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(K-7) 492 MCGILL ROAD KAMLOOPS, BC V2C 1M3                     (GR8-12) 1390-9TH AVENUE, BC V2C 3X5
MCGILL PH (250) 374-0608 FAX (250) 377-2242                    PH (250) 374-3200 FAX (250) 377-2245

                                                              it means to be good citizens and have pride in all they
                                                              do. Keep up the good work, kids!

                                                              Wishing you and yours a restful, safe, and peaceful
                                                              winter break! See you in 2011!

                                                              Ms C. Wickes

                                                              MARK YOUR CALENDARS...

                                                              Dec 3        McGill - Report cards

                                                              Dec 6        In-service (School Closed)
                                                              Dec 7        McGill – WCTC- Christmas Carol 10:30
                                                                                    Div 5-12
                                                              Dec 9        McGill - Winter Celebration of Arts
                                                              Dec 13       McGill – Swan’s Gr3’s Swimming
         DECEMBER 2010                                        Dec 20-Jan 3 Christmas Break
                                                              Mar21- Mar25 Spring Vacation
A Message from the Principal...
                                                                 SECONDARY – ATTENDANCE GR 11 & 12
                                                              We have been experiencing problems with attendance
Welcome to winter! With this season comes the                 records for students who are in grades 11 and 12 who
craziness of seasonal activities. Both campuses               have classes at both Beattie and SKSS. If your son or
have strutted their stuff in Christmas style. We’ve           daughter is going to be away from school could you
had carols, dancing, silly skits, and the tooting of          please phone both Beattie at 250-374-3200 and SKSS at
horns throughout the hallways. We even                        250-374-1405 to report the absence? Also if your son
                                                              or daughter has a planned absence form please make
experienced a joint band extravaganza where close
                                                              sure that a copy of the form goes to both Beattie and
to 100 students played together at the Calvary                SKSS. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this
Community Church from both campuses! Enjoy                    may cause but until we get the "bugs" worked out of
the craziness, and hug your children as we ring in a          the system this will help to avoid the Synervoice
new and promising year at Beattie!                            evening phone call.

