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									                                 Gabriel Farmer

Call: 1994

Personal Injury

Gabriel specialises exclusively in personal injury law. He has a broad experience of both claiming and
defending substantial cases including catastrophic injury, loss of career, care and claims involving
damaging covert surveillance. He is a member of the Treasury Panel for personal injury work and as
such regularly advises government departments in this area. Gabriel has extensive experience of all
types of personal injury claims, including workplace accidents, industrial diseases, RTA and highways act
claims. As a result of his background in construction and engineering, Gabriel has a special interest in
construction-related cases or other cases involving technical evidence. He accepts instructions on behalf
of claimants and defendants and is recognised for his detailed advice and his robust advocacy in Court.
He is committed to achieving the best result for his clients and battles to the end. He is the editor of the
Guildhall Chambers PI newsletter.

Cases of Interest:
Multiple injury RTA involving MIB and road traffic liability dispute including MIB “knowledge” and s.151
liability issues (the former based on a “racing” exclusion). Serious injuries included bi-lateral knee
replacement. The case is ongoing.

Catastrophic above hip leg amputation causing severe psychiatric, urinary and associated impairment.
The case is on-going.

Factory worker sustained a through and through impalement injury following the malfunction of a
machine. Claimant sustained a significant handicap, with disputes over the residual earning capacity and
ability of the claimant to re-train.

Child injured when the speedboat in which he was sitting was mounted by another speedboat. Child was
struck by the propeller and sustained serious injury including amputation of the arm. Liability strongly
denied and defendant uninsured.

Chronic regional pain claim following a crush injury to the claimant’s foot. Issues involved damaging
covert surveillance and contested expert evidence in the fields of orthopaedics, rheumatology and

Motorcyclist ran into a car emerging from side road. Liability issues considered whether the claimant was
negligent in driving at speed, in darkness, near the mouth of junction.

Claimant suffered salmonella poisoning at Greek holiday resort. Issue of whether the relevant meal fell
within the Travel Package Regulations. The claimant's case was flawed but the Defence was struck out
following exposure of defendants disingenuous handling of requests for information and failure to disclose
evidence of connected claims.

First instance decision on the discoverability of CFA agreements and other documentation on detailed
assessment hearing. One of the cases that later comprised the decision in Hollins v Russell [2002]
EWCA Civ 718.
Reported cases:
Plumb v Ayres Court of Appeal. The Times 11th May 2000. - Appeal on contributory negligence in a road
traffic case. Issue of whether correct inference draw by trial judge given extensive skid marks.

Bennetts v MOD Court of Appeal [2004] EWCA Civ 486 - Manual handling case. Issue of whether risky
one-off task undertaken by Claimant capable of falling within Manual Handling Regulations. If trigger
required was reasonably foreseeable manual handling risk then duty no higher than in negligence.

Painting v Oxford University Court of Appeal. The Times 15th February 2005 - Claimant found to have
misled the court (caught out on covert surveillance). Main issue at trial whether Claimant truthful.
Payment into court beaten by Claimant. Whether Defendant should have obtained favourable costs order
notwithstanding low payment into court as effectively won the main issue.

1993-1994     Inns of Court School of Law - Bar Examination (VC)
1992-1993     Leeds Metropolitan University - Common Professional Examination
1989-1992     Reading University - Construction Management BSc 2:1
              John Laing Prize, British Aerospace Design Award
1982-1987     Downside Abbey School

Common law pupillage on the Western Circuit practicing in crime, family and general civil litigation.

Professional memberships:
Personal Injuries Bar Association

Further information:
Editor of Personal Injury Team Newsletter.
Member of the Treasury Panel for personal injury work.

Directory Recommendations:
Chambers and Partners 2010
Personal Injury
Gabriel Farmer is “a skilled technician and excellent advocate, whose communication skills with clients in
conference are markedly superior to many.”

Chambers and Partners 2009
Personal Injury
High-value personal injury case specialist Gabriel Farmer, whose “sophisticated and effective negotiation
skills” were much applauded.

Gabriel lives in South Gloucestershire with his wife Rosetta and 2 children. His interests include
renovating his house, skiing, windsurfing, clay pigeon shooting, and the great outdoors.

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