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									                                          CAMPUS PARTNERS

                     U P D AT E
 Campus Partners
 Winston-Salem, NC                                                                              September 30, 2004


    Perkins Funding Update                           DocumentDirect Update                       Holiday Schedule
    Borrower Privacy Update                          Disaster Recovery Test                      Columbus Day
    Master Promissory Note Update                    Training Update                             Monday, Oct. 11
    Education Department Update                      Regional Meetings
    Loan Consolidation Update                        Conference Schedule                         (On-line Systems
                                                                                                 will be available
    Archive Update                                   Cutoff Dates
                                                                                                 during normally
    Payment Code Enhancement                         How to Join COHEAO                          scheduled hours.)
    New Products Update

                                     Inside Campus Partners
                                          Barbara Joyce
                                      Accounting Supervisor
                         E-mail your School Relations Coordinator if you would like to
                 receive an e-mail reminder each month when the newest Update is available.

Keep Those Letters Coming!                                                                               PERKINS
Campus Partners would like to extend a huge “Thank you” to those of you who have                         FUNDING
contacted your congressman or senator. Although we are not out of the woods yet, we feel                  UPDATE
confident that your letters and phone calls have been instrumental in letting them know how
important Perkins Loan funding is. Based on additional news from COHEAO, the Senate
Appropriations Committee marked-up the FY2005 Labor, Health and Human Services
and Education appropriations bill during the week of September 15, 2004. The full commit-
tee approved the subcommittee’s decision to fund the Perkins Loan Federal Capital Contri-
bution and Loan Cancellations at FY2004 levels. This will mean that for FY2005, the
Perkins Loan Program will receive $98.8 million for the Perkins Loan Federal Capital
Contribution and $66.7 million for Loan Cancellations. At this point, there is no information
on when the appropriations bill will be brought to the Senate floor for debate.

During the week of September 6, the House passed its FY2005 Labor, Heath and Human
Services, and Education bill, which does not fund the Capital Contribution.

So keep those phone calls and letters coming to ensure that the Perkins Loan Program
continues to receive funding in FY2005 and beyond. Want to learn more about COHEAO?
Please see this month’s “How To” for information on joining this vital organization.
 Page 2

BORROWER                             New Billing Number Using RAAN Implemented
PRIVACY UPDATE                       As we previously published, Campus Partners has been working to develop and
                                     implement a new billing number that will help protect your borrowers from privacy
                                     theft. We are pleased to announce that we are now using a Randomly Assigned
                                     Account Number (RAAN) as your borrowers’ account number.

                                     On September 23, 2004, we began printing the RAAN on correspondence sent from
                                     our office to your borrowers. Prior to using the RAAN, a borrower’s 16-digit
                                     account number appeared as follows on all correspondence and statements:

                                                System Number – (5 digit number that identifies the lender)
                                                Borrower Number – (9-digit number that usually was the borrower’s social
                                                security number)
                                                Consolidation Number – (the number that references the loan(s) contained
                                                within the correspondence or statement).

                                     With the implementation of the RAAN number, account numbers now appear in this

                                                 System Number – RAAN–Consolidation number.

                                     Please note that we only changed the middle nine-digits of the borrower
                                     account number.

                                     Because many of our customers use the social security number as the Loan Number,
                                     we will stop printing the Loan Number on any written communication sent to the
                                     borrower. We will continue to print the Program Number and Sequence Number.
                                     Our Exit Packages, E-Exits, and On-line Disclosures have been changed to accom-
                                     modate new state or federal privacy laws by removing the borrowers’ social security
                                     number, changing the account number to use the RAAN number, and removing the
                                     loan number.

