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									           Summer 2010


                         Campaign 911 Kicks-Off
                         With New Highway Signs
                         MADD Canada’s 2010 Campaign 911 initiative                 The Ontario signs are the latest in a series of new
                         officially kicked-off in April with the unveiling of        initiatives which have seen Call 911 signs erected in
  To                     10 new signs which have been erected on highways           towns and provinces across the country, including
                         in Ontario.                                                these recent programs:

  Stop                   The English and French signs have been posted              • In May 2010, Campaign 911 came to
                         along highways 400, 401, 404 and 427 to encourage            Saskatchewan with a joint initiative between
                         the public to call 911 if they see a driver they suspect     MADD Canada, the Saskatchewan Liquor
Impaired                 is impaired. They are the result of a partnership            and Gaming Authority and Saskatchewan
                         between the Ontario Ministry of Transportation,              Government Insurance. The partnership will see
                         the Ontario Provincial Police and MADD Canada.               signs being placed throughout the province.
Driving                  “Encouraging motorists to report suspected
                         impaired drivers will help get drunk drivers off
  And                    the road,” said The Honourable Kathleen Wynne,
                         Ontario Minister of Transportation. “The Ontario
                         government supports MADD Canada’s Campaign
  To                     911 and will continue to work with MADD Canada
                         and other partners to keep impaired drivers off the
Support                  The signs were the backdrop for a national launch
                         which will see MADD Canada Chapters and
                         Community Leaders across the country continuing
Victims                  their efforts to reach out to their communities
                         with the Campaign 911 message. Through
                         signs, billboards, public service announcements,
   Of                    postcards, bookmarks and other materials,
                         Campaign 911 encourages the public to call
                         911 if they see a driver they suspect is impaired
  This                   and provides the public with information on the
                         potential signs of an impaired driver.

Violent                  “Each year, a few weeks before the May long
                         weekend, MADD Canada hosts an event to launch                 Above, National President Margaret Miller
                         our annual Campaign 911 program,” MADD                        discusses new signage for Ontario highways
 Crime.                  Canada National President Margaret Miller told                at the national launch of Campaign 911.
                         assembled guests and media at the sign unveiling.             Top, Mrs. Miller discusses the program with
                         “Our goal is to raise awareness about the problem             The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Minister
                         of impaired driving and to educate the public about           of Transportation for Ontario, and Monte
                         how they can help prevent impaired driving crashes,           Kwinter, MPP for York-Centre.
                         deaths and injuries.”

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       Campaign 911 New Highway Signs
       continued from page 1

       • MADD Canada and MADD Avalon Chapter joined with the                  impaired drivers and a 17% increase in charges laid as a result
         Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to launch Campaign 911               of 911 calls.
         in designated parts of province.
                                                                              “With each impaired driver we can take off the road, we are
       • MADD Canada worked with the province of Nova Scotia to               potentially saving a life or preventing an injury,” Mrs. Miller
         start a province-wide Call 911 program.                              noted at the launch event in Toronto. “That is why these signs
                                                                              and Call 911 programs are so vital.”
       • MADD Calgary Chapter launched “Report Impaired
         Driving” in partnership with Alberta Health Services, the            MADD Canada gratefully acknowledges Campaign 911
         City of Calgary, Public Safety Communications and the                Title Sponsor #TAXI and Official Sponsor Allstate Insurance
         Calgary Police.                                                      Company of Canada, and all the provincial and local sponsors
                                                                              and partners who make the program possible. A special thank
       These new programs join existing Call 911 initiatives in towns,
                                                                              you also goes out to local and provincial governments and
       cities and provinces all across the country, and they are making
                                                                              police forces across the country who work with MADD Canada
       an impact. In the first five months of the Calgary initiative,
                                                                              to implement and support Campaign 911.
       for example, there was a 60% increase in 911 calls to report

       MADD Canada’s Sober Boating Initiatives Expand
       MADD Canada is continuing its efforts to extend Campaign 911
       to the waterways with a project to install new Call 911 – Report
       Impaired Boating signage.
       Thanks to a grant from Transport Canada, MADD Canada will
       erect 50 Call 911 signs at marinas across Canada. The project is
       underway now and will be completed by the fall.
       With alcohol being a factor in more than 40% of recreational
       boating fatalities, there is great need to educate boaters about the
       dangers of operating their vessels while impaired. Additionally,
       many boaters do not realize that impaired driving laws apply to
       the waterways the same way they apply to the roadways.

                                                                                 Boaters at the Port Credit marina had a chance to talk
        Safe Boating                                                             boating safety with Peel Regional Police Marine Unit,
                                                                                 Peel Crimestoppers and MADD Canada at an event in
        Awareness Events                                                         May.