Mrs. B. Hamblett                                                       SECONDARY – DRESS ATTIRE
                                                              Just a gentle reminder that students need to be
                                                              dressing appropriately for the weather, we have
                                                              students that are appearing at school with spaghetti
A Message from the Vice Principal....
                                                              straps etc.
The Christmas break is almost upon us and students are
                                                                   SECONDARY – MUSIC DEPARTMENT
readying themselves for some fun and relaxation away
from the rigors of school! It is hard to believe that the     The Music Department put on an evening of music to
first term flew by so quickly and what a great first term                help our fund raising efforts for the
of school it was!!                                                       2010/2011 season. It was held at the
                                                                         Calvary Community Church on Rogers
Our incredible students really have a great sense of                     Way. The event was well received: a great
what it means to be a Beattie School of the Arts student                 way to kick off the Holiday season.
and represent our school with respect and courtesy
whether on the volleyball courts or performing in the           A new choir initiative this year has begun with
local mall. It is clear that our teachers and support                        very exciting results.
staff consistently work hard with our students on what
Students from Beattie School of the Arts and South         Blazer's Suite Certificate ($735.)
Kamloops Secondary have joined forces on Monday
afternoons to create a new collaborative choir. Mr.        1 night stay at South Thompson Inn and
Bennett and Mrs. McMillan are very pleased with the        Conference Center
results so far as our new 9th Avenue Choir performs
                                                           Cusom-Made Sports Mouthguard (approx
for the Christmas season. Their first performance was
held for the SKSS Music Departments Concert on Nov.        value $250)
19, closely followed by a concert with Beattie on          5 free music lessons ($200)
November 30th. This choir offers up new opportunities
for the two schools and allows students to experience
                                                           Brief case,
different combinations of vocalists as well as different   ball caps,
styles of music. We look forward to hearing them           pen set,
perform throughout this year. Their next performance
will be at the SKSS Christmas Concert on Dec. 16th.        first aid kit
                                                           2 HD Coffee Mugs & Crip board ($100.00)
                                                           Long & McQuade Music Store $50.00 gift
A big thank you goes out to all the amazing                card
parent helpers for our Music Night! In                     free knife sharpening $50.00
particular, we would like to thank Kathy                   10 lbs of free range ground beef ($33.00)
Horst and Chrisy Biddlecombe for putting                   2 Men's Golf Shirts
together an amazing Spaghetti Dinner. As                   Basket of Chocolates ($20)
well, our thanks go out to Calvary Community               Belt ($25)
Church for allowing us to invade and take
over the entire building for the night. A                    SECONDARY – UPDATED BELL SCHEDULE
great time was had by all, and the                             MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY
fundraising was profitable too! We                         WARNING BELL            8:27am
appreciated the support by many local                      PERIOD 1                8:35am – 9:43am
                                                           PERIOD 2                9:53am – 11:03am
businesses both for the donation of silent                 LONG BREAK              11:03am- 11:20am
auction items, but also, supplies for our                  WARNING BELL            11:14am
                                                           PERIOD 3                11:20am – 12:58pm
dinner.    Thank you to everyone in                        LUNCH                   12:58pm – 1:51pm
attendance for assisting us in our travel                  WARNING BELL            1:45pm
plans for the next two years.           The                PERIOD 4                1:51pm – 2:58pm
                                                                 WEDNESDAY – A & E DAY
extravaganza helped the music Department                   WARNING BELL            8:27am
in their fund raising efforts for the                      PERIOD 1                8:35am – 9:40am
                                                           PERIOD 2                9:49am– 10:56am
2010/2011 season.
                                                           LONG BREAK              10:56am – 11:09am
                                                           WARNING BELL            11:03am
Here is a quick outline of the events that                 PERIOD 3                11:09am – 12:13pm
                                                           LUNCH                   12:13pm – 1:06pm
took place.
                                                           WARNING BELL             12:59pm
6pm Spaghetti Dinner                                       PERIOD 4                 1:06pm – 2:12pm
                                                           A & E BLOCK              2:20pm – 2:58pm
7pm Band/choir performances (including our
guests the Beattie Elementary Band and the                      ELEMENTARY– UPDATED BELL SCHEDULE
                                                           Warning Bell            8:30 am
9th Avenue Choir)                                          School Starts           8:40 am
8pm Live and Silent Auction & Family Dance                 Recess Starts           10:15 pm
with                                                       Recess Ends             10:30 pm
                                                           Lunch                   12:00 to 12:50 pm
the "BOMBSHELLA" Band playing hits from                    Bell to come in         12:50 pm
the 80's.                                                  Bell to start afternoon 12:55 pm
                                                           School Ends             2:35 pm
Some of the items that were auctioned:
        MCGill – SIGN LANGUAGE CLUB                           and then the remaining items will be given to
             Anyone interested in learning how to sign        charity. Please drop by to claim lost items!!
             is invited to join Ms. Ettinger in the library
             on Friday’s at lunch from 12:00-12:20                       KINDERGARTEN PARENTS!
             and bring your lunch. Sign language is a         Kindergarten parents of the afternoon class are invited
             common method of communication for               to wait, along with our other parents, in the library at
             many people today; knowing how to sign           the end of the day until students are dismissed outside
             is a valuable skill. You will learn basic        at the primary wing door. The library is made available
words and phrases through movement and games.                 to all parents from 2:00 on for their convenience and