                                        E-mail Directory for Campus Partners
                                Management, School Relations, and Customer Service Staff

                     Note: Effective 6/1/04, our e-mail addresses changed to

Customer Service                                                       Borrower Services (Continued)
Daisy Bass, Cust. Service Director:           Wallace Grooms, Alternative Loan Svr.:
Joel Cofer, Customer Service Rep.:           Patrick Roberson, Borrower Ser. Svr.:
Wendy Cox, Customer Service Rep.:
Sharal Duncan, Cust. Svc. Rep.:             Campus Relations and Product Development
Terry Gaither, Cust. Svc. Team Lead:       Beth Bealle, VP Campus Relations & Prod. Dev.:
Torium Matthews, Cust. Svc. Rep.:         Sharon Cameron, Audit/Compliance Spec.:
                                                                       LaShonda Hairston, School Relations Coord.:
Customer Support                                                       Lisa Koniuto, School Rel./Contracts/Audit
Charles Parker, Customer Support Dir.:      Will Shaw, School Relations Coord.:
Paula Hall, Payment Processing Svr.:          Andrea Thompson, School Relations Coord.:
Barbara Joyce, Accounts Rec. Supervisor:     Carolyn Williams, Documentation Svr:
Kathy Riddle,Transaction Processing Mgr.:
Borrower Services                                                      John Elliott, Information Technology Dir.:
Lando Little, Borrower Services Dir:        Jeff Smejkal, Network and Sec. Adm. Mgr.:
Debra Adams, Call Center Manager.:           Judy Smith, Information Technologies Mgr.:
Mark Bondurant, Alternative Loan Mgr:
                                                                       Corporate Web Site:

09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                                               Continued on next page
                                                                                                         Page 3

 The goal of Campus Partners has been to implement a new way of identifying your             BORROWER
 borrowers that would protect their social security number with minimal impact on               PRIVACY
 customers, lenders, and borrowers. In order to do this we programmed the RAAN                   UPDATE
 number and the Borrower number (the middle nine digits of the account number) to             (Continued)
 be interchangeable. If a borrower tries to register on, they can
 use their old account number or their new RAAN-based account number. The
 system has been programmed to find the borrower regardless of the number that is
 used. Borrowers will also be able to obtain information from the IVR by using either
 account number.

 We have enhanced our search feature so that you can use either the borrower
 number or the new RAAN number in the Borrower number/Account number field to
 locate the borrower on System III or System 3i. The System 3i Web site will reflect
 the account number as System-RAAN-Consolidation. You and your borrowers can
 use either the old or new account number, when sending correspondence to our
 office. (Please see the article below for a related article concerning borrower pri-

 Compliance With Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
 Due to heightened awareness of identity theft and privacy concerns, Campus Part-
 ners is dedicated to an on-going review of our policies and procedures. We want to
 ensure that we are protecting the loan information on our system for you and your
 borrowers. With respect to communicating with third parties, the Fair Debt Collec-
 tion Practices Act indicates that no loan information should be disclosed to a third
 party without consent from the borrower. The only exceptions are:

 •   You, as the lending institution
 •   Specific individuals identified on a Federal Perkins Privacy Act Waiver signed by
     the borrower
 •   Co-signers
 •   Attorneys representing the borrower – we will ask for a written request on the
     firm’s letterhead
 •   Parents if the borrower is 18 years or younger

 Campus Partners has a Federal Perkins Privacy Act Waiver QuikLetter available for
 you to send to your borrowers if you have access to System III, our on-line process-
 ing system. Borrowers can send us the Waiver so we can discuss their loan with the
 individuals that they designate. We will continue to look for ways to better serve you
 and your borrowers.

 Mandatory Date for New Master Promissory Note Approaches                                       MASTER
 Although use of the new Master Prom Note (MPN) is not mandatory until Novem-                PROM NOTE
 ber 1, 2004, many of you are already implementing the new MPN with your fall                   UPDATE
 disbursements. Campus Partners previously published a Question and Answer
 Guide on our Web site that you may find helpful. There are also important links at
 the end of this Q & A that allow you to view the MPN in addition to the Dear
 Colleague Letter that provides guidance on implementing the new note. To view
 this important information, go to
09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                              Continued on other side
Page 4
EDUCATION                      Reminder – Guidance For Those Impacted by Recent Disasters
DEPARTMENT                     An electronic announcement from the Department of Education (ED) reminds their
UPDATE                         partners of previously published general guidance regarding Title IV participants affected
                               by disasters. GEN-04-04, published on February 24, 2004, provides regulatory and
                               administrative relief to lessen the impact of a federally declared disaster on students,
                               schools, lenders, and guaranty agencies. Because of the extreme damage and wide
                               spread damage caused by recent hurricanes, this guidance will be of interest to many of
                               our customers. You can find this guidance at

