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                                St. John’s Lutheran Church, Gillett, WI

                     KNX will be here for the Unity Service
                              on February 14th at 9:30 a.m.
                   There will be a brunch served following the service.
                       A free will offering basket will be put out.

                                     Living Lent
                              The Animals Tell The Story
                           A Series of Special Services for Lent

The animals (of all things!) mentioned near or during the Passion of our Lord, serve as
windows into Jesus' life, teaching and saving work in this dramatic service series for Lent.

                 Ash Wednesday--The fox tells of a homeless Savior.
              First Week of Lent--The donkey tells of a peaceful Savior.
              Second Week of Lent--The dove tells of an angry Savior.
              Third Week of Lent--The camel tells of a warning Savior.
              Fourth Week of Lent--The hen tells of a grieving Savior.
              Fifth Week of Lent--The vulture tells of a coming Savior.

                          Ash Wednesday starts February 17th
                          Services at 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
                                    ST JOHN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH
                                     REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING
                                          JANUARY 13, 2010

Attending: Mel Raatz, Mel Reichwald, Llyod Kirsch,       WELCA: will not meet in January or February
Gary Braun, Doug Kurek, Jerry Luther, Nancy Stark,       Nominating committee: numerous positions open on
Miles Winkler, Lisa Ubbelohde, Deanna Smith              committee’s.
Absent: Jon Simpson                                      Finance: Miles Winkler presented the proposed budget
Meeting called to order by President Jerry Luther at     for 2010. Last year budget was at $160,000, amount
8:05 p.m.                                                spent $165,583. Proposed budget set at $138,335.
Devotions: Mel Reichwald                                 Attendance and contributions have greatly decreased.
Approve agenda: M/S/C Stark, Reichwald
Secretary’s report: M/S/C Braun, Stark                   OLD BUSINESS
Treasurer’s report: M/S/C Reichwald, Raatz               Opening and closing of the church. Mel Raatz will
President’s report: nothing at this time                 assist. Others needed.
Pastor’s report: Holidays went well. Unity service       Congregational meeting for 2nd vote: date is March 14
February 14 with Choir serving brunch. KNX band          Motion made by Deanna Smith we have one service at
will be here. Soup & Scripture will begin with Ash       9:30, second Doug Kurek, carried
Wednesday. Gillett Suring Clergy Association turned      Annual Meeting January 31st, 12:15 p.m., POTLUCK
over 50% of the funds to CARE SHARE. They will           dinner before.
have funds available to restock needed items. April      NEW BUSINESS
10th Randy Peterson will perform at Gillett High         Budget: we need to set a budget in October or
School.                                                  November prior to year end and the Annual meeting.
Director of Music & Office Administrator submitted       Members leaving: D. Svitak to Faith M/S/C Smith,
a written report on their activities. Thank you, very    Stark
helpful.                                                 R. Jonjak removed at her request M/S/C Reichwald,
COMMITTEE REPORTS                                        Raatz
Property & Cemetery: light switch and wiring need to     Bulk mailing: M/S/C Reichwald, Stark , nay Raatz to
be addressed.                                            drop the bulk mailing fee and use e-mail plus print
Board of Education: Joyce Anderson will fill the         Newsletter and have available in church. Mail to shut
vacant teacher position. Cookie sale proceeds came       ins and out of town active or contributing members.
to $319, donated to the ―WE BELIEVE PROGRAM‖             Pastor has asked we show $14,000 of income as
to give local children and families a nice Christmas.    housing so she will benefit tax wise. M/S/C Kirsch,
Last day of Sunday school will be May 23rd. June 6 -     Reichwald.
10 VBS, Confirmation May 16th.                           Devotions next meeting: Mel Raatz
LYO: Will assist with clean up at the POTLUCK            Motion to adjourn: Smith, Kurek
dinner at Annual meeting.                                Closed with the Lord’s prayer
Prayer Team: Carmen Brown & Jennie Dirks have            Respectfully submitted,
dropped out of Prayer team.                              Deanna Smith, Secretary

