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					IONA PREP news
A Tribute to
Br. Gerard M. Gaffney, CFC

Service Commitment
at Iona Prep

The Falvey Brothers

Career Week

 To serve a neighbor
 for the love of God...
       –Blessed Edmund Rice

 Winter 2009 • For alumni, parents, students & friends
                                                from the president
                                                April 2009

                                                Dear Friends of the Iona Prep Community,

                                             In May, Iona Prep will graduate almost 200 young men who in their years as Iona Prep students were imbued
                                            with the Essential Elements of a Christian Brother education and the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.

                                      The Prep must also teach the skills for our Iona men to be successful in college, in the workplace, and as family men.
                                In the same vein of this subject, Educational Leadership, a publication sponsored by the Association of Supervision and
      Curriculum Development (ASCD), published a report by Tony Wagner, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and author of the
      book titled The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need. For this report, Wagner
      interviewed numerous business, nonprofit, philanthropic, and education leaders to learn what skills students need to acquire to be good citizens and to
      build successful careers. Wagner proposes the following seven skills that current students will need to thrive in the years ahead.

         1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. To compete in a global economy, workers need to think how to continuously improve their products
            and processes. This will require people to ask the right questions because the markets change so fast, incremental improvement is not
            good enough.
         2. Collaboration and Leadership. Teamwork is no longer only working with people in your own organization. The CEO of Siemens says
            “technology has allowed for virtual teams - we have teams working on projects all around the world with people on conference calls, Web
            casts, and net meetings”.
         3. Agility and Adaptability. The CEO of BOC Edwards states “workers today need to think, be flexible, change, and use a variety of tools to
            solve problems. Adaptability and learning new skills is critical as we change what we do all the time”.
         4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism. The challenge for the senior VP at Cisco is to create an entrepreneurial culture. He states “our workers
            will never be blamed for failing to reach a stretch goal, but they will be blamed for not trying”.
         5. Effective Oral and Written Communication. Verbal, written, and presentation skills are critical communication skills states Mike Summers of
            Dell. Workers need to create focus, energy, and passion around their opinions and do so in a clear and concise manner.
         6. Accessing and Analyzing Information. Workers today must manage a tremendous amount of information daily – and the challenge is not
            only the quantity of the information to process but how rapidly the information is changing. Workers need to develop the necessary skills to
            process the information effectively and continuously.
         7. Curiosity and Imagination. Developing in students the capacity for creativity and imagination will help the U.S. to maintain a competitive
            advantage in the future. Mike Summers states “people who move the fastest in our environment are those who’ve learned to ask great
            questions and have learned to be inquisitive”.

      Wagner summarizes his findings by saying that schools must first “redefine excellent instruction…by working with colleagues to ensure that all students
      master the skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners, workers, and citizens”. He states “I have yet to talk to a recent graduate, college teacher,
      community leader, or business leader who said that not knowing enough academic content was a problem. In my interviews, everyone stressed the
      importance of critical thinking, communications skills, and collaboration.” Wagner believes that answering the following two questions is the key to
      preparing all students for the 21st Century workplace. First, how do we teach students to ask good questions – how to think. Second, how do we teach
      students to engage in good discussion – who can look people in the eye and have a give and take.

      My vision for Iona Prep is to not only help enhance its reputation as the premier Catholic high school for boys in the greater Westchester area, but to help
      distinguish Iona Prep as a leader among Catholic high schools across the United States. As Iona Prep moves forward in our strategic planning process,
      we will not lose sight of our mission, the Essential Elements, and the charism of Edmund Rice. We will uphold these tenets while guiding students to be
      life-long learners, good citizens, and to be the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow. We at Iona Prep embrace the ideas that Wagner proposes.

      May God’s love, faith and compassion live in your hearts.

                                                                                                        James Irzyk
                                                                                                        President of Iona Prep

      To learn more about the Essential Elements visit (
      To learn more about the charism of Edmund Rice visit

                                         from the principal
                                          April 2009

                                         Dear Friends of Iona Prep,

                                         The focus of this edition of Iona Prep News is service. Service is an intrinsic part of our school’s mis-
                                       sion. Our mission statement is clear: our young men will be responsible to their commitment of service
                                     to others. In July of 2000, the Brothers’ schools in North America introduced the “Essential Elements of an
                                  Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education.” Among those essential elements is a call to service: Standing in
                              solidarity with those marginalized by poverty and injustice. The idea that Iona Prep students answer the call to
                              serve predates those published elements by many years. In fact, the call for men of Edmund to serve predates
 Iona Prep by many years. In June of 1814, Br. Baptist Grosvenor wrote “those who were served by Ricean education were taught that they
 had an obligation to serve their neighbors and to respond to their needs.”

 How do our boys respond and serve? They serve in organized projects like our Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas toy drive. They serve
 at food banks and pantries. They serve in their interaction with developmentally challenged students and underserved inner-city students.
 They serve in their generous financial support of the Brothers’ missionary work in Peru. They serve in hospitals, nursing homes, CYO pro-
 grams, and elementary schools. They serve close to home at the HOPE soup kitchen in New Rochelle and they serve far from home with
 Catholic Charities in New Orleans. They serve when people are watching and when no one is looking. They serve whenever they recognize
 Christ present and appealing to them in the poor – as Edmund did.

 If there are service opportunities you would like to share with our students, please do not hesitate to contact me. Information on opportunities
 and events will be disseminated to the appropriate students and faculty members.

 I am very proud of the service work that Iona Prep does each year, and I hope you share that feeling. I am also indebted to the staff members
 who make service work a priority in their lives. Br. Robert Harris is our Campus Minister. Mr. Michael Kiers is our senior year coordinator.
 Mr. Kevin Kavanah is our freshman year coordinator. Sophomores and juniors are advised by every staff member: administrators, teachers,
 and staff members alike. Their work is coordinated by Mrs. Maureen Kiers. Iona Prep is a family proud to serve. May the Lord, through the
 intercession of Blessed Edmund Rice, continue to bless our family.

   The magazine went to press shortly after Brother Gerard M. Gaffney, CFC
   passed away, a special tribute has been added on pages 6 and 7.

                                                                                              George F. Teasdale ’86
 Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever.                                                           Principal

wINtER 2009
Iona Prep News                                              4&5           Sports                                                       14–16
Tribute to Br. Gerard M. Gaffney, CFC 6 & 7                               Extra Curricular                                                   17
Service                                                     8&9           Career Week                                                        18
The Falvey Brothers                                     10 & 11           Alumni News                                                        19
Class Notes                                             12 & 13
Editors: Elizabeth DeMartino, Barbara Robertson, MaryLou Pagano, Elaine Tragni
Photography: Br. Robert Harris, CFC ’62, Elaine Tragni
Design & Printing: Rose Press Inc.

