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					                                 Utility Cart

High style, compact size works
well in any academic setting.

Locking cabinet conceals and
secures materials.

Sliding top drawer keeps small
items hidden but handy.
Rubbermaid’s Utility Cart Keeps The Pace With Style.

   Today’s workplace is very                                200 lb. (90.7 kg)                   All plastic construction is        Ergonomically
different than yesteryear’s or even                         capacity accommodates               durable and easy to clean.         designed
yesterday’s. Workspaces aren’t                              full load.                                                             handles are
always stationary or even defined.                                                                                                 easy to grip.
Academic, healthcare, and business
professionals move from room to
room with their tools and materials.
Classes and conferences can be
                                                                                                                                      Sliding drawer
held in large multi-purpose areas or
                                                                                                                                      stores small
small, isolated rooms. Instructors
and speakers must be mobile and
able to adapt to ill-equipped areas.
   Rubbermaid’s Utility Cart is a great
solution for on-the-go environments.
The sturdy top shelf accommodates
audiovisual or technical equipment
while the sliding drawer holds                                                                                                     Sleek
smaller tools. Locking cabinet doors                                                                                               appearance
keep extra supplies concealed and                                                                                                  blends with any
secured. Ergonomic handles on                                                                                                      environment.
each end of the cart and 4" (10.2 cm)
non-skid swivel casters ensure
quiet, trouble-free maneuverability                                                                                             Quiet 4" (10.2 cm)
between rooms, in halls, and                                                                                                    swivel casters are
through doorways.                                                                                                               non- marking.
   Made of all-plastic construction,
the Utility Cart is durable, easy to
clean, and resists corrosion and                                                                Cabinet area with lockable doors
dents. Molded-in color, smooth                                                                  conceals and secures contents.
contours, and contemporary styling
keep the cart looking fresh and help
enhance the image of any facility.                          Other Rubbermaid® Utility Carts and Accessories
   Practical and versatile,
Rubbermaid’s Utility Cart moves
from classroom to boardroom
with style.

                                                               3421                                    3424-88                     3353-88
                                                                    Utility Cart
  Item No.      Description                                        Dimensions                                Capacity         Color              Pack
  3457          Utility Cart w/Lockable Doors, Sliding             33 5/8" l x 18 5/8" w x 37 3/4" h         200 lb.          Black              1
                Drawer and 4" dia (10.2 cm) Swivel Casters         (85.4 cm x 47.3 cm x 95.9 cm)
  3458          Utility Cart Back Panel and Door Kit,                                                                         Black              1
                fits 3421, 3457
  3459          Utility Cart Sliding Drawer Kit,                                                                              Black              1
                fits 3421, 3424-88, 3457
  3421          Utility Cart with 3" dia (7.6 cm)                  33 5/8" l x 18 5/8" w x 36 5/8" h         150 lb.          Black              1
                Swivel Casters and End Panels                      85.4 cm x 47.3 cm x 93 cm                                  Platinum
  3424-88       Utility Cart with 4" dia (10.2 cm) Swivel          33 5/8" l x 18 5/8" w x 37 3/4" h         200 lb.          Black, Off White   1
                Casters, Brushed Aluminum Uprights                 85.4 cm x 47.3 cm x 95.9 cm                                Platinum
  3353-88       Refuse Bin fits 3457 Utility Cart,                 22" h x 17" w x 12" d                                      Black              2
                3421, 3424-88                                      (55.9 cm x 43.2 cm x 30.5 cm)
  3354-88       Utility Bin fits 3457 Utility Cart,                10 1/2" h x 17" w x 12 1/8" d                              Black              2
                3421, 3424-88                                      (26.7 cm x 43.2 cm x 30.8 cm)

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