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By Eurostar
four days from only £239
Includes raIl to london on selected dates
See page 8 of the price & departures booklet for further details

                                                                                                                       Bruges first came to prominence in the Middle          coach will then take you to your hotel in the heart        Your main visit is to Ypres, the centre of British       We offer a choice of hotels as follows (relevant
         	 Return	rail	connections	on	selected	dates	from	over	thirty	regional	stations                             Ages when weavers, fleeing religious persecution,         of Bruges old town, transfer time approximately         activity in Belgium and although the town was            hotel will be indicated on departure details):
         	 Return	standard	class	reserved	seat	on	Eurostar	to	Lille,	Bruges’	nearest	                               settled in Bruges, which was then a port. They            one hour.                                               flattened, it has been restored to its original             Three-star superior Martin’s Brugge - Ideally
        	 Eurostar	station	-	journey	time	around	1	hour	30	minutes                                                  made their home here and started the manufacture                                                                  appearance. Ypres is the home of the Menin Gate,         located opposite the belfry in the historic centre,
         	 Return	coach	transfer	from	Lille	to	your	hotel	(approximately	one	hour)                                  of very high quality woollen cloth which was the          Day 2 After breakfast you have a guided walk of         the memorial to the missing where the last post is       the hotel has recently undergone a facelift to create
                                                                                                                    basis of Bruges’ wealth: art collections, churches        this beautiful town which really does show off its      played every evening at 8 o’clock.                       a stylish and modern interior, and offers a tranquil
         	 Choice	of	excellent	quality	three	and	four-star	hotels,	superbly	located	in	the	
                                                                                                                    and many other fine buildings were subsequently           charm perfectly. The whole atmosphere of Bruges            You also visit Hill 62, more commonly known as        private garden, bar offering a host of local beers and
        	 heart	of	the	old	preserved	town
                                                                                                                    bequeathed to the town by wealthy merchants.              is pure romance and really reflects the true spirit     Sanctuary Wood to see some preserved trenches.           restaurant serving regional specialities.
         	 Guided	walk	of	historic	Bruges,	arguably	the	most	perfectly	preserved	                                   The wool trade then evolved into lacemaking which         of medieval Flanders. Its streets are crammed with      Perhaps the most moving part of the afternoon is            Three-star Golden Tree - A former 19th century
        	 medieval	town	in	Europe                                                                                   was the most lucrative of all the textile trades. By      fascination and yet it is so compact that the walking   the visit to Tyne Cot cemetery at Passchendaele,         railway tycoon’s house just a short stroll from the
         	 Visit	to	a	traditional	Chocolate	Maker                                                                   the mid 17th century, Flanders Lace as it was called      tour emphasises the main sights and attractions         which is the largest in the British sector. You will     market square recently converted into a beautiful
         	 Visit	to	Ypres	and	the	First	World	War	battlefields                                                      was famous all over Europe, with the finest being         perfectly. Bruges has so much to offer and is           return to your hotel in Bruges late afternoon.           boutique property. Features include a stunning
                                                                                                                    the ‘fairy stitch’ which required between 300 and         centred around the main square, dominated by the                                                                 breakfast room with frescoed ceilings, a beautiful
         	 Escorted	by	our	experienced	tour	manager