                                                                                                                                           WINTER 2009 3
                                          IONA PREP
                                                      Principal George F. Teasdale ’86, Maria
                                                      Edgemont, Kevin Kelton, Ph.D. and members
                                                      of the Rosary Fellowship Club recorded the
                                                      rosary in Italian. The prayers, led by Italian
                                                      exchange students Gianmarco Imperiali and
                                                      Simone Massari, will soon be transmitted by
                                                      Radio Maria USA, a global network radio station
                                                      featuring prayers and religious programming
                                                      by local presenters. According to John
                                                      Petinella, the group coordinator, “We were all    Ms. Maryellen Fealy, moderator
                                                      truly impressed with the students’ diligent and   Leadership Workshop
                                                      enthusiastic participation in the project.”       experience. So many kids have touched my
                                                                                                        life; I thank them for sharing their gifts and
                                                      Leadership Workshop                               talents with me over the years. In the words
   Ross McMahon ’09 and                               On February 6th over sixty freshmen, sopho-       of the late Br. Ken Grondin, CFC ‘a gift is not a
   Dean Karen Berger, Ph.D.                           mores, juniors and seniors who demonstrated       gift until you give it away.’”
                                                      leadership qualities were chosen to attend
   Ross M. McMahon ’09                                the leadership workshop at Don Bosco              Italian Exchange Students
   On October 30th Pace University’s dean and         Marian Shrine in Haverstraw, New York. The        The Iona Prep community said “arrivederci” to
   director of undergraduate programs, Karen A.       leadership workshop was led by a committee        the Italian exchange students from Malpighi
   Berger, Ph.D. presented Ross McMahon ’09           of fifteen Iona Prep students who planned the     Catholic High School. Simone Massari and
   with The Homer S. Pace Medal, an award given       activities and orchestrated the entire weekend.   Gianmarco Imperiali returned to their hometown
   by the Lubin School of Business. This annual       The annual workshop’s main objective is to        in Italy after spending four months as very
   award is presented to select high school seniors   help students recognize their gifts and talents   active Ionians. Simone played soccer while
   who have achieved academic excellence              as good Christian leaders while forming new       Gianmarco joined the swim team. They
   and intend to pursue a career in business.         friendships. Recently, Ms. Maryellen Fealy        participated in the Italian Club, assisting Mr.
   Scholarship recipients must maintain their         after thirteen years as leadership workshop       Petinella’s AP Italian Class with their Italian
   academic standing throughout their four years      moderator, stepped aside and Mr. Guy Vitiello     speaking skills and recording the rosary in
   at Pace. Medal recipients receive a $15,000        ’02 took over as group moderator. Members         Italian for the Rosary Group. On October 31,
   Pforzheimer Honors College Scholarship, a          of the leadership committee along with faculty    Halloween, they dressed as Lancelot and Julius
   complimentary laptop computer, and a $1,000        members Br. Robert Harris, CFC ’62, Rob           Caesar. Hosted by the Beckett family, they
   Lubin grant. Our Congratulations to Ross!          Eaton, Darin Gillenwater ’86 and Gaetano          were truly part of the American experience
                                                      Vitiello ’02 presented Ms. Fealy with flowers     and both made many friends while at the Prep.
   Rosary Fellowship Club                             and an open-heart bracelet signifying her         According to Simone and Gianmarco, “We
   John Pettinella’s AP Italian Class, along with     heart was open to everyone. Ms. Fealy fondly      cannot believe the many after school activities
                                                      reminisces, “Looking back – it was the best

   Rosary Fellowship Club recording the rosary in Italian.

                         Brother Anthony Edmund D’Adamo, CFC Remembered

                     The Christian Brothers and members of the Iona Preparatory community mourn the passing of
                     Br. Anthony Edmund D’Adamo, CFC on January 27, 2009. After graduating from Iona College,
                     Br. D’Adamo was a faculty member at Iona Preparatory in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In 1979, he
                     joined the Iona College community as the dean of students. In addition, for the last twenty-one
                     years, Br. D’Adamo served as the vice president of Boys’ Town of Italy. At the Iona Prep Hall of
                     Fame Dinner in 2008, Br. D’Adamo was honored for his contribution to the growth and spirit of
                     the Prep in the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and the teachings of the Christian Brothers.

                                                   rapidly-changing world.”                           to take place in Albany over Memorial Day
                                                   Iona Prep Forensics
                                                   The season started in early October with           Congratulations to coaches Charles Sloat ’84,
                                                   twelve students registered for the first NYCFL     Jason Summers ’98, and to all the parents and
                                                   tournament at Regis High School and finished       alums who have helped to make this season a
                                                   with twenty students qualifying for the state      success.
                                                   tournament in Albany. During the season, the
                                                   team competed at St. Joseph’s University in
                                                   Philadelphia, where Alvin George ’10, Tariq        Sean A. Halpin ‘09
                                                   Adely ’10 and Khristian Erich Bauer-Rowe ’09       Sean Halpin ’09 had one of the most
                                                   were all finalists. In Student Congress, which     remarkable seasons in Track and Field in Iona
                                                   was led by Iona Prep alum Joseph Dineen            Prep history. Sean completed the indoor
Gianmarco Imperiali, President                     ’07, students Vincent Sayseng ’10 and Alex         season gaining three All-American medals [a
Jim Iryzk and Simone Massari                       Valdovinos ’09 qualified for the Super Session.    first for an Iona Prep athlete], All-State in the
                                                                                                      1000 meter, selected All-County in six different
available to the students. Everyone is so busy,
                                                   The team participated at Columbia University.      events, selected as the outstanding athlete
yet friendly; we wanted to stay longer.” This
                                                   Four Iona speakers made it into the elimination    for the season by the Westchester Coaches
spring, Malpighi Catholic High School will be
                                                   rounds and Brendan O’Grady ’09 placed              Association and voted the Most Valuable
hosting two students from Iona Prep, Dan
                                                   second in Student Congress. Thirteen               Athlete of the CHSAA Intersectional State
McCloskey ’10 and Bryan Webster ’11.
                                                   members of the team competed at Harvard            Championships! Sean broke Westchester
Buona fortuna to all!
                                                   University. Frank DiCola ’10                                                County Records in the
                                                   and Tariq Adely ’10 made Octa-                                              800 meter – 1:53.44
National Foreign                                   Finals with their performance of                                            and 1000 meter –
Language Week                                      The Elephant Man - the Musical                                              2:28.82. Sean was also
In March, Iona Prep celebrated National            and Vincent Sayseng ’10 made                                                chosen Con Edison
Foreign Languages Week with inductions into        the semi-final round of Student                                             Scholar Athlete of the
the National Foreign Language Societies for        Congress for the second year in a                                           Week earlier in the year.
French, Italian and Spanish. Representative        row. Frank DiCola ’10 competed                                              Congratulations, Sean!
students from each language spoke on what          to the final round of Humorous
the study of a foreign language means to them.     Interpretation and placed sixth
Then, in their target language, the students       overall. His piece was called
gave a short reading of a significant work from    Grandma Silvia’s Funeral and his
that language. This year, James Abys-Smith         final round performance was given
’10, Chika Dike Nwokike ’11, Spencer Pelak         at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.
’11, Arthur Peterson ’11 and Gabriel Ochoa
’11 gave their presentations in French, Italian   Tariq Adely ’10 and Frank DiCola
and Spanish respectively. Certificates were       ’10 qualified in Duo Interpretation,     Iona Prep varsity football
awarded by the chair of the Foreign Language      Alvin George ’10 in Original             player Darlos D. James Jr. ’09
Department, Kevin Kelton, Ph.D. to eighty         Oratory, and Brendan O’Grady             signs National Letter of Intent,
students who achieved 90%                              ’09 in Student Congress.            committing to the University        Sean A.
                                                Fra n
or above in their foreign                             k D Overall the team placed          of Maine                            Halpin ’09
language. The service                                     i C fourth at the NYCFL
was concluded with                                                 Grand Tournament

a presentation by                                                    held at Stuyvesant

                                                                       High School on

Principal George F.
Teasdale ’86, who                                                        March 7th. They
studied a foreign                                                        are currently
language at                                                               preparing for
the Prep and                                                              the District
today is fluent                                                           Tournament at
in Italian.                                                               Scarsdale and
According                                                                 the chance to go
to Dr. Kelton,                                                           to NFL Nationals
“Iona hopes to                                                          in Birmingham,
foster awareness                                                       Alabama. The
                                                                     team has qualified       Six members of the Track & Field Team were selected
of global issues
                                                                   four students for          as All-Americans: Sean Fuster ’09, Kyle Shepard ’09,
and the increasing
                                                                the NCFL National             Nick Athanasidy ’10, Ayo Bajulaiye ’10, Sean Halpin ’09,
importance of knowing
                                                             Tournament scheduled             and Darlos James Jr. ’09
foreign languages in our