        Taking the Campaign 911 message into the marine
        community has been a focus for MADD Canada over the
        past couple of years. One highlight of this effort is our                     Campaign 911 Sponsors
        partnership with the Canadian Safe Boating Council and
        our participation in their special event to launch the start
        of Canadian Safe Boating Awareness Week in May.
        MADD Canada brought its Fatal Vision Goggles to the
        event to show people just how much their mobility and
        vision is impaired at various BAC levels. Other displays
                                                                                Title Sponsor
        featured police marine vehicles and flotation devices.
        MADD Canada is also pleased to partner with the Peel
        Regional Police Marine Unit and Peel Crimestoppers to                   Official Sponsor
                                                                                Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
        erect sober boating signage at marinas in Port Credit. A
        community event at the marina in May included a boating
        safety check and other activities to promote safe boating               Corporate Sponsor
Page    practices and raise awareness about the dangers of
        impaired boating.
                                                                                Alberta Traffic Safety Fund
National President’s Message                                                                                                   MATTERS

It Has Been an Honour to Serve as Your National President
                           I can’t believe that three years have      you all, always gathered strength and inspiration from you. You
                           passed since I became National             are my MADD family.
                           President. My term concludes this
                           September and it will be with pride        We have shared tears and hugs, joy and sorrow, and I would not
                           that I pass on this position to your new   have given up the opportunity to serve you for anything. Except
                           National President. My commitment          the one thing I cannot have back.
                           and dedication to our mission is
                           stronger than ever.                        Your efforts, as volunteers, as donors, as sponsors, are incredible.
                                                                      I thank each and every one of you for the contributions you make
                           It has been a privilege to serve as        to stop impaired driving and support victims. You are the driving
                           your National President during a very      force behind MADD Canada and it has been an honour to work
                           important time in the fight against         along-side you.
impaired driving. The past three years have seen significant
advances, both in terms of anti-impaired driving legislation and      I also want to thank the dedicated members of the National
within our organization itself.                                       Board of Directors and the national staff for their incredible
                                                                      support and guidance over the past three years. Our organization
As one, we applauded the introduction of federal legislation to       is led by talented, knowledgeable individuals who are passionate
close legal loopholes and eliminate conditional sentencing. We        about our mission. We are fortunate to have their leadership.
also appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Justice
and Human Rights to present the compelling case for random            Now, my journey enters another phase. Whatever my new role
breath testing. We will continue to promote this vital measure        may be, I am committed to our mission. I will stand side by side
because it will reduce impaired driving deaths and injuries in        with all of you as someday we end impaired driving. Together,
this country.                                                         we can make it happen.

On the provincial and territorial level, many important changes       My daughter tells me this time has been my tribute to my son,
have been made, including the introduction and strengthening          Bruce. But I believe MADD Canada has been his gift to me.
of short-term licence suspension programs at the .05% BAC
level, stronger graduated licencing programs and .00% BAC
requirements for drivers under 21 or with less than five years
driving experience. MADD Canada, with its Rating the Provinces
and Territories Reports in hand, met with many governments            Margaret Miller
to promote legislation and best practices to reduce impaired          National President
driving. We take great pride that our voices were heard and that
the research and evidence we provided helped governments in
their decision-making.

Within our own organization, we continued to build programs                   Organizational Sponsors
and identify new campaigns to raise awareness and reduce
impaired driving. I had the privilege of launching Campaign              Official Sponsors
911 in 2007 and since then, have watched it spread across the
country. It’s easy to ask people to do the right thing. Our Call         Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
911 signs dot the Canadian landscape and calls from the public
                                                                         Fonora Textile Inc.
to report impaired drivers are on the rise. I am so proud to know
we are making a difference in this way.                                  LCBO

For me personally, the last three years have been all I dreamed and
more. I have met volunteers anywhere and everywhere: from a              Corporate Sponsors
potluck dinner in St. John’s to a Multi Media Assembly Program           CIBC
showing and Project Red Ribbon launch in Alberta. From
meeting with federal government officials to school children. I           Saatchi & Saatchi
hope that by sharing our stories, I have helped to inspire them to
realize that they can make Canada a better place.
                                                                         Corporate Supporters
In many ways, it seems only yesterday I started my journey with          BMO MasterCard
MADD Canada. I reached out for support, for understanding, for
someone who could help me make sense of the senseless. Yet, in           Fine Lines Sign Co. Inc.                                            Page
other ways, it seems that I have always been here, always known                                                                              Three

       Delegates Share, Support and Rebuild
       Lives at 2010 Victims’ Weekend
       Some 200 delegates came together for an inspirational and
       emotional weekend in April as MADD Canada held its 2010
       Victims’ Weekend and National Candlelight Vigil of Hope and

       They spanned all age groups and backgrounds, came from
       all walks of life, but they all had one thing in common: they
       have lost a loved one or suffered a serious injury as a result of
       impaired driving. The annual conference provided them with
       an opportunity to learn, share their experiences and continue
       the process of rebuilding their lives after losing a loved one or
       suffering a serious injury due to impaired driving.