                               Information on the Default Reduction Assistance Program
                               ED recently published Dear Colleague Letter CB-04-11 that provides information, in a
                               question-and-answer format, on the Default Reduction Assistance Program available to
                               assist schools in collecting on defaulted Federal Perkins Loans. This is a free service, so
                               you may want to check it out at

                               2004-2005 Supplemental Campus-Based Awards Q & A
                               The 2004-2005 supplemental campus-based awards will be distributed this month to
                               schools that met the required conditions for receipt of such funds. Dear Colleague
                               Letter CB-04-10 provides information on the supplemental award process for the
                               2004-2005 award year in a Question and Answer format. The questions address notifi-
                               cation and distribution of funds for the Perkins Loan, FSEOG, and FWS programs.
                               More information is available at

                               FSA Coach Training Course Now Available
                               In a recent announcement, ED announced that the 2004-05 Edition of FSA COACH is
                               now available on the Web. The 36-lesson course is a comprehensive introduction to Title
                               IV student aid management that offers around 40 hours of self-paced, on-line training.
                               This is a great tool for you to use in training new staff. Check it out at

LOAN                           Perkins Loans and Federal Student Loan Consolidation
CONSOLIDATION                  Federal student loan consolidation has become very popular as a way for borrowers to
UPDATE                         lock in extraordinary low interest rates. Fixed rates in the 3%-4% range are not uncom-
                               mon. In recent years, Perkins loans have played an increasingly important role in loan
                               consolidation as a way to enable borrowers to choose their lenders, regardless of the
                               owners of their loans. And, consolidation helps Perkins lenders replenish loan funds, as
                               proceeds are returned to schools to lend to other students.

                               Locking in Today’s Low Rates
                               Up until recent years, it was not uncommon for borrowers to leave Perkins loans out of
                               their consolidation loans. With their low balances, low interest rates and cancellation
                               provisions, it often behooved the borrower to repay them separately. (The loan consoli-
                               dation interest rate is arrived at by taking the weighted average interest rate of the loans
                               selected for consolidation and rounding to the nearest 1/8%.) Now that Stafford rates
                               have fallen even lower than the 5% Perkins interest rate, more borrowers are including
                               their Perkins loans in their consolidation loans to help lock in today’s low rates on all their
                               eligible loans. And there is another important benefit to including them as well.

09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                           Continued on next page
                                                                                                                   Page 5
Freedom to Choose a Consolidation Lender                                                                  LOAN
Perkins loans have been used in consolidation in recent years to circumvent what is called      CONSOLIDATION
the “single lender rule” which specifies that borrowers who have borrowed from the same                UPDATE
Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) lender must first seek consolidation from that                 (Continued)
lender. In the case where a borrower has only a Perkins loan and Stafford loans owned
by a single FFEL lender, for example, a consolidation lender can consolidate the Perkins
loan first to create a FFEL consolidation loan. Therefore, the borrower has two FFEL
loans, and his loans no longer fall under the single lender rule for the purposes of consoli-
dation. Throughout the industry, this is called a “two-step consolidation.”

In the past, two-step consolidations have represented as much as a quarter of consolida-
tion lenders’ total loan volume. But, there is concern, especially among Perkins schools
and servicers, that consolidation lenders may not be aware of the forgiveness provisions
available to certain Perkins borrowers, and may not provide borrowers with the counsel-
ing they require to make a sound financial decision.

Loan Counseling Opportunity
Campus Partners’ sister company and loan consolidator, Student Trust is committed to
providing Perkins borrowers the very best advice and counsel, to ensure that their financial
interests are always in the forefront. Student Trust will either suggest inclusion of a
Perkins loan or exclusion, if it appears the borrowers’ cancellation benefits may be at risk.

Loan consolidation in today’s interest rate environment is a win-win for graduating stu-
dents; however, they are being inundated with offers from lenders who may not have
graduates’ financial interests at heart. That is why Student Trust offers a Loan Counseling
Program whereby they contact your borrowers, educate them about loan consolidation
and help them make the best choice for them. This service is free to you and your bor-
rowers, and benefits you in another important way. As Perkins loans are paid in full
through consolidation, the proceeds are returned directly to your Perkins loan fund to lend
again to needy students.

