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									                                        National Native American

                                        Law Enforcement Association
                                        Volume 8, No. 3                             Newsletter                       2000 – 2001

The Conference for a New Era

          as Vegas!      The National                             The conference began in grand style with opening remarks by the
       Native      American         Law                      NNALEA President, Gerry Cavis, who introduced the guest speakers: Ted
       Enforcement Association took                          Quasula, Director, Office of Law Enforcement Services, Bureau of Indian
to the convention center of the world                        Affairs; Kathryn Landreth, United States Attorney, District of Nevada;
for its 2000 National Conference.                            Montie Deer, Chairman, National Indian Gaming Association; and also the
The conference site was the grand                            distinguished Brian Stafford, Director, U.S. Secret Service. In what would
Tropicana Resort and Casino at the                           prove to be the first of many surprises at this year’s conference, welcoming
Four Corners on the world famous                             remarks were made by the Attorney General of the United States, Janet
Vegas Strip, which proved to be quite                        Reno, who spoke to the NNALEA membership in a taped address.
fitting for an organization looking                               While these notable people helped to make the NNALEA 2000
forward to a new era of growth,                              Conference a success, the biggest accomplishment was the response of the
prosperity, vigor and vitality.                              membership of this Association. The NNALEA Executive Committee
     The       NNALEA           training                     worked diligently to provide the best and the brightest for the membership to
conferences have always been                                 choose from for a professionally enhancing experience as well as a fun filled
popular and attendance has grown                             week. The agenda for the 2000 conference is available in its entirety on our
appreciably in the past few years.                           website. If you do not have access to the Internet, please give us a call and
The two-track training workshop                              we can forward a copy to you.
format offered last year in Palm                                   Three categories of sessions were offered to choose from, including
Springs was so successful that it was                        basic police investigation; law enforcement administration; and sessions with
agreed we would “gamble” in Las                              a youth and community program focus. Accreditation for the training was
Vegas and offer three tracks.                                offered through Fox Valley Technical College. Whether you were a rookie or
      Perhaps it was the appeal of the                       a road-weary veteran, the conference offered informative and timely training.
major player venue, or because word                                Sincerest appreciation is offered to all of the guest speakers and
has gotten around about the quality                          presenters at the year’s conference. Space limits our ability to list and address
training the Association offers, or                          each of these exemplary representatives of their respective fields, although
because the Folies Bergere was                               we would like to make a few recognitions:
headlining     at    the     Tropicana.                           Kudos to Edward Krueger, Department Chair, and Beckie Murdock,
Whatever the reason, we are happy to                         of the Criminal Justice Department, Fox Valley Technical College for their
announce that attendance topped 230                          contributions to the conference. Our membership knows that taking on a
conferees this year!                                         new partner is one thing, taking on a partner you made in the midst of a
                                                             firefight is another.
Table of Contents                                                 Special thanks go out to Dawn Abrams and her staff from the Bureau of
The Conference for a New Era --------------------- 1         Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms G.R.E.A.T. Program Office who provided
NNALEA Officers Address List ------------------- 2           that extra push to put the conference over the top. A crisp salute to you all
Past Presidents ---------------------------------------- 2
From Acorn To Mighty Oak ------------------------ 3          for stepping in and providing that back up when the call went out.
Funding Opportunities ------------------------------- 3           Finally, our sincerest regards and best wishes to some brothers-in-arms
2001 NNALEA Officers----------------------------- 5
Visit to Navajo Nation ------------------------------- 5     who chose to walk with us one more time before finding their own way; past
Annual Membership Meeting Minutes ------------ 6             NNALEA President Ted Quasula, and Joe Rosen, the former General
NNALEA Presents College Scholarships --------11              Counsel for NNALEA. Both of these courageous and visionary gentlemen
NNALEA Remembers Fallen Officers -----------11
Membership Application ---------------------------14         were at the table when this organization was formed eight short years ago.
                                                             Their forethought and guidance helped to bring us into the new era.
                                                                  (Continued p.7)

