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               in Renfrewshire
    Cllr Brian Lawson,
    Chair of Renfrewshire
    Fairtrade Steering Group

    I am delighted to welcome you to our third       2009 was another exciting and busy year
    Fairtrade Guide to Renfrewshire. I have been     for Fairtrade in Renfrewshire. We started
    involved in the Fairtrade movement for many      the year by celebrating our award of
    years and in mid-2009 I was privileged to        ‘Fairtrade Zone Status’ for Renfrewshire
    take over from Derek Mackay as Chair of          with a packed programme of activities
    the Renfrewshire Fairtrade Steering Group.       for Fairtrade Fortnight 2009, including
    Here in Renfrewshire there has been a long       hosting visits from three different Fairtrade
    standing tradition of fantastic support and      producers – bananas, tea and nuts!
    enthusiasm for Fairtrade. This has come          We spread our Fairtrade message to local
    from a variety of groups and individuals         communities during the summer of 2009
    of all different ages and backgrounds who        by visiting gala days and fetes across
    share a common desire to give third world        Renfrewshire encouraging people to learn
    producers a better deal. Many give up their      more about Fairtrade – I was really pleased to
    time to organise and volunteer at events,        meet so many people who were supporters
    have persuaded their colleagues and bosses       of Fairtrade and to experience first-hand the
    to support Fairtrade at work, or have started    goodwill that Renfrewshire’s residents felt
    local campaign groups to encourage others to     towards our campaign. Visiting these local
    become involved. Without these individuals,      events is already showing results with new
    groups and organisations, Renfrewshire           campaigns developing in Erskine, Houston
    would not have achieved Fairtrade status         and Renfrew. We’d really love to see more and
    and I would urge more community groups,          more towns and villages across Renfrewshire
    organisations and individuals to get involved.   take up the Fairtrade challenge – and we’re
                                                     here to help with advice and support.
                                                     Throughout 2009 Fairtrade was well and
                                                     truly woven into Renfrewshire life – with
                                                     Fairtrade bananas at Paisley’s 10K run, Paisley
                                                     Choral Festival becoming a Fairtrade Festival,
                                                     supporting Black History Month at the Taste
                                                     of Africa Event and even making sure people
                                                     coming to see Paisley’s Christmas Lights being
                                                     switched on could find out about Fairtrade.
                                                     This is reflected in the Provost’s Community
                                                     Awards which once again have included the
                                                     Spirit of Fairtrade category (sponsored by
                                                     the Piazza Shopping Centre) to recognise
                                                     Fairtrade champions across the county.

2   run
                                                what’s inside
                                                achievements in 2009                           4

Speaking of champions – Renfrewshire            our plans for fairtrade
had another Fairtrade first in 2009 – our       in 2010 and beyond                             8
first Fairtrade primary school! Houston         fairtrade focus on - business                 10
Primary and Nursery Class were awarded
the prestigious award in November 2009          fairtrade listings                            12
thanks to the fantastic efforts of pupils and   rainbow turtle                                15
teachers who worked together to achieve
a number of key goals. I really hope this
excellent example will encourage other
schools across the county to follow suit
and work towards Fairtrade status.
All our schools, churches, businesses and       I’m particularly pleased that in a difficult year
volunteers continue to work incredibly          for everyone’s finances that the people of
hard promoting Fairtrade and making             Renfrewshire have continued to show their
sure Renfrewshire is well-known as a            generosity and compassion by supporting
Fairtrade supporter. We will continue           Fairtrade – ensuring that farmers, producers
to encourage our partner organisations,         and their families receive a decent pay
local communities and colleagues across         for their hard work – and in doing so have
the public and private sector to play their     continued to empower the world’s most
part and ensure Renfrewshire remains as         vulnerable people to improve their own lives.
committed to supporting Fairtrade as ever.
In addition, Renfrewshire has a role to play
in the ongoing challenge to make Scotland
a Fairtrade Nation – to achieve this all
local authorities in Scotland need to be
working towards Fairtrade status – and we
want to help and support our neighbouring
authorities to achieve their Fairtrade goals
too while maintaining our own campaign.

