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Egyptian Innovations_ Science and Technology


									Egyptian Innovations, Science
      and Technology

       By: Matt, Norman, Evan
• The most famous
  form of Egyptian
  technology are the

• The truth about how
  they are built are
  still unknown.

• Built Over 4000 years
  ago and still stands
        The Pyramids
• The pyramids
  of Giza are
  one of the 7
  wonders of
  the world.
• Consisted of
  over 2.6
• The Tomb Of
  King Khufu.
             The Clock

• Egyptians had 2 methods of telling

• Water Clock.

• Sundial.
            The Calendar
• Egyptians made       Calendar        Ancient Egypt   Modern
  the first 365 day
  Calendar.            Days per week        10           7

• Slightly different   Weeks per            3          4 or 5
  from our
  calendar today.      Months per           4            3

                       Seasons per          3            4
      Egyptian Innovations
• The Egyptians were very innovated with there creations.
• They created inventions that we still use today very
• Some inventions were fishing hooks, paper, ink (black),
  and sails.
• The innovations of the Egyptians were essential to their
  way of life, for example since they lived on the Nile the
  sailboat was essential to travel and trade.
• They also created to innovations that have changed our
  lives totally.
• The Horus Eye Fraction System
• Hieroglyphics, an ancient writing
  Horus Eye Fraction System
• This is an ancient
  Egyptian way of doing
• They took the Horus Eye
  divided it into fractions
  and that is now they did
  some math.
                              = 1 / 32   =1/8
• They used this system to
  measure fractions of
  Grain.                      = 1 / 64
• Math was used to solve
  problems, like how many                =1/4
  bricks were used in a
  house or the heights of
  pyramid buildings.                     = 1 / 16
• This is an Ancient form of
  writing created by the
• They use symbols to
  represent words
• The Rosetta Stone is an
  ancient artifact that helps
  us decode these
  meanings and
  understand about the
• Here are some examples
• The ancient Egyptians were amazing Scientists
• They created many Inventions using alchemy,
  metallurgy and astronomy or even glass making
• Metallurgy was a huge business in egypt and was great for
  trade and economy
• The Egyptians figured out how to extract copper, iron, bronze
  from mines and many others but their greatest was gold
• Mines supplied thousands of jobs for the people and gods were
  created based on the metals
• These metals were then melted down and put into casts to
  create the many figurines and extravagant gold creations
  that they are known for
• They also used similar techniques to make glass, which was
  very important in daily life
• Astronomy was also huge for Egypt based on their
  religion as many of their gods were seen through
  constellations and many others through astronomical
• The horizon had a large significance with many Deities
  like Horus, osiris and Re
• The egyptian Astronomers were actually priests
  recognized that the nile flooded on the summer solstice
  Which was when the great star Sirius rose in front of the
• They interpreted this information and predicted the
• This later evolved into the 12 month 30 day year, which is
  known as the “sothic cycle”
• The great king Hermes is thought to be the founder of alchemy,
  and his famous “emerald tablet” is said to be the primary
  document of Alchemy and was found buried with him
• This is a scientific technology which questions reality
  mentally, physically, and spiritually
• It is said that encoded on the Emerald Tablet is a mysterious
  formula with comprehensive steps to achieve personal
  transformation and even accelerate the evolution of our
• Famous alchemists include Newton, pLato, and Thebes which
  have all theorized about the Emerald Tablet

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