                            GENERAL BOARD AND COMMITTEE MEETING
                                   JANUARY 17, 2010 9 A.M.
Attending: Sharon Raatz, Mel Raatz, Mel Reichwald,       the 2, 8 a.m. and 10:15 or consider one service at 9:30
Doug Kurek, Gary Braun, Nancy Stark, Jerry Luther,       a.m. Will we save any money? Summer services: con-
Pastor Lisa, Jon Simpson, Miles Winkler, Dan Brown,      tinue with Monday evening?
Deanna Smith                                             New Business:
M/S/C Reichwald, Raatz (Mel) to accept nominee’s to      M/S/C Mel Reichwald, Jon Simpson we present budget
council and committee’s.                                 at Annual meeting.
Annual Dinner: Pot luck, LYO will assist with clean      Staff reviews need to be completed before Annual
up.                                                      Meeting.
Old Business: It is required we do our 2nd vote on the   Motion to adjourn: Mel Raatz, Nancy Stark
Constitution.                                            Respectfully submitted:
Open for discussion: Church services. Continue with      Deanna Smith, Secretary
                                                  St. John’s Lutheran Church
                                                  101 W. Main St., Gillett, WI
                                                       FEBRUARY 2010

             Sun                     Mon                 Tue               Wed           Thu            Fri          Sat

 TBA All Committee              1                  2                  3              4              5           6
 Gathering                                         8:30a Ec.          8:30a Staff    5:30p Choir    Pastor’s    11-4 Lu Arndt
                                                   Prayer Break-      Mtg.           6:30p          day off     birthday party
 TBA Installation of council/                      fast, Country      6p 8th grade   EMBRACE
 Ccommittees                                       Rds                Confirmation
                                                   1-3p H1N1 Flu      classes
                                                   Shot Clinic here
                                                   at St. John’s      7p 7th grade
                                                                      7:30p LYO
 7                              8                  9                  10             11             12          13
 8&10:15a HC                                       7:30p Bd 0f Ed     5&8p Ash       5:30p Choir     Pastor’s   Cub Scouts
 Contemporary service                              3p & 6p            Wednesday                     day off
 9a Sunday School                                  Consultation       Lent Service
 9 Fellowship Time                                 with Justman       7p Council
 9:15a Study Time                                                     Mtg

 Transfiguration of the         15                 16                 17Ash          18             19          20
 Lord                           6:30p              9a Quilters        Wednesday      5:30p Choir    Pastor’s
 9:30a Service of the Word      Stewardship Mtg    5:30p              9-11p Food     6:30p Mutual   day off
 KNX                                               Evangelism Mtg     Pantry         Ministry
 10:30a Brunch free will                                              5&8p Ash
 offering                                                             Wednesday
 NO Sunday School                                                     Lent Service
 5p Shawano Conf.
 Immanuel Luth Church

 21 First Sunday in Lent        22                 23                 24             25             26          27
 8&10:15a HC service            9a                 11:30a Pastor’s    Noon Soup &    5:30p Choir     Pastor’s
 9a Sunday School               NEWSLETTER         Luncheon mtg       Scripture                     day off
 9 Fellowship Time              DEADLINE           Appleton           Bethel                        8:30a
 9:15a Study Time               5:30p Cub                             5:30p Lent                    Property/
                                Scouts                                Service                       Cemetery
                                                                      6:30p Supper                  Mtg

 28 Second Sunday in Lent
 8&10:15a Service
 9a Sunday School
 9 Fellowship Time
 9:15a Study Time

Special dates
• African-American History Month
• Boy Scout Sunday, February 7, 2010
• Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010
• Presidents’ Day, February 15, 2010
            BISHOP JUSTMAN                                   STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE

Please note the date of Bishop Justman’s
                                                        Met Nov 16th
consultation with the congregation has changed          Meeting opened with prayer.
to Tuesday, February 9th at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.           Committee members will meet at 1 p.m. Dec. 2nd to
Please sign up to indicate if you plan to come at       make Chili for the Advent meal Dec. 2nd. Pastor will
3 p.m.                                                  make cornbread, Ruth a pan of bars and Pastor will
                                                        contact confirmands to make rest of desserts for Advent
                                                        meal. The money collected that evening will go to
             SUNDAY SCHOOL                              Youth Camp. Worship Committee will do the other
                                                        advent meal.
                                                                 We have a budget of $200.00 and have only
         First of all, I would like to send out a       spent $67.18.
―HUGE THANK YOU‖ to all who helped with the                      Ruth told of her meeting with Reuben Radtke
cookie bake this year. It was a great success with      from Grace Lutheran in Oconto Falls. He has a list of
sales reaching over $300.00! Thank you to the           volunteers who he calls when needed. They have gone
congregation for your support.                          out to fix screens, clean gutters, rake , fix small repairs
         The Lent Season is fast approaching, and I     around homes. Their time is donated. It is called
would like the children to sing at the second service   ―God’s Helping Hand‖ and this appeal goes into the
on Palm Sunday, March 28th. I will be sending notes     bulletin every week and people contact Reuben. They
home as it gets closer.                                 go to any home regardless of religion.
                                                                 Grace Lutheran picks up persons who need
        There will be NO SUNDAY SCHOOL                  rides to church. They feel car insurance covers them.
                    February 14th                                We would like to make a list of people with
                         and                            special skills who we could call on. Will put into bulle-
                   Easter April 4th                     tin ad newsletter, called ―Caring Hands.
                                                        Sunday school needs more help.
        Confirmation will be on May 16th                Vern is checking into having a church calendar made.
        We are looking at VBS being between June                 Pastor Lisa is ordering 5 books ―The Seven
6th-10th in the evenings. Times haven’t been set yet.   Principles of Stewardship‖.
        The Sunday School is still looking for          No Meeting in December.
anyone who is available to help. Anyone interested,     Next meeting January 18th at 6:30 p.m.
please contact me.
        Please take time to view some of the
children’s projects they have made in Sunday school.                         W-ELCA
You can see them displayed in the showcase in the
church basement.
        The last day of Sunday school will be on        Met December 7th
May 23rd. This will be a fun day!!                      Opened with prayer.
        If you have any questions, please contact       Secretary Report read & approved.
Toni Raatz at 855-1690 or 618-1179.                     Treasurers Report Balance 4 2715.34. Read &
Sincerely and God Bless!                                Went over gifts for Christmas-sent out flower for
Toni Raatz S.S.I.                                       shut-ins, packed children's Christmas bags.
                                                        We will keep on supplying pickles for the church as
                                                        well as coffee.
                                                        Save quart jars and lids.
                                                        Closed with prayer
                                                        No meetings in January, February & March. Board if
                                                        needed will meet.

                                                        Next meeting April 5, 2010

                                                        Secretary, Joyce Anderson
                        FYI                                                Soup and Scripture 2010

           Your church newsletter will                          Date      Place    Speaker Character
               no longer be mailed.
To help the church go green, and save on costs                  Feb. 24     Bethel Lutheran Lisa Judas
please give the office your e-mail, by e-mailing
the church @, in the                      March 3 Tabor Methodist Richard F. Caiaphas
subject line enter: Newsletter church, that way I
will know that it is not junk mail.                             March 10 St. John Catholic Kevin Pontius Pilate
If you do not have e-mail the Newsletter will be
available in the church Narthex and in the                      March 17 St. Michael Catholic Tina Peter
Fellowship hall entry way.
If you have any questions call the church office.               March 24 St. John’s Lutheran Sister Marla Mary

Thank You!
Carol                                                                         IN APPRECIATION

