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Lovin Austin by mikeholy


									                                                                                                                 Volume IV, Issue 3 • September 2010

     t h e            m a n o S                    d e           c r I S t o                n e w S l e t t e r

Keep Austin Smiling Racing Team is
recruiting runners
                             Join the Keep Austin Smiling
                             Marathon and half Marathon
                                                                   WhAT lAST yeAR’S RunneRS SAid
                             team and accomplish two goals                                       “I’ve done plenty of races just for the sake
                             at one time: run or walk in a                                       of getting in shape and being part of a
                             marathon and raise money and                                        larger community function, but running on
                             awareness for a nonprofit that                                      behalf of a specific cause, like Manos,
                             empowers its clients to pursue                                      was inspiring, empowering and enjoyable
                             their dreams.                                                       on a whole new level. The Manos staff
                                                                                                 were very thoughtful, thankful and ener-
The race is Feb. 20, 2011 and registration is now open. Manos’                                   gizing, and sent much-needed cheers and
participation is part of the 26 Miles for 26 Charities philan-                                   opportunities to get together as a team.”
thropy program. last year the Keep Austin Smiling team was                                       - Claire Baxter
able to raise $7,850 to help put our clients on the path to
                                                                                                 “Running a marathon has always been a
Think you’ve got what it takes? not sure, that’s OK! When you                                    life goal for me. During the race and
join our team, you can benefit from a training program with                                      even sometimes when training was hard,
the experts at Rogue Running and special discounts at places                                     I would think about the cause I was run-
like Bettysport.                                                                                 ning for and all the wonderful people
                                                                                                 who pledged money to help Manos. This
Signing up is easy. Completing the race is an exhilarating chal-                                 reminder encouraged me to press on even
lenge, and we’re ready.                                                                          though I was tired.”
                                                                                                 - Shane Webb
For more details call us or visit the “How To Help” section of
our website.

Volunteers: Join Manos for a special thank-You

                                                                   The Manos Board of directors wants to say “Thank you!” to our car-
                                                                   ing, talented, and committed volunteers by throwing the lovin’ Austin
                                                                   Celebration, complimentary for volunteers and their guests. if you have
                                                                   volunteered with us in the last year, look for your invitation to arrive in

                                                                   the mail in the next few weeks, and don’t forget to R.S.V.P.

                                                                   if you have any questions, contact Volunteer Coordinator Judy Cárdenas
                                                                   at 477-7454 x106 or

                     november 14, 2010 | 4 – 7 p.m.
                            at Mercury hall                           inside: BTS PhOTOS & highlighTS
Success! Back-To-School helps                                                                Book donations
thousands of children                                                                        For the first
                                                                                             time, Manos de
                                                                                             Cristo was able
Thanks to the work of hundreds of volunteers and donations of all kinds, the Manos de        to give a book
                                                                                             to every school-
Cristo Back-to-School program in August helped 2,249 children, an increase from last
                                                                                             age child that
year. We gave children a positive head start to the new school year by providing them        attended the
with a backpack, school supplies, clothing and books.                                        Back-to-School
“it is so fun to take a child around to pick out their new clothes, and watch their faces
light up with a huge smile when they look at themselves in the mirror,” said Back-to-        We put the call
School volunteer dana Capotosto, 15. She and her mother, who are national Charity            out for dona-
                                                                                             tions and received over 3,000 books
league members, have volunteered with the Back-to-School program for the past four
                                                                                             from individuals and organizations like
years. “We already have Manos de Cristo Back-to-School events on our calendar for            BookSpring, Covenant Presbyterian
next summer,” she said. “it’s our favorite philanthropy activity of the year.”               Church, hyde Park Presbyterian Church,
                                                                                             national Charity league and Westlake
not only does Manos ensure that children receive the essentials that they need to be         hills Presbyterian Church.
successful in the classroom, but Manos volunteers also provide a positive, caring environ-
ment that really gets kids excited about school.                                             A very special donation came from the
                                                                                             family of Sarah e. Williams, an elemen-
                                                                                             tary school teacher, who passed away
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort — you made a difference in the
                                                                                             this year. We were honored to distribute
lives of so many Austin area students.                                                       the hundreds of books donated from her
                                                                                             personal library to promote literacy in our

