Livermore Council Endorses Rail Policy by mikeholy

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									VOLUME XLIV, NUMBER 38                     Your Local News Source Since 1963                                            SERVING LIVERMORE • PLEASANTON • SUNOL                                               THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

                                           Livermore Council Endorses Rail Policy
                                           A proposed regional rail plan              Sept. 18 meeting.                               the regional rail plan.                 County. The same is true of trips       substantial improvements to the
                                       is “quite possibly one of the most                The policy supports contin-                      Bonnie Nelson, a consultant         originating in San Joaquin              ACE commuter rail service, in-
                                       important transit items we will see            ued study of high speed rail                    for the plan, noted that the high       County. However, the heaviest           cluding separate passenger rail
                                       as a council.”                                 through the Altamont Corridor                   speed rail and regional rail plans      demand has the worst transit ser-       tracks within the existing right
                                           That was the message Liver-                on the Union Pacific corridor                   are separate studies. The high          vice.                                   of way and other improvements
                                       more Mayor Marshall Kamena de-                 provided there are no significant               speed rail could make it possible          She described BART as ex-            that would increase the speed of
                                       livered prior to a presentation and            right of way takes and there are                to travel from downtown San             pensive and unique, an idea that        the trains.
                                       vote on a recommended plan for                 no major aerial structures                      Francisco to downtown Las An-           has run its course. Other technol-         A BART/regional rail connec-
                                       the Tri-Valley portion of a re-                through Pleasanton. They sup-                   geles in the same time it takes to      ogy is being considered for the         tion would be established in Liv-
                                       gional rail plan and high speed                port the regional rail plan rec-                travel by plane if the time to and      future.                                 ermore. The recommended loca-
                                       rail proposal. The package is a                ommendation for a BART exten-                   from the airport is included.              There are two draft recom-           tion would be at Isabel/Stanley.
                                       blueprint for rail improvements                sion to Isabel/Stanley provided                     The regional rail plan looks        mendations for the Tri-Valley.          The BART extension would be
                                       for the next 50 years. It includes             alternatives         including                  at providing a better match be-         One assumes there would be no           completed with the regional rail
                                       BART, the ACE train and high                   Greenville and beyond will con-                 tween demand and service.               high speed rail over the Altamont.      improvements. e-BART would
                                       speed rail.                                    tinue to be studied in the envi-                Nelson noted that the majority             If there were no high speed          be extended to Tracy with an
Tickets are available for the              A consensus policy statement               ronmental document and that                     of trips originating in the Tri-Val-    rail, key recommendations               intermodal connection to ACE.
gala opening of the Bankhead           drew unanimous support from the                the environmental document                      ley terminate in the Tri-Valley.        would be for regional express bus          It is estimated that the Isabel/
                                       council. The Pleasanton council                process can begin to be devel-                  Other major destinations are to         service in the I-680 and Vasco          Stanley station would cost $500
Theater. The performance will          will vote on the statement at its              oped soon after the adoption of                 Contra Costa and Santa Clara            Road corridors. There would be                          (See RAIL, page 4)
feature Bernadette Peters.

Ticket Office
Doing Brisk
                                                                                                                                                                              More Students For
    The Livermore Valley Per-
                                                                                                                                                                              Pleasanton, But
forming Arts Center reported that
after the first week of sales for
the inaugural season of perfor-
                                                                                                                                                                              Fewer For Livermore
                                                                                                                                                                                  Pleasanton school enrollment
mances at the new Bankhead                                                                                                                                                    climbed by 205 students from the        will be closing an elementary
Theater ticket demand has been                                                                                                                                                previous year, bringing the total       school, and maybe a middle
strong.                                                                                                                                                                       in classes on Sept. 5 to 14,801         school,” she said.
    More than 6,000 tickets –                                                                                                                                                 students. By contrast, Livermore            In some communities, couples
worth more than $218,000 – have                                                                                                                                               school enrollment was down 167          with grown children move out to
been sold to date. In addition,                                                                                                                                               students, to 13,217.                    retirement communities or con-
the opening of the ticket office                                                                                                                                                  State school aid is based on a      dos. They sell their homes to
on September 4, including both                                                                                                                                                formula that allots an amount for       younger families, who have chil-
phone and internet-based sales,                                                                                                                                               each student enrolled, including        dren for the schools. However, in
went according to plan. As ex-                                                                                                                                                adjustments for a district’s absen-     Livermore, people are refinanc-
pected, lower-priced tickets for                                                                                                                                              tee rates. The increase for Pleas-      ing their homes and staying put.
the long-anticipated Bernadette                                                                                                                                               anton means a little more cash          “We have neighborhoods that
Peters concert sold-out on the                                                                                                                                                for the district. With Livermore        had 60 kids in them a few years
first day of sale. Seats for Peters’                                                                                                                                          dropping in enrollment, there           ago. Now they have five,” said
October 6th gala benefit perfor-                                                                                                                                              will be less state money earned.        Miller.
mance are still available at the                                                                                                                  Photo - Doug Jorgensen          Each Livermore student is              PLEASANTON SCHOOL
$500 and $750 levels. These            A parade marks the official start of the soccer season in Pleasanton. This year's parade, held                                         worth $5777 in state aid, said Su-        POPULATION GROWING
prices include valet parking, a                                                                                                                                               san Kinder, the Livermore                   The situation is different in
                                       last Saturday in the downtown, included the "Tweety Birds" team marching behind their banner.                                                                                  Pleasanton. Statistics presented
pre-show party on the new Liv-                                                                                                                                                district’s executive director of fis-
ermore Valley Plaza, featuring                                                                                                                                                cal services. The decline of 167        to the Pleasanton school board
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      before its meeting Tuesday night
food, fine wines and entertain-
            (See TICKETS, page 3)      Pleasanton Delays Oak Grove Vote                                                                                                       students would cost the district
                                                                                                                                                                              $964,759. However, state law al-
                                                                                                                                                                              lows the district to base this year’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      show a steady climb in enroll-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ment over the past four years,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      starting with 14,207 students in
                                          The Pleasanton City Council                 planning commission for analy-                  included traffic, fire, visibility of   budget on last year’s attendance,
                                       deferred a decision on the Oak                 sis. The commission did not                     homes, and the treatment of open        said Kinder.                            the 2004-05 school year and
                                       Grove development until Oct. 2.                look at the PUD or the develop-                 space.                                      The district must move for-         coming to this year’s total of
                                          The hearing was an appeal of                ment agreement once it had re-                     The plan the council will con-       ward in the following year, which       14,801.
                                       the Planning Commission’s vote                 jected the EIR.                                 sider includes 51 custom home           would be 2008-09. If attendance             The increase of 205 students
                                       not to certify the EIR, which                     The proposed development                     lots that would occupy 66 acres.        declines then, too, the district        means the district will receive
                                       amounted to a denial of the                    would be built on 562 acres in                  The Lins would donate 496 acres         could base its revenue on the en-       roughly $1.2 million more in
                                       project. The commission deter-                 east Pleasanton owned by the                    of permanent open space to the          rollment for this school year,          state funds. Most of that will be
                                       mined that the EIR was inad-                   Lin family. The land has been                   city. A third party would hold an       which is 2007-08. In other words,       encumbered by the need to hire
                                       equate in its analysis of the vi-              the subject of controversy over                 easement over the open space.           the district would get a break this     more teachers for the enrollment
                                       sual impacts of the development.               the years. A project approved in                Trails and a staging area are to        year. Working with the decline          boost. Much of the increase was
                                          Councilmember          Cindy                1993, which included a golf                     be built by the developer at the        in revenue would start next year.       forecast, and already was put into
                                       McGovern asked for the delay to                course, was successfully                        time the fifth homesite is sold.            Livermore schools superinten-       this year’s budget.
                                       allow more time to read all the                referended.                                     Access to homes would be from           dent Brenda Miller said that the            Assistant superintendent
                                       documents related to the pro-                     For the past two years, the                  Hearst Drive. There would be an         district’s population trend is          Sandra Lepley said there should
                                       posal.                                         owners, city representatives and                emergency vehicle access from           downward. “We are looking at            be $250,000 to $300,000 left
                                          McGovern also asked whether                 nearby homeowners have held                     Grey Eagle.                             our (high enrollment) bubble at         without mandated uses. That
                                       the council could send the                     talks to try to come to an agree-                  The developer is required to         the high school moving out.             money could be available for
            Photo - Doug Jorgensen     planned unit development (PUD)                 ment on how the Lin family                      prepare a rangeland fire manage-        We’ve talked about it with the          teachers’ raises, she said.
Flags and flowers were left            and developer agreement to the                 could develop the site. Issues                         (See OAK GROVE, page 4)          board. In five or seven years, we                (See STUDENTS, page 4)
along Tom Burnett Drive in
Pleasanton in remembrance
of Tom. He was one of the
heroes who took on the
                                       Joe Michell Favored Location for K-8
terrorists aboard United Flight        School, Portola Likely to be Closed
93. The plane went down in a                                                          in elections and tryouts,” she
field in Pennsylvania on Sept.         By Patricia Koning
                                           Last week trustees of the Liv-             said.
11, 2001.                              ermore Valley Joint Unified                        The biggest cost to the Dis-
                                       School District again discussed                trict in implementing a K-8
                                       the possibility of converting an               school at Michell would be
                                                                                      renovating and adding facilities
McNerney, Stark                        elementary school into a K-8
                                       school. While no action was                    to accommodate the middle
Join For Forum                         taken, Joe Michell Elementary
                                       School appears to be the likely
                                                                                      school physical education, sci-
                                                                                      ence, computer laboratory, and
On Health Care                         site.
                                           Assistant Superintendent of
                                                                                      elective programs. Additional
                                                                                      parking, restrooms, and admin-
   Reps. Jerry McNerney (D-            Educational Services Kelly Bow-                istrative office space might also
Pleasanton) and Pete Stark (D-         ers presented an overview of what              be necessary.
Fremont) will team up on Sept.         the educational program at a K-8                   “Staffing costs could be off-
15 for a joint town hall meeting       school might look like. As                     set if another school is closed in
with a focus on health care.           Michell’s capacity is about 600                tandem with the opening of a K-
   The session is scheduled from       students, there would be about 60              8 school,” said Bowers.
2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Pleasan-       students per grade.                                The trustees and District ad-
ton city council chambers, 200             Both the K-5 and 6-8 programs              ministrators expect to close an
Old Bernal Ave. Most of Pleas-         would be very similar to what is               elementary school within the
anton is represented by                offered in the District’s current              next five years if enrollment
McNerney. However, Stark rep-          elementary and middle schools.                 continues to decline. They have
resents a sliver of the city’s south   Bowers noted that athletics,                   indicated that Portola is the
side and Sunol.                        clubs, and the Associated Student              likely choice. However, a final
   It’s the first time the two have    Body would be smaller because                  decision has not been made yet.
teamed up together for a town          of the size of the school.                         The opening of the K-8                                                                                                                 Photo - Doug Jorgensen
hall meeting. Stark, whose dis-            “Often with a smaller campus,              school could be phased in, with                 Bubbles drew a giggle from one youngster at the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District
     (See HEALTH CARE, page 5)         you get a higher rate of participa-            one grade added at a time over                  Children's Fair held over the weekend. There were two days of fun-filled activities for the entire
                                       tion in extracurricular activities             three years, or it could be accom-              family.
                                       because there is less competition
The Friends Of                                                                                (See K-8 SCHOOL, page 2)

Livermore to Host                         2008 Harvest Wine Celebration Selected As One of Top 100 Destinations
Campaign Kickoff                          The American Bus Association                three events in California to re-                   The release of the American         grown to one of the most sought-           ABA’s 2008 Top 100 Events
                                       (ABA) announced the Annual                     ceive this honor, the Annual Har-               Bus Association’s 2008 Top 100          after lists by travel professionals,    Selection Committee selected
   Friends of Livermore will                                                                                                                                                  motorcoach operators and the
                                       Harvest Wine Celebration, to be                vest Wine Celebration is in pres-               list marks more than 25 years of                                                the Annual Harvest Wine Cel-
kickoff the upcoming campaign          held August 31-September 1,                                                                                                            general public. The Top 100 list
season this Sun., Sept. 16 at                                                         tigious company sharing billing                 the Top 100 Events. What be-                                                    ebration from among hundreds
                                       2008, has been designated as one               with Pasadena’s Tournament of                   gan as a way for motorcoach op-         is published as a supplement to         of U.S. and Canadian events
Retzlaff Vineyards.                    of the Top 100 Events in North                 Roses and Sacramento’s Jazz Ju-                 erators to incorporate new prod-        the September/October issue of          nominated by state and provin-
   There will be an opportunity        America for 2008. As one of only               bilee.                                          uct into their itineraries has          Destinations magazine.
to meet and talk with candidates                                                                                                                                                                                           (See DESTINATIONS, page 4)
endorsed by Friends of Liver-
more in the November 6 elec-                                                                                                                                                   PET OF THE WEEK.
tion: Mayor Marshall Kamena,
Councilmember Marj Leider, and
Jeff Williams.
                                                                        Inside                                                                                                 Bradley is a friendly fellow
                                                                                                                                                                               looking for a warm lap. Bradley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      about Bradley, call Valley Humane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Society at 925-426-8656, or visit
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      him at our Adoption Center at
                                                                                                                                                                               and his sister Fiona, both 2-
   The afternoon will include           Anne Homan ....................... 5          Roundup..................................3                                               years old, came to Valley Humane       3670 Nevada St. in Pleasanton’s
food and music. Festivities take        Art & Entertainment............10             Short Notes.............................8                                                when their family moved away.          Stanley Business Park Wed-Sun
place from 4 to 7 p.m. with a pro-                                                                                                                                             He likes other cats and is gentle      11 am-5 pm. Valley Humane
gram planned for 5:30 p.m.              Bulletin Board......................9         Sports......................................6                                            with children, but has never           Society holds mobile pet
   Tickets are $30 at the door.         Classifieds........................... 11     Obituaries................................8                                              been with dogs. He is de-clawed,       adoptions for dogs at Pet Extreme
Retzlaff Vineyards is located at                                                                                                                                               so he needs to be an indoor-           in Livermore every Saturday from
1356 So. Livermore Ave.                 Editorial.................................4   Open Homes..........................12                                                   only kitty. For more information       10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
   Please RSVP at 447-8901.             Mailbox...................................4
PAGE 2 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

                                                                           CEMEX Provides Water to
                                                                           Fill Shadow Cliffs' Lake
                                                                              Shadow Cliffs Regional Rec-        dergoes a several stage settling
                                                                           reation Area in Pleasanton fea-       process, is regularly tested by
                                                                           tures an 80-acre lake. Due to the     CEMEX to comply with state
                                                                           lake’s location in an abandoned       standards for discharge to
                                                                           gravel quarry pit, the lake loses     streams and is of excellent qual-
                                                                           water through percolation and         ity. It will also be monitored on a
                                                                           evaporation, especially in the        routine basis by EBRPD.
                                                                           summer, and requires additional       EBRPD will upgrade the exist-
                                                                           water to maintain a constant op-      ing out-flow pipe at the Lake, and
                                                                           erational lake level.                 pay for the cost of electricity dur-
                                                                              The East Bay Regional Park         ing water transfer. This arrange-
                                                                           District (EBRPD) siphons local        ment saves EBRPD and taxpay-
                                                                           ground water from the Arroyo for      ers tens of thousands of dollars
                                                                           use in the lake. Access to this wa-   annually in potential water us-
                                                                           ter source cannot be guaranteed       age fees and construction costs
                                                                           due to other needs in the area, so    for alternatives such as drawing
                                                                           the EBRPD searched for a sec-         water from other quarries.
                                                                           ondary water source.                      CEMEX is a 100-year-old
                                                                              Shadow Cliffs Regional Rec-        building solutions company that
                                                                           reation Area neighbor CEMEX           began with one cement plant in
                                                                           has come to the rescue. Through       1906. It now has cement plants,
                                                                           a recent agreement, the lake will     aggregates, ready-mix concrete
                                                                           receive fresh water from CEMEX        and concrete products operations
                                                                           water holding ponds. The water        in more than 50 countries.
                                                                           is available after use in the ag-         Shadow Cliffs Regional Rec-
                                                                           gregate process. This water un-

                                                 Photo - Doug Jorgensen
Smoke from fires burning in California created an orange glow
at sunset.

(continued from page one)
plished in a single year. Fifth           The trustees asked Superin-
grade students at Michell, if that    tendent Brenda Miller to conduct
site were chosen, would have pri-     another survey, this time asking
ority enrollment.                     if parents would put their chil-
    Floyd Wilson, Executive Di-       dren in a K-8 school at Michell.
rector of Facilities, said that to    A survey conducted in May
have the campus ready for the         found that about two-thirds of
2008/09 school year, he would         respondents said they would
need Board approval and direc-        send their children to a K-8
tion by October. At last week’s       school.
meeting, he estimated that about          That survey also asked if par-
$150,000 would be spent in the        ents would prefer Michell,
first few months on fees and per-     Portola, either, or neither loca-
mits.                                 tion. About 40% of respondents
    Several of the trustees ex-       picked neither, 25% picked ei-
pressed disappointment that the       ther, 21% chose Michell, and
educational program appeared          13% chose Portola. McLaughlin
no different than the other el-       expressed confidence that the
ementary and middle schools in        new survey would indicate
the District.                         “overwhelming support” for a K-
    “This looks like a K-5 school     8 school at Michell.
that happens to have a K-8 school         “This is an exciting adven-
on the same campus. We’re just        ture, but people need to know
building eight walls instead of       about it,” said Keith Pickering-
four,” said trustee Anne White.       Walters, president of the Liver-
“I’d like to see science and math     more Education Association.
programs designed for K-8. This       “Please don’t rush this. You
school should be as integrated        should use backwards planning,
as possible.”                         starting with the open enrollment
    Trustee Bill Morrison agreed      date. You need to get the con-
with White’s assessment, which        stituents involved now.”
he joked was a “miraculous
    “It feels as if we are putting
two boxes down in the same
place,” he said. “I’m also con-
cerned if this is the best place to
spend our capital dollars, or
should they be put back into our
existing schools, say in the form
of zero periods at all the middle
schools and more counselors?”
    Tom McLaughlin was the
only trustee who seemed ready
to vote to move forward that
night. “If we build it, they will
come,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                                        The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 - PAGE 3

  VALLEY ROUNDUP                                                                                               Council OKs Tree Preservation Ordinance
                                                                                                                  The Livermore City Council        ing. As a result the average tem-    out a permit, the property owner
  Regional Airport System Workshop                       one who is interested in residing in Pleasanton
                                                         and who will embrace the opportunity to live         approved a new tree preservation      perature in Livermore has come       could face a fine of $5000. The
     A public workshop on the Regional Airport
  System Plan - Update 2007 will be held Wed.,           and work in the community.”                          ordinance.                            down.                                fine would only be imposed if
  Sept. 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Oakland.                     Iserson will continue as Planning Director            The vote was 4 to 1, with            Kamena supported the ordi-        there were no evidence remain-
     The location is the Lawrence D. Dahms Audi-         until selection of the new director is made.         Lorraine Dietrich voting “no.”        nance, noting, “It doesn’t have      ing that would allow for deter-
  torium, Joseph P. Bort MetroCenter 101 Eighth                                                               She supported almost all of the       everything I’d like to see. But,     mination of the value of the tree.
  Street, Oakland.                                       Mayors Summit Luncheon                               provisions. Her objection was to      I’m willing to pass it.”                Mitigation requirements
     There will be information about the ongoing            Tri-Valley Mayors will be featured speakers       applying the ordinance to non-           The ordinance governs the         would be to plant a new tree to
  efforts to plan for future growth at the region’s      during a luncheon to be held Tues., Sept. 25 at      native backyard trees.                preservation of trees on public      replace a non-native species, two
  airports, and provide input and recommenda-            the Hilton Pleasanton, 7050 Johnson Dr., Pleas-          Dietrich stated, “If we didn’t    and private lands based on size,     trees for native species.
  tions for future work. Topics discussed will in-       anton.                                               have fenced backyards it would        location and species. There             Mayor Marshall Kamena
  clude: aviation industry trends, emerging tech-           Mayors present will be Marshall Kamena, Liv-      make more sense to talk about it.     would be a permit required to re-    questioned the $5000 fine, call-
  nologies to improve runway capacity, and po-           ermore; Jennifer Hosterman, Pleasanton; Janet        I’m really bothered about the in-     move a tree, mitigation require-     ing it a bit excessive.
  tential airline and air cargo service at alternative   Lockhart, Dublin; H. Abram Wilson, San Ramon;        trusion into people’s backyards.”     ments, and a penalty for viola-         City Manager Marc Roberts
  airports.                                              and Mike Shimansky, Danville.                            There were two motions to re-     tions of the ordinance.              explained that the concept is that
     The meeting is jointly sponsored by the As-            Chambers of Commerce from each of the cit-        move some of the regulations re-         Trees protected by the ordi-      the ordinance would have more
  sociation of Bay Area Governments, the Bay             ies along with the Tri-Valley Convention and         garding backyard trees. They          nance would be native trees with     impact if there were a fine.
  Conservation and Development Commission                Visitors Bureau are hosting the luncheon. Ad-        both failed with Dietrich and         a 24-inch circumference, and            The ordinance does allow the
  and the Metropolitan Transportation Commis-            vance reservations are required. Tickets are $30     Mayor Marshall Kamena voting          non-native trees with a 60-inch      removal of invasive species such
  sion. For more information, log onto                   for chamber members and their guests. Informa-       in favor of the change.               circumference. Staff had sug-        as sumacs without replacement             tion, call 447-1606.                                     Councilmember Marj Leider,        gested raising the circumference     mitigation.
  or call 510-816-5757.                                                                                       who proposed the ordinance,           to 40 inches for native trees and       As part of the ordinance the
                                                         Livermore Receives Award                             noted that the city has an urban      75 inches for non-native species.    city will conduct a new tree sur-
  Safe Surrender Bill                                        The League of California Cities has selected     forest. Backyard trees are part of       If a tree were removed with-      vey to inventory ancestral trees.
      By a 58 to 5 vote this morning, the California     the City of Livermore as a 2007 Helen Putnam         it. They provide shade and cool-
  State Assembly overwhelmingly passed Assem-            Award winner. The winners were honored during
  bly Member Alberto Torrico’s (D-Newark) Safe           the League’s annual conference.
  Surrender Baby bill, expanding the time a par-             Livermore received the Award for Excellence
  ent has to safely surrender a child from 72 hours
  to seven days. The bill, AB 81, now heads to the
                                                         in the category of internal administration for its
                                                         advance team meeting program. The program is
                                                                                                              (continued from page one)
  governor.                                              a service that is used as a feasibility analysis
      AB 81 would also establish a toll-free tele-                                                            ment, preferred or premium con-       stall this sophisticated ticketing   ticket office remains open until
                                                         tool, providing customers the opportunity to         cert seating and a post-show          system as a benefit to both our      9 p.m. To order tickets for all
  phone number for the purpose of providing edu-         gather information during the preliminary stages
  cation and assistance to the public.                                                                        champagne and decadent dessert        performing organizations and our     performances at the Bankhead
                                                         of planning and design. Combining permit cen-        reception.                            patrons.”                            Theater, call 925-373-6800 or
       The safe surrender law took effect in 2001        ter staff resources, the advance team is a solu-
  and the state Legislature made the law perma-                                                                  According to Jole Mendoza,            The Bankhead Theater ticket       visit the calendar and ticketing
                                                         tions oriented approach to determine land use        LVPAC’s Ticket Office Manager,        office is open Monday through        section of the LVPAC website
  nent in 2005. Since 2001, at least 200 babies          entitlement and building permit requirements,
  have been safely surrendered and 150 have been                                                              “We were all ready and eager to       Saturday from 12 noon to 6 p.m.
  abandoned. Under the law, a baby can be surren-        outline review processes, identify fees, establish   open at noon on the 4th, having       On performance evenings the
  dered at a designated site, such as a hospital or      infrastructure interface requirements, and review    hired and trained our sales staff
  fire station. The parent has a 14-day cooling off      economic benefits.                                   in the preceding two weeks.”
  period before their parental rights expire. There                                                           The Bankhead ticket office uses
  is no criminal liability on a parent who safely        No Sunset for HOT Lanes                              Tessitura, a complex and power-
  surrenders a child. Under AB 81, as with current          A bill by Assembly Member Alberto Torrico         ful data base and ticketing soft-
  law, parents can still be prosecuted if a child        (D-Newark) eliminating a sunset date on high         ware program developed by The
  were abused.                                                                                                Metropolitan Opera in New York
                                                         occupancy toll (HOT) lanes in Alameda, Santa         City and currently installed at
       More than two dozen other states have safe        Clara and San Diego counties to accelerate con-
  surrender periods longer than 72 hours.                                                                     major performing art centers
                                                         struction of new lanes and bring traffic relief to   around the world. “Tessitura al-
      AB 81 is supported by a large number of pub-       the regions, was approved by the state Senate on
  lic safety and health care organizations, includ-                                                           lows us to provide our customers
                                                         Monday 23-12. The bill now heads back to the         with quick and efficient service,
  ing the California Fire Chiefs Association, the        Assembly for concurrence with Senate amend-
  Fire District Association of California, the Cali-                                                          while allowing LVPAC to main-
                                                         ments.                                               tain an up-to-the minute under-
  fornia Professional Firefighters, the American            By eliminating a four-year sunset on the toll
  College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,                                                                 standing of our patrons’ interests
                                                         lanes, AB 574 allows the counties to securitize      along with accurate financial re-
  California Nurse Practitioners and the Peace Of-       future toll revenue to raise capital improvement
  ficers Research Association of California. Other                                                            porting.” said Mendoza.
                                                         funds. Funding has been identified to construct         In addition to offering single
  supporters include the League of California Cit-       a southbound I-680 HOT lane along the Sunol          ticket sales for the more than 130
  ies and the California Catholic Conference.            Grade, which would make it the first operational     events currently slated for the
                                                         HOT lane in Northern California. The bill would      Bankhead Theater’s initial sea-
  Planning Director to Change Roles                      help finance and deliver the northbound HOT          son, which begins on October 1
     City of Pleasanton Planning Director Jerry          lane project.                                        with a concert performance by
  Iserson has announced his retirement from that             HOT lanes are a form of variable pricing that    The Four Freshmen, the ticket of-
  position by the end of the year. Iserson will con-     allow carpoolers to travel free of charge in HOV     fice was able to complete the pro-
  tinue working for the City to assist the City’s        lanes and solo drivers to pay a fee to use the       cessing of subscription tickets for
                                                         lanes.                                               several of the theater’s resident
  planning efforts in a new role, as Special Projects       The HOT lanes in Alameda and Santa Clara
  Manager.                                                                                                    companies including Del Valle
                                                         counties were authorized by the passage of As-       Fine Arts, the Pleasanton Play-
     Iserson, 55, had initially planned to retire in     sembly Bill 2032 in 2004. That bill permits the
  December 2007, in part due to health concerns.                                                              house and Livermore Valley Op-
                                                         Sunol Smart Carpool Lane Joint Powers Agency,        era.
  “We’re delighted that Jerry has accepted this new      the Alameda County Congestion Management
  position and will remain with the City for a while                                                             “We’re pleased that the initial
                                                         Agency and the Santa Clara Valley Transporta-        reports from our resident compa-
  longer,” said City Manager Nelson Fialho. “Jerry       tion Agency to operate the toll lanes.
  has been a tremendous asset to the organization                                                             nies indicate an increase in sub-
  with his knowledge of the development of the                                                                scription sales over previous sea-
                                                         Corrections                                          sons, demonstrating a growing
  city.”                                                    A story in last week’s Independent stated, “Ac-   audience interest in our new the-
     As Special Projects Manager, Iserson will pro-      cording to a 2002 survey conducted by the Cen-       ater” said Len Alexander,
  vide input and direction regarding the General         sus Bureau, Reading at Risk . . . .”                 LVPAC’s Executive Director.
  Plan Update as well as participate in various short-      In 2002, the Census Bureau conducted the          “The addition of Tessitura has al-
  and long-range planning efforts.                       “Survey of Public Participaton in the Arts” at the   lowed our resident companies to
     Pleasanton will begin the process of recruit-       request of the NEA. In 2004, the NEA released        introduce multiple pricing which
  ing a new Director of Community Development.           “Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading       allows each patron to select the
  Fialho stated, “I am seeking someone who pos-          in America,” based on data collected in that sur-    price point and seating area that
  sesses a strong familiarity with downtowns and         vey.                                                 best serves their need. This flex-
  also recognizes the importance of community                                                                 ibility will also help increase
  outreach and civic engagement, especially as it           The name of the designer of the new Youth         each group’s ability to generate
  relates to land use. I am also looking for some-       Court logo was incorrect in last week’s Indepen-     earned income to cover operat-
                                                                                                              ing costs. LVPAC has invested
                                                         dent. Her name is Rebecca Fortelka.                  over $75,000 to acquire and in-

Backpacker, Author
Speaks at Library
   Bob Madgic, seasoned back-
packer and author of “Shattered
Air: A True Account of Catastro-
phe and Courage on Yosemite’s
Half Dome,” will present a vi-
sual account of this calamitous
episode, the dangers of lightning,
and the glory of Yosemite – its
art legacy, natural history and
stunning features.
   Madgic         is   an    avid
outdoorsman whose passion is fly
fishing. He has also written two
books on fishing and related
   This free event will be pre-
sented on Wednesday, Septem-
ber 26 at 7 p.m. at the Livermore
Public Library Civic Center,
1188 S. Livermore Avenue. The
Friends of the Livermore Library
have underwritten this program
as part of the Friends Authors and
Arts Series. For additional
events, check the library’s
website                         at
   For more information, please
contact Joyce Nevins at (925)
373-5500 extension 5577.
PAGE 4 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

