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					PROJECT GROUP (continued)

Zha Ri Xin is associate professor of English

                                                                                                                                      Project Yao
at Sichuan University’s American Studies                                         Department of English

                   Wang An is associate professor of English
                   at Sichuan University’s American Studies

Wang Xin is associate professor of English
and assistant director of the American
Studies Center at Sichuan University.

                                                                 PROJECT YAO CONTACT IN THE U.S.

                                                                 Department of English          Phone: 480.965.3168
                   Qian Liu is assistant librarian of Chinese    Arizona State University       Fax: 480.965.3451
                   and South Asia studies at Arizona State       PO Box 870302                  Email:
                                                                 Tempe, AZ 85287-0302
                   University.                                   U.S.A.

                                                                 PROJECT YAO CONTACT IN CHINA

                                                                 College of Foreign Languages   610064
                                                                 Sichuan University
Sichuan University Library and graduate students in Sichuan      Chengdu
University’s College of Foreign Languages participated in this   China 610064                   Email:
                                                                                                                                   A digital humanities & public scholarship project
                                                                         h t t p: //ya o. e s e r v e r. o r g                       in Chinese-English literary translation studies
Project Yao
ABOUT THE PROJECT                                                                       PROJECT GROUP

Project Yao engages in public scholarship
by providing a free, Internet-accessible, and
permanent database that documents literary
translation relations between China and the                                             Cheng Xilin is professor of English and
                                                                                        director of the American Studies Center at
United States. There exists a lengthy translation
                                                                                        Sichuan University.
relationship between the two countries dating
from at least the mid-nineteenth century; it has
had deep influence on both nations. This online
tool enables the study and mapping of this
relationship, as well as constituting a major new
reference site.
                                                                                                           Joe Lockard is associate professor of
                                                                                                           English at Arizona State University and
The database is designed to serve the academic                                                             directs the Antislavery Literature Project
community, librarians, publishers, and the                                                                 [].
general public. It provides MARC-standard
bibliographic records using MySQL, an open-
source relational database management system.

                                                                                        Geoff Sauer is assistant professor of English
                                                                                        at Iowa State University, where he is the
CHINA-US DIGITAL HUMANITIES RESEARCH                                                    director of the Studio for New Media
This project represents collaborative digital
humanities research co-sponsored by Arizona
State University, Iowa State University, and
Sichuan University.
                                                                                                           Qin Dan (Daniella Chin) is associate
Sichuan University and Arizona State University
                                                                                                           professor of English at Sichuan University’s
provide and manage database content. The                                                                   American Studies Center.
database has been designed by the Studio
for New Media at Iowa State University’s
Department of English, and is maintained on         Yao is an ancient word describing
the EServer, the world’s largest online arts and    when two people come together
                                                    and look at one another.
humanities publisher.