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									           Winter 2010

                         Project Red Ribbon: Tie One
                         On Against Impaired Driving
                         With the festive season upon us, MADD           Project Red Ribbon is title sponsored by
                         Canada’s iconic red ribbon makes its return     Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. The
  To                     to encourage sober driving throughout the       company has supported the campaign, and
                         holidays and all year long.                     many other MADD Canada programs and
  Stop                   “Impaired driving is a serious risk and
                                                                         events, for more than 20 years.

                         it’s even more prevalent during the holiday     “Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is
Impaired                 season when people have so many parties and     proud to support this nation-wide effort to
                         social gatherings to attend,” said National     raise awareness about the terrible dangers of
                         President Denise Dubyk. “Through our            impaired driving,” said company President
Driving                  Project Red Ribbon campaign, we’re asking       and Chief Executive Officer Chris Kiah.
                         everyone to make safe and sober driving         “Everyone has a role to play in keeping our
  And                    part of their holidays plans.”                  roads and communities safe from this crime.
                                                                         Each red ribbon attached to a vehicle, or
                         Ms. Dubyk officially launched the 23rd           backpack or keychain is a commitment to
  To                     national Project Red Ribbon campaign in         drive safe and sober this holiday season.”
                         Edmonton on November 5. She was joined
                         by special guests: Stephen Mandel, Mayor
Support                  of Edmonton; Mike Boyd, Chief of the
                         Edmonton Police Service; Staff Sgt. Jamie
Victims                  Johnson, RCMP; and Art Duke, Regional
                         Claim Director for Allstate Insurance
                         Company of Canada.
                         MADD Canada Chapters and Community
                         Leaders are out in force across the coun-
  This                   try, distributing millions of red ribbons as
                         a tribute to those who have been killed or
Violent                  injured in impaired driving crashes, and as a
                         reminder to all Canadians to drive sober.

 Crime.                  “The passion and dedication of our volunteers
                         is inspirational,” Ms. Dubyk said. “They are
                         out there at roadside checkstops, at malls,      National President Denise Dubyk and Edmonton
                         at public events to remind Canadians of the      Police Chief Mike Boyd at the launch of the
                                                                          2010 Project Red Ribbon campaign.
                         dangers of impaired driving.”

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       Tie One On Against Impaired Driving
       continued from page 1

       The 2010 Project Red Ribbon bookmarks and other
       materials honour Mason Berube and Devon Tinus,
       12-year-old boys who were killed in an impaired
       driving crash in 2009.

       “With every red ribbon handed out, we honour Mason,
       Devon and all the victims of impaired driving,” Ms.
       Dubyk said. “By speaking out against impaired driving
       and encouraging Canadians to drive sober, we hope
       to prevent others from facing the tragic loss that their
       families have had to face.”
                                                                  At the National Project Red Ribbon launch.
       Project Red Ribbon runs until January 3, 2011.

                                                                           Project Red Ribbon
                                                                           Campaign Sponsors

                                                                   Title Sponsor
                                                                   Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

                                                                   Corporate Supporters
        Labrador West launches its annual Project Red Ribbon
        Campaign.                                                  BMO Financial Group

                                                                   Community Sponsor
                                                                   Micro Consulting

                                                                   Campaign Members
                                                                   International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Iron Ship Builders,
                                                                       Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers Local 146
                                                                   Kal Tire
                                                                   MDA Benevolent Society
                                                                   Reitmans (Canada) Limited

                                                                   Coin Box Partners
                                                                   British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch
                                                                   Giant Tiger
                                                                   Manitoba Liquor Corporation
                                                                   NB Liquor
                                                                   Newfoundland Liquor Corporation
                                                                   Northwest Territories Liquor Commission
                                                                   Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
                                                                   Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission
                                                                   Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Page    MADD Upper Fraser Valley Chapter’s Red Ribbon takes
                                                                   Yukon Liquor Corporation
        centre stage in the Christmas parade.
National President’s Message                                                                                 MATTERS

