, 12-15 sessions.
social service problems.                                 $: Free.
$: Free.                                                 Website:

Community Counseling Mediation                           Queens
   (718) 858-0666
Fax: (718) 858-9493                                      Salvation Army
Address: 1 Hoyt St., 7th floor,                             (718) 497-4356
Brooklyn, NY 11201                                       Contact: Envoys Eduardo/Eugene Turbanos
Population: 4 years and up.                              Address: 69-23 Cypress Hills Street
Services: Mental health, foster care agency,             Ridgewood, NY 11385
therapeutic services, aids and other support             *Additional communities served.
groups.                                                  Population: Americans seeking the basic
$: Medicaid, HIP, Metro Plus, and Medicare,              necessities of life: food, shelter and warmth.
$35 per session without insurance.                       Services: Adult program services, emergency
Website:                                  assistance, family counseling services, older
                                                         adult services, worship center, & youth services.
LI College Hospital                                      $: Free.
   (718) 780-1459                                        Website:
Fax: (718) 780-2942                                      www_uns.nsf
Address: 339 Hicks St., Brooklyn, NY 11207
Population: Services are provided to survivors           Child Center of NY
of crime ages 12 and older.                              Formerly known as: Queens Child Guidance
Services: Offers rape crisis intervention and               (718) 651-7770
victims of violence programs.                            Fax: (718) 651-5029
$: Free.                                                 Address: 71-50 Parsons Blvd
Website:                               Flushing, NY 11365
                                                         Services: Crisis intervention & leadership skills.
Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services                 $: Not for profit.
    (888) 311-OHEL                                       Website:
Address: 4510 16th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204
Population: Children, family, adults, senior
citizens, people with special needs in the Jewish
Services: Provides homes for abandoned
families, counseling, school programs, and
sexual abuse services.

                                                         Long Island

The Compassionate Friends
   516) 868-8457
Address: Temple Judea, 333 Searington Road
Manhasset, NY 11030
Population: Bereaved parents and siblings ages
16 and older.
Services: Offers group help to bereaved parents
and siblings. Special groups for adult siblings,
parents of suicide and suicide survivors.
$: Free.
or http;//

Long Island Crisis Center
   (516) 826-0244
Address: 2740 Martin Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
Population: Youth, homeless, and runaways.
Services: Counseling and support groups,
community education, distribution of food,
water, shelter and hygiene products,
transportation to shelters, case management,
suicide prevention.
$: Free.

North Shore Child & Family Guidance
   (516) 626-1971
Fax: (516) 626-8043
Address: 480 Old Westbury Road
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
Population: Children and families.
Services: Support groups and services that
address the emotional and developmental needs
of children, youth, and families whose
functioning is or is at risk of being impaired due
to psychological or environmental factors.
Website: http://www.northshorechildguidance.or

