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									Produced by DPS Public Information, (512) 424-2080                                                           June 1999

Texas crime drops 5.2 percent                                                 Dear Fellow Employee:
                                                                                 The regular session of the 76th
    The number of major crimes committed in Texas decreased by
                                                                              Legislature, as of midnight May 31, is
5.2 percent in 1998, according to data compiled by the Texas De-
                                                                              history. Unfortunately, because of our
partment of Public Safety.                                                    publication deadlines, I am unable as I
   “Crime has been trending downward in Texas since 1991,” said               write this to tell you how our agency
DPS Director Col. Dudley M. Thomas. “The only exception was                   fared in regard to our funding requests.
a slight increase in 1996 compared with 1995, but in the last seven           We’ll have a full wrap-up for you in the
years reported crimes in the state have dropped from 1,356,451 to             July edition of the Chaparral.
1,009,868. That’s 25.6 percent.”                                                 Even though my crystal ball is not
   Of the seven index crime categories—murder, rape, robbery,                 powerful enough for me to tell you
aggravated assault, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft—only mur-            how the session turned out from our
der showed an increase last year.                                             standpoint, I can predict that a lot of us
   “We are glad that the overall amount of crime was down,” Tho-              will be enjoying some long overdue
                                                                              time off with our families this
mas said, “but the worst crime of all, of course, is murder. Our
                                                                              summer. My thanks to everyone--
records show 1,343 people were murdered in Texas in 1998, which               DPS employees, the Public Safety
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                                                                              Commission, our lawmakers and their
                                                                              staffs--who worked hard for the
TLE efforts accelerate in ‘98                                                 people of Texas during the session.
   Nearly three million detected traffic violations is just the begin-           Finally, I hope all of you have a
ning of the 1998 DPS Traffic Law Enforcement story. A look at the             great and safe summer.
numbers shows a well-rounded strategy, including an aggressive crimi-
nal enforcement program.
   DPS’ proactive traffic enforcement has two immediate goals: re-                        TLE Numbers-1998
ducing crashes and saving lives. But year by year, with additional           Arrests (citations)
training and focus, troopers are increasingly “looking beyond the              Speeding          506,666
traffic stop” to determine if criminal activity is occurring.                  No safety belt 154,120
   “We’ve had nationally recognized success in apprehending wanted             No insurance      107,723
                                                                               DWI                24,136
individuals and seizing illegal drugs,” said Traffic Law Enforcement           DWLS                7,729
Division Chief David McEathron.                                                  (Driving while license suspended)
   The numbers in 1998 drive home his point: more than 22,000                Assistance rendered                  54,090
people arrested for criminal offenses and millions of dollars in sus-        Stolen vehicles recovered               977
pected drug money seized. Throw in 21 tons of marijuana and al-              HP commercial vehicle citations      91,386
                                                                             L&W commercial vehicle citations 133,868
most 2,600 pounds of cocaine seized in traffic stops. That’s $48             Commercial rigs out of service      32,931
million worth of drugs taken off the streets, quite often as the result      Commercial overweight violations 54,504
of minor traffic violations.                      --by Tom Vinger, DPS PIO

