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					May-June 2009
Volume 35, Issue 3

                                    St. Andrew’s: Witnessing to the Good News of God in Christ.
                                                               Magdalene and the other disciples, were able to take
              Rector’s Column                                  a deep breath and turn their attention to what really
                                                               mattered. They looked to Jesus and were able to put
Dear Friends:                                                  their fear of change just far enough aside to see that
It is probably safe to say that when we think of Jesus, or     Jesus was not trying to change them, but to complete
turn to him, it is as a source of comfort, reassurance         them, to unlock the divine spirit living within them.
and peace. I think that is exactly how Jesus wants us to
                                                               With the rapid pace of change our world has seen
approach him. He certainly said so on many occa-
                                                               over the past few years, fear has come to define our
sions. But that was not the reaction he got from most
                                                               culture. Fear for our safety, fear for our security, fear
of the people who encountered him during his life on
                                                               for our jobs, our homes, our way of life, our future
earth. The overwhelming majority of people had a re-
                                                               will all work to shape us, our families, our church,
action of fear when they met or heard of Jesus. Mary
                                                               our community and nation if we let it. While I don’t
initially responds in fear to the angel Gabriel’s message
                                                               mean to minimize the serious challenges we face nor
that she would have a son. The shepherds who were
                                                               the very real needs we see around us, the one thing
visited in the night by the heavenly hosts had to be
                                                               we can count on in life is that change will happen.
calmed before the angels could sing their song. Herod
                                                               The fear that it often creates is nothing new, but it
deals with his fear of Jesus by massacring the boys in a
                                                               need not cripple us, or turn us in on ourselves. Jesus
small village. Those on the receiving end of Jesus’ mi-
                                                               never promised an easy life, or to preserve the status
raculous healings were grateful to him, while most of
                                                               quo. What he does offer is a way to engage full, abun-
the witnesses to these unusual powers responded with
                                                               dant life, regardless of what is going on around us. If
fear, sometimes driving Jesus out of their town. Pilate
                                                               we can remain focused on the One who has made the
and the priests of the Jerusalem temple feared for their
                                                               biggest change in all of our lives, fear can be replaced
positions if Jesus were to remain alive, while Mary, Mary
                                                               with peace, and the ultimate outcome to these tough
Magdalene and the other disciples were made afraid
                                                               and trying times, though presently unclear, can rest
by the implications of the reality of Jesus rising from
                                                               firmly in God’s hands.
the dead. Fear surrounded the One whose consistent
message is: “Peace be with you.”                               God bless,
Why is that? Probably because for the people Jesus             Alan
met, he embodied the one thing humans fear most:
                                                                                  Table of Contents
Change, even the prospect of change for the better
                                                                 Upcoming Events...........................................2
(which is what Jesus offers), always invokes fear be-
cause the process is so destabilizing and the outcome            Financial.......................................................3
cannot be precisely known until long after it is reached.        Christian Formation........................................3
So did Jesus underestimate us? Do we lack the capac-             Parish Life.....................................................4
ity to live into the life he offers? For some, like Herod
and Pilate and the people who drove Jesus away, that is          Music..........................................................5
probably true. Not only could they not accept what               Parish History................................................5
Jesus offers, they actively resisted it for reasons too          Parish Health..............................................5, 7
disturbing to delve into. Others, such as Mary, Mary

