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					Catholic Chaplaincy, University of Technology Sydney
JPII Student Resource Centre
Level 1, 245 Broadway, Glebe NSW 2037
Ph: (02) 9518 6415; (02) 9571 8409; Fax (02) 9518 6328
                                                         S t u d e n t   H a n d b o o k         2 0 1 0

                                                                 w w w. u t S c at H c . o r g
Bible Study on Campus: the Letter of St. James, and the First                               Index
and Second Letters of St. Peter

    •	   Come together for fellowship, study and prayer.
    •	   See page 6 for more information.                                                   A Letter from Cardinal George Pell   2
                                                                                            A Letter from Fr. Dominic Murphy     3
In 2010 we will be studying the epistles of St. James and St. Peter. In our study of
James, we will focus on the instructions given in regards to correct conduct and            Chaplaincy Staff                     4
morals. We will also examine the similarities between this letter and the wisdom
                                                                                            JPII Resource Centre                 5
literature of the Old Testament.
                                                                                            Weekly Events                        6
In First Peter we will examine the theme of suffering and persistence in the face
of trials, as well as the practicalities of living out the gospel amidst difficulties. In   Yearly Events                        8
Second Peter we will look at the author’s attack on the claims of the false prophets        Catholic Societies on Campus         12
and heretics and his encouragement for his reader to grow in faith and virtue.
                                                                                            WYD Madrid 2011                      14
                                                                                            Mass Times                           15
“but do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a
thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. the Lord is not slow about
his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you.”
(2 Peter 3:8-9)

To join simply register at O-Week at the Catholic Society of St Stephen stall
or contact the chaplaincy at or 9518 6415 with the
following details: Name, faculty & year, email address and contact number.
    A letter from Cardinal George Pell
                                                                                              Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a most successful year
                               My Dear Friends,                                               in your studies and encourage you to make the most of your time at university.
                                                                                              Receive your education as a gift. However, remember what St. Thomas More once
                               May the peace of Christ be with you during this year           said, “Put virtue in the first place and learning in the second.” Every area of study
                               and may you discover the truth and freedom of His              and life requires generous and faith-filled young people like you to re-Christianise
                               grace. It is with great pleasure that I introduce the          our society. Seek the truth with an honest and open mind and determine to live
                               Catholic Student Handbook for the Catholic Chaplaincy          in the truth with every ounce of your being, above all in charity. In this lies true
                               at the University of Technology Sydney. This handbook          freedom.
                               outlines a wide range of activities that are now available
                               to Catholic Students on campus. Such activities include        Yours sincerely in Christ,
                               Bible Study, forums, regular Mass, a retreat and much          + George Cardinal Pell

                                                                                              A letter from Fr. Dominic Murphy,
                               For many of you 2010 will mark the commencement of
                               your tertiary studies after a long period of concentrated

                                                                                              Chaplain of UTS
                               study at the secondary level. For others, this year will
                               be the continuation of your time at the University of
                               Technology Sydney.