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                                                 1
NNALEA Officers Address List
Daryll Davis, President                 Peter Maybee, Sergeant-at-Arms          Executive Board Support Positions
Immigration Service                     Bureau of Indian Affairs
1 Cleveland Blvd., Suite 101            Office of Law Enforcement Services      Kim Kraft-Baglio, Financial Director
Sanford, FL 32773                       1849 C St. NW, MS 4550-MIB              Secret Service
(407) 321-1397                          Washington, DC 20240                    610 Main St., Suite 300
Fax: (407) 321-2789                     (202) 208-5787                          Buffalo, NY 14202                  Fax: (202) 208-6170                     (716) 551-4401
                                                   Fax: (716) 551-5075
Jim Wooten, 1st Vice President                                        
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and         Gerald Cavis, Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                General Counsel
Firearms                                Secret Service
1200 Main Tower Ste. 2500               950 H St. NW
Dallas, TX 75202                        Washington, DC 20223                    Tracy Crane, Membership Director
(212) 767-2250                          (202) 406-6389                          Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fax: (212) 766-2229                     Fax: (202) 406-6364                     PO Box 152                       Kimberly, AL 35091
                                                                                (205) 715-0365
Dave Nicholas, 2nd Vice President       Gary Edwards, Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                Fax: (205) 715-0232
Bureau of Indian Affairs                Secret Service
Office of Law Enforcement Services      950 H St. NW
1849 C St., NW MS4550-MIB               Washington, DC 20223                    Dana Ward, Historian
Washington, DC 20240                    (202) 406-9159                          Federal Bureau of Investigation
(202) 208-5787                          Fax: (202) 406-5586                     PO Box 843
Fax: (202) 208-6170                            Miami, OK 74355                                                            (918) 542-2171
                                                                                Fax: (918) 540-2072

Past Presidents
Gerald Cavis                             Benny Jeannotte                         John Hensley
Immediate Past President                 BIA - OLES (Retired)                    U.S. Customs (Retired)
Secret Service                           PO Box 26567                            Sacramento, CA
950 H St. NW                             PO Box 191
Washington, DC 20223                     St. John, ND 58369                      Gary Edwards
(202) 406-6389                           (701) 477-0153                          Secret Service
Fax: (202) 406-6364                      Fax: (701) 351-3532                     950 H St. NW                                                            Washington, DC 20223
                                         Chuck Choney
                                                                                 (202) 406-9159
Theodore Quasula                         Federal Bureau of Investigation
                                                                                 Fax: (202) 406-5586
BIA-OLES (Retired)                       3301 W. Memorial Road
Quasula Consulting                       Oklahoma City, OK 73134
10180 Birch Bluff Lane                   (405) 290-7770
Las Vegas, NV 89145                      Fax: (405) 290-3889
                                                                                         Native American
    Visit our website at:                                  Law Enforcement
NNALEA welcomes advertising, letters,         Please send your copy to:
articles, and/or photos, and encourages       NNALEA Newsletter
you to share your interests through this      c/o Fox Valley Technical College         The purpose of NNALEA
national publication. Points of view or       PO Box 2277                               is to promote and foster
opinions contained in this document are       Appleton, WI 54912-2277                     cooperation between
those of the authors and do not               Phone: (920) 735-2517                         American Indian
necessarily represent the official position   Fax: (920) 996-7181                           Law Enforcement
or policies of the National Native            e-mail:           Officers/Agents, their
American Law Enforcement Association                                                   Agencies, Tribes, private
or Fox Valley Technical College.                                                        industry and the public.

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                            2
From Acorn To Mighty Oak