To join the Student Trust Loan Counseling Program, sign the attached form and fax it to

        ATTACHMENT: Student Trust Loan Consolidation Authorization Form

Archive Criteria and Reminder                                                                             ARCHIVE
We will archive loans meeting the following criteria on the weekend of October 23, 2004.                   UPDATE
       1. In loan status 91(disability cancellation), 92 (bankruptcy cancellation), or 96
          (death cancellation) if the reprocessing date, paid-out date and the last
          monetary activity date are all over two years in the past.
       2. In loan status 94 (automatic write-off) or 95 (manual write-off) if the repro-
          cessing date, paid-out date, and the last monetary date are all over five years
          in the past.
       3. In loan status 90 (paid-in-full) if the reprocessing date, paid-out date, and the
          last monetary date are all over twenty-four months in the past.
       4. All year to date paid fields are equal to zero.
       5. Calendar year interest paid is equal to zero.
09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                     Continued on other side
Page 6
ARCHIVE                           6. Calendar Year Capitalized Balance Paid must equal 0.00 before a loan can be
UPDATE                               archived.
(Continued)                       7. TRA Prior Year Interest Paid must equal 0.00 before a loan can be archived.
                                  8. Prior Year Interest Paid must equal 0.00 before a loan can be archived.

                           Note: Loans are archived at the borrower level. Therefore, all loans for a borrower must
                           meet the above criteria before any loans for that borrower are archived. This includes loans
                           that a borrower has with different lenders or loans that a borrower has with the same

PAYMENT CODE               Loan Consolidation Payment Code
ENHANCEMENT                Beginning in October, a new payment source code ‘H’ will be available to use in posting
                           Loan Consolidation payments to your loans. To ensure that your Loan Consolidation
                           payments are properly coded with the new ‘H’ source code, please report them to Campus
                           Partners on a separate “Payment Transmittal – Itemized by Loan.’ Reporting consolidation
                           payments separately and not intermingled with your ‘regular’ borrower payments will help
                           ensure correct reporting of payments.

                           The new source code will also be reflected on the Cash Activity, Transactions and
                           Adjustments Journal, and Monetary Transaction by Fund Issue reports. This new
                           source code will allow you to isolate these specialized payments on the reports and can be
                           used as a sort/selection option for report data downloaded from eXpressReports.

                           Please contact your customer service representative if you have any questions regarding the
                           use of this new payment source code.

NEW PRODUCTS New Products Update
UPDATE       Since March of this year, Campus Partners has undertaken a very aggressive product
             development schedule. We are happy to say that we released all these products-Cohort
             Right Track, E-Bill, eXpressReports, iPROMise, and E-Exit on time, as scheduled.

                           We also are on schedule for the beta launch of myReports, our new reports on demand
                           tool, at the end of October. This product, with its easy to use interface, will allow you to
                           create customized reports on your terms. Please see the attached Fact Sheet, which pro-
                           vides more details on myReports.

                           We are already enhancing our products to better meet your needs. Our thanks go to our
                           customers who helped test these products and made recommendations for future enhance-
                           ments. If you would like more information about any of our products or have any sugges-
                           tions, please contact your School Relations Coordinator.

                                                   ATTACHMENT: myReports Fact Sheet

DOCUMENT                   DocumentDirect to be Discontinued
DIRECT                     As we announced in the August Campus Partners Update, we are discontinuing access to
UPDATE                     DocumentDirect on October 15, 2004. Most customers have already transitioned to
                           eXpressReports, our new report tool, because it is so easy to use. We are also releasing
                           myReports this fall, which will be another powerful tool for report generation. (Please see
                           the article above for more information on myReports.)
09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                        Continued on next page
                                                                                                                                      Page 7
If you already have a DocumentDirect ID and password, you can get started using eX-                               DOCUMENTDIRECT
pressReports today. Just click on the eXpressReports icon on the home page of                                            UPDATE, and you are ready to go. A link to eXpressReports documentation
also is available on the eXpressReports log in page. If you have questions about eXpress-
Reports, please contact our Help Desk at 1-800-458-4492 ext. 2111.