                                                                                                        DOE to Remove 700 Plutonium Containers from Lab
 EDITORIALS                                                                                                 The U.S. Department of En-
                                                                                                        ergy (DOE) plans to consolidate
                                                                                                        surplus, non-pit plutonium at its
                                                                                                                                              from the following DOE facili-
                                                                                                                                              ties: the Hanford Site in Wash-
                                                                                                                                              ington; the Lawrence Livermore
                                                                                                                                                                                     tion of surplus materials.”
                                                                                                                                                                                         DOE’s decision will reduce
                                                                                                                                                                                     the number of sites with special
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            some of the surplus plutoniuim
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            in a proposed new, small-scale
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            plutonium vitrification plant
 Friendship Center                                                                                      Savannah River Site (SRS) in          National Laboratory in Califor-        nuclear material.                      that would encase it in glass.
    Friendship Center, the Livermore based adult day care                                               South Carolina. Among the sites       nia; and the Los Alamos National           Once the material is at the Sa-        DOE will evaluate reducing
                                                                                                        to be affected is the Lawrence Liv-   Laboratory in New Mexico.              vannah River Site, the depart-         and possibly eliminating the
 program, has issued a call for new board members who                                                   ermore National Laboratory.               Some 2,300 plutonium stor-         ment plans to make mixed ox-           need for the vitrification capa-
 can help with fund raising.                                                                                The goal is to reduce storage     age containers from Hanford and        ide, MOX, fuel by mixing pluto-        bility, and instead dispose of all
    The program has operated out of classrooms at                                                       costs and enhance security across     close to 700 from Lawrence Liv-        nium and uranium oxides to use         the surplus plutonium through
 Sonoma School leased from the Livermore School Dis-                                                    the nation’s weapons complex.         ermore and Los Alamos Labs will        in specially equipped nuclear          the MOX facility and reuse.
                                                                                                        DOE will begin shipping the sur-      be moved by secure transport to        power reactors.                            Reportedly, the citizens group
 trict, but must move by June 2009.                                                                     plus, non-pit plutonium no            SRS.                                       The first U.S. MOX Fuel Fab-       Nuclear Watch says it "acknowl-
    Friendship Center is in its 15th year. It provides care                                             sooner than 30 days from last             “Consolidation is a key part       rication Facility is currently un-     edges the urgent need to provide
 for adults aged 50 and older Monday through Friday,                                                    Wednesday and under the plan          of the Department’s efforts to         der construction.                      security for plutonium" but op-
 with a license to serve 30 elders. The average age of                                                  this surplus plutonium is ex-         properly manage surplus pluto-             Another option would be to         poses MOX manufacturing.
                                                                                                        pected to be shipped to SRS by        nium and follows our dedication        recycle the uranium into com-              The group notes, "Transport-
 those served is 80, most of whom suffer from                                                           2010.                                 to non-proliferation, environ-         mercial nuclear power plant fuel       ing highly toxic plutonium -
 Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The center                                                        Non-pit plutonium is pluto-       mental management and national         in lieu of planned disposal at a       one-millionth of a gram can in-
 offers a broad range of activities supervised by a pro-                                                nium that comes from sources          security,” Assistant Secretary of      federal geologic repository at         duce lung cancer in a human -
 fessional and caring staff.                                                                            other than nuclear weapons trig-      Energy for Environmental Man-          Yucca Mountain, Nevada, which          risks the health of millions of citi-
                                                                                                        gers, or pits.                        agement James Rispoli said.            is stalled in budgetary and po-        zens along transportation routes.
    The center is administered by a nonprofit organiza-                                                     The surplus plutonium to be       “Today’s decision continues the        litical conflict.                      No analysis of risk of terrorism
 tion, the Tri-Valley Adult Day Care Program (TVADCP),                                                  consolidated at SRS will come         momentum for the safe disposi-             A third plan is to immobilize      for shipping plutonium has been
 under the jurisdiction of the Livermore Area Recreation                                                                                                                                                                    done."
 and Park District. One of TVADCP’s main responsibili-
 ties is to raise funds to sustain the affordability of the                                             OAK GROVE
                                                                                                        (continued from page one)
 senior care.
                                                                                                        ment plan and to donate a 4-          party, no homes in the most sen-       lutely shocked that this plan is       velopment has come forward.”
    With the move pending, TVADCP has launched a                                                        wheel drive fire fighting vehicle     sitive areas, traffic mitigation       before the city council. Any time          Former mayor Tom Pico has
 search for new board members. Especially needed are                                                    to the city.                          funded by Lin family, a staging        development was proposed for           worked as a consultant on the
 volunteers with marketing/fund raising skills and some-                                                    The size of homes was an is-      area for a trailhead, crossing guard   this pristine land it was squashed     project. He felt that the proposal
                                                                                                        sue, with the potential for 12,500    at Hearst and Concord, and a           by the council. I was told by staff    was one that balances the over-
 one who could serve as secretary of the TVADCP board.                                                                                        functional emergency vehicle           that the development of Kot-           all benefit to the city with the
                                                                                                        square foot houses. Staff recom-
    Friendship Center enriches the concept of friendship.                                               mended reducing the size of           access.                                tinger Hills gave the developer        impacts on the neighbors. “I wish
 It is one of the gems among the Valley’s social service                                                homes on the most visible lots to         “Out of this has come a larger     his money. It’s not true that he       we could have come up with a
                                                                                                        a maximum of 9175 square feet.        vision. Adjacent landowners            has the right to build 98 units.”      compromise without opposi-
 programs. We wish them success in this effort to ex-                                                                                         would work to achieve the same             Ayala added, “If there ever
                                                                                                        Staff also noted that each lot                                                                                      tion,” Pico said.
 pand and revitalize their board.                                                                       would be required to provide a        balance of development and             was an example of follow the               He asked the council to com-
                                                                                                        visual simulation of the proposed     open space thereby creating a          money this is the one to follow.       pare what was given up to gain
                                                                                                                                              natural barrier to future develop-     There have been donations to
 Youth Court                                                                                            development on the lot. In addi-
                                                                                                        tion, development and landscape       ment in the southeast hills and        campaigns of assembly and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            319 acres on the Bernal property
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - 581 homes. There is no access
    The recent announcement that a logo has been cho-                                                   guidelines would be tailored to       providing the public access. The       council races from the landown-        to the Bernal open space after six
                                                                                                        individual lots. Homes could not      plan is not perfect. It represents     ers. Our elected officials have        years. The trails in Oak Grove will
 sen for the newly formed Tri-Valley Youth Court calls                                                                                        true compromise. It meets the          tried to influence planning com-
                                                                                                        exceed 30 feet in height.                                                                                           probably be open before the Ber-
 attention to the court’s upcoming opening.                                                                 The developer would either        needs of the city and the Lin fam-     missions going so far as attempt-      nal property is accessible, ac-
    Granada High student Rebecca Fortelka was awarded                                                   build affordable housing off-site     ily,” said Hadley.                     ing to remove the chairman be-         cording to Pico. He said of Oak
                                                                                                        or pay a fee to the city in lieu of       Michelle LaMarche identified       cause she opposed this project.        Grove, “In my mind, it is a great
 $250 for the winning logo.                                                                                                                   herself as a Kottinger Hills resi-     I’m really disappointed the de-
                                                                                                        building it.                                                                                                        deal for the city.”
    Youth Court is slated to start in January and convene                                                                                     dent who was disappointed with
                                                                                                            McGovern was concerned
 one night a month at the county courthouse in Pleasan-                                                                                       the compromise. “We didn’t all
 ton. The court will hear misdemeanor cases not involv-
                                                                                                        about building on 25 percent
                                                                                                        slopes. She pointed out that 80
                                                                                                        percent of some lots fell within
                                                                                                                                              go for this development,” she
                                                                                                                                              declared. “Traffic is an issue. The    RAIL
                                                                                                                                                                                     (continued from page one)
 ing weapons or major violence.                                                                                                               size of homes is an issue. I hope
                                                                                                        the 25 percent or greater slope       the view of this development is        to $650 million. There would be        structures through Pleasanton, if
    Diane Jeronimo, the court’s executive director, ex-                                                 category.                                                                    concerns about quarry uses in the      all of the high speed trains were
 plains that the young people who come before the court                                                     She also questioned whether       not being clouded because of the
                                                                                                                                              open space.”                           area and whether transit oriented      routed over the Altamont. The
 will be given second chances, but will be made respon-                                                 the developer is entitled to 98                                              development could be built at the      hybrid option would allow trains
                                                                                                        units and what happens to the 47           Martha Evans, who lives in
 sible for restitution. She says the court will operate on                                                                                    Grey Eagle, felt that the location     location.                              to travel at grade. New grade
                                                                                                        units that would not be built in                                                 High speed rail could run          crossings would be required.
 “restorative justice principles.”                                                                      Oak Grove under the proposed          of the lots and size of the homes
                                                                                                                                              would have a negative impact on        through the Altamont Pass or               Nelson commented that the
    We look forward to the start of this unique and prom-                                               development.                          residents in Grey Eagle. “There        Pacheco Pass into San Jose. Or         hybrid option connecting Sacra-
                                                                                                            City attorney Michael Roush                                              there could be a hybrid option         mento to the Bay Area would
 ising program. By exposing kids to a form of justice                                                   said that the 98 units are shown      is an unacceptable distribution
                                                                                                                                              of these gargantuan homes.” She        that includes both options. The        likely encourage significant eco-
 that is compassionate and at the same time demands                                                     in the housing element. The                                                  Altamont option would connect          nomic development in the Tri-
                                                                                                        council is not free to ignore them.   said further discussions were
 accountability, Youth Court will promote a respect for                                                                                       needed before the council ap-          the Bay Area to Sacramento.            Valley. There are potential visual
 law.                                                                                                   Part of the proposal allows the       proved any plan.                           If high speed rail were to be      impacts. New right-of-way may
                                                                                                        developer an opportunity to               Another Grey Eagle resident,       implemented through the                be required.
                                                                                                        build them elsewhere in the city.                                            Altamont, that could be lever-             She identified three issues
                                                                                                        Twenty percent of them must be        Pam Grove, said no one from their
                                                                                                                                              area had been involved in the          aged for further improvements to       that need to be addressed. One is
                                                                                                        affordable.                                                                  ACE service. European style            how much right-of-way would be
                                                                                                            Several councilmembers            negotiations. “There has been no
                                                                                                                                              compromise with us.” She called        electrified trains could be used       required, and where it is. How
                                                                                                        asked why a development agree-        the emergency vehicle access           for ACE that would travel at           many elevated structures would
                                                                                                        ment is proposed.
(continued from page one)
                                                                                                            Roush explained that such
                                                                                                        agreements are part of a devel-
                                                                                                                                              inadequate. Grove also objected
                                                                                                                                              to the location of homes.
                                                                                                                                                                                     speeds greater than the freeway
                                                                                                                                                                                     including stops.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Adding high speed rail would
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            be needed. How would traffic on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            the freeway be impacted if BART
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            extends to Stanley/Isabel versus
                                                                                                        opment if the city determines             Former councilmember Steve
                                                     People who live in other cities,                                                         Brozosky raised the issue of pro-      likely accelerate the pace of rail     Greenville Road. Finally, how re-
    The increase of 205 students                                                                        there is something it is interested                                          investment in the Tri-Valley by        alistic is the hybrid alternative.
this year is broken down into 57                     such as San Jose or Tracy, and                     in obtaining that it could not oth-   cess, as did former planning com-
                                                     who can afford to send their chil-                                                       missioner Mary Roberts. They           providing a funding source for         “New numbers make it appear the
students in K-5, 66 students in                                                                         erwise acquire through the regu-                                             regional as well as longer dis-        cost difference is not that great.
the middle schools, and 82 in the                    dren to private schools, realize                   lar approval process. In this case    both noted that the planning
                                                     that they can find good schools                                                          commission had not reviewed ei-        tance improvements. It would re-       It avoids the biggest expense of
high schools. The board was                                                                             it is the open space. “There is                                              inforce the need for an                having to build four tracks in one
scheduled for a discussion of the                    in Pleasanton, and put “the                        something for the city. There are     ther the PUD or the development
                                                                                                                                              agreement. Brozosky said that          intermodal connection with             grade that using one entrance
statistics after the Independent’s                   $15,000 a year (in private tu-                     good things for the developer. It                                            BART. There are several options        into the Bay Area would require,”
                                                     ition) into their home mortgage                    vests the property early.”            the council would be well served
deadline that night.                                                                                                                          to have the planning commission        for the high speed rail. One would     said Nelson.
    Pleasanton school trustee                        instead. They earn their money                         By state law, the project could                                          be down the I-580 median. The              MTC will vote on the recom-
                                                     back, and show appreciation on                     be referended within 30 days af-      vet the issues.
Steve Brozosky told the Inde-                                                                                                                     Jan Batchellor said, “For far      ACE train would no longer go           mendation at its Sept. 26 meet-
pendent that he put the statistics                   their      investment,”       said                 ter the PUD and development                                                  through downtown Livermore.            ing. The final EIR for high speed
                                                     Brozosky.                                          agreement are approved.               too long the city council has suc-
into his computer, and saw more                                                                                                               cumbed to the demands of neigh-        This would require construction        rail is due Dec. 31.
implications than first met the                            BUBBLE THEORY                                    The public hearing drew com-                                             of major tall structures where the         Kamena declared that it is im-
                                                                                                        ments in favor of the project and     bors to the detriment of property
eye. Brozosky believes there is a                               DEFENDED                                                                      owners. The Lin family has been        train would intersect with BART.       perative that the city move for-
pattern that points to breaking                          However, Lepley said she                       opposed to it. Most of the oppo-      excessively generous with the          Nelson referred to them as very        ward.
                                                     thinks there is a bubble going                     sition was based on the size of                                              dramatic, much like putting a              Councilmembers were enthu-
the long-held belief in the dis-                                                                        the homes and their visibility.       proposal. The land is within the
trict that there is a bubble of high                 through the district. It is merely                                                       urban growth boundary and is           high rise building down the me-        siastic with the proposal.
                                                     hidden in the statistics that                      Everyone liked the idea of pub-                                              dian. The other option would be            Dietrich called it very excit-
population moving through the                                                                           lic open space accessible by a        zoned for homes.”
school system. The assumption                        Brozosky talked about. Lepley                                                                Kurt Kummer called the views       along the existing Union Pacific       ing.
                                                     said, “Yes, you do grow through                    system of trails.                     from Oak Grove “spectacular.           line. This would require tall struc-       Horner said, “I don’t want to
by the board and staff has been                                                                             Marty Inderbitzen, a represen-                                           tures in Pleasanton, something to      give up a chance to have greater
that the district won’t be pushed                    the grades. The community is                       tative of the Lin family, declared,   This is a good compromise. It
                                                     growing right now (build-out is                                                          will save the southeast hills.         which Pleasanton objects               access to the rest of the state. This
hard to house future school popu-                                                                       “This is a spectacular project by                                            strongly.                              is a terrific proposal.
lations, once that bubble moves                      projected in 2015). My belief is                   any measure. The city will re-        There will be a wonderful addi-
                                                     that housing (in Pleasanton, with                                                        tion to our trails and open space          The recommended option                 City Manager Linda Barton
through, provided that Pleasan-                                                                         ceive a fabulous asset in the form                                           would be Union Pacific. It would       credited the mayor with much of
ton does not grow more than its                      its high prices) brings in older                   of open space.” Inderbitzen felt      system.”
                                                                                                                                                  Another                  former    require new tracks and elevated        the success of the Tri-Valley Re-
current general plan estimates,                      students. We’ll see if that can be                 there had been extensive out-                                                                                       gional Rail Committee.
                                                     debunked. If you look at the                       reach to the public in an effort to   councilmember and a resident of
said Brozosky.                                                                                                                                Grey Eagle, Becky Dennis, urged
    However, Brozosky’s look at                      middle school, and then high                       identify and mitigate issues.
                                                     school, it remains to be seen. Will                “The challenge was to deliver to      the council to support the
the statistics showed him that                                                                                                                project. She pointed out that it
“there is no bubble.” All of the                     middle school classes grow in                      the community what was wanted
                                                     high school?”                                      - few homes and a large open          preserves oak woodland and
classes, as they go through Pleas-                                                                                                            makes habitat areas accessible to         (Opinions voiced in letters         Council member Dietrich sup-
anton schools, have been gain-                           Lepley said that she and the                   space.”                               the public. It would be an incred-
                                                     district’s consulting demogra-                         Residents of the adjacent                                                published in Mailbox are those         ported the attempt by Pardee
ing population. If one reads the                                                                                                              ible addition to our quality of        of the author and do not neces-        Homes to put 2,450 houses in a
sheet included with the board                        pher believe the high school en-                   Kottinger Hills were the most in-
                                                                                                        volved in the talks with the city     life, Dennis declared.                 sarily reflect the opinion of The      leapfrog development in North
agenda Tuesday night in a diago-                     rollment is the bubble. However,                                                             Trail advocate Dolores
                                                     its not clear how many current                     and developer.                                                               Independent. Letter Policy: The        Livermore. She even went so far
nal direction, one can see the                                                                              Bing Hadley, president of the     Bengston stated, “Some resi-           Independent will not publish           as appearing in TV ads for the
pattern for each class as it goes                    middle school students will                                                              dents object because of the large
                                                     move onto high school to keep                      Kottinger Hills Homeowners As-        homes on ridgelines. They are          anonymous letters, nor will it         Pardee Homes’ initiative. How
through the grades. For example,                                                                        sociation, said there is support                                             publish letters without names.         out of step is she with Livermore
the kindergarten class in 2004-                      up the bubble.                                                                           sincere in their criticism. How-
                                                         Lepley read another board                      for the development if all of the                                            Frequent letter writers may have       voters? The Pardee Homes ini-
05 started at 862 children, rose                                                                        conditions could be successfully      ever, I believe the siting has been
                                                     agenda statistics sheet across                                                           planned to minimize impacts on         publication of their letters de-       tiative was rejected by 72% of
to 941 when it reached first grade                                                                      met. He called the proposal a                                                layed. )                               the voters in 2005.
the next year, then to 955 in sec-                   horizontally, which shows how                      compromise that included eight        views.” She then noted that her
                                                     many students started each year                                                          view has been impacted by                                                         Contrast this with the position
ond grade, and finally to 1005 in                                                                       “must haves.”                                                                Important Election                     of the other two Council candi-
third grade this year. Every class                   in each of the three school lev-                       These included no more than       homes built in Kottinger Hills.
                                                     els. She said that there has not                                                             The council received a             Tom Reitter                            dates. Candidate Jeff Williams
showed the same history, al-                                                                            51 homes, permanent easement                                                 Former Livermore                       and Council member Marj
                                                     been that much growth of stu-                      to prevent further development,       tongue lashing from another
though their numbers varied from                                                                                                              former councilmember Kay               City Councilmember                     Leider have steadfastly opposed
each other.                                          dents starting the K-5 and middle                  the easement held by a third
                                                     school levels.                                                                           Ayala. She declared, “I am abso-           Since there are only three can-    development of North Liver-
    Brozosky said that looking at                                                                                                                                                    didates running for two Liver-         more. They recognize that such
the enrollment of classes as they                        K-5 was at 5985 four years
                                                                                                                                                                                     more city council seats, this          sprawl development would waste
advance through the system has
implications. If growth is in-
                                                     ago, and today it is at 6099.
                                                     Middle schools were at 3452 four
                                                     years ago, and now are at 3541.
                                                                                                        (continued from page one)
                                                                                                                                                                                     November’s election might not
                                                                                                                                                                                     seem important. This is not the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            city resources and aggravate our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            already serious traffic and water
creasing in every grade and stays                                                                                                                                                    case.                                  supply problems.
that way for a long time, the dis-                   However, the high schools started                  cial tourism offices and conven-      group can leave from $5,000 to
                                                     at 4770 four years ago and are                     tion and visitors bureaus. Judges                                                Consider the following.                On November 6th, vote for the
trict might have to think about                                                                                                               more than $13,000 in a local           Council member Lorraine                two City Council candidates
building permanent classrooms,                       now up to 5161, which Lepley                       considered the event’s broad ap-      destination's economy. Those
                                                     called significant growth. It may                  peal, its accessibility to                                                   Dietrich was appointed in 1999         who have your interests at heart:
instead of renting portables. It’s                                                                                                            dollars are spent on lodging, din-     by a council majority that wanted      Marj Leider and Jeff Williams.
only fair that all students have                     be that some new data will                         motorcoaches and skill at han-        ing, admissions, fees, shopping,
                                                     change the bubble theory, said                     dling large groups, and a variety                                            to develop North Livermore. In
equal facilities, Brozosky said.                                                                                                              entertainment, services and local      2000 she opposed the successful        Community Thanked
    Also, if the trend is upward,                    Lepley.                                            of other relevant criteria.           taxes.
                                                         One thing to look at is the in-                    Peter J. Pantuso, ABA’s presi-                                           county initiative that prevents        Jackie Barnett
the planned construction of the                                                                                                                   Chris Chandler, executive di-      Alameda County from approving          Volunteer, Valley Humane
10th elementary school for the                       crease in kindergarten students                    dent and CEO, noted, “The real        rector of the Livermore Valley
                                                     this year, she said. There are 957                 news here is that the Annual Har-                                            urban development outside of           Society/Just Like New Fund
district, Neal elementary school,                                                                                                             Winegrowers Association, pro-          existing cities without a county-          The volunteers at Valley Hu-
becomes even more important                          in kindergarten, a boost of 29                     vest Wine Celebration has been        ducers of the annual celebration,
                                                     above last year’s 928. That was                    recognized as a potential mag-                                               wide vote. This measure removed        mane Society want to thank the
than in the past, said Brozosky.                                                                                                              commented, “Each year our win-         the longstanding threat of the         community for the support of our
    Brozosky is not surprised that                   up from 920 in 2005-06, and 862                    net for tourism dollars, at a time    eries put together a fresh new
                                                     in 2004-05.                                        when re-energizing domestic                                                  county creating a new town in          garage and garden sale on Au-
the enrollment keeps rising.                                                                                                                  combination of bands and mu-           North Livermore. In 2002 Coun-         gust 25th to raise money for the
                                                                                                        tourism is so important to our        sic, food and wine. With tastings,
                                                                                                        spirit and our economy. The                                                  cil member Dietrich opposed a          Just Like New Fund which helps
                                                                                                                                              live music and dancing, food           citizen initiative to establish the    pay for medical expenses of sick
                                                                                                        honor gives Tri-Valley, Califor-      booths, fine-art displays, olive
                                                                                                        nia an important boost in visibil-                                           last piece of Livermore’s urban        or injured animals in the Tri Val-
                                                                                                                                              oil and mustard tastings, jewelry,     growth boundary in North Liv-          ley. Thanks to those who do-
                                                                                                        ity among professional tour plan-     glass and pottery, you can spend
                                                          Publisher: Joan Kinney Seppala
                                                                                                        ners.”                                                                       ermore. In 2004 she voted              nated items to sell, the media for
                                                        Associate Publisher: David T. Lowell                                                  all day at the Annual Harvest          against Livermore ‘s new general       sending the message out and the
    (INLAND VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.)                            Editor: Janet Armantrout                      According to studies recently     Wine Celebration and still have
                                                                                                        completed by researchers at The                                              plan because she opposed the           hundreds of folks who came to
                                                          Sales Manager: Jessica Scherer                                                      more to do and see the next day.”      removal of North Livermore             make purchases knowing that
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                                                                                                                                                                              The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 - PAGE 5

                                                                           Talking the Ghost Talk and Walking the Ghost Walk
                                                                               Many people move to Pleas-          story about ghostly activity               Carlson doesn’t use the word         However, if Carlson took on
                                                                           anton, but apparently some of           there. Employees from time to          “ghost,” instead calling them         police work, she said she would
                                                                           them never move out, or at least        time have reported hearing             spirits. She said that in addition    have to work long hours and ne-
                                                                           a part of them does not, not even       voices in the basement, in an          to having clairvoyance, which is      glect her family, so she has not
                                                                           after they’ve died. That’s the con-     area where a passageway appar-         the ability to see spirits, she is    opted for it.
                                                                           tention of Rebecca Bruner, who          ently had been walled off years        also clairaudient (hearing spirits)      Skeptic or believer, one can
                                                                           helps to conduct walking tours          ago.                                   and clairsentient (sensing spir-      become acquainted with a little
                                                                           of what are said to be haunted             Young’s crew used its infra-        its.) “I can sense things. I can      more of Pleasanton history by
                            Joesville                                      buildings in downtown Pleasan-
                                                                                                                   red cameras and a special tape
                                                                                                                   recorder that can pick up ultra-
                                                                                                                                                          walk into a room and know that
                                                                                                                                                          it’s going on. There is activity
                                                                                                                                                                                                taking one of the Ghost Walks
                                                                                                                                                                                                Oct. 12 and 13, or attending the
      The lead in a Livermore News article in 1955 said, “Joesville
  is named after a man whose name isn’t Joe. But most people call              Bruner is on the board of di-       low sounds that can be brought         all the time. There are a whole       Ghost Walk Talk on Oct. 14. The
                                                                           rectors of Museum on Main,              up to human hearing level by           bunch of people behind people         walks leave the Museum on
  him Joe.” Today’s Rock House Sports Pub and Grill and the                which sponsors the tour and a           using a special program. They          — ancestors, angels and guides,”      Main, every one-half hour be-
  Castle Rock Restaurant on Portola Avenue are on the old site of          related talk.                           didn’t detect any voices. How-         she said.                             tween 5:30 p.m and 8:30 p.m. A
  Joesville, the legacy of a stonemason born in Lugano, Switzer-               Gloria Young, a San Jose            ever, Young said that she does             Carlson said she isn’t inter-     walk’s duration is one and one-
  land, near the Italian border in 1887. Aquilino Paul “Joe” Caratti,      “ghost tracker,” has investigated       have a photo that shows all of         ested in the “dog and pony show”      half hours.
  a “little man with a rapid-fire way of talking,” came to this coun-      several Pleasanton sites. She de-       her little group reflected in a mir-   or entertainment value of her            Tickets cost $12 for adults
  try when he was 17. In 1906 he traveled to California, where he          scribes herself as basically skep-      ror, plus one more person, a           skills. She wants to help people.     and $6 for children 5 to 12. Mu-
  “expected to find gold in the streets. So he spent his only $100         tical about ghosts, but with an         woman whom no one seems to             She conducted one remote view-        seum members receive $2 off
  during the trip and arrived in San Francisco broke.” He found            interest in documenting things          be able to identify. She was not       ing job for a police department       adult tickets and $1 off children’s
  work cleaning brick to help rebuild the earthquake ruins of the          to see what might be there. Young       there in the group when the pic-       on the Peninsula a few years ago.     tickets. They sell out, so advance
  Palace Hotel. He and his brother eventually came to Livermore            took her crew from the Center for       ture was taken, said Young.            She described the scene where         purchases may be made at 462-
  in 1914 and opened the Darrow Bakery on First Street, where              Parapsychical Research to the              Carlson, the Pleasanton shop        two children were lost, and           2766. The Ghost Walk Talk will
  patrons could buy a cup of coffee and three doughnuts for 10¢.           Gay ’90s Restaurant in Pleasan-         owner who says she is clairvoy-        talked about the design of a          begin at 2 p.m. Oct. 14 in the fire-
      In 1917 they bought an old dance hall, once part of a red light      ton. It’s a place that doesn’t mind     ant, will present a talk about her     man’s belt buckle. Police then        place room at the museum. Tick-
  district nicknamed “Mexico” on Livermore’s northern outskirts.           a little publicity about its            experiences at 7 p.m. Sept. 20 at      told her he was an officer who        ets are $10 for adults and $5 for
  Caratti showed a reporter the remains of the dance floor in 1955.        “ghost.”                                Lynnewood United Methodist             belonged to the search party. The     children 5 to 12, and are also
  The Caratti brothers renamed the building Arrow Highway Inn                  One of the many newspaper           Church, 4444 Black Ave., Pleas-        children were found in a land-        available by calling the museum.
  because at that time it was on Highway 50 near the Highway               clippings it has on the wall is a       anton.                                 shelf area that she had pictured.
  Garage. When the brothers were drafted into World War I service
  in 1918, they had to close both businesses temporarily. Joe spent
  most of his nine-month military career as a cook at Camp Kearny
  near San Diego.
      After the war, the Carattis did not reopen the bakery, but Joe       (continued from page 4)                 City Manager regarding the             at the idea of the golf course be-    houses in the Springtown Asso-
  Caratti continued with his property development along High-                                                      Springtown Golf Course and Ser-        ing sold off and used for low in-     ciation only the homes that back-
  way 50. The Arrow Highway Inn segued into Club Joesville, a              animals become “just like new”.         vices facilities. It was an open       come, high density housing or         up to the golf course received an
  restaurant and bar, where during Prohibition “we did a little boot-      With the purchases and dona-            forum to discuss the future of the     for any use other than open space.    invitation to the meeting.
  legging,” he once told a reporter. “But you don’t have to put that       tions we will add close to              Springtown Golf course.                    There was speculation                Fortunately there were people
  in; everybody knows it.” In 1930 he and his wife were fined              $10,000 to the Just Like New               Linda Barton facilitated the        amongst the crowd that the meet-      who came from all over town be-
  $400 for serving liquor.                                                 Fund.                                   discussion with some help from         ing itself was questionable in its    cause they are golfers. There was
      About 1925 Joe Caratti built the Joesville Hotel across the             With the negative press re-          the Public Works, Dan McIntyre.        planning. It happened to land         much enthusiasm and opposing
  street from Club Joesville at the southwest corner of what is now        cently about animal abuse, it is        There were over 300 people in          on “Back to School Night.” It         points of view. I think this meet-
  North L Street and Portola Avenue; the hotel had a grocery and           reassuring that there are hun-          attendance at the Elks Lodge. A        was very last minute to catch         ing will make a difference. It has
  bar downstairs and 12 rooms upstairs. Housing was scarce at the          dreds of people in our commu-           lot of the people were agitated        people off guard and unprepared.      opened the dialog.
  time, so Caratti bought lumber and supplies. The construction            nity who love animals and care                                                 Additionally out of the 505
  workers brought here for the Veterans Administration Hospital            passionately about their well be-
  expansion built some cabins in back of the hotel. Later, Hetch           ing.
  Hetchy Project workers lived there in what was called the Auto
  Camp.                                                                    Staples Ranch Petitioning
      Caratti brought his childhood sweetheart, Josephine Gilardi,         Becky Dennis
  from Switzerland in 1922; they married and had three children—           Pleasanton
  Albert, Richard, and Anita. The family home was at North L and               I just spent the evening at First
  Pine Streets. Richard and Anita helped in the grocery store. She         Wednesday a few yards away
  remembered, “It was more of a general store where anyone could           from people gathering signatures
  buy groceries, ammunition, liquor, magazines, etc. We even had           for the Staples initiative. I was
  a bar where we sold beer. The Santa Fe Trailways Bus Line had a          shocked to learn that they were
  stop in front of the store.” Albert ran Club Joesville, where lively     falsely, but apparently eagerly,
  country-western bands attracted servicemen during World War              reassuring voters that Alameda
  II and the rodeo crowd in the summer.                                    County would never try to de-
      The Joesville hotel burned down in a spectacular night fire in       velop Staples Ranch on its own.
  1965. The nine residents escaped from upstairs and, despite the          Why? They mistakenly believe
  danger from exploding ammunition, no firefighters were seri-             that Staples Ranch is located
  ously hurt. Hundreds of spectators stood in the rain to watch the        outside the County’s voter en-
  efforts of almost 50 firefighters.                                       acted Urban Growth Boundary
      Younger son Richard Caratti started a Livermore jewelry store        and that development by the
  in 1950. He worked at Caratti Jewelers with his wife, Lavern,            County would therefore require
  until she died in 1997. He continued to run the business until his       countywide voter approval.
  death. His obituary in 2002 named compassion as his primary                  This is flat out wrong, as any-
  legacy. “He often provided a loan, a job or just a kind word to          one can see from the Association
  help others get back on their feet.”                                     of Bay Area Governments’ Urban
      About 1950 Joe Caratti began a hobby of collecting rocks             Growth Boundary map for
  that interested him. He did not know their scientific names; he          Alameda County. Check it out
  just chose rocks that appealed to him. He especially searched for        at:
  specimens that “looked like pictures.” He started building a             n i n g / i m a g e s /
  castle on his property near Club Joesville in order to display           alameda%20SG.pdf. Staples
  some of the more than 200 tons of rock he amassed on scaveng-            Ranch is clearly INSIDE the
  ing trips in his wood-paneled station wagon, ranging from the            County (Measure D) UGB.
  Mother Lode country down to the Mojave Desert and Death                      Interestingly, the map shows
  Valley. He built a series of arches in front of Club Joesville as        also that Livermore’s UGB is
  well as a fireplace and bar inside. An interviewer once asked if he      open at the Staples Ranch prop-
  had any other hobbies. He replied, “Rocks. No fishing or hunt-           erty. If the map is correct, Liver-
  ing. You eat all the fish. I still got the rocks.” In 1977, the origi-   more would not need voter ap-
  nal building was torn down, but daughter Anita Caratti Gandolfo          proval to annex and develop the
  retained her father’s graceful arches and the interior rock and          property either. The same open
  brick fireplace for the new Rock House Deli and Saloon. Joe              boundary exists between Dublin
  died in 1980 and is buried at St. Michael’s Cemetery.                    and Staples as well. Oops...
      In 1998 the city approved development of the Portola Vil-                Please don’t follow people
  lage shopping center at the northwest corner of North Livermore          who can’t read a map. Staples
  and Portola Avenues. Albertson’s and the accompanying retail             Ranch will get lost.
  stores were designed with Caratti’s decorative brick and stone-
  work in mind. Caratti’s “castle” has been transformed into the           Springtown Dialog
  Castle Rock Restaurant. The Rock House, after modifications,             Alexander McKernan
  opened in 1999 as the Sports Pub and Grill, with a separate gift         Life Scout, Troop 939
  shop on one corner.                                                         I had the pleasure of attend-
      (Readers can reach me at                       ing the “Town Hall Meeting”
                                                                           with Linda Barton, Livermore

