Renting and Shared Housing Checklist by hermanrose24


									Victoria University Housing Service
Provide Number: 00124K
Phone: 96884420

                             Renting and Shared Housing Checklist

                              What type of housing do I want? What can I afford?
    •    What area(s) do I want to live in?
    •    Can I afford these areas?
    •    Can I afford to live alone & pay all the rent & utility bills myself? Am I Eligible for Government Bond & Rent Assistance?
    •    If you are an Australian citizen and a low-income earner (e.g. student/apprentice) you may be eligible for bond or rent
         assistance. For bond information ring the Department of Human Services on 9616 7777 and go to your nearest Centrelink
         Office for rent assistance information.
    •    Do I want to live alone or with others?
    •    Do I want to live with males or females?
    •    Younger or older people?
    •    Students or working people?
    •    Local or international students?
    •    Meat-eaters or vegetarians?
    •    People who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or take other drugs?
    •    Messy or tidy people?
    •    Relaxed or busy people?
    •    Morning or night people?
    •    Gay (homosexual), bisexual or straight?
    •    Religious and/or political people?
    •    What things do people do that really annoy you?
    •    Do I want to live in a flat (apartment), unit or townhouse without a garden?
    •    Do I want to live in a house with a garden and more privacy?
    •    Do I want to share with children?
    •    Do I want to share with pets? What about if they stay outside?
    •    How much is rent-in advance and bond (security deposit)?
    •    Can I get an Office of Housing (OoH) Government Bond Assistance grant?
    •    Can I get Centrelink Rent Assistance?
    •    Can I get a Housing Establishment Fund (HEF) grant for rent-in-advance or removalist costs?
    •    Do I have referees? Have I asked these people if they will be current referees?
    •    How long do I want to sign a lease for? Will I travel or return home during study breaks?
    •    Do I know how to complete a Bond Lodgement Form, Condition Report, Tenancy (occupancy) Lease and Rent Receipt?

                                                    Property Checklist
    •    Is the area quiet or noisy?
    •    What are the neighbours like?
    •    How close is public transport? How often does this transport run? What time is the last bus/train?
    •    Is there a milk bar, supermarket, take-away food, laundromat, petrol station, doctor, chemist, bank, post office, church,
         temple, mosque or park close by?
    •    Is the property clean and outside area well kept?
    •    Is the heating, hot water and stove gas or electricity?
    •    Is the water pressure in the shower good?
    •    Do all the windows and doors open and lock?
    •    Is there any security (alarm, bars, shutters, window/dead locks)?
    •    Are there power points & lights in each room?
    •    What furniture is provided?
    •    What furniture do I need? (bed, desk, table/chairs, fridge, washing machine, lounge)
    •    Will my furniture fit in the bedroom and/or property?
    •     Is there any storage space? Is it lockable?

Campuses at:
Footscray, Melbourne City, Melton, Newport, St Albans, South Melbourne, Sunbury, Sunshine, and Werribee.
    •    Do I need linen? (blankets, doona, towels, sheets & pillow)
    •    Do I need cooking and general stuff? (pots, wok, can opener, strainer, knives/cutlery, broom, mop, bin, plates etc)
    •    Do I need appliances? (PC, lamp, kettle, toaster, rice cooker, vacuum)
    •    Do I need contents insurance?
    •    Is there any parking?
    •    Is there a garden? Pets? Who is responsible for the garden or pet?
    •    Who is responsible for fixing any damage to the property?

                                                 Shared Housing Checklist
    •    How many people are on the lease? How many people stay regularly?
    •    How often do partner’s and friends visit?
    •    Do partners and friends need to contribute to household decisions, bills, shopping and the cleaning?
    •    Do people buy their own food?
    •    Are any meals provided or shared?
    •    What type of food is eaten?
    •    Is the supermarket shopping divided equally? Who pays for the meat if others vegetarian?
    •    Who pays for the toiletries shampoo, soap, toothpaste, aspirin and tissues?
    •    Who pays for the snacks and treats? Who pays for cleaning products and clothes washing powder?
    •    Who pays for communal milk, coffee, tea, bread, butter, detergent, garbage bags and toilet paper?
    •    How is the gas, electricity, water and telephone bill divided?
    •    Are heaters and fans used in bedroom extra?
    •    Is their Internet access? Who pays for this? Is it okay to use it late at night?
    •    Can I use the stove, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, stereo, video and television?
    •    How often are house meetings held? Are visitors allowed to attend?
    •    How often and when will cleaning happen? Will chores be rotated weekly? What standard is okay?
    •    What are the consequences if these chores are not done as agreed?
    •    Is each person is responsible for cleaning their own room and picking up after themselves (including dishes)?
    •    Clothes washing may be done together to save water. Who will hang washing out, bring it in and fold?
    •    Who will do the grocery shopping and bill paying?
    •    Who will cook the evening meal?
    •    Who will wash and drying dishes?
    •    Who will clean the bathroom sink, bath, toilet and floor?
    •    Who will sweep and mop the kitchen floor?
    •    Who will vacuum and dust the communal areas floors?
    •    Who will recycle paper and plastic and empty the rubbish?
    •    Who will do the lawn mowing, watering and weeding?

                                           Having problems with your housemate(s)?
                                  Ring the Dispute Settlement Centre 9603 8370 or 1800 658 528.

                                   Having problems with your landlord or Real Estate Agent?
                                    Ring the Tenants Union 9416 2577 or VCAT 9628 9800.
                              See or Ring VU Student Services 9688 4418

                                                            (updated 10/9/02)

Campuses at:
Footscray, Melbourne City, Melton, Newport, St Albans, South Melbourne, Sunbury, Sunshine, and Werribee.

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