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        7 days of world-class singletrack in Utah!

                                                                                                       Utah – Southwest Singletrack XC

Southwestern Utah is one of the most
spectacular areas of the United States,
and has become one of the most popular
destinations for mountain biking in North
America. On this thrilling 7-day itinerary,
we’ll visit the well-known, must-do places
like Moab and Brian Head, but we’ll also
visit lesser-known gems like St. George
and Thunder Mountain. Our itinerary
packs as much spectacular riding as we
can fit into 7 days, with some time left
over to marvel at the amazing topography
of this mystical land, where geology and
geography collide to form one of the most
visually impressive landscapes in the

For experienced intermediate and advanced riders. On this trip we’ll ride challenging singletrack trails, with several
long climbs and a considerable physical challenge component. Several of the trails are narrow, with some exposure,
requiring good bike handling skills. If you are unsure of your suitability for this trip, please call our office at 1-888-423-
7849 or +1.647.999.7955.

Day 1. Transfer to St. George, first day’s ride
On our first day of riding, we’ll have breakfast at the hotel and hop in the van
for the drive to St. George, leaving at 11 am. After checking into our hotel in
St. George, we’ll drive to the top of Bear Claw Poppy.

                                                                                      trails in the world. Gooseberry is an amazing combination of technical, slick
                                                                                      rock ups & downs, and single track. The mesa is only three miles wide and a
                                                                                      rough dirt road bisects the mesa. Trails requiring different technical ability
                                                                                      loop from the road. (The South Rim loop is more technical than the North Rim
Bear Claw Poppy. This trail is located right in St George and is best done as         loop). Views from the edge of the mesa take people’s breath away.
a shuttle downhill. Famous features include “The Three Fingers of Death”,
“Clavicle Hill” and the “BMX” that can be challenging for even expert riders.         JEM Trail. Eight miles of single track down hill running between the lower
However, intermediate riders can pick a less technical line and can equally           edge of Gooseberry Mesa and the town of Virgin, UT. This trail is a great ride
enjoy this trail. The trail only takes about 40 minutes to ride, and often we’ll do   after being “beat- up” riding the technical Gooseberry Mesa.
a second or third shuttle to the top.
                                                                                      Day 3. Thunder Mountain & Cassidy/Losee Trail
n.b.: the trip starts in Las Vegas. Should you decide to stay in Las Vegas            Today we’ll ride Thunder Mountain (rated #1 trail in Utah by Bike Magazine)
the night before the trip starts, you can take advantage of our group booking at      and the Cassidy/Losee trail. Tonight we stay in Richfield.
a downtown Las Vegas hotel.             Should you wish to make your own
arrangements, you can meet us at our hotel by 11 am the next day. Bookings            Thunder Mountain is the most scenic trail in Utah (Bike Magazine). You will
at our Las Vegas hotel can be made for $60 Cdn/p.p./double.                           ride through the bright red and pink “hoodoos” unique to the Bryce Canyon
                                                                                      area. Although the trail is only eight miles long, often riders take over two
Day 2. Gooseberry Mesa/JEM Trail                                                      hours to ride it because they are off of their bikes taking pictures. One of the
Today we ride the legendary Gooseberry Mesa trail and the JEM trail, outside          most photographed areas is called the “spine” where you ride across a 3 foot
of St. George.                                                                        wide spine dropping off at 45 degrees on both sides. The last 2 miles of
                                                                                      Thunder Mountain is a fun, flowing downhill through the aspens and pines.
Gooseberry Mesa is now being mentioned in the same category as the
Slickrock Trail and Porcupine Rim in Moab as one of the elite mountain bike

                                                        2008 Dossier – Copyright Sacred Rides MTB Holidays
                                                                                                         Utah – Southwest Singletrack XC
                                                                                      After riding the Virgin Rim trail, we’ll return to Las Vegas, check into our hotel
                                                                                      and enjoy a last night’s celebration in the big city! (hotel included in tour

                                                                                      Important: This day-to-day schedule should be taken only as a general
                                                                                      guide. Although we update our itineraries every year, to take into account such
                                                                                      things as: changes to biking routes and changes in the routing or availability of
                                                                                      local transport, it is not possible to guarantee that any of our holidays will run
                                                                                      exactly according to the proposed itinerary. A variety of factors, including
                                                                                      adverse weather conditions and difficulties with transportation, can lead to
                                                                                      enforced changes. The trip leader will make any changes that are necessary.