                                        DPS online: www.txdps.state.tx.us
                                         DPS “on the air”: 512-424-7777
                                          Crime drops (cont. from page 1)               Dennis Dale Land, Sgt./Inv., Narc. Svc.
           Short Shots                    was a 1.1 percent increase from            Kerrville to Lt., Narc. Svc. Del Rio; Rob-
                                          1997, when 1,328 people were slain.”       ert James Hawkins, Sgt., DL Div. Dallas-
Operation Crackdown                          Statistics gathered by DPS’ Uni-
                                                                                     East to Sgt., Polygraph Svc. Corpus
      Operation Crackdown, a six-                                                    Christi; Kevin Brian Wilkie, Sgt., DL Div.
                                          form Crime Reporting program also          Midland to Lt., DL Div. El Paso; Alvaro
month undercover investigation by         showed declines in adult and juvenile      Ivan Adame, Tr. III, DL Div. Garland to
DPS Narcotics and the Grand Prai-         arrests, hate crimes and family vio-       Sgt., DL Div. Hurst; Edward Garfield
rie Police Department, resulted in 86
                                          lence.                                     Downing, Tr. III, DL Div. Lewisville to Sgt.,
indictments against 54 suspects in the                                               DL Div. Hurst; Marvin Floyd Sanders, Sr.
Dalworth area of Grand Prairie. An        Director’s Awards                          Tr., DL Div. Abilene to Sgt., DL Div.
assault-style rifle believed used in an       Ten federal employees in Waco          Abilene; Maria Teresa Vega, Sr. Tr., DL
ambush attack on DPS and U.S. Cus-        and Austin have been honored for           Div. Corpus Christi to Sgt., DL Div. Mid-
toms agents in a separate incident also   their outstanding cooperation on nu-       land; Thomas Mandarino, Tr. II, HP
was recovered.                            merous criminal investigations and         Webster to Sgt., HP El Paso; L. C. Neal,
    About 100 law enforcement per-        prosecutions over the last several         Jr., Insp. III, Veh. Insp. Garland to Supr.,
sonnel served the arrest warrants in      years. Director’s Awards were pre-         Veh. Insp. Lubbock; Ruben Garcia, Corp.
                                                                                     II, HP Van Horn to Sgt., HP Crosbyton.
the early morning operation. Partici-     sented to prosecutors Bill Johnston,
pating were personnel from DPS            John Phinizy, Mark Frazier, Jake
Narcotics, Special Crimes, Highway        Snyder and secretary Sharon Barker
                                                                                        Glenn Ray Fant, Sgt., HP Crosbyton,
Patrol, License and Weight, Motor         in the U.S. Attorney’s office in           29 yrs., 1 mo., 13 days; Peggy Jean Sand-
Vehicle Theft, Texas Rangers and          Waco; Waco U.S. Secret Service             ers, Field Sec., HP Garland, 11 yrs., 9 mos.,
Aircraft.                                 Agent Robert Blossman; Waco                25 days; Lola Reyes, Field Office Lead
    The crackdown, spearheaded by         Deputy U.S. Marshals Parnell and           Custodian, Corpus Christi, 24 yrs., 3 mos.,
Garland DPS Narcotics Capt. Duane         Mike McNamara; and Austin ATF              25 days; George Robert Ripper, Supr.,
Steen, Lt. Phillip Allen and Sgt./        Agents Charles Meyer and Byron             FP&R Bureau Austin, 30 yrs., 9 mos., 12
Inv. Barry Morris, came as the re-        San Marco. Texas Rangers John              days; Juan Manuel Vicencio, Field Of-
sult of a citizen complaint to the of-    Aycock, Temple, and Matt                   fice Lead Custodian, Houston, 29 yrs., 4
                                                                                     mos., 14 days; Pearl Jean Hermes, Po-
fice of State Sen. Royce West of          Cawthon, Waco, credit them with
                                                                                     lice Comm. Op. IV, Victoria, 18 yrs., 1 mo.
Dallas.                                   using federal statutes and powers to
                                                                                     12 days; Darlene Burke Werchan,
                                          enhance criminal enforcement efforts       Scheduler, Admin. Hearings, DIC Austin,
Troopers Needed                           relating to numerous Waco area             21 yrs., 11 mos., 21 days;
   The deadlines for the September        crimes.                                           Lora Lee Beshears, Mgr., Acc.
trooper class are approaching fast--                                                 Records Austin, 30 yrs., 2 mos., 26 days;
                                              Willie Hancock and Glenn Watts
June 11 for out-of-staters and June                                                  Kenneth Rodman Stafford, Tr. V, L&W
                                          received Director’s Awards for res-
25 for Texas residents. Refer those                                                  Burnet, 29 yrs., 10 mos.; Don Marshall
                                          cuing a man from a creek following
interested to the DPS Web site, their                                                Claxton, Tr. V, HP Giddings, 25 yrs., 5
                                          a pick-up crash in Henderson County.
nearest DPS office or Lt. Curley                                                     mos., 19 yrs.; David Glen Lassen, Cpl. V,
                                          The man, seriously hurt and in dan-        DL Longview, 30 yrs., 2 mos., 27 days;
Colquitt, 512-424-5903.
                                          ger of drowning, was pulled from the       Jock Morris, Tr. V, L&W Amarillo, 22
                                          creek by Hancock and Watts. Tr.            yrs., 8 mos., 17 days; William Evans, Jr.,
                     On the               Randal McGee, HP Athens, nomi-             Cust. II Garland, 10 yrs., 9 mos., 13 days.
                                          nated the two recipients.
                     mend...                                                         Deaths
  Best wishes for a speedy recovery                Mile Markers                        Charles Franklin Hurta, Clerk III, SR
  from line-of-duty injuries go to:                                                  Austin (Aug. 1998-April 1999) , died April
  Tr. Kenneth Rushing,                    Promotions                                 19; Denton Rose, ret. Lt., DL Abilene
     L&W Conroe                              Kenny Joe Foster, Sgt./Inv., Narc.      (Sept.1953-March 1985), died April 24;
  Tr. Dub Gillum, HP Granbury             Svc. Austin to Lt., Int. Affairs Austin;   Charlie Rudd, ret. Sgt., HP Houston
  Tr. Richard Miller, HP Athens           Enrique Vecchio Garcia, Asst. Comm.,       (Dec.1948-July 1977), died March 15;
  You might consider dropping them        Special Crimes Service Austin to Com-      Clinton B. Culp, ret. Sgt., HP Hurst (Sept.
  a card or giving them a call.           mander, Special Crimes Service Austin;     1951-Dec. 1983), died Feb. 17.

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