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					Sunriver Christian Fellowship
             An ecumenical and interdenominational fellowship
          sponsored by the Episcopal and Lutheran Churches

                            March 2009

                               PSALM 6149
      [a final project by a participant in Pastor Rob’s recent Psalms course.]


         Sometimes I question, I doubt, and I wonder.
Is the earth your creation – or – just a random cosmic event?

      Lord… my mind is confused; help my heart seek
          the truth about the mystery we call Life.

      Sometimes I question, I doubt, and I wonder.
Was he the true Son of God – or – just an earthly wise man?

      Lord… my mind is confused; help my heart seek
         the truth about the mystery we call Jesus.

         Sometimes I question, I doubt, and I wonder.
  Is it divine intervention – or – just a coincidence of life?

      Lord… my mind is confused; help my heart seek
       the truth about the mystery we call the Spirit.

         Sometimes I question, I doubt, and I wonder.
Is it the true Word of God – or – just a story written by man?

      Lord… my mind is confused; help my heart seek
       the truth about the mystery we call the Bible.

    Your creation conflicts with what science has taught
   and your being conflicts with my own common sense.
       Sometimes I question, I doubt, and I wonder.

     Then I feel your warm, gentle tap on my shoulder.
    Logic cannot explain the great love my heart knows
     and the powerful longing for the divine in my soul.

    I cannot prove you exist, yet you are essential to my
    being; we are mysteriously one and it is through my
         doubt that I have learned to love you more.
Page 2                                                                                                   March 2009

                       Schedule of Upcoming Services
March 1: 1st Sunday in Lent                                         March 22: 4th Sunday in Lent
Celebrant: The Rev. Nancy Green                                     Celebrant: The Rev. Nancy Green
Altar Guild: Mary Link, Jackie Medill, Harriet Yandt                Altar Guild: Deanne Hatch, Mary Link,
Lector: Terry Thomas                                                        Marge Sageser
Chalice Bearers: Hal & Sue Husby,                                   Lector: Mary Hamilton
        Ronald Klingelhofer, Mary Link,                             Chalice Bearers: Harry & Mary Hamilton,
        Terry & Carol Thomas                                                Deanne Hatch, Marge Sageser,
Greeter: Polly Perkins                                                      Wynne & Mary Woolley
Ushers: Dick Fallgren, Randy Judson,                                Greeter: Penny Bennington
        Jay & Yvonne Smith                                          Ushers: Hal & Sue Husby, Vivienne Jarvis,
Audio: Dave Friedley — Intros: Jay Smith                                    Gerry Stearns
Eucharistic Visitors: Dave & Carol Friedley                         Audio: Don Mercer — Intros: Hal Husby
Thanksgiving Prayers for: Rod & Gail Juranek and                    Thanksgiving Prayers for: Bob & Shelley Kempf
        Mark, Brenda & Jakob Kappus                                         and Kathy Kennedy
Coffee: Al & Karen Tweit                                            Coffee: Dave & Sallie Hennessy
March 8: 2nd Sunday in Lent                                         March 29: 5th Sunday in Lent
Celebrant: The Rev. Shereda Benfield                                Celebrant: The Rev. Nancy Green &
Altar Guild: Gloria Houghton, Shirley Reedy,                                Bishop Brauer-Rieke
        Marilou Reinikka, Louise Wilson                             Altar Guild: Mary Link, Jackie Medill,
Lector: Janice Dost                                                         Harriet Yandt
Chalice Bearers: Rita Copp, Janice Dost,                            Lector: Bob Vogel
        Randy & Sally Heise, Gloria Houghton,                       Chalice Bearers: Doris Brannan, Vivienne Jarvis,
        Shirley Reedy                                                       Herb & Ellie Luba, Bob & Barbara Vogel
Greeters: Mark & Chris Baldwin                                      Greeter: Marilyn Myers
Ushers: Jim & Mary Lou Kreiss,                                      Ushers: Don & Vicki Udlock,
        Jay & Yvonne Smith                                                  Stuart & Sandy Young
Audio: Mike Beeson — Intros: Jim Kreiss                    Audio: Mike Beeson — Intros: Stuart Young
Coffee: Gene & Penny Bennington                            Thanksgiving Prayers for: Jack & Beve Kiekel
March 15: 3rd Sunday in Lent                                        and Ronald Klingelhofer
Celebrant: Pastor Frank Brocker                            Coffee: Jim & Mary Lou Kreiss
Altar Guild: Lorraine Matson, Susan Woodward               April 5: Palm Sunday
Lector: John Salzer                                        Celebrant: The Rev. Nancy Green
Chalice Bearers: Dave & Sallie Hennessy,                   Altar Guild: Diane Egertson, Jackie Medill,
        Lorraine Matson, John & Linda Salzer,                       Cheryl San Miguel, Harriet Yandt
        Susan Woodward                                     Lector: Joan Lewis
Greeter: Jackie Medill                                     Chalice Bearers: Gail Juranek, Joan Lewis,
Ushers: Dick Chapin, Tom Ped, Leo Reinikka,                         Don & Darla Mercer, Brynn & Laurie Skovholt
        Jim Wilson                                         Greeter: Sheri Grissen
Audio: Percy Lewis — Intros: Jim Wilson                    Ushers: Jim & Danna Harnish, Rod Juranek, Jim Putney
Eucharistic Visitors: Gerry McMinn & Susan Woodward        Audio: Percy Lewis — Intros: Jim Harnish
Coffee: Harry & Mary Hamilton                              Coffee: Don & Vicki Udlock