                                   Sexual Issues
Hotlines:                                               Manhattan
National HIV/AIDS and STD Hotline                       The Body
   (800) 342-AIDS, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week            Address: 250 West 57th Street
   (800) 344-SIDA Spanish language, 8 am-2pm            New York, NY 10107
EST                                                     Population: Parents, family, and friends.
   (800) 243-7887 TTY for the deaf, Mon-Fri,            Services: Their mission is to lower barriers
10am-10pm EST                                           between patients and clinicians through human
Services: Anonymous, confidential HIV/AIDS              connection and educate people on sexual issues.
and STD information including referrals to              Website:
appropriate services, local hotlines, counseling        482.html
and testing sites, etc.
Website:                                    Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
                                                        Program/Children’s Aid Society
NYC Department of Health and Mental                        (212) 949-4800
Hygiene                                                 Address: 105 East 22nd St. New York, NY 10010
   (800) 825-5448                                       Population: Infants, children, teens & parents.
Serving all five boros.                                 Services: Education on preventing pregnancy,
Population: Adolescents and adults.                     programs for adolescents that include sex
Services: HIV counseling and Rapid HIV                  education and pregnancy prevention.
testing, viral hepatitis services are offered.          $: Free.
Emergency contraception and pregnancy testing           Website:
                                                        Covenant House New York
New York State Coalition against Sexual                     (212) 613-0300
Assault (NYSCASA)                                       Address: 460 West 41st Street
  800-942-4248                                          New York, NY 10036
  Linea Directa en Espanol: 1-800-942-6908              Population: Crisis centers provide emergency
Fax: (518) 482-4248                                     shelter for homeless youth under the age of 21.
Website:                        Services: Provides young people with support
                                                        and services in their own communities.
Children of Hope Safe Haven                             Counseling, referrals, educational and vocational
   (877) 796-4673 (HOPE)                                programs, medical services, legal services, youth
Services: Free anonymous and confidential               leadership opportunities and outreach services
counseling, information and referrals are               for young people on the streets are provided for
available 24/7 to pregnant women and those who          all Centers.
have just given birth and who wish to relinquish        $: Free.
their newborns under the Safe Haven Law of              Website:
New York State.
Website:                   The Door
                                                           (212) 941-9090
                                                        Fax (212) 914-0714
Sex Addicts Anonymous                                   Address: 121 Ave of the Americas
   (800) 477-8191                                       New York, NY 10013
Sex Addicts Anonymous is a 12 step program for          Population: Ages 12-21.
those who have a desire to stop addictive sexual        Services: Provides comprehensive, integrated
behavior.                                               services to empower young people to reach their
$: Free, donations are welcome.                         potential by providing comprehensive youth
Website:              development services in a diverse and caring
                                                        $: Free.

Inwood House Teen Parent Training and
Support                                                    MIC-Womans Health Services (Bushwick)
   (212) 861-4400                                             (718) 443-9300
Address: 320 E. 82nd St., New York, NY 10028               335 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Population: Homeless pregnant teens and                    Population: Adolescents, adults, & females.
pregnant teens in foster care.                             Services: Birth control, emergency
Services: Inwood provides a safe home,                     contraception, GYN care, HIV testing,
supportive community, education and counseling             pregnancy testing, prenatal care, STD testing.
to young, pregnant teens.                                  $: Most insurance, Medicaid, no insurance (call
$: Free if accepted.                                       for complete list).
Website:                 Website:
                                                           *Spanish speaking interpreter services available.
NY Presbyterian Clinics: Family Planning,
Young Adults, & Young Men’s Center for                     New York City Family Justice Center
Community Health & Education                                  (800) 621-4673 or (800) 810-7444
   (212) 342-3232                                          Address: 350 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 10007
Population: Women and men under 30.                        Population: Brooklyn domestic violence
Services: Family planning services,                        victims.
contraception, GYN exams, pregnancy testing,               Services: Legal information, children activities,
nutritional counseling, health education, referrals        safety planning, counseling, support groups,
(including abortion), Medicaid/PCAP,                       services for elderly/disabled, assistance with
enrollment; STD/HIV testing, counseling and                shelter/housing, language interpretation, spiritual
treatment, HIV specific social and medical                 support.
services.                                                  $: Free.
$: Free.                                                   Website:

Planned Parenthood of New York City                        Safe Horizon
   (212) 541-7800 or (800) 230-7526                            (212) 577-7700
Address: 26 Bleecker Street                                Address: 2 Lafayette St., Brooklyn, NY 10007
New York, NY 10012-2413                                    Population: Those who have experienced
Population: Teens, adults, parents, educators.             domestic violence, stalking, rape and sexual
Services: Adult Role Model Programs and                    assault, child abuse and incest, homicide,
workshops to teach parents how to talk to their            trafficking, homeless youth, 911 victims.
children about sex.                                        Services: Individual and group counseling,
$: Education and training for parents is free.             support groups, educational classes, assists in
Website:              finding resources, hotline, legal assistance,
/index.htm                                                 distributes meals for the homeless youth.
                                                           $: Free/fee for some classes.
SIECUS NY Office                                           Website:
   (212) 819-9770
Fax: (212) 819-9776                                        Queens
Address: 90 John Street, Suite 704
New York, NY 10038                                         Queens Comprehensive Prenatal Council Inc.
Population: All ages.                                         (718) 558-9121
Services: Works to make sure that information,             Fax: (718) 558-9121
knowledge, and skills are within everyone’s                Address: 106-46 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.
reach. Each year SIECUS distributes print and              Jamaica, NY 11488
electronic resources to educators, advocates,              Population: Women, pregnant women and
parents, researchers, physicians, and others               parenting children.
working to expand sexual health programs,                  Services: Health education workshops and
policies, and understanding.                               referrals.
$: Free.                                                   $: Free.
Website:            Website:

South Queens Community Health Center                      Teen Pregnancy Clinic @ St. Barnabas
   (718) 558-9121                                         Hospital, Union Community Center
Fax: (718) 558-9121                                          (718) 220-2020 Ext. 9110
Address: 114-02 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.                       Address: 290 E. 188th St., 3rd Floor OB/GYN,
Jamaica, NY 11434                                         Bronx, NY 10458
Population: Teens.                                        Population: Teen girls.
Services: Health education and counseling                 Services: Offers pregnant teens with psychiatric
sessions, free HIV and pregnancy tests Mon-Fri.,          support, STD prevention, postpartum
9-5. Teen nights:Tuesdays 4-7 p.m., by                    contraception, WIC referrals, prenatal care,
appointment.                                              financial assistance, educational videos,
$: Health First, Metro Plus, GHI, HIP & No                nutritional counseling, etc.
insurance required for confidential teens.                $: Free.
Website: affiliated                                       Website:
with www.nyhealth&                 mbcare/teenpreg.htm


Adolescent and Family Comprehensive
                                                          Long Island
Services (A.F.C.S)
    (718) 299-2327                                        Brentwood Family Health Center
Fax (718) 299-2327                                            (631) 853-3400
Address: 45-67 West Tremont Ave.                          Address:1869 Brentwood Road
Bronx, NY 10453                                           Brentwood, NY 11717
Population: Adolescents                                   Population: All
Services: Comprehensive services to pregnant,             Services: AIDS testing, breast clinic, community
at-risk parenting adolescents, young fathers,             outreach, HIV education and counseling, family
children and their extended families in the               planning, prenatal care, public health, STD
Bronx. Services include but are not limited to the        testing and information, WIC.
case management, individual/group counseling,             $: Insurance, sliding scale, free.
and educational workshops.                                Website:
                                                          Planned Parenthood
                                                              (631) 361-7526
                                                          Fax (361)-7678
                                                          Address: 70 Maple Ave
                                                          Smithtown, NY 11787
                                                          Population: All
                                                          Services: Adoption counseling and placement,
                                                          abortion services, annual exams. Birth
                                                          control/family planning, pills, condoms, Depo-
                                                          Provera, blood tests, breast exams, cancer
                                                          screening, male health services, pregnancy
                                                          testing, prenatal care, etc.
                                                          $: Insurance, sliding scale, free.

Hotlines & Websites                                      The Door
                                                            (212) 941-9090
                                                         Fax: (212) 941-0714
Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline                    Address: 555 Broome Street
   (212) 673-3000                                        New York, NY 10013
                                                         Population: Youth (12-21 years of age).
Lifenet                                                  Services: Provides youth services and unmet
   (800) 543-3638, Spanish; (877) 298-3372;              legal services. Counseling, recreation, arts,
Asian (877) 990-8585                                     education and crisis intervention.
                                                         $: Free.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                     Website:
    (212) 614-6309 or (800) 273-TALK (8255)
Website: :             Jewish Community Center in Manhattan
                                                            (212) 339-2320 ext 215
Covenant’s House Nineline                                Address: 334 Amsterdam Avenue (at West 76St)
  (800) 999-9999                                         New York, NY 10023
Website:                                Population: Mainly people who have a Jewish
National Hopeline Network                                Services: Rabbi leads groups for families or
   (1-800)-SUICIDE (784-2433)                            people who have attempted suicide. Also
                                                         provides individual counseling.
Long Island Crisis Center                                $: Free.
   (516) 679-1111                                        Website:

Manhattan                                                The Samaritans
                                                            (212) 673-3000
A Caring Hand                                            Address: PO Box 1259, Madison Square Station
The Billy Esposito Foundation                            New York, NY 10159
   (212) 229-CARE (2273)                                 Population: Suicidal people or friends and
Address: 305 Seventh Avenue, 16th floor                  family of suicide victims.
New York, NY 10001                                       Services: Provide support to individuals and
Population: Children and adults.                         groups who are in crisis, have lost someone to
Services: Bereavement center whose goal is to            suicide or are feeling suicidal.
meet a child and family in a caring environment.         $: Free.
The program focuses on remembering, coping,              Website:
and community building-the essential
components of grief work.
$: Free.                                                 Survivors of a Loved One’s Suicide
Website:                        (212) 246-3111 (call for meeting place)
                                                         Address: 350 W. 55th St., New York, NY 10019
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention               Population: All ages.
   (212) 363-3500                                        Services: Provides bereavement services for
Fax (212) 363-6237                                       family members of suicide victims.
Address: 120 Wall Street, 22nd floor                     $: Free.
New York, NY 10005                                       Website:
Population: All ages and profession.                     on
Services: Survivor outreach program helps cope
with loss, educational resources, support groups.
$: Free.

                                                          Nassau Long Island Survivors of Suicide
Elmhurst Hospital                                            (516) 488-7697 or (516) 625-4012
Psychiatric Walk-in-Clinic-3rd floor                      Address: 125 Minneola Avenue, Ste. 106
   (718) 334-3826                                         Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
Address: 79-01 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY                     Population: All.
Population: Adolescents and adults, males and             Services: Suicide prevention and crisis services.
females.                                                  $: Sliding Scale.
Services: Students in crisis and who need to be           Website:
immediately evaluated for a severe emotional
$: Most insurance accepted.                               Response of Suffolk County
Website: http://nyc.gove/html/hhc/qhn/home.htm               (631) 751-7500
l                                                         Address: P.O. Box 300, Stony Brook, NY 11790
                                                          Population: Any individual in need of crisis
Bronx                                                     intervention.
                                                          Services: Provides a 24/7 crisis intervention and
                                                          suicide prevention hotline as well as online crisis
Support Group for Survivors of Suicide Loss               counseling.
   (718) 547-6655                                         $: Free.
Address: 333 East 206 St., Bronx, NY                      Website:
Population: Support group for survivors of
suicide loss. Serves Bronx, Manhattan,
Westchester counties.                                     The Compassionate Friend
$: Free.                                                     (516) 868-8457
                                                          Address: Temple Judea, 333 Searington Road
                                                          Manhasset, NY 11030
Long Island                                               Population: Bereaved parents and siblings age
Long Island Crisis Center                                 Services: Offers group help to bereaved parents
   (515) 826-0244                                         and siblings (ages 16+). Special groups for adult
Address: 2740 Martin Avenue                               siblings, parents of suicide and suicide survivors.
Bellmore, NY 11710                                        $: Free.
Population: All ages.                                     Website:
Services: 24/7 hotline, crisis intervention
hotline, walk-in intervention counseling, internet
counseling, a Suicide Outreach Team, and
suicide prevention workshops in local schools
and community locations.