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 tion. The deadline for submissions for the July -                                     Holy Eucharist and Healing
 August 2009 newsletter is June 10, 2009.
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 Please send submissions to Kate Riedel via e-mail                                           Holy Eucharist
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 Receive The Network by email! To stop receiving pa-               Childcare is available 9:00–9:45 am in the Kindergarten room (207)
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                                                                   (2nd floor).The older children are in class from 10:00 am until they
                                                                   join their families for communion later in the service.
                                               Family Learning Institute                         Book Discussion Group
       Upcoming Events                               Spelling Bee                           Each quarter, the St. Andrew’s Book
                                           St. Andrew’s will be sponsoring a Spelling       Discussion Group meets for a one-night
  Church Directory Update                  Team to compete in the Family Learning           discussion. Our next gathering is
In order to make our photo directory as    Institute’s Third Annual Spelling Bee. The       Wednesday, July 22, when we will
current as possible, would you please      Spelling Bee raises funds to help improve        discuss “AYear of Wonders” by Geraldine
look at your information in our            the reading, writing, and thinking skills of     Brooks. The evening begins with a pot-
current phone directory to make            low-income Ann Arbor students in grades          luck supper at 6:30 pm in the Lounge.
certain it is correct, e.g. Name, Ad-      3-8. This will be the third year that St.        Over dessert and coffee the discussion
dress, City, State and Zip, Phone Num-     Andrew’s has been represented and it has         will begin at 7:15 pm.
ber (s), e-mail address, children’s        always been a lot of fun.This year we would      In her book, Brooks’ describes the 17th-
names, etc.                                like to have a table of supporters to cheer      century plague that is carried to a small
          Bishop Gibbs                     the team on. Do join us; tickets are $25.00      Derbyshire village by an itinerant tailor.
      to Visit St. Andrew’s                for a very good cause. The Spelling Bee          As villagers begin to die the rest face a
Bishop Wendell Gibbs will make his         will be held in the Morris Lawrence              choice: do they flee their village in hope
Episcopal visitation on Sunday, May        Building at Washtenaw Community                  of outrunning the plague or do they stay?
17. He will be the celebrant and           College at 7:00 pm on Friday, May 29.            The lord of the manor and his family
preacher at the 10:00 am service and       If you would like to join the spelling team,     pack up and leave. The rector, Michael
confirm and receive twenty-four new        please contact Patricia Bard at 734-677-         Mompellion, argues forcefully that the
Episcopalians into the Church. A spe-      4548 or purchase             villagers should stay put, isolate them-
cial coffee hour in honor of Bishop        tickets, call the Family Learning Institute      selves from neighboring towns, and
Gibbs and the confirmation class will      at 995-6816 or visit their website at            prevent the contagion from spreading.
follow this service. Because of the For more        His oratory wins the day and the village
number of people attending this service,   information, talk to Leigh Magnuson,             turns in on itself. Cocooned from the
please use off-site parking as much as     Patricia Bard or Vickie Blayney. Both            outside world and ravaged by the dis-
possible, leaving the parking lot for      Patricia and Leigh volunteer as coaches          ease, its inhabitants struggle to retain
those who have difficulty with mobility.   and Vickie is on the board at the Family         their humanity in the face of the disas-
The 8:00 and 9:15 am Eucharists will       Learning Institute.                              ter.The narrator, the young widow Anna
be offered as usual.                                                                        Frith, is one of the few who succeeds.
                                                       Sunday Forum
       Youth Recognition                                                                    With Mompellion and his wife, Elinor,
                                           The final Sunday Forum will be on May 17,
During services in the coming months                                                        she tends to the dying and battles to pre-
                                           at 9:00 am.There will be no Sunday Forum
St. Andrew’s will be honoring the                                                           vent her fellow villagers from descend-
                                           from May 24 through September 6.
achievements of our youth. The follow-                                                      ing into drink, violence, and supersti-
ing groups will be honored during the             Celebratory Concert                       tion. All is complicated by the intense,
10:00 am service:                          Save the Date: Sunday, September 27,             inexpressible feelings she develops for
    High School Graduates: May 10          4:00 pm, for a celebratory concert and           both the rector and his wife.
    YAC: May 17                            rededication of St. Andrew’s Church on
                                                                                            Copies of the books are available at Shaman
    Rite 13: June 7                        the completion of Phase I Restoration.
                                                                                            Drum Bookshop, 313 South State Street.
2                                                                                                                 May - June 2009
                     Operating Revenue and Expense                                                Capital Campaign
                      January 1 to March 31, 2009                                               as of March 31, 2009
                                                               Over/Under +/(-)                                           Since
                     Actual                    Budget           YTD Actual vs.            Income:                      Inception
Income             Year-to-Date             Year-to-Date          YTS Budget              Pledge payments              1,823,553
Plate Offerings           7,712                    7,950                 -238             Memorial gifts                    4,970
Pledge Payments         211,135                 215,500                -4,365             From special funds             237,203
Other Income                328                    1,150                 -822             Grant                             4,615
From Special Funds            0                        0                    0             Investment Income                33,526
Total Income            219,175                 224,600                -5,425                Total Income              2,103,867