                                                                                      Trip Details
                                                                                      Joining arrangements and transfers
Cassidy/Losee Trail. This trail is a sister trail to Thunder Mountain...right         This trip starts and ends in Las Vegas. We will be making a group booking at a
across the street. There is a 4 mile, non-technical climb, up the Cassidy             local hotel – should you wish to take advantage of this booking, you can book
Trail...beautiful views as you look from Brayton over the Panguitch                   this for $60/p.p./double by contacting the hotel and mentioning Sacred rides,
Valley...followed by a fun 3 mile “romp” as you descend through Losee                 You may wish to make alternate accommodation arrangements – in this case
Canyon.                                                                               you can meet us the next day at our hotel before our 11 am departure time.
                                                                                      n.b. aiport transfers are not included in the tour price
Day 4. Drive to Moab, ride Klondike Bluffs and Slickrock Trail
Moab is the undisputed champion of the global mountain biking scene, and no           Services included
trip to Utah is complete without a trip to visit this mecca of mountain biking.       Two experienced local mountain biking guides. All land transport including one
The drive to Moab from Richfield takes 2.5 hours.                                     or more support vehicles, 7 nights hotel/lodge accommodation, with food and
                                                                                      park entry fees. Meals are included with the exception of dinners.
Klondike Bluffs. 15 mile out and back, that is a good warm up before
attempting the Slickrock Trail. A mixture of sand, singletrack and slickrock.
The overlook into Arches National Park at the end of the trail is spectacular.
                                                                                      Services not included
                                                                                      Travel Insurance, airport transfers to/from Las Vegas, tips for local staff,
Slick Rock Trail (7/8) Probably the most famous bike trail in the world. Often
                                                                                      miscellaneous personal expenses - drinks, souvenirs etc.. Dinners are not
because it is so well known people mistakenly think it is easier than it really is.
This is a slick rock trail marked by white dots to guide your way, and it’s not a
beginner or even lower intermediate trail. The views across the slick rock,
especially in the early morning or late afternoon will take your breath away.         Spending money
                                                                                      Approximately $100-$150 Cdn to cover the meals not included. If you intend to
Day 5. Ride Porcupine Rim                                                             buy expensive souvenirs, you should budget accordingly (credit cards can be
Today we ride the famous Porcupine Rim, including the new Hazard County &             useful in this respect). By far the easiest way to obtain your travel cash is from
                                                                                      ATM’s using a credit card or a debit card linked to the international plus or cirrus
                                                                                      system - remember you will need your PIN number to do this. If you are bringing
                                                                                      your travel money with you, we recommend that you use travellers’ cheques,
                                                                                      which are easily exchanged in banks and bureaux de changes (usually
                                                                                      commission free) and often attract better exchange rates than cash. US dollars,
                                                                                      euros, and pounds Sterling are readily exchanged. Credit cards can be used to
                                                                                      purchase goods and services in most shops, hotels and restaurants in Canada.

                                                                                      Group leaders
                                                                                      The group will be accompanied by 2 experienced local mountain biking guides
                                                                                      who will also drive the support vehicle.

                                                                                      Equipment Checklist
                                                                                      •comfortable clothes for riding, such as biking jerseys and padded shorts. 2+
                                                                                      sets are ideal, 1 is a must.
                                                                                      •lightweight, weather-resistant outerwear for riding in inclement weather.
                                                                                      •warm clothing such as sweaters and fleece jackets and pants for nighttime.
                                                                                      •swimwear and towels
Upper Porcupine section. Rest of the afternoon shopping in Moab or hanging            •sunglasses or some sort of eye protection for sunny and/or muddy days.
around pool.                                                                          •helmet and some sort of hydration system (bottles and/or Camelbak)
                                                                                      •toiletries i.e. toothbrush, shampoo, soap
Porcupine Rim. This trail is the reason most mountain bikers come back to             •flashlight
Moab year after year. After a 4 mile technical climb the view over Castle             •sunscreen and insect repellant
Valley will make you forget your tired legs. This is where the fun starts.            •extra tubes for your bike (these can be purchased as needed for $6/tube).
Dropping off the north side of Porcupine Rim is what mountain biking is all
about...10 miles of downhill ledges, jumps, single track, exposed technical
drops, views of the Colorado River below you...Porcupine Rim has it all!              Bike Rental
                                                                                      Bike rental costs $299 Cdn for the week, for a DeVinci Remix SL3 cross-
Day 6. Ride Amassa Back, drive to Richfield                                           country or Hectik 1 full-suspension bike. Bike rentals do not include helmet
                                                                                      (please bring your own) and can be booked online.
In the morning we’ll ride local’s favourite Amassa back before packing up and
saying goodbye to Moab. The drive back to Richfield takes 2.5 hours.
                                                                                      Your Bike
Amassa Back. Technical out and back over a mixture of slick rock and double           We recommend a good-quality full-suspension XC bike with disc brakes. Full
track jeep roads. This is the favorite ride of most of the locals, and “hard-         suspension and disc brakes are mandatory. We cannot stress enough the
core” Moab riders. The views off the back side of the mesa, towards Poison            importance of ensuring that your bike is in perfect working condition before you start
Spider Mesa are certainly worth the climb up.                                         this trip. You are depending on your bike to transport you throughout your holiday,
                                                                                      across demanding terrain. It is VITAL to ensure it is THOROUGHLY SERVICED to
Day 7. Drive to Zion National Park, Ride Virgin Rim Trail, drive                      guarantee it is in good mechanical order before departure. If you are not
to Vegas                                                                              mechanically minded, get your local bicycle dealer to service it for you. For home
On our last day, we’ve saved the most spectacular trail for last.                     mechanics, points to note particularly are:
                                                                                      a) check rims and if they are worn (concave) or cracked/dented replace with new
Virgin Rim Trail. Spectacularly beautiful trail along edge of the Markagunt           rims to avoid wheel failure.
Plateau overlooking Zion National Park to the South. Although the trail is 18         b) check wheels are true and spoke tension is tight.
miles long from Strawberry Point to Woods Ranch, it can be broken up into             c) check and grease ALL bearings and (QR’s) Quick release skewers.
three 6-mile segments. You will be riding trough aspens and pine intermixed           d) check / replace brake and gear cables.
with bright pink rock cliffs. Be sure the memory card in your camera is empty         e) check disc / brake pads, mounts and cables.
before starting this epic trail!                                                      f) check (lube / threadlock and tighten) bolts (especially suspension pivots and
                                                                                      bottom brackets).

