How to configure IP address in MAC OS

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  IP Setting in MAC OS
     For Computer with MAC OS
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            How to configure IP address in MAC OS?

1. Introduction
     Internet communication is more popular these years. People would like to
select the device to share Internet resources in their home or office by
themselves. However, it is hard to get helpful information about how to initiate
IP address setting in MAC OS. In order to meet MAC OS users’ needs, we edit
this document to guide you how to configure IP address in MAC serial OS.

2. How to start?
     MAC OS organizes all system settings in the System Preferences. Follow
the process hereunder. It guides you how to initiate the network function.

Step 1: Click “Network” icon on the System Preferences windows.

Step 2: Once your Ethernet Adapter’s button is “Green”, it means your ADSL
Router is successful installed.

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Step 3: Fill in TCP/IP IP address. It depends on the router’s default setting. In
this example, the router’s IP address is
      IP address: Fill in IP address 192.168.16.x
                   (x is a number between 2 to 254).
      Subnet mask: Default value is
      Router: Default value is

Keep in mind that the computer should have IP address resided in the same
subnet mask of the router.
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Step 4: Go to “Applications”    double-click “Internet Explorer” icon.

Step5: Enter the default IP address

Step6: Entry of the username and password will be displayed.
Enter the default User ID and Password. The default login User ID of the
administrator is admin, and the default admin login password is admin. Then,
click “OK” to enter.

3. Conclusion:
      Setting up IP address is the entrance to access Internet. Any router needs
to pre configure IP address in each computer, either set IP address manually or
get IP address automatically. Most brands provide instruction guide for
Windows OS but no document for MAC OS. In fact, the architecture is similar
just like we show above. This document should be helpful to tenderfoot to
begin the network configuration.

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