                                                                                                                                            WINTER 2009 5
       2009                                                                                                    Receiving the
                                                                                                               CHSFL Football
                                                                                                               2008-09 ring

                                                           Christmas 2008

                                                        “Br. Gaffney was a teacher, a mentor, and a friend to the students. They loved him
                                                        whether they knew him from class, from athletics, or from wandering the halls. To
                                                        the Brothers he was a reminder of what our vocation is all about. He obeyed the call
                                                        to leadership, serving as department chair, vice-principal, principal and president.
                                                        After his terms, he promptly and happily returned to the classroom and to the
                                                        athletic fields, courts, and rinks. He never stopped modeling Christ and Edmund
                                                        Rice. Brother was teaching class less than 24 hours before his death. That is the
                                                        way I would like to be remembered; and I think many Brothers feel the same way.
                                                        Now the good and faithful servant of God, and Brother to countless students, rests
                                                        in peace.”                                              — Br. Robert Harris, CFC ’62

                                          BROTHER GERARD
                                          MAJELLA GAFFNEy, CFC
   Brother Gerard Majella Gaffney, CFC was
   born on June 3, 1935 in New York City, the
                                                            Facere et Docere – Do and                     In his book on Edmund Rice entitled The Price
   son of the late Patrick and Katherine White           teach. In 59 years as a Christian                of Freedom, Denis McLaughlin introduces
   Gaffney. He graduated from Sacred Heart                                                                a three word synopsis of an Edmund Rice
   Elementary in New York City and then attended
                                                             Brother, Gerard Majella                      education globally: presence, compassion and
   Power Memorial for a year before moving                  Gaffney did a lot of good and                 liberation. Gaff’s presence to his students was
   to West Park, where he entered the Brothers                                                            consistent and remarkable. His compassion
   Juniorate and staying on through his novitiate.         taught thousands of young men.                 was real and meaningful. On March 31, 2009
   Brother Gaffney entered the congregation on                                                            the Lord liberated Br. Gaffney from the trials
   September 13, 1950 and took his final vows on                                                          of age and weakness and brought him home
                                                        He was a man of great culture – a devotee of
   June 27, 1961.                                                                                         triumphant in the Risen Christ.
                                                        classical music and opera.

   He graduated from Iona College in 1957 with a                                                          My traditional mental image of Gaff has him in
                                                        Generations of students, teachers, athletes,
   B.A. in French; he attended St. John’s University,                                                     class, holding court or on the bench at a game,
                                                        coaches, parents and friends have their
   where he received his M.A. in Theology; he                                                             his hands on the players’ bench door…or
                                                        stories…Athletes have memories of his being
   completed an additional master’s degree in                                                             getting his hands on a team’s latest trophy.
                                                        on the bench/sideline/dugout or in the chapel
   Guidance at Seton Hall University. His ministry
                                                        before games and offering encouragement
   took him to many positions including President                                                         My new image has him mingling with an all-
                                                        and some challenges. Students have stories
   of Iona Prep and Principal of Bergen Catholic                                                          star lineup of Brothers who have gone before
                                                        about Latin lessons or, more frequently, life
   High School in Oradell, NJ. He spent 1974 in                                                           him…
                                                        lessons. Many have heard the reminder: “you
   Rome on a Tertianship renewal program.
                                                        are the team but I am the captain.” Coaches
                                                                                                          I see him with Bill Stoldt, Bill Dobbins, Austie
                                                        and teachers have stories too…Gaff never got
   According to Brother Robert Roepke, CFC “Br.                                                           Maus, Tom Lopez, Bar Irwin, Jackie Finnerty,
                                                        a driver’s license so someone had to, as we
   Gaffney was a living example of Edgar Guest’s                                                          Steve Johnson, Valerian Scanlon, maybe even
                                                        began to call it, “Drive Miss Daisy.” He loved
   adage: I rather see a sermon, than hear one                                                            the Founder himself.
                                                        pomp and ceremony – at graduation on his robe
   any day. I rather someone walk with me, than
                                                        he proudly displayed his medals and awards…
   merely show me the way. Brother Gaffney led                                                            —Despite being the new kid on the block Gaff
                                                        along with what looked like a Purple Heart and
   not by preaching the Gospel, but by living it.”                                                        is explaining that ‘this may be an all-star team
                                                        maybe a Croix de Guerre from the Great War…
                                                                                                          but remember – remember this…I am the
                                                        one simply did not ask.
   Excerpts from the eulogy presented by                                                                  captain.’ ”
   Principal George F. Teasdale ’86 at the funeral
                                                        In his life at the Prep – Brother taught Latin,
   Mass on April 4th. “Br. Gaffney’s interests                                                            Iona Prep was Brother Gerard Gaffney’s heart
                                                        French and English, served as Assistant
   and hobbies were many and varied: he was                                                               and soul. His thirty years at Iona Prep attest
                                                        Headmaster and President.        He was the
   a lifelong fan of hockey and the NY Rangers.                                                           to his devotion and love for the students and
                                                        moderator of the hockey, soccer, and baseball
   Gaff was a voracious reader and a crossword                                                            school. Brother Gerard Majella Gaffney, CFC
                                                        teams-ultimately, our entire athletic program.
   puzzle enthusiast…his ideal Sunday featured a                                                          will always be remembered as a true Ionian.
                                                        He was also moderator of the Mothers’ Auxiliary
   cup of coffee and the New York Times puzzle.
                                                        and Fathers’ Council.

      “An Iconic Figure is someone that will never be forgotten.
      Through his dedication, love, and most of all friendship,
      Brother Gaffney has imbedded his image in the hearts of
                                                                             Family Day 2004–
      generations of students, who will carry his memory and
                                                                             Varsity Football Gaels
      values with them for as long as they live. I can only hope to
                                                                             defeats Fordham
      give as much love in my life as Brother Gaffney did in his.”
                                                                             Prep 45-31
                                                    –Mike Sedita ’09


                                                                                   Emerald Isle 2005              Olympic Day 2007

Mom Prom 2005 with Dylan Falvey ’05
                                                   “Brother Gaffney gave his heart and soul to the Iona hockey program for the past 29
                                                   years. Through difficult years, as well as championship years, he was always the one
         1965                                      constant that never changed about the program. He was a moderator, a teacher, a mo-
                                                   tivator, but above all, he was a great friend to every Iona man who ever put on a maroon
                                                   and gold sweater”                                                  —Timothy Turnbull ’97

                                                   Brother Gerard M. Gaffney, CFC (RIP), Brother Carmine Pellegrino, CFC, Brother John Adams, CFC,
                                                   Brother Robert Harris, CFC ’62, Brother John Reynolds, CFC and Brother Robert Roepke, CFC

                                                                                                                                  WINTER 2009 7
              Faculty knitting club

                                                                                                                     food drive

                                           Were we to know the merit and value of
                                           only going from one street to another, to
                                           serve a neighbor for the love of God, we
                                           would prize it more than silver and gold.
                                                                                             –Blessed Edmund Rice

                                                                                                                 Frank DiCola ’10 an
                                                                                                                 Eagle Scout at New
                                                                                                                 Rochelle Troop 11
                                                                                                                 coordinated 140
   New Orleans                                                                                                   care packages for
                                                                                                                 70 US Troops

                                              Bake Sale

                                                                                               Br. Robert Harris CFC ’62 during the
                                                                                               coat drive. Coordinated by Richard
      Toy drive at Sacred Heart of Jesus                                                       Crews III ’12
                                           Faculty and staff mentors small service groups.

