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					                    The Keaton Raphael Memorial
                  Monthly Meeting, July 14, 2003
                      Five Star Bank, Rocklin

Meeting began at 6:42pm.

I.   Business
      Raffle Law reporting procedures were reiterated at a recent non-
        profit seminar that Robyn attended. Non profits must report each
        event at which they conduct a raffle. Our accountants have supplied
        us with the appropriate form to fill out and submit. The penalty for
        not doing so is being required to claim any raffle proceeds as
        taxable income. Robyn will check into whether the Piatti event
        qualifies since people receive a raffle with their admission price.
      Robyn will be attending a luncheon next month sponsored by the
        Rocklin Chamber of Commerce where the speaker will be Congressman
        John Doolittle.
      We will be meeting with our accountants soon to work up the projected
        budget for 2003-2004.
      Peggie reported as a reminder that we are still participating in the
        Albertson’s Community Partner Program for those of you that shop
        there. We continue to receive checks every three months or so of an
        average of $50. Thanks to those of you who are helping in that way.
        We received a letter letting us know that after August 1st they will
        be linking the Partnership card with their Preferred Savings Card, so
        you’ll only need one card. You should keep both until the
        transition is complete.
      With regard to the COPE Model Project, the group approved KRM
        providing funding for the initial study at our June meeting.
        However, the project is pending until a meeting can be held with Dr.
        John Ducor.
      Some of you remember the Luigi Family. They are a Sacramento family
        that has battled cancer for their son Lucas’s life. He and his
        brother shaved their heads at our St. Baldrick's’event. Lucas’s
        “Make A Wish” was a wonderful fishing expedition in Alaska, partly
        because his half brother was there. Nate was stationed in Washington
        with the Army. Tragically, just after the family returned from the
        Alaska trip, Nate was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was 19
        years old. Please keep the Luigis in your thoughts.
II.   Events & Projects

       Paula Salinger has a friend that will be having a “Womenade” get
         together next month on August 14th. These are ladies potluck
         evenings where the hostess chooses a charity and her guest come
         prepared to give a donation. Paula’s friend has chosen The Keaton
         Raphael Memorial as the recipient for her dinner, due to Paula &
         Adam’s involvement with us. Checks will be made payable directly to
         KRM and donors will receive receipts to use for tax deductions.
       The Rocklin Chamber event, “Hot Chili, Cool Cars” will be held
         September 27th. We had applied to be the “host” charity which
         involves assembling and then selling the chili kits for
         $5(approximately 2,000), and receiving 50% of those profits.
         However, the Chamber has chosen the Foothill Volunteer Center as this
         year’s recipient. We were planning to be at the event anyway, so we
         will probably come up with an adaptation of the HERO bracelets we did
         with the children last year. Discussion followed regarding colored,
         larger beads to represent words like Hope and Courage, rather than
         the letter beads which are more expensive.
       Peggie gave some updated information about The Pampered Chef
         Fundraiser that was discussed last month. She contacted the Maidu
         Community Center and their non-profit rental rate is $895 with an 8-
         hour minimum. Friday Sept. 5th is available, but not Saturday the
         6th. There is also a $500 damage deposit required which is returned
         if all is well. A security guard will also be required.
            The Sunset Community Center in Rocklin gave a rate of       $375
      for a minimum of 6 hours. The refundable damage deposit with them is
      $250. Peggie was in contact with the Rocklin Police Department and was
      told a security guard would also be required. Checking with one agency,
      that cost runs about $25 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. The group felt
      that we should look for an alternative to the above costs. The multiple
      vendor idea was discussed as to whether other vendors would be willing
      to give the same 60/40 split that Pampered Chef’s program offers. The
      question of method of product delivery was also brought up. KRM
      doesn’t want to have that job.
            Christina Nichols brought up their friend Meredith whose family
      have been KRM supporters for some time. (Her husband shaved his head)
      Meredith has had an “open house” on her property with plenty of room
      for vendors, lots of people, and parking. Christina will check to see
      if Meredith is agreeable to hosting this event. The question of
      liability was brought up if wine was to be provided. Is the host’s
      liability changed if wine is sold rather than given? Is a permit
required and would the host need a rider on their homeowners insurance?
The office will look into these issues.
      Christina knows that Meredith is unavailable for our target date
of September 5th, so the group looked at Friday, September 12th, with the
event running from 2pm-6pm possibly. Christina & Kim volunteered to
work with the office to coordinate this event.