                                    Substance Abuse
                                                     (718) 474-3800 or (212) 904-1500
Hotlines & Websites                               Address: Various facilities in Manhattan,
                                                  Queens, and Brooklyn.
Nassau County Department of Drug and              Population: Adolescents, adults, and families.
Alcohol Addiction                                 Services: Various inpatient and outpatient
   (516) 481-4000                                 programs for adolescents, adults, and families.
                                                  $: Health insurance or charges on a sliding scale.
Teens Health                                      Website:
                                                  Prescription Drug Addiction Center
The Partnership for a Drug Free America               (212) 431-4431                                  Address: 50 Varick Street
                                                  New York, NY
National Alcohol Substance Abuse                  Population: Everyone.
Information Center                                Services: Help center.
   (800) 784-6776                                 $: Insurance
                                                  Veritas Therapeutic Community Inc
SAMHSA’s Substance Abuse Treatment                   (212) 666-1411x124; (212) 663-1356
Services                                          Address: 68 West 106th Street
   (800) 662-HELP(4357)                           New York, NY 10025
   Spanish (800) 662-9832                         Population: Adolescents, women and men.                   Services: Substance abuse treatment; Residential
                                                  long-term treatment (more than 30 days)
Substance Abuse Services                          $: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, State
  (800) 877-HOPE(4673)                            financed insurance (other than Medicaid),
                                                  Private health insurance
LIFENET                                           Website:
  (800) 543-3638 or Spanish (877) 298-3373

Phoenix House                                     Inwood Community Services Inc Comp
   (800) HELP-111, (212) 831-1555 ext.7500        Outpatient Addiction Program                  (212) 942-0043x132
                                                  Address: 651 Academy Street, 3rd floor
Treatment Centers                                 New York, NY 10034
Addiction Helpline 1-877-335-HOPE                 Population: Adolescents, persons with co-                          occurring mental and substance abuse disorders,
                                                  women and men.
Addiction Treatment Center                        Services: Substance abuse consultation and
   877.248.3026                                   evaluation. Treatment for alcohol, cocaine, and        other substance abuse. Individual, group, and
                                                  couples therapy. Relapse prevention and
Parents: the anti-drug                            moderation coaching for non-alcoholic drinkers.                        Provides outpatient individual, group and family
                                                  therapy as well as psychopharmacological
                                                  $: Self payment, Medicaid, Private health
Manhattan:                                        insurance. Sliding fee scale (fee is based on
Partnership for a Drug-free America               income and other factors). Payment assistance
   212-922-1560                                   (Check with facility for details).
Address: 405 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1601         Website:
New York, NY 10174
Population: Parents and teens.
Services: Information and referrals.
$: Free
                                                  Saint Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital Center
                                                  CAPA Clinic
Daytop Village                                       (212) 523-7233; (212) 523-3083
Address: 411 West 114th Street, Suite 3-C                Chemical Dependence OP Service
New York, NY 10025                                          (718) 827-8700
Population: Adolescents, persons with co-                Address: 2640 Pitkin Avenue
occurring mental and substance abuse disorders,          Brooklyn, NY 11208
gays and lesbians.                                       Population: Persons with co-occurring mental
Services: Mix of mental health and substance             and substance abuse disorders
abuse services; Outpatient, Partial                      Services: Substance abuse treatment,
hospitalization/day treatment.                           Halfway house, Outpatient
$: Self payment, Medicaid, state financed                $: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, private
insurance (other than Medicaid), private health          health insurance, military insurance (e.g.,
insurance                                                VA,TRICARE)
Website:             Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is
                                                         based on income and other factors), Payment
Addiction Institute of New York                          assistance (Check with facility for details)
   (212) 523-7156                                        Website:
Adolescent Program
411 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10025                                       Long Island
Population: Adolescents, adults & families.
Services: Provide services in evaluation,
inpatient, and outpatient treatment options as           Nassau County Department of Drug and
well as a host of programs and services to aid in        Alcohol Addiction
the rehabilitation process.                                 (516) 227-7007
$: Call for fee.                                         Address: 600 Hempstead Turnpike
Website:             West Hempstead, NY 11552
                                                         Population: Adolescents and young adults.
Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island                           Services: Individual and group counseling for
                                                         personal, family, and drug/alcohol abuse
Outreach Project                                         problems.
   (718) 847-9233                                        $: Sliding scale.
Address: 117-11/15 Myrtle Ave.
Richmond Hill, NY 11418                                  Rockville Centre Narcotics/Drug Abuse
* Facilities in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Bellport              (877) 335-4673
& Brentwood, LI and Ridgewood, Queens.                   Address: 30 Hempstead Ave Suite H-6
Population: Adolescents ages 12-18 and their             Rockville Centre, NY 11570
families.                                                Population: Adolescents, males & females.
Services: Provides residential chemical                  Services: Substance abuse treatment
dependency treatment services for adolescents.           $: Sliding scale
After school and evening program is specifically         Website:
designed to address the individual developmental
needs of substance abusing and high risk
adolescents and their families.
$: Cash/check, sliding scale, insurance.