              s the National Native American Law Enforcement
              Association began its work to earn a place in the
              law enforcement community, the organization
              struggled to establish itself in a meaningful way.
              The work had begun in earnest by a roundtable of
Native officers from several agencies with clear objectives. Those objectives were to gain wider recognition for
Native American officers and their working conditions; to endeavor to improve those working conditions; to provide
for training and increase the professionalism of the officers in the field; and, to bring a better understanding of
policing to those people who were not in law enforcement in Native American communities.
         As any fledging operation                                                    various departments, some of
would, the organization struggled off                 Letter From                     those services and operational
and on to provide various services                                                    needs suffered from time to time.
and operational needs of the                                                                  We cannot give thanks
organization in the beginning. For a                                                  enough to those select few who
couple of years, the organization was                                                 gathered for the first time.
largely run by a variety of                                                           Through their heart and their
individuals who were assigned                                                         vision, we were provided with a
various tasks through the Executive                                                   goal     that     your     current
Committee of the NNALEA. Being                                                        administration with great pride,
a volunteer organization and done in                                                  could announce that their hopes
the spare time of all of the officers               The President                     and dreams have taken root. This
who were full-time cops for their                                                     organization will soon blossom as
                                                                                      never before.
         A partnership to provide training, undertaken three years ago with the Criminal Justice Grants and Contracts
Office of Fox Valley Technical College of Appleton, Wisconsin, has developed into a viable business relationship.
Effective this year, the NNALEA has contracted with Fox Valley in order to provide the professional delivery of
services and operational needs that our membership has demanded. Provided for is this very newsletter, an expanded
website, and accurate and timely accounting of our membership.
                                 The transition of the old website to the new one will be gradual as we begin to
                         publicize our new Internet address nearing completion. The impact on the news and
                         information we are able to provide to our members and other subscribers is immediate. Also
                         completing development are new membership cards; a new member-welcoming package; and
                         an up-to-date membership directory.
                                 The fruition of the effort from the last several years is coming together in a way that
                         can only mean that the objectives put before us less than 10 years ago are beginning to be
                         accomplished. Stay involved and stay with us as we build on those hopes and dreams and
                         make it a reality.

Funding Opportunities
for 2001 NNALEA Conference
If your tribal agency does not have funding available to send law enforcement officers
to the NNALEA Annual Training Conference, grant funding may be available if you
have or have not applied for a Tribal Resources Program Grant from the Office of
Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). Contact Jamie French, Grant Program
Specialist at the COPS Office at 1-800-421-6770 for more information.

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                           3
                                                       Federal Police Officers
                                                          Indian Country

The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Law Enforcement
Services (OLES) is seeking energetic and ambitious men and women to serve as Federal
police officers in Indian Country. Salary ranges from $28,141 - $42,778, plus overtime pay
and a general Federal retirement and benefits package. The OLES is committed to
providing high quality professional services in a timely manner, and to uphold the
constitutional sovereignty and customs of Tribes, while protecting the rights and property of
all people.

Minimum Qualifications:
             U.S. citizen between the ages of 21 and 37
             Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
             Pass a written examination
             Pass a medical examination
             Pass a background investigation
             Successfully complete a rigorous basic police training course
             Possess a valid state driver’s license
             Be in excellent physical condition
             Within the scope of Indian Preference, all candidates will receive consideration without regard
             to race, color, sex, religion, national origin or other non-merit factors

Interested persons may obtain the vacancy announcements by contacting Ms. Audrey Duran
at (505) 346-7572 or the OLES at (505) 248-7937. Vacancy announcements may also be
obtained from the five Law Enforcement Districts listed below. Announcements are also
listed on the Internet at

      District I                  District II         District III        District IV          District V
    Aberdeen, SD                Muskogee, OK          Phoenix, AZ      Albuquerque, NM       Billings, MT
  Serving Tribes in            Serving Tribes in   Serving Tribes in   Serving Tribes in   Serving Tribes in
  the Aberdeen and            the Muskogee and      the Phoenix and    the Albuquerque        the Billings,
  Minneapolis areas             Anadarko areas     Sacramento areas    and Navajo areas        Juneau and
                                                                                             Portland areas
    (605) 226-7347             (918) 687-2266      (602) 379-6958       (505) 346-7108      (406) 247-7968

                                  Serve and Protect in Indian Country

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                    4
2001 NNALEA Officers

           he National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA) would like to announce their
           officers for the first year of the new millennium. On October 19, 2000 at the 8th annual conference held in
           Las Vegas, Nevada, elevated to President was Daryll Davis, an Inspector with the Immigration Service
           stationed in Sanford, FL. First Vice President is Jim Wooten who’s the Special Agent In Charge for the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Dallas, TX. Second Vice President is Dave Nicholas, the Eastern Area
Investigator for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, DC. Newly elected as Sergeant-at-Arms, Peter Maybee is
a Special Agent also with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, DC. In addition, Gary Edwards, with the US
Secret Service, Washington DC, serves as Chief Executive Officer; and Gerald Cavis, with the US Secret Service,
Washington, DC, is the Chief Financial Officer for the Executive Board.
    In support of the Executive Board are Kim Baglio, US Secret Service, Buffalo, NY, Financial Director; Tracy
Crane, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Kimberly, AL, Membership Director; and Dana Ward, Federal Bureau of
Investigation, Miami, OK, Historian.
                                                                              2000 Conference (from Pg. 1)
                                                                              Building on the success of this past