                                                              as an opportunity to meet with and chat to other
                                                              parents while they are waiting to pick up their children
           MCGILL – STREET PARKING                            at dismissal. On exceptionally cold days for afternoon
                                                              kindergarten drop off, we will unlock the primary door
            Apparently some parents are parking at the
                                                              at 11:55 so that parents can wait with their children for
            bus stop in the morning across the street
                                                              the start of afternoon kindergarten class.
            on McGill to drop off their kids. The bus
            needs this spot clear between 8:30-8:40 or
            a by-law officer will ticket you.
                                                                           Indoor Shoes and Winter Boots!
                                                                   Students are expected to have a set of indoor
                                                                   shoes (preferably running shoes) to change into
                MCGILL – ME TO WE                                  during winter weather conditions. We would like
Seventeen lucky students went to We Day with two                   students to remove their winter boots on the
teachers – Ms Clark and Ms Tate. Me 2 We is an                carpets at their entrance doors and carry their boots to
organization that raises awareness dedicated to helping       the boot racks outside of the classrooms in the hallway.
others in need. It is partners with Free the Children,        We ask that all students and parents be respectful of
which is an organization that helps children in third         the need to keep our hallways clear of snow and mud
world countries. Free the Children helps by building          and safe from slipping! Our custodians do not work full
schools, houses, etc. We just did Halloween for Hunger.       days and are not always available to wipe up all the
Halloween for Hunger is an event organized by Me 2            puddles.
We where you send slips to some of your neighbors to                               Cold Weather
say you are collecting non-perishable food for the local      During bouts of extremely cold weather, school
food bank and then tell Me 2 We how many cans you             administration will make a determination as to whether
got. There are also events like the 30-hour famine,           students are sent outside during recess breaks and
which I hope our school gets to do. At our Halloween          lunch times or not. If it is determined that it is too cold
dance we collected $72 dollars and about 112 food             for students to be outside, students are supervised in
items plus our Halloween for Hunger food items.               their classrooms and are allowed to enjoy quiet social
Hopefully we will raise around $5,000 by doing                time and activities within these spaces. As often as
fundraisers. We had a blast and we are grateful for the       possible, the gym and computer lab are made available
opportunity to have attended Me 2 We. A big thanks to         as well.
Ms Clark and Ms Tate for making this happen. We very          During the winter, students are expected to come to
much appreciate it!                                           school with the appropriate clothing to be able to be
         - By Grace Wickes and Megan Medos grade              outside for fresh air during recess and lunch breaks.
             7 students.                                      Parents are asked to keep students home if they are too
                                                              sick to go outside, as our supervision capacities are
             VOLLEYBALL AT MCGILL!                            limited. Students with any special circumstances need
Volleyball season has now come to a close and                 to bring a note from home.
basketball is about to start! Many HUGE thanks to our
parent helper for the grade 6/7 boys team – Mr.                        DISTRICT STRINGS PROGRAM
Donovan Page. We really appreciated his effort and            The School District 73 Strings Program is up and
enthusiasm throughout the season and in taking the            running for the fourth year in a row! This year we have
boys to an additional tournament at TRU as well this          close to 200 students participating in the program in
past weekend.                                                 both the Beginner Grade 4 Program and the Advanced
Many, many thanks also to our teachers Ms. Clark, Ms.         Program for Grades 5-7! The program is offered to
Wium, Ms. Tate and Ms. Norman for their coaching and          eight schools in the city of Kamloops and we are also
support for our girls teams!!                                 offering Strings instruction to students in Barriere and
There are many items in the lost and found box at             Students in Kamloops and surrounding areas are still
school. Our parent helpful elf, Mrs. Diane Noble, will be     welcome to join our afterschool program, which runs on
spreading out these items for parent/student viewing in       Wednesdays from 3:15-4:45 in the portable at the
the front hall during the week of December 13 - 17th          Beattie McGill campus. We work on technique for the
first half of the rehearsal and then we move into some
fun orchestral pieces, which vary, from symphonic          ProVideo Services will be recording Beattie School of
works to rock 'n roll songs!                               the Arts (McGill Campus) Christmas concert entitled “A
                                                           Winter Celebration of Music” on Thursday Dec. 9th.
The Strings Program will be hosting its first concert on   DVDs will be available to order the night of the concert
January 22 at the Calvary Community Church in              at a cost of $15 each. Please contact Melissa Jakubec
Kamloops at 2:00pm. All are welcome and the students       at or 250 374 5619 for more info.
are preparing already for this much-anticipated event!
                                                           KID SPORT
                                                           KidSport™ is a community based sport-funding program
                                                           established in 1993 by Sport BC. KidSport™ provides
December 4, 2010 7pm Saturday
                                                           grants for children
December 5, 2010 2pm Sunday
                                                           ages 6 – 18 to participate in a sport season of their
Calvary Community Church –1205 Rogers Way                  choice. There are 28 community chapters in BC and
Admission at the door:                                     177 chapters across
Adults-$10 Children $5 Family: $25
Under the direction of Norris Berg presents Christmas
                                                           Canada. KidSport™ works to fulfill its mission of
Tidings with The Thompson Valley Community Chorus          eliminating the financial barriers to sport participation,
directed by Kelvin Barlow. Featuring Randol Alan Bas,      „So ALL Kids Can Play! For more information, please
Glad Tidings and Gloria, Pastor Don Maione as narrator,
Leroy Anderson, Babes in Toyland, and more.


