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									CEO’s Welcome

Dear Customer,

Firstly, thank you for choosing WebHostingBuzz for your web hosting needs. I am proud to welcome
you to our growing family of hosting clients and I wish you well with your website. Working together,
with our hosting tools and your ideas and website, I look forward to seeing success for your website.
Nothing makes me personally happier than seeing us help a client achieve their website goals.

I’ve written this guide to give you an introduction and a head start to the services that we are providing
to you. I also want to tell you about the company you have chosen to host with, a company that my
team and I have built. We are not a team of accountants constantly working out how to maximise our
profit margins, we are a team of people, a team of friends, who are dedicated to being an outstanding
web host.

One of my favorite quotes is from Fritz H. Schur, the chairman of SAS Airlines; “Coffee stains on the
flip trays tell our customers that we don’t service our engines properly”.

This is a quote that WebHostingBuzz lives and works by.

Matthew Russell

Getting Started

By now, you will have your welcome email. This includes a section called account details, including
your username and password. Store these in a safe place and only share them with people you want
to be able to access your account. If you are an experienced hoster, you will recognise the FTP and
cPanel details and you can get started right away. We still recommend you read the rest of this
introduction just so you get a feel for how we do things.

If you are using a domain you have already registered (i.e. one not registered for you as a feature of
the hosting plan), you need to change the nameservers for this domain. The new nameservers are
mentioned in the welcome email and this will point your domain to our hosting servers. It can take up
to 24 hours for a nameserver change to update but following this, you will be able to access your
website functions through your domain name.

Accessing cPanel

cPanel is our hosting control panel and is central to managing your website and the hosting features it
includes. We strongly recommend that if you are new to cPanel, you login using the details in your
welcome email and learn the key functionality. At your first login, you will be asked if you’d like to
watch a tutorial. This is a great way to get to grips with the control panel.

You can read full cPanel documentation located at
Accessing WebHostManager

WebHostManager is the administrator backend / reseller center area. This is where you add, modify
and delete any hosting accounts under your reseller plan.

WebHostManager, often referred to as just WHM, is very intuitive and easy to learn. We still
recommend that you read the documentation, located at

Please note that some features mentioned in the documentation pertain to root level WHM access
and not reseller level WHM access.

Lastly, each account you create in WHM will come with its own cPanel account for account level
management (email / FTP / MySQL etc)

Anonymous Nameservers

Your welcome email will include 2 anonymous nameservers that you should point your own and your
clients domains to. These are anonymous and are difficult to trace back to WebHostingBuzz. You
should use these if you do not wish to have (or your plan does not support) personal nameservers.

Personal Nameservers

If your reseller hosting plan supports nameservers, you will need to request that we set these up. As
you can choose a number of options for personal nameservers, this is not an automatic process.
Some examples of personal nameservers are:

     and
     and
     and (not recommended in most

To request the setup of your personal nameserver, submit a ticket to our technical support
department via our helpdesk.

Transferring from another web host?

If you are switching from another web host, we can help you transfer to our servers. Please follow
these steps if you need our help with the transfer:

    1) Using your control panel (cPanel), use the backup function to make a backup of your
        website + files. Download this backup to your local computer.
    2) When you have your new WebHostingBuzz account setup, upload this backup to the top level
        directory via FTP.
When the backup has been fully uploaded, send in a helpdesk ticket with details of the backup and
we’ll apply the files/changes to your account.
Need help? That’s what we’re here for.

Our customer service is some of the best around and we’re very proud of this. We’re happy to help
you when you need it and we enjoy interacting with our customers. As a general rule, this is how you’ll
get the best help:

    1) Search The WebHostingBuzz Wiki. You are already on our wiki as you read this welcome
       guide. We have a host (oh dear, pun intended) of guides, frequently asked questions and
       resources that will answer many of the commonly asked questions. At the time of writing
       (January 2010), approximately 60% of the questions being asked of us are already answered.
       So please spend a few minutes browsing through the resources we have available here as
       they will help.

    2) Visit our forums. We have an active and friendly forum at A lot of frequently asked questions have already
       been answered here and you’ll find both existing clients and our staff frequent the forums to
       help you out.

    3) Get in touch. We have a number of ways in which you can contact us but generally: phone
       support and live support are for sales, billing or simple technical questions, often referred to
       as “level 1” support. Our helpdesk is the place for more difficult questions or problems and is
       staffed 24x7 by customer service staff and technical support.

        Full details are listed in the support area of our website.

Our response time pledges:

       You will wait no longer than 5 minutes in a queuing system when using phone support (our
        average is currently about 45 seconds).
       You will wait no longer than 5 minutes in a queuing system when using live support (our
        average is currently about 60 seconds).
       You will wait no longer than 90 minutes for an urgent priority helpdesk ticket (our average is
        currently about 15 minutes).

Some things to consider:

       We have low, normal and urgent priorities for helpdesk tickets. Please choose an appropriate
        one for your issue and be fair to us and other customers. If it is only a minor issue, please
        choose “low” or “normal”. You will still get a fast response but it allows us to address the
        urgent tickets first. “Urgent” should be used when your website is down or you have a major
       We also have different departments depending on the nature of your request. These are self-
        explanatory and choosing the correct department will get you the fastest reply.
       Our billing team works 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday. Billing issues can only be addressed
        during this time.
       Our customer service and technical support teams work 24x7x365, including holidays.
Help! I can’t access my website.

Servers are computers and on occasion, they can go wrong. We only use the best hardware and
have invested heavily into all the technology we use. However, on occasion, things can go wrong.
Here’s what to do in the event of problems reaching your website.

    1) See if a friend or co-worker can access your website. Sometimes a local problem or an ISP
       problem can prevent you from reaching your website.
    2) Try from a different location or computer.
    3) Check our announcements forum located at Each of
       our servers has a forum where any issues are announced within seconds of the issue
       occurring. We pledge to regularly update you on any extended issues and will always give an
       ETSR (estimated time of service restoration).
    4) Firewalls run at all times on our servers. If you make a number of incorrect login attempts to
       email/FTP/cPanel, our firewalls might temporarily block your IP address. This is just a
       precaution and is in place to maintain our levels of security. If you feel your IP address has
       been blocked, please submit a helpdesk ticket to our technical department including your IP
       address and we can check it against our firewall logs.

If we are experiencing server problems that have been announced in the status area of our forums,
your patience will be greatly appreciated. We will be working on the issue and regular updates will be
posted. We prefer to spend our time addressing the issue at hand and multiple phone calls / live chat
requests and helpdesk tickets can potentially slow our progress.


I hope by reading this guide you’ve realised WebHostingBuzz does things a little differently. We care
about the service we provide and the customers we are lucky to call our own. If at any time you wish
to give us feedback on our service (whether good or bad), please email with the nature of your feedback. Either myself or one of my
management team will respond to you within 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Terms & Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policy

Our terms and conditions and acceptable usage policies are designed to allow us to run
WebHostingBuzz in the best possible manner. These are fair and written in plain English, and cover
things such as billing, cancellations, banned software/scripts.

Please familiarise yourself with these documents as you have agreed to abide by them during the
signup process. As a reminder, they can be viewed at:

Special Offers for WebHostingBuzz clients

We have several technology and software partnerships with leading software vendors, offering you
discount on their products and services.

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