Whether it’s a freshman group                                                    Two activities of recent note are
going to a local soup kitchen                                                    the service immersion trip to New
to pack and distribute food,                                                     Orleans during February break and the
a sophomore helping with                                                         HungerFest on the school campus.
his parish CyO basketball                                                        Eleven students, two teachers and
team, a junior completing                                                        one parent traveled to New Orleans to
his Eagle Scout project, a                                                       work with Operation Helping Hands, a
senior working at a nursing                                                      volunteer organization sponsored by
home, or a faculty member                                                        Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of
knitting squares to create                                                       New Orleans. Damage from Hurricane
blankets for an international                                                    Katrina is still widespread so the group
charity, the call to service                                                     worked on the houses of three elderly
is being answered by many                                                        women by scraping, caulking, priming,
members of the Iona Prep                                                         and painting the outside of the homes.
community. The expansion of
the service program to include                                                                   The second event was
all years has provided great                                                                     held on March 12th-
opportunities for students                                                                       13th. Thirty-one Iona
and faculty alike.                                                                               students and faculty
                                                                                                 participated in a twenty-
                                 Polar Plunge for
The Christian service program                                                                    seven hour fast. During
                                 Special Olympics
includes having small                                                                            this time they prayed and
groups of freshmen                                                                               participated in activities
spend a day at one                                                                               intended to heighten
of a few sites where                                                                             hunger awareness.
food is packed and                                                                               Students prepared 500
distributed to the                                                                HungerFest     sandwiches which were
less fortunate, such                                                                             then delivered to the
as the Food Patch                                                                 HOPE Soup Kitchen in New Rochelle
in Millwood or Holy                                                               and the Sharing Community in yonkers.
Rosary Church in Port                                                                        According to Guy Vitiello
Chester. Sophomores                                                                            ’02, director of student
and juniors are con-                                                                           activities, “I wanted
tributing 10 and 15                                                                            students to learn from this
hours respectively of HungerFest                                                               experience how fortunate
community      service                                                                         they are. They may be
of their choosing. They meet in small groups                                                   hungry right now, but they
with faculty and staff mentors four times                                                      know their next meal will
during the year to discuss the work they are                                                   be tonight. Many people
providing. Seniors contribute 50 hours of                                                      have no idea where their
approved community service. Assisting as a                                                     next meal will be.”
CyO coach, teaching CCD, diving into Long
Island Sound on a cold December day for                                                       One of the Essential
Special Olympics’ Polar Plunge, working for                                                   Elements of an Edmund
Habitat for Humanity, guiding tours at Iona’s                                                 Rice Christian Brother
Open House, donating blood at the semi-annual                                                 education states that we
Blood Drive, or distributing food at HOPE Food Holy Rosary Parish soup kitchen                should “stand in solidarity
Kitchen are some                                                                              with those marginalized by
of the many ways                                                                        poverty and injustice.” At Iona
our students are                                                                        Prep we take this charge to heart
providing service.                                                                      and encourage our students to
Faculty and staff                                                                       make a life-long commitment
members also                                                                                    to Christian service by
have contributed                                                                                planting the seed of
numerous hours                                                                                  awareness now.
in some of the
same endeavors.                                                                                        —Maureen Kiers,
Many of our Iona                                                                                      Director of Mission
Prep students have                                                                                            Integration
far exceeded the
required hours as
                      Jeanne Jugan Residence, The Little Sisters
prescribed by the of the Poor
                                                               Blood Drive
                                                                                                                 WINTER 2009 9
                                                           The Christian
        Brian G.
        Falvey ’80
                                                               and The

        Christopher J.
        Falvey ’81

                         Dr. and Mrs. Richard Falvey surrounded by their sons, the first generation.

                         The Falvey Family truly believes in a Christian Brothers’ education. In a family of thirteen children,
                         consisting of ten sons and three daughters, all ten boys graduated from schools run by the
        Daniel P.        Christian Brothers. The first three graduated from Blessed Sacrament High School—Richard
        Falvey ’82       ’71 (RIP), Stephen ’72, and Kevin ’74. The remaining seven graduated from Iona Prep:

                         Brian ’80                      Bucknell University ’84
                         Christopher ’81                Cortland College ’85
                         Daniel ’82                     Fairfield University ’86,   MBA Loyola College
                         Peter ’83                      Iona College
                         Timothy ’85                    Iona College ’89
                         William ’86                    Iona College ’90,           MBA Iona College
                         Matthew ’89                    Iona College ’93

                         This may be a record for the number of brothers from one family graduating from Iona Prep!
                         In recognition of this accomplishment, my parents Dr. and Mrs. Richard Falvey received the
          Peter A.       “Pro Opere” award in 1989.
          Falvey ’83
                         The legacy continues as three grandchildren are now alumni of Iona Prep as well:

                         Ryan ’98 (son of Stephen)      University of Delaware ’02
                         Devon ’03 (son of Kevin)       Georgetown University ’07
                         Dylan ’05 (son of Kevin)       Fairfield University ’09

                         In addition to all of these family members, two nephews are also included:
                         John Gardner ’79               Villanova ’83
                         Kevin Gardner ’90              Boston College ’94

                         While at Iona, all of the boys found their strengths in the various opportunities offered to
                         them in sports, academics, leadership and self-development. The Falveys’ achievements in
         Timothy L.      sports and leadership are well known in Iona Prep’s history. The boys were involved in almost
         Falvey ’85      every sport that Iona had to offer: football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, lacrosse, and

  Falvey Brothers                                                                                        William J.
                                                                                                         Falvey ’86

     hockey. They credit their present successes
     in various areas of the business world to the
     foundations that were laid at Iona Prep. The
     Falvey men have all made an effort to give back
     to the communities in which they live through
     coaching and volunteering. If anyone were to
     ask the boys what it meant to go to Iona, they
     would say that “the friendships created are
     strong and long-lasting, while the memories of
     the great times shared will always remain.”
                                                                                                         Matthew G.
     Currently, there are no Falveys attending Iona; The second generation: Dylan ’05, Ryan ’98          Falvey ’89
     however, their support of Iona continues. For and Devon ’03
     several years, Billy ’86 has co-chaired the
     Spring young Alumni Golf Outing. Ryan ’98 and Devon ’03 recently played in alumni hockey
     game. “Iona Prep was an extension of our home, so giving back and staying involved at
     the Prep is no different than what you would do for your own family.” says Billy. “Everyone
     since 1976, when Brian entered the Prep, can say that they went to school with one of them.”
     says George Teasdale ’86, the current principal. “Which Falvey is your Falvey?” is a common
     question among faculty and alums.