                                                                              year’s conference, the NNALEA will
                                                                              also offer a three track training
                                                                              conference this coming year.    The
                                                                              national convention will be held in
                                                                              Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 23-
                                                                              25. Join us as we continue to evolve
                                                                              into the warrior society of new
                                                                              millennium. See you on the trail,

                                                                              US Supreme Court
                                                                              Members Pay
                                                                              Visit to Navajo
                       Photo, front, l-r: Peter Maybee, Dave Nicholas,
                       Jim Wooten, Daryll Davis.
                       Back l-r: Gerry Cavis, Kim Baglio, Gary Edwards.       Window Rock – Two of the nine
                                                                                Unites States Supreme Court members
                                                                                will visit the Navajo Nation during the
summer council session, Navajo Chief Justice Robert Yazzie announced Monday. Yazzie’s revelation of the trip
from Washington, D.C., by Sandra Day O’Connor (a former Arizona state senator) and Stephen G. Breyer came
during his quarterly speech to the council.
“The purpose of their visit is to obtain a broad view of justice in Indian country, Navajo sovereignty, the works of the
courts and the needs of the courts,” Yazzie said. During their July 19 – 20 visit, they will see a live demonstration of
peacemaking, meeting behind closed doors with the council’s Judiciary Committee and tribal judges to discuss
sovereignty, he added…

                                               for the NNALEA 2001 National Training Conference
                                                 NNALEA would welcome your sponsorship for conference
                                                                                   refreshment breaks.
                                                         Please contact Gary Edwards at (202) 406-9164
October 23 – 25, 2001      Reserve lodging by calling the Pyramid at (505) 821-3333
Pyramid Crowne Plaza Hotel Single/Double Rooms are $65 ($72.03 with tax)
Albuquerque, NM
                                               More Conference Information Coming Soon…
NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                           5
Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
   The       annual       general    Officer shall be five years. The     Article III, Section 2 of the
membership       meeting      was    Chief Financial Officer may          Constitution and Bylaws. The
conducted Thursday, October          serve an unlimited number of         term of the Chief Executive
19, 2000, as the final session of    consecutive terms. The Chief         Officer shall be five years. The
the Las Vegas Conference. A          Financial Officer shall be           Chief Executive Officer may
full discussion of the preceding     responsible for administering all    serve an unlimited number of
Annual       Executive      Board    the financial affairs of the         consecutive terms. The Chief
meeting was presented along          NNALEA, maintaining and              Executive Officer shall be
with the new motions voted on        monitoring       the     financial   responsible for the daily
by the general membership.           accounts of the NNALEA,              operations      of     NNALEA
This summary addresses the key       serving as liaison with the          including, but not limited to,
issues and motions passed by the     certified    public    accountant    overseeing and coordinating the
general membership.                  retained      by       NNALEA,       training conference, newsletter,
        The meeting was called       providing reports on the             websites,            fundraising,
to order by President Gerald A.      financial affairs of NNALEA to       scholarship program and other
Cavis. He thanked all those that     the Board and the membership.        special projects as approved and
assisted in making the Las           Notwithstanding Article III          authorized by the Executive
Vegas        Conference         an   Section 3 of the NNALEA              Board. Notwithstanding Article
outstanding success. Fox Valley      Constitution and Bylaws, in the      III, Section 3 of the NNALEA
Technical College, specifically      event of a vacancy in one of the     Constitution and Bylaws, in the
Ed     Krueger     and     Beckie    elected offices on the Executive     event of a vacancy in one of the
Murdock were recognized for          Board, the Chief Financial           elected offices on the Executive
their tremendous support and         Officer may serve in that office     Board, the Chief Executive
invaluable partnership.              for the remainder of that term,      Officer may serve in that office
        In the business meeting,     provided the Chief Financial         for the remainder of that term,
the Executive Board passed the       Officer shall exercise only one      provided the Chief Executive
following motions:                   vote and count as one for            Officer shall exercise only one
MOTION 1: The position of            establishing a quorum. Voted         vote and count as one for
Chief Financial Officer shall be     and passed by the general            establishing a quorum. Voted
created and established as a full    membership                           and passed by the general
member of the NNALEA                 MOTION 2: The position of            membership.
Executive Board with all rights,     Chief Executive Officer shall be     MOTION 3: The President
privileges      and       benefits   created and established as a full    may      authorize     NNALEA
pertaining thereto. The Chief        member of the NNALEA                 expenditures       subject     to
Financial Officer shall be           Executive Board will all rights,     availability of funds and the
nominated by the Executive           privileges       and      benefits   concurrence of the Chief
Board and confirmed by the           pertaining thereto. The Chief        Financial Officer. In the event
general membership. The Chief        Executive Officer shall be           the President does not agree
Financial Officer shall be           nominated by the Executive           with the Chief Financial
required to meet all other           Board and confirmed by the           Officer’s non-concurrence, then
qualifications of a national level   general membership. The Chief        the Executive Board may make
Association office found in          Executive Officer shall be           the final decision on such
Article III, Section 2 of the        required to meet all other           expenditures at issue. Voted
Constitution and Bylaws. The         qualifications of a national level   and passed by the general
term of the Chief Financial          Association office found in          membership