                                                                                              run   3
    in 2009

    2009 was a fantastic year for Fairtrade           Schools across Renfrewshire also got
    in Renfrewshire, starting with the                involved holding coffee mornings,
    brilliant news that Renfrewshire became           special assemblies and lessons. We also
    Scotland’s newest Fairtrade Zone. This            supported Just Trading Scotland’s rice
    award was the result of the hard work and         challenge by using Fairtrade rice in school’s
    determination of all the volunteers, groups       catering during Fairtrade Fortnight.
    and organisations who form Renfrewshire           Throughout the year our schools have
    Fairtrade Steering Group and also thanks          continued to support Fairtrade with pupils
    to the people of Renfrewshire who                 and teachers working hard together to learn
    wholeheartedly embraced the campaign              more about the Fairtrade movement and
    and continued to buy Fairtrade products.          encouraging colleagues and classmates to
    Fairtrade Fortnight 2009 (22nd February           promote Fairtrade in the local community.
    – 8th March) gave everyone a chance to            Houston Primary School and Nursery
    celebrate and to spread the message about         Class became Renfrewshire’s first Fairtrade
    our success. We were visited by three             Primary School in November 2009 –
    different Fairtrade farmers – a tea farmer        a fantastic achievement and one that
    from South Africa, a banana farmer from           we hope will inspire other schools.
    the Windward Islands and a nut farmer
    from Bolivia. It was great for Renfrewshire
    residents and school pupils to be able to
    hear first hand about how Fairtrade has
    improved conditions for farmers and their
    families across a range of different countries.
    During the fortnight a photography
    exhibition promoting Fairtrade also
    toured Renfrewshire and a Business
    Brunch was held at the Innovation Centre
    in MEPC Hillington Park to encourage
    local businesses to support Fairtrade.
4   achievements in 2009
achievements in 2009
                 run   5
    During the summer a team of enthusiastic        Fairtrade volunteers also ensured that
    volunteers visited gala days and fetes across   Fairtrade campaigning took place at a
    Renfrewshire with a Fairtrade information       number of other local events: all the runners
    stall, trying to encourage local people         at Paisley’s 10K race were given a Fairtrade
    to become more involved with Fairtrade          banana, thanks to the generosity of the
    campaigning. This tied in closely with our      Co-operative South West membership
    aim to develop more Fairtrade towns and         Committee; Paisley’s Choral Festival became
    village campaigns across Renfrewshire.          a Fairtrade Festival; Fairtrade supported the
    Campaigns are developing in Houston and         Taste of Africa event organised by WSREC
    Renfrew and we hope local people will really    and Karibu to celebrate Black History Month;
    get on board and support the great work of      during One World Week and Equalities Week
    volunteers in these communities. Erskine        Fairtrade Batik wall hangings were displayed
    launched their Fairtrade Town campaign          in Renfrewshire House with information
    in summer of 2009 and already has made          about supporting Fairtrade producers;
    fantastic progress towards the Fairtrade        and finally we were delighted to win the
    Foundation’s five goals. Paisley, Bishopton     support of singing superstars Lemar and
    and Lochwinnoch, our established Fairtrade      Ruth Lorenzo at our information stall at the
    town and villages, continue to show great       Paisley Festive Lights event in November.
    commitment to Fairtrade campaigning and         Provost Celia Lawson has always been
    have also been instrumental in encouraging      a great fan of Fairtrade and this was
    these other communities to follow suit.         reflected in her decision to introduce
                                                    a new category in her Community
                                                    Awards – the Spirit of Fairtrade, kindly

6   achievements in 2009
sponsored by the Piazza Shopping Centre.         Rainbow Turtle’s successes will inspire
The first ever winner of this accolade,          others to become future winners of the
awarded at a ceremony in March 2009,             Provost’s Spirit of Fairtrade Award.
was Rainbow Turtle – Renfrewshire’s              Renfrewshire Fairtrade Steering Group
dedicated Fairtrade shop and charity.            continues to coordinate all these activities,
Since its inception in 2002, Rainbow Turtle      events and to plan for future campaigning in
has helped raise awareness of Fairtrade in       the area. The group has grown from strength
the local communities, as well as informing      to strength and renewed our commitment
the public about where their products come       to Fairtrade and drew up a ‘master plan’
from and the principle of fair wages and         for action during a special meeting of
fair conditions. Rainbow Turtle’s shop is        the group in May 2009. Any individual,
colourful, popular and located in the heart of   group, organisation or business can join
Paisley, and the charity element of Rainbow      Renfrewshire Fairtrade Steering Group –
Turtle carries out excellent work across         everyone is welcome. For more information
Renfrewshire’s communities and schools –         about meetings or on anything you’ve read
teaching about trade justice and lobbying        in this guide, please contact Renfrewshire
policy-makers about the changes needed           Council’s Chief Executive’s Service on 0141
to support the world’s poorest people.           840 3611 or check out our web pages at
Rainbow Turtle continues to grow                 www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/fairtrade
with the Hub in Wallneuk thriving and
importing a range of Fairtrade products
from Malawi – so much so that they’ve
expanded the unit this year! We hope that
                                                                          achievements in 2009
                                                                                           run   7
    our plan for
    fairtrade in 2010
    and beyond

