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                WEBB COUNTY | INVESTIGATION                                                                                                             CITY | CRIME

Keene death:
Is it murder?
          By JULIAN AGUILAR                                     “The Dis-
                                                                                     Killings decline

    Although Texas law states au-
                                                            trict Attorney’s
                                                            office of Webb
                                                            and     Zapata
                                                                                        Number of homicides falls to 5-year low
topsy reports are a matter of pub-                          Counties re-                     By ZACHARY FRANZ                over from Mexico, said Officer        homicides per 100,000 people,                       F e b 2 6 : Miguel David
lic record, the report for Dr.                              quest that the                  LAREDO MORNING TIMES             Jose E. Baeza, a spokesman for        and the state figure of 5.7. State           Lopez, 26, and Eduardo Mar-
Marissa Keene, found dead in the                            autopsy report                                                   the Laredo Police Department.         and national figures for 2007 are            tinez, 24, were killed at Mickey’s
swimming pool of her home more                              of Dr. Marissa            The number of homicides in                “I know that the detectives        not yet available.                           Players Club, at 820 Convent
than six months ago, has not yet              KEENE         Keene be with-        Laredo in 2007 was the lowest in           have been working very hard               The victims in the past year             Ave., on Feb. 26.
been made public.                                           held from pub-        five years, after a spike in 2006.         with street-level intelligence and    had much in common. All of                      A witness told police that a
    According to court documents        lic inspection in order to prevent            There were 10 homicides in             with other agencies to actively       them were men, all were His-                 man walked up to Lopez and
supplied by Laredo Police detec-        hindrance of the investigation            the last year; the fewest since sev-       investigate, and maybe even pre-      panic and they were young. The               shot him in the right cheek. Mar-
tives late last week, the District      and prosecution of her murder,”           en killings were reported in 2002          vent certain things,” Baeza said.     average age of victims was just              tinez then approached the gun-
Attorney’s office submitted and         the document states. “Release of          and well below last year’s total of           Based on Laredo’s estimated        over 24, and only one lived past             man, and during a struggle the
was granted two motions to pre-         the information prepared by the           24.                                        population of 215,000, Laredo         his 20s.                                     gunman shot Martinez in the
vent the autopsy from becoming          Medical Examiner would inter-                 The decrease is the result of          had 4.65 homicides per 100,000            Eight of the victims were shot           chest, police said.
public.                                 fere with the detection, investiga-       good police work and the decline           people in 2007. That’s below the      to death; the other two were
    The requests, dated July 10         tion, or prosecution of a crime.”         of drug-related violence spilling          2006 national rate, which is 5.7      killed with blunt objects.                           See HOMICIDES | PAGE 13A
and Aug. 3, are signed by Webb              The document, dated August 3,
County Justice of the Peace Oscar       differs from the original motion
Liendo and were submitted by            only in that it contains additional
District Attorney Joe Rubio and         language stating that once the
Assistant District Attorney Jorge
L. Treviño, respectively.                        See KEENE | PAGE 13A

                     DWI LAW | LEGISLATURE

  Couple wants
  drunks to pay
          By ZACHARY FRANZ              children had no father.
        LAREDO MORNING TIMES               That’s what made his parents
   Nobody should have to expe-             What made them mad was
rience what Americo and Rosie           that the driver who caused the
Moncada did and, if they have           accident, which ultimately in-
their way, nobody will.                 volved eight vehicles, had drugs
   The Laredo couple’s 32-year-         and alcohol in her system.
old son, David, was driving to             She also had multiple previous
work in Dallas last March at about      arrests for driving under the in-
8 on Monday morning.                    fluence of drugs or alcohol.
   He was waiting at a red light,          Now, the couple is working
when a driver smashed into the          with legislators to crack down on
back of his truck.                      repeat DWI offenders.
   David’s truck was pushed into           “It’s an epidemic,” Rosie Mon-
oncoming traffic, where it collid-      cada said. “I chose to do some-
ed with another car.                    thing about it. I’m not saying I
   Moments later, David’s wife
was a widow and his two young                     See DWI | PAGE 13A
                                                                                                                                                                                               Photos by Ricardo Segovia | Laredo Morning Times
                                                                                         Angelica Don Juan, Grecia K. Martinez and Jobana Amaya pose for a picture as they hold their toys at Casa Hogar in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas,
                                                                                         Mexico, on Saturday morning.

                                                                                                Stinson gives generously to Nuevo Laredo childrens’ home
                     FLOOD CONTROL | CITY                                                               By ZACHARY FRANZ                                                                                              The shadow of
                                                                                                      LAREDO MORNING TIMES                                                                                            Vania Arteaga

 Detention pond                                                                          S
                                                                                                aturday morning, a young girl
                                                                                                opened the door at the gate to
                                                                                                Casa Hogar Monsignor Enrique
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      reflects Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      on the tile floor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      of the Chapel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nuestra Señora

 eases rain woes
                                                                                         Tomás Lozano, in Nuevo Laredo, in an-                                                                                        de la Merced,
                                                                                         swer to the doorbell.                                                                                                        which is part
                                                                                             For a second, she looks suspicious-                                                                                      of Casa
                                                                                         ly at the visitors.                                                                                                          Hogar.
                                                                                             Then her eyes fall on a tall man in
         By ASHLEY RICHARDS                                 prevention for               his 50’s, and she smiles in recognition.
        LAREDO MORNING TIMES                                nearby homes                     “Ah, Jim,” she said, pronouncing the
                                                            and streets,                 J like a Y.
   Work has already begun but                               such as Gale,                    A moment later, Jim Stinson walks
the city plans to ceremoniously                             Jacaman and                  into the compound, where he is greet-           of causes.                                        The family leases land in Oilton for
break ground Jan. 11 on the                                 McPherson,                   ed by many of the other children and               “One year we bought a grand cham-           hunting, so they already came to Lare-
largest regional detention pond                             that often flood             the nuns who govern them.                       pion pig, and the kid didn’t even thank        do often. Jim Stinson checked around
in Laredo.                                                  during a heavy                   Stinson and his family have been            us,” he said.                                  the area, and came across Casa Hogar
   The 42-acre regional facility,          RENDON           rain.                        contributors and regular visitors to               Stinson said it without resentment,         Monsignor Enrique Tomás Lozano.
located west of the airport, east of                           “This       is            Casa Hogar for more than 15 years.              but it was a sign that other kids could           The dormitories were crowded with
McPherson Avenue and between            something that really is going to                    Before they embraced the girls’             use the money more.                            bunk beds and there were only two
Jacaman Road and Gale Street,           help us in trying to bring in better             home, the Stinsons tried to support                Stinson’s mother, Jeannette Stinson,        bathrooms.
has a channel running through it        quality of life,” Rendon said. “Be-              children around their Houston home              grew up in a children’s home in central           So, the girls had to start waking up
that originates near Alexander          cause they’ve (residents) always                 by, for example, buying the livestock           Texas that was similar to Casa Hogar.          at 3:30 a.m. in order for everyone to
High School and is expected to          had that fear of getting flooded.”               they sold at county fairs.                         She had fond memories of the                have time to shower and prepare for
direct water during heavy rains            Riazul Mia, Environmental                         Eventually, though, they realized           home, and thought they should give
into the pond.                          Services Department director,                    their efforts weren’t going to the best         their support to a similar facility.                     See CASA HOGAR | PAGE 12A
   District V Councilman Johnny         said the detention facility is de-
Rendon, in whose district the re-       signed to hold water that flows
gional detention facility is located,
said the end effect will be flood-               See CREEK | PAGE 12A

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