 ▪ Bobby—son of Bob & Laura Wineman                          ▪ Dick Boubel
 ▪ Vic Russell—future radiation treatments                   ▪ Lois Raffety—regaining strength
 ▪ John—son of Barbara Bird, fighting cancer                 ▪ Christine—sister of Collette York
 ▪ Jane Mink—cancer treatment                                ▪ Berni—friend of Laurie Skovholt
 ▪ Gary DeKat—cancer treatment & anticoagulation therapy     ▪ Carol Thomas—treatment for back pain
 ▪ Tracey—daughter of Frank & Bonnie Naasz, fighting
          against Lou Gehrig’s disease
March 2009                                                                                                         Page 3

                  EVANGELISM MINISTRY                                      Senior Ministry Assistance
                    Kiln’s College Update                           SCF’s Senior Ministry is actively working on the
       “The task of the modern educator is not to cut          development of a variety of presentations to assist
           down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”             church members with a variety of practical issues.
             - C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man                There are four categories in which the Senior
                                                               Ministry will be focusing their efforts – Legal-
       Kilns College, formerly High Desert Christian College   Financial, Spiritual, Fellowship, and Practical.
  (HDCC), is attempting to put into practice the intention     Following this coming Easter in April, Senior Ministry
  of C.S. Lewis’s statement as previous stated. In its sec-    will begin to address some very practical issues un-
  ond semester under new leadership, the school is             der the Legal-Financial category.
  providing an innovative set of courses and varied                 Leo Reinikka, a retired estate-planning
  learning opportunities to any interested.                    attorney and active SCF member, will be offering
       According to the college’s website, “the vision is to   some helpful information in this area. To insure that
  birth an innovative school model that marries a classical    he is not answering questions no one is asking, a
  education approach with a missions and social justice        short questionnaire was distributed during a
  focus, attracting Christian college students from around     worship service in late February. The received
  the nation who are passionate and committed to               responses will help shape our efforts in the Legal-
  changing the world.”                                         Financial category. Presentations this spring are
       The school moved from its former site in downtown       just a beginning into a wider array of issues and
  Bend to the north end of the Old Mill District on            opportunities that the Senior Ministry Team will be
  Industrial Way last spring. This expanded location           attempting to address.
  allows for ample classroom space, library, bookstore,             In case you didn’t know, there are numerous
  and a coffee shop.                                           pamphlets on various practical topics (e.g. health
       Kilns College is pursuing partnering relationships      issues, retirement and assisted-living facilities, and
  with other ministries. Academically, it is moving into a     Seniors Service Directories) in the bookcase
  sister school relationship with Partners Trust               immediately to the right as you enter the church
  International in Burundi. Both schools have a vision to      library. Please help yourself to any of them. Share
  reclaim church and culture through education and             any that are applicable with friends.
  discipleship – albeit on different continents. They
  envision ongoing collaboration with potential
  opportunities for students and faculty from both schools
  to learn and teach in the others’ cultural setting.                Desmond Tutu to speak in Portland
       Another partnering relationship is with World Relief,
  an international relief and development organization,             Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus from Cape
  based in Baltimore. Its mission is to work with, for and     Town, South Africa and recipient of the Nobel
  from the Church to relieve human suffering, poverty and      Peace Prize, will speak on "The Transformative
  hunger worldwide in the name of Jesus Christ in some of      Power of Reconciliation in Society" on May 4 in
  the world's poorest and most conflict-ridden regions. It     Portland. He will be the keynote speaker for Ecu-
  seeks to provide leadership and identify the intersection    menical         Ministries of Oregon's 40th annual
  between sustainable development and empowering the           Collins Lecture at The Chiles Center, University of
  local church. World Relief is passionately committed to      Portland, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland. The
  finding innovative answers to difficult global issues of     Episcopal       Diocese of Eastern Oregon is a co-
  violence, poverty, sickness and persecution.                 sponsor. The event begins with a multicultural con-
       Over 50 students participated in the college’s fall     cert at 6:30 p.m. followed by Archbishop Tutu's
  term and the projection for the spring semester appears      lecture at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 (plus a service
  to exceed that number. SCF has been a supporter of           fee) at Tickets also may be
  this ministry for the past few years. For further            purchased at the Chiles Center box office.
  information on the college, view their website at
Page 4                                                                                                    March 2009

