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Planned Giving


									Do we know the bird in our hand?
     What about the bush??

          Presented by

   DeWayne Osborn CGA, CFP
       Lawton Partners
What is planned giving to you?

    What is Planned Giving?

   Planned giving is a fundraising program
    that involves arranging donations to serve
    the interests of a registered charity and that
    best suit the personal, financial and tax
    situation of an individual donor. Through a
    planned-giving program, a registered
    charity seeks to attract significant gifts by
    identifying potential donors and helping
    them with information and advice. (CRA)
To a successful planned giving program
10.It is not that common – YET!
9. It can not be predicted (budgets)
8. You do not have to die first!
7. It can be transformational!
6. It is not all about insurance!
5. It does not have to be complicated!!!
4. It does not have to be a $$$ win-
3. It makes no financial sense to give!
2. Donors must realize they have
 enough to give.
1. Charity must do great work!!
Planned Gift donors believe in your school.
Think before you stop a program or service
to save a few dollars, you might be.........
Two Stories – Pre 2004:
   Man 78 years old, single, living in Winnipeg
   Appeared to not be a real financial success
   Wanted to fund a chair in philosophy
   Thinking of donating a 80 acres of empty
    land to University
   Condition: he wants to be able to “walk on
    it for the rest of his life”.
Attended one philosophy class at a university
   70ish female with 50ish daughter
   Want to fund an endowment as a birthday
    present to father
   Not a major donor on the system
   President’s choice clothing and plastic bag
   Drove this car.....
Used an airmiles
 visa card!
$150,000 gift
Lessons learned??
Never judge a book by its cover....
Trends/unique things to think about..
10. The 1% Rule still applies to donors, dollars,
   financial advisors, marketing budgets???
9. Donors’ wanting more “flexibility” is on the
8. Donation inquiries are on the rise...
7. More abuses and scepticism...
6. Women and men are not the same donor!!
5. Charities are slow to change...
4. Rules and regulations will increase
3. Increase in “financial” products and services..
2. A donation world where cash is not king!!
1 Charities are still too sloooowww to
Litigation re: charitable promotions of a
 planned gift strategy that failed....
    Financial Advisors and Planned Giving...
   Charities can’t live with them,
    donors can’t live without
   Must understand the word
   Believe disclosure is
   Compensation may actually
    increase, not immediately...
   Typically Retreat to what they
   May be too late for many...
    ”bulge” is going to burst
                                      Your School
Your role in planned giving.....
     Do great charitable work...
     Do great charitable work...
     Do great charitable work...
     Tell everyone about it .... all the time, on a
     Get your charity singing from the same choir
     Somehow get the finance department to
      understand development...
     Be flexible in P&P or pay the price
     Be ready to say “NO”!!!
     Educate, educate, educate, educate...
 $millions and millions in gifts available
 8,000+ Private Foundations
 More rules and regulations
 More expense (valuations)
 Lapsing gifts (e.g. insurance)
 Trust/residual issues
 Challenges to “traditional thinking”
 Increased policy flexibility required
 Increased abuses/scams
 Increased scepticism from advisors
 More cross border issues
Decrease in types properties that can be gifted!!

      Thank You
    DeWayne Osborn
1-888-944-1144 (ext 256)

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