       In fact, “Rebuilding Lives after Tragedy” was the theme for
       this year’s Victims’ Weekend. Led by caring professionals
       and empathetic peers, delegates explored a variety of topics
       to help them cope with their losses and take the next steps in
       their journey of recovery. Topics included: the dynamics of            National President Margaret Miller visits the wall of
       grief, parenting after the loss of a child and what to expect after    virtual candles, sent in by MADD Canada donors in
       the loss of a loved one. The conference also included special          support of our victim families.
       programming geared towards young delegates between the ages
       of 15 and 25.

       The focal point of the weekend was the National Candlelight
       Vigil of Hope and Remembrance. This incredibly moving
       tradition featured a presentation of photos and the lighting of
       a single candle in memory of a victim who has been killed or
       to acknowledge injuries sustained in an impaired driving crash.
       Throughout the conference facility, MADD Canada’s memorial
       banners stood in silent tribute to the victims of impaired

       “The Victims’ Weekend is really a healing experience,” said
       MADD Canada National President Margaret Miller. “There
       is a network of support and resources available to delegates,
       and they leave the conference with a sense of comfort and the          Delegates listen to a keynote address by Kelly Walker.
       knowledge that there are others who understand their feelings
       and can offer support.”

       Supporting victims of impaired driving is MADD Canada’s
       top priority. Services offered include: grief and bereavement
       support, support through the criminal justice system, assistance
       with victim impact statements, help with understanding victims’
                                                                                “This weekend reinforced to me
       rights, a lending library, brochures, community referrals and         that it is the compassion and caring
       trained victim service volunteers.                                        that MADD Canada shows to
                                                                              families that give people hope and
             Victims’ Weekend Sponsor                                        helps them put the remaining pieces
                                                                              of their lives together after a tragic
         Corporate Sponsor
                                                                               loss. Thank you MADD Canada.”
         Impact Auto Auctions                                                  Janice Breck, Williams Lake, BC

Most Canadians Support Random Breath Testing
More than three quarters of Canadians support random breath             of the crash reductions seen in other countries with RBT and
testing (RBT) as a tool to reduce impaired driving, according           estimate a 22% crash reduction in Canada, that is 273 lives saved
to a survey commissioned by MADD Canada and conducted by                and more than 16,000 injuries prevented.”
Ipsos Reid.
                                                                        The poll results provide MADD Canada with a very strong
RBT would give police the authority to demand a roadside breath         foundation as we continue to promote the traffic safety benefits
sample in the absence of any obvious signs of intoxication. It is       of RBT and call on the federal government to move forward with
currently being considered by the Federal Justice Ministry, along       its implementation here in Canada, Mrs. Miller said.
with several other measures to update Canada’s impaired driving
provisions.                                                             The full results are available on the MADD Canada web site at
According to the survey results:

 • 98% of Canadians think impaired driving is an important
   or very important public safety issue.                                      Project Red Ribbon
 • 77% supported or somewhat supported RBT.                                  Campaign Sponsors 2009
 • 79% strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that RBT is a
   reasonable intrusion on drivers.

 • 75% agreed or somewhat agreed that police should be able
   to randomly require drivers to give a breath test.

“These results indicate the strong level of concern that
Canadians have about impaired driving and the need to address
the problem,” said Margaret Miller, MADD Canada National                   Title Sponsor
President. “Random breath testing is a proven effective traffic             Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
safety measure which has saved lives and prevented injuries in
other countries. It can do the same in Canada.”                            National Sponsor
                                                                           Recochem Inc.
The introduction of RBT in other countries has resulted in
significant reductions in alcohol-related crashes, deaths and
injuries. In Ireland, for example, RBT reduced the total number            Official Sponsor
of annual road fatalities by 19% in its first year. Earlier results in      #TAXI
Queensland found a total fatal crash reduction of 35% between
1988 and 1992.
                                                                           Corporate Sponsor
                                                                           BMO Financial Group
“In 2007, 1,239 people were killed and 73,120 were injured in
alcohol-related crashes,” Mrs. Miller said. “If we take an average

  New Victim PSA Debuts
  MADD Canada debuted its brand
  new radio PSA entitled “Every Victim
  Matters” at the National Victims’ of
  Crime Awareness Week in Ottawa, April
  18 – 24. The PSA, made possible by a                       MADD Canada
  grant from the Department of Justice,                      “Every Victim Matters”
  lets victims know that help is available
  and raises awareness of the various
  services and resource available through
  MADD Canada.