                                                        2008 Dossier – Copyright Sacred Rides MTB Holidays
                                                                                                                Utah – Southwest Singletrack XC
g) check chain, cassette and chain rings for wear.                                           using the same boxes for the return flights and you will need to take with you an
h) Have you got the right tires, inner tubes and BIKE SPECIFIC SPARES?                       extra roll of packing tape to put your box back together and seal it for the return
On a trip like this there will definitely need to be repairs and adjustments en-route.       journey. Another option is to use one of the latest padded bike bags, which are
There will be the opportunity to buy limited spares initially.                               easier to handle than a cardboard bike box, especially if your journey involves public
                                                                                             transport on the way to or from the airport. DO NOT USE a purpose-made rigid bike
                                                                                             box, as these are expensive, heavy (which puts you over your baggage allowance)
Travelling with your bike                                                                    and also too bulky to be easily stored or transported on the group’s support vehicle.
We have many years experience of travelling with our bikes, and we have found
that the best way to look after a bike on the flights is to partially dismantle it and put
it into either a bike bag or a cardboard bike box.
                                                                                             During this trip you will spend 7 nights at locally-owned, midrange hotels and
                                                                                             lodges. Accommodation is arranged on a twin sharing basis. If you are travelling by
We sell high-quality handmade bike bags made by Pika Packworks in the United
                                                                                             yourself you will be paired up with another single client of the same sex. Depending
States. The price is $350 and includes shipping within North America. For more
                                                                                             on availability, it may be possible to book a single room. Please contact the office for
information, visit our online store at
                                                                                             a quote.
                                                                                             n.b. your hotel in Las Vegas at the start of the trip is not included in the tour
Cardboard boxes: This is the same type of cardboard box that all new bikes are
                                                                                             price and can be booked directly through our group booking rate.
packed in when they arrive at a cycle shop. All cycle shops have more of these
cardboard boxes than they can easily get rid of and they are usually more than
happy to give them away to local customers. For a small fee, the shop will often             Food
pack your bike in one of these boxes for you.                                                With the exception of dinners, all meals are included in the trip cost. Food in Utah is
                                                                                             naturally of the highest standard and plentiful!
To fit your bike into one of these boxes you will first need to remove your pedals,
and take out your seat post. Then take off your handlebars, which you should tape
(masking tape) under the down tube, you may need to release your front brake                 General Information
cable for this, be wary of crimping hydraulic cables if you have disc brakes. Finally
deflate your tires and air shocks, take off your front wheel leaving the back wheel in
place, and your bike should fit in the box. You will probably have to take the skewer
                                                                                             The weather in Utah in spring and fall is ever changing and often unpredictable, but
out of the front wheel, and you should keep this in a padded bag with your pedals. If
you use disks place a piece of cardboard between the pads to stop the pistons from           generally quite pleasant. Days are pleasant, with a mean daily maximum
                                                                                             temperature of 25-28 degrees centigrade. At night, the temperatures will typically
popping out. It is important to use as small a cardboard box as possible to fit your
                                                                                             drop to around 10-15 degrees centigrade or even a few degrees lower at higher
bike into, as a tight fit will help to protect your bike. A small bike box also helps to
overcome potential problems at airport check-in. As an added precaution you                  altitudes. Although the weather is relatively stable at this time of year, we can expect
should also fit a plastic fork end protector. These come with new bikes, and most            some rainfall.
cycle shops will have a few lying around - which they will let you have. Also
purchase some pipe lagging (expanded foam tubing) from a hardware store and                  First Aid
tape it around the frame’s tubes, shifters and back derailleur. You can also pack            A medical kit will accompany each trip. Our local leaders have appropriate
some of your clothing around the bike in plastic bags. Please be aware that taking           wilderness first-aid training and are experienced in dealing with a range of medical
your bike on a trip can entail its frequent loading onto support vehicles and while we       problems associated with adventure travel. We recommend that you bring your own
will make all efforts to look after it, there is a good possibility of your bike being       personal first aid kit consisting of the following: A broad spectrum antibiotic,
scratched. If you want to protect the paint work, you should consider keeping                antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Immodium) painkillers,
sections of the plastic pipe lagging taped onto your bike tubes throughout the trip          bandages and blister treatment, Insect repellent (DEET) and re-hydration salts
especially for thin walled aluminium bikes like Cannondales / Ellsworth Truths etc.          (Dioralite). Glucose tablets and multi-vitamin tablets are also a good idea.

