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									Ideal Standard
Three worlds in one: shower, sauna and steam

                    B O DY   &   M I N D
B O DY                   &        M I N D

For Ideal Standard, creativity is the most important element within the

evolution of the world of showering and bathing.             Design       and

technology combine to achieve your dreams, create your style and
express your own personality to the full in this corner of the world that is so

essential for regenerating body and mind. The extraordinary know-how

behind the brand enables innovative materials to be             perfectly
combined,            thus creating unique products, as splendid as they are

functional. The result of this new integrated approach, combined with the

use of good quality materials, is to provide you with the maximum

emotion        and   pleasure.

                                                                              Ideal Standard
                     A private place
                     of well-being.
                     Relax, relax, relax.
                     Your very own personal space
                     dedicated to pleasure and well-being.
                     This is Tris, the first multi-functional
                     shower cabin, enclosing a shower,
                     sauna and steam room, in a space no
                     bigger than the length of a bath tub.
                     Relieve stress and tension with a
                     relaxing tropical rain shower or
                     stimulating hydromassage. Rediscover
                     your mental and physical well-being
                     thanks to aromatherapy and the
                     beneficial effects of steam.
                     This is an innovative, unique product,
                     offering you maximum safety thanks to
                     the high technology of its design and

                     Tris. At long last, well-being at home.

    Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard
            Sauna: some like it hot.
            The ritual of the sauna has become high tech.

           The pleasure of stretching out, relaxing and
           completely cleansing yourself. Would you really
           share it with just anyone? With Tris you can
           have your own private space to unwind and
           enhance your wellbeing. Use it regularly to
           re-establish your mental and physical balance.     The stove is the pulsating heart of the sauna. It is
                                                              accompanied by 2 kg of volcanic stones, and a bucket
           You’ll discover that the sauna improves blood      and ladle made from Iroko wood.

           circulation, detoxifies, relaxes the muscles and
           purifies the skin by eliminating acids and
           toxins. The occasional sprinkle of water onto
           the hot stones will regulate the humidity.

           +         How it works                                                                                    sauna
                     The hygrometer measures the
                     level of humidity inside Tris.

                                                                                                            Touch panel
                                                                                                            By using the touch
                                                                                                            controls on the
                                                                                                            “Touch panel”
                                                                                                            keypad you can easily
                                                                                                            programme the
                                                                                                            length and tempera-
                                                                                                            ture of the sauna,
                                                                                                            altering it to meet
                                                                                                            your requirements.

    Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard
            Shower: it’s raining.
            Hydromassage, mist jets and a rain function: taking a
            shower will be an unforgettable experience.
           Not everyone can choose to take a shower in a
           different way every time. With Tris you can.
           This is all thanks to the dual function overhead
           shower (normal rain or mist jet tropical rain),
           hydromassage body jets and handspray. That’s
           the magic of Tris: each shower is a unique

        +       Technology
                The shower function
                The dual function overhead shower has 11 nozzles for normal rain and 8 mist
                nozzles for tropical rain. The hydromassage function has 6 body jets.

                                                               Hand spray
                                                               The slim single function hand spray has a
                                                               retractable 1.25m long hose. It has silicone
                                                               nozzles which resist limescale formation
                                                               and is made from a heat resistant material.

          Thermostatic mixer                                                                                  Foldable seat
          The thermostatic shower mixer controls                                                              In order to guarantee maximum comfort
          water flow as well as maintaining your ideal                                                        and an optimal use of the shower area,
          water temperature. It is made of special heat                                                       the seat can be completely folded back
          resistant materials which are safe to the                                                           against the wall.

    Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard
            Steam bath: a Turkish bath at home.
            You can relax, everything is under control.

           One of the most ancient ways of
           rejuvenating your body unites with the
           most up-to-date technology, to give you
           maximum well-being. This is Tris’ steam
           room, with an oil burner for aromatherapy
           and a digital touch panel for temperature
           control. A truly revitalising environment,
           one which combats stress, rheumatic pain
           and muscular tension and also purifies the
           skin by making it softer, more supple and
           more luminous.