     If you were to ask my parents how they feel about their part in this great tradition, their reply
     would be “As parents and grandparents, we are very proud that so many in our family shared
     in the ’Iona Experience.’ Thank you for giving us this forum to express our gratitude for all of    Ryan J.
     the training and opportunities for leadership that were fostered at Iona Prep.”                     Falvey ’98
                                                                                  —Brian Falvey ’80

                                                                                                         Devon R.
                                                                                                         Falvey ’03

Bride and Groom, Jamie and Ryan Falvey ’98, surrounded
by the men of the Christian Brothers’ schools.                                                           Dylan
                                                                                                         Falvey ’05

                                                                                                                      WINTER 2009 11
In Memoriam
Frederic D. Cuneo ’55
Charles D. Hanlon ’30
William B. Kellard ’67                             ALUMNI BUzz                                          anniversary this June. The proud parents tell
                                                                                                        us that son Nicholas will play cello with the
Neill J. Kelly ’56                                                                                      Westchester All-County Orchestra.
James A. Lilly ’81                                 1940s
Douglas S. Manna ’93                               George T. Kelley ’44 and his wife, Geraldine,        1980s
Br. John Felix McGowan CFC ’43                     recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding           Richard E. Byrne ’81 served twenty years
H. Thomas Quinn ’48                                anniversary. They are the parents of seven           as a prosecutor with the U.S. Department of
Carmine G. Scimia ’43                              children and grandparents of sixteen.                Justice, before joining the Law Department at
Carl F. Viggiano, Jr. ’92                                                                               Exxon Mobil Corporation in Fairfax, Virginia.
Iona Prep Family                                   Robert J. DeMaio ’50 writes to say that of           Frank M.
Joyce Bazukiewicz–                                 his nine children, three of them are school          D’Alessandro ’85
Mother of Margaret Lewis,                          teachers. Daughter Susan was awarded                 is an international
grandmother of Stephen V. Lewis ’01                Teacher of the Year by the Huntington, Long          playwright with plays
Frank R. Bernarde–                                 Island school district.                              translated into five
Father of Frank R. ’98                                                                                  languages and staged
Br. Anthony Edmund D’Adamo, CFC–                   Thomas F. Comparato ’52 retired from the             in five countries. His
Faculty member from 1969-1973                      Department of Transportation and enjoys golf         play “Roman Night”
Frank Decesare–                                    and baseball. Tom has five children, eleven          which sold out in
Grandfather of Jeremy C. Sanz ’11                  grandchildren and is a member of the St.             East Europe will be
Br. Gerard M. Gaffney, CFC–                        Vincent De Paul Society.                             opening in Argentina,
Faculty member from 1980-2009                                                                           Spain and Italy this
Peter P. Galloway Sr.–                             1960s                                                year.
Father of Peter P. Jr. ’88                         Henry J.
                                                   Maldonado                                                                   Frank M. D’Alessandro ’85
James E. Gear–                                                                                          Peter J. Bartoszek
Grandfather of Pasquale J. ’06 and                 ’66 is VP                                            ’89 was recently
Alessandro Limardi ’12                             and general                                          promoted to deputy inspector for the
Denise Granato–                                    manager                                              New York City Police Department. Peter
Wife of Roberto E. ’73,                            for Orlando                                          commands Public Service Area #7 in the
mother of Roberto A. ’96                           WKMG-TV, a                                           South Bronx.
Margie Hardaway–                                   CBS affiliate.
Grandmother of Sterling G.’10                      Henry, the                                           Michael A. Carlo ’89 and his brother, Matthew
Angelo Mambrino–                                   winner of three                                      S. Carlo ’94, own Innovative Air Solutions-
Father of John A. Mambrino ’81, father-in-         Emmys, is                                            HVAC Company in Tuckahoe, N.Y.
law of Thomas M. Rosato ’68, grandfather of        currently writing
Edward P. III ’08 and Timothy J. Perley’11         an article for                                       Pedro J. Del Pino, M.D. ’89 and wife Emilia
John F. McGillicuddy–                              the Florida Film                                     have three children – Grace (6), Julia (4), and
                                                   Festival about     Henry J. Maldonado ’66            Peter (15 mos.).
Father of M. Sean ’74, brother-in-law of
Theodore Burtis ’55                                director Federico Fellini. He fondly recalls that
Miriam E. O’Donnell–                               as the Iona Prep editor of Photography Staff,        1990s
Mother of Gregory J.’69 and Richard D. ’74,        he saw a Fellini movie for the first time. Henry     Joseph J. Pylilo ’93 recently completed
grandmother of Richard P. ’10                      and wife, Jo, have three children and live in        electrician training and is a member of
Mary O’Hara–                                       Orlando, Florida.                                    the International Brotherhood of Electrical
Grandmother of Terence P. Toal Jr. ’90                                                                      Workers, Local Union 3.
William J. Robbins–                                1970s                                      G.
                                                                                                 C urby ’74
                                                   Vernon J. Smith ’74 and wife,            d
Father-in-law of staff member April Robbins                                              ar                          Paul G. Irace ’99 graduated last
Matthew W. Russell–                                Rosemarie, recently moved                                           May from CUNY School of Law

                                                   to New Mexico. He is the

Brother of David ’89                                                                                                     and passed the NYS Bar exam
John G. Salvo–                                     director of technology at                                              in November. Paul is an
Brother-in-law of Dr. Wallace A. Carter, Jr. ’73   Socorro Consolidated                                                    assistant district attorney for
Marian Tarpey–                                     Schools.                                                                Bronx County.
Mother of Robert ’M. ’73, grandmother of
Robert J. ’96                                      Richard G. Curby ’74                                                   2000s
Ursula Tobia–                                      and wife, Janet, live in                                              Philip C. Ottaviano ’00
Wife of Dr. Francis S. ’61                         Henderson, Kentucky where                                            graduated from Roger
Ralph Trizano–                                     Richard owns a real estate                                          Williams University in 2004 and
Father of Rick, Iona Prep Lacrosse coach,          brokerage and appraisal                                            currently resides in White Plains,
grandfather of Dominick T.’09, Steven P. ’10       company.                                                         NY. Phil is the account executive
Hon. Patrick A. Umoh–                                                                                           for Madison Square Garden Media/
Father of faculty member Peter Umoh                John A. Politi, Jr. ’75 and wife, Ellen,             Marketing in the Partnership Department.
                                                   will celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding
                                                                                                                             William J.

                                                                                                                             Gallin ’68

Joseph J. Pylilo ’93 married Ewa Martelewicz
on July 2008.                                                                                   Ooopssss                ...
                                                                                                Sorry we missed this in the fall issue.

                                                                                                The Gallin Family:
BIRTHS                                                                                          There were so many Gallins….that we
                                                                                                missed one! Our apologies to William J.
Robert J. zaccagnino ’82 and wife,                                                              Gallin ’68 for not including his picture with
Jeannine, are pleased to announce                                                               the Gallin Family Legacy article.
the birth of their son Luke Dominick,
on January 28, 2009.                                                                            Varsity Football Gaels of 1944-1947
                                                                                                We were pleased to receive wonderful
Andrew J. O’Brien ’86 and wife,                                                                 letters from alums, Dave Corey ’51, and
Katherine, welcomed twins, Dylan                                                                George Howley ’56 on their recollection
James and Jordan Ann, on October                                                                of the undefeated season of the Iona
7th, 2008.                                                                                      Prep Varsity Football Team of 1946. As
                                                                                                written in The Saga of Iona-1947, “Their
                                                                                                love for the sport carried them through
                                                 Alessia and Nicholas Cornetta                  eight undefeated and untied games.
                                                                                                They were rewarded by honor and trib-
                                                                                                ute. It’s over now but even though the
                                                                                                equipment has left the school and the
                                                                                                boys have gone on to other fields of en-
                                                                                                deavor they will always be remembered
                                                                                                for years to come of the unconquerable
                                                                                                ’Fighting Irish of ’46.” George R. How-
                                                                                                ley ’56 recalls the gold colored jerseys
                                                                                                the players wore; the players’ helmets
                                                                                                lined up in an “I” formation and the Iona
                                                                                                marching band halftime shows that in-
Ryan and Dylan Cuddy with                                                                       cluded top twirlers with fire-lit batons. To
big sister Jordan.