Expenses                                                                                  Expenses:
Diocesan Pledge         20,329                     20,329                      0          Consultant/Architect   293,993
Other Outreach           2,371                      2,175                    196          General Contractor   1,363,996
Church Programs         16,867                     14,275                  2,592          Other Project Costs     61,995
Salaries and Benefits  113,973                    117,171                 -3,198          Windows Restoration    184,927
Maintenance & Overhead 51,419                      52,584                 -1,165          Contingency             19,270
Total Expenses         204,959                   206,534                  -1,575          Administrative
                                                                                           and Miscellaneous      64,731
Net                             14,216             18,066                  -3,850            Total Expenses    1,988,912

                                                                                          End of Month
                                                                                          Fund Balance                    114,955

                                             A delicious supper will be prepared by               Marketplace 2009
      Christian Formation                    the J2A group and their parents. The        Registration forms are being mailed to
                                             proceeds will add on to the group’s pil-    Church School families for our great
                                             grimage fund for the summer of 2010.        summer Bible times camp “Marketplace.”
                                             Supper is at 6 pm, the show is at 7         Sponsored jointly by First Presbyterian,
                                             pm. Tickets are purchased at the door       St. Clare’s, and St. Andrew’s, this annual
                                             on the evening of the show.                 event is held on the grounds of First Pres-
                                             Tickets for supper and play:                byterian, Tuesday through Thursday,
                                                       Adults - $10.00                   June 16, 17, and 18 from 9:30 am to
                                                       Seniors - $8.00                   12:15 pm.
                                                       Children - $7.00                  Marketplace is a marvelous adventure for
                                             Tickets for the play only:                  children to explore bible times. This
                                                       Adults - $6.00                    year’s theme is “Christ’s Chosen”,
                                                       Seniors - $5.00                   representing the time when Jesus chose
                                                       Children - $3.00                  his disciples.
 The Wizard of Oz: Saturday, May 9           Children three and under eat for free.      Children ages kindergarten through fifth
and Sunday, May 10 in the Parish Hall.                                                   grade, experience daily life in family tribes
                                             Please let us know if you need child care   and have a wonderful enriching time vis-
St. Andrew’s has presented many differ-      during the performances.                    iting the storyteller, interactive drama,
ent musicals since the springtime Sup-                                                   synagogue school, games, and making
per Theatre began fifteen years ago with                                                 crafts in the marketplace. The deadline
a performance of The Wizard of Oz. Chil-                                                 for registration is June 1. Registration
dren and adults working together in this                                                 information is also located on the Church
St. Andrew’s community project have al-                                                  School information table.
ways been the focus of our spring Sup-
per Theatre.                                                                             Volunteers Needed: There is a range of
                                                                                         opportunities available for adults and
Our annual Supper Theatre this year is a                                                 middle/high school age volunteers at
return to the beloved musical that                                                       Marketplace this summer. For more in-
started it all: TheWizard of Oz. A large                                                 formation on volunteering, contact
group of St. Andrew’s members, from                                                      Bridgette Skaff, the volunteer coordina-
age 5 to 75+, are busy preparing this de-                                                tor, at 668-8337; Moe Fitzsimons, the
lightful story, originally written by L.                                                 Marketplace coordinator, at 213-5253; or
Frank Baum.                                                                              Nancy Heusel at 663-0518.                                                                                                                 3
                 MAY                          The honorees are: Isaac Balinski, Lorna        First through seventh graders meet in
                                              Barron, Austin Bunker, Donnie Frieze,          the lounge. Classes begin at 10:00 am
     Mother’s Day Bake Sale                                                                  during the summer months, and we join
                                              Jack Petersen, Ella Schodowski, Laura
 On Sunday, May 10 - Mother’s Day -
                                              Watson.                                        our families for communion later in the
 immediately following our 10:00 am
                                              Join us for celebration cake during the        service.