                                                                                             manos de cristo empowers low-income
                                                                                             individuals with a loving hand of
                                                                                             assistance and welcomes all regardless of
                                                                                             age, gender, race, or religious preference.
                                                                                             Inspired by the christian ideals of
                                                                                             service and compassion, manos promotes
  roBert Jones: Former dallas Cowboy                   ron davis: Travis County              dignity and self-reliance by providing
 football player and three-time Super Bowl           Commissioner Ron davis visited          essential oral care, furthering educational
                                                                                             development, and meeting basic needs
  Champion Robert Jones came to meet our          Back-to-School to show his support for
                                                                                             with food and clothing.
 kids and to show his support for education.            Manos and our programs.
                                                                                             Board of directors
                                                                                             lee Polson, President; cheryl Banks, md;
 get discounts & give                                                                        Steve Braunstein; dennis Brender, ddS;
                                                                                             rene campos; Beverly chasse; eric Faulk;
                                                                                             david Ferguson, ddS; Bev harlan; Bob
  Manos de Cristo is partnering with a new Austin-based company, givShop, to pilot
                                                                                             hewitt; Pete longoria; Jim marroquin, cFP;
  an innovative donation concept. Think groupon with a charitable twist. When you            christine mccoy; Kevin reeves; dick rew;
  sign up for givShop, you’ll receive daily deals of up to 80% off great Austin prod-        toko Sato; leslie thorne; Julie Ballesteros,
  ucts and fun activities, and with every deal you purchase, givShop donates 50%             Executive Director
  of their profits to the local non-profit of your choice.                                   newsletter credits
                                                                                             newsletter coordinator: Shannon moore
  So sign up today, get some great local                                                     contributor: Sam Stiles
                                                                                             design: creative Pickle
  deals, and pick Manos de Cristo as your
  charity of choice! The more people that use                                                Mailing list reMoval
  givShop, the more they give back to our                                                    to be removed from our newsletter
                                                                                             mailing list, please email
  community. Signing up is quick and easy,                                          or
  just go to                                                                call (512) 477-7454 x107.
THAnK YoU to our bAcK-To-ScHool SUpporTerS:
leAding SponSor: THe TrUll FoUndATion
                     SponSorS:                                                  ScHool SUpplY
                        Rene Campos
                                                                             & bAcKpAcK donorS:
                                                                           Thank You to the Members of These Churches
          Chasse Consulting, Sales Strategies, Inc.                       & Organizations for Donating to Back-to-School
           Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church                                   Central Presbyterian Church
               The DuBose Family Foundation                                      Covenant	Presbyterian	Church
                 Bill & Rosemary Galloway                                           First Presbyterian Church
                Grace Presbyterian Church                                          Gonzalez	Office	Products
                    Leslie & Beau Thorne                                           Hispanic Network of Austin
                      Veritas Foundation                                         Hyde Park Presbyterian Church
                      Wells Fargo Bank                                      Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church
            Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church                                   University	Presbyterian	Church
                                                                               Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church
                                                                                Westminster Presbyterian Church

                                                                                 SpeciAl THAnKS:
                                                                                         AIA Design Voice
                                                                                         Austin Outhouse
                                                                                    Gonzalez	Office	Products
                                                                                         Marquee Rentals
                                                                               SONIC	Drive-In	at	Cameron	Road
                                                                               Travis	County	Commissioners	Court
                                                                                  Travis	County	Sheriff’s	Office
                                                                           Walmart	Supercenter	at	Norwood	Park	Blvd.

looKing AHeAd to Next Year
The Hispanic Network of Austin held a backpack fundraiser on Aug.
20 to h elp us get a jump start on fundraising for next year. Here’s
what else we’re already working on for Back-to-School 2011:

•	 Raising	money	to	provide	a	toothbrush	and	toothpaste	to	every	
   child in the program.

