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					                                       The Philippine Nurses
                                       Association of Georgia                                                                                  Winter/Spring 2010 Edition

                                                                                                                                               Volume 9 Number 1

                      O f f i c i a l P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e G e o r g i a C h a p t e r o f t h e P h i l i p p i n e N u r s e s A s s oc i a t i o n o f A m e r i c a
                                                                                     h t t p :/ /p n a g a . n et

                                                 An affair to Remember– The 2010 PNAGA Induction Ball
                                                 By Carmencita Santiago, BSN, RN, OCN, CRNI

                                                 The 2010 PNAGA induction ball was held on January 30 at the Marriott
                                                 Century Hotel. It was well attended. 190 attendees joined us to witness and
        INSIDE THIS ISSUE                        celebrate this memorable event. The theme of black and white made the
                                                 event more meaningful. We were fortunate to have Leo-Felix Jurado, cur-
1   The 2010 PNAGA Induction                     rent PNAA President and Merlita Velazquez, PNAA South Central Region
    Ball                                         Vice President join us. They both delivered inspiring speeches.

2   President’s Message                          The affair wouldn’t be complete without depicting some of our cultures.
                                                 Folk dances were performed such as the Tinikling and Bulaklakan. We
3   Keeping up with New                          were also treated to a lovely song by Charlie Thomas, one of our guests.
    Trends                                       The outgoing and incoming officers performed a waltz number and opened
                                                 the dance for everyone. Music from ―The Go Party People‖ provided the
4   Walk to Defeat ALS                           music for the night. There was dancing until 12 midnight.
5   Acknowledgements                             For the members who stayed in the hotel after the party, our bonding con-
                                                 tinued in the hospitality suite. We served Filipino dishes and our conver-
6   Caroling at Our Lady of Per-
                                                 sation went on and on till 2:00 AM. Evaluation of the gathering was also
    petual Help Home
7   Community Outreach
                                                 More bonding continued at the breakfast table before Leo and Merlita
8   HIPEC                                        headed home. Lots of snapshots captured this memorable visit.

9   The Nurse Ferrari Story                      It was overall a very successful affair. The most attended PNAGA induc-
                                                 tion ball so far! Our recent annual seminar also broke record on most at-
10 Upcoming Events                               tendees. We are on a roll. It comes in 3’s and we have one more gather-
                                                 ing, Nurses’ week, just around the corner.

                                                 We would like to express our gratitude to all our colleagues and supporters
                                                 for their ads and presence. Let’s do it again in 2012!
   PNA-GA :President’s
   Pam Peterman, MSN, CFNP

Dear PNAAGA members,
We hope you will find in these pages some nuggets to inform, to uplift and to inspire you. This
is our Winter/Spring issue, the first of two issues for the year 2010.
As the president of PNAGA 2010-2012 I envision GROWTH for our association in numbers, in
community involvement, in intellectual pursuits and in cultural endeavors.
As we invite other Filipino nurses to join our group, we must remember to invoke the mission of
the PNAA ―to uphold the image and foster the welfare of the Philippine nurses in the United
States as a professional group‖.
We have many outreach programs, collaborating with other organizations in the community, FIL
-AM, Chinese Lions’ Club, PAMAG, Asian Women's’ Association, PACCGA, and religious
groups or churches. Your involvement in any of these programs as a Filipino nurse makes us
We have many experienced and dedicated nurses who made themselves indispensable in their
place of work. We need to have these attributes validated by pursuing advanced degrees. Get
that certificate, get that graduate degree one course at a time. I propose a stipend of $500.00
per year to anybody pursuing a masters degree.
While we are all busy with our professional and family life, take time for yourself. Joins us as we
go to movies, concerts, the opera, dinner/dances, trips, etc. Call me or any of the board mem-
bers we will organize one for you.
We would love to hear from you, please share what is going on in your place of work, in your
family, happy news, sad news. We are all here together-the PNAGA.