Housing Works Inc

National Crime Prevention Council

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

National Center for Victims of Crime

Cyber bully 411

Stop Cyber Bullying

Stop Bullying Now

Wired Safety


Bully Beware
   (888) 552-8559,

National Service

Reputation Defender
   (888) 720-9800
Population: Children and adolescents
Services: Performs searches for parents to help
avoid cyber-bullying.
$: $14.95 per month

Long Island

Nassau Counseling
   (516) 491-0668
Address: 2415 Jerusalem Avenue
North Bellmore, NY 11710
Population: Teens and families
Services: Individual and family counseling
$: Call

                                                         Address: 520 Eighth Avenue
Hotlines & Websites                                      New York, NY 10018
                                                         Population: All ages.
Self-Mutilators Anonymous                                Services: Provides two types of home programs
Population: Children and adolescents.                    that you can directly access and four other
Services: An on-line community of men and                contracted services through other agencies.
women who have the desire to stop mutilating             $: Non-profit.
themselves physically. SMA takes a 12 step               Website:
approach similar to AA.                                  e.shtm
                                                          Self Mutilators Anonymous
Long Island Crisis Center                                   (646) 354-0173
  (516) 679-1111                                         Address: 210 West 31st Street
Website:         (btwn 7th & 8th Aves) New York, NY 10001
ndex/htm                                                 Population: Adolescents 11 to17 years of age.
                                                         Services: A 12 step program for teen self-
S.A.F.E. ALTERNATIVES                                    injurers.
   (800) DONTCUT                                         $: Contribution.
Website:         Website:
rapistreferrals.htm                                      ge_id=8

  1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)                               Queens
                                                         New Horizon Counseling Center
                                                            (718) 845-2620
Manhattan                                                Fax: (718) 845-9380
                                                         Address: 108-19 Rockaway Blvd
Weill Cornell Medical College - Psychiatry               Ozone Park, NY 11420.
    (888) 694-5700                                       Population: Teenagers, adults and children.
Address: 525 East 68th Street                            Services: Provides diagnostic evaluation,
New York, NY 10065                                       psychotherapeutic and after care for those
Population: Child and adolescents                        experiencing depression, anxiety, phobias,
Services: Dialectical Behavior Therapy for self-         psychosomatic or emotional stresses. May be
injuring teens. Short-term treatment for lifetime        related to learning difficulties, struggles with
skills.                                                  adolescence, child-parent difficulties.
$: Insurance accepted.                                   $: Sliding scale.

New York City Depression & Mood Disorder
   (917) 445-2399
Address: 100 LaSalle Street, #5-A
New York, NY 10027
Population: Everyone.
Services: Provides support to persons diagnosed
with mood disorder, depression, and bipolar
disorder. Self-injury and cutting is highly
associated with depression and mood disorders.
$: Free.

                                                         Long Island
                                                         Institute for Bio-Behavioral Therapy and
Self-Help                                                   (516) 487-7116
   (212) 971-7600                                        Address: 935 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY 11021
Population: Individuals.
Services: A psychological approach that focuses
on the present and future of the patient rather
than the past. Emphasis on nutrition and physical
exercise, family participation (if necessary), and
educating patients and relatives about their
$: Call for fee.