    Renfrewshire should be rightly proud to be
    Scotland’s newest Fairtrade Zone – but we
    know the work does not stop here. We share
    the ambition of many campaigners across
    Scotland, to make Scotland a Fairtrade
    Nation. The Scottish Fair Trade Forum is
    leading this work – ‘to help make Scotland a
    nation which is a world leader in challenging
    global poverty and recognises the dignity and
    rights of producers through a commitment
    to fairness in international trading.’
    In order to become a Fairtrade Nation a
    number of goals must be achieved including
    the requirement that ‘all local authorities
    must have groups working toward Fairtrade
    Zone status and 55% of Scotland’s local
    authorities must have achieved Fairtrade
    Zone status. In following years, this
    must increase 10% per year until all 32
    local authorities are Fairtrade Zones.’
    This is an ambitious target but it is achievable
    – if we can do it in Renfrewshire, other places
    can do it too. Renfrewshire has a role to
    play in encouraging other local authorities
    to support Fairtrade, and in partnership
    with the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, we are
    happy to offer advice and support to help
    our colleagues across other local authorities
    to develop effective Fairtrade campaigns.

8   our plan for fairtrade in 2010 and beyond
We have also been working hard to encourage
other organisations within Renfrewshire to
become Fairtrade supporters, including our
Community Planning Partners such as the
Community Health Partnership, the Police
and the Fire Service, and also voluntary
groups in the area too. We will continue this
work throughout the year and hope to see
many more Fairtrade workplaces in the future.
We will continue to support communities
across Renfrewshire to develop local
campaigns, following on from the
excellent examples of Paisley, Bishopton
and Lochwinnoch. Everyone has a role to
play in this including schools; shops and
businesses; Elected Members and politicians;
Local Area Committees and Community
Councils; and churches and faith groups.
Working together, we hope to see new areas
gaining Fairtrade status in the future.

        our plan for fairtrade in 2010 and beyond   9
    fairtrade focus on
    – business
    Its not just shops and cafes that can
    play their part to support Fairtrade
    in Renfrewshire, other businesses
    can too. MEPC Hillington Park is the
    campaign’s ‘Flagship Employer’
    and a keen supporter of Fairtrade.
    Alison Clark their Offices
    Customer Manager explains…

10 run
   fairtrade focus on - business
How did you make the decision                   What were the biggest
to buy Fairtrade?                               challenges in introducing
Our company, MEPC, manages eight                Fairtrade?
business estates in prime regional locations    Introducing Fairtrade into our working
throughout the UK. At Hillington (the           environment has been an easy process,
business park just off the M8) we are the       my colleagues have been receptive and
dominant investor and developer on the          our business associates delighted to be
Estate. Although the team in the MEPC           involved. There has been an added benefit
Hillington office is small – there are only 6   of a sense of community, working towards
of us – we have the opportunity to promote      a common goal. We consciously search out
the Fairtrade message to over 350 businesses    Fairtrade goods and have been surprised
based both in our properties and in other       at the wide variety of products available
premises on the Park. We were delighted         and the diverse opportunities to use them.
to be selected as the Flagship employer for     Having The Rainbow Turtle and the West
Renfrewshire’s Fairtrade Zone campaign.         of Scotland Fairtrade Hub, a key Scottish
MEPC has championed sustainability for a        distribution centre for Fairtrade goods,
long time. We take pride in being hands-        on our doorstep certainly has helped!
on developers and responsible custodians.
We make a long-term commitment and              Which products are currently
aim to make a lasting contribution in each
                                                offered to your staff?
location, building strong communities that
are more than places to work. This ethos        In the office we use Fairtrade tea, coffee,
I believe sits very comfortably with the        sugar and biscuits and in our Business Centre
Fairtrade commitment to sustainability.         at Merlin House our vending operators stock
                                                up the vending machines with Fairtrade
                                                goods. At Christmas, Liz from Rainbow Turtle
                                                and the pupils of the Mary Russell Special
                                                School, made up Christmas crackers filled
                                                with Divine Chocolate bars to distribute to
                                                our Business Centre occupiers and more
                                                recently we offered a Rainbow Turtle hamper
                                                full of Fairtrade items as prize for entering our
                                                latest competition in the Hillington Herald,
                                                our Park newspaper. We also use the Herald
                                                to update Park occupiers on our Fairtrade
                                                initiatives and have put a link to the Fairtrade
                                                web site on our Hillington Park home page.
                                                We are proud to be associated with
                                                Renfrewshire Fairtrade campaign
                                                and hope to continue our association
                                                over the years to come.