(continued from page one)
trict included Pleasanton and         residents. It includes Sue              Both congressmen voted for
Livermore when he was elected         Compton of Axis Community            a recent health care bill co-
in 1972, has focused on health        Health in the Valley.                authored by Stark that would
care during his career.                  Stark is chairman of the health   continue funding for 5 million
    McNerney’s public informa-        subcommittee of the House Ways       California children under state
tion officer, Andy Stone, said that   and Means Committee. He told         legislation that requires federal
the public may address any issue      the Independent, “I’m excited        funding. The bill is in conference
to the representatives. However,      about the opportunity to join        committee with a Senate version
the focus is on health because the    Congressman McNerney in              of the bill, which guaranteed in-
congressman “thinks we need a         Pleasanton, a community we           surance for only 4 million chil-
way to make health care afford-       both represent in Congress. Con-     dren.
able, successful and available.       gressman McNerney recognizes            The House bill also changed
He wants to hear from constitu-       the importance of fixing our bro-    Medicare by reducing the co-
ents about what’s going on in         ken health care system. I’m flat-    payment for mental health from
health care, what they’ve experi-     tered he invited me to speak         50 percent to 20 percent, which
enced, and what they expect at        about health care, and to join him   is commensurate with other
the federal level.”                   in addressing the questions and      health care co-payments for
    McNerney has a health care        concerns of Pleasanton resi-         Medicare.
advisory committee of district        dents.”
PAGE 6 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

Amador Frosh Roll                                   Diablo keeper had no chance. Danielson
                                                    almost added another in the second half when
                                                                                                       Lara, who capitalized on one of their few
                                                                                                       opportunities and scored the team’s only
                                                                                                                                                               The Rage Division 2 U15 continued its
                                                                                                                                                                                                               position forced Fury defenders into several
                                                                                                                                                                                                               turnovers. The back line of Brett Scheckla,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cordisco, Jasmine Morris, Ladybugs; Faith
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Nordvik, Diamond Dolphins; Audrey Redell,
     Part of being a good football team is          Trevor Morrissey did a 180 spin and lost his       goal. Kylie Long frustrated numerous attacks       winning ways Sunday morning with an                  Erika Emmanuel, and Sabrina Unglaub dis-             Shooting Stars; Hunter Neu, Tessa Mullins,
taking advantage of mistakes and so it seems        mark and sent a cross into the box. Danielsen’s    on defense, and Shannon Rosemark was solid         impressive 4-1 victory over the visiting San         rupted the opponent’s attack by intercepting         Emme Poe, Soccer Divas; Laura Di Simone,
that the Amador Valley High School fresh-           shot was only saved by a great one-handed          in goal. Overall, a great team effort from the     Ramon Storm. Emmie Ruhland opened the                passes and heading away many threatening             Lexi Carzoli, Emily Robinson, Shootin’
men are on their way to becoming a good             diving save. Ballistic GK Brett Webber was         girls fell just short against a good team.         scoring midway through the first half with a         long balls.                                          Sharks; Emily Ilharreguy, Tigers; Alyssa
team. They took advantage of three Liberty          only tested a couple of times. One shot hit             The Livermore United boys U13 soccer          textbook breakaway and shot on goal. The                  Rage U12 Premier Team started the               Salvetti, Wildcats.
High fumbles, numerous Liberty penalties,           the crossbar, and one he had to come up big        team won their season opener against Bay           Storm tied the score early in the second half        season with a 3-0 victory over the San Ramon               Under-9 Girls Division 4 Teams:
and three very short punts to roll to a 35-0 win.   on a semi-break down the right side. He            Oaks 4-2 on Saturday. Livermore attacked           before Brittney Guillory thundered an out-           Illusion on Saturday, September 8. In the            Dolphins (1) vs Ding Dongs (0); Earthquakes
Although many Dons made big plays, three            challenged hard and made the block, but the        the ball right from the start, getting a goal      side shot into the goal. The third score was         first half, Andi Boehm crossed it to the center      (4) vs Allstars (3); Ding Dongs (5) vs Gold
of the scoring drives were capped with passes       ricochet came out to the eighteen. Jay             early on when Cody Martinez drove the ball         the result of a long corner kick by Kaylie           creating a battle at the box, but Kira Ewanich       Mine (0) Offensive Players: Danielle Frevert,
from Patrick Gibbons to Carson Ewanich.             Jafarpour stepped into the path of the shot and    into the net off of a shot made by Juan-Carlos     Williams which Caylee Heller pounded into            found a hole and kicked it into the net for the      Jessie Wilker, Kylie Yocher, Dolphins; Katya
      “The turnovers and penalties helped,”         cleared it away. Michael Florian was the           Alfaro that rebounded off the post. The Bay        the back of the net. The fourth and final goal       first goal. In the second half, Tori Larsen          Clappin, Chaila Grimm, Jordan Wolf, Ding
said Amador coach Chris Murphy, “but we             defensive stalwart of the midfield, consis-        Oaks team made a run on the Livermore goal         was a beautiful outside shot by Katie                breaks away from the Illusion’s defense and          Dongs; Meghan McDonaugh, Olivia
played well as a team to win this game.”            tently delaying any Mt. Diablo buildups and        and was able to tie the game 1-1 right at the      Miyakado.                                            fired it in for the second goal. Kirsten Jensen      Schormann, Jaimie Zogaric, Earthquakes;
      The Dons took the opening kickoff and         blowing up attempts at centering through           half. About ten minutes into the second half,           The Pleasanton U10 Rage White girls             displayed amazing footwork and a powerful            Alyssa Oki, Katie Schloming, Missy Nunes,
before they could even snap the ball they had       balls.                                             Evan Enzmann scored Livermore’s second             soccer team battled to a 1-1 tie with the Dubin      20 yard header. From the corner, Boehm bent          Allstars; Jordan, Katya, Emily, Ding Dongs;
a first down when Liberty jumped offside                Ballistic Class 1 U14 lost 1 to 0 as they      goal off of a cross from Brandon Marantan.         Hot Shots at the Pleasanton Sports Park. In          the ball directly into the net for the third goal.   Courtney, Selina, Lea, Gold Mine Defensive
twice in a row. The Lions would jump offside        came out flat and East Diablo Lightning            Marantan then scored Livermore’s third goal        a back and forth game featuring a barrage of         Beautiful saves by goalie Lexie Nicholas.            Players: Tatiana Hernandez, Katrina Hearwig,
another time before the Dons scored on a 12         established early control by allowing the          unassisted, dribbling the ball all the way from    shots on goal by both teams, Rage White was               The U12 team also played the Mt. Diablo         Alyssa Ramirez, Dolphins; McKenna Buti,
yard strike, Gibbons to Ewanich.                    home team little time to settle on the ball.       Livermore’s side of the field and sliding into     bolstered by the outstanding play of goal-           Storm on Sunday, September 9 in Concord              Anya Massoud, Collette Mardirossian, Ding
      On the ensuing kickoff, the Dons recov-       Ballistic conceded a goal within ten minutes       the goal for the finish. Bay Oaks retaliated       keepers Darcy Kron and Cassie Wood, and a            in a very physical battle. The game was              Dongs; Madison Gannon, Kellie Hughes,
ered a fumble and were back in business at the      following a poor clearance which was imme-         and scored their second goal on Livermore,         strong defensive effort by Megan Martin. The         scoreless at the half. In the second half, Evan      Randi Cortez, Earthquakes; Erynn Pascual,
Liberty 40. On the first play, Gibbons hit          diately fired back into their net. East Diablo     bringing the game score to 3-2. Alfaro scored      teams were scoreless until mid-way through           Murphy showed amazing control of the ball            Shannon Kai, Maria Espinoza, Allstars;
Osterholt for an apparent touchdown, but            were worth their 1-0 lead at halftime. The         Livermore’s final goal with aid from Daniel        the second half, when Jenna Crawford inter-          and excellent passing. Ewanich dribbled              McKenna, Marissa, Collette, Ding Dongs;
Osterholt was called for a facemask and ball        second half was a much different story.            Toscano to win the game for Livermore.             cepted a pass, dribbled through two defenders        down the field 30 yards and shot it into the         Riley, Mila, Tea, Gold Mine.
was put back to the 17. Amador got down the         Ballistic, playing down the slope, exerted              The Livermore Elite Blast U9 Division         and fired a shot by the Hot Shots goalkeeper         net for Rage’s only goal. The game ended in               Under-10 Girls Division 4 Teams:
seven, but could not score, turning the ball        almost non-stop pressure. They had numer-          3 Girl’s soccer team played their first league     to give Rage White a 1-0 lead. After a Hot           a 1-1 tie.                                           Scorchers (6) vs Sharks (2); Bulldogs (8) vs
over to Liberty at the 20.                          ous good chances to equalize but failed to         game on Saturday against Alliance FC Crush         Shots goal tied the game late in the half, Rage                                                           Phantoms (3); Scorchers (4) vs Coolcleat
      Liberty made the game interesting at this     convert any of them. As time went by their         in Union City winning 2 to 1. Despite falling      White continued their asault on goal with                                                                 Kickers (3); Green Goblins (3) vs Crushers (0)
point, moving the ball, mostly through the          efforts became increasingly desperate but the      behind 0-1 in the first half the Livermore girls   strong shots by Sophie Santos and Monica             Livermore Youth Soccer                               Offensive Players: Sarah Persson, Shruthi
air, down to the Dons’ 33. There, the Amador        East Diablo defense held firm and the Light-       played a great game and Jenna Hagan scored         Martinez, but were unable to find the net to              Livermore Youth Soccer League scores            Sukir, Scorchers; Kalyn Krummen, Shannon
defense stiffened and got the ball back on          ning walked away with a hard-earned victory        the tying goal right before halftime. In the       break the tie. Top Offensive Players: Jenna          from last week:                                      Holt, Madison Vlhorn, Sharks; Alex Corbitt,
downs. From there, David Ellison ran for 10,        which they probably deserved on the balance        second half Livermore kept pressing and            Crawford, Sophie Santos, and Monica                       Under-5 Girls Division 4 Teams: But-            Jordan Volponi, Kylee Worthens, Bulldogs;
then Ewanich ran for 11 and Camaron Ashtianti       of play. Top Offensive Players: Edgar              Amanda Silveira scored the winning goal for        Martinez; Top Defensive Players: Darcy               terfly Princesses vs Dragonflies; Dragon             Peyton Despotakis, Katie Johnson, Faith
went for four yards and the Dons were in            Henriquez, David Gray, Jason Chow; Top             the Blast. Carly Bond played a great defen-        Kron, Cassie Wood, and Megan Martin.                 Girls vs Quakes Offensive Players: Graciana          Vandergriff, Phantoms; Melanie Bierwirth,
Liberty territory at the 47. Ewanich then           Defensive Players: Suhau Kuo, Justin Lui,          sive game for Livermore.                                Rage Division 2 U15: Utilizing excel-           Ratto, Sarah Adams, Dragon Girls; Katie              Sarah Persson,Alex Fraser (3), Scorchers;
ripped off a 24 yard and, four plays later, he      Michael Viebeck.                                        The Livermore Elite Thunder Divi-             lent ball skills, fitness and consumate team-        Wilson 2) Emily Rakestraw, Quakes Defen-             Hannah Larsen,Shoshana Cohen,Lainay
scored from eight yards out on a pass in the            The Ballistic Black under-17 boys Al           sion 3 Boys U12 soccer team won their first        work, Coach Mike Baker’s girls traveled to           sive Players: Taylor Melton, Lara Rivard,            Hibbard, Coolcleat Kickers; Taylor Cory,
left flat from Gibbons.                             Caffodio soccer team finished the 1st week of      league game of the season against the Mus-         the base of Mt. Tamalpais to beat a strong           Dragon Girls; Jenna Lawrence, Madison                Miranda Lima, Carly Martinez, Green Gob-
      Trailing 14-0, Liberty tried to get back      league play with a record of 1-1. Ballistic lost   tang Red Devils, 2-0. Thunder came on              Marin team 5-0. An early goal by Andi Glaser         Sullivan, Quakes Game Summary & High-                lins; Kasyn Fisher, Caitlin Rokov, Aiden
into the game, but on their third play from         3-0 to the Danville Mustang on Saturday.           strong with goals being scored by Pierre           was followed in the second half by 2 goals           lights: Exciting with lots of cheers from the        Tardiff, Crushers Defensive Players: Jessie
scrimmage, the Dons caused a fumble that,           Ballistic then bounced back on Sunday,             Sjogreen and Colton Paynter. Their defense,        from golden toe, Rebecca Hanson, a beautiful         sidelines.                                           Cahill, Alex Fraser, Scorchers; Gillian Ellis,
after a wild scramble, was recovered by Jason       defeating the Ballistic U17 White, 3-0.            being led by Devin Berghoff, succeeded in          corner kick by Ariana Gordon and a final tally             Under-6 Girls Division 4 Teams:                Bryce Jones, Kenna Demayo, Sharks; Nancy
Haycock in the end zone and a game that had         Ballistic played well over the weekend.            not allowing any goals to be made by the           by Jennica Holt. Lindsay Smith anchored a            Lightning Girls vs Soccer Chicks; Tough              Espinoza, Emily Gary, Sydney Zambonin,
seemed competitive had been turned into a           Goalie Stephen LaCommare made several              Mustang Red Devils.                                strong defensive effort with several textbook        Tinks vs Mighty Tigers; Goal Getters vs              Bulldogs; Lauren Bueno, Shelby Diehl,
rout.                                               key saves. Strong team play led by Justin               The U15 San Ramon Santos began                saves in goal to lead the girls to their fourth      Cheetah Girls Offensive Players: Danielle            Elise Williams, Phantoms; Alyse Pereira,
      With the clock running down in the first      Dorsey, Nathan Roberts, Sven Hermann,              their quest for their third straight GSSL Gold     shutout in the last five games.                      Cross, Lightning Girls; Jessica Warren,              Brianna Ruloma, Scorchers; Megan Lawrance,
half, and under a minute to play, the Lions         Phil Vieback, Jered Lui, and Eric Burnett.         Division Title this past Saturday with a win            Rage Division 1 U12 Broncos last 3 to           Catherine Linney, Soccer Chicks; Isabella            Maddy Richards, Kayla Lindsay, Coolcleat
got off a 13 yard punt and the Dons were in         Lui converted a penalty kick. Hermann              against West Contra Costa Inter 2-1. Fol-          1 to the Bobcats. The girls played their best        Moya, Jackie Parker, Lindsay Plant, Tough            Kickers Goals & Assists: Natalie Palomo (3),
business at their own 45. On the first play         knocked in two goals with his head.                lowing an early goal by Inter, the Santos were     first game even though they had two girls out        Tinks; Hanna McDougal, Eliana Eme, Lexi              Bulldogs; Alex Fraser (3), Scorchers; Faith
from scrimmage, Gibbons hit Osterholt on a                                                             able to take control of the game and before the    with injuries and Chayenne Harper was                Borgna, Mighty Tigers; Claire Wiedenfeld,            Andrews, Megan Kalantar, Peyton Woelk,
fade down the left sideline moving Amador                                                              end of the first half were able to go up 2-1       injured but tried her best to play and support       Audrey curtis, Nicole Geary, Goal Getters;           Green Goblins; Devin Everett, Ashlyn
to the Liberty 15. After a timeout and another      Youth Soccer                                       on a pair of goals by Matheus Menezes with         her team. Sophia Nekrawesh who got injured           Megan Pretto, Lauren Pretto, Jessica Zogaric,        Hutcheson, Macy Murphy, Crushers Game
Liberty offside, Gibbons hit Ewanich on a                Livermore Elite Soccer U16 Boys Div           Andrew Graves credited with the both assists.      a couple of times but played her best and made       Cheetah Girls Defensive Players: Joan Flores,        Summary & Highlights: The Bulldogs struck
swing route up the left side and the Dons were      III shutout the Mustang Alliance, 2 to 0.          Grant Matsumoto, Ryan Fagenson and                 the first goal for her team. Ashley Person did       Georgia Bates, Lightning Girls; Gracey Walke,        early with three goals in succession by Natalie
up 27-0. David Camerena turned a bad snap           Mustang’s beautiful new soccer complex was         Guillermo Rivas held the midfield as defend-       a great job as goalie and did great blocking.        Amber Feduniw, Soccer Chicks; Emma                   Palomo. The Phantoms answered back with
on the PAT into a nice run for the two point        the venue for the Force’s first game of the Al     ers Albert Glancy, Stevie Rector, Matt             Overall without a victory the girls were             Hyde, Julia Hanson, Kelsey Maldonado,                a goal of their own. The Bulldogs’ powerful
conversion and Amador took a 29-0 lead into         Caffodio season. The boys played well,             Robbins and Justin Scott turned back the late      awesome and played really well. Top Offen-           Tough Tinks; Lauren Breazeale, Taylor Bond,          kicks proved too much for the Phantoms,
the half.                                           dominating early and for much of the game.         second half rush by the Inter attack. The          sive Players: Sophia Nekrawesh, Sunyoung             Arianna Racanelli, Mighty Tigers; Camryn             scoring 5 additional goals to the Phantoms’
     The score remained 29-0, as both teams         Defense was solid, not allowing the Alliance       Santos have gone undefeated in the past two        Kye, Shelby Slate, and Ming Coleman. Top             Gray, Pascale Badders, Jessica Gresho, Goal          two. Final score Bulldogs 8, Phantoms 3.
cleared their benches, into the fourth quarter      to penetrate or to shoot from close range.         seasons of GSSL gold play with the win over        Defensive Players: Madeline Wu,McKenna               Getters; Jillian Collum, Allison Azevedo,                 Under-12 Girls Division 4 Teams:
when a two yard Liberty punt set up Amador          Keeper Peter Morrow cleaned up any balls           Inter raising their undefeated streak to 21        Prynn, and Ashley Person.                            Cheetah Girls.                                       Thunderballs (4) vs Dynamos (1); Sneaky
at the Liberty 40. On the third play, Bronson       that did come his way. Livermore’s first goal      straight games.                                         The Pleasanton Rage Div3A U12 team                   Under-7 Girls Division 4 Teams: Crush-          Cleats (2) vs Black Panthers (1); Jaguars (3)
Eggart carried around left end for 37 yards         was scored by Cody Lutz. The Force went                                                               met up with the Mighty Mustang Stampede              ers vs Soccer Angels; Wildcats vs Angels;            vs Dynamos (0) Offensive Players: Emily
down the four yard line. After Jake Isabel went     up by two when Alex Gaspar received a header                                                          this weekend in their opening game of the            Spirit vs Tigers; Dolphins vs Lightening             Byrnes, Elyse Codiroli, Isabelle Johnstone,
up the middle for three yards, Eggart did the       assist from Brandon Bauer and landed his           Pleasanton Rage                                    season, losing 1 to 0. The Stampede took             Bugs Offensive Players: Caroline Eckel and           Thunderballs; Maryann Gong, Jessica
honors carrying the ball in for the final score     shotl. Zach Addington, Peter Cabeceiras and             The Pleasanton U14 Rage B team came           some early shots, but thanks to two diving           Amanda Macedo, Crushers; Julia Rocha,                Hallum, Erica Dittmore, Dynamos; Rachael
and the Dons, after a missed extra point, came      Jeff Felker all had exceptional games, repeat-     away with an opening day loss to Walnut            saves by Olivia Brown in goal, the game              Madison Wright, Janessa Sanchez, Soccer              Bryant, Charity Manning, Elise Falgout,
away with a 35-0 opening night victory.             edly advancing the ball into Mustang terri-        Creek Fusion 2 to 0. Play was even for the         remained scoreless at the half. The two teams        Angels; Kate Hottinger, Josie Berg, Wild-            Sneaky Cleats; Molly Stolz, Ellie Guincharod,
                                                    tory and providing scoring opportunities for       first half and was 0-0 mid way through. The        were equally matched and played a tough              cats; Kaylie DiPaola, Olivia Armstrong,              Shalena Andersen, Black Panthers; Rebecca
                                                    their team.                                        Fusion stepped up play in the second half and      second half, but it was the Stampede who             Angels; : Maritza Espinoza, Noelle Rizzo,            Bernstein#41,Kirsten mork#18,Breille
Pleasanton Ballistic                                     The Livermore Crew ’95 U12 tied the           netted two quick goals. Pleasanton could not       came up with the goal in the last five minutes       Alyssa Silva, Spirit; GiGi Cole, Hannah              Preece#47, Jaguars; Maryann Gong,#40,Anna
     The Pleasanton Ballistic United Soc-           Castro Valley Green Machine 1-1 in their           counter although the girls gave it their all.      of play to win the game with a score of 1 to         Dolan, Ally Sprugasci, Tigers; Alexah Nava,          Murphy#42,Jessica Hallum#9, Dynamos
cer Club (BUSC) U19 Black launched their            opening GSSL league game on Saturday.              Top Offensive Players: Arielle Siegel,             0 . Top Offensive Players: Kendall Moore,            Lindsey Philips, Allison Scher, Dolphins;            Defensive Players: Yasmeen Haider, Bianca
season with a pair of games this past weekend.      Early pressure by Danica Egelston, Beth            Karoline van der Zee Top; Defensive Players:       Keli Wheatley and Mathea Turkaij. Top                Ashley Lamb, Kalea Bartolotto, TylerRene             Aceves, Isabel Futral, Thunderballs; Avery
Game one was a 4-0 loss to the Patterson            McCall, and Rachel Leonard was met by a            Jessica McKeehan, Erin O’Loughlin.                 Defensive Players: Olivia Brown, Lauren              Enderlein, Lightening Bugs Defensive Play-           Harker, Sarah Guilford, Jamie Dittmore,
Palmeiras. The Black started out well, but          tough Green Machine defensive line. After               The Pleasanton Rage U16 Division 1            Fan and Dani Leedeman.                               ers: Isabella Carrano and Abby Andrews,              Dynamos; Jessica Irwin, Tessa Clark, Emily
were unable to put one in the net. Patterson        being tied 0-0 at the half Jessica Hopkins         AC team stayed at home for their season                 Rage Division 1 AC U-17 started league          Crushers; Olivia Claypool, Kinnon Vest,              Gibson, Sneaky Cleats; Hannah Walters,
gradually wore them down. Kris Tayyeb had           scored the Crew’s only goal on a corner kick       openers against the LaMorinda United and           play with two victories, 2 to 1 over DVSC            Makaela Allison, Soccer Angels; Taylor               Leah Taulton, Kaitlin Stocking, Black Pan-
the best chance when his leaping header             that was deflected in front of the Green           Danville Mustang and came away with a 1-           and 3 to 0 over Mt Diablo. In the first game         Stamps, Maggie Rae McPeek, Wildcats;                 thers;        Sarah          Novell,Hannah
knocked off the left post. Jason Ash and Tim        Machine’s net several times before finally         1 tie and 5-0 victory, respectively. The           Rage scored their first goal on a direct kick        Mariah Turner, Sophia Mylius, Angels;                Stepanak#31,Casey Pereida, Jaguars; Jaime
Gaisor had strong performances.                     crossing the goal line. Defensive standouts        Saturday match began with the Rage conced-         by Samantha Okumura. In the second half              Emmerson Coberg, Miranda Heckman,                    Dittmore, Avery Harker, Emily Eijansantos,
     Game two was an exciting 1-1 tie against       for the Crew were Baylie Hernandez, Sarah          ing a United a corner kick goal in the 20th        Tiffany Leung score the game winning unas-           Haylee Kramar, Spirit; Katie Sposeto, Jes-           Dynamos Goals & Assists: Elyse Codiroli
the Walnut Creek Rovers. The Black had              Franklin, and Haylie Grant. Hernandez also         minute. The Rage scored the equalizer in the       sisted goal on a very difficult shot in traffic      sica Bailey, Melanie Laronde, Tigers.                (3), Isabelle Johnstone (1), Thunderballs;
their game going and put together several           stood out in goal, making a series of repeated     36th minute off a free kick that was the result    from the corner. In game two, Kelly Rowse                 Under-8 Girls Division 4 Teams: Goal            Maryann Gong (1), Dynamos; Charity Man-
oustanding buildups. However, the Rover             saves in short succession late in the game to      of a United foul. Sam Lysaght advanced the         got the scoring started by taking a breakaway        Getters vs Soccer Puppies; Wildcats vs               ning (1), Rachael Bryant (1), Sneaky Cleats;
GK was outstanding and robbed the Black             keep the score tied.                               free kick forward onto Danielle Paxton’s           with just minutes to go in the first half and        Ladybugs; Diamond Dolphins vs Shooting               Ellie Guincharod, Black Panthers; Kirsten
several times, including Garrett Clark and               The Livermore Elite Explosion U13             head, who scored. The remainder of game            scored to give Rage a 1 to 0 halftime lead. In       Stars; Soccer Divas vs Shootin’ Sharks;              Mork (2), Breille Preece (1), Jaguars Game
Tayyeb from in close. They finally broke            Girls division 1 soccer team won and tied          provided no additional scoring, resulting in       the second half, Nicole Raines scored on a           Tigers vs Wildcats Offensive Players: Olivia         Summary & Highlights: In the intense heat
through when Rodolfo Gonzalez ran on a ball         this past weekend as they began Golden State       the final score of 1-1.                            shot from outside the box on a pass from             Curtis, Ashley Geary, Madelyn Krueger,               of Wednesday afternoon the Thunderballs
from 30 yards and launched a rocket straight        Soccer League play.                                     Sunday’s early morning match against          Leung. Then Leung finish the scoring on a            Goal Getters; Siena Gibbs, Tara Collier,             U12 and the Dynamos U12 had an explosive
on. The Rover keeper made the stop but the                Livermore Elite Explosion 1, Fremont         the Danville Mustang began with two quick          great crossing pass from Liina Potter. Rage          Mackenzie Wallace, Soccer Puppies;                   game. The first goal was scored within 10
shot knocked him over, and Eric Lobao was           Flash 0. This match was a defensive battle and     Rage goals. Julia Barlow crossed the ball low      defense was stellar again through-out the            Makenzie Farro, Bubba Farro, Wildcats;               minutes into the game by Thunderballs own
right on the spot to put away the rebound in        outstanding pressure by fullback Jennie            onto Brittany Carrolan’s foot. Carrolan slid       weekend only allowing one goal. Megan                Alex Lewis, Amanda Plant, Ladybugs;                  Elyse Codiroli. She proceeded to score 2
the 37th minute. WC pressed right away and          Harmison and key saves by keeper Victoria          it pass the Mustang goalie for the score. Two      Leoni was outstanding in goal with the back          Gabriella Maitland, Kyla Tregear, Diamond            more goals for the team. Isabelle Johnstone
almost equalized it if not for a diving, one        Case kept the Flash from scoring. With the         minutes later the Rage converted a Kira            line of Krista Bormann, Nicole Raines,               Dolphins; Melinda Miller, Isabella Barbero,          scored the other one bringing the total to
handed save by GK Jacob Buchenauer. The             score tied at 0-0 and only 5 minutes left in       Capaccioli corner kick into their second goal.     Samantha Okumura, Paige Osfstedahl and               Shooting Stars; Madison Jackson, Morgan              4.The Dynamos scored in the second half and
Rovers finally equalized in the 70th minute         regulation, Explosion player Jessica Floyd         Ailsa Smith redirected the corner into the net.    Jillian Blandino rounding out the defense.           Laughlin, Sarah Passannate, Soccer Divas;            Maryann Gong was cheered on by her team-
on a goalmouth scramble. Buchenauer again           finished & scored off an indirect kick by          In the 50th minute Capaccioli and Smith            Top Offensive Players: Tiffany Leung, Kelly          Katie Dabney, Sophia Schrodi, Lauren                 mates. Both Yasmeen Haider and Isabel
came up huge on two semi-breakaways in the          Taylor Roach.                                      teamed up again. This time Capaccioli              Rowse, Samantha Okumura, Nicole Raines;              Schultz, Shootin’ Sharks; Sophia Pearson,            Futral dispalyed exceptional defensive play
later part of the game to preserve the tie. The            Livermore Elite Explosion 1, Walnut         crossed and Smith redirected. The Rage’s           Top Defensive Players: Megan Leoni, Krista           Kaitlyn Oki, Tigers; Laura George, Taylor            from the Thunderballs.
back line of Gaisor, Willie Berger, Nate            Creek Twisterz 1. Once again the Explosion         fourth goal came off a Smith cross to the far      Bormann, Nicole raines, Paige Ofstedahl and          Sullivan, Wildcats Defensive Players: Katie               Under-14 Girls Division 4 Teams:
Weber, and Bryant Dante were stellar, work-         could not take charge on offense and the game      post. Paxton made the far post run and slid        Jillian Blandino.                                    Marcel, Isabella Miano, Allison Murphy,              Cougars (3) vs The Storm (1); Jaguares (3) vs
ing together as an effective unit against the       stood at 0-0 until the middle of the second half   the cross just inside the post. The final goal          The Pleasanton Rage U14 Premier                 Goal Getters; Katie hinds, Jamie Freitas,            Kick-n-it (0) Offensive Players: Mindy
WC attack.                                          when the Twisterz scored and took the lead         came in the 79th minute. Laura Yoshida             team kicked off GSSL play with a convincing          Yesenia Diaz, Soccer Puppies; Sutter, Maggie         Morettinni, Shelby White, Erika Bonifacio,
     BUSC Class 3 U16: In the 2007 league           1-0. The Explosion were not going to be            found Suzanne Bateson in stride down the           3-0 win over Heritage Magic. Rage controlled         Sneed, Lindsay Gill, Wildcats; Audrey                Cougars; Jennifer Plantenga, Danielle
opener, the BUSC U16 Black team came                defeated and not long after the Twisterz took      middle of the field. Bateson eluded several        the play from the opening whistle, outshooting
away victorious against Fremont 3 to 2. Play        the lead, they tied the game when Carli Floris     defenders working her way across the               Magic 15-5 thanks to a strong midfield effort
was even in the opening minutes but Ballistic       scored off a beautiful cross from Cierra           goalmouth from right to left and scored just       by Rachel Charkowicz, who netted a 2nd half
settled in and became more aggressive at the        Comfort.                                           inside the left post. Rage had a 30 to 3           goal and an assist, Kathleen Wagner, who
net. David Meyer netted 2 goals on the day               Livermore Elite Fuego U15 played to a         dominance of shots of goal. The Rage               contributed an assist, and Erika Emmanuel.
and Edris Bemanian put the third goal in on         hard fought 2 to 1 loss against the Lamorinda      defense, anchored by Brittany Repac, Mor-          The speedy combination of Bria Outland and
a PK in the box. Although Fremont would             FC 92 in their opening season game. Veterans       gan Dorsey, Laura Yoshida, Sarah Ramirez           Gabe Stange each scored goals, with Outland
make it interesting in the final few minutes,       Jean Carlo Padilla and Mitchell Lowrey             and Taylor Schoonover, recovered well after        opening the scoring midway through the first
Ballistic held tight in defense to preserve the     displayed strong ball control in the center        conceding the early United goal. Both Rage         half and Stange opening breathing room 20
win. Top Offensive Players: David Meyer,            field, sending the Fuego’s forward with solid      goalies; Megan Piper and Chelsea Skinner           minutes into the 2nd half. Strong defensive
Edris Bemanian; Top Defensive Players:              field position. Goalkeeper, Alex Barto uti-        played well.                                       play from Brett Scheckla, Courtney Stonesifer,
Cory Beck, Drew Hall.                               lized the entire back field to aggressively cut         Rage Division 1 U15 saw Shelby Brendel        Sabrina Unglaub, Jillian Beck, and Lindsay
     BUSC Black Class 3 U14 defeated the            off the Lamorinda attacks and delivered huge       score 2 goals (one unassisted and one assisted     Rigel kept the Magic attack at bay, while
FC Fremont Machine 3 to 1. The Ballistic            kicks for forward pressure. Team Captain           by Pippa Whitehand), while Jen Horton              keepers Ani Nahapetian and Phoebe Brown
Black dominated ball possession in the first        Garrett Foster displayed spectacular drib-         headed a goal in off of Darby Broeker’s            kept a clean sheet with each making outstand-
half of the match with their first goal coming      bling and ball control, connecting with            cornerkick, and Lauren Floro scored one off        ing saves the few times they were challenged.
in the 22nd minute by Yashar Behnam. The            Austin Viles who controlled the right side of      of Ally White’s punt kick. The Rage’s                   Rage U14 Premier team used superior
Ballistic Black scored again in the 24th            the field. Chris Freitas in the mid fielder        powerful defense shut out San Ramon Azzurre        team play and excellent passing to overcome
minute with Jeff Dyer taking the ball from          position fought for every ball as center mid       for a final score of 4-0. Top Offensive Players:   the Mustang Fury 2-1 in Danville. Rage
midfield field and finishing with a shot in the     fielder, switching the play and punching the       Shelby Brendel, Lauren Floro, Jen Horton;          struck first in the 27th minute of the first half,
back of the net. Fremont scored in the 52nd         ball through for strikers Christian Torres and     Top Defensive Players: Darby Broeker, Chey-        when Melissa Atkins beat the outside back for
minute making it a 1 goal differential.             Christian Gonzalez. Livermore’s goal saw           enne Kisthardt, Brooke Mayo, Ally White.           a centering pass that Bria Outland blasted into
Ballistic Black’s Cade Debenedetti scored           Theadora (Ted) Rudish utilizing his domi-               Rage Division 1 U11 defeated the San          the net from 10 yards out. After Fury had
the final goal in the 63rd minute with an assist    nating speed to attack the Lamorinda net,          Ramon Inferno, 4 to 1. In the first half Katrina   evened the score just before the half on a wind-
by Jake Lorentz. The Ballistic Black had a          taking a hard shot and following through on        Zhu made a great kick towards Jacki Tiongco        aided corner, Rage quickly grabbed the lead
total of 14 shots on goal in the match with         his own rebound. With the ball deflecting          after a penalty was made from the San Ramon        again, with Kathleen Wagner connecting in
shots coming from Ryan Baker, Chandler              away Alex Milinkovich followed the play            Infernos. Jackie then scored a goal using her      the 2nd minute of the 2nd half from 8 yards
Bullock, Christian Sti! ll, and Justin Medina.      and drove the ball into the back of the net.       left foot. Radhika Balagopal had an assist,        out when fullback Courtney Stonesifer’s
The win would not have been achieved                     The Livermore Elite Fury girls U12 D3         kicking the ball to Milan Moses for the score.     cross was deflected right to her feet. Rage kept
without outstanding support by Hunter               team opened the league season with a heart-        Milan Moses had a great dribble up the field       the pressure throughout the game, as the
Meurrens, Jack Richardson, Eric Brooks,             breaking 1-0 loss to the Mustang Tigers.           for another goal. In the second half, Jessica      midfield of Rachel Charkowicz, Alexa
Randy Copeman, Jack Lyons, Tyler Mende,             Both teams worked hard in the midfield to          Landas had a big kick for goal number 4. Top       Espinosa, and Erin Schoendienst consis-
Nick Bayley, and Vik Aulakh. Goalkeeper             create scoring chances early in the contest.       Offensive Players: Milan Moses, Jessica            tently outhustled the Fury and won most of
Lukas Moses proved critical in the win with         The Fury then dominated in the Tigers end          Landas, Jackie Tiongco; Top Defensive Play-        the 50/50 balls. Gabe Stange and Megan
11 saves in the match. Top Offensive Players:       as Kaitlin DaDalt, Amanda Fairclough and           ers: Kendyll Woolsey, Katrina Zhu, Briana          Tabler’s constant pressure from the forward
Yashar Behnam, Jeff Dyer, Cade Debenedetti;         Rebekah Johnson all had shots on goal. The
Top Defensive Players: Vik Aulakh, Eric             Tigers responded with a strong offensive
Brooks, Lukas Moses.                                push at the close of the half but the Fury
     BUSC Class 1 U15 tied the Mustage Fire         defense, led by Morgan Brandt, Erin
1 to 1. Fresh from their 4th place medals at        Winegarner and Mikayla Molien, cleared
Breaker’s Cup in Santa Cruz, BUSC U-15              every opportunity. The defensive battle con-
United played to a 1-1 tie against Mustang          tinued in the second half. Fairclough stopped
Fire. Ballistic’s outstanding defense, led by       a rush down the right side and Winegarner did
Parker Quisenberry, Ryan Clark, Lucas               not allow the Tigers left forward much space.
Crawbuck, and Evan Larsen, held Mustang             The Fury had a nice offensive push when
to zero shots on goal in the first half.            Katie Lortie worked herself free down the
Ballistic’s goal was scored on a hard shot by       middle before the Tigers defense converged
forward Zack Savoy. James Metz also                 and forced the ball away. DaDalt also made
demonstrated his exceptional offensive skills       a strong move down the right wing to set up
throughout the game. Top Offensive Players:         a cross which was eventually cleared. The
Zack Savoy, James Metz; Top Defensive               Tigers stepped up their offensive pressure the
Players: Parker Quisenberry, Ryan Clark,            final fifteen minutes of the match. Brittany
Evan Larsen, Lucas Crawbuck.                        Ahrbeck made a great defensive stop to thwart
     The BUSC U18 United got their regular          an excellent Tiger scoring chance. Ryley
season off to a good start with a solid 3-0         Landreth also applied good pressure in the
victory over the Mt. Diablo Blast. United           midfield. Finally, with four minutes remain-
came out strong and basically possessed the         ing the Tigers scored on a rebound shot in
ball for the first four minutes of the game, and    front of the goal. Livermore had one last
kept continued pressure throughout the half.        offensive rush but could not get a shot on net.
BUSC cashed in for a goal in the 26th minute.            The Livermore Elite Venom U11 Girls
Trevor Danielsen sent a ball from the right         team lost a hard-fought season opener 2-1 to
side into the mix, and Stefan Rabrenovich           a strong Fremont Tops squad. After falling
headed it in for the 1-0 lead. Four minutes         behind in the first 20 seconds of the game, the
later, Danielsen got another helper when he         girls rallied, scoring the tying goal midway
sent a corner kick far post. Matt Carlucci was      through the first half. The second half stayed
waiting and deposited the header for the 2-0        even until the Tops scored midway through
lead. Danielsen completed his big first half        the period on a beautiful corner kick, and
when Min-Joon Oh sent a corner kick through         Venom was unable to answer. The girls
the box in the 40th minute. Carlucci dum-           received great efforts on offense from Taylor
mied it to an onrushing Danielsen and the Mt.       Huston and solid midfield play from Grace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 - PAGE 7