Long Island Crisis Center
   (516) 826-0244
Address: 2740 Martin Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
Population: Students and educators.
Services: Offers community education
workshops to students and young people, as well
as for faculty, administration and youth on a
variety of topics. Workshops for students and
young people include: depression and suicide
prevention and understanding self-injury.
$: Free.

South Shore Child and Family Guidance
   (516) 868-3030
Fax: (516) 868-3374
Address: 17 West Merrick Rd.
Freeport, NY 11520.
Population: Children and adolescents ages 5-18.
Services: Provides comprehensive outpatient
behavioral health services to children and
families residing in Nassau County.
$: Free.

North Shore Family Guidance
   (516) 626-1971
Fax: (516) 626-8043
Address: 480 Old Westbury Rd.
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577.
Population: Adolescents up to 24 years of age
and their families.
Services: Provides diagnosis and treatment for
children, youth, and families. Offers individual,
group, and family counseling.
$: Free.


Hotlines & Websites
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
  (866) 331-9474                                 Arad-American Family Support
                                                         (718) 643-8000
National Youth Crisis Line                            Fax: (718)797-0410
  (800) 448-4663                                      Address: 150 Court Street, 3rd floor
                                                      Brooklyn, NY 11201
Teen Helpline                                         Population: Immigrant teens.
  (800) 400-0900                                      Services: Crisis counseling and group
TeenLine                                              $: Free
  (800) 522-8336                                      Website:

Childhelp USA                                         CAMBA
  (800) 422-4453                                         (718) 282-5575
                                                      Fax: 718-282-5997                                Address: 1720 Church Ave, 2nd floor
Liz Claiborne’s dating violence prevention.           Brooklyn, NY 11226
                                                      Population: Teens.                                Services: Crisis counseling, individual
1800-799-SAFE                                         counseling, same-sex relationship service, and
A teen organization dedicated to preventing           services for immigrants.
dating violence.                                      $: Free
1-888-988-TEEN                                        Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center
A site dedicated to empowering youth to end              (718) 575-1342
domestic violence.                                    Fax: (718) 575-1645
                                                      Address: 320 Schermerhorn Street                               Brooklyn, NY 11217
Interactive website discussing warning signs,         Population: Children.
excessive jealousy and how control turns to           Services: Crisis counseling.
violence.                                             $: Free
The Family Violence Prevention Fund                   Queens                                 Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence:
Information on teen dating violence awareness.        NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy
                                                         (718) 575-4502                                  Address: NYC Family Justice Center
Comprehensive source to learn about dating            126-02 82nd Ave
violence.                                             Kew Gardens, NY 11415
                                                      Population: Youth, schools, agencies.
                                                      Services: Workshops on healthy relationships.
                                                      $: Free

Relationships                                         Manhattan and Bronx
                                                      Children’s Aid Society T.A.RA. (Teens
                                                      Against Relationship Abuse) Family Wellness
   (212) 503-6842
Fax: (212) 972-7790
Address: Offices in midtown Manhattan,
Harlem, and South Bronx
Population: Children and teens.
Services: Individual and group counseling.
$: Free

All Boros

Center Against Domestic Violence
    (718) 254-9134
Fax: (718) 254-9132
Address: 25 Chapel Street, Suite 904
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Population: Teens
Services: Relationship Abuse Prevention
Program (RAPP) for teens located in schools
throughout NYC.
$: Free

Safe Horizon
    (212) 577-7700
Fax: (212) 577-3897
Address: 2 Lafayette Street, 3rd flr
New York, NY 10007
Population: Youth, family and community.
Services: Youth support through counseling,
youth council & activities.
 $: Free


The following websites provide tips and                Address: PO Box 1642 New York, NY 10028
resources to help cope with divorce.                   Population: Single women w/ children or opting
                                                       to conceive or adopt w/o a partner.
Divorce360                                             Services: Support and information to single                                     mothers and peer group support for their
Parent’s Magazine                                      $: $55 annual membership.              Website:

National Association of School Psychologists           Karen Horney Clinic         Address: 329 East 62nd Street
_ho.aspx                                               New York, NY 10021
                                                           (212) 838-4333
HelpGuide                                              Fax: (212) 838-7158                                      Population: Children, young adults, adolescents,
                                                       and adults.
Family Guide: Keeping Youth Mentally                   Services: Individual, group, and family therapy;
Healthy and Drug Free                                  children's play therapy; a foster care program;               and a treatment center for incest and abuse.
                                                       $: Accepts Medicaid, Accepts Medicare, Accepts
                                                       Child Health Plus, Accepts Family, Health Plus,
Manhattan                                              Sliding fee scale/assistance based on need, Self-
                                                       pay fees range from $75-$150 per session
The Single Parent Resource Center
   (212) 951-7030
Fax: 212-951-7037                                      Queens
Address: 228 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017                                     Samuel Field YM & YWHA- Singles Services
Population: Single parents.                            and the Single Parent Center
Services: Programs include: Single Fathers             Address: 58-20 Little Neck Parkway
Program, Single Parents in Recovery, Kids Club,        Little Neck, NY 11362
Youth Leadership.                                          (718) 225 - 6750 ext. 243
$: Free                                                Fax :(718) 423 - 8276
Website::                     Population: Children, young adults, adolescents
                                                       and adults.
Marriage and Family Therapists of NY                   Services: Support groups and workshops,
Address:19 West 34th Street                            including a separation-divorce group, children
New York, NY                                           from separated/divorced families group,
    (516) 764-2526                                     bereavement group for loss of a parent or spouse,
Population: Couples and families.                      personal growth-relationship group, older adult
Services: Group sessions, workshops,                   group, parenting workshops, and couples and
individual and family counseling, training for         family counseling.
schools and businesses.                                $: Flat rates are charged for groups and
$: Insurance (out-of-network)                          workshops. A sliding scale may be applied to
Website:               most services.

                                                       Community Adolescent Alternative Program
                                                       Address: I.S. 73, 70-02 54th Avenue
                                                       Maspeth, New York 11378
Single Mothers By Choice                                 : (718) 205-4402
   (212) 988-0993                                      Fax: (718) 205-4214

Population: Students with Families in District          Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
24, Queens; areas include Long Island City,                : (516) 626-1971
Elmhurst, East Elmhurst, Corona, Jackson                Fax :(516) 626-8043
Heights, Maspeth, Ridgewood and Glendale.               Population: Children, young adults, adolescents
Services: Family counseling for students and            and adults.
families of the district; part of the Drug              Services: Bereavement and trauma services,
Prevention and Intervention Program in the              single parent support services, foster family
district.                                               training, child learning center, support for at-risk
Hours of operation: Tuesdays & Thursdays;               youth, home- and center-based support for
1PM-8PM                                                 emotionally disturbed or homeless youth, care
$: None.                                                coordination for youth at risk for out-of-home
                                                        placement, and mental health care.
Steinway Children and Family Services                   Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) -
Address: 22-15 43rd Avenue                              discussion and workshops for single parents.
Long Island City, NY 11101                              $: Accepts Medicaid, Sliding fee scale/assistance
  : (718) 389-5100                                      based on need.
Population: Children and families.                      Please call for specific payment policies for
Services: Counseling.                                   individual programs; no one will be turned away
Website:                               due to inability to pay.
Hillside Eastern Queens Mental Health
Center (HEQ)
Address: 221-10 Jamaica Avenue                          Marriage and Family Therapists of NY
Queens Village, NY                                      Address:542 Lakeview Avenue
   : (718) 740-3310                                     Rockville Center, NY 11570
Population: All.                                            (516) 764-2526
Services: Counseling, psychological evaluations.        Population: Couples and families.
$: Call for fee.                                        Services: Group sessions, workshops,
Website:                          individual and family counseling, training for
                                                        schools and businesses.
                                                        $: Insurance (out-of network)

Long Island

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center
Address: 480 Old Westbury Road


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