Rory C. Cuddy ’90 and wife, Vanessa,
welcomed sons, Ryan Christopher and Dylan
John, on December 16, 2008. Sister Jordan
                                                 John V. LaMotta ’95 and son Rocco at his
is 4 years old.
                                                 first Iona Prep football game.
Thomas A. Rinaldi ’91 and wife, Natalie, are     John V. LaMotta ’95 and wife, Sarah,           Varsity Football Gaels of 1947
pleased to announce the birth of their daugh-    welcomed their first child on March 3, 2008,
ter Ella Frances, on December 18, 2008.          Rocco John.                                    quote Dave Corey ’51, “With people like
                                                                                                the late Bob Sexton ’47, the late Greg
Javier F. Corripio ’91 and wife Enna                                                            Riel 47, the late Tim Tormey ’48 and Jim
welcomed their daughter Karen Annette on                                                        Moore ’47 it might have been the best of
March 10, 2009. Big brother Kevin is 2 ½.                                                       all time.” Faculty member James Moore
                                                                                                ’47 recalls that when the 1944 team trav-
Nicolas G. Botticelli ’92 and wife, Brooke,                                                     eled to West Point Military Academy and
are proud to announce the birth of their sons,                                                  defeated West Point Plebes 7-0; the
Brandon and David, on October 28, 2008.                                                         Gaels were received at the Cadet Mess
Big brother, Nicholas Jr. is 4 years old.                                                       and given a standing ovation by full Ca-
                                                                                                det Corp. – a first! Jim had this to say
Richard F. Cornetta ’93 and wife, Barbara,                                                      “Probably the finest football team in the
welcomed their second child, Alessia Noelle,                                                    history of the Prep was the 1944 team!”
on September 1, 2008. Brother Nicholas is 3.                                                    Thank you to our alums for providing an
                                                 Nicolas G. Botticelli ’92 with Nicholas Jr.    accurate historical account of Iona Prep
Matthew S. Carlo ’94 and wife, Cassandra,        and twins, Brandon and David.                  football teams.
announce the birth of their second daughter,
                                                                                                                                 WINTER 2009 13

   Varsity Basketball                               most wins in program history and finished with
   With the core of the team returning, the Gaels   an overall record of 27 -2.
   entered the season with high expectations
   after reaching the city finals the previous      In March, assistant coach Chris Viggiano ’90
   year. Iona started the season winning the Iona   stepped into the head coaching duties during
   Prep’s Fathers’ Council Holiday Basketball       the play-offs for head coach Vic Quirolo who
   Tournament in December with an impressive        was ill with an eventual appendectomy. Coach
   86-48 win over rival New Rochelle High School.   Viggiano led Iona to victory in the CHSAA City
   Next, Iona captured the Harry Jefferson          Championship with win over Bishop Ford. This
   Tournament Championship in White Plains with     accomplishment marks Iona Prep’s third varsity
   convincing wins over powers Saint Dominic’s      city championship in school history!
   of Long Island and eventual NY State Public
   school champion Newburgh Free Academy.           The Gaels were not done. On March 14th, 2009,
                                                    the Gaels defeated St. John the Baptist of Long
                                                    Island. This historic victory was Iona Prep’s      Varsity B Basketball
   Turning the calendar to 2009, Iona’s schedule
   consisted of mostly league games. The Gaels      first state basketball championship in school
   went a perfect 16-0 while winning the regular    history! Also, in this game senior Andre Pope     Varsity B Basketball
                                                    ’09 became only the fourth player in the Iona     The Varsity B team ended with a record of
   season championship. The undefeated league
                                                    basketball history to score over 1,000 points.    11-11. The members of the 2008-2009 teams
   record was a first in Iona Prep basketball
                                                                                                      were: seniors Andrew DiNardi, Justin Lewis,
   history, an accomplishment that has only been
                                                    Congratulations to the varsity basketball team    Michael Coleman, Jesse Barone, Michael
   matched one other time in CHSAA A League
                                                    for a fantastic season.                           Valencia, Brendan Grogan, Ryan Kilduff,
   history. Additionally, the Gaels recorded the

    Varsity Basketball Team

                                                                                                                       Varsity Hockey Team

Christian Castellanos, Cotter Heffernan, Al           team was led by the scoring of Kevin Conroy,
Markose and junior Brandon Turner. The team           Luke Wooters, Matt Mottola, Larry Lawrence
had excellent wins over St Raymond’s, the best        and Jack Fay. Jason Barone directed the team
team in the league, as well as Rice High school.      as the point guard and played solid defense.
The team won the Fathers’ Council tournament          Tim McCarthy was a solid inside presence and
for the fourth time and was runner-up in the          Omari Buster, Vinny DeMaria, and Carmine
Tuckahoe tournament. They also seeded fourth          Gerrity-Gemei provided energy and scoring off
out of an eight team league during the playoffs.      the bench. The freshmen basketball team saw
Starters were Andrew DiNardi ’09, Justin Lewis        their season come to an end in the first round
’09, Michael Coleman ’09, Jesse Barone ’09,           of the playoffs, losing to Cardinal Spellman
and Michael Valencia ’09. Head coach Frank            76-67. Led by Coach Rob Cerone ’94 and his
Conroy ’76 along with assistant coach Dwight          assistant coach Mike Raimondi ’05, the team
Doscher look forward to another successful            finished the season with a record of 12-11, 9-7
season.                                               within their league.

Junior Varsity Basketball                             Varsity Hockey
The JV basketball team enjoyed an excellent           The varsity hockey season was one of
season, 11-2, which found them among                  mixed results for the Gaels. Coming off their
the division’s elite. Befallen by injuries and        championship run of last year, the Gaels
illnesses, the team sometimes had only five           returned 11 seniors, with many new faces
members during practices. In spite of the             stepping into new roles. But even from the
circumstances, the team made the playoffs.            start of the year, it was obvious that the talent
Facing Xavier, the Gaels, with a number of            was in place to defend their CHSHL title. There
players seeing the court for the first time since     were many good stretches when the Gaels
January, trailed by 19 at the half. The second        played well and looked to be the top team in
half was a valiant effort to make their way back      the league, as well as one of the top teams
into the game, but in the end fell 61-58. Led         around Westchester. Overall, the 2008-09
by Coach Preston Brown and assistant coach            Gaels finished with a 13-11-1 record. The team
Dwight Doscher, the JV team played with               made the playoffs for the fourth consecutive
perseverance and dedication.                          season, but lost to Msgr. Farrell who went
                                                                                                            Sean A.
                                                      on to win the league title. The Gaels had four
                                                                                                          Halpin ‘09
                                                      players finish in the top 15 of the CHSHL in
Freshmen Basketball                                   scoring. Captain Rob Molinaro ’09 finished
This season, the Gaels found themselves in            with 17 league points; alternate captain Mike
several very close games. They defeated rival         Cambria ’10 had 16 league points, while
Mount St. Michael twice, but saved their best         alternate captain Alex Lopez ’09 and Tom Nolan
win for the last regular season game against          ’11 both chipped in with 14 points a piece.
Stepinac. After a sluggish start, the Gaels           The hockey program continues to grow and
trailed the Crusaders 13-0. They chipped              maintain a high level of success.
away throughout the game, and with the
help of some tough defense and clutch free
throw shooting, they came back to score an            Indoor Track and Field
                                                      The 2009 Indoor Track and Field Team had
impressive victory against their rival. It was that
win that opened the door to the playoffs. The                                         continued on 16

                                                                                                                               WINTER 2009 15
                                                                                                                t   ‘1 1