Paulazzo, Emily Swiers, Storm; Emma                of play, Cougars Jakob Veilleux made a well         Dublin and Sunol are eligible to play PGSL        Invitational held at Aerials Gymnastics in       online and at walk-in. For more information         Clubhouse Drive, Livermore
Hughes, Christina Guilford, Sarah Carter,          placed pass to Jason Campbell, who finished         softball. Three ways to register: 1) Online at    Vacaville on September 9th. The level 4 team     please      visit      us    at      http://             Men & Women’s Longest Drive, Clos-
Jaguares; Roxanna Upedet, Kick-n-it Defen-         with a score to tie the game 1-1. Cougars ; 2) Walk-thru:         finished second and the level 5 and 6 teams                         est to the Pin Awards
sive Players: Debbie Hallet, Deanna Moreno,        Jacob Dremalas took a direct free kick and          Thursday, September 27 from 6pm – 9 pm,           combined to take third in their session. Katie                                                            For more information contact Al Chavira
Leslie Howerton, Cougars; Kaila Silver,            fired it into the goal from 18 yards out to take    Round Table Pizza, 530 Main St., Pleasan-         Mathers dominated the level 4, younger age                                                           at 980-3287 or Steve Martinez at 220-0965
Annette Ramirez-Ossorio, Armaity Nasbardi,         a 2-1 lead. The second half of the game started     ton; 3) Mail-in: PGSL, P.O. Box 911,              group, winning vault, bars and floor titles on   Golf Tournament                                     and/or          email         Al         at:
Storm; Krista Bronson, Jaguares; Gabrilla          off with a 2-2 tie with both teams working          Pleasanton, CA 94566 (download a registra-        her way to winning the all-around.                    The second annual Granada High School or Steve at:
Aguliria, Victoria Contrass, Kick-n-it Goals       hard to score. Cougars Goalkeeper Kyle              tion form from our website).                           Level 4 - Younger - VAULT: Katie            Girls’ Basketball Golf Fund-raiser will be
& Assists: Mindy Morettinni (3), Cougars;                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                                                   Wright had several key saves to keep his team            For more information or questions you        Mathers, 1st, 9.475. BARS: Mathers, 4th,         held Sun., Oct. 14 at the Las Positas Golf
Emily Swiers (1), Storm Game Summary &             alive. Cougar Defenders Jacob Murdoch and           can email Dalice Godwin at                        7.7. BEAM: Mathers, 1st, 9.1. FLOOR:             Course in Livermore.
Highlights: A fantastic game from start to         Shane Cassels kept tremendous pressure on                              Mathers, 1st, 9.025. ALL-AROUND:
finish. Both teams were neck and neck until                                                                                                                                                                    The Lady Mats are working to raise the
                                                   the attacking opponents. Cougars Forward                 PGSL Upper Division Try-Outs:Upper           Mathers, 1st, 35.3. Older - VAULT: Baylee
the final quarter when the Cougars managed         Chase Madrid made two key goals in the              Divisions consists of girls in grades 3 thru 8    Hill, 4th, 9.2; Shannon Payne, 8th, 9.05;        necessary funding to purchase new lower
to pull ahead with their final two goals.          second half to clinch a 4-2 Livermore Cougars       and is for all girls wanting to increase their    Michelle Kuneli, 11th, 8.65. BARS: Hill,         level uniforms and travel this winter to the
     Under-5 Boys Division 4 Teams: Sharks         victory over Concord Azzuri.                        skills and learn to play at a more advanced       4th, 9.025; Kunelli, 5th, 8.8; Payne, 7th,       Nike Iolani Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii.
vs Jedis; Red Hot Fireballs vs Bulldogs                 Livermore Elite Cougars (9) vs Walnut          level. All girls interested in playing uppers     8.625. BEAM: Kunelli, 5th, 9.025; Payne,         The Varsity Team has been invited to play in
Offensive Players: Ryan Anderson, Michael          Creek “The Crew” Offensive Players: Chase           are required to try- out. No previous uppers      6th, 8.975; Hill, 7th, 8.925. FLOOR:             this tournament and will be representing not
Anolin, Colby Cairel, Sharks; Vijay Menula,        Madrid (1), Brandon Salgado (2A), Cougars           experience necessary. All players trying out      Kunelli, 5th, 8.7; Hill, 8th, 8.45; Payne,       only Granada High School, but the city of
Gavin Carreira, Elijah Suazo, Jedis; Chase         Defensive Players: Goals & Assists: Wesley          must be registered for the 2008 season prior      10th, 7.65. ALL-AROUND: Hill, 5th, 35.6;         Livermore, as well.
Dunn, Brandon Martin, Nicholas DeLisle,            Katz (3), Jason Campbell (3), TJ Dayak (2),         to attending one of the sessions below. All       Kunelli, 6th, 35.175; Payne, 9th, 34.4.               Check in will be at 8:45 a.m. A bucket
Red Hot Fireballs; Isaac Pracher, Andrew           Cougars. The Livermore Elite Cougars U9             sessions will be held at the Sports Park on            Level 5 - Younger - VAULT: Rebecca          of Driving Range Balls will be provided at
Walker, Jack Fogerson, Bulldogs Defensive          Division 1 boy’s soccer team took a 9-0             GSB fields 6 & 7. If the fields are closed, but   Meister, 2nd, 8.725; Kelley Hebert, 3rd,         check. A shot gun start is at 10 a.m. After the
Players: Tristen Mulrooney, Elias Hamid,           victory over Walnut Creek “The Crew." Two           it is not raining, try-outs will be held in the   8.65; Amy Morrison, 7th, 8.05; Isla Andrews,     golf, a lunch and raffle is set for 3 p.m.
Cole Meyers, Red Hot Fireballs; Mitchell           minutes into the game, Cougars Wesley Katz          parking lot. Please check the Sports Park         8th, 7.9; Sara Vukojevic, 9th, 7.275. BARS:           Early bird special for golf participation is
Rocereto, Ethan Lux, Cameron Geyer, Bull-          fired a shot into goal to take a 1-0 lead for his   weather line (931-5360) and the PGSL website      Meister, 2nd, 8.875; Andrews, 4th, 8.6;          $89 per payer or $356 per foursome, if fees
dogs.                                              team. Wesley would go on to score two more          for updates. Pitchers & Catchers arrive at        Vukojevic, 5th, 8.5; Hebert, 6th, 8.375;         received by Sept. 7. After that date play will
     Under-6 Boys Division 4 Teams: Sharks         times during the game to help secure a win.         4:15 pm to register for a 4:30pm start. All       Morrison, 8th, 8.2. BEAM: Hebert, 2nd,
vs Tigers; Dragons vs Spongebob Squarepants                                                                                                                                                               be $100 per player or $400 per foursome.
                                                   Cougars Forward Jason Campbell followed             other players should arrive by 4:45pm to          9.3; Morrison, 4th, 9.0; Andrews, 6th, 8.65;
Offensive Players: Nathan Jones, Dylan             suit by also scoring a hat trick for his team.      begin at 5:00pm. Try-Out Dates: Oct. 1–           Meister, 7th, 8.625; Vukojevic, 9th, 7.55.            Hole and corporate sponsorships are
Breesch, Scott Pagel, Sharks; Ricardo Alvarez,     TJ Dayak played a solid offensive game              Mini (3rd & 4th Grade) Last name A-H; Oct.        FLOOR: Meister, 2nd, 9.1; Morrison, 4th,         available.
Zachary Parodi, Noah Zika, Tigers; Tyler           claiming two goals to his credit. Chase             2–Mini (3rd & 4th Grade) Last name I-Q; Oct.      8.85; Hebert, 7th, 8.55; Andrews and                  Las Positas Golf Course is located at 917
Blue, Mathew Hagen, Dragons; Mason Smith,          Madrid played well adding one goal to his           3–Mini (3rd & 4th Grade) Last name R-Z;           Vukojevic, T8th, 8.375. ALL-AROUND:
Colby Smith, Dylan Silva, Spongebob                name during the second half. Cougars For-           Oct. 4–Minor (5th & 6th Grade) Last name          Meister, 3rd, 35.325; Hebert, 4th, 34.875;
Squarepants Defensive Players: Will Nordvik,       ward Brandon Salgado was at the top of his          A-H; Oct. 5–Minor (5th & 6th Grade) Last          Morrison, 6th, 34.1; Andrews, 8th, 33.525;
Sharks; Michael Quinteros, Tigers; Andrew          game credited with two assists.                     name I-Q; Oct. 8–Minor (5th & 6th Grade)          Vukojevic, 9th, 31.7. Older - VAULT:
Lent, Ty Marks, Dragons; Blake Texeira,                   Under-10 Boys: Union City Alliance           Last name R-Z; Oct. 9–Major (7th & 8th            Carina Salcedo, 3rd, 7.7; Rachel Pombo,
Eric Rumola, Jake Carmichael, Spongebob            Diablos ’98 (4) vs Livermore Elite Strikers         Grade) Last name A-H; Oct. 10–Major (7th          5th, 7.4; Sabrina Chaco, 6th, 7.25. BARS:
Squarepants.                                       (1) Offensive Players: Osiris Chavez, Jose          & 8th Grade) Last name I-Q; Oct. 11–Major         Chaco, 2nd, 8.9; Pombo, 4th, 8.075; Salcedo,
     Under-7 Boys Division 4 Teams: Preda-         Vides, Strikers Defensive Players: Preston          (7th & 8th Grade) Last name R-Z. If you           6th, 7.0. BEAM: Chaco and Pombo, T4th,
tors vs Bullets; Skeeters vs Dinosaurs; Bar-       Hastings, Jack Schoendienst, Strikers Goals         cannot attend on the scheduled day, contact       8.225; Salcedo, 6th, 8.075.          FLOOR:
racudas vs Mad Dogs; Wildcats vs Dyna-             & Assists: Osiris Chaves (1), Strikers, The         the division director listed on the PGSL          Chaco, 2nd, 8.45; Salcedo, 5th, 7.3; Pombo,
mites; Thunder Balls vs Quakes; Rascals vs         Livermore Elite Strikers had a great first-half,    website.                                          6th, 7.1. ALL-AROUND: Chaco, 3rd,
Decepticons; Fire Balls vs Ball Hawks Offen-       they scored first late in the half on a header                                                        32.825; Pombo, 5th, 30.8; Salcedo, 6th,
sive Players: Aaron Grimm, Cameron                 from Osiris Chavez from a corner kick. After                                                          30.075.
Moghadam, Ethan Payne, Predators; Daniel           halftime, the Alliance came back strong in all      Pleasanton Jr. Football                                Level 6 - Middle - VAULT: Angelica
Pack, Trey Strout, Benjamin Knut, Bullets;         areas. They scored some well placed goals, as            Pleasanton Junior Football League re-        Leporati, 4th, 9.0; Kaitlin Hausmann, 14th,
RJ, Anthony, Colby, Skeeters; Cameron,             well as a few lucky shots. It was a good game       sults:                                            7.6. BARS: Leporati, 10th, 7.7; Hausmann,
Jared, Devan, Dinosaurs; Emilio Lopez,             to get our season started.                               Senior Division: Dolphins 36, Titans 6:      14th, 7.0. BEAM: Leporati, 6th, 9.05;
Casey Wortham, Sie Archiszewski, Barracu-               Under-11 Boys Division 1: Livermore            The Dolphins demonstrated a balanced offen-       Hausmann, 12th, 8.0. FLOOR: Leporati,
das; Drew Maples, Westley Gladen, Mad              Elite Express (6) vs San Ramon Dynamos (1)          sive attack, scoring twice in the air and three   4th, 8.625; Hausmann, 13th, 7.1. ALL-
Dogs; Aidan Worley, Ryan Wright, Victor            Offensive Players: Scott Buskey (1), Domo           times on the ground, to beat the Titans 36-       AROUND: Leporati, 3rd, 34.375;
Puintero, Wildcats; Alex Northrop, David           Foscalina (A) Defensive Players: Jake Hall,         6 in Opening Day, Senior Division Contact         Hausmann, 13th, 29.9. Older - VAULT:
Rider, Ryan Escover, Dynamites; Ethan              Mathew Dremalas, Nolan Parker, Michael              football action. Quarterback Michael Brdar        Allison Honig, 4th, 8.7. BARS: Honig, 8th,
Weisbrod, Austin Gnecco, Mathew Kovacs,            Radamen Goals & Assists: Kevin Switzer              threw for 95 yards, including two touchdown       7.55. BEAM: Honig, 8th, 8.45. FLOOR:
Thunder Balls; Nocolas LaRosa, Noah                (1), Ryan Ruley (1), Tony Jimenez (1PK)             passes to Casey Cummings, while Anthony           Honig, 11th, 7.3. ALL-AROUND: Honig,
Rakestraw, Ryan Phillips, Quakes; Luke             (2A)                                                Grant scored on a 50 yard TD run and a PAT.       7th, 32.0.
Foscalina, Dominic Shepherd, Andrew                       Under-16 Girls Division 3: Mustang           Tailback Max Kurth ran for 156 yards,
Hayley, Rascals; Aidan Ackerman, Alec              United (3) vs Livermore Elite Crush ’91 (1)         scoring TD’s from 70 and 35 yards out, and
Lewis, Colby Brocklesby, Decepticons;              Offensive Players: Hailey Thomas, Amanda            also added two PAT’s. The offensive line of       Women’s Soccer League
Brodie Wolf, Hayden Glasco, Ryan                   Crook, Amanda Wolf, United; Kelsey Engel,           Drake Kissinger, Robbie Nolting, Trevor               The Livermore Area Recreation and Park
Impellezzeri, Fire Balls; Colby Smith, Gavin       Kelsey Wheeler, Crush Defensive Players:            Bouchard, Nate Perreira, and James Frair          District (LARPD) has a few spaces remaining
Finkbeiner, Ball Hawks Defensive Players:          Rachel Barker, Nicole Jones, Makenna                controlled the line of scrimmage all day,         for the Livermore Area Women’s Soccer
Harry Rose, Noah Van Atta, Jarrett Jorgenson,      Clements, United; Ciarra Trujillo, Anna             opening up huge holes for the backs. The          League’s fall season. This is a recreational
Predators; Eric Moody, Samiron Bora, An-           Velsko, Katelyn James (GK), Crush; Goals            defense also delivered several big plays,         league where the main goal is to have fun and
drew Choumas, Bullets; Joey, Avery, George,        & Assists: Amanda Crook (1), Chelsea                including two interceptions by Nick Covert        women of all ages and skill levels are
Skeeters; Jeremy, Joshua, Ian, Dinosaurs;          Orlando (1), United; Kelsey Engel (1), Marie        and one by Cummings. Middle linebacker            encouraged to join.
Emory Larson, Sebastian Lee, Mad Dogs;             Rattermann (A). Amanda Crook scored early           Brandon Arace took high tackle honors with            Games are played Tuesday evenings from
Jace Roberts, Anthony Kumar, Christian             in the first half for Mustang United. An            7.5, while Zach Parella added 5.5 and Kurth       September through mid December. Registra-
Moreno, Wildcats; Ray Bordan, Kyle Correia,        unfortunate own-goal by Crush during a drive        had 7.                                            tion packets may be picked up at the LARPD
Joe Murphy, Dynamites; Elijah Collins,             by United brought the score to 2-0. United               Packers 6, Chargers 6: The Packers           office, 4444 East Ave., Livermore, or down-
Carson King, Joshua Norton, Thunder Balls;         then scored once again from 25-yards out to         battled to a 6-6 tie with the Chargers in         load the forms from the LARPD web site at
Cameron McGee, Erik Griffin, Chase Grif-           the opposite post for their third goal of the       Advanced PJFL play this past Saturday 9/08. Please c all (925) 417-
fin, Quakes; Caleb Hardesty, Matthew               half. Crush then scored with a header by            The Charges scored first on a busted play         2631 for more information.
Reddick, Zackary Macintire, Rascals; Derek         Kelsey Engel with an assist from Marie              going 55 yards down the Packers 2 in the 2nd
Eijansantos, Dillan Martinez, Gregory Short,       Rattermann. The remaining minutes of the            Quarter. The Packers had two solids stops but
Decepticons; Kyle Packard, Mclain Minton,          first half and then entire second half was a well   couldn’t keep the Chargers out of the end         Fall Ball Registration
Robert Pinkston, Fire Balls; Alex Taylor,          fought, physical battle in the afternoon heat.      zone. The 2 point conversion was stopped at            Pony Baseball Pleasanton/Livermore/
Alex Pierce, Ball Hawks.                           Goal Keepers on both sides made great saves.        the line to make the score 6-0. The Packers       Dublin is now accepting registrations for the
     Under-8 Boys Division 4 Teams: Rock-                Livermore Elite Crush ’91 (2) vs Newark       held the Chargers to 2 first downs and net 30     2007 Fall Ball season. The program is
ets vs Sharks; Red Hot Fireballs vs Bulldogs;      Arsenal (1) Offensive Players: Kelsey Engel,        yards the rest of the way. On Offense the         available to ages 5 through 10; a high school
Ball Hogs vs Red Rockets; Wildcats vs              Kelsey Wheeler, Arielle, Sallai, Crush; Diana       Packers tied the game with 1:10 left. A nifty     league is open to ages 14 to 18. Games begin
Dynamite; Soccer Blasters vs Hot Shots;            Garcia, Jessica Sandoval, Ashley Sandoval,          50 yard TD pass from QB Ryan Allen to             Sun., Sept. 23 and continue for six Sundays.
Lightening Bolts vs Strikers Offensive Play-       Arsenal Defensive Players: Jessica Clark,           speedster Nate Bussani resulted in a tie. The          For more information or to register for
ers: Nicolas Robles, Zack Olivera, Rockets;        Chelsea Brehm, Katelyn James (GK), Crush;           2 point conversion was stopped just short at      Fall Ball log onto
Dillon Christensen, Emmanuel Rivas,                Jen Treft, Tatiana Arteaga, Meghan Catalano         the goal line.
Sharks; Chase Dunn, Brandon Martin, Nicho-         (GK), Arsenal Goals & Assists: Kelsey Engel              The Offense was led by Team Captain
las DeLisle, Red Hot Fireballs; Isaac Pracher,
Andrew Walker, Mitchell Rocereto, Bull-
                                                   (1), Kelsey Wheeler (1), Crush; Ashley
                                                   Sandoval (1), Arsenal. A well played physi-
                                                                                                       Ryan Allen TD Pass, Nate Bussani TD               Lacrosse Festival
                                                                                                       Reception, and 32 yards rushing from RB Jon            Pleasanton Lacrosse Club’s will present
dogs; Trevor Campbell, Nick McClendon,             cal game played on a wet, muddy field.              Marsh. Zach Hill was flawless snapping the
Troy Wentworth, Ball Hogs; Kyle Conrad,                                                                                                                  a New Player Festival. It is open to boys and
                                                   Newark Arsenal scored first 39 minutes into         ball at Center. The Defense was led by Team       girls in grades 1 to 8. No equipment neces-
Jordan Buress, Red Rockets; Anthony Kumar,         the first half with a well-placed goal by           Captains Cody Shields (6 tackles, sack, pass
Aidan Worley, Victor Puintero, Wildcats;                                                                                                                 sary. Fee is $39, which includes a lacrosse
                                                   Ashley Sandoval. Livermore came back by             deflection), Camron Blonigan (6 tackles,          stick, a ball and 2 hours of instruction by
David Rider, Alex Northrup, Kyle Correia,          tying 9 minutes into the second half with a         pass deflection), and Hawk Becker (5 tack-
Dynamite; Jaren Dietsch, Nikhil Kumar,                                                                                                                   experienced Pleasanton Club coaches and
                                                   goal made by Kelsey Engel. The lead was             les). Austin Hamilton (7 tackles, 3 sacks, QB     players. The event is at Thomas Hart Middle
Kellen Bowen, Soccer Blasters; AJ Phillips,        taken and held by Livermore 15 minutes into         pressure), Jon Marsh (7 tackles), Nick Gaither
Connor Sweeney, Zach Stewart, Hot Shots;                                                                                                                 School in Pleasanton, Sunday, September
                                                   the half with a well shot goal by Kelsey            (5 tackles), Spencer Webb (6 tackles, sack),      23rd, 2-4PM, sign-in starts at 1PM. Register
Jake Windslow, Jack Altman, Lightening             Wheeler.                                            Stephen Gordon (4 tackles, sack) Dylan
Bolts; Bailey Kemp, Jack Perry, Strikers                                                                                                                 at For addi-
                                                         Under-16 Boys: Livermore United (2)           Gubersky shut down his side of the field at       tional information, contact Byron Hay at
Defensive Players: John Erik Wilcock, Rock-        vs Heritage Velocity (1) Offensive Players:         Defensive End (3 tackles, 2 sacks, QB
ets; Logan Myhre, Sharks; Tristen Mulrooney,                                                                                                             998-5550 or
                                                   D. J. Rashe, Jesus Moreno, Alex Garcia,             pressure). Brad Hope had 4 tackles from
Elias Hamid, Cole Meyers, Red Hot Fire-            United Defensive Players: Sean Cerruti,             Special Teams and 4th Quarter Defensive
balls; Mitchell Rocereto, Ethan Lux, Cameron
Geyer, Bulldogs; Mark Silverthorn, Luke
                                                   Doug Bradshaw, Kevin Fread, Richie Howard,
                                                   United Goals & Assists: Jesus Mereno (1)
                                                                                                       Play.                                             Under-10 Team
Morrisroe, Anthony Barrow, Ball Hogs;              and C. J. Salazar (1), United. Livermore                                                                  Girls 10U Fun Fall Ball team forming,
Nick Bouillerce, Dallin Harwood, Red Rock-         United prevailed 2-1 in a hard fought contest       Livermore Football                                see
                                                                                                                                                         LivermoreXtreme for more info. For location
ets; Jace Roberts, Cristian Moreno, Anthony        against host Heritage Velocity. Livermore                Livermore Youth Football League re-
Kumar, Wildcats; Raymond Bordon, Lucas             goals were scored by Jesus Mereno and C. J.         sults:                                            and       dates      email      us       at
Owen, Ryan Escover, Dynamite; Sam Elardo,          Salazar. Keys to the opening season game                 The Livermore Midgets opened the sea- or leave msg
Jared Hill, Brad DaDalt, Soccer Blasters;          were dominant midfield play by D. J. Rashe,         son Saturday with their first win against the     for George at (925) 980-1461.
Gabriel Vargas, Zion English, Seth Davis,          Moreno, and Alex Garcia. Goal Keeper Jason          West County Spartans 30-6. The Vikings
Hot Shots; Christian Petrie, Lightening            Trump played excellent in making several            scored first with a 24 yard run by Jahar          Smoke Registration
Bolts; Sean Constable, Strikers.                   stops to preserve the win.                          Staples.Staples finished the day with 47              The Livermore Smoke 2008 season is
     Under-9 Boys Division 4 Teams:                                                                    yards         rushing       and         three     almost here. Walk-in registration will be held
Thunderbirds (5) vs Grizzlies (1); Dragons (5)                                                         touchdowns.Quarterback Jeremy Mata was 3          October 9th and October 23rd, at Holy Cross
vs Panthers (2) Offensive Players: Nathaniel       Diablo Gymnastics                                   for 4 114 yards and 3 PAT’s. He connected         Lutheran Church located at 1020 Mocho
Sproul, Kyle Wohlgemuth, Raymond                        Diablo Gymnastics team members com-            with Tyler Leasau twice for 30 yards and 8        Street, 6pm-9pm. Birth certificates will be
Carlson, Thunderbirds; Alex Katusich, Sam          peted recently in the Judges Cup 2007 held          yards, and Staples for 76 yards. Damariay         verified for all players (past records are
Grossano, Bobby Canteline, Grizzlies; Ben          at Sacramento State University                      Drew dominated on both offense and defense.       shredded after each season). Signed zero
Dupis, Joey Lesnochi, Trenton Wiedner,                  Results: Level 4 Age Group: Younger:           Drew rushed for 90 yards with a touchdown,        tolerance policy forms are required for both
Dragons; Donivam Winters, Anthony Lopez,           Vault: Rhianne Khweled, 4th, 9.4; Tessa             and was in the Spartans back field all day.       player and parent. Forms will be available
Isaac Arteaga, Panthers Defensive Players:         Wolfgram, 11th, 8.9. Bars: Wolfgram, t 3rd,         Rounding it out for the Vikings was Center
Sean Croghan, Harrison Dunn, Chad Hemmig,          9.05; Khweled, 9th, 8.45. Beam: Wolfgram,           Austin Nelson, Greg White, and great block-
Thunderbirds; Garrett Alameda, Nicholas            3rd, 9.0; Khweled, 4th, 8.95. Floor: Khweled,       ing by Jake Kearney. The Vikings will host
Ehrhorn, Tyler Henderson, Grizzlies; Dillon        1st, 9.3; Wolfgram, 4th, 8.9. All-around:           Antioch for their home opener at Granada
Erg, Anthony Garcia, Connor Gibbons, Drag-         Khweled, 2nd, 36.1; Wolfgram, 5th, 35.85.           High School September 15th at 6:oo pm.
ons; Leonardo Ramirez, Robbie Hoff, Bran-               Level 4 Age Group: Middle: Vault: Julia              The Livermore Norsemen beat the West
don Montoya, Panthers.                             Morgin, 3rd, 9.45; Shannon Bagot, 4th, 9.4;         County Spartans 6-0 in a three overtime
     Under-10 Boys Division 4 Teams:               Dana Kudelka, 5th, 9.35; Kelsey Smith, 7th,         defensive battle. The winning score came on
Raptors (2) vs Bulldogs (0) Offensive Play-        9.225; Hannah Nguyen, 8th, 9.175; Morgan            a one-yard plunge by Rio Castillo behind
ers: ..Eric, Raptors;.Edgar, .Jesse, Bulldogs      Leone, 9th, 9.15; Isabella Book, 11th, 8.825;       blocks from Mike Walls and Zac Rosas. The
Defensive Players: . Thomas, Raptors;              Roya Garakani, t 13th, 8.6. Bars: Book, 1st,        Norseman defense dominated the Spartans
.Lazaro, Bulldogs Goals & Assists: .Sebastian      9.05; Smith, 2nd, 8.975; Kudelka, 4th,              for the entire game including an interception
(1), .Devon (1), Raptors,                          8.775; Bagot, 5th, 8.7; Morgin, 7th, 8.5;           by Rosas and numerous tackles for losses by
     Under-12 Boys Division 4 Teams:               Leone, 8th, 8.225; Garakani, t 9th, 8.2;            Zach Sturgill and Tyler Rardon. During the
Mighty Sharks (5) vs Stealth (0); Phantoms         Nguyen, 11th, 8.15. Beam: Book, 1st, 9.2;           first overtime Riley Draa stopped a Spartan
(1) vs Spartans (0) Offensive Players: Jose E      Kudelka, t 2nd, 9.05; Nguyen, 5th, 8.7;             on the goal line and caused a fumble which
Chavarria, Jose A Chavarria, Mighty Sharks;        Smith, 7th, 8.375; Garakani, t 8th, 8.35;           was recovered by Rosas. During the second
Jacob Brisco, James Wilker, Stealth; Jacob         Bagot, 10th, 8.225; Leone, 11th, 8.1; Morgin,       overtime, Rardon had a sack and recovered a
Levithrick, Austin Youk, Llewelyn Slone,           16th, 7.15. Floor: Bagot, 2nd, 8.925; Nguyen,       fumble. During the last overtime, Ben
Phantoms; Sterling, Luke, Spartans Defen-          3rd, 8.85; Morgin, 4th, 8.825; Kudelka, t           Sawyer intercepted a pass. The defense was
sive Players: Tito Quihuis, Cory Hero,             5th, 8.8; Smith, t 5th, 8.8; Leone, 10th,           led by Rosas, Rardon, Castillo, Sawyer,
Mighty Sharks; Kiven Amaral, Stealth;              8.375; Garakani, t 11th, 8.35; Book, 15th,          Draa, Sturgill, Kyle Campiotti, Joey
Spencer Saing, Klayton Brauer, Keegan              7.7. All-around: Kudelka, 1st, 35.975; Smith,       Gonzales, Jake Bohland, Marshall Peters,
Garlick, Phantoms; Victor, Brandon, Spar-          4th, 35.375; Bagot, 5th, 35.25; Nguyen, 6th,        Kevin Kutchera, and Jordan Brooking.
tans Goals & Assists: Jose A Chavarria (2),        34.875; Book, 7th, 34.775; Morgin, 10th,                  The LYF Gladiators had a rough start to
Jose E Chavarria (1), Anthony Perryman (2),        33.925; Leone, 11th, 33.85; Garakani, 12th,         the 2007 season on Saturday. The West
Mighty Sharks; Jacob Levithick (1) Bobby           33.5.                                               County Spartans came out strong at home and
Griffin (A), Phantoms Game Summary &                    Level 4 Age Group: Older: Vault: Natalie       gave the Gladiators all they could handle.
Highlights: Phantoms gained an early lead          Mauch, 4th, 9.1; Kirsten Trout, 12th, 8.75.         Although the offense stalled, Marquis Pruitt
and then the awesome defense on both teams         Bars: Mauch, t 9th, 8.05; Trout, t 9th. Beam:       was still able to break free for a score and
took control. Llewlyn Slone had a great            Trout, t 3rd, 8.65; Mauch, 12th, 8.125.             Christian Garcia came up with an interception
performance as Phantom goalkeeper. Solid           Floor: Trout, t 3rd, 8.6; Mauch, 10th, 8.25.        on defense. Equally impressive defensive
soccer skills from everyone in a tight compe-      All-around: Trout, 6th, 34.050; Mauch,              plays from Garrett Hart, Zach Patterson,
tition from start to finish.                       10th, 33.525.                                       Karter Daniels and Aezon Fernandez kept the
     Under-14 Boys Division 4 Teams:                                                                   game competitive.
Arsenal (5) vs Samba (1) Offensive Players:
Zach Swinford, Arsenal; Jorge Robles, Eric
Cortez, Samba Defensive Players: Devin
                                                   Phantom Softball                                    Gymfinity Gymnastics
                                                       2008 Registration is open for all divi-
Rodriguez, Arsenal; Kyle Cairel, Samba             sions in the Pleasanton Phantom Girls Soft-           The level 4,5 and 6 teams from Gymfinity
Goals & Assists: Daniel Replogle (3), Sam          ball League. All girls living in Pleasanton,        Gymnastics competed at the American Pride
Burnett (2), Scott Gragg (1), Arsenal;
Alexander Cairel (1), Samba Game Summary
& Highlights: Great sportsmanship shown
by both teams.
     Under-9 Boys Division 1 Teams: Liv-
ermore Cougars (4) vs Concord Azzuri (2)
Offensive Players: Defensive Players: Kyle
Wright (GK), Jacob Murdoch, Shane Cassels,
Cougars Goals & Assists: Jason Campbell
(1), Jacob Dremalas (1), Jakob Veilleux (A),
Chase Madrid (2), Cougars. The Livermore
Elite Cougars battled hard to come back and
defeat the Concord Azzuri 4-2. In the first half
PAGE 8 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