Whirl Wind of Activity                                                                                                      DISASTER
It is that time of year when names are thrown around in the media. No, I do not mean                                       RECOVERY
George or John. I mean Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, and others. These                                                TEST
hurricanes have hit the East Coast, just this year. If you have been watching the news,
particularly the weather, you realize what damage these storms can cause. Although our
office is located hundreds of miles inland, we can still feel the impact of these storms if high
winds and torrential rains cause loss of power due to downed trees. This is another reason
why we performed a disaster recovery test on August 25 through August 26 to make sure
that we are ready for any catastrophe, no matter which way the wind is blowing. We were
successful in recovering our systems while continuing to provide you with the level of
service you have come to expect. These tests are part of our ongoing commitment to
maintain reliable, effective processing services.

Teleconference Interval Training: Student Loans from A-Z                                                                      TRAINING
Thinking about participating in one of our teleconferences, but don’t know how to sign up?                                     UPDATE
Just e-mail Debra Pitts at at least three days before the
scheduled teleconference to register. She will notify you of the telephone number that you
need to call in a return e-mail. It’s free and is well worth your time to learn more about
different aspects of servicing student loans.

All of our sessions are important and informative, but you will be especially interested in
participating in the November 8 session on E-Exit, our new online Exit Counseling product.

        October 4, 2004                                                      2:00 PM ET
        10 Things to Know about Student Loans

        November 8, 2004                                                     2:00 PM ET

        December 13, 2004                              2:00 PM ET
        What are Perkins Loans and How Campus Partners Can Help

Last Call for Student Loans 202!
Students Loans 202, our workshop for more experienced student loan administrators, will
be offered for the final time this year on October 7-8 in Winston-Salem. If you are inter-
ested in registering for the workshop, please contact Debra Pitts at 1-800-458-4492, ext.
2272 or via e-mail at Forms for the workshop are attached
and are also available on-line at

                ATTACHMENT: Workshop Flyer & Registration Form
The mission of Campus Partners is to become the leading lender-independent transaction processor in the education financial services
industry. By providing high quality technology and premier service to our customers, we will deliver exceptional, outsourced services to
institutions of higher education at costs below internal options.
09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                                        Continued on other side
Page 8
REGIONAL                   Regional Meetings
MEETINGS                   We have four more regional meetings scheduled for the end of the year. Attending these
                           meetings is a great way to learn about our new products and share your thoughts and
                           opinions with our staff and other student loan administrators.
                                     Nebraska              October 19    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
                                     Arizona               October 26    Arizona State University
                                     Northern California   October 18    CSU-Sacramento
                                     Southern California   October 22    CSU-Fullerton

CONFERENCE                 Conference Schedule-See You There!
SCHEDULE                   PDG will present its 25th National Student Loan/Receivables Collection Conference
                           at East and West coast locations. The East Coast Conference will be held October 3-6
                           at the Registry Resort and Club in Naples, FL. The PDG West Coast Conference will
                           be held on November 7-10 at Harvey’s Resort and Casino in Lake Tahoe, NV. More
                           information about both conferences is available at

                           The 2004 Texas Bursars and University Cashier’s Conference (Texas BUC$) will
                           be held on October 17-20 at the Embassy Suites-Love Field in Dallas, TX. The telephone
                           number for the hotel is 214-357-4500.

                           The Minnesota Collection Network Mega Conference XII will be held October 25-
                           27, 2004 at the Sheraton Bloomington in Bloomington, MN. The telephone number for the
                           hotel is 952-835-7800. Information about the conference is available at

CUTOFF DATES               Cutoff Dates
                           Cutoff dates for October and November 2004 are listed below. Cutoff dates for 2005
                           appear on the next page.