                      Up Close And Personal: UPCAP One Step at a Time                             Ministry Team
                                                                                                 Leaders — 2009
         In the Spring of 2007, Bob, program manager for COPY, Central Oregon Partners
         for Youth, a program that works with children of incarcerated parents, informed          Communications
                                                                                                    Kenney Griffiths
         UPCAP that Joan (not her real name) was looking for a HUD supported house in
         the Three Rivers School area. Bob hoped we could help locate some household                  Education
                                                                                                      Rob Pearson
         items to assist in the location of the family. That’s how it all began, and here’s a
         short summary of the rest of the story.                                                      Sybil Gibson
         Joan has six children, three are ―grown‖ and unfortunately have made many poor              Fran Roberts
         choices. Three children are at home, ages 10, 12, and 15. She works at a gas                Hospitality
         station for minimum wage. There is no child support, but she does receive food             Lenora Salomon
         stamps, and most of her housing is paid by HUD.                                            Membership
                                                                                                    Marianne Arnold
         When Carol Woodruff, UPCAP liaison, began working with the family she                          Jan Bull
         discovered the following: no driver’s license, numerous tickets for driving without          Outreach
                                                                                                       Jack Kiekel
         a license and insurance, some bad credit history, 3 children, and a boyfriend who         Jane Boubel—UPCAP
         had an alcohol problem that resulted in serious physical abuse of Joan on several        Jack Kiekel—National
                                                                                                     & International
                                                                                                  Seniors Ministry
         Throughout 2007, Carol worked with Joan to find out the depths of financial                   Rita Copp

         stresses but, more importantly, developing a trusting, positive relationship with          Stewardship
                                                                                                    Harry Hamilton
         her and her children. This story has many ups and a few downs. Joan now has
         her driver’s license, insurance, no outstanding-unpaid tickets, and a checking                Worship
                                                                                                     Joyce Hornish
         account. She has been in the same house, a home, for almost 2 years. She has                 Rob Pearson
         been emotionally supported and has broken off the abusive relationship. The
         children are doing well at school and excelling for the first time in their young
         lives.                                                                                  SCF Management
                                                                                                  Board — 2009
         Last week Joan received her income tax refund and promptly wrote two checks:
         One to Carol for money she had borrowed to purchase groceries and gas when her            Dave Hennessy
         paycheck was not adequate to cover her needs, and one to SCF/UPCAP to repay
                                                                                                     Dick Arnold
         what we had given to pay some auto repairs and car insurance.                               Vice President
                                                                                                      Hal Husby
         More than the repayment of money, Joan showed US what she can do when given
         support, a loving hand up. As Carol will tell you, this journey will continue because      Jim Manary
         collectively we care about Joan and her family, but the progress this woman and          Marilou Reinikka
         her family have achieved are evidence that God’s blessings are being well used by         Shirley Reedy
         your SCF UPCAP Team.                                                                       Jane Vakoc