Time to Act on Random Breath Testing
                   This fall, MADD Canada called             You can download a template letter on the MADD
                   on the Government of Canada to            Canada web site, and access links which provide your
                   move forward with random breath           MP’s mailing address and email address.
                   testing and finally bring one of the
                   most effective anti-impaired driving      Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of
                   measures to Canada.                       speaking with many of you about random breath testing
                                                             activities. I am excited when I hear that Chapter and
We know random breath testing has been effective in          Community Leader volunteers are promoting random
reducing impaired driving crashes, deaths and injuries       breath testing by asking members, their families, friends
in other countries. Predicting the exact impact of           and the public to send letters of support to their own
random breath testing in Canada is challenging, but          MPs.
conservative estimates indicate it will save 248 lives       Every voice counts. We can take action now to reduce
and prevent 14,624 injuries each year.                       impaired driving crashes, save lives and prevent
Given Canada’s poor record on impaired driving, it is
clear that we need this measure here. Impaired driving
continues to be the leading criminal cause of death in         Bookmark My New Blog
Canada. The laws we have now do not adequately deter
impaired driving because the chances of being charged          I would also like to let you know about a new
with an offence, let alone convicted, are slim.                endeavour I’m undertaking as National President. I
                                                               am making my first foray into the world of blogging
On behalf of MADD Canada, I sent a letter to all               with Heart to Heart with Denise. This gives me the
Members of Parliament (MP), outlining the need for             opportunity to speak regularly and informally with
random breath testing and the wealth of evidence which         Chapters, members, volunteers, supporters and the
supports it as an effective anti-impaired driving measure.     public.
I also shared with them our efforts over the past year
to thoroughly analyze the constitutional issues, traffic        I’ll be posting weekly on a whole host of topics.
safety benefits and cost implications of random breath          I look forward to sharing the news and stories I
testing. We also polled Canadians earlier this year to         receive from Chapters and telling you about the
gauge support for random breath testing. The responses         events and activities in which I’m participating.
indicated that Canadians see impaired driving as a very        You can check out the blog via the link on our web
serious concern and would accept random breath testing         site at
as a means to reduce it.
                                                               I hope you will all bookmark the page, send me
To learn more about the resources we have compiled
                                                               your thoughts and feedback, and even share ideas
in support of random breath testing, visit the MADD
Canada web site at                                for future posts. I look forward to blogging with
It is time for action.

How You Can Help
As members, volunteers and supporters, you can send
a powerful message about the need for random breath
                                                             Denise Dubyk
testing in Canada. Write your MP to voice your support
                                                             National President
and encourage your elected official to urge Justice
Minister Rob Nicholson to introduce random breath
testing legislation.                                                                                                     Page
       LCBO’s December Donation                                                                                MATTERS

       Campaign Benefits MADD Canada
       MADD Canada’s Project Red Ribbon holiday awareness       in the production and delivery of Shattered, MADD
       campaign is being featured in more than 600 LCBO         Canada’s 2010-2011 School Multi-Media Assembly
       stores and 200 agency stores across Ontario throughout   Program. And for the first time ever, these funds
       the month of December.                                   ensured that English and French versions of Shattered
                                                                would be delivered to 500,000 students across Ontario
       MADD Canada is part of LCBO’s annual Spirit of           at no cost whatsoever to schools.
       Giving in-store prompted and donation box fundraising
       campaign, where LCBO staff ask customers to make a       “The generosity of LCBO customers and staff year
       $2 donation while paying for their purchases and via     after year continues to amaze us,” said MADD Canada
       donation boxes at cash counters.                         National President Denise Dubyk. “These funds
                                                                directly help educate and empower young people by
       The funds raised through this campaign benefit MADD       giving them the tools to help prevent impaired driving
       Canada and four children’s hospitals across Ontario.     from shattering the lives of themselves and others.”
       “LCBO is extremely proud of its 20-year partnership
       with MADD Canada to help stop impaired driving,”
       said Bob Peter, LCBO President and Chief Executive
       Officer. “Our customers and employees always give
       generously and we hope we can surpass last year’s
       fundraising to ensure even more Ontario students get
       to see MADD Canada’s School Multi-Media Assembly

       Last year, LCBO customers and staff raised close to
       $900,000 for MADD Canada. These funds assisted

           Strides for Change Sponsor
                     Event Sponsor
                                                                Your Vote Counts!
                     Maritime-Ontario Freight
                       Lines Limited                            Everyone who has ever seen a MADD Canada School
                                                                Multi-Media Assembly Program knows it is Canada’s
                                                                #1 education tool to keep our teens safe. Now there’s an
                                                                opportunity to show the rest of Canada but ONLY YOU
              Campaign 911 Sponsors                             can make that happen.