          +          Well-being

                     Steam dispenser                                                  Temperature
                     Make your steam room a unique experience by                      By using the sauna’s stove, Tris’ designers have
                     using essential oils. It only takes a few drops of               studied a way of pre-heating the inside of the sauna
                     your favourite essence poured into the appropriate               to maintain an internal temperature of 40 degrees,
                     container for you to enjoy the benefits of                       so that you will find the surroundings already at an
                     aromatherapy.                                                    ideal temperature.

                                                                                      The temperature inside the steam room ranges from
                                                                                      40° to 60°. Humidity reaches 100%.

                                                   Water functions
                                                   During the steam room, use one of the
                                                   shower functions to wet your body. A
                                                   positive effect of the hot-cold process
                                                   is an improvement in blood circulation.

    Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard
        Three ways to experience well-being
        in a world of technology.

     Ideal Standard
Advice for a classic sauna:
1.   Let your initial sauna last for 8/12 minutes at
     a temperature of between 70° and 85°, with
     humidity at around 20%. Towards the end, pour
     water onto the volcanic stones to increase the
2.   Leave the sauna and move to a ventilated room.
3.   Relax for a few minutes.
4.   Take a second sauna identical to the first.
5.   Relax and rehydrate your body by drinking
     water, fruit juice or supplements.

                                                        Advice for an ideal steam bath:
                                                       1.   Choose a relaxing, comfortable position.
                                                       2.   Use initially for around 20 minutes, at a temperature
                                                            of between 40° and 60°. Rub your skin lightly with
                                                            an exfoliating glove to get rid of dead cells and
                                                            stimulate circulation.
                                                       3.   Take a cold shower.
                                                       4.   Repeat the cycle for around 15 minutes.
                                                       5.   Take another cold shower.
                                                       6.   Once finished, dry off slowly to let your body
                                                            readjust to the surrounding temperature.
                                                       7.   Lie down and relax for at least 20 minutes taking
                                                            care to cover yourself up.
                                                       8.   Remember to replenish lost liquids by drinking
                                                            water, fruit juices or supplements.
Tris: very special details.
                      Shower options             Hand spray
                      There are 3 different      The slim single
                      water effects:             function hand spray
                      Normal rain which uses     has a retractable 1.25m
                      11 overhead nozzles        long hose. It is made
                      Tropical rain which uses   from a heat resistant
                      8 overhead mist nozzles    material with silicone
                      Hydromassage which         nozzles which resist
                      uses the 6 lateral body    limescale formation.

                      Thermostatic mixer         Stove
                      The thermostatic           This is the pulsating
                      shower mixer controls      heart of the sauna. It is
                      water flow as well as      accompanied by 2 kg of
                      maintaining your ideal     volcanic stones, a
                      water temperature. It is   bucket and a ladle
                      made of special heat       made of Iroko wood.
                      resistant materials
                      which are safe to the

                      Hygrometer                 Bucket
                      This measures the          With Tris you have a
                      precise level of           bucket and ladle made
                      humidity inside Tris.      of Iroko wood. Use
                                                 them to pour water on
                                                 the burning volcanic
                                                 stones and maintain the
                                                 ideal humidity.

                      Temperature                Steam dispenser
                      The temperature control    Make your steam room
                      inside a steam room        a unique experience by
                      ranges from 45° to 60°.    using essential oils. It
                      Humidity reaches 100%.     only takes a few drops
                                                 of your favourite oil
                                                 poured into the appro-
                                                 priate container for you
                                                 to enjoy the benefits of

     Ideal Standard
                                    Foldable seat                                                Upper grids
                                    In order to guarantee                                        These guarantee
                                    maximum comfort and                                          complete drying of
                                    an optimal use of the                                        the unit.
                                    shower area, the seat
                                    can be completely
                                    folded back against
                                    the wall.