                                                                     fairtrade focus on - business 11
    fairtrade                            The following establishments sell or
                                         serve Fairtrade products. If you can’t

    listings                             see your favourite shop or restaurant
                                         on this list, why not encourage
                                         them to start stocking some of
                                         your favourite Fairtrade goods?

     Cafes, takeaways,                   coffee pArTners lTd
                                         B&Q, Paisley
     restaurants, hotels
                                         cucInA mInuccI
     The AbboTs Inch
                                         The Cross, Lochwinnoch
     Arkleston Road, Renfrew
                                         dAnTe’s ITAlIAn resTAurAnT
     …And relAx coffee shop
                                         Causeyside Street, Paisley
     Greenock Road, Bishopton
                                         eAsT lochheAd self cATerIng coTTAges
     AshTree house hoTel
     Orr Square, Paisley
     ATrIum cAfé
                                         St. James Street, Paisley
     Renfrewshire House, Paisley
                                         glenIffer hoTel
     bb’s coffee & muffIns
                                         Glenburn Road, Paisley
     Piazza Shopping Centre, Paisley
                                         glynhIll hoTel
                                         Paisley Road, Renfrew
     Steeple Street, Johnstone
     The bobbIn mIll
                                         Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Erskine;
     (bIg sTeAk WAcky WArehouse)
                                         High Street, Johnstone;
     Phoenix Retail Park, Linwood
                                         Neilston Road, Paisley; Paisley Centre;
     burnfooT house b&b                  Moss Street, Paisley; Glasgow Airport
     Burnfoot Road, Lochwinnoch
                                         The gryffe Inn
     cAfe su                             Main Street, Bridge Of Weir
     Paisley Centre, Paisley
                                         holIdAy Inn
     cArdosI’s espresso bAr              Glasgow Airport
     High Street, Paisley
                                         hoWWood Inn
     cArrIck cAfé                        Main Street, Howwood
     Main Street, Houston
                                         kIlTy kIlTy
     cAsTle semple VIsITor cenTre cAfé   New Street, Paisley
     Lochlip Road, Lochwinnoch
                                         lA dolcé VITA
     coffee & creAm                      High Street, Lochwinnoch
     High Street, Paisley
                                         lochnAgAr crAfT shop & coffee room
     coffee express                      Main Street, Bridge Of Weir
     Lagoon Sports Centre, Paisley
                                         lynnhursT hoTel
                                         Park Road, Johnstone
12 fairtrade listings
mAr hAll hoTel                     Shops
                                   rAInboW TurTle – renfreWshIre’s
munchIes                           dedIcATed fAIrTrAde shop
Wellmeadow Street, Paisley         Gauze Street, Paisley
nAndo’s chIcken resTAurAnT         Also available at West of Scotland Fairtrade
Xscape                             Hub – Greenlaw Industrial Estate, Paisley
odeon cInemA                       bIshopTon posT offIce
Xscape                             Station Road, Bishopton
pAIsley Abbey cAfé                 booTs
Paisley Abbey                      Paisley Centre; Braehead Shopping Centre
premIer Inn, phoenIx reTAIl pArk   chocolATz
Linwood and Glasgow Airport        Causeyside Street, Paisley
rolloVer hoTdogs                   cosTcuTTer
Braehead Shopping Centre           Greenock Road, Bishopton
rAmAdA hoTel                       generAl offIce AIds
Glasgow Airport                    Scotts Road, Paisley
redss                              hollAnd And bArreTT
Glasgow Road, Paisley              The Cross, Paisley
rspb nATure cenTre                 The JuncTIon
Largs Road, Lochwinnoch            The Cross, Lochwinnoch
sTArbucks coffee                   keysTore express
Glasgow Airport and Braehead       Greenock Road, Bishopton
Shopping Centre                    noW And Then
TAsTe buds                         Church Street, Lochwinnoch
Lawn Street, Paisley               pAIsley Abbey gIfT shop
WrVs communITy cAfe                Paisley Abbey
Causeyside Street, Paisley         WoodroWs
                                   Station Rd, Bishopton