 service, the 4th and 5th graders will be
 organizing a bake sale for the children’s    social hour. The younger students in the           Teaching Opportunities
 playground and garden.                       class will have their celebration next year             for Next Fall
                                              at the same time.                              We are now making our plans for the
 We hope to raise money for future work
                                                      Lunch on the Lawn                      fall Church School program that begins
 on our children’s playground, including
                                              You are ALL cordially invited to attend a      on September 13. We have a very active,
 a new play structure and to support fur-
                                              “Lunch on the Lawn” party at the conclu-       energetic group of youngsters who need
 ther growth of our garden there.
                                              sion of our Church School year on Sun-         you!
    2009 High School Graduates                                                               If you are thinking about this exciting
                                              day, June 14 following the 10:00 am
 On Sunday, May 10, at the 10:00 am
                                              service. On that day we recognize all the      and rewarding ministry of teaching, you
 service, we will hold our annual recog-
                                              wonderful teachers who have given both         might like to visit a particular grade this
 nition of the year’s high school gradu-
                                              time and talent to the program this year.      month to observe our program. We have
 ates. If you have a son or daughter who is
                                              We extend an invitation to the whole par-      a great group of teachers who are sup-
 in the class of 2009 who is not listed in
                                              ish to join us and help celebrate the be-      portive and dedicated and can be
 our Church School Directory please let
                                              ginning of summer. We’ll have music, food      matched with a new teacher for “teacher
 me know. We certainly do not want to
                                              and lots of laughter.                          training.” There is a fine curriculum in
 miss anyone!
                                                                                             place, which will give you backgound
         YAC Confirmation                            SUMMER DAY CAMPS                        information as well as great ideas for
 Bishop Wendell Gibbs will confirm            Don’t forget about our Marketplace day         classroom use. If you would like to “see
 members of our ” Young Adults in the         camp taking place June 16, 17, 18 from         us in action”, or want more information,
 Church” group during the 10:00 am ser-       9:30 am - 12:15 pm at First Presbyterian!      please talk with me, or call the church,
 vice on Sunday, May 17. The young            Extra registration forms are available in      663-0518.
 adults were prepared for their confirma-     the Church office.
                                                                                             Faithfully, Nancy Heusel
 tion by our Rector, Father Alan Gibson.           Living Water Ministries
 Their loyal and dedicated teachers these     LivingWater Ministries is sponsoring a day
 past five years have been Norm Richert,      camp for children ages 5 - 12, from June                    Parish Life
 Sarah Inwood and George Watson.              22 - June 26. The camp will be located at
 BRAVO!                                       St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church at 1679                No Summer Compline
                                              Broadway. This day camp is a full day camp-    The Sunday evening services of sung
       The Day of Pentecost                                                                  Compline will be suspended until Sep-
On Sunday, May 31, the Church                 ing program that offers a fun community-
                                              centered program focused on sharing            tember. We look forward to having you
School will present each youngster with
                                              God’s love and forgiveness. It will also       pray with us again through song and
a pinwheel (representing the sound of
                                              focus on the environment and the pro-          meditation this fall.
the mighty rushing wind) during the re-
cessional hymn to celebrate the Day of        tection of God’s creation. The cost is         Memorial Day Holy Eucharist
Pentecost. Then, we invite everyone to        $85.00 for the five day camp.                  The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated
enjoy Birthday Cake for the Christian         Children will need to bring a packed           at 12:15 pm on Memorial Day,
Church during the social hour on this         lunch each day, and scholarships are avail-    Monday, May 25, in remembrance of
special feast day.                            able.                                          all those who have given their lives in
                                                                                             the service of our country.
                 JUNE                         Registrations are available in the church
                                              office. For more information call St.               Contemplative Prayer
        Rite 13 Celebration                                                                  The Contemplative Prayer group now
                                              Aidan’s at 734-663-5503, ask to speak to
 We will celebrate an important rite of                                                      meets in the sanctuary from 7:00 - 8:00
                                              the director, The Rev. Susan McGarry.
 passage for our young people with a spe-                                                    pm on the first and third Sundays of each