 Through Robyn’s involvement with the group at UC Davis, she has been
  asked to speak at the “Fighting Childhood Cancer as a Family”
  presentation along with Patricia Fine, MSW, on Tuesday July 22nd.
  Robyn will speak as a parent and will talk about emotional issues and
  Patricia will speak from the clinical point of view. Flyers were on
  the table and anyone is invited to RSVP for the luncheon. Our Family
  Grant families received these flyers in their mailing last week.
 The Resource Center project is taking off. A research assistant has
  been assigned to put together a proposal for the Center. Robyn has
  had a tele-conference with her.
 The Optimists have put together a Childhood Cancer Walk for August
  16th at 8AM. The group, nationally, has a Childhood Cancer Campaign
  and specific regions have done projects, however, locally there has
  not been as much activity. Robyn has been keeping them up to speed
  on our projects. She received an email from them about this upcoming
  walk and they have invited our involvement. It’s so close to our
  tournament, that we said that we would be happy to spread the word
  and have flyers available when they are received. Unfortunately,
  they didn’t plan the event for September for Awareness Month.
 A mailing went out last week, thanks to a lot of help from Linda
  Campbell, to our Family Grant families. It included the letter and
  survey that Robyn discussed at our June meeting. The hope is that
  some will be open to completing and returning the survey for use in
  interviews and articles, especially in September. If so, a wider
  representation of experiences can be reported. The letter did
  include a disclaimer in case it is received at a “particularly
  difficult time”. We included our Event and Project Calendar to try
  to keep the families connected to what we’re doing.
 The Liam Fund’s RiverCats Fundraiser Event flyers were available on
  the table. It’s August 20th.
 Heather Pimental’s daughters are involved in the Eureka/Granite Bay
  4-H. Their group held a dessert auction and wanted to use the funds
  for a child-related charity project. They voted to help KRM. They
  contacted Robyn as to where they could help best. She let them know
  that the Infusion Room at UCD Pediatric Oncology still had a wish
  list. Based on that list, the children shopped at Learning Express
  to make their choices. They spent 2 hours doing that! Learning
       Express graciously gave a 25% discount, so they were able to get $450
       worth of merchandise for the $350 they had raised! A couple of the
       4-H families then were able to make a presentation of the items and
       have a tour of the Infusion Room. Shella Pimental wrote an article
       about their experience for their 4-H Newsletter. Terri said she
       would like any photos taken for our scrapbook and Robyn said she’s
       like a copy of Shella’s article. Learning Express has been so
       supportive over the years. Robyn relayed the story about when Keaton
       was in the hospital and said he felt like he was on another planet.
       Aunt Debi Nelson had gone into Learning Express looking for a gift
       and told Keaton’s story to Craig there. He donated an inflatable
       globe so that Debi could show him where he really was!
      Robyn is scheduled to appear on the Midday Show on Channel 10
       tomorrow, the 15th. The show begins at 11AM.