                                                                                                    SCF STAFF
                                                                                                   The Rev. Nancy
                          SCF January 31, 2009 Financial Report                                     Sargent Green,
                                                                                                     Senior Pastor
                                                  Income          Expenses        Net YTD             Dr. Robert
          Plan Year to Date                       $22,636        $22,674         <$ 758>            Associate Pastor:
                                                                                                       Worship &
          Actual Year to Date                     $29,066        $23,433          $ 5,633            Administration
          Better <Worse> than Plan                $ 6,430       <$ 759>           $ 4,875          Jan Tuckerman,
March 2009                                                                                                                   Page 5

               Transformed to Love & Serve -- the Goal of the Education Ministry of SCF —
                                                     Adult Education
                                               MEMORY EXERCISE WORKSHOP
                                        Sunday, March 1, following the worship service.
     We all need to exercise our brains. Learn how to “Use It or Lose It.” Joni Goodnight (RN, MSN) will be our
     speaker. She is a certified Geriatric Wellness Instructor in Cognitive Therapy (Memory Exercise Classes)
     for older adults. Brain exercises and activities will be demonstrated (these help prevent dementia when
                     done regularly). We’ll learn how to exercise our brains and also have fun.
                                        Bible & Christian Growth Studies
                                                       Ongoing Groups
                        Women’s Spirituality Group - Lynn Hornbuckle: facilitator (593-5870)
                                            Mondays, 10:00 a.m.-noon, HTCC Library.
               Men of Faith Group—topics evolve related to interest. Owl’s Nest, Sunriver Lodge.
                   Coffee available, $2.50 ∙ Tuesdays; 7:30-8:30 a.m. Contact: Jack Kiekel —(593-9484)
                                        Meditation - Jane Mink: facilitator (593-5684)
                                             Fridays, 10:00-11:30 a.m., HTCC Library.
                            For both men and women: "You might think of meditation as a kind of
                            wager you make with yourself. The wager is this: that this other way of
                            thinking actually exists in you, this level that knows how to sail in the fog, see
                            in the dark...The only thing blocking the emergence of this whole and wondrous
                            other way of knowing is your over-reliance on your ordinary thinking. If you can
                            just turn that off for a while, then the other will begin to take shape in you,
                            become a reality you can actually experience. And as it does, you will know, in

               Calendar of Upcoming Easter Events                           Daily Bread – copies of the March-May daily
                                                                            devotional, Our Daily Bread, are now available
         April 9, 5:30 pm – Maundy Thursday Gathering                       in the entry area of the church.
               A light supper, music & reflections on
                       “Forgiveness,” Eucharist.
               April 10, 7 pm – Good Friday Service                                  SCF Directory Updates
      Special Music and brief homilies on the “7 Last Words.”               Steve & Liz Austin: home phone: 593-1216
                                                                            Richard Hanson:
          April 12, 10 am – Easter Celebration Service                      Karen Newcomb: Home-
                                                                                Work -
     All of these services will be held at the Holy Trinity Catholic        Bob & Laura Wineman:
             Church in Sunriver, 18143 Cottonwood Road.