                                                                Make your vote count right now by visiting the Pepsi
                                                                Refresh Project at
                                                                madd, click the “Vote for this idea” button, sign in and
                                                                MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!
         Official Sponsors
                                                                Not only will you be spreading the word about this
                                                                incredible program, but if MADD Canada’s idea gets
         Allstate Insurance Company of Canada                   the most votes, we will receive $25,000 specifically
                                                                designated toward our School Multi-Media Assembly
                                                                Program. And that means more kids will get to see this
         Corporate Sponsor                                      amazing program.
         Alberta Traffic Safety Fund                             You can vote once a day from now until December 31,
                                                                2010. So, what are you waiting for?
Page     NB Liquor

Four                                                            Make YOUR vote count right now!

Holidays & Hope
The holidays can be an especially difficult time for those   • What helped me and my family most was being
coping with the loss of a loved one or those who have         together. We helped Dad put up the Christmas tree,
suffered an injury themselves. Here are some coping           which Mom always did with him. We went there as
tips used by MADD Canada members and volunteers               we always had on Christmas Eve for dinner. Then
which may help ease some of the pain.                         we took a little tree we decorated and placed it on
                                                              Mom’s grave which is not far from our house.
• Every time our extended family is together for a            ~Bereaved Daughter
  holiday meal, we pause, light a candle and say “in
  memory of Dave, who couldn’t be here with us              • It was too difficult for my daughter to do a big
  today”. Although it brings tears to everyone’s eye, it      holiday dinner after her son died, so we had dinner
  keeps his memory alive.                                     at our home and lit a candle for him. We all shared a
  ~ Bereaved Mom                                              memory of him as part of our Grace.
                                                              ~Bereaved Grandparents.
• We make a donation in our son’s memory to a charity
  that supported us during our most difficult time or to     For more tips and coping strategies, go to http://www.
  one that we knew our loved one would like.       or you can call
  ~Bereaved Dad                                             1-800-665-6233, ext. 222 to receive a copy.

• Don’t think that you can’t buy your deceased loved
  one a meaningful Christmas or Birthday card just
  because they aren’t physically with you. Choose the
  right one and put it somewhere special. They are with
  you spiritually; they know you are thinking of them
  and truly appreciate your efforts to include them.
  ~Bereaved Mom

• Have a centrepiece of flowers and winter greenery,
  with a white candle to light in your loved one’s
  memory when the family is gathered around the
  table. It has great spiritual significance, and opens
  discussion for sharing memories.
  ~Bereaved Mom

• We found cancelling holiday parties and dinners
                                                              Candlelight Vigil and
  didn’t work for us as we have nine grandchildren.
  Instead, we changed things around. Change the menu
                                                              Victims’ Weekend
  you usually use, change the routine and also honour         Planning is well underway for MADD Canada’s 2011
  your loved one.                                             National Victims’ Weekend and Candlelight Vigil of
  ~Bereaved Mom                                               Hope and Remembrance, to be held from April 29
                                                              – May 1, 2011.
• Have a special journal for the holidays and allow
  family and friends to write a special memory of their       Victims will come together to share their experiences
  loved one. Memories can be done on a daily basis            and gain knowledge to help them continue rebuilding
  for the month of December like an advent calendar.          their lives. Lost loved ones and people who have
  ~Bereaved Daughter                                          suffered serious injuries as a result of impaired
                                                              driving will be honoured in the moving Candlelight
• When my brother died, we wanted to continue with            Vigil of Hope and Remembrance. The theme for the
  going to church but it was too painful to go to the         weekend will be It’s all About the Stories.
  church where his funeral services were, so we picked        The deadline for registering for the 2011 Victims’
  a different church and it was easier.                       Weekend is March 11, 2011. For more information,
  ~Bereaved Brother                                           contact Ardene Vicioso: or
                                                              1-800-665-6233.                                         Page
                               MATTERS                                                  Title Sponsor
                                                                                        Allstate Insurance
                                                                                         Company of Canada

                                                                                        National Sponsor
                                                                                        General Motors
        MADD Canada’s National Awards                                                    of Canada Ltd.