    Undoubtedly, university life is an exciting time for all as we foster new friendships,                                 Dear UTS Students and Staff,
    engage in extra-curricular activities and undertake areas of study with the view to
    securing employment in our chosen field of expertise.                                                                  Christ has great plans for your life and for the
                                                                                                                           upcoming year! 2010 promises to be an exciting
    Yet for many, the transition is daunting. Attending university might entail the loss of                                time for the UTS faith community. With the newly
    old friends and living away from home and family. We are thrust into a world that is,                                  launched Catholic Society of St. Stephen along with the
    in many ways, foreign to our previous way of life.                                                                     already established Catholic Asian Students Society,
                                                                                                                           opportunities for prayer and for growth in faith and
    More significantly, we may find our Catholic world view challenged, often                                              friendship are numerous.
    vigorously, by skeptics, atheists or well meaning Christians from non-Catholic
    traditions. We realise that we need to delve further into the treasure of the Catholic    As Catholics, we share a faith that is open to all in the footsteps of Christ Whose
    Faith in order to understand and explain its truth with greater clarity and strengthen    love embraces all. I look forward to a year of new beginnings and to working with
    our relationship with Christ in order to effectively be His witnesses on campus.          the leadership team for the Catholic Society of Saint Stephen and the Catholic
                                                                                              Asian Students Society and all who dare to set out on the great adventure that
    To this end, I encourage students to become part of the Catholic community                is our walk with Christ. From Mass to Bible study to forums to conversation over
    and get involved in the Catholic societies on campus: the Catholic Society of St.         coffee, I hope that we help one another to discover and encounter the Truth that
    Stephen (CSSS) and the Catholic Asian Students Society (CASS). In these groups            sets us free.
    you will find prayerful support and encouragement in the Catholic Faith.
                                                                                              I would like to extend a warm invitation to all students and staff to become involved
    The John Paul II Student Resource Centre has been operating since 2002. It is             in our regular activities, and to become involved in the many opportunities that
    a facility for you – for all students who wish to live a Catholic life on campus.         will arise throughout 2010. The staff of the Catholic Chaplaincy are available on
    Discover Christ through your brothers and sisters. Whenever possible, meet Jesus          campus and at the John Paul II Student Resource Centre, so feel free to contact
    in the Mass. Learn your faith more deeply in the Scripture study groups run by the        them and make yourself known to them.
    Chaplaincy, which I especially commend to you.
                                                                                              With hope, in Christ,
                                                                                              Father Dominic Murphy

2                                                                                                                                                                                     3
              Chaplaincy Staff

    Name: Fr. Dominic Murphy
    Position: Chaplain
                                       Name: Daniel Hill
                                       Position: Convenor
                                                                                  John Paul II Student Resource Centre
    Email:           Email:
                                                                                  University is a special time in a young adult’s life (even the not so young adult):
                                                                                  the wonder of new knowledge and new ideas; the rigour of academia. For many
                                                                                  people it is a self-defining time where key life decisions are made.

                                                                                  The Sydney Archdiocese provides this Centre as a place for Catholics to be
                                                                                  supported in their faith, their studies, mind and body! Many have come to make
                                                                                  good friends through their association with the Centre. There is staff available for
                                                                                  counselling and support if you need to discuss any issue.

    Name: Sr. Mary Madeline
    Position: Women’s Ministry
                                       Name: Sr. Mary Sarah
                                       Position: Women’s Ministry                 The Resources include…
    Email:              Email:
                                                                                  Staff - you will no doubt have read the staff profiles contained in the front of this
                                                                                  handbook – we aim to be as helpful and supportive of you, in friendship, faith, sage
                                                                                  advice and good humour. Furthermore, please feel free to join us for our staff lunch
                                                                                  every Thursday at 1pm at the JPII Centre.

                                                                                  a place to chill, meet and catch up – come use our kitchen facilities we have
                                                                                  coffee, tea, couches to relax on, a pool table and it’s air-conditioned.

                                                                                  computers – the Centre provides computers with FREE internet access for
    Name: Beth McNamara                Name: Mary Flynn (Maternity leave)         students, as well as a laser printer to print your documents and assignments.
    Position: Evangelisation Officer   Position: Evangelisation Officer
    Email:          Email:
                                                                                  Library – The Centre maintains a library which is open to all students. It is
                                                                                  expanding and includes titles in Theology, Philosophy, Ecclesiology, Lives of the
                                                                                  Saints, Spirituality and Church History. We also have a collection of some CD’s and
                                                                                  magazine subscriptions to some select journals. Students may borrow at no cost,
                                                                                  so they can read or listen at their own pace.

                                                                                  Location: Level 1, 245 Broadway, Glebe. Opposite Victoria Park above the Legion
                                                                                  of Mary.