                                                                  fairtrade listings 13
     Supermarkets                                 Most large supermarkets now stock
                                                  a range of Fairtrade products.
     AsdA supersTore
                                                  Please look out for the Fairtrade
     Phoenix Retail Park, Linwood
                                                  mark when you are doing your
     co-op foodsTores                             regular shop and encourage your
     Piazza Shopping Centre, Paisley;             local store manager to stock more
     Neilston Road, Paisley;                      Fairtrade goods.
     Greenock Road, Bishopton;
     Crosslea Crescent, Houston;
     High Barholm, Kilbarchan;                    morrIson supermArkeTs
     Houstoun Square, Johnstone                   Falside Rd, Paisley;
     Bridge Street, Linwood;                      Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Erskine;
     High Street, Renfrew                         Napier Street, Johnstone;
     lIdl                                         Thread Street, Lonend, Paisley
     High Street, Johnstone                       sAInsbury’s
     mAkro                                        Braehead Shopping Centre
     MEPC Hillington Park                         spAr
     mArks And spencer                            Main Street, Lochwinnoch; Bargarran, Erskine
     Braehead Shopping Centre;                    Tesco
     High Street, Paisley                         Newmains Road, Renfrew; East Lane, Paisley

    Acknowledgements:                             To the Piazza Shopping Centre, for the
                                                  ongoing support and for the kind sponsorship.
    As well as the many shops, cafes and
    restaurants who sell Fairtrade products,      To Provost Celia Lawson and her team for
    we’d also like to acknowledge the             the Spirit of Fairtrade Community Award.
    support of a number of additional             To St Mirren Football Club for graciously
    people, businesses and organisations.         signing Fairtrade footballs which always
    Firstly, to all the members of the            prove such a hit in our free prize draws.
    Renfrewshire Fairtrade Steering Group         To the Paisley Daily Express and the
    and to our band of loyal and incredibly       Gazette for supporting the campaign
    cheerful volunteers – without your efforts,   and giving it great publicity.
    enthusiasm and hard work, this campaign
                                                  To Paisley Choral Festival for supporting
    would not exist – all our progress and
                                                  the campaign and ‘going Fairtrade’.
    success is down to you. Thank you.
                                                  Also grateful thanks to Liz Cotton and
    To the Cooperative South West Membership
                                                  the team at Rainbow Turtle, University of
    Committee and Liz Armstrong for the
                                                  the West of Scotland, Reid Kerr College,
    generous donation of bananas and to
                                                  Unison – Renfrewshire Branch, Trinity
    Renfrewshire Council’s Housing and Property
                                                  High School, Braehead Shopping Centre,
    Service for helping to make it happen.
                                                  BAA Glasgow Airport, Renfrewshire
    To MEPC Hillington Park, the campaign’s       Chamber of Commerce, RCVS, COSLA
    ‘Flagship Employer’ for being at the          and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.
    centre of our campaign and promoting
    it within the park and beyond.
14 run
   fairtrade listings
Rainbow Turtle is the
only dedicated fair trade
shop in Renfrewshire and
continues to provide a
wide range of Fairtrade
foods, crafts, cards,
jewellery and toys from
its shop on Gauze Street,

As well as providing you with quality food       In a collaborative venture with Imani
and unusual gifts, purchases from the shop       enterprises (Oban) and support from the
directly benefit producers in the Developing     Scottish Government, the Fairtrade hub is
World. So every purchase gives twice!            responsible for several new products being
Rainbow Turtle has always worked hard to         imported from Malawi. The first of these
make it easy for you to access Fairtrade. We     was rice and the first consignment of 18
can provide stalls, tuck shops and goods for     tonnes arrived early in 2009. This was all
churches, schools, community groups and          sold within 9 months – largely through our
businesses. With help from Renfrewshire          90kg rice challenges (the sale of 90kg rice
Council we now have warehouse premises           provides sufficient income for a farmer in
on Wallneuk Road, Paisley. It has never          Malawi to send a child to High School for
been easier to access Fairtrade goods.           one year – see www.justtradingscotland.
                                                 co.uk). This year we hope to sell 90 x 90kg
The warehouse is a shared venture with           challenges in Fairtrade Fortnight and also to
another Fairtrade social enterprise, the Coach   introduce several new products from Malawi
House (Balmore) Ltd. Together we have            – look out for them at Rainbow Turtle.
formed the West of Scotland Fair Trade Hub
and a new company Just Trading Scotland.         Fairtrade challenges the systems that
The hub provides a place for easy access to      keep people in poverty. You can make a
our sale or return service and a base for the    difference by choosing fair trade products.
wholesaling services of Just Trading Scotland.

                                                 For more information please call us
                                                 on 0141 887 1881 or go to the website

                                                                                   rainbow turtle 15
For more information, go online at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/fairtrade or
contact Renfrewshire Council’s Chief Executive’s Service on 0141 840 3611.

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