        In September, MADD Canada proudly honoured volunteers and members of            Official Sponsor
        the public for their significant contributions to our mission to stop impaired
        driving and support victims of this violent crime.                              Provincial Sponsors
                                                                                        Alberta Culture and Community Spirit

        CITIZENS OF DISTINCTION                                                         LCBO
        The Honourable Ron MacKinley, Minister of Transportation and Public             Manitoba Public
        Works for Prince Edward Island                                                   Insurance
        Dana Clendenning, Former President and CEO, NB Liquor                           NB Liquor
        Bill Kennedy, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, LCBO
                                                                                        Newfoundland Labrador
        Senator Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate                 Liquor Corporation
        Dr. Diane Liscumb, New Brunswick
                                                                                        Nova Scotia
                                                                                         Liquor Corporation
                                                                                        Saskatchewan Government
        Harold Huestis, nominated by MADD Barrie/Simcoe Chapter                          Insurance (SGI)
        Jennifer Campbell, Carla Campbell & Rebecca Harris, nominated by
                                                                                        Saskatchewan Liquor
        East Prince County Chapter                                                       and Gaming Authority

        MEDIA AWARD                                                                     Corporate Sponsors
        Television: Jennifer Salazar, Rogers TV, Toronto
        Radio Broadcasting: Dan Ahlstrand, News 91.9, South Eastern New                 ARC Energy Trust
        Brunswick                                                                       CIBC
        Print: Owen Sound Sun Times Advertising Dept., Grey North Bruce                 Husky Energy

        COURT MONITOR AWARD                                                             MJM Productions
        Adrienne Rigg, MADD Annapolis Valley Chapter                                    Winners Merchants
        FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR AWARD                                                    Corporate Supporter
        MADD Sarnia/Lambton Chapter                                                     ConocoPhillips Canada

        TERRY RYAN MEMORIAL AWARD FOR                                                                    s
                                                                                        Community Sponsors
                                                                                        Alberta Traffic
        EXCELLENCE IN POLICE SERVICES                                                    Safety Fund
        Constable John Reurink, Sarnia/Lambton Chapter
                                                                                        Fine Lines Sign Company
        VICTIM SERVICES VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD                                     Fort Macleod Agencies
        Janet Mason, MADD South Eastern New Brunswick Chapter                            (1989) Ltd.
                                                                                        Government of
        JOHN G. BATES VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD                                       Newfoundland and
        Charline Manuel, MADD Kent County Chapter                                        Labrador
                                                                                        J.P. Bickell Foundation
        Congratulations to all our National Award recipients and thank you for          Langford Pharmacy
        everything you do in the fight to stop impaired driving. For more information
                                                                                        Prince Edward Island Liquor
        on the 2010 National Awards recipients, please visit our web site at             Control Commission
                                                                                        RBC Foundation
                                                                                        Veg AL – Drug Society

                                                                                        Vehicle Sponsor
Page                                                                                    Discount Car and
  Six                                                                                    Truck Rentals Ltd.
   In the Spring 2010 MADD Matters, we highlighted our Rating
   the Provinces and Territories Report and planned follow-up
   articles to examine some of the specific legislative measures
   we recommend. The following is the final article in that series.

Maximizing Use of Ignition Interlocks to Reduce
Impaired Driving
Alcohol ignition interlocks are an effective tool in the     voluntary. The participation rate in voluntary programs
fight to stop impaired driving, yet they are not used         is generally 10% of those convicted.
broadly or consistently across the country.
                                                             As outlined in our Rating the Provinces and Territories
Using the same technology as the roadside breathalyzers      Report on Ignition Interlock Programs, MADD Canada
administered by police, an ignition interlock prevents a     recommends mandatory interlocks for all convicted
car from starting or remaining operational if the driver’s   impaired driving offenders, including reduced
breath indicates his or her blood alcohol concentration      provincial suspensions to encourage participation.
(BAC) is over a pre-set limit.
                                                             While some may be surprised by MADD Canada’s
In conjunction with rehabilitation and educational           support of a program which results in convicted
programs, interlock programs help modify the behaviour       offenders getting their licences back earlier, it is our
of drinking drivers. The technology gives offenders who      position that offering early licence reinstatement, along
have lost their licences a chance to regain conditional      with rehabilitation and remedial programs, to first-time
driving privileges while at the same time ensuring they      offenders who meet the eligibility requirements is an
cannot operate a vehicle if they are impaired.               important way to change their behaviour and prevent
                                                             them from becoming repeat offenders. These programs,
The recidivism rate of interlock program participants        when comprehensive and properly implemented,
is up to 90% lower than that of non-participants. Once       help the driver change their behaviour and stop their
the interlock is removed, the rates are comparable           drinking and driving permanently.
between program participants and non-participants.
This highlights the needs to incorporate rehabilitation
programs for interlock participants to deal with the
problems that led to the offence.