                                                                                                                    700 spindles. You can still see picturesque places        Belfry and when the unique old Flemish chimes           Day 4 Bruges chocolates are known throughout             conservatory and a garden terrace.
                                                                                                                    within Bruges, where younger and older lace               are heard, the atmosphere is perfect. You can climb     the world and so this morning you visit one of the          Four-star academie - Built around a pleasant
                here can be few places left where you        you can see the carving of the Madonna and Child       makers practise their trade. And of course, on this       this tower, if you can face the 366 steps: the view     few establishments which still makes chocolates by       courtyard garden, this centrally located hotel is a
                can totally switch off for a few days from   by Michelangelo, perhaps the greatest sculptor of      tour you are staying in the old heart of Bruges, only     is breathtaking. You will also see the City Hall, the   traditional methods. They are only made from the         superb place to relax after a hard day’s sightseeing.
                the pressures of modern                                          them all. In the Basilica of the   a short walk from the Lace Museum, where you can          old Law Courts and the ‘Basilica of the Holy Blood’     finest ingredients and during the demonstration          Recently renovated it offers excellent facilities
                day living so completely as                                      Holy Blood is a phial, said to     learn the history of this superb craft with some of       in which is housed some of Jesus’ blood. Another        you learn all about this delicious craft. A coach will   and comfortable, stylish accommodation, bar and
     Bruges. Its beauty and tranquility                                          contain Jesus’ blood, which was    the finest examples from throughout the ages on           must is the Notre Dame Church which houses              later return you to nearby Lille to take an afternoon    winter garden.
     are outstanding, as befits the most                                        brought back from the Holy Land     display.                                                  Michelangelo’s beautiful Madonna and Child,             Eurostar service back to London St Pancras
     perfectly preserved medieval town                                         after one of the crusades. The          Bruges is also very famous for its chocolates,         carved in pure white marble.                            International (or Ebbsfleet).
     in Europe. Its atmosphere is totally                                     richness of the interior decoration   some of which are still hand made from the                    Belgium, and Flanders in particular, is very
     unique, whether it’s a stroll by one of                                 will amaze you.                        finest ingredients including cream, strawberries,         famous for brewing beer, indeed there are over
     the canals, indeed Bruges is also known                                                                        nougat and nuts. The results are absolutely               500 varieties throughout the country. One of the
     as ‘Venice of the North’, sipping a coffee                                                                     mouth-watering. They do not do very much for              features of brewing in Belgium is the great variety
     in the Old Market Square with the 13th                                                                         your waistline but they do for your taste buds! The       of types of beer and ingredients used, even things
     Century Flemish chimes ringing out from the                                                                    food in Belgium, and Bruges in particular, combines       as diverse as cherries and oats! So a tour to Bruges
     belfry in the background, or perhaps a gentle                                                                  the best in cuisine: French quality and flair, with       would not be complete without a visit to a brewery!
     trip around the town by horse and carriage.                                                                    German sized portions. The speciality is mussels;         Some of you may choose to take the short walk
     Its serenity will                                                                                              there are forty ways of cooking them, and of              to the “Halve Maan” brewery museum to learn
     captivate you and it                                                                                           course Belgian chips topped with mayonnaise are           the ins and outs of brewing in this quaint and very
     has something for all                                                                                          recognised the world over as the best there are.          traditional establishment and then unwind with a
     tastes.                                                                                                           But there is no one thing you can put your finger      tasting.
         For art lovers, Bruges                                                                                     on which makes Bruges such an attractive place to
     is a must – Jan Van Eyck                                                                                       stay for a few days. It is a combination of old world     Day 3 After breakfast we will arrange an optional
     being the city’s most                                                                                          charm, the friendliness of the people (indeed it is       tour by boat of some of Bruges’ canals, which
     famous resident. There                                                                                         difficult to find anyone who doesn’t speak fluent         gives an interesting view of the town (subject to
     are three excellent                                                                                            English), culture and perhaps its sheer tranquility. So   seasonal operation). Late morning, for those who
     museums housing many                                                                                           come with us and see.                                     are interested, the coach will leave Bruges for a
     fine works by Dutch and                                                                                                                                                  tour of some of the places made famous during
     Flemish artists including                                                                                      Day 1 You take a late morning/early afternoon             the First World War. However, the excursion is not
     Van Eyck himself,                                                                                              Eurostar service from London St. Pancras                  compulsory so should you choose to have free time
     Rembrandt, and                                                                                                 International or Ebbsfleet International to Lille         in Bruges, perhaps ride in a horse drawn carriage,
     many more. In the                                                                                              (exact time will be indicated on travel documents),       or visit one of the many other attractions, this
     church of Our Lady                                                                                             arriving approximately 1 hour 30 minutes later. A         afternoon is the ideal opportunity to do so.

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