Take your career to the next level by becoming a certified nurse in your specialty. Certification
shows that you are committed and passionate about your chosen career. It keeps you current
and updated on nursing trends which helps you provide excellent nursing care.
Certification validates your experience. Many certified nurses have found their credential opens
doors to new career opportunities. So let this be a challenge for your professional growth and
career enhancement. So…..what are you waiting for?
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PNAGA NEWS                                                                                       NEWS
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                                 Keeping Up With New trends, 2009
                                           Fall Scientific Meeting

  Breakfast , lunch, a full day of education, a new group of officers and happy, cheerful nurses. Those are
  the things I can clearly remember from the 15th Annual Educational Seminar ―KEEPING UP WITH NEW
  TRENDS‖ . It was held at the South Fulton Medical Center Auditorium on November 6, 2009

  It started with a hearty breakfast @ 7am, followed by a welcome address by Ed Villanueva, BSN, RN,
  CNOR, the current PNAGA president. The first hour was all about Cardiovascular Disease & Sudden
  Cardiac Arrest Risk Stratification and Treatment, presented by Bonnie Rodgers, BSN, RN. She dis-
  cussed essential elements that help enhance our assessment skills and understand new trends in the
  management of our cardiac patients. The next hour was a presentation by Jayne McCollum, BSN, RN
  on Turning the Corner to Better Oxygenation. It was a great opportunity for everyone to learn, re-learn
  and probably unlearn facts about oxygen perfusion.. Dr. Michael Frank, from Duke University School of
  Medicine presented Changing Paradigms in Hereditary Angioma., an in-depth view of a condition we
  probably rarely encounter. It focused on prompt diagnosis and new therapies. This lecture gave me a
  deeper understanding of the magnitude of this disease process. In Vitro Fertilization was covered by Dr.
  Donna Session of Emory school of Medicine. Dr. Melanie Santos of Emory University concluded the
  seminar with a lecture on Female Sexual Dysfunction. Interesting inquiries also followed. We received
  a powerhouse of information, made available to us through our very own nurse organization.

  The election of officers for the year 2010-2012 was also held after the seminar. Our immediate Past-
  President, Anita Granada, BSN, RN served as the Chairperson for the Nomination-Election Committee.
  Between education sessions, she introduced and defined the responsibilities of elected positions. This
  was followed by nominations, elections, and finally, the announcement of newly elected officers.

  Venus Soriano, BSN, RN, the 2010-2012 President-Elect, led the group to very uplifting exercises to the
  tune of lively Latin music. Everybody was funny, silly, and happy. It was a perfect time to unwind This
  picture was a far cry from what we normally see at work everyday.

  That’s why I keep coming back. These groups of nurses give me a breath of fresh air. Check them out!
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      PNAGA NEWS                                                                                             NEWS
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                                  2010 INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE NURSE:
                                          A CELEBRATION
                                  2010 IYNurse, in recognition of the United nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),
                                  seeks to recognize the contributions of nurses globally and to engage nurses in the promotion of
                                  world health.

                                  2010 is also the Centennial of the death of modern nursing’s founder-Florence Nightingale(1820
                                  -1910) IYNurse is planned as a sustained public awareness initiative to actively involve world’s
                                  nurses—-estimated to be more than 15 million—in a celebration of commitment to bring health
to their communities worldwide.

We wish to recognize our new members for the year 2010: Charisse Asis, Susan Brewer, Rebecca Buford, Caroline Cantwell-
Guill, Jalpa Dhinoja, Milagros Gilliam, Sonya Lal, Cristy Langley, Gesila Loquellano, Teresa lumapas, Remy Luna, Lillian
Madale, Lutgarda Malasarte, Lilia Manangan, Millette Maynard, Luisa Moon, Marilou Newton, Aracelli Oracion, Hector Oracion,
Patsy Puyot, Alicia Reyes, Dolly Russell, Diane Smith, Santhi Thomas and Gina Victor-Latdur.

Congratulations are in order:
Kevin Hagler, son of Lilia Hagler, graduated from Southern Polytechnic University with BS Degree in Management Economics.

Patrick Buntichai, son of Lorna Buntichai, graduated from Emory University with BS Degree in Film Making.

Jonathan Saethang, son of Tessie Saethang, graduated from GA. Tech with BS in Industrial Engineering.