Despite the evidence of their effectiveness, interlock
usage is limited across the country. With approximately              Organizational Sponsors
34,000 impaired driving convictions annually (for the
year 2007/2008), only about 13,000 interlocks were             Official Sponsors
used in 2008.                                                  Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

Significantly more could be done to encourage and/or            Fonora Textile Inc.
mandate participation by eligible offenders.                   Hill Street Marketing Inc.                 Hill Street Marketing Inc.
                                                                                              Hill Street Marketing Inc.
                                                               Proud maker of MADD Virgin Drinks
All provinces and territories except the Yukon have            LCBO
some form of ignition interlock program for convicted
impaired drivers. However these programs are often
                                                               Corporate Sponsors
                                                               Impact Auto Auctions
            Technology Sponsor                                 Saatchi & Saatchi

   Gold Technology Partner                                     Corporate Supporters
   Alcohol Countermeasure                                      BMO MasterCard
     Systems                                                   Fine Lines Sign Co. Inc.                                        Page
                                                                            Chapter Notebook
        In the West...                                 the memory of her sister, Jackie Dodge-        Canada’s National Media Award for its
        __________________________________             Crooks. Information was also distributed       series of advertisements published over the
        MADD Kamloops Community Leader                 to encourage the public to call 911 if they    2009 holiday season and the nomination
        Roxanne Engli was excited to be invited,       see a suspected impaired driver.               won! Produced in conjunction with the
        for the second time, to work with the First                                                   Owen Sound Police Services, the ads took
        Nations regarding impaired driving during                                                     a humorous look at the consequences of
        Addictions Week in November.                                                                  impaired driving such as showing an officer
                                                                                                      holding handcuffs with the slogan “Free:
        MADD Kelowna Community Leader                                                                 Stainless Holiday Jewellery . . . if you
        Vicki Travis joined the University of B.C.’s                                                  decide to drink and drive”.
        Student Union to hand out over 2,000
        “Welcome New Student” bags during their
        orientation in September. Included in the
        bags were MADD Canada’s red ribbons
        and other MADD Canada items, reminding         Chris Ritchie, MADD Provost Community
        students to not drive impaired.                Leader, presented Cst. Sean Haig, Alberta
                                                       Peace Officer with a magnetic ribbon to         Pictured here accepting the award from
        MADD Metro Vancouver Chapter hosted            kick of our annual Project Red Ribbon          Chapter President Sharon-Lee Wideman
        their annual Project Red Ribbon launch         Campaign.                                      are (left to right): Louise Kazarian-Hodder,
        event in November. Guest speakers included                                                    Alice Hatt, Stephanie Guran, Cheryl
        Mayor Diane Watts and Police Inspector         MADD        Taber/Lethbridge      Chapter      McMenemy, Sharon-Lee Wideman, Tara
        Norm Gaumont. The Chapter also hosted its      launched their annual Project Red Ribbon       Timmerman, Kareena Sandford and Mary
        third annual Community Skate for MADD          Campaign in November. Over 25 volunteers       Jean Prettie.
        event in November. Over 300 people came        met for a joint checkstop with members of
        out to skate in support of MADD Canada         the Taber police and RCMP. MADD Canada         MADD Kawartha Lakes Chapter held a
        and enjoyed free coffee and hot chocolate      flags were flying and banners were waving.       Voluntary Toll event in September.
        donated by Tim Horton’s.                       The Chapter also gave out treat coupons to
                                                       all vehicles that had their children safely
        MADD Fort St. John Community Leader            buckled in the proper car seats.
        Mike Harrison has had great success in
        recruiting new local volunteers.               MADD Battlefords & Area Chapter is
                                                       looking forward to many initiatives in the
        MADD Upper Fraser Valley Chapter               upcoming months. Dedicated volunteers
        continues to raise public awareness in         are active with the local SADD group and
        their community. Last year they won first       distributing red ribbons and other materials   Pictured here are (left to right): Elizabeth
        place for their float in the annual Christmas   in the area. While these volunteers are        Simser, Dianna Brown, Katherine Forgaard-
        Parade, thanks to Brian Taylor and his dad,    committed to keeping Saskatchewan              Pullen and Carol Ryan.
        Eldon Taylor, who spent countless hours        roadways safe, they are always looking
        in developing this spectacular float. Again     for more motivated and enthusiastic            MADD London Chapter recently updated
        this year, they are competing for the first     volunteers.                                    six billboard signs in the London area.
        place award! The Chapter has also been                                                        The billboards featured Campaign 911
                                                                                                      messaging urging motorists to call 911 if
        busy arranging roadside check stops with       In Ontario…                                    they suspect an impaired driver.
        the Upper Fraser Valley RCMP First Nation      __________________________________
        Policing in October and December.              MADD Barrie Simcoe Chapter hosted their
                                                                                                      MADD Ottawa Chapter hosted another
                                                       1st annual Golf Like MADD Fall Classic
        MADD Cold Lake Chapter was thrilled                                                           successful MADD Dash/Strides for Change
                                                       tournament in September at Innisbrook
        to participate at the Alberta Teacher’s                                                       event in October and erected their new
                                                       Golf & Country Club in Barrie. The tourney
        Association Institute Day at the Cold Lake                                                    memorial banners, including 216 white
                                                       sold out early and featured a dinner, silent
        High School.                                                                                  crosses signifying the number of people
                                                       auction and various raffles.
                                                                                                      who will be killed by impaired drivers
                                                                                                      during the holiday season.