 Registration on now for the 2011 Indoor Season:           Library Book Return Amnesty

                  Register:                                I want you all to know how very much we in
                  Dates: Jan 4/10 – Mar 31/11              the library appreciate getting books returned,
                  Fees: $40/Child+$10 Lifetime Mem         no matter how many years they have been on
                                                           their journey from their school home, before
                  Phone: Vina Neuman 250-554-2138          being discovered in book cases, on shelves, or
                  E-mail:                in any of the various other places where they
                  Program hosted @ 5 different schools     are cared for at home. Some adventurous little
                                                           books even travel to Grandma's, Grandpa's or
Sunday 10-3 all ages                                       other relative’s homes. We appreciate
Tuesday 6-8 Bantam/Midget                                  welcoming those treasured old friends back to
Wednesday 6-8 Pee Wee/Squirts
                                                           our library so much we want to have a little
Wednesday 5-7 Mites/LTP
Thursday 5:30-7:30 Mites/LTP
                                                           fun, and invite you to participate, by having a
Thursday 6-8 Pitching Only                                 look around the house before, or after, the
                                                           winter holiday, and see if any Beattie books
           PAC FUNDRAISER DINNER                           show up. If it has been more than a year or
                 Wednesday, Dec 15th
                                                           two, no worries – just have a good laugh
This evening will provide a fun opportunity to socialize   about it, wish it a fond adieu, and then just
with parents and friends and support Beattie School of     drop them off at the school – No questions
the Arts! Proceeds from this dinner will go towards the    asked, really!
PAC general fundraising revenue to support our
school's many needs.
WHERE: Inlander Bar & Grill (2020 Falcon Rd, next to
Falcon Lanes)
WHEN: Wed Dec 15 - 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
*Dinner-Grilled Chicken/Penne Primavera/7oz Sir Steak
* Canucks Vs. Blue Jackets Sports Bar Hockey
* Silent Auction
* 50/50 Draws and more
HOW MUCH: Tickets are $14 each

Last “Check Out” before the winter                               Territories. The Eastern SnowPass card is valid for
holiday                                                          Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada at 93 ski areas.
                                                                 With ski areas participating across Canada, families will
                                                                 not have to travel far to put this SnowPass to use.Grade
The last book checkout (if you don't have any                    4 and 5 SnowPass information and applications are
“over dues”), before the holiday will be Tues.,                  available      online        at or
Dec. 7, or Fri., Dec. 10 (depending on which           
day is the “Library Time” for your class).
Overdue notices for this current year will go to                 For more information on the Grade 4 and 5 SnowPass
classrooms, and home with individual students                    program, contact the Canadian Ski Council, tel: 705-
Dec.6 – 10. These “checkouts” should be                          445-9140,     e-mail:,    web:
returned the following week before we break
for the holiday. I hope everyone has a safe,
and enjoyable holiday.                                              YEARBOOKS–SECONDARY- CUT &
                                                                  RETURN BELOW FORM TO THE OFFICE
Mrs. Aziz (Teacher-Librarian)