                                    Removable                                                    Material
                                    wooden floor                                                 Specially treated
                                     (3 section floor                                            wood, the natural
                                    panels) Can be raised                                        oil treatment
                                    completely for total                                         allows the wood to
                                    cleaning.                                                    breathe whilst
                                                                                                 providing it with a
                                                                                                 water resistant

                                    Robe hooks                                                   Glass
                                    There is an Iroko                                            For peace of mind
                                    wood robe hook                                               Tris is made from
                                    and a hanging rail                                           double glazed
                                    on the outside of                                            glass.
                                    the cabin to keep
                                    your essentials
                                    close at hand.

• Ventilated system: the ventilation grills at the top and bottom of Tris ensure that a stable
temperature is maintained throughout the cabin.
• Product cleaning: follow the user manual. For wood, use a damp cloth; for glass use an appropriate
product, paying attention to the seals and to the wood.
• Guarantee and advice: Our confidence in the quality and reliability of Ideal Standard products
enables us to offer a 2 year guarantee. To receive an additional one year warranty free of charge simply
register your Tris Cabin on 0870 1296085.
• After sales support: Ideal Standard have a dedicated after care and support team, for more
information call customer care on 0870 1296085.

                                                                                                       Ideal Standard
         Shower head

         Lateral jets             Timer



         Steam room

        Pre-heating and
        drying function


         Handshower with
         retractable hose


     Ideal Standard
    Tris is three in one:
    shower, sauna and steam room.

                    Shower – tropical rain                  Shower – normal rain

                                                                                                         Hydro massage jets

  Steam room


Important: it is not possible to use the three functions at the same time. Follow the user manual carefully.

                                                                                                                     Ideal Standard
                                                             2   10’
      Drying cycle
      Technical Specifications.
      After using any shower function or the
      steam room function, TRIS automatically
      starts the process of completely drying
      the unit, guaranteeing that the product
      will be constantly and correctly             1   10’
      maintained. The process operates in 2
      cycles of 10 minutes each. The first cycle
      circulates the hot air coming from the
      stove, whilst the second circulates the
      cold air from outside. After the 2 cycles,
      the product is dry.

      Uniform temperature in sauna mode
      Technical Specifications.
      When using the sauna function, TRIS
      guarantees uniform temperature
      throughout the unit. Thanks to the
      presence of the two fans located in the
      upper part of the product, the hot air is
      recycled minimising the change in heat
      from the upper section to the lower

     Ideal Standard

                                              Left hand version                                                        Right hand version
All measurements are in cm. Sizing                                    g                                            g
                                                        820                                                                    820
tolerances ± 5 mm.                                       700                                                                  700

      Hot water connection 1/2”

      Cold water connection 1/2”

      Power supply outlet and
      equipotential connection cable                                                   2290    2290

      Outlet Ø 40

      • All connections must be at
      floor level
      • Minimum height bathroom
      250 cm for maintenance
      • The product will have to be                            1700                                                    1700
      assembled with finished floors
      and walls
                                                                          380                                380
      • The product cannot be installed                                         700                    700
      in carpeted areas
      • The product can never be set                                      100                                100
      into the wall

                                                                            S                                S


Measurements: 170 x 110 x 230 cm


                                                                                       1800                                                 bathroom
      PRECAUTIONS                                                                             2260                                   2310    required
      • Staying too long in the Turkish                                          75
      bath may cause a drop in blood
      pressure or excessive muscle
      relaxation                                  600
      • If used by children an adult must
      be present at all times.
      • If you are receiving medical
      treatment, please consult your
      doctor before use.                      Left hand version                                                        Right hand version

Ideal Standard pursues a policy of
continuing improvement in design and
performance of its products. The right is
therfore reserved to vary specifications
without notice. Colour reproduction is as
accurate as possible within the limitations
of the printing process.

A division of Ideal Standard (UK) Ltd.
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