                                                                             Turn Your Clocks Ahead: remember that we go
                       Information on Lois Raffety                           onto daylight savings beginning next Sunday,
         Lois Raffety, one of SCF’s dearly loved and long-standing           March 8, so turn your clocks ahead before you
    family members, was recently moved to California by her family.
    At present she is living with her son, Mike and his wife, Cheri. Lois
    will be eventually moved to an assisted care facility. You can
    currently contact her at –      Lois Raffety                                   April Newsletter Deadline: March 23
                              3301 Stone Mountain Rd.                           Please send all articles to Jan Tuckerman:
                                 Placerville, CA 95667                    
               She would certainly appreciate receiving cards
                     from members of her SCF family.
Page 6                                                                                                   March 2009

                                                                      NEW GENERATIONS UPDATE
             Care, Love, Action, Response, Effort & Support      On January 23rd, ten new pre-school children
         CLARES is a fund-raising organization as well as      were enrolled at New Generations Early Childhood
         an organizer of social events. Funds generated        Development Center. They joined ten regular New
         from CLARES activities are donated to the
         Outreach programs of SCF. CLARES meetings             Generations pre-school children to initiate a
         are held at the church on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays    Headstart Program for children in the Three Rivers
         of every month.                                       Area! This event heralded the start of what New
         CLARES is offering an eight week Bible Study on       Generations’ Board Members hope will be an
         the topic of ―Forgiveness‖ from 20 March – May 7.     integral part of New Generations’ commitment to
         It requires a booklet consisting of questions for     serve young children of families in this area.
         guiding the class through the course and is totally    The current, integrated Headstart class will run
         conversational with little preparation. It will be    through the middle of June, 2009. Plans are to
         held at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Fran Roberts        complete a remodel to provide more and more
         #15 Cypress Ln. The cost of the booklet is $6.00      efficient space for the Center this coming summer
         and sign-up can be done at any stage of the study.    and restart the program in September, 2009. The
         Please contact Fran Roberts at 598-7190 or            Integrated Program will then continue as long as                         funds (both State and Federal) are available to
         March 3 at 10:00 a.m. Seasonal Coasters Workshop      assure a viable program.
         by Judy Johnson at the church. She will be             Neighborhood Impact which administers the
         teaching us how to make lovely seasonal coasters      Headstart Program in Central Oregon, provides
         out of felt in hopes that ladies will make them for   funds to pay costs of one teacher and one teacher
         the Winter Bazaar. Once the technique is learned      assistant for the ten Headstart children. New
         you can use your imagination and come up with         Generations provides the teacher for the ten
         your own design.                                      regularly enrolled children in this integrated class
         March 19 at 11:00 a.m., Marianne Arnold will          of twenty. There are also funds available for
         teach an authentic Indonesian dish called Ayam        classroom furniture and other durable equipment.
         TjoTjo. In this method the spices and flavors are     Consumables such as art supplies, construction
         absorbed into the chicken. Taste the delectable       paper etc. remain the responsibility of New
         fusion of sweet, sour and spicy from the sweet        Generations. The extra ten pre-school age children
         Indonesian soy sauce, lemon juice and cayenne         have created a significant need for art and other
         peppers during our lunch. The chicken will be         consumable supplies.
         served with steamed rice and a refreshing               If anyone is interested in supplying some
         cucumber salad. It will be held at 10:00 a.m. at      assistance, New Generations would be grateful. A
         the home of Fran Roberts #15 Cypress Ln. Cost:        list of the desired items will be posted in a
         $20.00 per person. For reservations please            convenient location at the Church. Please place a
         contact or 598-         check mark in the left margin of the list by the item
         7190.                                                 you choose so New Generations receives a good
               What: Trivial Pursuit & Munchies Night          variety of the items.
                           When: March 18                       Please keep the following in mind if you decide to
                           Time: 6:30 p.m.                     assist: Quality of material is important -- most
                        Where: At the church                   Dollar Store items would not work well. All items
               Cost: 2 cans of food for Care & Share           must be Non-Toxic. Paints and other liquids such
                             Please: BYOB                      as glue come in a variety of container sizes (gallon
           Please submit one question per couple or one per    containers are the most cost efficient) Glue sticks
                single with 4 possible answers to fran-        should be purple color to provide visibility when
                           applied, especially on white paper. The best places
           Tables will be set up to compete with each other.   to obtain these items locally are Michaels, Office
                                                               Max or Staples.
March 2009                                                                                                                    Page 7

                                  Bishop Brauer-Reike to visit SCF March 28-29
Oregon Synod Bishop David Brauer-Reike will be with us on Sunday March 29. He will be the Celebrant and de-
liver the sermon on that day as well as lead an Adult Forum after church to tell us of his recent trip to the Middle
East. He has also      confirmed that he will be with us on Saturday evening, March 28, when we will have a pot-
luck in his honor. Marlys Lysaker and Shirley Reedy are in charge of the potluck and will be announcing the de-
tails soon. Please save that date on your calendar for a chance to meet our new bishop.