College Fair                               Unitarian President Speaks                      Lockie lives at the Parkview, as
                                                                                       does her sister, Grace Dale. In her
                                                                                                                                   Drive, and the Fairfield event will be
                                                                                                                                   held on September 20th at the Solano
                                                                                                                                                                                  The day’s activities will run from
                                                                                                                                                                              2:00 - 9:00 PM and include festival
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The wines originate mainly from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Corbett’s Del Arroyo Vineyards in
    The Tri Valley College Fair, will be       The Rev. William G. Sinkford,           younger years, Ms. Lockie was an            County Office of Education, 5100 Busi-     games, a raffle, silent and live auctions,   Livermore. In all, Crooked Vine and
held at Granada High School, 400 Wall      President of the Unitarian Universalist     accomplished artist and enjoyed trav-       ness Center Drive. All events are from     German music concert from 3:15 -             Stony Ridge earned 27 wine competi-
St., Livermore, CA, on September 20,       Association (UUA) will speak at two         eling. Currently she says that she enjoys   7 PM to 9 PM.                              4:00 PM in the church, and live music        tion awards this season.
in the Main Gym from 6:30 pm to 8:30       services on Sunday, September 16, at        the fact that she is able to get up every       The U.S. military academies offer      by the Edelweiss German Band (5:00 -             Corbett will also offer bottles of
pm                                         the UU Church in Livermore. Rever-          morning. "At this age, you can't be too     an esteemed educational opportunity        9:00 PM). Through the afternoon              Crooked Vine’s estate-bottled, Cali-
    Approximately 100 schools will be      end Sinkford is in the Bay Area to kick     picky about what you enjoy because it's     for young men and women. Accepted          German bratwursts, wieners, and pret-        fornia-certified, extra-virgin olive oil
represented. The event will be open to     off an area-wide media campaign to          an enjoyable day every day that you're      students receive a free 4-year univer-     zels will be sold along with refreshing      on Sep. 15. “Guests on Sep. 15 will
parents and students from Amador           publicize the Unitarian Universalist        alive and kicking." She also enjoys         sity education, room and board, medi-      beverages.                                   have the opportunity to sample some of
Valley High School, Dublin High            denomination and will speak at the          attending the entertainment and classes     cal and dental coverage and a stipend          Advanced ticket purchase is re-          the best wine offered in the Valley and
School, Foothill High School, Granada      Livermore church, which recently cel-       offered at the Parkview and reportedly      in exchange for a 5-year military ser-     quired for the German Dinner, pre-           try our olive oil that is produced with
High School and Livermore High,            ebrated its 50th anniversary.               can still hold her own in political dis-    vice commitment at graduation. Last        pared by Morganti’s Catering, and            the same passion,” Corbett said. More
Valley, Venture and Village High               Reverend Sinkford, 61, was elected      cussions.                                   year, 24 students recommended by           served from 5:00 - 7:00 PM. German           information is available by calling
Schools.                                   as the seventh President of the denomi-         Family and friends will host a party    Rep. Tauscher for a service academy        Dinner tickets are $18 each and can be       925-371-8156           or      visiting
    For further information please call    nation in 2001. Sinkford’s presidency       in her honor.                               were accepted into West Point, An-         purchased by calling 447-9739. A   
Mrs. Kathy Schults, Granada High           has been distinguished by his social                                                    napolis or the Air Force Academy.          hotdog meal ticket is also available for
School, (925) 606-4783.                    justice work, particularly his efforts to                                                   Interested students and family mem-    $5 for those young and old with less
                                           defend oppressed peoples. He is an          Historic Garage Open                        bers are welcome to attend the 2007        sophisticated palates. All meal tickets      Day on the Glen
                                           outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, a          The historic 1915 Duarte Garage,                                                                                                    Dublin will present Day on the Glen
Seeds for Trees                            nationally recognized champion of           located on the old “Lincoln Highway,”
                                                                                                                                   Academy Nights and meet with staff
                                                                                                                                   members from the Congressional of-
                                                                                                                                                                              need to be purchased by Wed. Sept. 19,
                                                                                                                                                                              2007.                                        on Sept. 15 and 16 at Emerald Glen
    Seeds for Trees is a program planned   equal marriage rights for same-sex          will be open on Sunday, September 16,       fices. Representatives from four of the        Mass will be celebrated early on         Park.
for Sat., Sept. 22 in Sycamore Grove       couples, and a passionate advocate for      from 10 am – 2 pm.                          academies will also be present to an-      Saturday at 4:00 PM instead of 5:30 PM           The festivities will take place be-
Park. Meet Ranger Darren Segur at the      the people of Darfur. Under Sinkford’s          The Duarte Garage is located on the     swer questions and provide additional      to allow those attending to join in the      tween 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday
nature area entrance at 10 a.m.            leadership, the UUA became the first        corner of Portola and L St. in Liver-       information about the application pro-     Oktoberfest festivities.                     and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. There
    The flora of Sycamore Grove is         national denomination to join the New       more. The public is invited to visit the    cess. Congresswoman Tauscher’s dead-                                                    will be a fireworks display on Saturday
getting heavy with seed. Help out the      Sanctuary Movement, and last year the       garage and view memorabilia of a                                                                                                    evening at approximately 9:10 p.m.
park in collecting some of that seed for   denomination formally voted to work         bygone era: collection of California
                                                                                                                                   line for receipt of a student’s applica-
                                                                                                                                   tion to any of the academies is Novem-
                                                                                                                                                                              Four New Wines                               Prior to the fireworks, featured per-
the coming year’s planting projects -      to combat global climate change.            license plates, old photos, a 1920’s        ber 1, 2007. For more information              Winery and vineyard owner Rick           formers Garrat Wilkin and the
acorns, buckeyes, walnuts, grass seed          He has been a staunch defender of       office and shop area that includes a        regarding Congresswoman Tauscher’s         Corbett will introduce four new wines,       Parrotheads will entertain the crowd.
and more. We will harvest what we find     religious pluralism and church-state        grease pit, “Flying A” display, 3 vin-      Academy Program, contact Field Rep-        two each from Crooked Vine and Stony             Activities during the day will in-
(and enjoy a couple of hours in the best   separation. Sinkford and his wife Maria     tage Fire Trucks (Ford Model “T”,           resentative Remy Goldsmith at (925)        Ridge, during a Release Party on Sep.        clude a petting zoo, clowns, magicians,
part of the park). Bring gloves if you     live in Boston. He is the father of Bill,   1920 Seagrave, 1944 Mack).                  757-7187.                                  15 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Crooked      skateboard competition, pony rides,
have them (we have some to share),         25 and Danielle, 22 and stepfather to           In addition, books such as “The                                                    Vine tasting room at 4948 Tesla Road         carnival midway, children's entertain-
water, long pants and shoes for going      Frederic, 25, and Josie, 18.                Lincoln Highway: Calif. V. 6” as well                                                  in Livermore. The event is open to the       ment, a tot lot, interactive animal activi-
off trail.                                     Services on Sunday, September 16th      as other photographic vintage car books     Oktoberfest Festival                       public.                                      ties, food court, ValleyZoo Tourna-
    Participants may call (925) 960-       will be held at 9:00 A.M and 11:00          will be available for purchase. The             The community is invited to a fun          Crooked Vine will debut a 2004           ment, fire truck display, police depart-
2400 for more information. The pro-        A.M. All are welcome. Child care will       Livermore Heritage Guild sponsors the       day with a German twist - the              Syrah and a special 50-50 blend of a         ment booth and display and much
gram is presented by the Livermore         be provided during both services. The       Duarte Garage. There is no charge for       Oktoberfest Family Festival held on        2006 Chardonnay and 2006 Viognier            more. Local entertainers will be fea-
Area Recreation and Park District.         UU Church in Livermore is located at        admission; donations are appreciated.       Sat., Sept. 22 at St. Charles Borromeo     called a Charve‘. This is believed to be     tured on the community stage.
                                           1893 North Vasco Road. For more             For more information call (925) 443-        Catholic Church, 1315 Lomitas Av-          the first wine to be called Charve‘.             There is no admission charge. Some
                                           information about Reverend Sinkford                                                                                                    On the same day, Stony Ridge will
BBQ & Stargazing                           and the Unitarian Universalists, please
                                                                                       9740.                                       enue, Livermore (near the corner of
                                                                                                                                   Holmes St. and Concannon Blvd.).           introduce a 2002 Petite Sirah and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           activities charge a fee. For information,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           call 556-4500.
    Save Mount Diablo will host a fun      visit               or                                                                                          2006 Orobianco.
family event on Sat., Sept. 15 from 6 to                              Money for Shoes
9 p.m. at Chaparral Spring, 10030
Marsh Creek Rd., Clayton. It will be a
                                           Granada Native Gardens
                                                                                           The Elena Macias Foundation will
                                                                                       be the beneficiary of the 4th Annual        Picnic Celebrates Valley Humane Society Anniversary
BBQ and Stargazing, interpreted by St.                                                 Mexican Fiesta fundraiser on Satur-
Mary’s College professor of Astronomy          Volunteers are needed to work at        day, September 29, 6-11 p.m.                    Picnic 4 Pets will be a celebra-            Special guest will be Mayor             they can be permanently placed
Ron Olowin.                                and celebrate Granada Native Gardens            The event will be held at the Veter-    tion of the Valley Humane                  Jennifer Hosterman, from the City            in loving homes. Programs in-
    A short hike into the Chaparral        on Sat. Sept 15 from 9am -1pm.              ans Memorial Building, 525 South L          Society’s 20th Anniversary.                of Pleasanton as well as the Liv-
Spring property leads to a natural             There will be a dedication of the       Street, Livermore.                                                                                                                  clude dog and cat adoption, Just
“amphitheatre,” perfect for a BBQ pic-     rebuilt outdoor displays that were van-         The evening includes dinner, ca-            An afternoon of BBQ, refresh-          ermore Pleasanton Fire Dept. and             Like New Fund, Revive-a-Pet
nic and gazing up at the stars. Follow-    dalized Oct. 2006. With the help of         tered and donated by Rodeo’s of San         ments, carnival games and raffles          the Pleasanton Police Dept.                  animal resuscitation masks, com-
ing the BBQ, Save Mount Diablo staff       $5000 from General Electric’s gold          Diego. There will be a silent auction,      will take place on Sept. 23 from               Tickets are $25 for adults and           munity outreach, Paws to Read
and board members will lead an op-         funds, these displays and mosaic tables     raffles, folkloric dancers and more.        noon to 5 p.m. This will be an             $10 for children 12 and under.
tional, short hike through the oak tree    have been restored. The dedication will         The money raised goes to buy shoes                                                                                              library literacy program, Pet
groves and meadows of Chaparral            be around noon, please bring a potluck      for the kids of Agua Verde, Sinaloa,        event for the entire family, in-               The festivities will be held at          Therapy, Hope Hospice collabo-
Spring. This property was acquired by      lunch to share.                             Mexico                                      cluding the family dog. The day            the Valley Humane Society, 3670              ration, Keeler’s Kids Humane
Save Mount Diablo in 1994 and is not           At 9 a.m. volunteers will water the         The purchase tickets or for infor-      will feature contests including            Nevada Street, Pleasanton.                   Education Program, Animeals,
yet open to the public. After the hike,    gardens for the last time this year, as     mation                go              to    Best Trick, Best Beggar, Cutest,               For tickets, call Valley Hu-
Ron Olowin, Professor of Astronomy         well as trim the grasses and some bushes.                                                                                                              and Critter Camp.
at Saint Mary’s College, will use a high       The Gardens are located in Liver-                                                   and Doggie Idol.                           mane Society at 426-8656.
powered laser to make the night sky his    more, on Murrieta Blvd, one block                                                           Food will be provided by                      The Valley Humane
chalkboard.                                south of Stanley Blvd. Park at the Nob      Backpack Awareness                          Back 40 Texas BBQ. The event               Society(VHS), founded in 1987,
    Bring flashlights, warm clothing
and a picnic blanket. There is a $5
                                           Hill shopping center. Community ser-
                                           vice credits can be given for high
                                                                                           The Pleasanton PTA Wellness Com-
                                                                                       mittee is partnering with the American
                                                                                                                                   is co-sponsored by SuperFranks             is a no-kill, non-profit organiza-           Opportunity to
                                                                                                                                   Fun Adventures of Pleasanton.              tion dedicated to ensuring the
donation per person. RSVP required
                                           school students. Please RSVP to me at
                                                                                       Occupational Therapy Association
                                                                                       (AOTA) to conduct a backpack aware-         The event will include carnival            humane treatment of animals in               Recycle e-waste
or call (925) 947-3535. Directions:                                                    ness day on September 19th to educate       games, face painting, balloons,            Danville, Dublin, Livermore,                    On Saturday, September 15,
Chaparral Spring is located at 10030                                                   children, parents, and the community        henna tattoos, a 21-foot high in-          Pleasanton, San Ramon and sur-
Marsh Creek Rd, east of Clayton. The       100th Birthday                              about the serious health effects on                                                                                                 and Sunday, September 16, ASL,
entrance gate is on the left, 2.2 miles       The 100th birthday of Ruth Lockie        children from backpacks that are too        flatable slide, doggie Olympics,           rounding areas. VHS provides for             Northern California’s largest e-
past Regency Dr.                           will be celebrated Sept. 13 at the          heavy or worn improperly. This local        wine and beer garden, music and            a safe and nurturing environment             waste recycler, is partnering with
                                           Parkview Assisted Living and Memory         event is part of National School Back-      raffle prizes.                             for homeless dogs and cats until             Wal-Mart to hold free electron-
                                           Care in Pleasanton.                         pack Awareness Day, being held in
                                                                                       schools and community centers across                                                                                                ics waste drop off event at the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Livermore Wal-Mart store lo-
                                                                                       the country.
                                                                                           There will be a Backpack Aware-         UNCLE Celebrates 50th Anniversary                                                       cated at 2700 Las Positas Road.
                                                                                       ness Day “Weigh-In” of K through                                                                                                    The drop-off event will run from
                                                                                       12th grade students and their back-             UNCLE Credit Union is cel-             its name in the 1970’s. Begin-
                                                                                       packs to illustrate the amount of weight    ebrating its 50th Anniversary this         ning with 320 members in 1957,               10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day
Elva Dolores Whitten                       He was an Alameda County Court              that school children are carrying on        week.                                      UNCLE now serves well over                      Residents can drop-off items
   Elva Whitten entered into rest          Clerk and also dedicated many               their backs to and from school each             UNCLE is celebrating by of-            31,000 members.                              such as:
on September 1, 2007. She was              years as a Southern Pacific Rail-           day. Volunteers will weigh backpack-
                                                                                                                                   fering qualified existing and new              UNCLE has branches in                       Computers, computer moni-
84.                                                                                    wearing students arriving at the Pleas-
                                           road Clerk. He loved spending               anton Public Library.                       members special offers on auto             Pleasanton, Livermore, at the                tors, laptops, keyboards, printers,
   She was born Feb. 10, 1923              time with his family. William was               More than 7,000 children end up in      and signature loan rates and Cer-          Lawrence Livermore National                  televisions, cables/cords, VCRs,
and lived most of her live in Oak-         a member of St. Augustine Catho-            emergency rooms each year suffering         tificate of Deposit rates. Prizes          Laboratory and in Tracy. For de-             power supplies, stereo equip-
land, moving to Livermore in               lic Church, St. Vincent de Paul,            injuries from backpacks and book bags.
                                                                                                                                   and special events will also take          tails regarding the 50th Anniver-            ment, disk drives, and cell
1967.                                                                                      Ruth Loewenhardt, CEO Elegant
                                           YMI and the Elks.                           Ergonomics, PTA Wellness Commit-            place throughout the week.                 sary celebration, members of the             phones.
   Elva is survived by sons and                He is survived by his wife of           tee Member Ruth Loewenhardt, is an               A ribbon cutting will take            community can call UNCLE                        For additional information
daughters-in-law Richard and               69 years, Lorraine Hansen of                expert on school ergonomics and the         place Friday, September 14 at              Credit Union at (925) 447-5001               and directions to the locations
Irene Hoffman of Livermore and             Pleasanton, son Tom of Pleasan-             healthy growth and development of
                                                                                                                                   UNCLE’s Main Branch located                ext. 83 or visit            visit:
George and Michelle Powers of                                                          school-age children, will be coordinat-
                                           ton, daughter Judy Parro of Pleas-          ing the “weigh-in” activities at the        at 2100 Las Positas Court in Liv-
Paradise, eleven grandchildren             anton, brothers, Robert Hansen              Pleasanton Public Library and will be       ermore. Refreshments will be
and seven great grandchildren              of Pleasanton and Jack Hansen               available to answer questions.              served throughout the day on Fri-
and many nieces and nephews.               of Patterson. He also leaves be-                                                        day at all four branch locations.
She loved spending time with               hind seven grandchildren thirteen           Academy Information                             Founded in 1957 and initially
her grandchildren.                         great grandchildren, and many                   Rep. Ellen Tauscher, along with her     named the Radiation Lab Liver-
   Graveside services were held            nieces and nephews.                         colleagues Reps. George Miller (D-          more Credit Union, UNCLE
Monday at Holy Sepulchre in                                                            Martinez) and Jerry McNerney (D-
                                               A Memorial Mass will be cel-            Pleasanton), will be hosting Military       Credit Union got its start serving
Hayward.                                   ebrated at 10:30 a.m. on Sat.,              Academy Information Nights in Pleas-        the employees of the Lab known
   Arrangements by Callaghan               Sept. 15 at St. Elizabeth Seton             anton, Pleasant Hill and Fairfield dur-     today as Lawrence Livermore Na-
Mortuary.                                  Catholic        Church,      4001           ing three evenings this month.              tional Laboratory.
                                                                                           The Pleasanton event will be held
                                           Stoneridge Dr., Pleasanton.                 September 13th at Amador Valley High            The name was changed to
Mary C. Lahmon                                 In lieu of flowers, the family          School, 1155 Santa Rita Road. The           UNCLE (University of California
    Mary C. Lahmon died Sep-               is requesting donations in his              Pleasant Hill Event will be held Sep-       Livermore Employees) around
tember 5, 2007 in Pleasanton.              memory be made to Hope Hos-                 tember 19th at the Pleasant Hill Com-       the same time the Lab changed
She was 83.                                                                            munity Center located at 320 Civic
                                           pice, 6500 Dublin Blvd., Suite
    She was born June 9, 1924 in           100, Dublin, CA 94588.
Durango, CO to Frank and                       Arrangements by Graham-
Alfonsa Maestas. Mary was a                Hitch Mortuary.
long time resident of Livermore.
She enjoyed being a homemaker              Albert Manuel Dais Sr.
and her television stories.                   Albert Manuel Dias Sr. died
    She is survived by her chil-           September 7, 2007 at the age of
dren, Linda Stevens of Liver-              91. He was a longtime resident
more, Mary (Chuck) O’Neil of               of Livermore and Oakdale. He
Illinois; a sister, Jane Maestas of        spent his whole life as a rancher.
Livermore, grandchildren Leslie               He took great pride in train-
(Michelle) Stevens, Justin                 ing both stock horses and cattle
(Heather) O’Neil, Cindy (Jeff)             dogs. He enjoyed hunting, fish-
Good, Sandra (Bill) Damon,                 ing and camping, along with
great-grandchildren, Samantha,             spending time with his family.
Jessica, Jackie, Jenna and Chloe,             Albert is survived by sons
and a nephew, Gene Maestas of              Albert JR. and Clifford Dias with
Livermore.                                 respective daughters-in-law Bar-
    A chapel blessing service was          bara and Patrice, five grandchil-
held September 11 in Livermore.            dren and six great grandchildren,
Burial followed at St. Michael’s           as well as a sister, Nora Silva of
Cemetery in Livermore.                     Modesto. He was preceded in
    Arrangements by Callaghan              death by his wife, Thelma Dias.
Mortuary.                                  He will be greatly missed.
                                              Visitation will be 6 to 8 p.m.
William J. Hansen                          with vigil at 7 p.m. on Thurs.,
   William J. Hansen died August           Sept. 13 at Callaghan Mortuary,
31, 2007 at his home in Pleasan-           3833 East Ave., Livermore.
ton. He was 94.                            Graveside services will be at 11
   William was born in Oakland,            a.m. on Fri., Sept. 14 at St.
CA on Feb. 18, 1913. He made               Michael’s Catholic Cemetery,
his home in Alameda County his             3885 East Ave., Livermore.
entire life, 60 years in Oakland,             In lieu of flowers, contribu-
raising his family and enjoying            tions in Albert’s name can be
the past 34 years in Pleasanton.           made to a charity of choice.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 - PAGE 9