                               Transaction          October       November
                               Last day to receive 10/26/2004     11/19/2004
                               collection payments

                               Last day to receive   10/27/2004   11/22/2004
                               regular payments
                               Last day for online   10/29/2004   11/26/2004
                               Date final post       10/29/2004   11/26/2004
                               Report date used      10/31/2004   11/30/2004
                               for final post
                               Last day deposits     10/29/2004   11/26/2004
                               created for deposit
                               to bank account

09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                    Continued on next page
Cutoff Dates for 2005                                                                                            CUTOFF DATES
 Month          Last day to    Last Day to    Last day for Date final       Report date    Last day
                receive        receive        on-line      post begins      used for       deposits
                collection     regular        payments                      final post     created for
                payments       payments                                                    deposit to

                12/28/04       12/29/04       12/31/04       12/31/04       12/31/04       12/31/04

                01/25/05       01/26/05       01/28/05       01/28/05       01/31/05       01/28/05

                02/22/05       02/23/05       02/25/05       02/25/05       02/28/05       02/25/05

                03/28/05       03/29/05       04/01/05       04/01/05       03/31/05       03/31/05

 April 2005     04/26/05       04/27/05       04/29/05       04/29/05       04/30/05       04/29/05

 May 2005       05/24/05       05/25/05       05/27/05       05/27/05       05/31/05       05/27/05

 June 2005      06/27/05       06/28/05       07/01/05       07/01/05       06/30/05       06/30/05

 July 2005      07/26/05       07/27/05       07/29/05       07/29/05       07/31/05       07/29/05

                08/26/05       08/29/05       09/02/05       09/02/05       08/31/05       08/31/05

                09/27/05       09/28/05       9/30/05        9/30/05        09/30/05       09/30/05

                10/25/05       10/26/05       10/28/05       10/28/05       10/31/05       10/28/05

                11/23/05       11/28/05       12/02/05       12/02/05       11/30/05       11/30/05

                12/27/05       12/28/05       12/30/05       12/30/05       12/31/05       12/30/05

                01/24/06       01/25/06       01/27/06       01/27/06       01/31/06       01/27/06

 The Campus Partners Update, a newsletter for our customers, is published monthly by Campus Partners in Winston-Salem, NC. Editor:
 Carolyn Williams. Legislative and Regulatory Editor: Sharon Cameron. Contributors this issue: Beth Bealle, Will Shaw, LaShonda Hairston,
 Lisa King, and Andrea Thompson, Tammy Gupton, Sheryl Shoaf, Sharon Swaim, and Charles Parker. NOTE: This publication contains
 material related to the interpretation of federal rules and regulations of the Title IV Program of the Higher Education Act. While Campus
 Partners believes the information contained herein is accurate and factual, this publication has not been reviewed or approved by the US
 Department of Education. Please consult the Department of Education or your legal counsel with questions or concerns. Please send any
 correspondence to the Communications Department, Campus Partners, PO Box 3176, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-3176 or directly to Carolyn
 Williams, Editor, at
09-04 Campus Partners Update
          Student Trust Loan Consolidation Authorization Form

Please enroll my institution in the Student Trust Loan Counseling Program.

Name of Institution

_______________________________________________                 __________________
Signature                                                       Date

09-04 Campus Partners Update

  In Fall of 2004, Campus Partners will launch myReports, a tool which will allow you to create
  customized reports. With on-demand reports, you will be able to select search criteria to generate
  the reports that you need when you need them. An easy to use interface on System 3i, our
  interactive Web site for customers, will make report generation a breeze.

  We are creating myReports in response to the needs of our customers. Our Product Development
  team will work with customers to design and develop product features and functions.

  myReports Highlights:
         •       Up-to-Date Data--Data will be available for query as of the end of the prior business

         •       Security Features--The data will be secured in the same manner as data accessed via
                 System 3i.

         •       Standard Customized Reports--We will create a group of standard customized
                 reports, based on information commonly requested by customers. Sort
                 options will be available for the creation of these standard reports.

         •       Completely Customized Reports--If you want to create reports that are specific to
                 your school, more sort options will be available. Sort criteria includes choice of
                 alpha or numeric sort, the ability to specify data qualifiers (such as number of days
                 past due greater than x), and the format of the report output.

         •       View, Print, and Archive Customized Reports--Your saved reports will be stored in
                 a library that you can access as needed. Some maximum storage limits will apply.