                                                          Thrivent News
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has just announced that they will cut their funding for the Central Oregon Chapter
by 20% for 2009. This means that the Care in Communities program will get $14,520 for 2009 and SCF will get
only $1020 rather than the usual $1300 under the Care in Congregations program. The Care in Congregations
funds must be used inside of SCF and we are soliciting ideas of how to use these funds.
Under the Care in Communities program we have in the past provided matching funds for fundraisers to IVC,
Habitat, New Generations, disaster relief, etc. We have also provided funds to the Christmas basket program, Care
and Share, blood drive refreshments, etc. This year I hope we can get creative and provide matching funds for
other fundraisers such as Outreach/Inreach, Seniors Ministry, CLARES, etc. Please discuss your ideas with Shirley
Reedy, Al Webb, Steve Austin or Bob Vogel.
Thrivent has announced that they will fund their Thrivent Builds program through 2010. This program provides
grants in the amount of $20,000 and more to Habitat affiliates to build new homes. Newberry Habitat, under the
direction of Mike Beeson and Randy Heise, has announced their intention to go after one of these grants in 2010.
This will take an all out effort on the part of SCF and our Thrivent members. We will be telling you more as the
effort develops.

                                        CO-2-1-1: What It Is and How You Become Involved
               [The following is an excerpt from an article written by David Rosell, Chair of the Bend Chamber of Commerce]
    Imagine you were seriously ill. You drive to the hospital and are forced to wander the halls trying to find the right doctor
  with the proper specialty to take care of your immediate needs. Fortunately, we have emergency rooms where patients are
  evaluated and offered immediate on-the-spot care or a referral for specialized treatment. This ―triage‖ system prioritizes
  and directs patient care to maximize hospital resources and hopefully offers the best service to patients.
     Now imagine someone out of work due to the recent economic downturn who is lacking food, heat, or shelter or a victim
  of domestic violence. Every day, someone, somewhere in Central Oregon needs to find essential community services. Some
  of these services include the following: after school programs, a single mother seeking food for her children, support
  groups, volunteer opportunities, donation programs, and senior citizens looking for in-home care. Many people face these
  challenges, but don’t know where to turn for help. This is where Central Oregon 2-1-1 comes into play. 2-1-1 is a simple
  way to connect people in need of human services. Simply by dialing 2-1-1, people are linked to information about local
  resources, including both government and nonprofit organizations. 2-1-1 brings people and community resources together.
    2-1-1 is the three digit dialing code designated in 2000 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide
  widespread public access to community information and referral services. This service has become prevalent throughout
  communities across the United States. There are three primary organizations who have recently partnered together to
  make this a reality in Central Oregon. These organizations are the United Way of Deschutes County whose focus is
  organizational hosting and infrastructure, The Partnership to End Poverty whose focal point is marketing and fundraising,
  and the Family Resource Center who has been working on database development and maintenance. Jim Schell, Executive
  Director of The Partnership to End Poverty stated, ―We now have random inquires to random agencies. This results in a
  great deal of inaccurate information that is expensive to agencies. It is a non-user friendly experience. CO-2-1-1 will be a
  great benefit to our region.‖
  This effort is yet another way active and caring leaders in our community are working hard to make Central Oregon a better
  place to live.
                                       To find out more information about CO-2-1-1 contact
                                       Shenny Braemer, 593-4423,
Sunriver Christian Fellowship
 Ecumenical Services in the Episcopal and Lutheran Traditions

  Sunday Service & Sunday School — 10:00 a.m.
                  Services held at the
                 Holy Trinity Church
      18143 Cottonwood Road ▪ Sunriver, Oregon
        Office Phone: 541.593.1183

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