                  Hot Stuff: Summer Toasts Us But Good With Her Version of “Cheers!”
By Laura Ness                                       ing they’d had the day to pick                     reflecting rich and raspberry note               tion for an afternoon of                            Zin. Lots of people, kids in tow,                 pretty developed, and it was col-
    Thank goodness for breezes                      grapes instead of entertaining                     of Pinot Noir, and the Cuvee                     winetasting and of course, shop-                    enjoyed picnics in the grass,                     lecting lots of dust from all the
and mister fans. Summer de-                         bunches of semi-toasted                            (café) Rouge, as bright and ruby                 ping.                                               feasting on the Palm Kitchen’s                    traffic. Have you seen the view
cided to show up ready to sizzle                    limoloads of heat-struck festival                  as its name suggests, brimming                      All the wineries surveyed re-                    grilled chicken sandwiches, as                    from here? Quintessential Liver-
at the 26th Annual Livermore                        goers. They were anxiously                         with the brilliance and exuber-                  ported both strong attendance                       they grooved to Pan Exstacy’s                     more. There was quite a throng
Wine Harvest Celebration. The                       watching the sugar levels even                     ance of strawberries and guava,                  and strong sales for the festival:                  decidedly world-beat music.                       drinking it all in, with a rockin’
theme was “Cheers.” Guests                          as they sated their guests with                    from none other than Grenache                    with over 40 outlets selling tick-                  Great sound!                                      band and lots of burgers on the
were encouraged to toast their                      pour after pour of fine Livermore                  and Syrah.                                       ets. Chris Chandler, Executive                         Over at Retzlaff Estate Win-                   grill. They had a drawing for a
favorite winery in another lan-                     libations.                                            Les Chenes was also pouring                   Director of the Winegrower’s As-                    ery, the grass felt long and cool                 magnum of Lucchesi Cabernet,
guage. Mother Nature’s lan-                            There were lots of new ven-                     at Campo di Bocce. The 2003                      sociation, wasn’t able to give me                   between the toes. The enormous                    so hopefully one of you reading
guage was pronounced Celsius.                       ues and wineries to investigate,                   Syrah, done in all neutral French                any figures on attendance or                        stands of pepper trees kept things                this got lucky, because it wasn’t
With temps over the century                         so there was no shortage of new                    oak, was tasting pretty darned                   ticket sales, but it felt like a good               as comfortable and shady as they                  me. Inside the tasting room, the
mark, people walking from place                     wines and personalities to dis-                    good, even though you could                      crowd, although lighter on Mon-                     could be. The breeze here, as al-                 A/C was huffing and puffing to
to place were way fewer than last                   cover. One of the most fun dis-                    scarcely call plus 100 degree                    day than the previous year.                         ways, had that perfect hint of                    keep pace with the rave-like
year. The shuttle buses seemed                      coveries was Battaion Cellars,                     temps heavy red weather.                            Nick Nardolillo of White                         chill to it. Gloria and Bob are                   crowd.
to be in high demand. Lots more                     Livermore’s first house of fine                    Candice and Richard Dixon were                   Crane was doing a banner busi-                      blessed, indeed. They had                             Speaking of views, at The
limos than last year as well:                       sparkling wine. They were pour-                    really stoked about the festival.                ness in wine and apparel. His                       bunches of freshly-picked estate                  Wood Family Winery, they were
probably a darned good thing.                       ing at Campo di Bocce, a very                      “We had nothing but a positive                   very cute tank top with the word                    fruit available to sample: the                    prepared for a hot crowd on a hot
It’s hard to make a dent in the                     nice addition to the mix of host-                  experience. The people at Campo                  WINERACK prominently em-                            Sauv Blanc and Chard were very                    day, with all pouring stations
number of wineries that beckon                      ing venues for this year’s festi-                  di Bocce couldn’t have been                      blazoned across the front, was                      near ripe. The Merlot and                         strategically located in the shade,
with all temptations. It’s even                     val: and a very fine venue for any                 nicer and their staff more help-                 meeting with very brisk sales.                      Cabernet were following in close                  and misters on the lawn. Inside
harder to try and access them,                      event. The atmosphere was very                     ful. The venue was perfect. Ev-                  Give him two points for market-                     pursuit of the crusher. Bob said                  the winery, wine lovers were
preferred routes and all, by car.                   conducive to a party on the wel-                   eryone was in a party mood, lis-                 ing.                                                he thought it would be the earli-                 treated to Rhonda’s most excel-
This was the year of the                            coming side of warm. Sparkling                     tening and dancing to the music                     Mitch Katz at the Mitchell                       est and most compact harvest in                   lent 2005 McGrail Cabernet and
LimoScene. Big ones. Stretched                      certainly hit the spot on such a                   of their great bands, enjoying                   Katz Winery was ready for a                         years. Gloria joked they could                    Hansen Vineyard Zinfandel,
to the max, and looking for all                     day. Winemaker Dustin Battaion                     great food and tasting great                     crowd with designated pouring                       finally take a vacation! The se-                  along with Rhonda’s very own
the world like some portion of                      had a mister bottle in hand to                     wines. What more could we ask                    stations for each wine. Despite                     lection of vendors here was first                 olive oil. As usual, all the Woods
the Stanford Linear Accelerator                     complement the facility’s over-                    for? We are looking forward to                   the prominent and very clear                        rate, and included freshly canned                 came out of the woodwork to pour
that hijacked wheels and es-                        worked mister system.                                                                               signage, attendees seemed to not                    vegetables, pickles and relishes,                 another fine lineup of wines
                                                                                                       next years Harvest Festival to                                                                                                                         among the signature collection
caped for the weekend. They                            Although none of the wines                      showcase our newest signature                    comprehend simple English:                          not to mention olive oils and an
were omnipresent, like fruit flies                                                                                                                                                                          assortment of jewelry. Making                     of woodies. Said Rhonda, “Once
                                                    currently offered for sale are made                wine, Deux Blanc along with our                  what does “Please Step Back                                                                           again we had ‘toe bling’ going
at harvest.                                         of locally grown fruit, that will                  new Deux Rouge.” We’ll be                        From the Bar: Make Way For Oth-                     the most of the stage, Second                     on here at Wood Family Vine-
    Speaking of harvest, some                       change for some yet to be deter-                   looking forward to those two de-                 ers!” mean to you? Regardless, it                   Nature had people dancing and                     yards. Many of the volunteers
wineries had already started the                    mined subsequent vintage. They                     lightful duets.                                  was controlled mayhem. The                          swaying with their very jazzy                     painted their toes to match our
process, and had to take time out                   said they’d recently harvested                        At Blacksmith Square, they                    crowd seemed to be in a buying                      mix of strong vocals and tightly                  tie-dyed shirts! We really had a
to handle the crowds. These                         some Livermore ‘07 Pinot for an                    really poured it on with more                    mood. The Sangiovese and Zin                        knit instrumentation. Like Bob’s                  blast here as we always do. It’s
were wineries like Steven Kent                      upcoming Blanc de Noir. The                        wineries than ever, including                    were racking up sales, and the                      2001 Blend (85% Cab, 15%                          like putting on our own party!”
and Cedar Mountain who start                        current vintages are quite a won-                  John Christopher Cellars, Hidden                 Pinot Grigio was tasting quite                      Merlot), their sound was a per-                       Pretty much that sums up
the process early with                              derful fruit spread, with the Brut                 Creek, Thomas Coyne, Retzlaff                    fine. Everyone was swooning                         fect blend of substance and style.                Cheers! 2007. It was 30-some pri-
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot                           yielding dry and brioche-yeasty                    and Red Skye. This little gem of                 over the Zinfandel ice cream:                          At Page Mill Winery, the es-                   vate parties on a very public
Noir. Some were probably wish-                      Chardonnay, the Blanc de Noir                      a spot is turning into a destina-                what a perfect way to consume                       tate Petite Sirah fruit was tasting               scale.

     Organizations wishing to run notices in        Fridays 7:30-9:00pm, also at the Valley            of Women Voters begins its fall schedule         courtyard to enjoy the lyrical harp music of             Tri-Valley Holistic Moms Network,            services at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.. Information
Bulletin Board, send information to PO              School of Dance Theater. Please contact            with a hot topic at a luncheon meeting on        Destiny, “Harpist from the Hood”; hear guest        Group is new to the area and will be holding      447-8747.
Box 1198, Livermore, CA 94551, in care of           Sheena MacQueen (447-1833) or Michael              Friday, September 28 at the Girasole Grill,      speakers from Wardrobe of Opportunity and           their first meeting on Monday, September               Yom Kippur, Tri-Valley Cultural Jews
Bulletin Board. Include name of organiza-           Gregg (413-3633) for more information.             3180 Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton. The            enjoy refreshments donated by Olivina and           17, at CrossWinds Church located at 6444          holds Secular Humanistic Jewish observance
tion, meeting date, time, place and theme or             Cultural Care Au Pair is hosting an           speaker is Dave Macdonald, Alameda County        Wizard Winery of Livermore.                         Sierra Court in Dublin at 7PM. Regular            of Yom Kippur. Program of music, poetry
subject. Phone number and contact person            international potluck featuring dishes from at     Registrar of Voters. Macdonald is the person         Cowboy Express, Saturday, September             meetings will be held on the third Monday         and readings. No charge, but pportunities for
should also be included.                            least 10 countries, Sept. 23, 4 to 6 p.m. at Val   who will manage voting and how to count and      29, 6 to 8 p.m. starting at the Niles Canyon        of the month at the same time and location.       contributions to international, national and
     Picnic 4 Pets, Valley Humane Society           Vista Park, Pleasanton. All au pairs in the Tri-   verify the ballots given the last minute         Railway Station in Sunol. Train departs at          Children are welcome! Please visit                local charities. Sept. 22 at 2 p.m. TVCJ is
20th Anniversary features an afternoon of           Valley are invited to attend regardless of         restrictions announced by the Secretary of       6:30 p.m. and returns at 8 p.m., a roundtrip for further informa-         welcoming to singles and to non-traditional
BBQ, refreshments, carnival games, and              agency. RSVP            State. The social time begins at 11:30 a.m.;     from Sunol through Niles. Appetizers and a          tion.                                             and intermarried families. Tri-Valley Cul-
drawings on Sunday, September 23, from                   Bells Across America, The Josefa Higuera      lunch at noon and the speaker is at 12:30 p.m.   dessert will be provided in individual boxes             Livermore Community Blood Drive,             tural Jews, 1817 Sinclair Drive, Pleasanton,
noon to 5 p.m. Tickets are $25 for adults and       Livermore Chapter of the Daughters of the          Please make reservations as soon as possible.    for each rider. Beverages, including wine,          Sat., Sept. 29, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cedar        ,(925) 485-1049, Tri-
$10 for children 12 and under. The Valley           American Revolution (DAR) will participate         League members can use a form in the August      will be available for $5. There will also be        Grove Community Church, 2021 College    
Humane Society is located at 3670 Nevada            in the nationwide commemoration of the             newsletter or call Barbara Hempill at 846-       entertainment with musicians and singers            Ave., Livermore in the Lighthouse Room.                Tri-Valley Cultural Jews sukkah-rais-
Street in Pleasanton. For tickets, call Valley      220th anniversary of the signing of the Con-       9739 for information and menu choices.           during the 1 ½ hour ride. Tickets are $25,          For information and to sign up call, 447-         ing brunch potluck, a child-friendly activity.
Humane Society at 925-426-8656.                     stitution by ringing bells on Sept. 17 at 1 p.m.        Flea Market, Fraternal Order of Eagles,     including food and entertainment. Raffle            2351. An ID is required in order to give blood.   Sun., Sept. 23, 10:30 a.m. at a private home.
     Guerrilla Wars: Cuba, Vietnam, and             at the Asbury Methodist Church, 4743 East          Sat., Sept. 29, set-up 6 a.m., close 4 p.m.      tickets will be for sale for $5. Event and raffle        Giant Semi-Annual Sale, Kid’s Stuff:         The sukkah is the traditional harvest hut
Afghanistan, will be shown Sat., Sept. 22           Ave., Livermore. This will coincide with the       parking lot, 527 No. Livermore Ave. $15 for      tickets can be purchased by calling 925-461-        Twin Valley Mothers of Twins Club is              decorated with branches and fruit. TVCJ
at 7 p.m. at the IBEW Hall; 6250 Village            4 p.m. bell ringing in Philadelphia where the      a 15x15 space, $5 table rental. Sign up for      6401. Fundraising event is sponsored by             hosting our Children’s Clothing and Equip-        members and friends will erect and decorate
Parkway, Dublin. This film is from the              Constitution was written and first read to the     space at the Eagles Social Room or call 449-     Assistance League of Amador Valley to raise         ment consignment sale on Saturday Septem-         a sukkah and share brunch. Bring a dish for
Peabody and Emmy award winning series,              public on Sept. 17, 1787. Members of the           6281 or 449-5807.                                money to fund philanthropic activities and          ber 29, 9 a.m.-2:15 p.m. at the “Barn” in         8 to share, canned or packaged food for the
“People’s Century.” This film navigates the         public may bring a bell or bells will be                Instructors sought, Livermore Area          projects.                                           Livermore, 3131 Pacific Avenue. $1.00 per         Alameda County Food Bank, and, if you can,
viewer through the terrain of guerrilla war-        available for ringing. Please arrive by 12:45      Recreation and Park District seeks instructors       Volunteers needed to become                     person Entrance Fee. Participation is open to     a branch or fruit to decorate the sukkah. TVCJ
fare with insightful interviews and curiously       p.m.                                               to teach life enrichment and fun classes for     Bookleggers and present book programs to            the public! Unload all your outgrown, gently      is welcoming to singles and to non-tradi-
fresh footage of these events. Meet & greet              Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring              persons 55 and over for the Winter/Spring ’08    the school children of Pleasanton. Anyone           used children’s clothing, toys and equipment      tional and intermarried families. 485-1049,
begins at 6:30 p.m. and a short discussion          Club, Sat., Sept. 15, 25 miles to Sunol and        season. Classes can be of any length and range   interested in bringing together books, chil-        and make money in the process. For info e-                or     Tri-
follows the film. This is a non-partisan,           back, meet 9:30 a.m. at Shannon Center in          from exercise, language instruction, music       dren and libraries through community ser-           mail Rachel:
public event with an optional $3.00 dona-           Dublin, Liz Marcoux, 895-1295 and Glenn            appreciation, to adult care giving issues.       vice, is invited join the Pleasanton                Great bargains on Clothes, Strollers, Toys,            Tri-Valley Unity Church meets at the
tion, including refreshments. For more              LaFrank 408-887-5502. Sun., Sept. 16, 65           Please contact Eileen Cary at (925) 373-5769     Bookleggers. Training classes are set to begin      Videos, Pak n Plays, Layettes, Books, High        Radisson Hotel, 6680 Regional St., Dublin.
information, call 925-462-3459.                     miles Berkeley Hills loop, meet 9 a.m. at San      for more information and/or an instructor        Sept. 25 at 9:30 am at the Pleasanton Library.      Chairs, Swings, Gates, Cribs, outdoor toys        Sunday service and children’s school at 10
     Livermore Scottish Country Dancers             Ramon Central Park, Peter Rathmann, 828-           packet by September 13. Instructors with         The Booklegger Program is a literacy pro-           and more. For info on the sale go to http://      a.m. Ongoing classes and groups. All are
invite beginners to start attending classes         1973. Wed., Sept. 19, 35 miles from Novato         special skills in working with youth for         gram supported by the City of Pleasanton and                                   welcome. Rev. Mary Anne Harris, minister.
anytime this September and October. Learn           to the Petaluma Cheese Factory, meet 10 a.m.       general physical education classes, basket-      the Pleasanton Unified School District. For              RELIGION                                     Call (925) 829-2733 or visit
to dance lively jigs, driving reels, and            at Safeway in Novato, Barbara Wood, 707-           ball, soccer, baseball are also sought and can   more information about the Booklegger Pro-               Unitarian Universalist, 1893 N. Vasco
elegant strathspeys to the traditional and          745-6353. Anyone planning to go on a ride is       contact Michael Sa at (925) 373-5733 for         gram please call Chris Spitzel, Booklegger          Rd., Livermore. Special guest preacher, The
contemporary folk music of Scotland. Cost           asked to call the leader for details on where to   more information and/or an instructor packet.    Coordinator, at 925/931-3400 x26.                   Rev. Bill Sinkford, president of the UUA,
is $5 or less per session, first time free. Adult   meet and what to bring.                                 Wardrobe for Opportunity. Dona-
beginners class meets every Monday, 7:00                 Cycling Fair and Demo Day, Sat., Sept.        tions of men and women’s business-appro-
to 8:30 PM, at Oddfellows Hall, 2160 First          15, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. test ride more than 100       priate attire in good condition will be ac-
Street (second floor), Livermore. Children’s        road and mountain bikes. Cycling gear give-        cepted at the store, located at 520 Main St.,
class (ages 6 to 18) meets Sundays from 6:00        aways and raffle prizes. Pleasanton Ridge,         from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sept. 15. Donors
to 7:30 PM at the Valley School of Dance            Foothill Rd. staging area, Pleasanton. Free.       who purchase items at the store that day
Theater, 2247 Suite B Second Street, Liv-           For information, call Cyclepath, 485-3218.         receive a 10 percent discount. From 2 to 4
ermore. Family Class for all ages meets                  The Livermore-Amador Valley League            p.m., make your way back to the garden
PAGE 10 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

                                      Livermore Valley Charter School             Students are eligible through grade         val. Mon., Sept. 26 (full moon),
                                        Art Show, sampling of student art in      12. If not enrolled in high school, the     “Moonstruck.” The Cinema at Wente
                                        a variety of mediums and styles dis-      maximum age is 17. All instruments          Vineyards is presented in conjunc-
                                        played at the Livermore Library           will be considered. The purpose is to       tion with the restaurant at Wente
                                        Gallery, 1188 So. Livermore Ave.,         select two young musicians who will         Vineyards on Arroyo Road. For res-
                                        Sept. 1 to 30. An open reception with     perform as soloists with the sym-           ervations call (925) 456-2400 or
                                        refreshments will be held Thurs.,         phony on Feb. 9, 2008. Each winner/         online at
                                        Sept. 13, 6 to 7 p.m.                     soloist will be awarded $250. Com-        Author and Mountaineer Bob Madgic,
                                      Eugene O'Neill Festival in Danville,        pleted application forms must be            Shattered Air: A True Account, Half
                                        Outdoor gourmet dinner, musical           accompanied by a cassette tape, CD          Dome. Presentation at Livermore
                                        and dramatic performances at Tao          or DVD for preliminary screening            Library on Sept. 26, 7 p.m. 1188 So.
                                        House, a National Historic Site; in-      and a $5 fee. Application forms and         Livermore Ave. Information 373-
                                        troduction into the life and works of     additional information may be ob-           5505.
                                        O'Neill; discussions about the            tained at or           Livermore Heritage Guild, annual
                                        playwright's young and restless years     calling 447-1947.                           dinner, Sat., Sept. 29, 5:30 to 7:30
                                        by O'Neill scholars and authorities;    Jazz at the Ridge, Poppy Ridge Golf           p.m. at Lincoln Highway Duarte
                                        free screening of "The Iceman             Course, 4280 Greenville Rd., Liver-         Garage, Portola and L streets, Liver-
                                        Cometh." Presented by the Eugene          more. Every Thursday 6:30 to 8:30           more. Music, awards, fun. $20 per
                                        O'Neill Foundation and the National       p.m. Smooth jazz by Two Guys or             person. Reservations at 449-9927.
                                        Park Service. Sept. 21, 22, 23. De-       Opie Bellas and Jeff Massanar. Infor-       Visit
                                        tails               mation           456-8215            or   Arsenic and Old Lace, Pleasanton Play-
                                      Prometheus Symphony Orchestra,                        house, Sept. 21-Oct. 14. 8 p.m. Fri.
                                        Eric Hansen, conductor. Concert Oct.    Tuesday Tunes, June 5 to October 16,          and Sat., 2 p.m. Sun. Studio Theatre,
                                        7, 3 p.m. at St. Paul's Episcopal         Livermore Downtown Inc. Free live           1048 Serpentine Lane, Suite 309,
                                        Church, Montecita and Grand Ave.,         music at the Flagpole Plaza and the         Pleasanton.                462-2121.
                                        Oakland. Program: Beatrice and            Livermore Valley Plaza 5:00 pm -  
                                        Benedict Overture by Berloiz; Lieu-       8:00 pm Information: 925-373-1795         John Christopher Cellars Blacksmith
                                        tenant Kije Suite by Prokofiev, Sym-      or               Square events: Sept. 23 - Roger
                                        phony #41 by Nielsen. Admission is      Sunday Blues and BBQ from 4-8 pm              Kardinal plays live from 2-5 p.m.
                                        free. Donation requested.                 on the Patio, September 16 Annie            Purchase a bottle of JCC wine and
                                                                                                                                                                        Lee Waterman Latin Band performs.
   Cat in the Hat                     Auditions, open rehearsal night, Val-
                                        ley Concert Chorale, auditions are
                                                                                  Sampson.      Pleasanton Hotel, 855
                                                                                  Main St., Pleasanton, 925-846-8106.
                                                                                                                              enjoy live tunes and great wine out on
                                                                                                                              the courtyard. Winery open from 12-
                                        Sept. 17 and 24, 5 - 7pm. First         Blues on the Patio Thursdays 5:30-            5:30 p.m. at 25 South Livermore
  Exhibit Includes                      Presbyterian Church, Livermore 4th
                                        and L Streets Livermore. No admis-
                                                                                  9:30 pm: September 13 Nite Cry. No
                                                                                  cover charge. Pleasanton Hotel, 855
                                                                                                                              Ave, Suite 103, downtown Liver-
                                                                                                                              more.                                      Jazz Caliente at Pleasanton Library
 Special Readings                       sion       charge.       Information
                                                                                  Main St., Pleasanton, 925-846-8106.
                                                                                Diablo Light Opera Company, "Peter
                                                                                                                              Piano Recital, Saturday, September
                                                                                                                              29, 7:30 p.m. at Asbury United Meth-          “Jazz Caliente: The Lee Waterman Latin Band” performs at the
                                        925-866-4003. The Chorale is seek-        Pan," with special flying effects. 8        odist Church, 4743 East Avenue,           Pleasanton Library from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 16.
    From September 15 through           ing experience singers with sight-        p.m. on Sept. 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22,       Livermore. Annual recital co-spon-
September 30, Studio 7 Fine Arts        reading skills who enjoy singing          27, 28, 29; 2 p.m. Sept. 16, 22, 23,        sored by the Alameda County East
                                                                                                                                                                            From samba to mambo, bossa to bolero, and bebop-to Lee
will host a 50th Anniversary art        exciting and challenging music. To        29; 11 a.m. Sept. 20, 27. Tickets $17-      Branch of the Music Teachers' Asso-       Waterman’s original compositions, Jazz Caliente percolates with
exhibition in celebration of the        schedule an appointment, call (925)       38. Regional Center for the Arts,           ciation of California and Asbury.         West Coast Cool. The Lee Waterman Latin Band has performed all
                                        443-6815. On Monday, September            1601 Civic Dr., Walnut Creek. 943-          MTAC Young Artist Guild member            over the Bay Area at the biggest art and music festivals. Their most
significant and lasting impact of       17, the Chorale will hold an Open         7469;;          Ashley Hsu of Fremont, student of
one of Theodor Seuss Geisel’s           Rehearsal Night, when interested                               Hans Boepple of Santa Clara Univer-       recent CD “Jazz Caliente” reflects the strong Afro-Cuban and Bra-
most popular books, The Cat in          singers may join the rehearsal to       Bocce Ball & Italian Dinner Night:            sity, will perform Beethoven, Chopin      zilian influences in the group’s jazz-based music.
                                        experience singing with the Chorale.      Wednesdays: Sept. 19 The Foods of           and Ives. No charge for admission;            All of the band members are ensemble players and soloists. Their
the Hat. The book was written in        Rehearsal begins at 7:00 p.m. at the      Molise. Dinner served with three            refreshments served. Further infor-
1957. The Cat in the Hat has be-        church in Livermore.                      glasses of complimentary vineyard           mation: (925) 443-2514.                   repertoire includes many of Lee’s original compositions, as well as
come an international force in        Livermore Art Association, Pleas-           selection wine, event takes place on      Pleasanton Art League (PAL) mem-            his own arrangements of some of the great Latin and Jazz standards.
                                        anton Art League, meeting Mon.,           outdoor courts with patio seating.          bership show at the Lindsay Dirkx         They have been described by Dick Conti of KCSM & KKSF as “...a
helping children develop a life-        Sept. 17 at Almond Avenue School,         Cellar Master Wayne Re is Bocce             Brown Art Gallery inside the San
long love of reading.                   1401 Almond Avenue, Livermore,            Captain and coordinates instruction         Ramon Community Center Septem-            very tight band with excellent and original compositions.” And Lee
    This exhibition features a se-      and the meeting begins at 7:30.           and group play. Bring a group or            ber 1st through the 29th. A reception     Underwood, a nationally syndicated music critic states that Lee
                                        Guest artist is Lynn Slade, who cre-      come alone; all skill levels are wel-       will be held Saturday, September 8,       Waterman is “...a fine guitarist. I’ll be keeping my eye out and fol-
lection of new and rare limited         ates paintings using a combination        come. $34.95 person. Two seatings           from 3 to 5 p.m. The public is invited.
edition prints drawn from origi-        of watercolor and handmade rice           from 5:30-7pm. Garré Winery, 7986           12501 Alcosta Blvd., in San Ramon.        low his career.”
nal works residing in major col-        papers known as “Washi.” She works        Tesla Road, Livermore. 371.8200.          Livermore Art Association 50th an-              The band consists of Lee Waterman (guitarist, composer & pro-
                                        with this combination “to capture Reservations           niversary gala celebration on Sat.,       ducer), Melecio Magdaluyo (tenor and soprano sax, flute, clarinet &
lections including the Geisel           both the color and texture of my          required.                                   Sept. 15. Bothwell Arts Center, 2466
family private collection. Two          subjects.” She is able to create an     Vineyard Nights Summer Music and              8th St., Livermore from 6 to 10 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                        congas), Tommy Kesecker (vibraphone & percussion), Michael
commemorative “Cat in the Hat”          image that “has a depth and luminos-      Dinner Series: Fri., Sept. 21: “Rock        Show featuring art work by LAA            Wilcox (bass), & Dan Foltz (drum & percussion).
prints will be unveiled at the gal-     ity not usually gained solely with        and Pop in the Vineyards” With The          members. Hors d’oeuvres will be               All library programs are free and open to the public. No registra-
                                        watercolor.” She is represented by        Brandon Carroll Duo. Event takes            offered by Tommie’s Deli and wine         tion is required. For more information, please call Penny Johnson,
lery during the opening night of        Studio 7 in Pleasanton, and the Fine      place outdoors under the stars. In-         by John Christopher Cellars and Tho-
exhibition.                             Eye Gallery in Sutter Creek. The          door seating available. Reservations        mas Coyne Winery. Vested music            931-3405.
    Parents are invited to bring        public is invited to attend the meet-     strongly recommended. Seating from          will perform live music. Tickets are
                                        ing. There is no admission charge.        6-8pm; music until 9pm. Garré Win-          $15 per person. They can be pur-
children to Studio 7 on Sat., Sept.    Competition for Young Musicians,           ery, 7986 Tesla Road, Livermore.            chased at the LAA Gallery in the
15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for cup-      Livermore-Amador Symphony As-             371-8200,              Carnegie Building, 3rd and J Streets,
cakes and to participate in the         sociation 35th annual competition       Cinema at Wente Vineyards. Gates              Livermore. Tickets should be pur-
                                        application deadline is Sun., Oct. 7.     and Café open at 6:30 pm, the movie         chased by Sept. 8. For additional
Seuss-character coloring contest.       The competition is open to instru-        begins at twilight. Tickets for the         information, call 449-9927.
The winner’s picture will be pro-       mentalists and vocalists who reside       movie only are $9 adults and $5 ages      Pleasanton Heritage Festival, 10 a.m.
fessionally framed for free. Lo-        or attend school in Livermore, Sunol,     12 and under. Proceeds benefit The          to 5 p.m. Sept. 22 and 23. Features
                                        Pleasanton, Dublin, or San Ramon.         California Independent Film Festi-          200 high quality art and crafts, his-
cal personalities, including Tim
Hunt, former associate publisher
of the Tri-Valley Herald, and Joe
Alioto Veronese, Commissioner
of the San Francisco Police De-
                                                                     Hot Hit from ACLO
partment, will be giving readings     By Susan Steinberg                            Playing the dual roles of di-           three of Broadway’s wackiest
from The Cat in the Hat and The           Missing the sizzle of summer          vorced, still-sparring stars Lilli          characters. Ray Chavez plays a
Grinch Who Stole Christmas at         already? Catch the hot new re-            and Fred and their “Taming of               great send-up version of General
1, 2 and 3 p.m. All activities are    vival of “Kiss Me Kate” by                The Shrew” characters Kate and              Douglas MacArthur, and even
free.                                 Alameda Civic Light Opera, star-          Petruchio are the outstanding               gets to sing, march, and kick up
                                      ring Pleasanton’s Donna Rapa-             Lexie Lazear and Laurie De                  his heels hilariously to “From
                                      Olsen as chorus cutie Lois.                                                           This Moment On.”
    Readers and                           Other Valley locals dot the
                                                                                Seguraunt. She is the ultimate
                                                                                tempestuous diva and he her per-                Funniest and most endearing
  Listeners Invited                   production, especially in the or-
                                      chestra, which is capably con-
                                                                                fect foil as frustrated leading
                                                                                man, shoe-string producer, and
                                                                                                                            are Alex Shafer and Dale Murphy
                                                                                                                            as two Mob “enforcers” trying to
      To Studio                       ducted by multi-talented Liver-           jealous ex-husband. (No sur-                collect a gambling debt, by join-
                                      more-Amador Symphony vet-                 prise; he’s won eight Best Actor            ing the cast of “Shrew” on-stage.
    4th Street Studio invites writ-   eran Josh Cohen.                          awards and this looks like #9.)             These Shakespeare-spouting,
ers to read and listeners to listen       Music and lyrics by Cole Por-         Their feisty chemistry is imme-             pistol-packing ex-cons add a
at its monthly Saturday Salon on      ter are as show-stopping today            diately appealing, as are their             zany hysteria, as well as the sage
Sat., September 15th at 7:30 PM       as in the original 1948 produc-           rich operatic voices.                       advice to “Brush Up Your
at 4th Street Studio, 2235 Fourth     tion, which won 5 Tonys and                   Jeff Teague directs a sharp,            Shakespeare,” complete with
Street, in Livermore. Readers         starred a young Alfred Drake.             snappy script with many creative            klutzy softshoe routine. Their
have up to ten minutes to read.       The 2000 revival also netted 5            new touches, and also provides              many daffy encores (one at gun-
The public is welcome.                Tonys including Brian Stokes              amazing original choreography,              point) elicited increasingly en-
    This month’s salon is a Before    Mitchell’s Best Actor Award.              from the courtly wedding pavane             thusiastic applause from the au-
the Fall Kind of a Night: writ-           Like “Okalahoma” and “Car-            and suggestive grape-stomping               dience and this delighted critic.
ings that Arthur Miller might         ousel,” it has also been a big            scene to the steamy “It’s Too                   The stellar ACLO ensemble
read before he writes a play or       screen success with Howard Keel           Darned Hot.”                                makes a nearly three-hour show
that would prevent Eve from be-       and Katherine Grayson, and                    The longest extended dance              flash by, and is well worth the 40
coming a victim of serpenstance       added many unforgettable titles           sequence in Broadway history, it            minute drive to Alameda. From
or that would make a midsum-          to America’s classic show-tune            showcases the talents (and hard             highway 880, take the High
mer night’s dream come true.          list: “Wunderbar,” “So In Love,”          work) of ACLO’s always-impres-              Street exit ramp, turn left at High
    For more information, contact     “From This Moment On,” “Too               sive hoofers, and the effect is elec-       Street, across the bridge, then
Karen Hogan at 925 456-3100           Darn Hot,” and my special favor-          trifying.                                   right on Central to the stately old
or         by       email        at   ite,    “Brush       Up     Your              The hottest dancer-singer on            Alameda High School (2200          Shakespeare.”                             stage is Donna Rapa-Olsen, as               Central Ave.), with ample street
                                                                                the “been-around-but-still-ro-              parking and the surprise of a large
         Valley Dance Theatre to Benefit                                        mantic” Lois, who also plays                renovated theater.
                                                                                Kate’s sister Bianca. She swings                Remaining shows are Fridays
                from Gala Evening                                               from plaintive torch song “Why              and Saturdays, Sept. 14, 15, 21,
   Valley Dance Theatre will host an evening of wine, hors d’oeuvres,           Can’t You Behave?” to the sassy             and 22 at 8PM, with 2PM mati-
dancing and a silent auction. The festivities are set for Sat., Sept. 29        “I’m a Maid Who Would Marry,”               nees Sunday Sept 16 and 23.
from 5 to 9 p.m.                                                                but her biggest bravos followed             Tickets are a Broadway bargain,
   The evening features live jazz music by Jeff Bordes. Valley Dance            a consummately coy rendition of             topping out at $30 for an unfail-
Theatre will present variations from ballets such as Swan Lake and              “I’m Always True to You Darling,            ingly first-class performance. Call
Sleeping Beauty.                                                                In My Fashion.”                             1-510-864-ACLO for reserva-
   Valley Dance Theatre is a non-profit ballet company in Liver-                    Thrown into the onstage/                tions and to get on their mailing
more whose mission is to provide performance opportunities for                  backstage double love story are             list for future summer produc-
talented local dancers and bringing affordable, quality dance perfor-                                                       tions.
mances to the Tri-Valley.
   This event is for adults (age 18 and over) only.
   Valley Dance Theatre of Livermore has been providing dance
instruction and productions to the Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasan-
ton area for over 25 years. Training focuses on classical ballet and
modern dance. Every year Valley Dance presents a full-length Nut-
cracker with the Livermore-Amador Symphony, as well as a Spring
Showcase of local talent.
   The gala will be held at First Presbyterian Church, 2020 5th St.
Livermore. Tickets are $75 per person; $600 for a table of eight.
   For additional information go to
or call 925-243-0925 and ask for Rochelle Abrantes or Betsy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 - PAGE 11
                                                                                          Music Review
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Quilts and Roses Featured in
                 Michael Fennelly, A Consummate Musician                                                                                                                                                              Exhibits at Alden Lane
By Nancy O’Connell                                  cadence. His fingers flew up in                   Michael Fennelly performed                        every difficulty and dazzled the                     Alden Lane Nursery’s 10th Annual Quilting in the Garden event
    Michael Fennelly left Liver-                    the air in a theatrical gesture as                Gaspard de la Nuit (1908)                         audience with his interpretation.                is set for Sep. 22 and 23 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
more as a young man filled with                     he brought the fugue to a close.                  Ondine by Maurice Ravel.                              The last two works on the pro-                   For Quilting in the Garden, owner Jacquie Williams-Courtright
musical talent and returned to                          The audience responded with                   Ondine is a water sprite, and this                gram were Fantasie sur Moise en                  will bring back the ten artists who have been featured each year
“give back” to the community a                      enthusiasm. Fennelly addressed                    was a programmatic work. The                      Egypt, ( Fantasy on Moses in                     since 1998. Each returning veteran will share a small story about
concert played by a mature artist                   the audience before continuing,                   music was flowing and ethereal.                   Egypt) by Sigismond Thalberg,                    their time in the spotlight.
who has achieved international                      reminiscing a bit about his days                  The audience was given the text                   and Grand Fantasie sur La                            This year will also feature evening lectures from former HGTV
acclaim. The occasion on Sep-                       growing up in Livermore. I re-                    in French and English. When the                   Niobe de Paccini by Franz Liszt.                 Simply Quilts host Alex Anderson and Sisters, Oregon quilter Valori
tember 8th at the First Presbyte-                   call his playing with the Liver-                  man being wooed by the water                      Both showed off Fennelly’s amaz-                 Wells on Sep. 21 and Sep. 22. Those lectures require advance
rian Church in Livermore hon-                       more-Amador Symphony as a                         sprite rejects her because he is in               ing strength and virtuoso tech-
ored the memory of Renee Smith,                                                                                                                                                                          registration by calling Alden Lane at 925-447-0280. Classes on
                                                    young prize winner. He told us                    love with a mortal, Ondine be-                    nique. In Thalberg’s work, as his
who worked tirelessly to give                       that two of his friends from here                 comes sullen and spiteful.                                                                         beginning quilting, machine quilting and banner-making are also
                                                                                                                                                        fingers raced over the keys, light-              available that week.
young people a chance in the                        are now living and working in                         Alexander Scriabin, who                       ning-quick arpeggios encom-
difficult realm of music. All of                    New York as professional musi-                    lived from 1872 to 1915, was in-                                                                       According to Williams-Courtright, more than 150 quilts will be
                                                                                                                                                        passed the entire keyboard.
the proceeds from this concert                      cians: the ‘cellist, Erik Jacobson,               fluenced by theosophy, and he                         A standing ovation by an en-                 on display around the nursery showing how quilting can compli-
will go to the Pleasanton Cultural                  the son of Bob Jacobson, who                      envisioned his music serving                      thusiastic audience brought him                  ment a garden.
Arts Council (PCAC) Young Art-                      taught music at Livermore High,                   man in a mystical way, changing                   back to say with a sense of hu-                      Parking and admission are free, and refreshments will be avail-
ists Renee Smith Music Awards                       is now performing in “the Big                     and altering his view of the uni-                 mor and modesty that he would                    able from local vendors at a nominal charge.
to help other promising young                       Apple,” and Laurie Hamilton is                    verse. He abandoned traditional                   play something for us that he’d                      Leading up to Quilting in the Garden will be Alden Lane’s an-
people attain their musical                         now the concertmaster at the                      harmony and worked on his own                     once played in a competition. He                 nual Rose Show on Sep. 15 and 16. “This is a community show
dreams.                                             Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.                     system using the intervals of a                   said, “Now I want to get it right.”              designed to help gardeners new to roses become acquainted with
    Fennelly began his piano stud-                      The second work on the pro-                   fourth. ( ex: C to F, 4 white notes               To our surprise he launched into                 the fun of it all,” Williams-Courtright said.
ies at five with his mother, a pi-                  gram was Johannes Brahms’ “So-                    on the piano.) His Poeme, Opus                    “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,”                      Each entrant receives a $5 coupon for any plant in the nursery,
ano teacher, and culminated his                     nata, Opus 1 in C Major.” Com-                    72, Vers la Flamme, towards the                   but with many variations of in-                  while winners in each category receive ribbons. Grand prizes in-
studies with Byron Janis at the                     posed when he was only 19, it is                  flame, was fiery and filled with                  creasing complexity. And, yes,                   clude gift certificates, plaques and an ornate bowl for the overall
Manhattan School of Music,                          filled with lush melodies and                     rhythmic complexity.                              he got it right!                                 champion. This year, the show will be held in Alden Lane’s brand
where he completed his Ph.D. in                     rich harmonies. In total control                      Two works by Chopin fol-                          He then played homage to                     new Ruthie’s Room, a garden event and party room decorated to
Music. Now the staff pianist for                    of his instrument, Michael dis-                   lowed. The Nocturne, Opus 55,                     Charlotte Severin, who helped                    honor Alden Lane founder Ruth Williams, who along with her
the Juilliard School he has                         played some brilliant octave pas-                 no. 2 in E Flat Major was com-                    bring this concert to the public                 husband Jack opened Alden Lane in 1955 with their daughter and
reached a pinnacle that very few                    sages at the close of the Allegro.                posed in 1843. Arpeggios. Bro-                    as a tribute to Renee Smith. Char-               current owner, Jacquie.
can even aspire to. He has per-                     The Andante is based on a Ger-                    ken chords in triplets were heard                 lotte is going to celebrate her
formed in many countries                                                                                                                                                                                     Williams-Courtright will dedicate Ruthie’s Room on Saturday,
                                                    man text: “Verstohlen geht der                    throughout in the left hand ac-                   50th wedding anniversary next
throughout the world.                               Mund auf” or “Surreptitiously                     companiment against melodies                                                                       Sep. 15 at 1 p.m. with a brief retrospective on her mother’s contri-
                                                                                                                                                        June. As he announced this, he                   butions to the Valley and her love of plants and gardening.
    He opened his program with                      the moon rises.” He had a deli-                   and intricate rhythmic patterns                   played the Bridal Chorus from
Bach’s “Chromatic Fantasy and                       cate touch in the pianissimo sec-                 in the right hand. Every pianist                  Wagner’s “Lohengrin.”
Fugue.” His fingers flew over the                   tions and brought out the melody                  eventually conquers playing trip-                     Michael Fennelly played his
keys, as he displayed a deep un-                    over the accompanying figures                     lets in one hand and eighth notes                 entire program from memory.
derstanding of the music. His dy-
namic contrasts were soulful and
                                                    in the bass. The Scherzo had the                  in the other (2 against 3), but this              Ordinary mortals would have                       Pleasanton Band Plans Two Performances
                                                    tempo markings of Allegro molto                   musical score calls for 7 against                 been exhausted after such a
expressive in the Fantasia: his                     e con fuoco - with fire. Michael                  6, and 10 against 6! Fennelly                     strenuous evening, but he ap-                       The Pleasanton Community Concert Band will be performing at
control over his ornamentation                      played this difficult movement                    played this with sensitivity and                  peared quickly afterwards to sign                two different locations over the next two weekends.
like the trills and the mordents                    quickly and made it all look ef-                  made the intricate rhythmic pat-                  autographs and his CD, and his                      The band will be at the Pleasanton Farmer’s Market on September
(when the performer plays a sec-                    fortless. The Finale had similar                  terns sound easy.                                 mother said to me, “He loves to                  15. The first sound of music will begin at 9:15 a.m.
ond lower as an auxiliary note)                     directions: Allegro con fuoco.                        Chopin’s familiar Polonaise.                  practice. He’ll probably play at                    Under the direction of Bob Williams, the Band will play a medley
were dramatic. The fugue was                        The running passages sounded                      Opus 53 in A-Flat Major came                      least 8 hours after he gets home                 of tunes fit for an outdoor shopping experience. Popular selections
masterfully played. Every note                      like tiny animals fleeing from the                next. Anyone who has seen the                     tomorrow.” With that enthusi-                    made famous over the years will be brought together in a robust, full-
was heard, there was no muddy                       fire. There was bravura playing                   movie based on Chopin’s life can                  asm and dedication to his muse,                  bodied sound that releases a pure acoustic sound.
overuse of the pedal. The con-                      throughout.                                       identify this after the opening                   I believe we’ll be hearing about                    On Saturday, September 22, the Pleasanton Community Concert
clusion was dramatic as he al-                          After the intermission                        chords. Michael surmounted                        this talented young musician for                 Band will be performing at the Livermore Airport Open House.
most rose out of his seat after a                                                                                                                       many, many years.                                   Included in the musical selections will be tunes from the World
                                                                                                                                                                                                         War II era as well as big band favorites.

