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					               Job Description for Full-time Year Round Employee (Program Leader)

Program: Year Round Employee…
          • will be a host for guests during retreat seasons.
          • will be aware of guests needs.
          • must be knowledgable about cold climate.
          • will lead and/or be involved with guests in various seasonal activities including broomball,
             snowshoeing, fall hiking, canoe trips, sauna use, cross country skiing, winter treks, over
             night camping, and fishing.
          • will prepare cabins for guests.
          • is expected to build christian relationships with the guests through conversation and play.
          • is expected to be available for guests from the time they arrive at the lodge and the time
             they go to bed.
          • will arrive early (time determined by directors) to the lodge during retreats and will help
             prepare the lodge for guests (see retreat checklist).
          • will help in preparation with meals.
          • will prepare and lead first and last word devotionals geared toward diverse audiences.
          • with musical talents are expected to use their gifts to lead worship.
          • will help plan programmed activities prior to retreats.
          • must be willing to serve whole heartedly.
          • are expected to spend time outdoors to improve recreational skills.
          • will maintain snowshoes and skis
          • will prepare the sauna for use.
          • certified in lifeguarding will lifeguard during sauna time.
          • will conduct other tasks that may arise in order to keep camp going.

Facility: Year Round Employee..
            • will work on site projects led by Director (fall/spring).
            • will conduct daily chores:
                1. Wood hauling
                2. Heating buildings
                3. Ice chiseling for ice hole
                4. Shoveling snow
                5. Lodge/outhouse chores
                6. Cabin cleaning
                7. Maintain broomball court
            • will assist in seasonal tasks including winter and summer preparation.
            • is expected to be able to lift heavy objects/loads.
            • must be able to run power tools safely and properly.
            • will cut, spilt, and stack sauna wood.
            • will be expected to take care of dogs when necessary.
            • will be expected to identify camp needs and take initiative to fix after Director’s approval.

Work days other than retreat:
          • Year round employee will receive 2 days off per week if schedule permits.
          • Work schedule will be determined by directors.
          • Year round employee will set up own daily work schedule.
          • Directors must approve support staff work schedule.

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