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									How to Canvas for Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a good, economical choice for many Sacramento homes. It’s durable, cheap, and
requires little maintenance. However, like any home improvement project, it’s very easy to
overspend for your vinyl siding in Sacramento. The difference of a dollar or so per linear foot
makes all the difference if you’re providing the siding for an entire house! To help you plan for
your siding project, here are a few steps to follow:
Make a list of prices. Even if you don’t include other kinds of material, there are many types of
vinyl siding in Sacramento. Furthermore, there are more than a few brands. Each variation of
siding costs differently so it’s good to ask for detailed quotes from your contractor. So you have
a point of reference, vinyl siding in Sacramento should cost two to ten dollars per linear foot.
Any more than that and it’s probably too expensive, even by the most generous measures.
Calculate the whole project. As we’ve established before the figures start out small. Two to ten
dollars per linear foot doesn’t seem so expensive, but you’re not covering a house that size! The
siding for your Sacramento home will require a lot more vinyl. Ask your contractor for the whole
Inspect the quality. Even if you get cheap siding for your Sacramento home, if you get a few months of
use out of it before it cracks, it’ll probably cost more to replace it. On the other hand, investing a bit
more for high quality siding that will last you years can save you hundreds of dollars in the longrun.

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