•	 Recruiting	new	members	to	our	newly	expanded	Back-to-School	
   committee.	We	are	looking	for	volunteers	to	shop	for	clothing,	
   hold	clothing	drives,	participate	in	other	fundraising	efforts,	and	
   more. If you want to help, or learn more, email smoore@manos- or call 477-7454 x 107.

•	 Brainstorming	ways	to	make	next	year’s	event	even	better.	Have	
   an idea? Let us know.
THAnK YoU to our bAcK-To-ScHool volUnTeerS:
Christie Abercrombie   Lolly Buikema           Seymore Elder       Bretna Hackert         Sally Kelley          Susan Meigo            Jacob Read            Molly Suttle
Elaine Adams           Tanner Builta           Sherwood Elder      Quinn Hainline         Mike Kelly            Tino Mendiola          Nathan Read           Nicoleta Suttle
Olivia Adamson         C Buzz Buzzard          Jack Emerick        Randee Hainline        Chen Kenanne          Daniel Mercado         Randy Reed            Audrey Swallow
Joe Addington          Joan Buzzard            Rosie Emerick       Meredith Hall          Katie Kenney          Nancy Messegee-        Dick Rew              Collin Swallow
Jon Addington          Abigail Cain            Logan Eppright      Elaine Hamm            Laura Kerr              Downing              Christina Rioux       Elizabeth Swallow
Julie Addington        Eliza Cain              Michelle Eppright   Arden Harkins          Sharon Kerr           Hayden Mierl           Stephen Rioux         Katherine Swallow
Christie Addison       Rob Campanell           Regan Eppright      Bev Harlan             Lilas Kinch           Tanner Mierl           Betsy Roberts         Dorothy Swart
Tommy Addison          Joe Albert Canales      Randy Erben         Margaret Harren        Hillary King          Kathryn Millington     Joann Robison         James Talbot
Allie Agrella          Dana Capotosto          Debra Erickson      Amy Harris             Martha King           Rebekah Mills          Gabriel Rodarte       Leopoldina Tamez
CC Agrella             Trudi Capotosto         Alexis Espino       Lily Harris            Nataly King           Zach Mills             Gina Rodriguez        Kira Taniguchi
Mele Agrella           Leigh Cargdon           Ana Espino          Bonnie Hartmann        Chelsea Kitchens      Alexis Mischnick       Minerva Rodriguez     Ed Taylor
Sarah Allen            Janice Carlin           Aracely Espino      Brent Harward          James Kitchens        Amber Mischnick        Leslie Rosenstein     Nilda Tenorio
Lisa Almgren           Cordyn Carmichael       Jesus Espino        Judy Harward           Jill Klucher          Madison Mischnick      Caleigh Rosenstein-   Cassie Terrell
Sarah Almgren          Kathy Carwell           Jorge Espino        Amber Hayes            Daniela Knight        Rudy Mongria             Ford                Lorrie Terrell
Kristen Anderson       Griselda Casas          Miguel Espino       Shelly Hays            Madison Knight        Brian Moore            Sally Rowe            Lisa Thompson
Lisa Anderson            Villarreal            Paola Espino        Sue Head               Frances Knipp         Cathrine Moore         Donna Ruesink         Caroline Thornhill
Elder Andreve          Katie Caskey            Victor Espino       Zoey Head              Jake Kocher           Marcia Moore           Jana Ruesink          Cathy Thornhill
Pilar Andujar          Laura Caskey            Alexa Etheredge     Emma Hendren           Koji Kodama           Maureen Moore          Maddie Rust           Mary Cathrine
Rebecca Archer         Alejandra Castillo      Emily Etheredge     Kayla Hendren          Grace Kouacs          Gloria Moreno          Claire Sahs             Thornhill
Sabrina Archer         Maria Castro            Jilian Etheredge    Claire Herlin          Susan Krick           Tony Moreno            Sarah Sahs            Carlie Tilly
Jennifer Asbury        Charlie Chambers        Lang Etheredge                                                   Teresa Morgan          Holly Salmon          Sarah Toler
Grant Ashby            Caroline Cheatham       Susan Faulkner                                                   Nick Moser             Rolph Sankar          Sharon Toler