At the start of the biking, we flatten all our bike boxes for easy storage. We will be

                                                             2008 Dossier – Copyright Sacred Rides MTB Holidays
                                                                                   5) We have our own non-profit organization, Bikes Without Borders, that
                                                                                   distributes bicycles to families in developing countries. Next May, we will be
In 2006, we formulated and instituted a mandate for sustainable                    taking a shipment of bicycles with us when we head to Peru. Bicycles form a
tourism entitled Responsible Riding. Based on the belief that                      vital form of transportation in communities where cars are rare and where
                                                                                   distances to schools and other services are often large. If you wish to donate
mountain biking can make a positive difference in the world,                       bicycles or money to Bikes Without Borders, please call our office or visit
Responsible Riding incorporates the following key elements:              
1) All of our staff is local. They come from the communities where we ride         6) We support local cultural projects and events. In Fernie and other BC
and their wages go back into local communities. In British Columbia, all of        communities, we help organize local mountain bike events and festivals. In
our guides live full-time in the Fernie area, and their wages go directly back     Peru, we will visit 4 Inca archaeological sites, 3 of which are in remote areas
into the community. In Peru, we are working with local guides who are paid         that do not receive much tourism. Paying for entrance admissions and guides
the same wages that our Canadian guides earn. This contrasts with many             to these sites ensures their continued protection.
other companies who pay guides subsistence wages (many porters on the
Inca trail are paid less than $3/day).                                             7) We have a stringent environmental code. We follow IMBA
                                                                                   (International Mountain Biking Association) guidelines for reducing trail impact
2) We use local suppliers and partners wherever possible. That means               and these guidelines are passed on to our clients.
never using big box stores, purchasing local food and supplies, working with
local sponsors and staying at locally owned campgrounds and hotels. In Peru,       8) We have implemented a carbon offsets program. This is a relatively
we are using local suppliers such as Joselo, who owns and runs a small van         new concept aimed at offsetting the carbon emissions generated by business
transport service. Using local suppliers keeps dollars in the communities          activity by investing in projects that reduce global carbon levels, such as
where we ride and helps them stay strong and vibrant. In 2008 we have set a        treeplanting programs and renewable energy projects (e.g. wind farms). In
target of 50% locally-sourced food for our BC trips.                               2008, Sacred Rides will be working with ZeroFootprint to calculate the total
                                                                                   carbon emissions of its operations and will offset these emissions by investing
3) A portion of tour costs goes to local development and sustainability            in an equal amount of carbon offsetting programs. In addition, we will be
projects in the areas where we ride. In British Columbia, 2% of tour               instituting a voluntary program with our clients, encouraging them to offset the
revenues go to the environmental organization WildSight, which works to            carbon impacts of their flights. We are working to design this program so that
preserve the natural environment of southeastern British Columbia. In Peru,        it is as easy to use and efficient as possible, thus encouraging its use.
2% of the tour price goes directly to local development projects, such as the
building of schools or the construction of wells in communities that do not have
access to clean water. We visit these communities as we ride and see how           To Book your Holiday:             There are 2 different ways to make your booking - over
these projects are making a difference.                                            the telephone, or through our website. Whichever of these methods you choose, you must
                                                                                   complete a booking form and forward this to us with a 25% deposit. We cannot confirm any
4) We contribute funds and time (e.g. trail-building) to the mountain              booking until we receive your signed and fully completed booking form. Any unreasonable
biking communities in the areas where we ride. Every spring we visit               delay in submitting your booking form may jeopardise your place on your chosen holiday.
communities such as Nelson and Golden and donate our time to local trail           We can usually hold you a place for 7 days while you make a final decision.
maintenance. We also donate money to their local mountain bike clubs.

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