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                              6
Annual Meeting Minutes (Continued)
MOTION 4: The offices of the           and passed by the general              The     NNALEA         currently
Past Presidents, General Counsel,      membership.                          maintains an Association chapter
Membership Director, Historian         MOTION 7: Two-thirds of the          in Oklahoma.        Recently the
and Finance Director shall be          Executive Board, one of which        Washington, DC Chapter was
eliminated from the Executive          shall be the President or in his     approved. The Washington, DC
Board.        Except for Past          absence, the First Vice President,   Chapter will serve as a model for
Presidents, these offices may be       shall constitute a quorum of the     future chapters regarding the
appointed positions within the         Executive Board. Voted and           formation of by-laws and
Association to assist in NNALEA        passed      by     the    general    developmental guidelines.
affairs, operations, activities and    membership.                            The NNALEA will award ten
other matters as needed by             MOTION 8: Any actions,               college scholarships this year.
NNALEA or the Executive                resolutions or motions in conflict   Jimmy Wooten – BATF and
Board or as otherwise provided         with this Constitution and           NNALEA 1st Vice President, is
in this Constitution and Bylaws,       Bylaws shall be held invalid and     the     Chairperson      of    the
but will not be Executive Board        of no effect. Voted and passed       Scholarship Committee.
members. Upon nomination by            by the general membership.             Letters of commendation and
the President, these positions         MOTION 9: The NNALEA                 support for this years conference
shall be appointed by the              shall indemnify each and every       were received from President
Executive Board from the               Executive Board member and           William J. Clinton, and Senator
membership to serve for an             appointed officers from personal     Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R -
indefinite period of time until        liability for monetary damages       CO).
replaced by that board. Voted          for his or her conduct as an           President Gerald Cavis closed
and passed by the general              Executive Board member or            his remarks and concluded his
membership.                            appointed officer of NNALEA,         term with the introduction of new
MOTION 5: The position of              provided such conduct shall not      NNALEA President Daryl Davis
Immediate Past President shall be      include acts or omissions that       of    the     Immigration     and
created and established as a full      involve intentional misconduct or    Naturalization Service. President
member of the NNALEA                   a knowing violation of a criminal    Davis continued with the
Executive Board with all rights,       law. Voted and passed by the         following issues:
privileges and benefits pertaining     general membership.                    The nominations and election
thereto. Upon expiration of his        MOTION 10: The NNALEA                for the NNALEA Sergeant at
or her term as President, the          will allocate up to $5,000 per       Arms, was conducted.         Peter
outgoing       President       shall   year as a fund for fallen officers   Maybee – BIA was elected.
automatically assume the office        (NNALEA members killed in the          The new motions were acted
of Immediate Past President. The       line of duty) and will consider      upon with Gary L. Edwards
out-going      President       upon    non-members on case-by-case          being        nominated        and
conclusion of the one-year term        basis. Disbursements will be in      unanimously elected to the
replaces the Immediate Past            $1000 increments for NNALEA          Executive Board position of
President. Voted and passed by         members and $500 increments          Chief Executive Officer. Gerald
the general membership.                for non-members when the             A. Cavis was nominated and
MOTION 6: During the                   organization can support the         unanimously elected to the
Executive Board meeting held at        fund. Voted and passed by the        Executive Board position of
the Annual Training Conference,        general membership.                  Chief Financial Officer.
the Executive Board shall              OTHER GENERAL BUSINESS:                The annual business meeting
determine the locations and             The yearly financial statement      was     concluded      and     the
estimated dates of the Annual          was read and adopted as read by      conference adjourned.
Training Conference for the two        a unanimous vote of the
next succeeding years. Voted           membership.