GIVE THE GIFT OF SNOWBOARDING /                                      Yearbooks – Don’t miss out,
         SKIING FOR GR 4 OR 5.
                                                                            order now!
                             th     th
Get a SnowPass for your 4 or 5 grader and give them
the gift of skiing/snowboarding this winter. This year,
                       th      th
                                                                 A limited number of yearbooks have been
why not give your 4 or 5 grader the opportunity to
learn a new and exciting winter sport? For the past              ordered. Pre-purchase your 2010-2011
fourteen years the Canadian Ski Council (CSC), in                yearbook now and save! Yearbooks can be
partnership with Forzani has given nearly half a million         pre-purchased through the office for a cost
children an easy and affordable way to learn skiing and
snowboarding, The CSC's Grade 4 and 5 SnowPass                   of $45.00. For an additional $5.00,
program allows kids (or those born in 2000 or 2001) all          yearbooks ordered before Dec 18/10 can
across Canada the opportunity to give winter sports a            be personalized with a name stamp. The
chance with up to three free ski passes for each and
every participating ski area in the province and region          cost to purchase a yearbook after May
where they live, providing them with an opportunity to           31/11 will be $50.00.
ski or snowboard hundreds of times over the winter
season. And this year with the introduction of the new
affinity card, the SnowPass just got Better!"Skiing and          Name: ____________________________
snowboarding are an excellent way to keep our kids
happy, healthy and active through the long winter
months," says Colin Chedore, President of the CSC.
"An average child can burn up to 600 calories an hour,           ☐ I have enclosed $45.00 for my
not to mention the sheer joy and exhilaration they'll feel
picking up a new sport."So how do you get your child a
SnowPass?        It's   easy!      Visit   us   online      at
www.snowpass.cawhere you have two different choices
for enrollment. You can upload your child's picture,
enter your payment and their proof of age, or our printed        ☐ I have enclosed $50.00 for my
option that allows you to fill out the information, print the      personalized yearbook
application to mail in to the Canadian Ski Council with a
photo, proof of age and payment ... all for a one-time
administration fee of $20 plus taxes. Signing up online
is the quickest and easiest way to apply for your child's
Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass card. SnowPass cards will be
mailed straight to you just days after your application
has been processed! SnowPass applications are also
available through elementary schools and inside Sport
Chek, Sport Mart, Sports Experts and Intersport stores
across Canada. Depending on where you live in
Canada, each applicant will receive either an Eastern or
Western SnowPass card. The Western SnowPass card
is valid at 59 ski areas and is for children residing in BC,
Alberta,     Saskatchewan,        Manitoba    and     Yukon
     From the Board Meeting of: OCT 25, 2010

1.      Logan Lake Secondary student Zack Taylor
        presented an overview of how the reconfigured
        schools in Logan Lake have worked to become
        one as a community through combined events
        like the Terry Fox Run.       Principal Vessy
        Mochikas highlighted the work of the Craft
        Council in both schools and the artwork of the
        Kindergarten class that had been displayed for
        the meeting.

2.      Logan Lake secondary students, guided by
        teacher Rick Sandhu performed a well-received
        selection from their drumming class.

3.      The Board received a presentation from Mr.
        John Ambrose on the matter of courtesy rides
        for the Sun Peaks community.

4.      The Chair of the Logan Lake PAC, Nicole
        Montgomery, provided a snapshot of the PAC
        initiatives in both schools including Safe Arrival
        and One-to-One Reading.

5.      The Board received a report from Assistant
        Superintendent deBruijn on the successful
        implementation of Full Day Kindergarten in the
        school district.      Next year, Full Day
        Kindergarten will be extended across the entire

6.      The Board recognized Secretary-Treasurer
        Kelvin Stretch for being elected as the Chair of
        the Board of Directors for the Certified
        Management Accountants Society of British

7.      Trustee Harper reported on the ASK
        “Assessing Student Knowledge” International
        Conference held at TRU on October 21-23.
        Nearly 400 delegates attended sessions
        making this the most successful conference to
        date. Trustee Harper acknowledged the work of
        the organizing committee for a job well done.

