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					              FITZ FOCUS SPECIAL EDITION JULY 2010                               EDITION No. 30

   We say a fond farewell to our Headteacher, Mr Fuller, at the end of this term.

     Mr Fuller - Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School for the East of England 2010

On 24 June Mr Fuller, along with his family, attended a ceremony held at
Rhodes Arts Complex in Bishop’s Stortford where he was presented with a
National Teaching Award - The National College Award for Headteacher of
the Year in a Secondary School, in the East of England. The Finals will be
held in October.
The school has achieved countless awards during Mr Fuller’s time here and
standards have gone up and up! In July alone, two Year 8 pupils received
the ’Friends of the Forces’ award for the East of England and are short
listed for the National awards that take place on 13 July. Our pupils were
also crowned National Athletics Champions at Gateshead.
         Thank you, Mr Fuller, for your commitment to the school.
            We wish you health and happiness and every success in future ventures.
He’s been ready for a soaking -
                                                   and ready for a shine!

Ready for a chess match -

     and keeping staff in line!

   Since starting here on 1 April 1999, Mr Fuller’s vision has remained con-
   stant, leading FitzWimarc through two Ofsted inspections and always
   striving for excellence!
   Inspectors said, ‘The Fitzwimarc School provides its students with an
   outstanding education. It has an exceptional headteacher whose vision
   and the standards he expects of students and staff are understood and
   shared by all. This contributes directly towards an exceptional school
   ethos where the outstanding personal development and the outstanding
   care, guidance and support for students create an environment in which
   young people thrive.’ and ‘Outstanding leadership and management by
   the headteacher have created a school with many strengths and very few
Mr Fuller joined The FitzWimarc School in April 1999 and helped to transform it from
a good to a heavily over-subscribed, outstanding, High Performing Specialist
School. In 2009, Ofsted described Jim as an “exceptional Headteacher” at a school
with “many strengths and very few weaknesses”. Exam results have improved by
20% at GCSE in his 11 years in charge. In 2009, 82% of pupils gained 5+A*-C
grades at GCSE with 67% 5 A*-C grades including maths and English. This is in
the context of a broadly average prior attainment on entry and designated as a
Language College in which 90% of KS4 pupils have had to sit an examination in a
Modern Language. When Mr Fuller started his tenure as head the difference
between boy/girl attainment at Fitz was 23%; the difference is now negligible and
boys have broken the school’s 5+A*-C record for the past 6 consecutive years. This
achievement has not been at the expense of girls who have also broken the school
record twice in the last 3 years.
Mr Fuller’s commitment to system leadership is manifest in his school’s 11 year
membership of the CSI and his involvement with Graham Abel in a joint Trust
School arrangement which now incorporates 22 other local primary and secondary
schools as associate members. This is the largest collaboration of its kind in the
country. In his time at FitzWimarc, Mr Fuller has been involved in a range of
professional groups (School Improvement Partner, a LLE, an Ofsted inspector and a
NPQH tutor/assessor. He has chaired CPR ASHE and the county’s Languages
Strategy Group, been a member of the Essex ASHE Executive and its
representative on the Connexions group and the ASHE/LSC/LA Curriculum Working
As a former PE teacher, he is particularly proud of his school’s sporting success:
over 40 teams have, this year alone won district or regional trophies and 6 teams
have reached national finals in athletics, cross country and gymnastics.

 On behalf of all the students at The FitzWimarc School I would like to say a
 massive ‘thank you’ to Mr Fuller. He has been the face of FitzWimarc for a long
 time now and it’s a shame to have to see him leave. When starting in Year 7 he
 was there to welcome us to the school, and now that we are in year 11 he is here
 to say his goodbyes. Although the other years may not have known him for as
                                                           long they can be assured
                                                           that he has been a great
                                                           Headteacher and looked
                                                           out for each and every one
                                                           of us.     He has always
                                                           come along to support us
                                                           on trips and is there at
                                                           sporting fixtures to cheer
                                                           us on and congratulate us.
                                                           So, from all FitzWimarc
                                                           pupils, past and present,
                                                           we would like to thank Mr
                                                           Fuller for all his help and
                                   Mr Fuller with Head Boy care at The FitzWimarc
                                         Fraser Johns and
                                  Head Girl Emma Griffiths School.
                                                            Emma Griffiths, Head Girl
                                                             Fraser Johns, Head Boy.
                                                                    I am delighted to be allowed to contribute
                                                                    to this ‘special’ edition of Fitz Focus
                                                                    marking, as it does, the end of the Jim
                                                                    Fuller era at the School.
                                                                    Jim was appointed as Headteacher in
                                                                    early 1999 and I have known him from the
                                                                    time I joined the Governing Body in late
                                                                    2001. Over the last 7 or so years, I have
                                                                    worked closely with him as Chair of
                                                                    Governors and this has enabled me to
                                                                    gain a greater insight into how both he
                                                                    and the School operate.
                                                                    The latest Ofsted Report very accurately
                                                                    reflects the effect he has had on the
                                                                    School and, whilst he did not achieve this
                                                                    result on his own, his leadership and drive
                                                                    ensured it happened. A lesser individual
                                                                    would have seriously considered ‘stepping
                                                                    down’ after having major surgery in May
                                     A successful partnership: 2008 but Jim’s desire to finish the job and
                                         Mr Ellis and Mr Fuller. to achieve his goal made him carry on.
                                                                    One of my many responsibilities as Chair
                                                                    is to monitor the work/life balance of the
Headteacher and to do my best to ensure it is ‘healthy’. This was no easy task as far as Jim was
concerned because he lives, eats and breathes education, even going as far as reviewing school policy
documents whilst convalescing!
Jim has immersed himself deeply in all aspects of education, is a life-long learner and set himself the
highest standards and encouraged others to do similarly. He has always kept ‘up to date’ with new
initiatives and has spread himself across many, many diverse educational committees, groupings, parties,
associations etc. As a ‘Service Improvement Partner’ to a small number of other schools, he passed on his
considerable experience in helping to raise standards and achievement. He has long been a convert of
collaborative working and system leadership and has played a very major part in establishing the Rochford
and District Schools Partnership Trust.
He is a firm believer in discipline and standards, which he and the Governing Body, both acknowledge are
essential to deliver high quality learning. These beliefs were applied equally to both pupils and staff in a
sympathetic but firm manner but, when required, he did not flinch from taking the hard decisions necessary
for the greater good of the School. He always maintained an ‘open door’ policy giving freely of his time to
pupils, parents and staff on issues which he understood were very important to them as individuals.
The school ethos, rigidly shared by Jim and his team with the Governing Body was, and still is, to develop
pupils into ‘well rounded individuals ready to take the next step in their lives’. Neither party was ever willing
to compromise what was in the best interests of the pupils.
In conclusion, Jim has proven to be an exceptional and inspirational Headteacher who is thoroughly and
well respected by all who come into contact with him. The world of education will be a poorer place without
him!                                                                              Tony Ellis, Chair of Governors

Leading our pupil leaders:
  July 2007: Head Girl Laura Hembling and                  July 2008: Head Girl Corrie Thorn and Head
  Head Boy Jack Bloxham with Mr Fuller and                 Boy Matt Willis with Mr Fuller and deputies
  deputies Dulari Vyas and Mitchell Ward.                  Francesca Syrett and Ashley Carter.

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