                                                                                            -t in
                                                                                    ti m M
   continued from page 15
   one of its best seasons in Iona Prep history.      second straight season in the
   Jan Mitchell in his 34th at the Prep coached       New England Prep School
   yet another year in a series of excellent team     Competition. In the Catholic
   and individual performances. With over eighty      League, they competed in the
   athletes competing with very difficult weather     A division to place sixth and out
   conditions for training, the team exceeded         of 18 teams, placed seventh at the
   its goals. On February 1st the team won the        Catholic Championships. Early in the
   Westchester County Championship for the third      season, our team had straight wins over
   consecutive year, this time by one point over      six competing teams. With the tougher
   New Rochelle. This followed a third place finish   competition, the Gaels posted over 90%
   at the CHSAA Sectional Championships. Sean         season best times, winning against Westminster
   Halpin ’09, Shioma Obemeata ’09 and Kyle           and Farrell. On the last meet of the season,
   Shepard ’09 qualified for the New York State       the Gaels lost against St. Anthony’s, but still
   Championships, fourteen were chosen to All-        posted many season individual times. The B
                                                                                                                           The Iona Prep wrestling team took third
   County and at the very last meet of the season     Championships, which included Mike Hyatt ’10,
                                                                                                                           place at the CHSAA NYC dual meet
   six boys won nine medals at the National           Jack Kelly ’12, Brindsley Johnson, Jr. ’12, John
                                                                                                                           championship by defeating Fordham
   Championships gaining All-American in the          Taboada ’11 and Johnny McDonnell ’10, was
                                                                                                                           Prep. Ten wrestlers qualified for the
   Sprint Medley [third], 3200 meter Relay [fourth]   held at Lehman College. All swimmers posted
                                                                                                                           CHSAA State Championships in Buffalo,
   and 800 meter [sixth].                             personal best times. The A Championships,
                                                                                                                           NY. Captain Cody Emond ’09 was a
                                                      which included captain Keron Brown ’09,
                                                                                                                           sixth place finalist in the 189lb. division,
                                                      Jeremiah Crowley ’11, William Crowley ’11,
   Swimming and Diving                                Beau Dalton ’12, Darin Gillenwater ’12, Brindsley
                                                                                                                           Captain Ross McMahon ’09, finished
   The swimming and diving team consisted of                                                                               in third place in the 145lb. division and
                                                      Johnson Jr. ’12, Tim Martin-Toussiant ’11,
   19 members and remained undefeated for the                                                                              Connor Mullins ’12, finished in sixth
                                                      Connor May ’12, Chris O’Hagan ’12, Tim Perley
                                                                                                                           place in the 96lb. division. Connor also
                                                      ’11 and Tyler Sawyer ’10 all had spectacular
                                                                                                                           won two pin awards, fastest overall in
                                                      swims with outstanding times. Tim Perley ’11
                                                                                                                           the tournament and fastest in the medal
                                                      qualified for the New York State Public High
                                                                                                                           round. Head coach, Tom Straehle and
                                                      School meet in both the 200 Individual Medley
                                                                                                                           assistant coach, James Gasiorek, led
                                                      and the 100 Breaststroke.
                                                                                                                           the Gaels to a 10-8 season. The season
                                                                                                                           ended with several graduating wrestlers
                                                                                                                           including captains: Ross McMahon ’09,
                                                                                                                           DJ Brucciani ’09, Cody Emond ’09 and
                                                                                                                           Mike Virello ’09. Coach Straehle looks
                                                                                                                           forward to another great season with
                                                                                                                           returning wrestlers Rob Leavy ’10, Morris
                                                                                                                           Hilton ’10, Luis Penichet ’11, Connor
                                                                                                                           Mullins ’12 and Sean Mullins ’12.

                                        ExTRA CURRICULAR

  President Jim Irzyk, John Verni, Sr. ’80,
  Crew Coach Brad Maxwell, John Verni,
  Jr. ’08 were joined by Iona Prep Crew                 Kevin M. Piro ’09, Michael F. Berg ’09, Sean P. Fuster ’09. TimothyJ. Hefferon ’12,
  Team.                                                  Christopher M. McCooey ’12, Jon M. Diakanwa ’12, Shioma S. Obemeata ’09

  s The Verni Brothers Shell
  The christening of the Verni Brothers Shell         s Track Team at NASDQ
  was held on Saturday, March 21st at The             Iona Prep Track Team was at hand as Rob DeMartini, New Balance, CEO and Dr.
  Paul Verni Fine Arts Center. Many thanks to         Norbert Sander, Armory Foundation, Executive Director presided over the Closing Bell
  the Verni Family for their generous support         to highlight the New Balance Collegiate Invitational — the largest indoor collegiate
  of our Crew program.                                track and field meet in the United States. A special thanks to board member Robert
                                                      H. McCooey, Jr. ’83 for arranging this opportunity.