                      Day in the Park Raises over $1.4 Million for Camp
    The weather was perfect and                     camp in Livermore which pro-                      plane sold for $25 thousand                       ing from life-threatening ill-
the wine was poured, but it was                     vides a free summer oasis for                        • $30 thousand for a private                   nesses and disabilities in North-
goodwill that overflowed at The                     more than 2,000 Northern Cali-                    plane to the 50th Anniversary of                  ern California over the past 17
Taylor Family Foundation’s Day                      fornia children annually suffer-                  the GRAMMYS®                                      years. In 1998, The Taylor Fam-
in the Park. More than 1,100 en-                    ing from chronic and critical ill-                   • Shana Morrison concert at                    ily Foundation partnered with
thusiastic supporters attended the                  nesses. At camp, children have                    Camp Arroyo sold twice, raising                   the East Bay Regional Park Dis-
annual day-long live and silent                     an opportunity to “just be kids”                  $50 thousand                                      trict to build Camp Arroyo, a
auction, benefiting The Taylor                      without being judged or ridi-                        • $90 thousand for Bay Area                    year-round residential camp in
Family Foundation’s Camp Ar-                        culed by others. They meet other                  Backroads trip to Martha’s Vine-                  Livermore, California. The Tay-
royo, which serves critically ill                   children with similar conditions,                 yard and Nantucket for 18 guests                  lor Family Foundation funds the
children.                                           gain self-esteem and self-respect                 with Doug McConnell                               summer program at Camp Arroyo
    This year’s event exceeded                      and make long lasting friend-                        Celebrities such as Narsai                     and is co-operated by the YMCA
every expectation imaginable.                       ships.                                            David, Doug McConnell, Cheryl                     of the East Bay. Camp is also
Live and Silent Auction proceeds                       Contributors donated a host                    Jennings, Roberta Gonzales,                       used as an Environmental Edu-
exceeded the $1.4 million mark;                     of items that The Taylor Family                   Randy Hahn, Sue Hall, Jim                         cation Center.
the ceremonial “Fund-a-Need”                        Foundation combined into lots                     Hampton and John Sasaki joined
lot, a call for straight donations,                 for the auction. Once-in-a-life-                  the festivities as emcees. Musi-
brought in more than half a mil-                    time packages were sold, includ-                  cian k.d. lang raised her paddle
lion dollars. The Taylor Family                     ing an exclusive yachting excur-                  high, sending 20 children to
Foundation had an unbelievable                      sion, private planes to both Bette                Camp Arroyo and added a few
day’s total surpassing $1.7 mil-                    Midler in Las Vegas and luxuri-                   songs to her auction dinner pack-
lion. “We’re still reeling from the                 ous spa stay at Canyon Ranch                      age, which raised $28 thousand.
generosity of our community and                     and a golf tournament with Steve                     The Taylor Family Founda-
event attendees,” exclaimed                         Young and other celebrities.                      tion was founded by Elaine and
Elaine Taylor, founder of the Liv-                     Other hot auction lots in-                     Barry Taylor in 1991 as a non-
ermore non-profit.                                  cluded:                                           profit organization 501 (C) (3).
    Ninety percent of the proceeds                     • Celebrity hobnobbing at the                  The Foundation has funded
will go directly towards funding                    Elton John Oscar Party after the                  clinical, social and psychologi-
and facilitating Camp Arroyo; a                     Academy Awards via private                        cal programs for children suffer-

 torical displays, vintage craft dem-               Collection of the 116th International               ark. Supports youth scholarships,
 onstrations, entertainment, great                  Exhibition of Professional Photog-                  youth programs and promotes the
 food and beverages. Free admis-                    raphy. To celebrate their achieve-                  continuance of New Orleans style
 sion. Main Street, Downtown Pleas-                 ment, ultra-spective will be hosting a              music. Bands: Devil Mountain JB,
 anton. Hosted by the Pleasanton                    reception to display works by the two               Jazzinators, Fremont Christian High
 Downtown Association. Informa-                     photographers on Friday, Septem-                    School JB, Mission Gold JB, Natural
 tion at (925) 484-2199 or                          ber 21 from 4 to 7 p.m.. For more                   Gas JB, and San Francisco                            information or to view additional                   Feetwarmers. Indoor venue. $20 in
Livermore Photographers Recog-                      photographs, go to www.ultra-                       advance, $25 at the door. Make checks
 nized, Jessica Quintal and Anna           or call 449-9879.                      payable to East Bay Traditional Jazz
 Vickroy of ultra-spective photogra-               East Bay Traditional Jazz Festival,                  Society, 5562 Paseo Navarro, Pleas-
 phy : music : design in downtown                   Sat., Sept. 29, 10:45 a.m. to 7 p.m.                anton, CA 94566. Information, 846-
 Livermore have recently been ac-                   Swiss Park, 5911 Mowry Ave., New-                   5058 or
 cepted into the Loan and General

   CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                                              Place your ad online at
                                  Registrant has not yet begun       Registrant has not yet begun     by:co-partners                    94566                           #302, Berkeley CA 94707 is
LEGAL NOTICES                     to transact business under the     to transact business under the   Registrant has not yet begun      Kenward R. Hayes Jr., 5479      hereby registered by the fol-
    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           fictitious business name or        fictitious business name or      to transact business under the    Sonoma Dr., Pleasanton CA       lowing owner (s):
       NAME STATEMENT             names listed.                      names listed.                    fictitious business name or       94566                           Mark Giorgi, 1725 Shattuck
        FILE NO. 399806           Signature of Registrant:           Signature of Registrant:         names listed.                     This business is conducted      Ave. #302, Berkeley CA 94709
The following person (s) do-      /s/:Jessica D. Reynoso             /s/:Linda Hammer Garnham         Signature of Registrant:          by:husband and wife             This business is conducted
ing business as Palo Alto Medi-   This statement was filed with      This statement was filed with    /s/:Daniel J. O’Hara and Gre-     The registrant commenced to     by:an individual
cal Foundation - Livermore,       the County Clerk of Alameda        the County Clerk of Alameda      gory West                         transact business under the     Registrant has not yet begun
1258 Concannon Blvd., Liver-      County on August 7, 2007. Ex-      County on August 8, 2007. Ex-    This statement was filed with     fictitious business name or     to transact business under the
more, CA 94550 is hereby          pires August 7, 2012.              pires August 8, 2012.            the County Clerk of Alameda       names listed above on June      fictitious business name or
registered by the following       The Independent Legal No.          The Independent Legal No.        County on August 8, 2007. Ex-     1, 2007.                        names listed.
owner (s):                        2211. Publish August 23, 30,       2213. Publish August 30, Sep-    pires August 8, 2012.             Signature of Registrant:        Signature of Registrant:
Palo Alto Medical Foundation      September 6, 13, 2007.             tember 6, 13, 20, 2007.          The Independent Legal No.         /s/:Ken Hayes                   /s/:Mark Giorgi
For HealthCare Research                                                                               2215. Publish August 30, Sep-     This statement was filed with   This statement was filed with
                                      FICTITIOUS BUSINESS                FICTITIOUS BUSINESS          tember 6, 13, 20, 2007            the County Clerk of Alameda     the County Clerk of Alameda
And Education, A California              NAME STATEMENT                     NAME STATEMENT
Non-Profit Public Benefit Cor-                                                                            FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           County on August 20, 2007.      County on August 30, 2007.
                                          FILE NO. 398813                    FILE NO. 399054                                            Expires August 20, 2012.        Expires August 30, 2012.
poration, 795 El Camino Real,     The following person (s) do-       The following person (s) do-            NAME STATEMENT
Palo Alto CA 94301                                                                                            FILE NO. 400156           The Independent Legal No.       The Independent Legal No.
                                  ing business as Combined           ing business as Mon Ami                                            2217. Publish September 6,      2219. Publish September 13,
This business is conducted        Realty, 7031 Village Parkway       Equestrian Services, 4610        The following person (s) do-
by:a corporation                                                                                      ing business as Edward S.         13, 20, 27, 2007.               20, 27, October 4, 2007.
                                  Suite 214, Dublin, CA 94568        Cross Road, Livermore CA
Registrant has not yet begun      is hereby registered by the fol-   94550, is hereby registered by   Walsh, 812 N. Vasco Rd.,              FICTITIOUS BUSINESS             FICTITIOUS BUSINESS
to transact business under the    lowing owner (s):                  the following owner (s):         Livermore CA 94551 is hereby             NAME STATEMENT                  NAME STATEMENT
fictitious business name or       JB Mortgage Market, Inc., 7001     Tracy L. Maurer, 4610 Cross      registered by the following               FILE NO. 399820                 FILE NO. 400520
names listed.                     Village Parkway, Dublin, CA        Road, Livermore CA 94550         owner (s):                        The following person (s) do-    The following person (s) do-
Signature of Registrant:          94568                              This business is conducted       Corix Water Products (US) Inc.,   ing business as Stella Che      ing business as Awsome Apart-
/s/:Paul DeChant                  This business is conducted         by:an individual                 1188 W. Georgia St., Ste 1160,    Bella Interiors, 579 Colusa     ment Leasing Services, 6485
This statement was filed with     by:a corporation                   The registrant commenced to      Vancouver, BC VGE 4A2             Way, Livermore CA 94551 is      Alvord Way, Pleasanton CA
the County Clerk of Alameda       The registrant commenced to        transact business under the      This business is conducted        hereby registered by the        94588 is hereby registered by
County on August 16, 2007.        transact business under the        fictitious business name or      by:a corporation                  following owner (s):            the following owner (s):
Expires August 16, 2012.          fictitious business name or        names listed above on July 10,   The registrant commenced to       Star Rusca Woodbridge, 579      Robin Leanne Takata, 6485
The Independent Legal No.         names listed above on July 24,     2007.                            transact business under the       Colusa Way, Livermore CA        Alvord Way, Pleasanton CA
2210. Publish August 23, 30,      2007.                              Signature of Registrant:         fictitious business name or       94551                           94588
September 6, 13, 2007.            Signature of Registrant:           /s/:Tracy L. Maurer              names listed above on July 1,     This business is conducted      This business is conducted
   FICTITIOUS BUSINESS            /s/:Jerry D. Becker                This statement was filed with    2007.                             by:an individual                by:an individual
     NAME STATEMENT               This statement was filed with      the County Clerk of Alameda      Signature of Registrant:          The registrant commenced to     The registrant commenced to
      FILE NO. 399420             the County Clerk of Alameda        County on July 30, 2007. Ex-     /s/:Hamish Cumming                transact business under the     transact business under the
The following person (s) do-      County on July 24, 2007. Ex-       pires July 30, 2012.             This statement was filed with     fictitious business name or     fictitious business name or
ing business as ReyStar Fash-     pires July 24, 2012.               The Independent Legal No.        the County Clerk of Alameda       names listed above on June      names listed above on March
ion Boutique, 1569 Olivina Ave    The Independent Legal No.          2214. Publish August 30, Sep-    County on August 24, 2007.        1, 2007.                        1, 2007.
#109, Livermore Ca 94551 is       2212. Publish August 23, 30,       tember 6, 13, 20, 2007.          Expires August 24, 2012.          Signature of Registrant:        Signature of Registrant:
hereby registered by the fol-     September 6, 13, 2007.                                              The Independent Legal No.         /s/:Star R. Woodbridge          /s/:Robin Takata
                                                                        FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           2216. Publish September 6,        This statement was filed with   This statement was filed with
lowing owner (s):                    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS                  NAME STATEMENT
Jessica D. Reynoso, 1518 Hol-                                                                         13, 20, 27, 2007.                 the County Clerk of Alameda     the County Clerk of Alameda
                                       NAME STATEMENT                      FILE NO. 399457                                              County on August 16, 2007.      County on August 31, 2007.
lyhock St., Livermore Ca                FILE NO. 399480              The following person (s) do-        FICTITIOUS BUSINESS
94551                                                                                                      NAME STATEMENT               Expires August 16, 2012.        Expires August 31, 2012.
                                  The following person (s)           ing business as Always Re-                                         The Independent Legal No.       The Independent Legal No.
Arnoldo Gutierrez - Reynoso,      doing business as OOPS,            member, 1806 Catalina Ct,              FILE NO. 399939
1518 Hollyhock St., Livermore                                                                         The following person (s)          2218. Publish September 13,     2220. Publish September 13,
                                  3207 Sylvaner Ct., Pleasanton      Livermore CA 94550 is hereby                                       20, 27, October 4, 2007.        20, 27, October 4, 2007.
Ca 94551                          CA 94566 is hereby registered      registered by the following      doing business as Air Instru-
Aqustin Estrella, 4368 Rail-      by the following owner (s):        owner (s):                       mentation of California, 5479        FICTITIOUS BUSINESS             FICTITIOUS BUSINESS
road Ave. #7, Pleasanton Ca       Linda Hammer Garnham,              Daniel O’Hara, 521 Ontario       Sonoma Dr., Pleasanton CA              NAME STATEMENT                  NAME STATEMENT
94566                             3207 Sylvaner Ct., Pleasanton      Drive, Livermore CA 94550        94566 is hereby registered by           FILE NO. 400470                 FILE NO. 400753
This business is conducted        CA 94566                           Gregory West, 1479 Wendy         the following owner (s):          The following person (s)        The following person (s) do-
by:husband and wife               This business is conducted         Way, San Jose, CA 95125          Maureen T. Hayes 5479             doing business as Tech Sup-     ing business as Red Feather
                                  by:an individual                   This business is conducted       Sonoma Dr., Pleasanton CA         port Guy, 1725 Shattuck Ave.    Winery, 5700 Greenville Rd.,
PAGE 12 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

 CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                   Place your ad online at
                                          Livermore CA 94550 is hereby    This business is conducted       /s/:Daniel E. Davis                                                      DRIVELINE RETAIL is
                                                                                                           This statement was filed with   Tri-Valley Animal Rescue             seeking merchandisers with             DRIVER: The respect that you             ATTENTION CDL DRIVERS -
                                          registered by the following     by:husband and wife                                              hosts cat and dog adoptions                                                 deserve..Get it at Swift! Swift of-      Growing Carrier w/Solid Cus-
                                          owner (s):                      Registrant has not yet begun     the County Clerk of Alameda                                          prior retail experience to call
                                                                                                           County on September 7, 2007.    at the Pleasanton Farmers             on local stores. No Selling.          fers excellent miles, compen-            tomer Base Needing Great
                                          Daniel Davis, 5700 Greenville   to transact business under the                                   Market on Saturdays from                                                    sation, regional and dedicated           Quality Drivers! We Listen. We
                                          Rd., Livermore CA 94550         fictitious business name or      Expires September 7, 2012.                                             Must be friendly, reliable,
                                                                                                           The Independent Legal No.       9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Cat adop-        and able to work with limited          runs. No experience neces-               Pay Attention. Call McKELVEY
                                          Constance Davis, 5700           names listed.                                                    tions are at Dublin Pet Food                                                sary! Training available. 1-866-         Now        1-800-410-6255.
                                          Greenville Rd., Livermore CA    Signature of Registrant:         2221. Publish September 13,                                             supervision. Hourly pay.
                                                                                                           20, 27, October 4, 2007.        Express on Saturdays from 12         Send name, e-mail address,             4 7 6 - 6 8 2 8 .                        (CAL*SCAN)
                                          94550                                                                                            to 4 PM (excluding 4th Sat)                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                 city, state, and zip code to:                                                  75)HELP WANTED SALES
                                                                                                           ANIMALS/PETS                    and on Sundays from 1 to 4                   EOE. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                                                                                           PM. Adoptions at Dublin                  (CAL*SCAN) willing to                                                       A COOLTRAVEL Job. Now hir-
                                                                                                           1) CATS/DOGS                    PetsMart on Saturdays from 12                                               SPONSORED CDLTRAINING.
                                                                                                                                                                                relocate. Good pay/benefits.           No Experience Needed! Earn               ing motivated sharp individu-
                                                                                                           ADOPT A DOG OR CAT, for         to 4 PM and on Sundays from           Call today for interview 1-                                                    als to work and travel entire
                                                                                                                                           1 to 4 PM, dog adoptions on                                                 $40k-$75K in your new career!
                                                                                                           adoption information contact                                         800-345-6289. (CAL*SCAN)               Stevens Transport will sponsor           USA. Paid training Transporta-
                                                                                                           Valley Humane Society at 925    the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the                                                                                      tion, lodging furnished. Call
                                                                                                                                           month from 1 to 4 PM and rab-        POLICE OFFICERS: Earn up               the total cost of your CDL Train-
                                                                                                           426-8656.                                                                                                   ing! Excellent Benefits & 401K!          today, Start today. 1-877-646-
                                                                                                                                           bit adoptions on the 2nd and         to a $20,000 bonus. Train to
                                                                                                                                           4th Saturday of the month from       protect your fellow Soldiers be        No Money Down! NO Credit                 5050. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                                                                                           1 to 4 PM. For more informa-         a leader in the Army National          Checks! EOE. Call Now! 1-800-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       333-8595, 1-800-358-9512.                77)MANUFACTURING
                                                                                                                                           tion please visit       Guard.            1-800-GO-
                                                                                                                                           or call (925) 803-7043.              G UA R D. c o m / p o l i c e                         CNC MACHINISTS,
                                                                                                                                                                                (CAL*SCAN)                             (CAL*SCAN)                                 Manual Machinist and TIG
                                                                                                                                           5)FOUND                                                                                                                    Welders Needed
                                                                                                                                                                                72) HELP WANTED/DRIVERS                DRIVERS ACT NOW! Sign-On
                                                                                                                                           FOUND CAT Male Siamese/                                                     Bonus. 36 to 45cpm/$1000+                       Send resume to
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                                                                                                                                           9098                                 pany Sponsored CDL train-              635-8669. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                78)MISC. EMPLOYMENT
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Open Houses
                                                                                                                                           7)AUTOS WANTED                         CASTRO VALLEY
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                                                                                                                                           not ACCEPTED! Free Towing.             $1,725,000                   4BD/4BA          SAT/SUN 2-5PM/1-4PM             21454 Knuppe Pl
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                                                                                                                                                                                  Coldwell Banker                               Kristy Peixoto                  510-583-5436
                                                                                                                                           Support No Kill Shelters, Ani-
                                                                                                                                           mal Rights, Research to Ad-            DUBLIN
                                                                                                                                           vance Veterinary Treatment/            PRICE                        SIZE          DAY(S)                             ADDRESS
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                                                                                                                                                                                  Prudential California Realty               Tracey Esling                      925-249-6831
                                                                                                                                           DONATE YOUR CAR:                       LIVERMORE
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                                                                                                                                                                                  PRICE                         SIZE          DAY(S)                            ADDRESS
                                                                                                                                           Save A Child’s Life Through
                                                                                                                                           Research & Support! It’s Fast,         TBD                           4BD/2.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             4569 Maureen Cir
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                                                                                                                                           EMPLOYMENT                             $424,950                      2BD/2.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             314 Garden Cmn
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets E. Jack London - Hagemann - Garden Cmn
                                                                                                                                           56) ADULT CARE                         Alain Pinel Realtors                        Jo Ann Luisi                      925-292-0437
                                                                                                                                                                                  $499,000                      3BD/2BA       SAT/SUN 1-4PM                     2035 Monterey Dr
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                                                                                                                                             care. Please fax resume
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                                                                                                                                                   Employment                     cross streets N.Mines - Patterson - Erica Wy
                                                                                                                                                                                  Re/Max Executive                            James Frost                       925-456-SOLD
                                                                                                                                             Part-Time Work From                  $519,000                      2BD/2BA        SAT/SUN 2-5PM                    1587 Bluebell Ct
                                                                                                                                                                                  Owner                                                                         925-606-5697
                                                                                                                                             Home and Earn Over
                                                                                                                                                                                  $549,000                      3BD/2BA       SUN 2-4PM                         3853 Silver Oaks Wy
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                                                                                                                                                                                  $599,950                      3BD/2.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             6446 Apenwood Wy
                                                                                                                                           ing Available. Priced from             Windermere Welcome Home                     Kelly DeYoreo                     925-824-4840
                                                                                                                                           $12,000. 1-800-667-5372.               $610,000                      3BD/2BA       SAT/SUN 1-4PM                     504 Brookfield Dr
                                                                                                                                           w w w. E d g e M a s t e r . n e t     cross streets Jack London - Arlington - Brighton - Brookfield
                                                                                                                                           (CAL*SCAN)                             Help-U-Sell                                 Tina Schudel                      925-548-2250
                                                                                                                                                                                  $614,900                      4BD/2BA        SAT 1-4PM                        5149 Charlotte Wy
                                                                                                                                           ALL CASH CANDY Route. Be               cross streets 1st - N.Mines Rd
                                                                                                                                           Your Own Boss. 30 machines             Prudential California Realty                Tracey Esling                     925-249--6831
                                                                                                                                           and candy for $9,995.                  $615,000                      3BD/2.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             5311 Hillflower Dr
                                                                                                                                           MultiVend LLC, 880 Grand               cross streets BellFlower
                                                                                                                                                                                  Valley Properties                           Joan Rushford                     925-454-2404
                                                                                                                                           Blvd., Deer park, NY. 1-888-
                                                                                                                                           625-2405. (CAL*SCAN)                   $619,900                      4BD/4.5BA SAT 12-3PM                            658 Sonoma Ct
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Wall - Sonoma Ave - Sonoma Ct
                                                                                                                                                                                  Intero Real Estate                          Mony Nop                          925-575-1602
                                                                                                                                           VENDING ROUTE - Snack/
                                                                                                                                           Soda. All Brands, All Sizes.           $619,900                      4BD/4.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             658 Sonoma Ct
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Wall - Sonoma Ave - Sonoma Ct
                                                                                                                                           Healthy & Energy Too! Great            Intero Real Estate                          Robin Young                       510-757-5901
                                                                                                                                           Equipment, Great Locations!            $620,000                      4BD/2.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             5348 HillFlower Dr
                                                                                                                                           Financing Available w/$7,500           cross streets Springtown - Bluebell - Sunflower - Bellflower
                                                                                                                                           Down. 1-877-843-8726.                  RE/MAX Accord                                Myrna Chilenski                  925-828-7799
                                                                                                                                           www.SnackSodaVending                   $629,000                      3BD/2.5BA      SAT/SUN 1-4PM                    221 Silverstone Cmn
                                                                                                                                  (CAL*SCAN)                  cross streets Stanley - Murdell - Albert
                                                                                                                                                                                  Help-U-Sell Allen Realty                    Usha                              925-960-0791
                                                                                                                                           BE WARY of out of area com-            $629,000                      3BD/2BA        SAT/SUN 1-4:30PM                 629 Mojave Ave
                                                                                                                                           panies. Check with the local           cross streets Stanley - Well - lt - Alexander - rt - Williams - rt - Mojave
                                                                                                                                                                                  Owner                                       Gary/Judy                         925-963-2677
                                                                                                                                           Better Business Bureau before
                                                                                                                                                                                  $639,950                      4BD/3BA       SUN 1-4PM                         5456 Arlene Wy
                                                                                                                                           you send any money or fees.            cross streets Patterson Pass Rd - Arlene Wy
                                                                                                                                           Read and understand any                Better Homes Realty                         Paulette Lutz                     925-463-7353
                                                                                                                                           contracts before you sign.             $649,000                      4BD/2BA       SUN 1-4PM                         764 Leland Wy
                                                                                                                                           Shop around for rates.                 cross streets El Caminito - Catalina - Leland
                                                                                                                                                                                  Hometown GMAC Real Estate                   Rachelle Finster                  925-455-7008
                                                                                                                                           63)CAREGIVERS                          $649,900                      3BD/2BA       SUN 1-4PM                         851 Marcella St
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets N. Mines - Charlotte - Marcella
                                                                                                                                             Home Care Positions                  Hometown GMAC Real Estate                   Sara Lovett                       925-518-8177
                                                                                                                                             Available! PT FT Live-In.            $649,950                      3BD/2BA       SUN 1-4PM                         709 Hazel St
                                                                                                                                             Flex Hrs. Competitive sala-          cross streets Charlotte Wy - Terry Ln - Hazel St
                                                                                                                                             ries. Exp. Req'd. (925) 935-         Better Homes Realty                          Paulette Lutz                    925-463-7353
                                                                                                                                             9506                                 $659,400                      4BD/2BA       SUN 1-4PM                         905 Jefferson
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets East Ave - Jefferson
                                                                                                                                                                                  Steiger Properties                           Barb Steiger                     925-443-3110
                                                                                                                                                                                  $726,000                      4BD/3BA       SUN 1-4PM                         6867 Garavena Ranch Rd
                                                                                                                                             CAREGIVERS                           cross streets Vasco - Scenic
                                                                                                                                                 CNA, HHA, PCA                    Valley Properties                            Jeff Rudolff                     925-784-5502
                                                                                                                                                Hourly and Live-In                $785,000                       4BD/3BA     SAT/SUN 1-4PM                      66 Trixie Dr
                                                                                                                                              Caregiver experience                cross streets Patterson - Gale - Jami - Shawna
                                                                                                                                                                                  Help-U-Sell Allen Realty                   Alfred                             925-321-2251
                                                                                                                                                And CDL required.
                                                                                                                                               Call 925–297-2660                  $785,000                       4BD/3BA     SAT/SUN 1-4PM 7                    02 Daisyfield Dr
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Murrieta - Olivia - Thrasher
                                                                                                                                                     or email                                                                Daniela                            925-321-2251
                                                                                                                                                  $779,000                       5BD/3BA     SUN 1-4PM                          1174 Big Basin Rd
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Vasco - Scenic
                                                                                                                                           .68)HAIR SERVICES                      Help-U-Sell Allen Realty                   Ron Stokes                         925-321-2251
                                                                                                                                             Stylists & Salon Manage-             $825,000                       3BD/2BA     SUN 1-4PM                          2624 Decker Ln
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Charlotte - Senger - Decker
                                                                                                                                             ment. Great wage, bo-                Tarantino Real Estates, Inc                Christopher Tarantino              925-918-2662
                                                                                                                                             nuses, benefits. Lowe’s              $829,900                       4BD/3BA      SUN 1-4PM                         4116 Camrose Ave
                                                                                                                                             Livermore Great Clips. Call          cross streets Hillside - Loch - Lomand Wy
                                                                                                                                             Carleigh (877) 631-4995              Prudential California Realty               Tracey Esling                      925-249-6831
                                                                                                                                                                                  $849,000                       5BD/3BA      SAT 2-5PM                         3375 Edinburgh Dr
                                                                                                                                           71) HELP WANTED                        cross streets Portola
                                                                                                                                                                                  Envirian of East Bay                       Patti Zazueta                      925-640-2645
                                                                                                                                            Need 10 people who want               $899,000                      5BD/4BA       SUN 2-4PM                         5679 Dresslar Cir
                                                                                                                                            to make $100k in the next             cross streets Charlotte - Maybeck - Stagehorn - Dresslar
                                                                                                                                            12 months. Full training, fa-         Alain Pinel Realtors                        Joyce & Rick Jones                925-398-6706
                                                                                                                                            cilities, and support pro-            $899,000                      4BD/2BA       SUN 1-4PM                         4278 Milton Wy
                                                                                                                                            vided. Only 10 positions will         cross streets N. Mines - Newbury - Austen
                                                                                                                                                                                  Valley Properties                           Nancy Baldutin-Collins            925-455-6048
                                                                                                                                            be filled! Call or apply online
                                                                                                                                            925 294-7700 Ask for Kimo             $939,000                      5BD/3BA       SUN 1-4PM                         988 Roma St
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Isabel or Murrieta - Jack London - Roma
                                                                                                                                            Hughes or Kal Asefi                   Valley Properties                           Ted Rudolph                       925-321-0468
                                                                                                                                              $1,449,900                    5BD/4.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             2294 Minerva Ct
                                                                                                                                            Livermore Ford/Lincoln/               cross streets Mission - Minerva
                                                                                                                                            Mercury/Chrysler/Jeep                 Prudential California Realty                Tracey esling                     925-249-6831