8.      Trustee Harper reported on the Swim to
        Survive program, which will provide all grade 3
        students in the school district with basic water
        safety skills.
                         ACADEMIC HONOUR ROLL

Term 1 November 2010                              Term 1 November 2010
Academic Honour Roll                              Academic Honour Roll
Grade 8                                           Grade 9
Jesse Biddlecombe       Kyle Meyers               Takara Arnould-Butler   Alime Irmak
Sebastian Campbell      Emily Miller              Laura Balyx             Sierra Rae
Mikayla DeGrasse        Blake Noble               Nadia Caleanu           Kate Sullivan
Karis Duncan            David Oetter              Taylor Campbell-Viani   Tianna Trotta
Marcus Flor             Emily Pettifer            Bryce Connolly          Rachel Wade
Anna Horst              CJ Rueckl                 Hannah Dupuis           Abby Wale
Angela Ippolito         Ty Scott                  Amber Gagnon            Luca Williamson
Jessica Jones           Kai Theobald-Coates       Skye Griffith           Adrian Zyrd
Garrett Klein           Alexander Ward            Haley Huges
Jamie Levere

Term 1 November 2010                               Term 1 November 2010
Academic Honour Roll                               Academic Honour Roll
Grade 10                                           Grade 11
Kennedy Baillie         Dustin Kraige              Ashley Berthelot        Emma McMillan
Lane Barsi              Nye Marks                  Taylor Hill             Stacey Rowat
Benjamin Bermiller      Quinn McMillan             Alexander Jensen        Sophia
Gabrielle Berry         Jaime Oetter               Schrottner
Ellie Froese            Jayde Ritchey              Emily Jones
Nicole Havers           Jessica Rowat
Christina Horst         Kaitlyn Schafer            Grade 12
Claire Irvine           Karen Vo                   Ariel Little
Camille Jensen
Nadia Caleanu           Kate Sullivan
Taylor Campbell-Viani   Tianna Trotta
Bryce Connolly          Rachel Wade
Hannah Dupuis           Abby Wale
Amber Gagnon            Luca Williamson
Skye Griffith           Adrian Zyrd
Haley Huges

                    Term 1 November 2010
                    First Class Honour Roll
                    Grade 8
                    Jesse Biddlecombe      Sebastian Campbell
                    Karis Duncan           Marcus Flor
                    Anna Horst             Angela Ippolito
                    Jessica Jones          Garrett Klein
                    David Oetter

                    Grade 9
                    Rachel Wade

                    Grade 10
                    Ellie Froese              Camille Jensen
                    Dustin Kraige             Jamie Oetter
                    Jessica Rowat             Kaitlyn Schafer

                    Grade 11
                    Stacey Rowat              Sophia Schrottner

                    Grade 12
                    Ariel Little
                           EFFORT HONOUR ROLL

Term 1 November 2010                     Term 1 November 2010
Effort Honour Roll                       Effort Honour Roll

Grade 8                                  Grade 9
Jesse Biddlecombe      Jessica Jones     Laura Balyx             Desiree Mills
Sebastian Campbell     Jamie Levere      Morgan Campbell         Sierra Rae
Cameron Chambers       Genie Mclachlan   Taylor Campbell-Viani   Tianna Trotta
Karis Duncan           Kyle Meyers       Kenzie Ceccon           Rachel Wade
Marcus Flor            Emily Pettifer    Bryce Connolly          Abby Wale
Mikella Giguere        Shayla Pynn       Hannah Dupuis           Adrian Zryd
Anna Horst             Ty Scott
Angela Ippolito        Skye Griffith
Haley Hughes

Term 1 November 2010                      Term 1 November 2010
Effort Honour Roll                        Effort Honour Roll

Grade 10                                  Grade 11
Kennedy Baillie        Nye Marks          Katrina Hibbert        Stacey Rowat
Sean Bass              Jaimie Oetter      Taylor Hill            Rajkiran Sandhu
Ellie Froese           Marina Ramirez     Emily Jones            Sophia Schrottner
Nicole Havers          Jadye Ritchey      Kelsey Jules           Alexander Young
Christina Horst        Jessica Rowat
Camille Jensen         Kaitlyn Schafer    Grade 12
Dustin Kraige          Karen Vo           Bradley Harrison       Kim Valin
                                          Ariel Little

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