                                              NAME OUR NEWSLETTER CONTEST
We are also wanting to name our newsletter. We are running a contest on name our PNAGA newsletter. The winner will be
selected by the Board of Directors. The contest is open for every paid PNAGA member. The winner will receive a cash prize of
$50.00. The deadline for submission is on July 31, 2010. Entrees can be emailed to the editors Carmencita Santiago or Mercy

            HAPPY                                                                                Thank you for
                                                                                                   Making a
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PNAGA NEWS                                                                                   NEWS
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                            Caroling at Our lady of Perpetual Help Home
                                        By Merlyn F. Walker, RN

  Christmas caroling is a yearly tradition that PNAGA has adopted. We have utilized it as a fund-
  raising effort as well as a volunteer deed in imparting cheers and joy to the elderly and sick indi-
  viduals. This past holiday season on December 12, 2009, we had chosen to sing carols at Our
  Lady of Perpetual Help. “It is a home established by the Hawthorne Dominicans order for the care
  of incurable cancer patients without discrimination as to race, creed, or national origin.” “It is a
  work supported by the generosity of a sympathetic public. No remuneration is accepted from the
  patients or their families even though they may be able to contribute something. The Sisters place
  their trust in the loving providence of God and that trust has never failed. Donations large and
  small from groups and individuals have provided the necessary funds from the very beginning”.
  “It is the hope of the Sisters that their patients will feel welcome in an atmosphere of peace and
  warmth, where love, understanding, and compassion prevail”.

  It is a hospice place. It is a serene, peaceful home where patients feel they belonged. Patients
  appeared content and happy with their surroundings and care. The home was all decorated for
  the holiday season. Sisters and staff greeted us with their warm welcome and tender embraces.
  We started our caroling with the song of “Silent Night”. It was well received and some residents
  got teary-eyed while they listened.. We continued to sing one song after another and before you
  know it, the Sisters and staff joined us.

  It was an afternoon well spent, bringing joy and feeling of self-worth for everyone. It was a posi-
  tive endeavor that they requested for us to come back again next year. How could you say no?
  PNAGA carolers will be back again to warm their hearts for as long as needed.

  Source: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home website
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   PNAGA NEWS                                                                                            NEWS
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The Asian American Women Association (AAWA) a community association serving the growing health needs of the
Asian-American population. Currently, Georgia has the 2nd fastest growing Asian American population in the United
States. Since its conception in 1996, the Philippine Nurses of Georgia has collaborated with AAWA in their annual
health fare and CPR classes. Current president is our very own Lilia Hagler Rn, BSN (right front). This is purely a
voluntary and satisfying endeavor. For further information, you may contact Lilia Hagler at
Lilia Hagler RN BSN

We were involved in the following Community Outreach activities: January 31st – Chinese Lions Club, Sheltering Arms

      March 21st – Asians for Haiti

      March 21st – St. Philip Benezi Catholic Church

      March 28th- Chinese Lions Club, Sheltering Arms

      April 3rd – Fil-Am Association picnic

      April 18th – St. Thomas the Apostle Health Fair

      April 25th- Chinese Lions Club, Sheltering Arms.

Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 leaving a death toll of 200,000-250,000 and the
capital of Port-au-prince in shambles. Our very own Rosita Chua Tan spent 2 weeks in Haiti assisting the Missionary
of the Poor (MOP) brothers in meeting the needs of the sick, hungry, and homeless.

PNAGA participated in the ―Asians for Haiti‖ fundraising effort through food, goods, services and various donations last
March. A total of $80,000.00 was raised and donated to Habitat for Humanity in Haiti.

This is just one of her missionary works. She is to be commended for all her tireless efforts and never ending compas-
sion to the needy.
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     PNAGA NEWS                                                                                      NEWS
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                     Hyperthermic Intraoperative Peritoneal Chemotherapy
                                     By Carmencita Santiago, BSN, RN, OCN, CRNI

HIPEC is the word. It is the newest treatment for cancer that has spread to the abdomen. At Northside
Hospital, this procedure is mainly performed by the Southeastern Gynecology group of surgeons and on-
The procedure uses a high dosage, liquid chemo concentration which is administered directly into the ab-
domen. This allows for a higher dosage of chemotherapy to attack and kill cancer cells. This technique
can be used with fewer side effects than chemotherapy given intravenously because of the peritoneal bar-
rier that prevents the higher concentration of chemotherapy solution from reaching the bloodstream. The
first letter in the acronym stands for Hyperthermic because the chemo solution is heated to a temperature
higher than the normal body temperature at 42-43 degrees Centigrade or 107.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
The second letter in the acronym is for Intraopeartive. The procedure is intraoperative because it is given
in the peritoneal cavity while the patient is still in surgery at the time of the cytoreduction (debulking sur-
Chemotherapy solution that is heated is thought to be more effective in killing cancer cells. The solution
can also reach more places in the abdomen while the abdomen is still open for surgery. The solution can
be agitated and circulated inside the abdomen to reach more areas where cancer cells that are invisible to
the naked eye may be hiding. This prevents the cells from being left behind to form new cancerous tumors
in the abdomen. It is also felt that chemotherapy is effective during and immediately following the debulk-
ing surgery before scar tissue and adhesions have a chance to form.
Following surgery to remove visible tumors, the patient is connected to a series of catheters and a pumping
device that bathes the entire abdominal cavity with chemotherapy for approximately 90 minutes. Both heat
and direct contact with chemotherapy drug kills the cancer cells.
The types of cancers treated with HIPEC are cancers that have spread to the lining surfaces of the perito-
neal cavity. Spread may have originated from primary colorectal cancer, mesothelioma, peritoneal carcino-
matosis, or cancer that has spread to the ovaries.
Some chemotherapy agents used during HIPEC are Cisplatin and Mitomycin C. Normal Saline is used to
irrigate the peritoneal cavity before the patient is ―closed up‖. A peritoneal or abdominal port is placed for
future instillation of Cisplatin.
Post operatively the patient will require an ICU bed, will not go to PACU, will be vented for 12-24 hours and
will be hyperdynamic from the hyperthermia.