        Canadians Stride for Change
        Canadians are making Strides for Change in the fight against           “M-O has been instrumental in expanding this event,” Mrs.
        impaired driving through MADD Canada’s annual walk-a-                 Miller said. “Its 3-year commitment has enabled more Chapters
        thon.                                                                 and Community Leaders to host events and to reach out to their
                                                                              local communities to support victims and to spread our message
        Strides for Change kicked off in May with MADD East Hants             to stop impaired driving.”
        Chapter’s event in Enfield, Scotia. Over 25 other events are
        scheduled across Canada over the year.

        “We asking everyone to make Strides for Change by joining
        their local event,” MADD Canada National President Margaret
        Miller said. “These fun events are a great way for families
        to spend the day together, enjoy the great outdoors and meet
        others in their communities, all while supporting the fight to end
        impaired driving.”

        The annual 5 km walk supports Chapters and Community
        Leaders in their efforts to educate the public about the dangers
        of impaired driving and to help victims in their communities.
        The campaign is also an opportunity to keep safe and sober
        driving top of mind during the spring and summer months when
        the rate of alcohol-related crashes are traditionally higher. In          A Police Officer gives a breathalyzer demonstration at
        addition to a leisurely walk along local parks or trails, Strides         the MADD Chatham-Kent Strides for Change event
        for Change events feature a number of activities and attractions
        for participants.

        For more information or to find an event, visit www. Individuals who want to support Strides for           Strides for Change Sponsor
        Change but cannot attend a local event can become a Personal
        Walker or simply make a charitable donation.                                         Event Sponsor
        MADD Canada wishes to thank Event Sponsor, Maritime-                                 Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines
        Ontario Freight Lines Limited (M-O®), for its three-year,                              Limited
        $75,000 sponsorship through the Graham Munro Charitable

        New TV PSAs Take a Different Approach to Awareness
        MADD Canada is pleased to announce            message to call 911 to report suspected         just how ridiculous they really are.”
        a new television public service               impaired drivers to police.
        announcement (PSA) campaign which                                                             The remaining three spots will be released
        puts a different spin on our efforts to       The first of four 30-second PSAs in our          between now and December 2011.
        educate people about the dangers of           new “Staying on the Road” campaign
        impaired driving.                             was launched on the May Victoria Day
                                                      weekend.                                          Technology Sponsor
        The new campaign, called “Stayin’ on the
        Road”, features self-professed impaired       MADD Canada National President
        driving experts who offer ill-advised         Margaret Miller acknowledged that                  Gold Technology Partner
        ways to avoid detection for impaired          the ads are a new direction for MADD
                                                                                                         Alcohol Countermeasure Systems
        driving. The spots use humour to ridicule     Canada, noting “the tone of these news
        the act of drunk driving and dispel the       PSAs will be a surprise to some who may
        myths that exist about how people can         initially perceive it as making light of the
        avoid detection, fool breathalyzers, etc.     issue, but nothing could be further from
        The spots feature the tagline: “There         the truth. Using humour, we address the
Page    are a lot of idiots out there. Help us        myths that exist out there about avoiding
  Six   keep them off the road” and end with a        detection for impaired driving, and show

  In the Spring 2010 MADD Matters, we highlighted the Rating the Provinces and Territories Report and planned a series of
  follow-up articles to examine the specific legislative measures we recommend. The following is the first in that series.