                                                       Pictured here are some of the golfers
                                                       checking out the silent auction/raffle tent.    In addition, the Chapter unveiled 5 new
                                                                                                      transit bus boards at their Project Red
Page    A table was set up by local volunteer
                                                       MADD Grey North Bruce Chapter
                                                       nominated The Sun Times for MADD
                                                                                                      Ribbon launch held in November at Chances
Eight   Heather-Lynne Dodge-Rogers to honour
                                                                                                      R restaurant in Nepean.

MADD Timiskaming & Area Chapter                 MADD York Region Chapter actively              bookmarks, and students’ attempts to walk
were the proud recipients of an RBC             participated in the LCBO’s grand opening       a straight line with the Fatal Vision goggles
Employee – Volunteer Services Grant in          at Rutherford Marketplace in Vaughan in        proved very popular as a public awareness
the fall.                                       August. Chapter President Kylee Goldman        activity.
                                                presented the President and C.E.O. of the
                                                LCBO, Mr. Bob Peter, with a plaque on          MADD West Island Chapter worked with
                                                behalf of MADD Canada /MADD York               their local Police Tech Department in early
                                                Region to thank their staff and customers      September to sensitize all new Police Tech
                                                for their generous donations in 2009.          students to the personal impact of impaired
                                                                                               driving on victims, families and friends.
                                                                                               A Chapter representative attended all four
                                                                                               course groups. Furthermore, MADD West
Pictured here are (from left to right):                                                        Island and Westwood Senior High School
Patricia Hewitt, Lorna Desmarais, Marie                                                        in Hudson started a pilot project focusing
Barkhouse (RBC employee), Sue Flaxey                                                           on their geographic area. This 8-month
and Mandy Delmas.                                                                              project starts with an awareness campaign
                                                                                               including posters in the school which led
MADD Timmins & Area Chapter                                                                    in to the School Multi-Media Assembly
participated in a sobriety checkpoint with                                                     Program, Shattered, in December. During
the OPP in October. The first vehicle            Pictured here are (left to right): Linda       the holiday festivities in the school (bake
checked was impaired. In addition, the          Jackson, Kylee Goldman, Rena Passas,           sale, etc) the focus will shift to Campaign
Chapter hosted their Project Red Ribbon         Sargeant Ed Villamere, Joyce Frustaglio        911. Posters will be placed in the high-traffic
campaign brunch, silent auction and             and Bob Peter.                                 areas of the school alerting everyone to the
candlelight vigil in November..                                                                need to report impaired drivers. After the
                                                Ontario Volunteers Honoured                    holiday break, the project will shift focus
MADD Toronto Chapter participated in a          Seven MADD Canada volunteers in On-            to a Black T-Shirt event where selected
R.I.D.E./sobriety checkpoint in September.      tario have been honoured for their years of    students will wear black to symbolize a
                                                volunteer service by the Ontario Ministry      victim.
                                                of Citizenship and Immigration: Michelle
                                                Crabb, Durham; Carole Sawchuk, Thun-
                                                der Bay; Mary Parkes, John Reurink and
                                                Kathryn Bolton, Sarnia/Lambton; Dave
                                                Finley, Norfolk County; and Pauline
                                                Newton, London.