 cial liturgy during the 10:00 am service          Summer Church School                      month. Each hour begins with the An-
 on Sunday, June 7. This occasion hon-        Our combined class summer program              glican Rosary, includes a short reading,
 ors the members of the Journey to            begins on Sunday, June 21 and con-             and ends with either sung or said
 Adulthood program who are turning 13.        tinues through the end of July.                Compline. All are welcome.
 The leaders of the group, Carmela            A nursery for infants and toddlers is avail-    Volunteer Counters Needed
 Brown, Cathy Vaughan, Sharon Mudd            able throughout the summer months un-          Volunteers are needed to help count
 and Suzy Bender are to be commended          til the beginning of our fall program on       money for Church collections each
 for planning this meaningful event.          September 13.                                  Monday morning. If interested, please
                                              Older toddlers through kindergarten            contact Marcia Sojkowski at 734-668-
                                              meet in the “Morning Glories” room on          6661.
                                              the first floor.
4                                                                                                                 May - June 2009
         Labyrinth Walk:                                                                            History on the Web
On Friday, May 29 you are invited to                   Parish History                       Did you know you can find information
join in a field trip to the Weber Confer-                                                   about the history of St.Andrew’s on our
ence Center in Adrian, Michigan, in or-          The Della Robbia Plaque                    website? Visit
der to walk the beautiful outdoor laby-      In the stairwell leading to the lower level    index.php?page=history. If you have
rinth on the grounds of the Adrian Do-       of the Parish Hall is a ceramic sculpture      something you’d like posted in the
minican Motherhouse, an hour’s drive         of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, made in the      St.Andrew’s History section, e-mail
from Ann Arbor. Persons need not be          style of Della Robbia. This ceramic was
members of St. Andrew’s to participate.      given to St. Andrew’s in 1953 by Debo-
The group will also visit other areas of     rah Lincoln O’Dell in memory of her                       Parish Health
aesthetic and historic interest there. Car   grandfather, William H. Hobbs.
pools will leave St. Andrew’s at 9:00                       Della Robbia                            Walk to Jerusalem
am and return at 3:00 pm. A buffet           The Della Robbia family members were           The 2009 Walk to Jerusalem is now
lunch will be available in the               the most successful producer of ceramic        complete. More than 105 people and
Motherhouse dining room for $8, paid         sculpture in history. They created reliefs     three dogs participated in our pilgrim-
at the time of registration.                 between 1439 and 1585 for Florentine           age to Jerusalem during Lent. Begin-
 For information call either Ann Garvin      churches, hospitals and street installa-       ning with the first week, the weekly to-
(663-4075) or Bernadette Pelland (769-       tions which were admired for their life-       tal was nearly one thousand miles. The
9413). Car pooling is advised and Ann        like images, and colorful fruits and flow-     first week, we easily reached the Wash-
and Bernadette will drive. Quite a bit of    ers in the framing. The images were            ington Cathedral and by the fourth
walking on uneven ground is included         molded in clay which was fired and then        week, we reached Vienna. Holy Week
- both in and out of doors. A printed        glazed with permanent colored glazes           brought us into Jerusalem as we com-
guide and a verbal introduction to walk-     which gave them a quality not seen in          pleted our walk with a detour to
ing the labyrinth will be provided.          other sculptures or bas reliefs. This          Tblisi,Georgia.
                                             plaque is a recent creation made using         The dedication of participants to regular
                Music                        the same technique developed by the            exercise is inspiring. Whether the exer-
                                             Della Robbia family.                           cise is swimming, bicycling, treadmill,
Music at St. Andrew’s presents Rose                       Deborah Lincoln                   walking or jogging, the benefits extend
Mullins, mezzo-soprano and Alan Gib-         The daughter of Joseph and Winifred            from head to toe. If you waited for bet-
son, baritone, in a recital of songs by      Lincoln, she grew up in Ann Arbor, at-         ter weather before starting regular ex-
Robert Schumann and Johannes                 tended University High School and the          ercise, remember to start slowly, work-
Brahms on Saturday, May 2, at 7:00           University of Michigan. After her par-         ing first on the number of times you
pm here at St. Andrew’s. You are cor-        ents died, she lived with her grandfather,     walk each week and then add length to
dially invited to attend the program         Professor William H. Hobbs. She mar-           the time. The last step is to increase the
which includes the Schumann’s song           ried Fred (Fritz) O’Dell, Jr., the son of      speed of the exercise. Be sure you have
cycle ‘Liederkreis’, sung by Alan Gib-       the architect Frederick O’Dell, a mem-         the correct footware, drink adequate
son, and Brahms ‘Zwei Gesangen für           ber of the Ralph Hammet Associates ar-         amounts of water and exercise in a safe
Eine Altstimme mit Cello und Klavier’        chitecture firm in Ann Arbor which de-         area. Exercise is always more fun with a
sung by Rose Mullins with cellist            signed the Henry Lewis Parish Hall             friend. Finally, a reward is always an im-