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                 7
                                      Annual National
                                      Training Conference

                                         The Bureau of
                                Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’
                                 G.R.E.A.T. Program Branch,
   October 23 – 25, 2001

                                           along with
                                 The Bureau of Indian Affairs,
   Albuquerque, NM

                                      would like to invite
                                        you to attend the
                              Annual National Training Conference

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                         8
NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001   9
                                               Department of the Treasury
                                     Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
                                      Working for a Sound and Safer America … Through Innovation and Partnerships

                                             Special Agent Recruitment Information

Major Job Duties                                               Qualification Requirements
         Investigates criminal violations of federal laws      GS-5:    4 year course of study in an accredited
         within the law enforcement jurisdiction of the                 college/university leading to a bachelor’s degree;
         Department of the Treasury.                                    or 3 years of general experience.
         Conducts investigations of violations relating to     GS-7:    1 full year of graduate level education, or at least a
         explosives, firearms, arson, and alcohol and                   3.0 out of a 5.0 undergraduate grade point average
         tobacco diversion.                                             (GPA) in all courses or in the last 2 years of
         Gathers and analyzes evidence through                          undergraduate work, or documented upper third of
         investigative leads, seizures and arrests; raid and            undergraduate class; or 1 year of specialized
         a variety of other means.                                      experience equivalent to the next lower grade in
         Prepares concise criminal investigative case                   the Federal service.
         reports.                                              GS-9:    Master’s or equivalent graduate degree or 2 full
                                                                        academic years of progressively higher level
Note: Duties may involve the following:                                 graduate education, or 1 year of specialized
         Irregular and/or unscheduled hours.                            experience equivalent to the next lower grade in
         Personal risks.                                                the Federal service.
         Exposure to all kinds of weather.                     GS-11:   3 full years of progressively higher level graduate
         Arduous physical exertion.                                     education or a Ph.D or equivalent doctoral degree;
         Considerable travel.                                           or 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to
         Use of language(s) other than English.                         the next lower grade in the Federal service.
         Familiarity with or understanding of various          GS-12:   1 year of specialized experience equivalent to the
         cultures, customs, traditions and economic and                 next lower grade in Federal service.
         social circumstances.
                                                               Application Procedures:
Conditions of Employment                                       If you are interested in an Agent position with the Bureau of
                                                               Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, you may go to the ATF
The following statements are applicable:
                                                               homepage at and download job application
         A pre-employment physical is required.
                                                               procedures; or contact the ATF at: 202-927-8610 or the ATF
         A pre-employment drug test is required.
                                                               hotline: 202-927-8423.
         A pre-employment Top-Secret background
         investigation is required.
                                                               All ATF Special Agents are required to carry a handgun in
         A polygraph examination may be required.
                                                               the performance of duties.
         A writing test may be required.
         Incumbent must be a U.S. citizen.
         Male applicants born after December 31, 1959,
         must be registered with the Selective Service
         System.                                                                          the
         Successful completion of Criminal Investigator
         School and ATF New Agent Training.                                               Bureau of Alcohol
         Proficiency with firearms must be demonstrated
         for successful completion of training.
                                                                                          Tobacco and
         Law limits entry into this position to those who                                 Firearms
         have not yet reached their 37th birthday unless
         they have previous service in a Federal Civilian
         Law Enforcement position covered by civil
         service retirement provisions, including early or            Salutes the Native American
         mandatory retirement.
         Applicants must possess valid motor vehicle
                                                                  Men and Women of Law Enforcement
         Incumbents are subject to geographic mobility.