                                                Congratulations to all on this distinguished
                                                honour and our sincerest thanks for the
                                                many years of volunteer service.

Pictured here are (from left to right): James
Walker, Jad El-Debs, Geleta McLoughlin,
Hojin Byun, Tanya Kolenko and University        In Quebec…
                                                __________________________________               Take the Elevator Home!
of Toronto Special Constable Noel Hall.
                                                MADD Montreal Chapter was invited                The Vancouver Westin Bayshore Hotel
MADD Windsor & Essex County                     to have a booth at a large private event for     and MADD Canada are encouraging
Community Leader erected 42 exterior            high school and junior college students          the public to “trade their car keys for
Campaign 911 signs in the fall.                 at the La Ronde amusement park. Over             a room key”. With a busy season of
                                                7,000 students attended the Graduation en        holiday entertaining set to take off in the
                                                Vogue event. MADD Montreal volunteers            coming weeks, The Westin Bayshore
                                                handed out a large number of ribbons and         invites guests to take the elevator
                                                                                                 home. They are offering a special room
                                                                                                 rate from just $129 per night of which
                                                                                                 the hotel will donate $5.00 to MADD
                                                                                                 Canada. The Westin Bayshore and
                                                                                                 MADD Canada hope this promotion
                                                                                                 will help keep Vancouver citizens and
                                                                                                 visitors to the city safe from impaired
                                                                                                 drivers this holiday season!

Pictured here is Community Leader
Chaouki Hamka with one of the mocked up                                                                                                         Page
signs after meeting with City Council.
                                                                        Chapter Notebook

                                                     Valley combined their Project Red Ribbon      Campaign, hosted this year by the Truro
       In the Atlantic Region…                       launch with a local Candlelight Service of    Police Department and the MADD
                                                     Hope and Remembrance at Whites Family         Cobequid Chapter.
       MADD Labrador Chapter hosted a                Funeral Home in Kentville, Nova Scotia.
       Candlelight Vigil in Happy Valley Goose                                                     In November, members of the MADD
       Bay in October.                               Many Chapters are also participating in       Charlottetown, MADD East Prince
                                                     their local Santa Claus Parades, taking the   County and the MADD West Prince
       In November, Chapters and Community           opportunity to hand out red ribbons and to    Community Leader, along with repre-
       Leaders across the Atlantic Region held       promote Campaign 911.                         sentatives from MADD Canada’s National
       Project Red Ribbon launches in their areas.                                                 Office, gathered in Charlottetown for Prince
       MADD Gander Chapter launched their            Once again, MADD Nova Scotia Chapters         Edward Island’s new Campaign 911.
       Project Red Ribbon campaign with support      have participated with Municipal Police,
       of their sponsor, the Hotel Gander. The       RCMP, EHS, Vehicle Compliance, Fire
       general public and local dignitaries were     Services and the Provincial Department
       present for the event. MADD Annapolis         of Justice in the Operation Christmas

       Become a                            Guardian of Hope
                                                                                               and save lives
       Join MADD Canada today by making a monthly gift.
       Your monthly gift provides a consistent and reliable source of funding for our programs and services.

       Your monthly gift is cost-effective. Pre-authorized donations can be processed more efficiently
       than single gifts, leaving even more money to support our life-saving programs. We guarantee that a
       minimum of 97% of your monthly gift will be directed to our programs.

       Your monthly gift will help ensure that we are able to continue to reach people with our life-saving
       message before so many more lives are lost.

       How monthly giving benefits you:
       It’s easy. Just tell us whether you would prefer to use
       your chequing account or your credit card.
       It’s flexible. You’re in control. You can increase,
       decrease, pause or stop your donations at anytime.
       It’s convenient. You’ll receive a consolidated charitable
       receipt for all your donations for the previous year in late
       It’s rewarding. By joining Guardians of Hope, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, MADD
       Matters, plus our annual report. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping
       to secure a better future for all of us. Together, we can make a difference.