Kathleen Ford. Duets by Schumann and         erected in 1950. Her husband graduated         portant motivator. After a walk of 7000
Brahms round out the program. The            from the University of Michigan Medi-          miles, how about buying yourself a new
singers will be accompanied on the pi-       cal School and practiced in Alpena, re-        pair of walking shoes or a new tee shirt?
ano by St. Andrew’s Music Director, Dr.      turning to Ann Arbor after retirement.         -Sue Critz
Deborah Friauff. Ms. Mullins has pre-               Professor William H. Hobbs                  CPR Certification Class
sented recitals in Ohio and SE Michigan      Professor Hobbs was a renowned mem-            St. Andrew’s Health Ministry will again
and is a regular soloist here at St.         ber of the University Faculty from 1906        sponsor a CPR parishioner session to be
Andrew’s. The Reverend Gibson, Rec-          until he retired in 1936. He was a strik-      held on Saturday, June 6 from 9:00
tor of St. Andrew’s has presented recit-     ing, white bearded figure who regularly        am to 1:00 pm. We invite all to partici-
als in New York, New Jersey and Ver-         walked to campus. He was an interna-           pate, even those who do not wish to
mont. There is no charge for the con-        tionally known expert on the Arctic, es-       practice but are willing to join us for in-
cert; a freewill offering will be accepted   pecially Greenland, volcanos and geo-          formation. Those not practicing will not
to benefit ‘Music at St. Andrew’s’. This     logic plates. During the First World War,      be certified or expected to perform CPR
is a repeat of the performance               he campaigned for American prepared-           but will know how to help others in the
given on the night of the January            ness and the removal of German influ-          event of an emergency. We are develop-
10 blizzard.                                 ence in school history books and facul-        ing a list of persons currently certified in
                                             ties, resulting in the removal of the Chair-   CPR. Please contact us if you are certi-
                                             man of the German Department. He died          fied or if you are able to attend the June
                                             January 2, 1953.                               6 session. Contact Mary Hunter at 971-
                                                                                            5248 or
              St. Andrew’s Calendar for the Month of May
    Events Recurring Weekly:                                   Friday, May 1                     11:30 am: Blood Pressure Reading
                  Sundays:                       2:30 pm: Parish Photo Directory Portraits       11:45 am: Adult Confirmation Class (Cpl)
8:00 & 10:00 am: Holy Eucharist (C)                          Saturday, May 2                     6:00 pm: Wizard of Oz Supper (PH)
9:15 am: Family Eucharist (Cpl)                  10:00 am: Parish Photo Directory Portraits      7:00 pm:Wizard of Oz Performance (PH)
9:45 am: Church School
11:30 am: Greek Bible Reading (Lib)              5:30 pm: Oasis Evensong                                    Tuesday, May 12
                                                 7:00 pm: Mullins, Gibson, Friauff Recital (C)   6:00 pm: Episcopal Health Ministries (Lib)
6:30 pm: Education for Ministry (L)                            Sunday, May 3                              Wednesday, May 13
7:30 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous (PH)               9:00 am: History Tour                           7:30 pm: History Group (L)
                  Tuesdays:                      9:00 am: Adult Forum (L)                                    Sunday, May 17
4:00 pm:Tea (L)                                  11:30 am: History Tour                                      Bishops Gibbs Visits
               Wednesdays:                       11:30 am: Adult Confirmation Class (Cpl)        9:00 am: Adult Forum (L)
7:00 am: Holy Eucharist (Cpl)                    11:30 am: SASA (L)                              10:00 am: Holy Eucharist, Confirmation,
4:15 pm: Cherubim Choir Rehearsal(CL)                         Monday, May 4                                Reception
5:15 pm: Junior Choir Rehearsal (CL)             2:30 pm: Parish Photo Directory Portraits       2:00 pm: PFLAG
6:00 pm: Evensong (Cn)
6:30 pm: Bell Choir Rehearsal (RR)                            Tuesday, May 5                                Tuesday, May 19
                                                 5:30 pm: Outreach (L)                           6:00 pm: Finance Committee
9:30 am: Bible Study (L)                                     Thursday, May 7                              Wednesday, May 20
5:30 pm: Holy Eucharist & Healing Service(C)     2:30 pm: Parish Photo Directory Portraits       5:00 pm: Altar Guild Potluck (L)
7:15 pm: Adult Choir Rehearsal (CL)                          Saturday, May 9                                Monday, May 25
                   Fridays:                      6:00 pm:Wizard of Oz Supper (PH)                       Memorial Day – Office Closed
12:15 pm: Holy Eucharist (C)                     7:00 pm: Wizard of Oz Performance (PH)                     Tuesday, May 26
7:30 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous (PH)
                                                              Sunday, May 10                             Summer Office Hours Begin
                  Saturdays:                                     Mother’s Day                    6:30 pm: Vestry (Cpl)
9:00 am: Altar Guild Preparation                 8:30 am: Blood Pressure Screening                          Saturday, May 30
(C): Church; (Cn): Chancel; (CL): Choir Loft;    9:00 am: Adult Forum (L)                        10:00 am: Baptism Prep
(Cpl): Chapel; (PH): Parish Hall; (L): Lounge;   10:00 am: Holy Eucharist & Recognition of
                                                           HS Seniors                                        Sunday, May 31
(LE): Lower Education Room; (Lib): Library                                                                    Day of Pentecost
                                                 11:30 am: Confirmation Rehearsal (C)