                                                                                  ALL WELCOME!!
    Name: Rita Azzi                    Name: Fr. Kevin Muldoon
    Position: Administration and       Position: Rector of St Michael’s College
    Promotions Co-ordinator            Phone: 9261 5960

4                                                                                                                                                                         5
    WEEKLY EVENTS                                                                             How do I join?
                                                                                              Simply sign up at O-Week at the Catholic stall or email the following details: Name,
    Bible Study on Campus: the Letter of St. James, and the First and                         Faculty & Year, email address and contact number to or call
                                                                                              us on 9518 6415.
    Second Letters of St. Peter
                                                                                              “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a
    Come and study St. James and 1 and 2 Peter with us by joining one of our weekly           thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slow about his
    Bible Study groups. Coming together one hour each week for prayer, fellowship             promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you.” (2 Peter 3:8-9)
    and discussion; seeking to penetrate the relationship between faith and reason
    within your area of study at the university.
                                                                                              MASS ON CAMPUS
    In our study of James, we will focus on the instructions given in regards to correct
    conduct and morals. We will also look at the similarities between this letter and the     Mass will be celebrated at UTS on a weekly basis and the Sacrament of
    wisdom literature of the Old Testament. In First Peter we will examine the theme          Reconciliation will be available. The venue for Mass will be the Multi-Faith Room 1
    of suffering and persistence in the face of trials, as well as the practicalities of      on Thursdays at 1.15pm and additional times will be advised once semester starts.
    living out the gospel amidst difficulties. In Second Peter we will look at the author’s   For more info please visit or call the chaplaincy on 9518 6415.
    attack on the claims of the false prophets and heretics and his encouragement for
    his reader to grow in faith and virtue.                                                   If you wish to attend daily Mass you may like to walk down to St Benedict’s
                                                                                              Broadway for Mass at 12.35pm (Monday-Friday) or see page 14 for other local
    When and where? Bible studies will be held weekly at UTS, venue to be advised.            Mass times.

                                                                                              Forums on the Faith
                                                                                              During the year the Catholic Chaplaincy will host public forums on the faith in
                                                                                              lecture theatres around the University (venues to be announced). These forums will
                                                                                              cover a variety of interesting and important topics and will be presented by popular
                                                                                              and engaging speakers. Attendance at these events is a must!

                                                                                              Evangelisation Stall
                                                                                              The Catholic Chaplaincy will engage in active evangelisation with a view to
                                                                                              conveying the Good News of Jesus Christ. This will take the form of a regular stall
                                                                                              which will provide opportunities to engage with non-Catholics on campus. The stall
                                                                                              will be comprised of various pamphlets which explain the essence of the Catholic
                                                                                              faith in a concise manner.

6                                                                                                                                                                                    7
    Male and Female He Created Them                                                          Mid Year Inter-University Retreat
    An intensive course on the gifts of our feminine and masculine identities and the        This will be a wonderful opportunity to relax after the completion of your exams.
    call to live in love rooted in the Biblical view of the human person and the teachings   Many students have commented on the depth and richness of the annual retreat:
    of the Catholic Church, especially the writings of Pope John Paul II.                    inspiring talks, silence, group prayer, Adoration, discussion sessions, Mass and the
                                                                                             Sacraments. Enjoy beautiful scenery, make new friends and encounter Christ more
    when: Semester 2, time and location to be advised                                        deeply through the word of God in Scripture and the Church’s teachings. It will also
    who: Offered by an inter-university chaplaincy team, open to all interested students     be a wonderful time to meet and get to know many other Catholic students from
    registration Fee: to be advised                                                          the other universities in the Sydney Archdiocese.
    Inquiries: Contact the Catholic Chaplaincy 9518 6415 or visit
                                                                                             date: 29th June -1st July.
                                                                                             Venue: Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale.
    Life Week Mission:        “I am the Life for…all races, all ages, all people”            bookings:

    Life Week is an opportunity for the whole University Community to examine                For more info please visit
    questions relating to ethics and human dignity. Life Week 2010 promises to be
    another great event with debates, discussions and forums. Keep an ear out for
    times venues and the line up of exciting speakers and forums by checking out the
                                                                                             ACSA Conference: 9th-11th July 2010 in albury.
    website                                                                 For more info please visit

    Annual Cardinal’s Cup                                                                    The Society Ball: december 2010: venue to be advised
    This is an annual indoor soccer competition that draws together University               Get out your tux and tails, put on your loveliest ball gown and brush up on your
    societies, colleges, seminaries and other Catholic groups from around the                dancing.
    Archdiocese of Sydney. The Cup is the most hotly contested event in the Catholic
    Chaplaincy calendar and is not to be missed. The current holders of the Cup are          The glamour event of the year! A black tie, cocktail night of jazz, dancing and fun.
    the Maronites. The date for this year’s event is Sunday 23rd May 2010. So come           This is the end of year celebration you just can’t miss. The venue will be advised
    along and play or support the UTS team!!                                                 closer to the date.

    Christ Week Mission: date to be advised                                                  Max and Edith Days 2010
                                                                                             Max and Edith Days take their name from St Maximillian Kolbe and St Edith Stein.
                                                                                             They are days dedicated for the formation of young men and women. For the
                                                                                             young men adventurous excursions are organised enabling them to reflect on key
                                                                                             questions relating to being men of God in the world. Come and enjoy time away
                                                                                             from Uni in natural settings, fraternal sharing, sport, prayer, Mass and good food!

                                                                                             Young women are invited to explore the gift of their feminine genius through prayer,
                                                                                             reflection and discussion in mystery destinations. We often host international and
                                                                                             local speakers who are leading and hidden lights in their faithful witness to Christ in
                                                                                             the world as women!

                                                                                             Keep your eyes open for dates of upcoming dates for Max and Edith Days on our

8                                                                                                                                                                                      9
10   11
     Catholic Societies on Campus                                                                                   Youth for Christ: (CFC) Youth For Christ
                                                                                                                    Campus based
                                                                                                                     YFC Campus based works in cooperation with their Catholic
                           Catholic Society of St Stephen (CSSS)                                                     Chaplaincy to strengthen the Catholic Community. YFC
                                                                                                                     Campus based provides prayer meetings, bible sharing and
                           The Catholic Society of St Stephen was initiated in 2009,                                 fellowship on campus. YFC is about how to live out our faith
                           so as a new society we’re full of enthusiasm and ideas for                                and spread the gospel, it also provides workshops that help
                           2010. We’re a home for all Catholics at UTS to get to know         ignite talents that are relevant directly to career life as well as creating opportunities
                           one another and grow in Faith, and we also welcome those           to assist in building up the Church. It places an emphasis on the evangelisation of
                           of different beliefs who may be interested in finding out more     fellow university students and providing examples of how it is important to have
                           about Catholicism. The aim of CSSS is to be a forum for            the professionals of tomorrow that are Christ-centred. It is currently present in
                           students to meet together regularly and share a life lived to      UNSW, UTS, USYD, UWS, MQU and ACU.
                           the full. We hold regular spiritual, social and cultural events
                           around campus and we’d love for you to see what we’re              To join YFC or to find out more info please contact: or
                           about firsthand!                                         

     To find out more, call Jason: 0448 483 165, or Amy: 0431 917 507, email or find us on Facebook: UTS Catholic Society of St Stephen

                         UTS Catholic Asian Students Society (CASS)
                         CASS stands for Catholic Asian Students Society but we’re
                         open to all students! CASS is composed of university based
                         Catholic students who come together to share and grow in
                         their faith and unite and help develop Catholics on campus.To
                         ensure a fun yet insightful experience, we provide a range of
                         enjoyable and spiritual activities including inter-uni events held
                         with other CASS branches at USYD, UMacq, UNSW and ACU.