          To join today, please contact Dawn Regan, Director of Public Awareness &
Page      Partnership Campaigns, at 1-800-665-6233, ext. 223.
Support MADD Canada                                                                                             MATTERS
with an affinity credit card
BMO Bank of Montreal and MADD Canada are proud to            time. With every card purchase, a financial contribution
offer you the BMO MADD Canada MasterCard®. This              is made by BMO Bank of Montreal at no additional cost.
partnership enables MADD Canada to raise funds for           Plus, card purchases earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for
programs, promote our mission and raise brand awareness      every $20 spent or 0.5% CashBack with no annual fee.
within communities across Canada. Making everyday
purchases with the card is an easy way to support MADD                                         Apply for your
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The BMO MADD Canada MasterCard affinity program                                       
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MADD Canada and earn valuable rewards at the same

Magazine Subscriptions Benefit MADD Canada
If you’re a regular magazine reader, or purchase subscrip-   We also invite you to share this information and pass
tions as holiday gifts, MADD Canada’s online magazine        along the savings to friends, family and members of
store is for you! Not only do you have access to over 650    your community. Friends with existing subscriptions like
popular titles - like Chatelaine, Macleans, and People –     local libraries, schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices will
you’ll save up to 85% off newsstands prices. And you’ll      appreciate how easy it is to renew their subscriptions
be supporting a great cause at the same time because         through our online store. They’ll also feel great knowing
37% of your purchase goes directly to MADD Canada.           they’re giving the gift of support to a worthwhile cause
As an added benefit when you buy or renew two or more         like MADD Canada.
subscriptions through us, you’ll get a $5 Café Card for
Second Cup.                                                  Visit the magazine link on our website at http://www.

Donate Your Vehicle to Car Heaven
and Support MADD Canada
Each year in Canada, approximately 500,000 vehicles          was environmentally recycled and that they’ve helped
are declared no longer fit for the road for reasons such      charity. Since its launch in 2000, Car Heaven and its
as failed emissions testing or crashes. We may recycle       program partners have retired more than 90,000 smog-
our glass and plastic but most of us never think about       causing vehicles and generated more than $200,000
recycling our cars.                                          for its affiliated charities.

Car Heaven offers car owners a convenient and cost-          To donate your car or obtain more information please
effective way to retire their old, high-polluting cars.      call 1-866-535-7312 or visit the Car Heaven website
The vehicle is towed for free (value-$200), recycled,        at Please identify MADD Canada
and proceeds from the scrap materials are donated to         as your charity of choice when completing the donor
affiliated charities including MADD Canada.                   form.

All participants receive a charitable tax receipt            Car Heaven is an initiative of Summerhill Impact and
for their donated vehicle. In addition, they get the         Canada’s largest vehicle recycling program for charity.        Page
satisfaction that comes from knowing their vehicle           (                                       Eleven

         Individual and Corporate Support
         MADD Canada wishes to thank the following individuals, corporations, foundations and associations for their financial
         support to victims of impaired driving. Together, we will stop impaired driving, save lives and prevent injuries.

         Platinum $10,000 +                             Individual Leadership Gifts                   Bronze
         Car Heaven                                                                                   Alison Prentice
         Department of Justice Canada                   Platinum                                      Ari & Deanna Joffe
         Transport Canada                               Karel and Yoka ter Brugge                     Denise and Bruce Knight
         Wild Rose Foundation                           Professor Robert Solomon and                  Dorothy H. Snodgrass
                                                          Dr. Barbara Lent                            Jan MacLellan
         Gold $5,000 +                                                                                June Clarke
         Agency 59                                      Silver                                        Jeanine Moore
         Giant Tiger                                    Carolyn Swinson                               Marjory LeBreton
         Kaiser Foundation                              Jim Waters                                    Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Benoit
         The Responsive Marketing Group Inc.            Magnus Bayne                                  Shirley Grant
                                                        Michael Adelson
         Silver $1,000 +                                Tara Tucker
         Caring Hands Publishing
         Miller Memorial Foundation
         Private Giving Foundation
         Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation

                                             MADD Canada is a member of Imagine Canada and we are proud to use the Imagine
                                             Canada trustmark that demonstrates our organization’s commitment to responsible
                                             management and accounting of funds that donors entrust to us.

           ❏ Yes, you can count on my commitment to MADD Canada.
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            I prefer to make my donation by: ❏ Cheque ❏ Visa ❏ MasterCard                  ❏ AMEX
            Name: ___________________________________________________________
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            Card No. ___________________________ Expiration Date: _______________
            Signature: ________________________________________________________
            Please make your cheque or money order payable to MADD Canada.          ❏ YES, please send me my newsletter by e-mail.
            Canadian Charitable Registration No. 13907 2060 RR0001
            All gifts of $20.00 or more will be receipted automatically.            __________________________________
            If you require a receipt for any other amount, please check here. ❏     My e-mail address is

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