              St. Andrew’s Calendar for the Month of June
    Events Recurring Weekly:                                Monday, June 1                                 Tuesday, June 16
                  Sundays:                       6:30 pm: EFM (L)                                6:00 pm: Finance (L)
8:00 & 10:00 am: Holy Eucharist (C)                          Tuesday, June 2                               Sunday, June 21
9:15 am: Family Eucharist (Cpl)
9:45 am: Church School                           5:30 pm: Outreach (L)                           2:00 pm: PFLAG
11:30 am: Greek Bible Reading (Lib)                        Wednesday, June 3                               Tuesday, June 23
                  Mondays:                       4:15 pm: Cherubim Choir (CL)                    6:30 pm:Vestry (Cpl)
7:30 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous (PH)               5:15 pm: Junior Choir (CL)
                  Tuesdays:                      6:00 pm: Bell Choir (RR)                        Please note that during the summer
4:00 pm:Tea (L)                                             Thursday, June 4                     many groups do not meet regularly.
               Wednesdays:                       7:15 pm: Adult Choir (CL)                       Check with the leader of your group
7:00 am: Holy Eucharist (Cpl)                               Saturday, June 6
                                                                                                 to find out if your meeting schedule
6:00 pm: Evensong (Cn)                           5:30 pm: Oasis Evensong
                                                                                                 will be altered in May, June, July, or
                 Thursdays:                                                                      August.
                                                             Sunday, June 7
9:30 am: Bible Study (L)
5:30 pm: Holy Eucharist & Healing Service(C)     9:00 am: History Tour                           Beginning Monday, May 25 and
                                                 10:00 am: Holy Eucharist, Rite 13               continuing through Monday,
                   Fridays:                                Recognition
12:15 pm: Holy Eucharist (C)                                                                     September 7, the Church Office
7:30 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous (PH)               11:30 am: HistoryTour                           will be open from 9:00 am until 1:00
                  Saturdays:                                Monday, June 8                       pm, Monday through Friday. Phone
9:00 am: Altar Guild Preparation                 6:30 pm: EFM (L)                                messages will be retrieved and re-
                                                             Tuesday, June 9                     turned periodically until 4:00 pm,
(C): Church; (Cn): Chancel; (CL): Choir Loft;    5:30 pm: Episcopal Health Ministries (L)        Monday through Thursday.
(Cpl): Chapel; (PH): Parish Hall; (L): Lounge;               Sunday, June 14
(LE): Lower Education Room; (Lib): Library       8:30 am: Blood Pressure Screening
                                                 11:30 am: Blood Pressure Screening
                                                 11:30 am: Lunch on the Lawn