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                                  10
NNALEA Presents College Scholarships
On February 22, 2001, ATF, Special Agent in Charge Jimmy Wooten and Special Agent Constance Barron-Lewis,
Diversity Career Impact Program Coordinator traveled to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, to present college scholarships to
five deserving students. The scholarships were awarded by the National Native American Law Enforcement
Association (NNALEA) to encourage students of Native American heritage, association or interest to continue their
education and perhaps focus on law enforcement careers. The NNALEA awarded 10 such scholarships nationwide, 5
of which were at Northeastern State University (NSU). According to NSU officials, that college awards more college
                                                                               degrees to people of Native
                                                                               American heritage, annually, than
                                                                               any other institution.
                                                                                          The scholarship applicants were
                                                                                          required to write a 200 word essay
                                                                                          on how law enforcement might
                                                                                          better interact within the Indian
                                                                                          community to reduce crime and
                                                                                          improve the quality of life. These
                                                                                          essays will be made available to
   From left to right are: Parker, Budder, Muskrat, Wooten, Archer, Mendenhall and Combs.
                                                                                          interested persons through the
NNALEA website, later. Students receiving the awards were Kara Muskrat, Robin Mendenhall, Kristi Hansen,
Matthew Budder and Trisha Archer. Also in attendance were Gregory N. Combs, J.D., Assistant Dean, College of
Social and Behavioral Sciences and C.H. Parker, Native American Student Association, both of NSU as well as guest
Chad Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
The students and guests indicated their appreciation to the NNALEA and its membership for the support of
America's youth. The names of all the scholarship winners will be listed on the NNALEA web site.

NNALEA Remembers Fallen Officers
Kelmer One Feather and Creighton Spencer
  Every year in the month of May we honor our fallen officers in                Officer Spencer, 27, graduated from the
ceremonies conducted at the Indian Country Law Enforcement Officers           BIA Indian Police Academy on December
Memorial in Artesia, New Mexico and at the National Law                       19, 2000. He is survived by his wife
Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC. This year we remember                 Tonya, a 21-month-old daughter, his
Kelmer One Feather and Creighton Spencer who died in unrelated                mother Kay Spencer, and his brother Jack
incidents.                                                                    Jr.
  On Saturday, July 1, 2000, at approximately 2:15am, Oglala Sioux              Officer Spencer’s father, BIA Police
Public Safety Police Officer, Kelmer One Feather arrested two                 Captain Jack Spencer, Sr., was killed in a
occupants of a stalled vehicle for DWI. Shortly after the stop and            similar incident on September 5, 1998,
subsequent arrest, the Pine Ridge Police Department received a                while returning from the Fort McDermitt
telephone call advising of a traffic accident. Officers responded to the      Indian Reservation, Nevada. Jack Spencer,
traffic accident and found that Officer One Feather’s vehicle was             Sr. was the 73rd name placed on the Indian
involved. Officer One Feather and one of his prisoners were both              Country Memorial.       Officer Creighton
ejected from the police vehicle and subsequently died because of              Spencer will add to the Artesia memorial in
serious injuries received in the accident. Officer One feather was a          the 2002 ceremony.
veteran law enforcement officer with more than 18 years of service.             In October 2000, the NNALEA general
  On May 3, 2001, Officer One Feather was added to the granite slates         membership unanimously agreed to
at the sacred Indian Country Memorial in Artesia. He becomes the 78th         establish a survivor’s fund for fallen
Native American law enforcement hero to fall in the line of duty.             members and non-members serving in
  In a second incident that occurred on Thursday March 29, 2001,              Indian country. The details for those
Bureau of Indian Affairs Police Officer Creighton Spencer was                 disbursements are part of the General
responding to a call for assistance at the Battle Mountain Indian Colony      Membership Minutes provided in this
when his police vehicle veered off the highway into the median. He            Newsletter. The NNALEA shares the
lost control of his vehicle and crashed head-on into an oncoming              sorrow and loss with both the One Feather
tractor-trailer rig. Officer Spencer was killed because of the crash.         and Spencer families.

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                              11
NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001   12
                          NNALEA Special Award Recognition
                                                     NATIONAL NATIVE AMERICAN
                                                     LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSOCIATION
                                                     P.O. Box 171
                                                     Washington, D.C. 20044

                                                     June 2, 2001

Dear Mrs. Diane Leonard,

This month begins another chapter of remembrance for what is now simply known as the Oklahoma
City Bombing. It may be no easier now for you or any of the other families and friends of those
killed on that fateful day in 1995, and no less a test of your faith and resolve. However, the National
Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA) will be there to support all of you.

Just nine short years ago, a small group of men and women, including your husband Donald, were
responsible for creating the NNALEA. Today we are the largest Native American Law Enforcement
Association in the country. We strive to reflect the professionalism and dignity that your husband
brought to the law enforcement community. Don would be proud to know that we have continued to
build on “our” vision for the future.