Jean Avey              Jennifer Cheatham       David Ferguson                                                   Alice Muller           Nona Sansom           Walter Torres
Mindy Baldwin          Lauren Cheatham         Pam Ferguson                                                     Rudy Mungnia           Amanda Schmidt        Elvia Trautman
Peter Barnes           Luke Cheatham           Kristin Ferrell                                                  Gloria Munguia         Lucy Schmidt          Helene Treat
Julianna Barreiro      Jim Clingan             Andrew Fisher                                                    Allison Nagel          Sophie Schmidt        Courtney Trutna
Susan Bartholomew      Zulema Colón            Eric Fisher                                                      Jack Neas              Pam Schulte           Larry Tschanz
Shannon Batson         Guadalupe Cordova       Monica Fisher                                                    Jerod Neas             Kasey Schuttler       Rachel Tschanz
Patricia C. Beam       Lorena Cordova          Stuart Fisher                                                    Kinsey Neas            Kathy Schwartz        Nicolas Bryan Tutle
Sarah Beck             Maria del Sol Cordova   Margo Lee Fitzic                                                 Kaley Nelson           Lauren Schwartz       Eve Tyals
Nicole Beckley         Victoria Coronado       Fritz Fitzpatrick                                                Andrea Newman          Cara Seehovee         Nadia Uhlenhaker
Kyle Beder             Karen Cotton            Sandy Fleming                              Nikki Kriss           Ann Nicol              Kendra Seehovee       Ben Ussery
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Brooklie Benson        Reagan Crabb            Ruth Ann Floto      Lynn Herrin            John Law              Helen Nourzad          Gina Senese           Emma Utley
Doug Bingaman          Maria Crabtree          Sheryl Floyd        Billie Grace Herring   Fallyn Leahey         Annika Ostrom          Kathy Senese          Hannah Utley
Olivia Bingaman        Monika Czerwinska       Jean Floyd          Ken Hildenbrand        Beth LeBas            Lilly Pace             Caroline Shannon      Corina Valdez
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Carrie Brown           Jan Dwyer               Adam Gronski        Carmen Julian          Laura McBride         Patty Praytor          Grace Stewart         Kelli Wilson
Dru Brown              Jenna Dwyer             Alyssa Grunloh      Melanie Julien         Charlene McCoy        Moneta Prince          Julie Stillwell       Lynden Wright
Erin Brown             Darren Dyke             Jodie Grunloh       Jake Kadali            Christine McCoy       Elsa Ramirez           Ann Stotts            David Yanky
Sarah Brown            Ann Easley              Rachel Grunloh      Tabitha Keever         Kerri McGonigle       April Raya             Virginia Stotts       Julia Zachary
Hailee Browne          Mitzi Easley            Pam Gunter          Tracy Keever           Mary McKenna          Caleb Read             Tammy Suarez          Leslie Zachary
Kent Buikema           Matt Eckert             Pat Haag            Kathy Kelley           Tess McKenna          Elizabeth Read         Alison Suttle         Matthew Zachary
happY sMiling Patients
allie                                                                        neela
as a mother of six with a challenging job, allie’s oral care was not a       after first arriving here from India in 2000 to teach children, neela
priority. then, an unbearable toothache forced her to miss two days          found herself without a job or dental insurance in 2009. lacking the
of work.                                                                     funds to go to a private dentist office, neela turned to the manos de
                                                                             cristo dental clinic for care.
In the past, allie said she had a diffi-
cult time finding an accommodating,                                                          repeatedly, out of work patients desperately needing
affordable and adequate doctor.                                                              relief from oral pain, seek out help from manos.