6                                                                                                                    May - June 2009
                        Frequently Asked Questions
the Episcopal Health Ministry @ St. Andrew’s Driving Ministry
Q: In order to be approved to drive, what process have the Driving Ministry drivers
A: All of our drivers have valid drivers’ licenses, a satisfactory driving record, hold current car
   insurance, and have had a background check performed by the Diocese. In addition, all
   our drivers have taken the course on “Sexual Harassment and Prevention”, sponsored by
   the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.

Q: I have a medical appointment and I will need a driver. What is the process?
A: As soon as possible, but at least 24 hours before your appointment, please contact Mary or
    Dan Hunter <> or 734-971-5248, and describe your requirements.
   They will check the schedule to see if a driver is available. The available driver will then
    contact you, and you will, together, work out the logistics.

Q: Who pays for the parking, if there is a parking fee?
A: Part of the parking fee may be covered by the health care facility. The remainder of the fee
   will be the responsibility of the patient.

Q: Is the driver expecting to be paid? Will I need to reimburse the driver for gas?
A: No, donating transportation expenses is part of the driver’s ministry.

Q: What if I can’t walk from the parking lot to the facility?
A: As indicated, the driver will drop the patient off at the facility door, and then park the car.

Q: Will the driver be expected to know how to use a wheelchair and be able to transfer
   the patient from the car to the chair, if needed?
A: No, the driver is not a health care professional. Professional staff or a family member will
   be needed to help with transfers.

Q: What if there is a car accident and some one is injured?
A: As in any driving situation, as may be needed, the drivers’ car insurance will be utilized. All
   of our drivers are licensed, with good driving records, and have valid car insurance.

Q: What if there is an unexpected medical emergency during the trip to or from the
   health care appointment?
A: The driver will use a cell phone to call 9-1-1.

Q: Is the Driving Ministry available to help with non-treatment related errands?
A: No, the Driving Ministry is intended to help, only, with medical and health care appointments.

        If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Ann Garvin 734-663-4075 or                                                                                            7
                                                                 US POSTAGE PAID
ST ANDREWS CHURCH                                                PERMIT NO. 288
306 N DIVISION ST                                                ANN ARBOR MI
ANN ARBOR MI 48104-1497

                        SUMMER OFFICE HOURS
                      begin Monday, May 25
          and will continue through Monday, September 7.

     The Office will be open from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
                    Phone messages will be retrieved and returned
                periodically until 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

8                                                                       May - June 2009
                                COME FOR A LABYRINTH WALK

     “The Labyrinth turns the simple act of walking into a sacred experience.” Gnosis

 “The ancient wisdom found in the labyrinth can be used as a meaningful spiritual tool in
                             contemporary times.” Arrien

                               St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
                         Friday, May 29, 2009 - 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Labyrinth is an archetype (pattern) found in all religious traditions throughout the
world. It has only one path so there are no tricks or dead ends. The path winds
throughout and can become a mirror for where we are in our lives. In the Middle Ages
walking it substituted for pilgrimages to Jerusalem, The best known labyrinth is in the
stone floor of the Cathedral at Chartres in France. There are now over six thousand
labyrinths in the United States, in churches, hospitals, and in both inside and outdoor

Come and participate in a field trip to Adrian, Michigan in order to walk the beautiful outdoor
labyrinth behind Weber Center on the grounds of the historic Adrian Dominican Motherhouse (an
hour’s drive from Ann Arbor). Persons need not be members of St. Andrew’s to participate.
Quite a bit of walking is involved, both in and out of doors; the labyrinth is not accessible by

9:00 A.M.      Departure from Saint Andrew’s to carpool to Adrian (40 miles)
               Coffee/tea on arrival in Adrian; a brief introduction to the labyrinth

10:30 –11:30 Walking the labyrinth and/or quiet time at the healing garden

11:30         Optional visit to the Adrian Dominican Historical Museum, time at the labyrinth
              or healing garden

12:15 P.M.     Lunch, cafeteria style in the dining room of the Dominican Motherhouse

 1:15 P.M.    Brief visit to newly decorated Holy Rosary chapel, Weber’s religious goods store
              and departure for Ann Arbor.

This field trip will be facilitated by Bernadette Pelland (734- 769-9413) and Ann Garvin (734-663-
4075). For information please call one of them. Please register at the church office in person or
by mail by Monday, May 29, 2009 with cash or an enclosed check.

Comfortable walking shoes are advised for ease of walking to and around the labyrinth; it is the
classic eleven-circle design, like Chartres, in a lovely outdoor setting.

Cost: $8 for lunch and coffee; non-refundable after the deadline, Monday, May 25.

                    REGISTRATION FORM: Labyrinth Walk: May 29, 2009

Please return to the office at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 306 N. Division, Ann Arbor,
Michigan 48104. Attn: LABYRINTH WALK. Please include $8 to reserve lunch; checks payable
to Saint Andrew’s by Monday, May 25. The group is asked to carpool from the church.
Phone__________________________ E-Mail______________Payment___________________

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