We are proud to inform you that from this day forward the Association will award a special annual
scholarship to a student in Indian country. This scholarship will be known as the Don Leonard
Memorial Scholarship. Through this award, Don’s memory will continue to motivate and inspire
Native youth across the country for many years to come. We will always remember the humor and
sincerity for which he was known.

Don was indeed a very close friend, co-worker, and professional colleague of many of the past
Presidents of this Association. The officers and members who knew your husband want you to
know that during this most difficult of times our Association stands with you.

On behalf of the nearly 1,000 tribal, local, county, state and federal officers who make up our
membership, we offer our faith, hope and love for the future.


NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                               13
NNALEA New/Renewal
Membership Application
National Native American Law Enforcement
C/O Fox Valley Technical College - Criminal Justice Grants Dept.
PO Box 2277
Appleton, Wisconsin 54912-2277
Phone: (888) 370-1752 or (920) 735-2517
Fax: (920) 996-7181         E-mail:
    The National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA) is an Indian organization operated in a
non-profit status with headquarters in Washington, D.C. The Association was created in the spring of 1993 by Native
American men and women who were working in the field of law enforcement in various assignments throughout the
United States.
    Its goals are to promote and support Native American officers/agents in the field through the utilization of a
national organization. The Association will promote and foster mutual cooperation between Native American law
enforcement officers/agents, their agencies, private industry, tribal entities and the public. The association will
provide a media for the exchange of ideas and new techniques, establish a network to provide technical and/or
investigative assistance to association members.
                          NNALEA New/Renewal Membership Application
                                             (888) 370-1752
Membership fee is $15 per year and is open to interested parties in the following categories:
  1.         Native American                Law Enforcement Officer            Yes            No
  2.         Non-Native American            Law Enforcement Officer            Yes            No
First Name: ________________________________              Last Name________________________________
Employer: ____________________________________________________________________________
Title: ________________________________________________________________________________
Type of Agency: (Mark all that apply)
    Federal    State   Local      Tribal Non-Profit Education Other ____________________
Business Address __________________________                Home Address ____________________________
Bus. City ________________Bus. State ________              Home City ______________ Home State _______
Bus. Zip__________ Bus. Phone ______________               Home Zip _________ Home Phone ____________
Business Fax ______________________________                Home Fax ________________________________
Business E-mail ___________________________                Home E-mail _____________________________
Publish in Directory?     Yes     No                       Publish in Directory? Yes    No
Mail membership information to         Business            Home address.
_____ $15.00 Dues
_____ Make a tax-deductible contribution to NNALEA to be used for (Check One)
           Scholarship Fund     General Fund. Enclosed check for $__________.
Please enclose a check or money order with this application form and mail to the following address:
National Native American Law Enforcement
C/O Fox Valley Technical College - Criminal Justice Grants Dept.
PO Box 2277
Appleton, Wisconsin 54912-2277

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                     14
      SECRET                                   SERVICE
      Everyday the U.S. Secret Service battles to protect our nation’s
      leaders and financial systems. We are looking for young Americans
      with diverse skills and backgrounds who are interested in a
      challenging career in federal law enforcement. To find out more, give
      us a call.

                              (888) 813-USSS (8777)

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                   15
                                                             13th Annual
                                                 National Training Conference for
                                              Criminal Justice and Community Leaders
                                                  Working Together To Serve Better
                                                              November 14 – 16, 2001
                                                               Green Bay, Wisconsin

                                            The Changing Face of America’s Communities
           This National Training Conference will feature nationally recognized community and law
                                     enforcement initiatives, including:
    Community cultural changes                Community Planning               Conducting background
    Racial profiling                          Tribal court development         investigations
    Facial bio-metrics                        Casino security investigations   Boys & Girls Clubs
    Reaching out to minorities                Identity theft in casinos        Crisis response in jail settings

    This is a Program of Interest to all Criminal Justice and Community Leaders!

For more information, contact:                  Beckie Murdock
                                                (888) 370-1752 or (920) 735-2485
                                                Fax: (920) 996-7192

                     National Native American
                     Law Enforcement Association

                     C/O Fox Valley Technical College
                     Criminal Justice Department
                     PO Box 2277
                     Appleton, WI 54912-2277

NNALEA Newsletter 2000-2001                                                                                       16

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