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									Laser Therapy
For Pain Relief
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            Laser Therapy for Pain Relief
                                    Evocare Center for Physical Health has announced
                                     they will now treat patients with laser therapy, a
                                      pain-free treatment option that repairs the body
                                      without surgery. Laser therapy has been scientifically
                                      proven to stimulate tissue repair and accelerate the
                                      healing process. This breakthrough technology can
                                      help with arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel
                                      syndrome, plantar fasciitis, ligament sprains, muscle
                                      strains, back pain, and many other traumas or
                                      aliments quickly and without intrusive surgery.
                                    The new Class 4 K-Laser emits infrared light and has
                                  been used in European countries since the 1970s. Over
the course of time it has been discovered that specific wattage (power) can now be
used for specific conditions-meaning patients whose doctor has told them ‘there’s
nothing more we can do’ may have another option after all. Laser therapy has just
recently been approved for use by the FDA, meaning Americans can now utilize
the healing power that Europeans have known about for decades. This non-
invasive advancement in pain management can produce pain-killing
neurochemicals as it blocks pain signals from the nerves. It can mean increased
blood flow to damaged tissues and can ultimately speed up healing. The pain
treatment also speeds up the process of nerve cell reconnection, ultimately
increasing nerve function and providing your cells with the capacity to heal.

     Many common physical aliments are caused by damaged cells deep inside
the body. The therapeutic laser used by Evocare Center for Physical Health can
penetrate up to four inches into musculoskeletal tissue and increase the amount of
oxygen available to the cells that need it most. Unlike surgery, however, this is a

            3500 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 302,
            Lakewood, CO 80235-2054
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usually a quick and painless process that can go deep inside the body without
having to disrupt a patient’s life. Those who undergo this treatment can experience
not only relief from pain, but improved joint and muscle function, as well. For
those wishing to speed up healing after surgery, this laser treatment can help reduce
the formation of scar tissue and can even allow older scar tissue to become more
organized, meaning better mobility in joints and muscles in the long-run. Most
importantly, this can lead to a quicker recovery
period and can get you back to your old self in
no time!

        Laser pain therapy is usually
administered in 3-9 minute sessions (depending
on the area being treated) and can be used to
supplement other healing treatments like
physical therapy, chiropractic care, spinal
decompression and massage. The therapy feels
like a soothing warmth on the skin and does not
require any kind of anesthesia or painkillers.  It
can be used on both acute and chronic pain
because it heals the body on a deep, cellular
What amazes most patients is this means someone who has lived with years of
chronic pain can begin the healing process in less then 10 minutes, without
medication or surgery. Living with pain is a frustrating situation that can make
even the simplest of tasks seem difficult. Laser therapy has the potential to change
the life of a patient that spends their day wishing the aches and pains would go
away. This holistic approach to healing through laser therapy should be considered
by anyone looking for a non-evasive solution to problematic pain.

              3500 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 302,
              Lakewood, CO 80235-2054
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        Dr. Ron Spallone
                                           Dr. Spallone has been a chiropractor
                                           in the Denver, Littleton and
                                           Lakewood Colorado area for nearly
                                           15 years. He is nationally recognized
                                           for his cutting edge work in the
                                           treatment of professional athletes as
                                           a sports chiropractor. Winner of the
                                           “Colorado Sports Chiropractor of the
                                           Year” by the Colorado Chiropractic
                                           Association, he was also voted
                                           “National Chiropractor of the Year”
                                           by the chiropractic association for
                                           the Care of Elite and Professional

      Treating athletes benefits all the patients at Evocare Center for
Physical Health because sports medicine is where the cutting edge
treatment protocols are developed. From the office worker to the
construction worker, Dr. Spallone and his staff understand how to
diagnose and treat patients of all kinds and use the best technology

           He lives in Colorado with his wife and two boys.
    3500 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 302,
    Lakewood, CO 80235-2054
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