Licence Suspensions at .05% BAC Stop, Deter Risky Drivers
Beginning in the late 70s and early 80s, provinces and territories     drivers off the roads, ALS programs reduce the rate of impaired
began looking at administrative licence suspension (ALS)               driving crashes, deaths and injuries.
programs to aid in the fight against impaired driving.
Such programs apply to drivers with BACs of .05% or higher,
providing an efficient and cost-effective way to deal with drivers
                                                                       Duration of Short-Term ALS
who, while under the Criminal Code limit of .08% BAC, still
represent a significant danger to others on the road. As research                                                            Third or
has consistently shown, key driving-related skills are impaired          Prov./        First             Second
                                                                          Terr.     Occurrence         Occurrence
at .05% and the relative risk of a crash death rises sharply at that                                                      Occurrence1
                                                                          AB          24 hours          24 hours         24 hours
ALS programs can also provide a significant deterrent value,               BC            3 days           7 days4          30 days4
provided they have the appropriate components. A shortcoming
of the early ALS programs, and one which still exists in some
                                                                          MB          24 hours          24 hours         24 hours
jurisdictions today, is the short duration of the suspensions.            NB          24 hours          24 hours         24 hours
Drivers often have their licences back in 24 hours or less, and           NL          24 hours          24 hours        2 months2
that offers little incentive for them to change their behaviours.         NS3         24 hours          24 hours         24 hours
MADD Canada first advocated for comprehensive ALS                          NT          24 hours           30 days          30 days2
programs at the .05% BAC level in its 2003 Rating the Provinces           NU        4 to 24 hours     4 to 24 hours    4 to 24 hours
and Territories Report. Working with the Canadian Council of                                                     4
Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), we developed a                    ON            3 days            7 days          30 days4
model .05% Administrative Licence Suspension Program based                PE            7 days           30 days2         90 days2
on existing best practices in Canada. The model we recommend              QC                        No Short-Term ALS.
                                                                          SK          24 hours           15 days4         90 days4
     •    7 – 14 day licence suspension for first offences, with           YK          24 hours          24 hours         24 hours
          30, 45 and 60 day suspensions for second, third and
          subsequent infractions within a three year period.
                                                                       1. In Newfoundland and Labrador, a 4-month suspension is
     •    Mandatory licence reinstatement fee of $150 - $300.             imposed for a fourth 24-hour suspension within 2 years, and
                                                                          a 6-month suspension is imposed for a fifth or subsequent 24-
     •    The recording of the suspension on the drivers’                 hour suspension within 2 years.
                                                                       2. Only applies to occurrences within 2 years.
     •    Mandatory remedial measures (alcohol assessment,             3. The Nova Scotia government announced that it intends to
          education, rehabilitation) for repeat offenders.                introduce legislation that will increase the 24-hour suspension
                                                                          to 7, 15 and 30 days for a first, second and subsequent .05%
As the chart indicates, all provinces and territories except Quebec
have some form of ALS program. Few, however, achieve the
best practice model. There have been advances in recent years.         4. Only applies to occurrences within 5 years.
Prince Edward Island increased its suspensions to 7 days in
2009, and Nova Scotia is in the process of implementing a 7-day
suspension. Both Ontario and British Columbia have increased           Dispelling the Myths
their suspension periods from 24 hours to three days. The
remaining jurisdictions, however, continue to have suspension          Critics of administrative licence suspension programs argue that
periods of 24 hours or less.                                           it penalizes the social drinker and suggest that people can no
MADD Canada welcomes all improvements to the provincial and            longer have a beer after work or a glass of wine with dinner be-
territorial ALS programs. We continue to meet with governments         cause that will put them over the.05% level. The truth is a .05%
and promote the 7 -14 day suspension model as the benchmark            BAC limit does not interfere with what most Canadians would
to which all provinces and territories should strive.                  consider to be social drinking. Based on estimates of BACs in
                                                                       relation to time, weight and standard Canadian drinks, a 185 lb.
ALS programs and other provincial and territorial legislation          man can have three drinks over a two hour period and not go
are important components of Canada’s overall strategy to stop          over the .05% BAC limit. Similarly, a 130 lb. woman can have         Page
impaired driving and improve road safety. By taking risky              two drinks over a two hour period and not go over the limit.         Seven
                                                                           Chapter Notebook
        In the West...

                                                       Cliff Philpot (left) and Chad Gill from
                                                       the City works department join with Pam
                                                                                                        Pictured here in front of the Chapter’s new
                                                       Herman, MADD Williams Lake Chapter
        MADD Parkland Chapter hosted a very                                                             awareness table top display are: (from left
                                                       Vice-President; Joan Flashpohler, the City
        successful Western Regional Conference                                                          to right) Carrie Schoonjans and Melissa
                                                       horticulturalist; and garden designer, and
        in May. This year’s theme, “How the West                                                        Grover.
                                                       Coun. Surinderpal Rathor at the official
        was One”, was reflected in the Western flair     groundbreaking ceremony April 28 for the
        incorporated into workshops and keynotes on    new MADD Memorial Garden now under
        victim services, public policy, fundraising,   construction in Boitanio Park. (Photo:
        aboriginal victim perspectives and volunteer   Gaeil Farrar)
        recruitment and retention. Delegates showed
        off their line-dancing talent and enjoyed
        time networking with each other. Pictured
        here: MADD Parkland Chapter volunteers
        who hosted the Western Conference.