     Highlights of the CASS calendar include our annual retreat, thanksgiving Mass,
     annual dinner, sports day, pool competition and walkathon to name a few. Besides
     that, we regularly meet for Bible sharings, prayer, Mass, Adoration and praise and
     worship. We also have community service activities and Learn Your Faith (LYF)
     sessions. UTS CASS would like to extend our warmest welcome to anyone who
     would like to learn more about the Catholic faith and form lifelong friendships and

     To join simply sign up at O-Week, email Bruce at or

12                                                                                                                                                                                         13
                                                                                 Mass Times
                                                                                 Mass at UTS will be on a weekly basis.
                                                                                 For venues and times please visit or call 9518 6415

                                                                                 St benedict’s
                                                                                 104 Broadway, Broadway
                                                                                 Monday to Friday: 12.35pm
                                                                                 Saturday: Vigil 6pm
                                                                                 Sunday: 8.30am, 10.15am and 6pm

                                                                                 St James
                                                                                 2 Woolley Street Glebe
                                                                                 Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am
                                                                                 Tuesday: 6pm
                                                                                 Thursday: 9am at St Bedes, Pyrmont.
                                                                                 Saturday: Vigil 6pm
                                                                                 Sunday: 8am and 11am at St Bedes Pyrmont, 9.30am at St James

                                                                                 St Josephs
                                                                                 2 Missenden Road Camperdown
                                                                                 Monday to Friday: 8am
                                                                                 Saturday: Vigil 6pm
     WYD Madrid 2011                                                             Sunday: 9.30am, 12pm, 6pm
     16 – 21st August                                                            St Peter Julian’s
                                                                                 641 George Street Haymarket
                                                                                 Monday to Wednesday: 7.45am, 12.10pm
                                                                                 Thursday & Friday: 7.45am, 12.10pm, and 1.10pm
                        “Planted and Built up in Jesus                           Saturday: 11.10am, 12.10pm, 5.30pm (Vigil)
                                                                                 Sunday: 9.30am, 10.30 (Chinese), 11.30am 3.30pm
                        Christ, Firm in the Faith” (Col 2:7)
                                                                                 St Patrick’s
                                                                                 20 Grosvenor Street Church Hill
                        WYD Madrid 2011 is coming! WYD08 in Sydney was           Monday to Friday: 7am, 8am, 10.30am, 12.05pm, 1.05pm and 5.30pm
                        the biggest event in Australia’s history, now you have   Saturday: 8am, 11am, 12 noon and 6pm (Vigil)
                        the chance to relive the experience in Spain with        Sunday: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 noon, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 8pm
                        approximately 1 million pilgrims.                        Public Holidays: 8am, 12.05pm and 5.30pm

                        Throughout 2010 we will be preparing for Madrid on       St Mary’s cathedral
                        campus through regular activities so keep posted by
                                                                                 Monday to Friday: 6.45am, 1.10pm and 5.30pm
                        checking out the website Make sure
                                                                                 Saturday: 9am, 12.10pm, Vigil 6pm
                        you start saving now for what will be a life changing
                                                                                 Sunday: 7am, 9am, 10.30am, 6pm
                        experience. Check out the WYD2011 website
               for more details.

14                                                                                                                                                      15
     John Paul II Student Resource Centre
     My young friends! You are the disciples and witnesses of Christ in the University.

     May your University days be for you all a period of great spiritual and intellectual
     maturity, which will lead you to deepen your personal relationship with Christ.

     Pope John Paul II, Young People and the University.

     Universities were born of the love of learning, of curiosity to know, to know what
     the world is, what the human being is, but also of knowledge that leads to action,
     which leads ultimately to love.

     Pope Benedict XVI

                  Catholic Chaplaincy, University of Technology Sydney
                  JPII Student Resource Centre
                  Level 1, 245 Broadway, Glebe NSW 2037
                  Ph: (02) 9518 6415; (02) 9571 8409; Fax (02) 9518 6328

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