III. Golf Tournament
      Sponsorships—Robyn brought over the board showing the current
        sponsors. We would still really like to get Breakfast, Lunch and
        Award sponsors. These items we must pay for anyway, so these
        sponsors help underwrite the cost. Christina let Robyn know that she
        should give a call to Five Star Car Wash, based on a conversation
        Christina had with the owner. Terri reported that Frontier Fence has
        given a verbal for a sponsorship, but the level is unknown yet. JTS
        Communication will probably be a Hole Sponsor and Downtown Ford will
        also sponsor a Hole. Heather will check with the company that just
        did her fence. They did wonderful work and received several more
        jobs from her recommendations.
           As far as golfers go, we are a little more than half way sold.
        Anyone knowing of golfers that would like to play, get them to at
        least call in to lock in a spot.
           Debbie Seaman mentioned that we might consider purchasing mailing
        labels from the Chambers to do a mailing. Robyn will check into
         Tee bags—We make 200 each year, so our luncheon guests often end
           up with them also. Terri is working on items. There are 24-Hour
           Fitness shirts, tees from Wood Rodgers, tee sets from Wells Fargo,
           & Jamba mugs. Debbie Seaman said the donation from Blue Diamond
           Almonds would come in the beginning of August. Five Star Bank has
           a donation of small bags of chips with Five Star chip clips.
           We’ll use those for the snack bags on the carts. Gisele Rhodes
           said she would donate something for tee bags and spoke with Terri
           about possibly mints, or chapstick or sunscreen.
         Marketing—Heather reported that a press release was sent to the
           Rocklin Chamber in June, but we haven’t seen it in the
     newsletter. Debbie Seaman will check with Mary Jo tomorrow. It
     did appear on the Sacramento Chamber’s e-newsletter. It should
     be running on the Roseville Channel. It will be sent out again to
     the newspapers. Vince Mastracco made mention of it in
     “Publinks”. The Thank You Ad will appear in the September
     Sacramento Magazine, they will receive a Tee sign and we’ll hang
     their banner. Heather will also check with them as to whether
     they will have magazines available for the tee bags.
   Volunteers—Kim and Cheri will meet this week to plug everyone in.
     We have lots of folks who can stay all day, which will make it
     much easier. We are very close to the goal of 35 volunteers that
     was set. Job assignments will be mailed 1-2 weeks prior to the
     orientation meeting-Sunday, August 17th @ 2:30pm. Directions to
     Cheri’s house will also be included.
   Snacks for Carts—Debora Breiten couldn’t be here but reported to
     Robyn that she continues to work on items. She has contacted the
     grocery stores and they are checking with their distributors.
   Auction/Raffle—Peggie reported some of the newer prizes secured.
     Terri & Steve Balbierz were able to get 4 VIP box seats for the
     Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers for 9/28 with food included!
     This has a $4,000 value! A 3 mos. Family membership for CA Family
     Fitness has come in worth $450. We have several southern CA
     amusement parks covered and she is still working on getting
     lodging to go with them. We are in very good shape—we have 10
     Live Auction prizes already and the smaller stuff has finally been
     coming in for $1 raffle. Robyn has made another request to Erika
     at the Kings to try to get players to the tourney in some
     capacity. Peggie will contact the Palms in Vegas directly per a
        Debbie Seaman, Terri and Kim had a separate discussion
     regarding the $1 raffle procedure improvements.
            Anyone that is working the tournament and does not have the
     new version of our golf shirt, needs to sign up with their size on
     the list. These will be ordered ASAP. Invite people to join us
     for the luncheon, we still have room and the cost is $30.
      Anyone that owns walkie-talkies, please bring them to the
         orientation meeting. These will be a great help on tourney day.
    Entertainment Book Time is Here! Christina Nichols will chair
  that committee and will do all set ups now. Debbie Stehn from
  Entertainment only does those as a courtesy for new organizations.
  Christina was also able to speak with Debbie about the information
  that Peggie had received from a real estate agent with regard to our
  idea of marketing the books to realtors as client gifts. Apparently,
  the company that owns Entertainment also owns many of the big realty
       companies such as Remax, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Lyon, etc. They
       are all offered “employee” discounts for books at the cost of $21.
       We will still pursue the idea of contacting the new homebuilders in
       the area. There will not be a push for them on the golf course at
       the tournament as the group has agreed to respect the golfers focus.
       Christina will contact vendors from last year and encouraged anyone
       with ideas of a high traffic business that might be interested to
       take a form. The books will arrive right around tournament time. We
       will have them at our September meeting for anyone that would like to
       take some to sell.
      Steve Geiger that has handled our website for some time and donates
       all of his time for that as well as the brochures, etc., got married
       recently. He and his wife had decided to give gold ribbon pins as
       their wedding favors! He created a special card on velum to express
       their support.

The meeting ended at approximately 8:20pm