               OTHER EVENTS                                        Thank you for all the prayers and greetings for
                                                                     Daymon Reiter, who has been declared cancer
Sunday, February 14th @ 5:00 p.m. Shawano Area                       free.
Conference 2010 Annual Assembly @ Immanuel                         Thank you from the Homme Foundation for the
Lutheran Church, Cicero, N9580 Cty Rd X, Black                      gifts and money sent. Thank you!
Creek                                                              Thank you for the lovely poinsettia. Elsie Czechan
                                                                   Thank you for the donation of the apples for
Sunday, March 7th Julie Krause Benefit @ Romy’s                     Christmas Eve. Mel Reichwald
Holiday Inn, Kelly Lake, see article & posters for                 Thank you to all involved with the Cantata, a very
more info.                                                          special letter of thanks and appreciation received
                                                                    from Gary Jaeger
February 10th @ 12:30 p.m. Book Club at the Gillett                Thanks for all your prayers during our barn fire.
Library-The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by                    Engebretson Farms & Engebretson Brothers,
C.S. Lewis                                                          Allen & Barbara, Chris & Vicki, Jeff & Cindy
                                                                   Thank you to our Thrivent Financial
Need some extra cash? Check out the info on work-                   Congregational Coordinators-Miles Winkler, Jan
ing with the Census Bureau, info. is in the lower                   Ruege, Mel Reichwald, Jerry Luther & Judy
Narthex.                                                            Winkler

Friday, February 12, 11-1:30 p.m., there will be a
Valentine Salad Luncheon and Love basket Auction/                              TRANSFER OUT
Raffle in the Community Memorial Hospital
Cafeteria. RSVP to Barb at 848-3341.
                                                                    Donny Svitak to Faith United Lutheran, Gillett
Card Party February 7, 14, 21, 28th, March 7 & 14th                     Renay Jonjak requested her release.
at 7:00 p.m. at the Gillett Public Library

Thinking of Lent
Advent prepares us for Christ’s birth; Lent prepares us for the glorious act of Christ’s resurrection. Churches have spe-
cial services during the weeks of Lent, but it’s what each of us does regarding our spiritual life that makes Lent most
Lent is a good time to read, study and inwardly digest the four gospels. (The word gospel means ―good news.‖)
A college student decided to work his way through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for his Lenten devotional time. Soon
he was fascinated by the stories, such as the Pharisees and Sadducees trying to trap Jesus in debate. The brilliant Jesus
handled every occasion with wisdom, leaving the authorities dumbfounded.
During his devotional time, the student was filled with laughter and amazement at the brilliant son of God, who was
only in his 30s. Get to know the good news, and you’ll understand the young man’s amazement.
                           Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and its
                            members aim to generate $3 million to
                                aid Haiti earthquake response
                         Organization rallying its members by pledging
to match up to $1 million

In response to the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti, Thrivent Financial for Luther-
ans is announcing a $1
million challenge to its members across the country. Thrivent Financial will match $1 for every
$2 donated by Thrivent
Financial members up to $1 million for the potential of
generating $3 million. Funds will be directed to four Lutheran organizations to support their
Haiti earthquake relief efforts: Lutheran World Relief, ELCA Disaster Response, LCMS World
Relief and Human Care and WELS Committee on

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti and all those working tirelessly to rescue
the thousands of victims,” said Bruce Nicholson, Thrivent Financial chairman, president and
chief executive officer. “Thrivent Financial and our
members want to help in this time of great need. We believe our members throughout the
country will give generously to those affected by this catastrophic natural disaster.”

Thrivent Financial members interested in making a financial gift to help earthquake victims in
Haiti can make their donation online at or by phone at 1-800-
236-3736 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday. When prompted,
please say “directory” then enter ext. 83003. Thrivent Financial will add a maximum of $250
per member donation, and donations will be accepted through March 31, 2010

Please make your check out to Oconto County Chapter, and they will forward all monies to Thrivent.
Even if you are not a Thrivent member, your gift will be matched.

                                             HEALTH KITS

    We are also collecting items needed for health kits. Please have them to the church by February 28th.