Langlie-Lesnik, C.(2008). Peritoneal Surface Malignancy. Retrieved September 12, 2009 from: http//
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                                            The Nurse Ferrari Story
                                   The Nurse Ferrari Story
Several years ago, I remember being very envious of a friend who was driving her own car. Fancy corporate
job, fancy clothes, no adrenaline moments everyday, no surgeons yelling. I had an option to do something
else, why did I end up here?

The stress of working in a cardiac OR took a toll on my self-worth. Working with eternally unhappy people
made me feel so WORTHLESS. Surgeons were difficult to work with because they were under so much
stress themselves. I had days where I signed up for 12, but worked for 16 hours. With so many charity
patients needing surgery, I felt guilty to go home on time. When we get an emergency, I stayed for a few
more hours to see the patient through. At the end of the day, all I get is my charge nurse’s “Thank you”
because that’s all the hospital can afford to give.

Was that a nurses’ life? I began to rethink my Nightingale pledge. The salary wasn’t enough to buy me a car.

One day on my way home I saw people
on the bench outside the recovery room
patients' families apparently have
stayed there on vigil, braving the
freezing air in the hallway overnight.
These are people who loved the patients
dearly, who would sell everything they
have to get the money for the surgery
necessary. But that's just about as far
as they can go.

I am privileged to be skillful enough to
be of help where the patient needs me
the most. I get tired but I don't leave
the patients until they pull through the
surgery. I weather the insults doctors
throw at me when they're tense.


I don't think so. I get paid in a form more priceless than a car: the laughter of a grandfather, who survives
a heart attack to see more grand babies; it's the joy in a woman’s heart when her intubated husband holds
her hand in the ICU. It's the tears in a mother's eyes when she touches her baby who's not blue anymore.

Every time I have this weird neurotic compulsion to feel bad about myself, I sit by the bench outside the
Recovery Room.

That bench... is a Ferrari.

Watch the video online:
Minette Reyes RN BSN CNOR
2010 AORN Congress Digital Storytelling Class
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PNAGA NEWS                                                                                   PNAGA NEWS
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                                                                                      Upcoming Events
                                                                               May 7, 2010- Seminar, French
                                                                               American Brassiere, Atlanta, GA.

       C                                                                       May 15, 2010– PNAGA picnic,
                                                                               Tollison Park, King Spring Street,
                                                                               Smyrna, 10am-3pm
                                                                               May 21-23, 2010—SCR Re-
                                                                               gional Convention, Dallas, Texas
                                                                               May 30, 2010– Sarongbangui
                                                                               Annual Picnic, Lilburn City Park
                                                                               June 23-27, 2010– PNAA Na-
                                                                               tional Convention, Miami, Florida

                                                                               We remember in prayer those
                                                                               who have left us:
                                                                               Ana Javellana      President PNASF

                                                                               Virgil Granada     husband of Anita

                                                                               Lucy Luczon        sister of Pam

                                                                               Sally Jarabelo     sister of Beth

                                                                               Marilyn Juguilon   sister of Eva Mielo

                                                                               Romulo Sison       brother of Judy

           To submit articles and contributions email one of our editors:

           Carmencita Santiago:

           Mercy Kuweza:

           The PNAGA chapter respects your opinions. However, we re-
           serve the right not to publish any submission that our Editors or
           Board of Directors deem inappropriate.