         •       Automated or As Needed Report Creation--Standard and saved custom reports can
                 be produced on demand or scheduled to automatically produce on a routine basis.

         •       Training and Consultation-- As with all our products, our School Relations staff will
                 provide training and consultation on this new product.

For more information on myReports, please contact Campus Partners.

             Campus Partners
             2400 Reynolda Road                                     (800) 458-4492, ext. 2270
             Winston-Salem, NC 27106                      

                                        Student Loans 202
                                            Training for Experienced
                                          Student Loan Administrators*
                                       *Administrators with more than 2 years experience

                        When:                       October 7-8, 2004

                        Where:                      Campus Partners
                                                    Reynolda Business Center
                                                    2400 Reynolda Road
                                                    Winston-Salem, NC 27106

                        Fees:                       $100 per person for the two-day workshop

                        Provided:                   Lunch and Training Materials

                        Lodging:                    Courtyard by Marriott
                                                    (336) 727-1277
                                                    (Call for rates)

                        Deadline:                  September 30, 2004

                        All registration fees are per person. Campus Partners cannot guarantee a refund of registration fees for
                        any cancellations made after 9/30/04. Late registrations received after 9/30/04 will be charged a late
                        registration fee of $10 per person. Registrations received in the final week before the workshop will be
                        accepted based on available space.

                                              What’s happening in Winston-Salem?

                               Visit the Winston-Salem Convention and Visitors’ Bureau at

09-04 Campus Partners Update                                                                                                       See other side
                                                Registration Form                                Student Loans 202
                                                Student Loans 202                                  October 7-8, 2004
                                                Winston-Salem, NC

Institution Name
Street Address
City                                                           State                   Zip

         TITLE                                                                                       TELEPHONE

                  $100 - Student Loans 202 - 10/07-08

         TITLE                                                                                       TELEPHONE

                  $100 - Student Loans 202 - 10/07-08

         TITLE                                                                                       TELEPHONE

                  $100 - Student Loans 202 - 10/07-08

                                                Registration Deadline:
                                                 September 30, 2004
After receiving your registration form, we will send you a confirmation, hotel and workshop locations, directions, and program
information. We cannot guarantee a refund of fees for registrations made less than 14 days before the workshop or
cancellations made less than five business days from the workshop

         Registration fee enclosed                      Registration fee mailed separately to address below

Signature X

 School Relations Assistant                                                                           Questions?
 Campus Partners                                                                               (800) 458-4492 Ext. 2272
 P.O. Box 3176                                                                                    fax (336) 607-2025
 Winston-Salem, NC 27102-3176

9-04 Campus Partners Update
                                                                     Join COHEAO
                                                                   COHEAO is the Coalition of Higher Education
                                                                   Assistance Organizations. With a partnership of
                                                                   over 300 educational and commercial members,
                                                                   they promote access to post secondary education.
                                                                   The focus of COHEAO is on legislative and regula-
                                                                   tory advocacy for Federal Perkins and other cam-
                                                                   pus-based student loan programs.

 Why become a member?

 COHEAO provides their members with a very informative Web site. Members are provided easy access to industry and
 regulatory updates, seminar information, training and much more. COHEAO hosts two major conferences each year. The
 Annual Meeting is held in Washington DC in January, while the Mid-Year Meeting changes sites
 around the country. Members of Congress, and representatives from the Department of Educa-
 tion and Health and Human Services participate in these meetings.

 COHEAO also sponsors workshops throughout the country on a wide range of topics. These
 workshops are open to the education community, and specialists and experts are often invited to
 participate. Past workshops have covered institutional refund policies, the administration of
 financial aid programs, and analysis of important legislative developments. Additional focus
 groups, task forces and conferences have addressed concerns related to the Perkins Loan,
 Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Student Loan, and other various loan and grant programs.

 How can I make a difference?

 In addition to the above interests, COHEAO is currently involved with several specific issues. For example, COHEAO
 strongly supports the position that the Perkins Loan program is one of the most cost-effective means of providing access to
 postsecondary education for low-income students. The program, when properly administered, is a most appropriate and
 effective use of government funds, especially since it can be self-sustaining. I’m sure you have read in our Update that
 there is a constant threat of discontinued funding of the Federal Perkins program. COHEAO has been instrumental in their
 efforts to promote the preservation and improvement of the Perkins Loan program.

