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					Administrative Services
  Arranging business travel and

          Intermediate 2 Administration Outcome 5   1
Gathering info for a business trip
► name  and department of the employee(s) going
  on the business trip
► destination
► purpose of the trip
► dates
► method of travel preferred
► type of accommodation required (if necessary)
► budget
► any special requirements e.g. wheelchair access or
  special diet.

                  Intermediate 2 Administration Outcome 5   2
Travel & Accommodation Request Forms

► pre-printed request form
► ensures the administrator  receives the essential
  travel and accommodation requirements
► the request is signed, there should be no dispute
  as to what was requested or required.
► misunderstandings resulting in unsuitable travel
  arrangements, long delays, missed appointments
  and unsuitable accommodation can be very costly
  to an organisation
► all bookings must be confirmed in writing – fax, e-
  mail, memo

                   Intermediate 2 Administration Outcome 5   3
Booking travel and accommodation

► Sources   of information:
    travel agent or,
    increasingly, on the Internet:
► travel timetables, eg Scotrail timetable
► directories, eg Guest Houses in the UK
► hotel guides, eg Stakis Hotel brochure
► maps, eg AA British Road Map
► brochures, eg Short Breaks brochures
► CD-ROM, eg AutoRoute Express
                      Intermediate 2 Administration Outcome 5   4
               Travel Agents
► Experience  in arranging travel and
  accommodation for businesses can be very
  valuable to the administrator.
► May be able to obtain better rates when
  booking travel and accommodation.
► Have confidence the information the travel
  agent is using is up-to-date.

                 Intermediate 2 Administration Outcome 5   5
                   The Internet
► Up-to-date  information can be accessed from
  travel, accommodation and holiday web sites on
  the Internet, for example:
► Travel and hotel bookings, many with discounted
  rates, can be made over the Internet.
► Can save a great deal of time in gathering
  information together.

                      Intermediate 2 Administration Outcome 5   6

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