                                                                                                        MADD Elliot Lake Chapter participated
                                                                                                        in Police Week activities on May 13th
                                                                                                        at Eastwood Mall. The Chapter hosted
                                                       MADD Winnipeg Chapter held its 3rd
                                                                                                        a BBQ and set-up an awareness table.
                                                       annual fundraising BBQ sponsored by
                                                                                                        77 organizations were represented that
                                                       Murray Chevrolet Hummer. Hotdogs and
                                                                                                        day. Pictured here (left to the right in the
                                                       drinks were served for a donation to the
                                                                                                        foreground) Greg and Kendra Lacarte, Cory
                                                       Chapter. With the help of 11 MADD Canada
        MADD Metro Vancouver hosted its first                                                            Officer, Marie Henning and (background)
                                                       Chapter volunteers and support from the staff
        grocery bagging event at Dennis’ No Frills.                                                     Cale Spicer.
                                                       at Murray, the event was a great success.
        It was a huge success, with police officers,
        Mayor Richard Stewart, Coquitlam MLA           MADD Red Deer & District Chapter would
        and City Councillors all joining the Chapter   like to extend a special thank you to natural
        to bag groceries.                              gas company, Encana. Chapter member
                                                       Rick Neville took MADD Canada’s Too
        MADD Williams Lake Chapter started its         Close to Home video to Encana executives
        Memorial Garden in Boitanio Park in May.       and it was met with such enthusiasm that
        Designed to represent a healing circle, the    Encana has ordered more copies to be shown
        garden is surrounded by memorial benches       at safety meetings across the country. Rick
        and has rose bushes, trees and shrubs to       is pleased to be offering this presentation to
        provide gentle shelter. It will be a quiet     any location in Canada. Thanks to Encana
        place for people to come, to reflect and to     and volunteers like Rick Neville, the
        remember their loved ones, and for the                                                          MADD Grey North Bruce and MADD
                                                       message is and will be continuing to get out.
        community to come together and heal. City                                                       Toronto Chapters partnered to set up
        Horticulturist Joan Flaspohler designed the                                                     an information booth at the 2010 Ontario
        beautiful heart shaped garden. The walkways    In Ontario…
                                                                                                        Good Roads Association/Rural Ontario
                                                                                                        Municipalities Association         Combined
        are aggregate and along the walkways the
        cement is stamped and will hold plaques        MADD Chatham-Kent Chapter recently               Conference early this year. The conference,
        that the public can purchase to honour their   partnered with VON Kids’ Circle to host          held at the Royal York in Toronto, was
        loved ones. Special thanks to community        a memorial candle lighting service and           attended by more than 1,200 municipal
        supporters such as Kevin Goldfuss, Director    participated in Chatham-Kent Police Service      politicians, their spouses, as well as several
        of Municipal Services for the City of          Day. The traveling memorial banner was           MPPs and Cabinet Ministers. Pictured here
        Williams Lake, United Concrete and Gravel,     displayed and several attendees participated     is MADD Grey North Bruce’s Chapter
Page    Cariboo Curb and Gutter and the Williams       in a Fatal Vision Goggle activity organized      Administrative Assistant, Melissa Mockler-
Eight   Lake and District Credit Union.                by Chapter volunteers.
Chapter Notebook                                                                                                                       MATTERS

                                                   Dan Hill, Posie Ross, Trisha Morris             driving. It will also serve as a year round
                                                   (from Community Living Access Support           reminder for people not to drive impaired.
                                                   Services - another donation recipient), Leah    An unveiling is tentatively planned for July.
                                                   Azzopardi and Dave Finley. In addition,         Pictured here is the garden while under
                                                   Dave participated in a memorial cheerleading    construction.
                                                   competition in April at Simcoe Composite
                                                   High School. The event was organized by
                                                   “Cheerleaders Against Impaired Driving” to
                                                   remember Sammy Aspden who was killed by
                                                   an impaired driver June 15th, 2008. Proceeds
                                                   from the event were donated to MADD
                                                   Norfolk County.
MADD Halton Region Chapter participated
in Halton Regional Police Service Day on
May 8th. Chapter volunteers distributed
tote bags, whistles, lollipops and sticker
tattoos. Pictured here are: (from left to right)                                                   MADD York Region Chapter participated
Michael Galloway, Stephanie Dooley and                                                             in the Road & Rail Safety Day in May at York
Chris Borak.                                                                                       Regional Police Community Safety Village.
                                                                                                   Pictured here are: (from left to right): Razzak
                                                                                                   Hossain, Rachel Rudolf and Heidi Freistatter
                                                                                                   taking a break. Thanks to Razzak, Rachel
                                                                                                   and Heidi, 300 students received “loot bags”
                                                                                                   courtesy of MADD York Region Chapter.