Scholar Athlete Camp [SAC] offers carefully
selected, non-traditional academics for young
boys, entering grades 5, 6, 7 and 8, in the areas                                                         Having completed a very successful member-
of science, math, foreign and language arts                                                               ships registration in September, the Fathers’
and art while developing and enhancing skills                                                             Council added 65 new members into its ranks,
in popular team sports. Skills acquired in art,                                                           bringing its membership to 175 strong. Involved
electronics and astronomy courses are utilized                                                            with the football season, the Fathers’ Council was
as campers build robots and launch rockets. In                                  Valentine Dance 2009      at hand for every home game, flipping burgers,
preparation for the high school entrance exam,                                                            manning the booth and assisting with parking.
there is a TACHS strategy and a math class.             The Mothers’ Auxiliary and                        With the tremendous success of the varsity
Other classes are offered in creative writing and                                                         football team, the fathers added additional home
journalism. SAC also exposes every camper to
                                                        Fathers’ Council                                  games to the Council’s coverage. Soon after, the
a variety of sports from team handball, volleyball,     The Mothers’ Auxiliary and Fathers’ Council have  basketball season quickly started. The annual
and tennis, to the more familiar soccer, baseball,      been very active and involved with many special   Fathers’ Council Basketball Tournament was once
basketball, and lacrosse. SAC gives every               events at Iona Prep. The Mothers’ Auxiliary       again held at the Prep. In between hosting the
camper, regardless of his skill level, the oppor-       provided refreshments for many of the events      sporting events, the Fathers’ Council joined with
tunity to select a variety of sports. “We weren’t       hosted by the Prep including: honors awards       the Mothers’ Auxiliary to organize their second
interested in a competitive athletic camp, but          ceremony, the open house for prospective and      Christmas party at the Heffernan gymnasium.
rather a total learning experience that included        accepted students, the National Honor Society     Over 150 parents and friends attended the
non-traditional academics and the opportunity           induction and the College Fair. Two fundraisers   festivities where they enjoyed a delicious dinner
for campers to try sports they have never played        were sponsored by the Auxiliary; a tuition raffle while being entertained by the school band. In
before,” said Director Ann Slocum.                      won by the Cassara family                                         February, Teddy Mottola P’09, ’12,
                                                        (Jason ’09) and the annual                                        president of the Fathers’ Council,
                                                        Emerald Isle Dinner. The dinner,                                  spearheaded a very successful
New Summer Programs                                     chaired by Karen Tiedemann                                        Valentine’s Day dance. In March
Iona Preparatory School is featuring two new            P’99,’05, and ’09, was held at                                    the Council sponsored the Math
summer programs this coming July. The                   the Fountainhead on March                                         Olympiad, which highlighted the
programs are open for boys and girls entering           19th. Many thanks to board                                        academic achievement of over
5,6,7,8 and 9th grades. The Math workshops              members: Karen Tiedemann                                          100 area students. Special thanks
are intensive, two-week programs to help                P’99, ’05, ’09, Bianca Mottola Joanne Chirico with                to board members: Teddy Mottola
students gain a “leg up” and solidify concepts          P’09, ’12, Judi Hefferon P’10, Michael, Vincent ‘08 and          P’09, ’12, Matt O’Malley P’11, Paul
and topics in Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. The            ’12, Christina Trizano P’09, Dominic ‘02                         Vallario P’07, P’11, Tom Haller P’10,
Writing Workshops are an opportunity for                Mary Jo Gallo P’09, and                                          and Bobby Johansen P’08, 11 for
students to explore various forms of writing, to        Vanessa Muniz P’09. This year’s honoree was       their timeless efforts and energy.
improve their writing and to gain confidence            Joanne Chirico P ’02, ’08. Mrs. Chirico was
in their skills as critical and creative writers.       honored for her long and loyal volunteer efforts  The entire Iona Prep community is very grateful
Please check the Iona Prep website for                  which were of great benefit to the Prep.          to the Mothers’ Auxiliary and the Fathers’ Council
additional information.
                                                                                                          for all they do for the young men of Iona Prep.
   During the week of March 30th the curriculum      a New Rochelle firefighter. “The best thing
   at the Prep was a little different. Some          for me is that I can do both. I love being a
   classes had the pleasure of listening to the      firefighter and at the same time I can practice
   career experiences of our alumni. Not only        law, so I am fulfilling two career dreams.”
   were various professions and industries
   represented, but alums from several               We are grateful to all the alums who shared
   different years were on hand to share their       their experiences with the students. Many         Charles S. Jones ’67, President/CEO
   experiences. Barry Mitchell ’83 talked with       shared similar stories about how Iona             Bedford Funding
   the students about passion, hard work,            Prep prepared them well for their future
   relationships and integrity. “you have to have    endeavors. Thanks to: Ray Bartoszek ’82,
   each of those things, no matter what you do       Guy Campanile ’87, Jeff Daniele ’92, Michael
   in life. I can honestly say that my experiences   Delaney ’94, Gerry Houlihan ’75, Rob Inesta
   at Iona, both in and out of the classroom,        ’95, D.C., Charles Jones ’67, Fabian Lopez ’99
   taught me a lot about how to conduct myself       John McCarthy ’75, Barry Mitchell ’83, Glenn
   at work.” All of the alums talked about the       Sadowski ’85, Tom Salta ’89, Joe Vuto ’82 and
   idea of loving what you do and making sure        Bob zaccagnino ’82. Special thanks to Fr.
   you are happy with your career choices and        Luke Sweeney from the Archdiocese of New
   that it is ok to change your mind a couple        york who also spoke to the students about
   of times along the way. Bob zaccagnino            vocations.
   ’82 shared his unique story; Bob had been                                    —MaryLou Pagano
   practicing law for ten years and knew that                Director of Alumni and Annual Giving
   he wanted something different. He became

                                                                               Thomas Salta ’89,

                                                                                                       Raymond J. Bartoszek ’82,
                                                                                                       Managing Director at Glencore LTD

     2009 SAVE THE DATE
     May 1 – Grandparents Day
     May 7– President’s Dinner
     May 19 – Baccalaureate Mass
     May 21 – 90th Commencement Class of 2009
     June 4 – The Annual Friends/Alumni of Iona Prep Spring Golf Outing
     June 7 – Annual Alumni Lacrosse game and barbeque
     September 26-27 – Reunion Weekend Classes of 4’s and 9’s
                                                                                                       Guy L. Campanile ’87, Producer CBS News

                                                    Michael also spoke of his intense training,
                                                    his love for his vocation, and how it all came
                                                    together on January 15th. He urged students to     Gregory F. McClure ’97
                                                    be diligent and to reach for their dreams. “It’s
                                                    not about the money, it’s about feeling good,      During half-time, a special ring ceremony
                                                    feeling fulfilled with your work.”                 took place for the varsity football Gaels in
                                                                                                       recognition of their undefeated season and
                                                    Michael entered the Police Academy in 2000,        subsequent winning of the CHSFL “AAA”
                                                    knowing he wanted to join the scuba team, but      Championship. An after-game reception
                                                    realizing that of 37,000 officers on the force     for alums and their families was held at the
                                                    only twenty-five were part of the scuba team.      Heffernan Gymnasium.
                                                    Not the least bit deterred, he worked diligently
                                                    and kept his eye on the prize. The outcome:
 News 12 Westchester reporter, Tracy Ever-
                                                    in 2002 he was one of the top five officers
                                                                                                       Gregory F. McClure ’97
 son with Michael Delaney ’94 and Principal
 George F. Teasdale ’86                             assigned to the NYPD Harbor scuba team.            Inducted into Fordham
                                                                                                       University’s Hall of Fame
                                                                                                       On January 25th, Gregory F. McClure ’97 was
Miracle on the                                                                                         inducted into the Fordham University Athletic
Hudson                                                                                                 Hall of Fame, joining such Fordham notables
On January 15th, The New York Police                                                                   as Frankie Frisch, Vince Lombardi, Vin Scully
Department (NYPD) Harbor scuba team was                                                                and Peter Harnisch. Greg, a four year member
one of the first rescue teams on hand when                                                             of Fordham’s men’s crew team, won gold
US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency                                                               medals at the New York State Championships
landing in the icy waters of the Hudson River.                                                         with the varsity heavyweight four (2001),
As a member of the scuba team, Iona Prep                                                               varsity lightweight eight (1999) and the novice
alum, Michael Delaney ’94, was the first                                                               four (1998). He was also a 2000 Atlantic 10
diver from the scuba team to jump from the                                                             gold medalist with the lightweight four and an
helicopter to rescue a water-logged passenger.      Iona Prep alums from ’68 to ’08 attended           Atlantic 10 silver medalists with the lightweight
                                                    the Special Alumni Event.                          eight. Greg was the forth person in Fordham
Michael’s proud alma mater asked him to return                                                         history to make the finals at the World Indoor
to the Prep and address the Class of 2011 on                                                           Rowing Championships. He also medaled at
his heroic rescue and experiences of the day.
                                                    Special Alumni Event                               the prestigious Dad Vail Championships all
                                                    On February 5, Iona Prep alums gathered
Though what Michael did was undoubtedly                                                                four years, closing out his career with a gold
                                                    to watch the varsity basketball team defeat
heroic, he was quoted as saying, “This is what I                                                       medal in the men’s varsity lightweight four as a
                                                    Stepinac, winning the Br. Stodlt trophy.
do for a living. It was just a busy day at work.”                                                      senior in 2001.

       Ju Jitsu Demonstration
   On Friday, December 12, 2008, alumnus
   Stephen Moliterno ’80, sensei (instruc-
   tor) and owner of Kihen Ryu Ju Jitsu
   International was invited to demonstrate
   self-defense techniques during Mr. John
   Barbezat’s physical education classes.

                                                       s Alumni Varsity B Basketball Reunion Game
                                                       On Wednesday, January 7th, Iona Prep’s Varsity B basketball coach, Frank Conroy ’75,
                                                       hosted a basketball game for alumni members of the Varsity B basketball team. Over
                                                       thirty alums representing the classes of ’96 through ’08 took to the courts and defeated
                                                       the current Varsity B team. Everyone enjoyed not only the game but reminiscing at the
Sensei Stephen Moliterno ’80 and his
student Felipe Polanco demonstrate self                after game reception courtesy of the Alumni Office.
defense techniques.

                                                                                                                                         WINTER 2009       19
St. Patrick’s Day Parade, New york City 2009

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