after a friend referred the work-                                                            on neela’s first visit, clinic staff performed two root
ing mom to manos de cristo’s                                                                 canals. Impressed by the staff and quality of care,
dental clinic, allie made an                                                                 neela said she “didn’t hesitate at all” to return later
appointment right away.                                                                      for a preventative dental cleaning.
“I came here and they pulled my                                                              at the dental cleaning, the staff at manos found neela’s
tooth out that same day, so ever                                                             blood pressure to be dangerously high and sent her to
since, I’ve been coming here,” she                                                           the hospital.
said about the dental clinic.
                                                                                             “It was so high and I had no clue,” neela said recalling
allie classified herself as a nervous                                                        the alarming news.
patient and was surprised to find that the extraction was pain-free.
                                                                             She was able to receive treatment for her condition and returned to
“I was still holding onto the chair, waiting for it to be over,” she said.
                                                                             manos to finish her dental treatment.
“But, I got everything taken care of, and the surgeon who was here at
the time was great. I mean, I was amazed.”
                                                                             “these guys, you know, they really saved me,” neela said about the
with peace of mind and a pain free mouth, allie was able to return           staff at manos. “what if I had not come? I don’t know what would
promptly to her job as a residential aid at a center that works with         have happened.”
mentally disabled people.
                                                                             Read these patients’ full stories on our website.

   dOn’T FORgeT: taMales                                                       welcoMe Board Members
   Warm up your winter with some hot tamales. The Manos de                     new Board MeMBers:
   Cristo tamale sale is back by popular demand.
                                                                               • Steve BraunStein, Community Volunteer, Retired CPA
   ensure that you’ll have golden husk wrapped tamale treasures for            • rene CampoS, Persidea
   Christmas, order a dozen pork, jalapeno pork, bean and chicken              • BoB Hewitt, hewitt dental, inc.
   tamales by phone, mail or through your participating organization           • pete Longoria, Wells Fargo Bank
   nov. 1 through dec. 6. Pick up is on dec. 10.
                                                                               • CHriStine mCCOy, Academy of Medicine, engineering and Science of TX
   if you want to help Manos raise money through a tamale                      • Kevin reeveS, Community Volunteer
   sale at your church, business, or other organization, call Julie            • DiCK rew, Community Volunteer, Retired united Airlines
   Ballesteros at 477-7454 x105.                                               • toKo Sato, Community Volunteer, Retired investment Banker, Citigroup

                                                                             fall classes Begin At Manos
                                                                                             numbers at a glance:
                                                                               133 english as a Second language Students
                                                                                  49 Computer literacy Students
                                                                                      15 Citizenship Students
                                                                                    8 Spanish literacy Students
                                                                                       36 Volunteer Teachers
    MAnOS de CRiSTO
                                                          4911 harmon avenue
                                                            austin, tX 78751
austin endodontics, l.l.P.
dell Foundation
St. david’s Foundation
St. luke’s episcopal charities
tom’s of maine
United way capital area
westlake hills Presbyterian church

austin community Foundation • St. david’s episcopal
church • covenant Presbyterian church
• donald d. hammill Foundation • lowe Foundation
• the trull Foundation • lola wright Foundation
• agape charitable trust

anonymous • applied materials • capital area
dental Foundation • First Presbyterian church, austin
• hope Presbyterian church • mission Presbytery
• Shield-ayres Foundation • thomas & Irma Scott
• rachael & Ben Vaughan Foundation • westminster
Presbyterian church • leslie & Beau thorne • Bill &
rosemary Galloway • University Presbyterian church

  t h e                m a n o S                        d e      c r I S t o                 n e w S l e t t e r

                                                         InSIde                                CAlendAR
                                                          • BtS highlights and Photos          national dental hygiene month
                                                                                               8: road to health classes Begin
                                                          • Volunteer appreciation             25: 2nd Session computer classes Begin
                                                            event announced
                                                          • calling all runners                1: tamale Sale ordering Begins
                                                                                               14: Volunteer appreciation event
                                                          • Stories from the dental clinic     25: thanksgiving
                                                          • Save the date: tamale Sale         deceMBer
Our Back-to-school event was a huge
success! look inside for details and photos.                                                   10: tamale Sale Pick-Up

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