Include the following items in each health kit:
     One hand towel, dark color recommended
     One washcloth, dark color recommended
     One bath-size bar (4 to 5 oz.) of soap, any brand, in its original wrapping
     One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging
     One sturdy comb, remove packaging
   One metal nail file or nail clippers with file attached, remove packaging (do not substitute card-
board emery boards for the file)
Six Band-Aids® (or similar brand), preferably 1/2" to 3/4"; secure together with a rubber band
                                          Julie Krause Benefit

When:                             Sunday March 7, 2010
Location:            Romy's Holiday Inn, Kelly Lake, WI
Time:                2-8p.m.
Entertainment:      Chad Przybylski & The Polka Rhythms Band 2-6p.m.
                    DJ Wayne Deering & Dennis Pipkorn 6-8p.m.
Food & Bev.:        Free food
            Free Beer 2-6p.m.
Activities:         Gun Raffle Drawing 6p.m.        You can drop your none food
                                                     donations, for the silent auc-
            Live Auction                           tion, auction, here at St. John’s
                                                   Lutheran church, 101 W. Main
            Silent Auction                                    St., Gillett
                                                     If you can donate a salad (no
            50/50 Raffle                               raw onions are to be used)
            Gun Board                               please contact Vicki at Spirits

                   The friends and family of Julie Krause are hosting a

                                             benefit on her behalf;

 Julie was diagnosed with stage four malignant melanoma in September of 2008. Since her diagnosis,
 Julie has had two major surgeries and is currently undergoing extensive cancer treatments. Julie and
 her family have been very courageous in their battle so far and unfortunately have a long way to go.
 It is our hope that we can all unite to help support them in order to offset the mounting financial
 obligation that comes with this fight.
 Please consider donating to the benefit in order to help the Krause family. We will be accepting any
 and all donations in the form of goods and services as well as monetary donations.

 To make a monetary donation; just click on the Donate button below and follow the prompts. You
 may also send a check to Harris Bank, 204 E. Main St. Gillett 54124; made out to Julie Krause
 Benefit/Harris Bank.

 To donate goods or services, please email us and we'll contact you to arrange the details. Go to the
 web site @

What did Jesus say his earthly mission was all about? Choose the correct answer from the list below:
A. Doing his own will               B. Doing God’s will       C. Doing the will of the people     D. All of the above
                                     YEARLY TIME & TALENTS
It is to the glory of God that we offer ourselves, our time an dour talents to the work of our Lord. Through the
congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church we would like to serve our Lord and return to him a small part of what he
has given us, by committing our Time and Talents. You can use your initial on the line by the area you would like to
be involved in. After prayerful consideration, I, we______________________________________________________
would like to serve the Lord in those areas where I have checked.

Church Office: volunteer to help with: __ bulletins to shut-ins, __ Collate Newsletters, __ general office help

Property Management: __ painting, __ fall &/or spring clean-up

Minor Repairs: __ plumbing, __ carpentry, __ Electrical, __ Landscaping, __ Electronics, __ fix it projects

Finance Counters: __ count offerings

Open &/or close church on Sunday mornings ___ Open ___ Close

Volunteers to help with Committees/Organizations:
__ Board of Education                __ Library             __ Stewardship                   __ Evangelism
__ Property                          __ Cemetery            __ L.A.C.E.                      __ Finance
__ Nominating                        __ Worship             __ Choir                         __ EMBRACE
__ LYO                               __ Cantata
__ Sunday School Teacher             __ Sunday School Helper
__ Sunday School Sub-Teacher         __ LYO Leader/helper
Ushers/Greeters:       time: __early service   __ late service     __ evening
Lectors:               time: __early service   __ late service     __ evening
Communion Server time: __early service         __ late service     __ evening
Altar Guild            time: __early service __ late service       __ evening

Month(s) you are available for _________________________________________

Special Services         __ Easter Sunrise                 __ Easter Regular
                         __ Christmas eve early            __ Christmas eve late
                         __ Christmas Day
Any other info we could use; ex. Special talents or abilities._______________________________________

