How to Transfer Money to Someone Else

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					How to Transfer Money to Someone Else
                    You can easily transfer money to someone else, locally or
                    internationally, by making a payment or wire transfer. Select
                    Payments from the main menu to transfer money locally or select
                    Wire Transfers to transfer money internationally.
                    For example, you can transfer money to someone else’s personal
                    account by making a payment or wire transfer.
                    (Note: The wire transfer service, and the ability to create & pay other
                    beneficiaries, not on the Bank List, is only available to resident

                    Transfer Money Locally
                    Step 1: Create New Beneficiary

                       •   Click on Payments from the main menu, then click Create
                           New Beneficiary, then click Create Other.
                       •   Fill in the fields listed in Beneficiary Information and
                           Payment Information.
                      • If you would like to make a one-time payment, choose On-
       Request from the Payment Frequency pull-down menu and fill in the Payment
       Date. The other frequency choices are for scheduling standing orders.
   •   Click Schedule Payment to go to the Confirmation page.

Step 2: Review Your Payment Details

   •   Review the payment details presented on the Confirmation page. Click the Go
       Back button to return to the Schedule Payment screen to modify the payment, if
       necessary. If the payment details are correct, click the Yes button to proceed to
       the Receipt page.
The payment has been scheduled, and the beneficiary added to My Beneficiary List.
You can now select this beneficiary from My Beneficiary List to make any subsequent
payments or transfers.

Transfer Money Internationally
Step 1: Create a Wire Transfer Request

   •   Click on Wire Transfers from the main menu to start the Wire Transfer process.

Step 2: Specify the Debit Account Information

   •   Choose a Debit Account Number from the pull-down menu.
   •   Enter the Debit Account Name in the space provided. The funds will be
       transferred from this account.

Step 3: Specify the Credit Account Information

  •   Enter the required Credit Account Name and Credit Account Number.
  •   Enter either the bank’s SWIFT, IBAN or ABA number in the space provided. The
      number entered identifies the credit bank. If you are unsure of this number, please
      contact the credit bank.
  •   Enter the Bank Name and Bank Address in the specified fields.
  •   Enter any other beneficiary information in the Payment
      Reference field. Please specify either Immediate or 7-Day                Note
      Payment in this field.
                                                                           If the Payment
  •   Enter the Amount you wish to transfer.                               Reference field is
  •   Select the Currency from the pull-down menu.                         left unspecified, the
                                                                           funds will be sent in
  •   Select which party will pay the wire transfer charges from the
                                                                           7 days.
      Charges pull-down menu, either Applicant or Beneficiary.
  •   Enter the Sender name into the provided field. Your user name
      has been put into this field automatically, but can be changed, if
  The funds will be credited to the account and beneficiary information specified.

Step 3: Save as a Template for Later Use (optional)

  •   If you wish to store this wire transfer request in template form, to be reused at a
      later date, enter the Template Name and Template Description in the spaces
      provided. This will be helpful for any future wire transfers to the same party.
  •   Click the Submit button to make the wire transfer request. A confirmation page
      displays. If all the information is correct, click the Submit button again. A receipt
      is now displayed for your records.