                                                                                                   In Québec…
                                                                                                   MADD Montreal Chapter has completed a
                                                                                                   26-week ad campaign to promote awareness
                                                   MADD Ottawa Chapter developed a                 of MADD Canada among francophones.
                                                   Campaign 911 tent card that can be used         Informative and upbeat, the ads resulted
                                                   on table tops in restaurants, bars, at fairs,   in many calls and emails. Each ad had
                                                   displays, weddings and during other events.     components such as a prevention message,
                                                   In May, they hosted their 8th annual Drive      victim services, Campaign 911, publications,
                                                   Straight Golf Tournament at the Canadian        statistics, volunteering opportunities. The
                                                   Golf & County Club and held their Annual        campaign included a ¼ page ad each week in
MADD Huron/Bruce Chapter volunteers                General Meeting in June.                        Voir (334,000 readers), a high-frequency ad
(from left to right) Sandra Lee and Barb                                                           on Voir’s website (500,000 visitors a week),
Rintoul take a moment to reflect and honour         MADD Sault Ste. Marie Community                 and Panoramik ad panels on magazine racks
all victims of impaired driving in front of the    Leader Cathy Fabiano presented to an            in prime-location store entrances and exits
2004 National Victims’ Weekend memorial            LCBO General Managers meeting in May in         throughout the city (500,000 people a day).
tree and stone plaque in Grand Bend in             Sault Ste. Marie. Cathy thanked the group
May.                                               for their support; shared an overview of next   MADD West Island Chapter held its
                                                   year’s Multi-Media production, Shattered        10th Annual Local Memorial Ceremony in
                                                   and provided a brief overview on her role as    April. As in previous years, the vigil was
                                                   the Community Leader.                           held on Cartier Avenue in Pointe Claire,
                                                                                                   where two young women were killed by
                                                                                                   a driver who had been drinking. Those in
                                                                                                   attendance participated in the release of
                                                                                                   balloons symbolizing the loved ones lost or
                                                                                                   injured due to impaired driving. There was
                                                                                                   print coverage leading up to the event, radio
                                                                                                   interviews and sound bites the entire week
                                                                                                   prior to the vigil.

                                                                                                   The MADD Canada Bridge, dedicated to the
                                                                                                   memory of all victims of impaired driving is
                                                                                                   finally completed! An initiative of MADD
MADD Norfolk County Community                      MADD Waterloo Region Chapter is                 Beauce Chapter, in collaboration with
Leader Dave Finley proudly accepted a              partnering with the Kitchener Horticultural     the local ATV Club Les jarrets noirs. This
donation from three community businesses,          Society to erect a memorial garden in           impressive structure was built by volunteers
Leon’s of Simcoe and Dr. Ryan Greenfield            Kitchener’s historic Rockway Gardens.           from the Chapter and the Club who donated
Family Dentistry. Pictured here are: (from         The garden will offer a comforting place to     hundreds of hours to this project. Club           Page
left to right) Angela Banfield, Kim Dobias,         remember and honour victims of impaired         members are all quite aware of the impaired       Nine
                                                                                                             High School
                                                                                                          Program Sponsors

       Chapter Notebook
                                                        Scotia and Prince Edward Island, allowing        Title Sponsor
                                                        thousands of students in grades 7 to 12 to see   Allstate Insurance
                                                        this high impact presentation.                      Company of Canada