 Return to the church office (just slide it under the office door) as soon as you can, so I can update the files,
                                       as there has been a lot of changes.
                                                   Carol Stanek

Volume 11 Issue 2                                                                                             February 2010


Pastor: Lisa A. Ubbelohde: Office hours Mon., Wed., Thurs. 9:30-noon, Fri. off, Other times by appointment/
President: Jerry Luther Vice President: Mel Raatz          Council Secretary: Deanna Smith Treasurer: Doug Kurek
Custodians: Jeff Smet, Randy Raatz, Toni Raatz             Office Administrator: Carol Stanek:
Director of Music Wayne Strei                              Assistant Director of Music Don Svitak
Superintendent Toni Raatz
Office Phone: 920 855-6215                                 Office FAX: 920 855-6155
         February Birthdays                                           Where are you?????
1    Zachary Young, Matthew Lauersdorf
3    Amy Penkivich, Don Lisowe Jr.,                                       2009
     Samantha Patzer                           $   10,000.01 & up         1
4    Ross Rademann                             $   5000.01 - 10000        2
5    Miles Winkler, Nicholas Lauersdorf        $   4000.01 - 5000         1
6    Maureen Wollin                            $   3000.01 - 4000         5
                                               $   2000.01 - 3000         5
7    Walter Schmidt, Bob Hicks, David
                                               $   1500.01 - 2000         11
     Franklin, Kyle Woelfel                    $ 1000.01 - 1500          11                 Did you receive
8    Tina Lockstein                            $ 500.01 - 1000           35              offering envelopes???
9    Jim Schroeder, Andrew Holmes              $ 250.01– 500            32
11   Betty Porath, Gary Lisowe                 $ 100.01 - 250           39
12   Brooke Collins
                                                                                        If not come to the church
                                               $ .01 - 100              69             office and Carol the Office
13   Ella Rasmussen, Becky Pockat, Edward      $      0                 213 (121)
     Patzer                                                                              Administrator will give
                                               Total # envelopes Assigned 332            you offering envelopes.
14   Agatha Tietyen, Ron Pockat, Steve Wet-    ( ) received offering envelopes did
     zel                                       not give
15   Lindsey Nienstedt, Chris Lemirande
16   Jill Tranetzke, Kelly Lauersdorf
18   Scott Krueger                                                   Scrap booker’s needed
19   Lory Stycznski, Cody Wians, Samuel
          Lemens                               Do you enjoy doing simple or unique scrap book pages?
21   Julie Krause, Brianna Delzer              You are needed as the W-ELCA have kept a scrap
23   Brenda Gauer                              book for years, and would like someone new to
24   Ricky Winkler                             continue doing this project on the activities and
26   Janet Petersen                            events of the church.
27   Rick DuCane                               If you are interested call the church office and ask for
28   Linda Schindel, tony Schowalter, Austin   Carol.

                                                                      Valentine’s Greeting
      February Anniversaries

                                                                      Why not send a shut-in or several valentines.
         21st Jim & Janet Petersen                                    If you need names and addresses you
                  34 yrs                                              can contact the church office.
       14th Troy & Michele Sherman
                  19 yrs
        28th Kyle & Kelly Frederick                                   Office Administrator
                   1 yr

                                               I truly appreciate all the cards, prayers, thoughts, and gifts given to
                                               my family and myself during the Christmas season. Thank you so
         SPECIAL MILESTONES                    much for your kindness. It is greatly appreciated. May the Lord
         BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS                    continue to be your guide in the new year.
                                               Carol Stanek
         Walter Schmidt 94 years
         Ella Rasmussen 90 years                                            Acceptance
            Bob Hicks 80 years                 Whatever you send me, Lord, I will accept.
                                               My response may be clumsy, or even inept.
                                               But I know you want only the best for me, too.
                                               So with your help, I’ll do what you want me to do.
                                               —Peggy Ferrell
Quiz Answer :
B see John 5:30

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