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									                      Literacy                                          SEAL                                            Science
•   Listen to a range of traditional tales            •   Turn Taking Games
•   Use puppets to retell favourite traditional tales •   Circle time games                      •    Matching games linked to different types of
•   Role play activities                              •   Link story characters to different          houses
•   Sequencing pictures                                   emotions                               •    Looking at features of houses
•   picture lotto games                               •   Match emotion name to character        •    Handle a range of everyday objects
•   labeling characters from the story                    face                                   •    Group and sort materials in different ways
•   structure of stories                              •   Keeping safe at home and in school     •    Materials – investigate the strength of different
                                                      •   People who help us in school & in           materials.
                                                          the local community                    •    Keeping safe at home and in school
                                                     •    Stranger danger
             Topic Based Numeracy                                Traditional Tales                                         ICT
•   A range of number songs and rhymes                             Spring Term                   •    Matching and sorting games on the Interactive
•   Counting Games using a range of objects and                      Class 1                          White Board
    number lines                                                                                 •    Light up sensory toys
•   Sequencing and ordering story events                                                         •    Interactive stories on the computer
•   Following simple recipes                                                                     •    Becoming confident to switch on the computer
•   2d and 3d shapes                                                                                  and operate the roller ball mouse
•   naming and sorting colours
•   simple addition & subtraction

                         Art                                                                                        Dance & Drama
•   Collage Activities linked to houses and story                                                •    Drama games linked to animals
    characters                                                                                   •    Animal mime games
•   Naming and mixing colours                                                                    •    We’re going on a bear hunt
•   Describe textures                                                                            •    Retelling some traditional tales through dance
•   Making character masks                                                                            and role play
•   Make a forest collage using a range of natural                                               •    Dress up as people who help us in the
    materials                                                                                         community and take part in role play activities
•   Make gingerbread men and porridge from the                                                        and games
                        PE                                             Music                                                RE
                                                     •    Nursery Rhymes and traditional         •    Look at the different emotions in the story
•   Practice dressing and undressing for PE               songs                                  •    Use the mirror to model different faces
•   Link a range of movements to the different    •       Action songs                           •    Name and talk about family members and look
    stories and characters e.g. The big bad wolf, •       Explore a range of instruments to           at photographs
    the woodcutter                                        play during our singing                •    Look at books that are special to them and
•   We’re going on a bear hunt                    •       Clapping a simple rhythm                    others
•   Using a range of low climbing apparatus
•   Developing balancing and jumping skills

                      History                                                                                          Geography
•   Use of visual timetables to talk about what is                                               •    Name and label key features of a range of
    happening now and next                                                                            different houses
•   Retell simple stories in sequence                                                            •    Talk about the different settings in each story
•   Look at photographs in Record of                                                                  and look at a range of pictures & photographs
    Achievement from previous school years and                                                   •    Look at people who help us in our school and
    talk about changes                                                                                local community
•   Birthday celebrations                                                                        •    Look at where we find them e.g. police station,
•   Look at some toys and traditional games from                                                      fire station
    the past and compare them to the games and
    toys we play with

                    Trips / Visits                                       DT                                           Visitors to School
•   Walk around the local area to observe            •    Investigate, design, make and           •   Knowsley Performing Arts Service
    different houses                                      evaluate a home out of collage          •   Drama Groups
•   Local library to read stories                         materials for one of the three little   •   Library Service
•   Woodland walk                                         pigs                                    •   People who helps us in the community e.g.
                                                     •    Construction activities e.g. building a     police , fire officers
                                                          steady bridge for the Billy goats gruff
                                                     •    Bake gingerbread men
                                                     •    Make porridge

                                                          How you can help at home:
•   Read a range of traditional tales with your child
•   Sing a range of nursery rhymes with your child and look at the different toys they have at home
•   Visit the library and borrow story books
•   Use lego/ duplo to build a simple house
•   Talk to them about people who help us in our local community e.g. police, doctors, fire officers

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