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 SIR JOHN is a dangerous man—
   He was born silly towns to beguile—
 Beware, oh beware, if you can,
   Of the magic that lurks in his smile :
 Though soft his entreaties may be,
    I've heard him as tenderly sue;
 He used to come courting to me,
   As now he comes courting to you.

 A tricolour banner he bore,
   To render his principles plain ;
 A tricolour ribbon he wore—
   He'll probably wear it again :
 With his conduct I quickly could see
   His colours had little to do;
 But oh ! they were lovely to me,
   And oh ! they'll be lovely to you.

 He taught me, the villain, to hope
   Such blessings as eye never saw ;
Cheap raiment, cheap victuals, cheap soap,
   Cheap knowledge, cheap churches, cheap law :
 You'd have thought that he spoke for a fee,
   So moving his eloquence grew ;
The arts that could fascinate me,
   Ah ! will they not fascinate you ?

He promised the people his aid—
   He gave it to Brougham and Grey :
A Radical here while he stayed—
  A Whig when he trotted away.
He swore that the press should be free,
  And straight an indictment he drew;
A sad disappointment to me—
  A sad disappointment to you.

But take him—a seat must be had
  For Mr Attorney, no doubt;
Do take him—Lord Althorp is sad,
  While his learned adviser is out.
Since " off with the old love" is he,
  It's time to be " on with the new ;"
Detected, rejected, by me—
  Pray             take him, I leave him to you !