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              RMD/SERVICE CENTRE
   1. How will you identify the impeller is imbalanced?
   2. What are the corrective actions to be taken for the imbalanced impeller?
   3. The material of rotor is ___________
   4. How will you identify the rotor is imbalanced?
   5. What are the corrective actions to be taken taken for the imbalanced rotor?
   6. Unbalanced impellers in pumps will lead to_____________________.
   7. The function of a Circlip in submersible motor is to ______________.
   8. What type of balancing is carried out on centrifugal pump impeller?
   9. Through which part of the pump is the water pushed upwards?
   10. Unbalanced rotor in pumps will lead to _________________________________.
   11. Volute casing is a component of centrifugal pump(T/F)
   12. The material preferred for submersible pump impeller is gun metal
   13. The plate like covering on either side of vane in centrifugal pump impeller is
   14. Discharge outlet is not necessary in mixed flow pump because ___________.
   15. The expansion of DOL is ________________________________.
   16. The material placed between casings of submersible pump to prevent leakage is
   17. Fins are provided in the motor body for ________________________________.
   18. What type of Circlip used for holding the flange in submersible motor is?
   19. The material of Non-return valve is ___________________________

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   20. In RMD, what are the available impeller materials ?
   21. The function of impeller is _____________________________.
   22. Which bearing can withstand misalignment?
   23. Why do bearings have internal clearance?
   24. 6208 ZZ, 6306 Z write the meaning of each and every number and alphabet in
       these bearing codes
   25. In deep groove ball bearings, balls inner & outer race and cages are made up
   26. What type of load can carry by deep groove ball bearings?
   27. What is the reason of all bearing inner clearance?
   28. Bearings are used in motor to mount the ________________________.
   29. The size of bearing used in driving and non driving end in 3Φ induction
   30. The size of bearing used in driving and non driving end in monoblock pumps
   31. What is the purpose of doom cover___________________.
   32. What are the cooling method used in monoblock and openwell monoblock
   33. What is the use of knurling provided in rotor shaft?
   34. What are the uses of varnishing in stator core?
   35. The melting temperature of aluminum is ____________.
   36. What is the use of TIG welding in submersible submersible motors.
   37. Rubber seal is better than metallic shield in bearing because of
   38. The skew lines are formed in the rotor because of ___________________.
   39. The melting temperature of copper ___________________________.
   40. What is the mechanism of stator pressing machine in pump assembly area?
   41. What type of component allows the flow of water in one direction?
   42. The purpose of diaphragm in submersible motor is to prevent _______________.

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   43. How will you measure the shaft runout?
   44. How will you check the air gap in motor?
   45. What is mean by frame size?
   46. The unit of electrical energy is______________________________.
   47. The purpose of air cock in centrifugal pump ___________________.
   48. Which part of the pump joins the motor shaft and pump shaft?
   49. How does lead screw moves up and down in stator prsessing machine?
   50. What type of coating is used in eye bolt?
   51. The material of rotor cast used used in die casting machine is
   52. Melting point of rotor cast material used in our industry ____________
   53. The types of chamber available in die casting m/c is ________________.
   54. What type of die casting m/c available in our PSGII?
   55. The reason for using silicon steel stamping is to increase the
   56. How many faces are there in allen key?
   57. What is the use of snap gauge?
   58. How is the thickness of the body of the motor checked?
   59. What is mandrel?
   60. The tool used for marking is_______________
   61. The ratio of paint and thinner mixed for spray painting is_______________
   62. The evenness of the surface is checked using _____________
   63. What are the process done in die casting machine?
   64. Clamp meter is mainly used to measure
   65. Hydraulic dynamometer is nothing but a
   66. When compared to motor efficiency the overall efficiency of a monobloc will be
   67. The frame size of a motor indicates
   68. What is meant by winding format and its use
   69. The copper wire used for class A insulation motor(enamel connected)
   70. Which bearing can withstand misalignment

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   71. What type of furnace is used in die-casting section?
   72. Which type of gas used to force the plunger rod in a die-casting machine?
   73. What is the use of heat exchanger in a die-casting machine?
   74. What type of pouring is used in die-casting machine?
   75. What is the use of mandrel in die casting?
   76. What is meant by skew lines? State its uses?
   77. What is the operating pressure of hydraulic pressing machine?
   78. What type of welding is used in die-casting section?
   79. What is the weight of aluminum ingot?
   80. What is the melting temperature of aluminum?
   81. What is the melting temperature of copper?
   82. What is the use of diesel in a die-casting machine?
   83. What is the use of manifold block in a die-casting machine?
   84. What type of coating is used in hydraulic piston rod?
   85. Mention the safety devices used in welding process?
   86. What is the mechanism involved in shearing machine?
   87. What type of gas is used in TIG-welding? Mention its uses?
   88. Name the die-material used in die-casting machine?
   89. How will you remove the impurities or slag in the molten aluminum?
   90. What type of fuel used in furnace?
   91. What is the use of blower in a die-casting machine?
   92. How will you cool the die-casting Machine during the process?
   93. How to operate a die-casting machine? Explain the mechanism?
   94. How will you join a stainless steel and a mild steel material? Can we use the arc-
       welding technique?
   95. What is the material of hook in hoists?

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