 How do I join?

 Each member organization may enroll one primary member and as many associate members as it desires. Only primary
 members may serve on the Board of Directors, but all members have the opportunity to participate in other COHEAO
 committees. You may enroll on line by following the steps below:

 •   Go to
 •   Click on the Applications tab
 •   Click on Primary Membership

 Sign up today and help make a difference!
09-04 Campus Partners Update
        Campus Partners                                                                      Barbara Joyce

                                    Barbara Joyce
                                   Accounting Supervisor

    Barbara Joyce, Accounting Supervisor for Campus Part-              Barbara Joyce:
ners, is the right woman for the right job at the right time.          “I am satisfied
She loves to research accounts, explore new methods of                 knowing that I have
performing processes, keep accounts balanced, and solve                done the best job
problems. She also likes to set up spreadsheets and data-              possible.”
bases to track our many sources of revenue. Fortunately for
us, those tasks coincide with our needs as we transition into
a freestanding company without a parent corporation to over-
see bookkeeping functions.
    Barbara is glad that the change is taking place because it
means our bills are paid faster and our customers’ questions
can be answered quicker. Instead of just relaying informa-
tion to a corporate accounting office, she can take care of
questions “then and there.” If research is needed, she
handles it immediately.
   In her role as Accounting Supervisor, her duties involve
many critical areas for our company. She is responsible for
establishing billing profiles for our customer accounts, up-
dating and maintaining billing templates, and verifying that               Her future goals are related to accounting and her job.
customers are invoiced correctly. She issues checks, rec-              In the short term, she is looking forward to implementing
onciles bank accounts, and reports and monitors our                    new accounting software to aid us as a stand-alone com-
company’s revenue.                                                     pany. In the long term, she would like to return to school to
     She supervises employees who are responsible for set-             obtain a Masters in Business Administration.
ting up and updating System III control/functional tables and              Right now, one of her biggest challenges is setting ac-
updating security levels for customers and internal users,             counting systems for all of our new products, which include
reconciliation analysis, and management and disbursement               iPROMise, E-Exits, and Cohort Right Track. Barbara agrees
of funds to customers. Her staff also performs accounts pay-           that this is a good problem to have because it means that
able, billing, and collections activities, in addition to the prepa-   we are growing as a business.
ration of general ledger entries.                                         Barbara was hired by Campus Partners eight years ago.
    With all her duties, she feels very fortunate that she has         She began her career as a Specialty Claims Analyst, and
such an experienced team. “They are all self-starters and              worked with bankruptcy, death and disability claims for guar-
very self-sufficient. They are highly competent in their re-           antors. She later worked in several other capacities in Alter-
sponsibilities and require minimal supervision. This allows            native Loans. In 1998, she transferred to accounts receiv-
me time to explore alternatives for performing and improving           able, where she worked as a Customer Service Represen-
processes,” Barbara explains. She also is grateful for the             tative/Collector. A few months later, she was promoted to
support provided by coworkers and managers such as Mark                supervisor of the unit. Before coming to our company, she
Bondurant, Kathy Riddle, and Charles Parker over the years.            worked as a staff accountant for a privately owed company.
    Aside from working with such a great team, she finds re-           She graduated from Pfeiffer University with a double major
searching and solving customers’ problems most rewarding.              in Economics and Business Administration.
She is also happy to know that because of her work, the                    Like many people who excel in math, Barbara also has
company can account for all revenue and expenditures. “I               an affinity for music. She plays the organ and piano at her
am satisfied knowing that I have done the best job possible,”          church and for recreation. She also enjoys playing soccer
Barbara states with confidence. She always treats custom-              and softball. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys reading text-
ers as she would like to be treated, and she lets this philoso-        books on business, as well as software manuals to better
phy guide her in her work. She will take time to explain billing       prepare herself for her job. With Barbara handling many of
statements to customers so it is easy for them to pay their bill       our accounting functions, we can count on our books being
without wondering if it is right.                                      balanced.
09-04 Campus Partners Update

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