Meine Walkure

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					                Meine Walkure
               By Ranger Jerry L Conners
        Chinese Bandit Recon 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav

             Handmaiden of Oden
                I beckon thee
                 embrace me
              and carry me forth

               My lovely Valkyrie,
                  come for me
               and open thy heart
                    and soul

              Know my battles
                and judge me
             lest I be forgotten
         on this inconspicuous field

               Remove my blood
                 soaked tunic
               and carry me aloft
             into the drying winds

            Fear me not Valkyrie,
       close neither wings nor dreams
              but take me high
            into the world above

                Lovely Valkyrie,
                come to me and
                 hear the music
            of my warrior's fire and
           let our unbridled passion
               consume us in the
              twilight of the gods

       Dedicated to Carlos R Hatcher,
Chinese Bandit 13 Rear Security Team Leader

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Description: Poem is dedicated to Carlos Raymond Hatcher, Chinese Bandit Rear Security Team Leader, Chinese Bandit Recon 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav 1965-66