                                                        Chapters in the Atlantic Region recently         National Sponsor
                                                        participated in memorial events in their         General Motors
                                                        local communities. Several have held               of Canada Ltd.
                                                        a Candlelight Vigil including MADD
                                                        Yarmouth County Chapter, MADD                    Official Sponsors
                                                        Greater Fredericton Area Chapter and             #TAXI
                                                        MADD East Prince County Chapter.
       driving problem when driving off road. A                                                          CN
       commemorative plaque will remind all ATV         MADD Guysborough County Chapter
       enthusiasts how important remaining sober                                                         RBC Foundation
                                                        organized a Memorial Walk and participants
       is while they enjoy their favourite pastime,     carried candles through the Town of Canso
       as well as honour all victims of impaired                                                         Provincial Sponsors
                                                        in honour and memory of those who have           Alberta Community Spirit Program
       driving that were killed or injured on our       been affected by an impaired driving death
       roads, our waterways and our trails.             or injury. MADD East Prince County               Government of British Columbia
                                                        Chapter also invited the public to a
       Thanks to a partnership with Loto-Québec,        Dedication and Tree Planting Ceremony in         LCBO
       more than 70,000 Lotomatique subscription        the local Children’s Memorial Gardens.
       leaflets have been distributed in local papers                                                     Manitoba Public
       in 4 important regions of Quebec. As part        MADD Atlantic Chapters have once again             Insurance
       of our agreement with Loto-Quebec, any           participated in a successful Regional
       individual who chooses to subscribe to                                                            NB Liquor
                                                        Conference. With the theme MADD -
       Lotomatique using one of these leaflets will be   Your Safe Harbour, the conference was
       supporting our organization as Loto-Québec                                                        Corporate Sponsors
                                                        hosted by MADD Lunenburg-Queens                  ARC Energy Trust
       will pay MADD Canada a commission                Chapter at Oak Island Inn and Resort in
       for any new or renewed subscription.             the picturesque Mahone Bay area of Nova          Husky Energy
       Furthermore, if anyone subscribing to the        Scotia. Approximately 75 delegates attended
       Lotomatique through MADD Canada were                                                              MJM Productions
                                                        the weekend workshops on victim services,
       to win a large prize, an amount equivalent to    volunteer development, public policy and         Winners Merchants
       1% of the large prize money will be donated      fundraising. During the conference, a very         International
       to MADD Canada.                                  meaningful Candlelight Vigil was held on
                                                        the Saturday evening giving delegates an         Corporate Supporter
                                                        opportunity to pay tribute and respect to        ConocoPhillips Canada
       In the Atlantic…
       _________________________________                those who have been injured or killed in an
                                                        impaired driving crash.                          Community Sponsors
                                                                                                         Alberta Traffic
                                                                                                            Safety Fund
                                                                                                         American Eagle Outfitters Foundation
                                                                                                         Government of Newfoundland
                                                                                                           and Labrador
                                                                                                         MacMurray Foundation
                                                                                                         Prince Edward Island Liquor
                                                                                                            Control Commission
                                                                                                         Saskatchewan Liquor and
                                                        As Chapters prepare for festivals, parades          Gaming Control
       MADD Labrador West Chapter donated               and summer fairs, many volunteers will be
       a ski-doo, complete with MADD Canada             seen at community events across the Atlantic     SaskTel TelCare
       messaging and logos, to the Royal                Region, throughout July and August, with
       Newfoundland Constabulary to assist in                                                            Vale Inco
                                                        their new MADD Huts, Campaign 911
       their winter patrolling.                         banners, table top displays and Victim
                                                        Memorial Walls. They will be handing
                                                                                                         Vehicle Sponsor
       The Multi-Media production Wasted                                                                 Discount Car and
                                                        out red ribbons and other MADD Canada
Page   completed an extensive tour of junior and        materials and asking everyone to “Drive
                                                                                                            Truck Rentals Ltd.

 Ten   senior high schools in New Brunswick, Nova       Sober and Drive Safe”.
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Donate Your Vehicle to Car Heaven and Support MADD Canada
Each year in Canada, approximately 500,000 vehicles are declared          To donate your car or obtain more information please call 1-866-
no longer fit for the road for reasons such as failed emissions            535-7312 or visit the Car Heaven website at
testing or accidents. We may recycle our glass and plastic but most       Please identify MADD Canada as your charity of choice when
of us never think about recycling our cars.                               completing the donor form.

Car Heaven offers car owners a convenient and cost-effective way          Car Heaven is an initiative of Summerhill Impact and Canada’s
to retire their old, high-polluting cars. The vehicle is towed for free   largest vehicle recycling program for charity.
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         support to victims of impaired driving. Together, we will stop impaired driving, save lives and prevent injuries.

         Platinum $10,000 +                             Individual Leadership Gifts                   Bronze
         Car Heaven                                                                                   Alison Prentice
         Department of Justice Canada                   Platinum                                      Ari & Deanna Joffe
         Ministry of Transportation Ontario             Karel and Yoka ter Brugge                     Denise and Bruce Knight
         The Ontario Trillium Foundation                Professor Robert Solomon and                  June Clarke
         Transport Canada                                 Dr. Barbara Lent                            Jeanine Moore
         Wild Rose Foundation                                                                         Linda Patchell
                                                        Silver                                        Marjory LeBreton
         Gold $5,000 +                                  Carolyn Swinson                               Mary White
         Agency 59                                      Hugh Kelly                                    Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Benoit
         Giant Tiger                                    James Stanford                                Shirley Grant
         The Responsive Marketing Group Inc.            Jim Waters
                                                        Michael Adelson
         Silver $1,000 +
         Caring Hands Publishing
         Miller Memorial Foundation
         The Birks Family Foundation

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