                                                                                                                                           FIREFIGHTER TRAINEE.                   PLEASANTON
                                                                                                                                           Openings for high school               PRICE                        SIZE            DAY(S)                           ADDRESS
                                                                                                                                           grads ages 17-34. Must be in           $484,950                     2BD/2.5BA SAT/SUN 1-4PM                          4121 Amberwood Cir
                                                                                                                                           good physical condition and            cross streets W. Las Positas - Muirwood - Amberwood Cir
                                                                                                                                           willing to relocate. Good pay/         Hometown GMAC Real Estate                    Karen Kohne                      925-980-1012
                                                                                                                                           benefits. Call today for inter-        $534,950                     3BD/2BA         SUN 1-4PM                        1134 Kattinger Dr
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Bernal Ave - rt - Kattinger Dr
                                                                                                                                           view        1-800-345-6289.            Olde Towne Realty                            Betty Burke                      925-426-9122
                                                                                                                                           (CAL*SCAN)                             $549,900                     2BD/2BA         SAT/SUN 1-4PM                    7303 Stonedale Dr
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Springdale
                                                                                                                                           Place your ad here call 243-           Prudential California Realty                 Tracey Esling                    925-249-6831
                                                                                                                                              8000 or go on-line at               $1,289,000                    4BD/2.5BA SUN 1-4PM                             307 Brianne Ct
                                                                                                                                                 cross streets Arlington
                                                                                                                                                                                  Century 21 Mission Bishop                    Diana Sass                       925-699-9508

                                                                                                                                                                                  SAN RAMON
                                                                                                                                                                                  PRICE                        SIZE            DAY(S)                           ADDRESS
                                                                                                                                                                                  $385,000                     2MSTRBD/2.5BA SAT/SUN 1-4PM                      108 A Norris Canyon Pl
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Alcosta - Norris Canyon - lt - Norris Canyon Pl
                                                                                                                                                                                  Keller Williams                              Brigitte Huntemann               925-260-2508

                                                                                                                                                                                  PRICE                         SIZE           DAY(S)                           ADDRESS
                                                                                                                                                                                  $419,000                      3BD/3BA        SAT 1-4PM                        420 Lieyly St
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets 11th St - rt - MacArther -rt -Wagtail - rt - Lierly
                                                                                                                                                                                  Century 21 Mission-Bishop                    Kristin Aure                     925-456-5072
                                                                                                                                                                                  $475,000                                     SAT/SUN 1-4PM                    1132 Marie Autouette Ct
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets Carol Ann - Marie Autouette Ln
                                                                                                                                                                                  Help-U-Sell Allen Realty                                                      209-321-9630
                                                                                                                                                                                  $899,888                      4BD/3BA        SUN 1-4PM                        8358 Orazio Ln
                                                                                                                                                                                  cross streets MaCarther - Fairoaks - rt - Traina - rt - Orazio Ln
                                                                                                                                                                                  Century 21 Mission Bishop                    Brian Davis                      925-998-3078
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 - PAGE 13

  CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                                               Place your ad online at
                                                                    Pheasant & Grouse Hunts. “By
80)NON-PROFIT                     152)EVENTS                        far the best land investment       SERVICES                         To get a press release pub-             189)MISC.
                                                                    opportunity in the West.” Call                                      lished it is critical for the release
   Office Administrator           THE EBBETTS PASS National                                            178)BUSINESS SERVICES                                                    LAWYER REVEALS HIDDEN
 for liberal church 18 hrs/       Scenic Bypass inaugural cel-      Western Skies Land Co. 888-                                         to land in the hands of the right
                                                                                                         ADVERTISETO OVER 6             people. The California                  Secrets of Auto Accident
 wk 17.50/hr. Proficient MS       ebration event 10 a.m.-5p.m.,     361-3006         or      visit                                                                              Claims. Call 800-861-1267
     Office & Database            Saturday, 9/15/2007. You are        MILLION CALIFORNIANS!            Press Release Service is the
                                                                                                       240 newspapers statewide.        only service with 500                   today! Leave your Name and
   management systems,            invited to join in the fun!       (CAL*SCAN
                                                                                                        Classified $550 for a 25-       current daily, weekly and               Address to Receive your Free
 excellent communication, (800) 225-        SOUTHERN COLORADO 5                                                                                         Report. (CAL*SCAN)
 detail oriented. Resumes         3764. (CAL*SCAN)                                                      word ad. One order, one         college newspaper contacts
                                                                    Acre Homesites $59,900.                   payment. Call
  to:                                                                                                               in California. Questions                195)TIMESHARES/RESORTS
                                  153) MISCELLANEOUS                Grand Opening Sale Septem-               (916) 288-6019
         by 9/14/08                                                 ber 15th & 16th. Gated com-                                         call (916) 288-6010.
                                                                                                            www.CaliforniaPressRelease              TIMESHARE!!! PAYING TO
85)TEACHERS                       Axis Health Center                munity, underground utilities,
                                  4361 Railroad Ave., Pleasan-                                                                 (CAL*SCAN)                  MUCH 4 maintenance fees
                                                                    1,100 acres of open space,                 (CAL*SCAN)                                                       and taxes? Sell/rent your time-
   PRESCHOOLTEACHER               ton. Serves Valley residents      spectacular mountain views.
           POSITION               with emphasis on those with                                          DISPLAY ADVERTISING AT ITS       185)HOME SERVICES                       share for cash. No Commis-
                                                                    Great Primary/secondary                                                                                     sions/Broker Fees.1-877-
  Celebration Learning            low income. The center has        home. Recreation galore! Call      BEST. 140 community news-         GRANITE COUNTERTOP
  Center is looking for 2         general medical services, fam-                                       papers reaching over 3 million                                           8 6 8 - 1 9 3 1
                                                                    today for appointment! 1-866-                                           Custom fabrication &
  qualified teachers for Pre-     ily planning, well baby, prena-   969-5263         x     2560.       Californians. Cost $1,800 for                                            w w w. V P R e s a l e s. c o m
                                                                                                                                           Installation, FREE sink              (CAL*SCAN)
  school program. Must have       tal and maternity programs,       (CAL*SCAN)                         a s.7”x2” display ad (Super
  3+ years classroom expe-        social services, blood pres-                                         value that works out to about      when labor prices upto
                                                                    ARIZONA’S BEST BARGAIN                                               $3800 , fully insuranced &             Place your ad here call 243-
  rience. Wage DOE. Please        sure checks, WIC food supple-                                        $12.86 per newspaper). Call
  contact Julie Jensen at :       ment programs, premarital         36 acres - $49,900. Nature         (916)              288-6019        Lic#860650 . Call us for                 8000 or go on-line at
  925 245-1252                    blood test, sports/camp physi-    calls! Eureka Springs Ranch,                      FREE estimate          
                                  cals, TB screening, free trans-   near AZ’s wine country &           w w w. C a l - S C A N . c o m         (888)-739 8288.
MERCHANDISE                       portation available. 925 462-     charming Wilcox. Incredible        (CAL*SCAN)                               KING STONE
118)BUILDING MATERIALS            1755                              views, rolling topography,
                                                                    abundant wildlife. EZ terms. Of-
METAL ROOFING Buy Direct          7 MISTAKES People Make in         fered by AZLR. ADWR report
and save. $100 jobsite deliv-     Hiring an Accident lawyer. Toll   avail. Call 1-877-301-5263.
ery charge. All styles and col-   Free Recorded Message Re-         (CAL*SCAN)
ors. Detailed takeoffs make       veals All. Call 800-853-9315
DIY easy. Absolute Steel 1-       Today! (CAL*SCAN)                 HOW BIG IS 40 ACRES? Come
877-833-3237. Online quotes                                         find out! 40 acres - $39,900        155) NOTICES                      Just outside Moses Lake,
(CAL*SCAN)                        “NOTICE TO READERS: Cali-         Washington. Beautiful land
                                  fornia law requires that con-     with captivating mix of rolling
                                  tractors taking jobs that total   hills and occasional rock
  Sept. 15th 2007, 7:30am-        $500 or more (labor and/or        outcroppings - must see. Of-
  1pm 207 Mont Blanc Ct.          materials) be licensed by the     fered by a motivated seller.
  Danville. Kitchen Items,        Contractors State License         Excellent financing offered.
  Glassware,         Pyrex,       Board. State law also requires    Call WALR 1-866-585-5687.
  Bakeware & Plastic Con-         that contractors include their    (CAL*SCAN)
  tainers. CASH SALES ONLY        license numbers on all adver-     MONTANA LAND & CABIN
  / ALL SALES FINAL. Next         tising. Check your contractor’s   SALE 40 AC Country Road-
  Sale Sept. 29th 2007. Pots,     status at or      $69,900 40 AC with New
  Pans & Electrical Appli-        800-321-CSLB (2752). Unli-        Cabin- $99,900 160 AC-
  ances.                          censed persons taking jobs        $99,900 640 AC-$900/ ACRE!
120) FREE/GIVEAWAY                less than $500 must state in      Beautiful views, trophy elk and
                                  their advertisements that they    deer, lots of water, great bird
FREE - Twin Oak Captains Bed      are not licensed by the Con-      hunting. Ideal location. Owner
(Drawers Under Bed). Usable,      tractors State License Board.”    financing available. Call West-
but could use some rejuvenat-                                       ern Skies Land Co. anytime
ing. Call 925 447-5120
                                  REAL ESTATE
                                                                    888-361-3006 or visit
121)GARAGE/FLEA MAR-                                      
                                                                    LAND LIQUIDATION. Devel-
       GARAGE SALE                                                  oper Retiring. From $1100 per
  -multi-family. Kids toys &                                        Acre. Electricity - Gravel Roads
clothes, furniture, and lots of                                     - 80 Acres - State of Wyoming.
 misc. household. Saturday                                          Low Down - Will Finance. NO
   Sept. 15, 8:00am, 1692                                           Credit Check. Call Bob - Owner.
  Rutgers Way, Livermore                                            1-025-210-0560. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                    20 ACRE RANCH REPOSSES-
      FLEA MARKET                                                   SIONS. Near booming El Paso,
 FRATERNAL ORDER OF                                                 Texas. $14,900, $200 down/
         EAGLES                                                     $145, monthly. (10%/225
       Sat. Sept 29th                                               months) Roads, surveyed,
     Hours 6am-4pm                                                  References. Free maps/pic-
 Fraternal Order of Eagles                                          tures. Sunset Ranches. 1-800-
        Parking Lot                                                 544-2877. (CAL*SCAN)
527 No. Livermore Ave Liv.                                          1ST TIME OFFERED. New
$15.00 for a 15’ x 15’ Space                                        Mexico Ranch Dispersal. 140
 $5.00 for a Table Rental                                           acres - $99,900. River access.
Sign-up for a Space At The                                          Northern New Mexico. Cool
Eagles Social Room or Call                                          6,500’ elevation with stunning
     925 449-6281 or              157)APT/DUPLEX/HOUSE/             views. Great tree cover includ-
      925 449-5807                RENTAL                            ing Ponderosa, rolling grass-
    Vendors Welcome                                                 land and rock outcroppings.
                                    HOME FOR RENT $1700/            Abundant wildlife, great hunt-
124)HORSES/LIVESTOCK/               mo 3bed/1bath 40min ex-
FARM EQUIP                                                          ing. EZ terms. Call NML&R, Inc.
                                    press bus to SF, near BART      1-866-354-5263. (CAL*SCAN)
    HORSE BOARDING                  schools, shopping. Call:
 LIVERMORE/TRACY AREA               Michael 510-889-7488.           NEW TO MARKET. 3-5 ac
    CALL 925 245-9982                                               Ranch Homesites, starting at
                                  160)AUCTIONS                      $39,900 outside Ruidoso,
                                   LENDER FORECLOSURE               New Mexico. Located 30 min-
                                  AUCTION. 500+ Homes Must          utes outside Ruidoso. Afford-
8 Miniature Horses for Sale                                         able living with no compro-
      $500.00 Each                   Be Sold! Northern CA           mises. Stunning land, hard
  Please Call for Details           Counties. Free Catalog          surfaced roads, municipal
     (925) 228-8568                   1-800-963-4551.               water, adjacent to golf, conve-
                                     nient to all Ruidoso has, but
125)HOUSEHOLD/YARD ITEMS                 (CAL*SCAN)                 more affordable, bigger &
  Spa Cover / Brand New                                             prettier. Call NML&R, Inc. 1-
                                  162) HOUSE/ROOM FOR RENT          888-417-2624. (CAL*SCAN)
  Wholesale Cost $266.44
    Box Never Opened              Place a classified ad here Call   1STTIME OFFERED-Colorado
   Brown - Standard Skirt         Barbara 925 243-8000 Tues-        Mountain Ranch. 35 acres-
  6’ 3” (74 inches round)         days before 8am. or go to         $39,900. Priced for Quick Sale.
        Sparkle Pool               Overlooking a majestic lake,
    Call (925) 577-7111           Also you can pay by Credit        beautifully treed, 360 degree
                                  Card for Classified and Dis-      mountain views, adjacent to
FREE - Twin Oak Captains Bed      play ads.                         national forest. EZ terms. 1-
(Drawers Under Bed). Usable,                                        888-640-9023. (CAL*SCAN)
but could use some rejuvenat-     163) HOMES FOR SALE
ing. Call 925 447-5120                                              A RARE FIND New Mexico.
                                    LOOKS LIKE NEW Com-             Lake Access Retreat - 20
127) LOST/FOUND                     plete Remodel, 3BD/2BA.         acres - $29,900. Priced For
                                    Featuring New Interior/Ex-      Quick Sale. Incredible setting,
KEYS FOUND 8/21/07 (Off             terior Paint. Porcelain Floor   including frequently running
Mines Rd.@ Del Valle Junc-          Tile w/Granite Counter          Pecos River, views and diverse
tion) Call to Identify 925          Tops. Backsplash &              topography. Limited availabil-
447-3414                            Fireplace Travertine w/         ity. Excellent financing. Call
                                    Grainte Inlay. New Kitchen      NML&R, Inc. 1-888-204-9760.
130)MISC. FOR SALE                                                  (CAL*SCAN)
                                    Appliances. Central Air &
SAWMILLS FROM ONLY                  Heat. Hardwood Floors.          PRICED FOR QUICK Sale -
$2,990 - Convert your logs to       MUST BE SEEN to be Ap-          Nevada 5 acres - $19,900.
Valuable Lumber with your           preciated. 629 Mojave           Beautiful building site with
own Norwood portable band           Ave., Livermore. $629,000       electric & county maintained
sawmill. Log skidders also          925 963-2677.                   roads. 360 degree views.
a v a i l a b l e .                                                 Great recreational opportuni- -        “FOR SALE WITH OWNER”            ties. Financing available. Call
Free Information: 1-800-578-                    HOMES               now!       1-877-349-0822.
1363x500-A (CAL*SCAN)               Help-U-Sell Tri-Valley          (CAL*SCAN)
                                  See our website for our com-
134)STEEL BUILDINGS               plete list of Open Homes, with    171)MANUFACTURED/MO-
                                  addresses, prices, owners’        BILE HOMES
 ALL STEEL BUILDINGS.             phone numbers etc.
  National Manufacturer.                                            BRAND NEW MANUFAC-
                                TURED Homes and Mobile
40x60’ to 100x250’. Factory       925-484-1000
   direct to contractor or                                          Homes with warranty for
customer. 1-800-658-2885          168)LAND FOR SALE/OUT             $18,900. Information, Floor           OF STATE                          Plans, and photos online at
                                  ABSOLUTE STEEL - ARI-             (CAL*SCAN)
NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS             ZONA Ranch Liquidation. 36
                                  AC - $59,900. Perfect for pri-    175)OPEN HOUSES
150) ADOPTIONS                    vate retreat. Endless views.        LIVERMORE / $519,000
CONSIDERING ADOPTION?             Beautiful setting with fresh            2BD/2BA SAT/SUN
We match Birthmothers with        mountain air. Abundant wild-            2.00pm - 5.00pm
Families nationwide. Living       life. Secluded with good ac-           1587 Bluebell Court
Expenses Paid. Toll Free 24/7     cess. Financing available. Of-      Corner lot approx1625
Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions.   fered by AZLR 1-877-301-              sq ft. Renovated entry
1-866-459-3369. (CAL*SCAN)        5263. (CAL*SCAN)]                   way, kitchen, bathrooms.
151)ANNOUNCEMENT                  ARIZONA LAND LIQUIDA-                  Has Home Theater,
                                  TION! Near Tucson, Football         Florida sun room,two car
      FLEA MARKET                 Field Sized Lots. $0 Down/$0        garage, workshop area,
 FRATERNAL ORDER OF               Interest, $159/mo. ($18,995         Listing Agency by owner
         EAGLES                   total). Free Information. Money            925 606-5697
       Sat. Sept 29th             Back Guarantee! 1-800-682-
     Hours 6am-4pm                                                  179)REAL ESTATE
 Fraternal Order of Eagles        6103 Op #10. (CAL*SCAN)           OPPORTUNITY
        Parking Lot               CENTRAL MONTANA LAND
  527 No. Livermore Ave                                             REAL ESTATE LIVING 101!
                                  Bargains 40 AC with Pond -        Learn Real Estate Investing
        Livermore                 $89,900 160 AC-Elk Mead-
$15.00 for a 15’ x 15’ Space                                        from Professional Partners.
                                  ows- $139,900 160 AC with         Fantastic Career Opportunity
 $5.00 for a Table Rental         New Log Cabin-$189,900
Sign-up for a Space At The                                          with Huge Income Potential!
Eagles Social Room or Call        640 AC w/Beautiful Log Camp-      Ready-Made Partners. Call
     925 449-6281 or              $649,900 Unbelievable             Now:      1-866-860-2784.
      925 449-5807                Views, 350 Class Elk, Huge        (CAL*SCAN)
    Vendors Welcome               Muleys & Whitetails, Great
PAGE 14 - The Independent, SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

                                                                                                                  Goes Hollywood
                                                                                                                      Hollywood Producer, Marty
                                                                                                                  Katz will be the guest speaker at
                                                                                                                  the Livermore Chamber of Com-
                                                                                                                  merce Sept. 20 Wine Country
                                                                                                                  Summer Luncheon.
                                                                                                                      Katz, who is considered one
                                                                                                                  of the most experienced and ca-
                                                                                                                  pable producers in the country,
                                                                                                                  has been involved in the motion
                                                                                                                  picture and television industries
                                                                                                                  for over two decades. He was
                                                                                                                  associated with Walt Disney Stu-
                                                                                                                  dios as Senior Vice President,
                                                                                                                  Motion Picture and Television
                                                                                                                  Production for many years. In-
                                                                                                                  cluded among many of the award
                                                                                                                  winning movies produced un-
                                                                                                                  der his auspices are “Pretty
                                                                                                                  Woman,” “The Little Mermaid,”
                                                                                        Photo - Doug Jorgensen    “Down & Out in Beverly Hills,”
Les Edwards was just one of many speakers at the Livermore City Council speaking in support                       and “Titanic.” In 1992 he
of the Springtown Golf Course. There was not enough room in the chamber for all those who                         formed his own independent
came out to support the golf course.                                                                              production banner, Marty Katz

 Residents Rally Behind Golf Course                                          update the Las Positas Golf
                                                                                                                      The luncheon will be held
                                                                                                                  within the outside amphitheatre
                                                                                                                  at Wente Vineyards, 5050 Arroyo
    Residents wearing green           promise. Cain stated that if that                                           Road in Livermore on Thursday,
filled the Livermore City Coun-       promise were broken, the mes-          Course.                              September 20 beginning at
cil chamber to overflowing Mon-       sage for future generations would         The report notes that the golf    11:30 a.m. Advanced reserva-
day.                                  be that council promises are va-       course continues to lose money.      tions are required. Seats are $35
    They were there to let the        cant.                                     The city plans to conduct an      for Chamber Members and $45
council know they were upset              Resident Betty Crosby was          outreach process to determine        for non-members.
about what they have heard about      more conciliatory. She stated,         the service and facility needs for       For further information or to
the city’s plans for the              “We are passionate, intelligent        Springtown residents. A master       make reservations call the Cham-
Springtown Golf Course. The           home loving residents of Liver-        plan would be prepared.              ber at 447-1606.
main message was that they want       more. We have waited a long time
the golf course to remain as it is.   to be recognized as valuable as-
    Mayor Marshall Kamena             sets to our community. I am con-       Business Forum To Look At Delta Crisis
stated that the city would do ev-     fident that with the collective in-        The Tri-Valley Business Council, the Contra Costa Council, and
erything it could to improve fa-      telligence, we can work through        the Eastbay Economic Development Alliance will sponsor a forum
cilities for people in Springtown.    all of our issues and come up with     about the water crisis precipitated by a judge’s order to shut down
Plans are to work with residents      a win-win situation for every-         pumping at times in the Delta to preserve the Delta smelt, an endan-
before any changes occur. He          one.”                                  gered species.
added, “If I’d heard some of the          Les Edwards, who lives on the          The forum will talk about how the Delta is operated as a water
information you had, I would feel     southside of the city, said he was     delivery system for many Bay Area communities and for farms and
as you do.”                           a little bit appalled that the coun-   cities in the Central Valley and southern California.
    These include that the golf       cil didn’t seem to know about the          The session will be held from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 13 at the
course would be sold to a devel-      meeting where the options for the      Embassy Suites Hotel in Pleasant Hill. Contra Costa supervisor May
oper.                                 golf course were discussed.            Piepho will serve as moderator. The panel will be comprised of Sunne
    Many, including Barbara Bur-          A report prepared for the meet-    Wright McPeak, who is president and CEO of California Emerging
rows, said they had purchased         ing was handed to the mayor.           Technology Fund, and Bob Whitley, a consultant in water and waste
their homes because of the golf           Kamena noted that no action        water. Whitley is co-chair of the Contra Costa Council’s Delta Vi-
course. They enjoy the wildlife       was taken during the meeting.          sion committee. David Ciesco, vice president and controller of New
that lives on the course. “Leave      There have been no subsequent          United Motors Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI), will deliver a wel-
our golf course alone,” declared      council agenda items. “I know          coming speech. He is co-chair of the Contra Costa Council’s Delta
Burrows.                              of no plan that says sell the golf     Vision committee.
    Ed Myer, a member of the          course and put a bunch of low              For more information and registration, call Suzanne Schoenfeld
Springtown Golf Committee, told       income housing on it. Any deci-        at the Contra Costa Council at 246-1880.
the council that he had talked to     sion would be made in a public
hundreds of people and was un-        meeting. It’s pretty clear how you
able to find one person who           feel.”
wants development on the golf             Bob Baltzer, Chairman of
course. He referred to a staff re-    Friends of Livermore, said the
port for a March 19 council ses-      group would be opposed to sell-
sion that suggested selling a por-    ing the golf course to a devel-
tion of the golf course for devel-    oper and paving it over. He urged
opment.                               the city to make all efforts, work-
    Myer noted that the city has      ing with the residents and golf
neglected the golf course. “It is a   association, to come up with a
symbol of North Livermore. Tak-       plan to upgrade the golf course,
ing away the golf course would        keep it going in a fiscally respon-
be cutting the heart out of North     sible manner and “preserve that
Livermore,” he declared.              precious piece of open space.”
    Many wanted the course reno-          The staff report referred to be
vated to make it more profitable.     speakers suggested several op-
    Kamena commented that             tions for the golf course. One
there is no plan on the table.        would be to convert the course
“There has been no discussion         into a small sports park or neigh-
of any project.”                      borhood park, build a larger li-
    Others talked about the golf      brary and community center; an-
course being the perfect place for    other would involve renovating
families and seniors to play. Se-     the current course; a third option
niors can walk it easily. One sug-    would ential selling a portion of
gested doing away with the golf       the land for residential develop-
course at Las Positas Golf Course     ment, with the proceeds used to
and spending the money on the         finance construction of a library
Springtown Golf Course.               and/or community center. Some
    Jason Cain mentioned the          of the money could be used to
council discussion in 1973 that
led to purchase of the golf course
from         the      Springtown
Homeowners Association. He
said the mayor, Clyde Taylor,
guaranteed that the golf course
would remain. The city attorney,
Al Lewis, added that it would be
the responsibility of every suc-
cessive council to maintain the

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